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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. busy day for weather and traffic. lets keep an eye on weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> do you know the song don't rain on my parade. >> absolutely. >> am i right. >> barbara streisand. >> yes. >> i need to hear it. >> i feel like when i heard that. >> the clouds are raining on my parade. >> wow, katie. >> wow. >> we are allowed to go off the tracks a little bit. we will tell you that the roads are looking good, for now, right now, enjoy if you can get out early, enjoy now. it will be busy. >> it will be. weather will cooperate. this looks like an easy day traveling. probably sun glare hitting road early and eastbound perhaps that is an issue but for now storm scan is totally quiet. still under cover of the darkness. we do not have to worry about wet weather today. later tonighttive rent story which we will get to later in the show but i want to get i
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you out the door if i are planning to hit the road. for now we're good on storm scan locally up and down eastern seaboard. we have however a system just a moment ago that is heading our way, and that will impact us. now, it is off to a cold start. 32 degrees both in trenton and philadelphia big difference today is what you see is closer to what you get. do you not have to factor in those vicious wind we have had in the last couple of days. the it actually feels like what the thermometer read for a change. it is called very bright this morning and i have a feeling you will see your breath as you wait for either bus or train to head out for your travels here. fifty this afternoon under a partly sunny sky and looking forward in this forecast, we can expect dry travel to daze but some showers on the way tomorrow. there might be a lingering shower on black friday but we will track that all and give you more specifics on the timing later on, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. good morning, everybody. on this thanksgiving eve, we are looking good, not the
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roadways, for now, and that is the big key, for now. so, what we're looking at right now is vine, closed overnight for that construction. it is now opened, so we are looking good, westbound, eastbound, again, enjoy the opened roadways while we have them. and then lets talk about the thanksgiving parade and closures what we are dealing w so ben franklin parkway, it will be closed to day 90:00 to 3:00 p.m. and also 6:30 until 10:00 p.m. then, of course, thanksgiving between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. jfk boulevard, mlk drive, 2016, thursday, during the parade as well. so just a head up, i will tweet all this information out, a lot of closures to talk about but hopefully, that doesn't disrupt you from seeing the parade. new jersey river line is also suspended because of track conditions between robeling and bordentown. just check those schedules today on line, jim, over to you. we have team three coverage of the travel rush, mobile three outside on the roads helping meisha keep an eye on travel delays.
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>> trang do at 30th street station with the very latest on the rails. lets begin with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao live at philadelphia international airport. you said it is early but it is already pretty busy out there. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning a lot of people up early hoping to beat the crowd. turf say i love this assignment because airport is good people watching. really interesting to hear where they are coming there but especially where they are going. we have talk to people this morning going to florida, and pun to can a and dominican republic. let that one sink in. just a little jealous out here. lets look at the lines. they are not too bad. earlier this went down the hall way here. they are snake go through those security lines slowly but they are moving pretty well. i have to say looking at the board as well not many delays at all. i have only seen two delays and one is ten minutes long. the that is good news out here for folks getting up and getting out early. today you know is the busiest day for travel, in the air
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when it comes to the thanksgiving holiday travel season. 50,000 people here in the delaware valley will be flying this holiday season for thanksgiving, including these folks, lets take a listen. >> i'm headed to jacksonville, florida to see my family, stay with my dad and brother for the weekend. i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: getting out of the cold weather. >> it will be 70 all week. >> reporter: how much are you looking forward to that. >> a lot, i hate the cold so i'm excited. >> all of the resort is still do the traditional thanksgiving, so they will have all that, so we are looking forward to it. >> reporter: you are in dominican republic. >> yes, that is right. we're spoiled. >> reporter: they are spoiled, for sure. i'm just jealous, wish i was heading to the did dr for thanksgiving. bank out here live at philadelphia international airport crowds are coming in and a little bit of the fun fact it turns out that philadelphia is a great destination for people as well, on triple a mid-atlantic list it is number nine for thanksgiving destinations.
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so for now we're reporting live at phl, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim back to you. >> thanks, we will check in with you later on. if you are in the traveling by plane or car you may take train to your destination. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live surveying situation there, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning jim and rahel. the let's consider this the calm before the storm, lets take a look here relatively, quiet this morning as it the is very early. check out these early birds waiting for their train heading north, all the way up to boston. so lots of people getting their holiday travel started early and they need to because again, this is one of the busiest travel days of the year for both planes, as well as trains and here to tell me more about that is craig schultz from amtrak. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: so, this is your super bowl. >> it is our busiest week of the year at amtrak. the we will move a three-quarters of a million people across the country this
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week. about a third of those, 250,000 here on the northeast corridor. definitely our busiest time. extra trains, seats and all hand on deck here. >> reporter: you guys are already prepared for this. you know how this works. you have added all kind of extra amenities, is that right. >> so we're running extra trains so we can get more people to and from their holiday destination is today and actually yesterday, tuesday, wednesday and sunday are have been the busiest days of the year. lots of trains are sold out. if you are last minute traveler get on there quickly to there are still some seats left but many trains are already sold out. >> reporter: any tips for people as they prior to come here to start their travels. >> we see first time travelers around the holidays. i say leave extra time, we don't want to be rushing around end up getting on the wrong train or something along those lines. that is easiest thing to take your time and stay vigilant. if you see something stay something, reach out, you can text them at apd11 and they
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will be out there this weekend in force making sure everybody gets where they are going safely. >> reporter: thanks very much, craig. as you can hear there are lots of activity as people begin their holiday travel. we will see you again, coming up in our next half an hour but i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks, trang. over the river and through the wood we have you covered on your way to grandmother's house you go, just head to our web site cbs for more thanksgiving weekend traveling tips. in other news this morning an overnight fire in north philadelphia has injured two people. the authorities respond the to the 3,000 block of north swanson street around 3:00 this morning. fire fighters had blaze knock down in 30 minutes. two people suffered minor burns in, word on a cause. well, some in the police work was already done when office's arrived at a home invasion scene in south philadelphia. police found a suspect handcuffed to the fence. it happened at 9:30 on the 200 block of west ritner street. two men broke in the second floor apartment and pistol whipped a 25 year-old male.
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suspects ransacked the apartment and one of them got away with the duffle bag full of items but other suspect was caught. >> there was somebody coming back to the house from the store who happened to be an off-duty security guard and apprehended this male prior to police arrival, and handcuffed the male to a fence. >> prescription drugs were also taken from the apartment, the victim was in the seriously injured and he is being interviewed right now by detectives. investigators are working hard to trying to find a person who sent a package that blew up in the center city apartment. you may recall, jim alden opened up a padded envelope not knowing that someone put a bomb inside. authorities believe alden was targeted, however they are not yet ready to explain why. it is now a joint investigation led by bureau of the alcohol tobacco and firearms with help from the fbi, the philadelphia police department and u.s. postal service. >> we are going to look at every possible motive, that
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comes across our radar. >> reporter: aldennis recovering investigators will process remnants of the bomb at a atf lab in virginia. trump transition team is taking time off for thanksgiving. president-elect is spending holiday at his palm beaches state. as hena daniels reports the next president is close to naming at least one more member have of his cabinet. >> reporter: president the elect donald trump landed in florida tuesday night with several key rolls in his administration yet to be filled among them job of the housing and urban development secretary, a position ben carson says he is up for. >> i would say that was one of the offers on the table. it is certainly that has been a long term interests of mine. >> reporter: earlier this is day president-elect heat behind closed doors with reporters and editors at new york times, and seemed to back away from his most controversial campaign rhetoric. >> special prosecutor here we come, right. we're going to appoint a
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special prosecutor. >> reporter: when asked about his prom toys prosecute hillary clinton mr. trump told reporters live tweeting the sit down i don't want to hurt the clintons. she went through a lot and suffered great thely in many different ways. >> the president-elect reversed course on the issue of climate change, telling times i think there is some connectivity between humans and climate change. mr. trump also stood by his pick for senior white house counselor steve ban formerly head of the conservative web site breitbart. once described by ban on as a platform for alt right a group popular with white national list. asked about the alt right the president-elect told the times i don't want to energize the group and i disa vow the group. on banon mr. trump says if i thought he was a racist or alt right i wouldn't even think of hiring him. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more details now in a robbery of the bucks county pizza shop, cassidy ramos and robin soto are charged with
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robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. police say soto is mother of two robbery suspects and ramos is pregnant girlfriend of one of them. they served as look outs at the pizza restaurant in levittown last week. customer shot both suspects, one died at the scene, other remains in critical condition. a philadelphia police officer is facing charges after authorities say he shot his own son in the back. the suspect, that you just saw there on your screen isidore beyond young a 25 year veteran of the force. he shot his son divine young following an argument over the family car. young has been suspended from the police department for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. well, authorities are busy battling this wild fire right now as it gets dangerously close to home. we will have an update on their progress just ahead. also ahead back here at home quite the a sight to see in center city yesterday, we will tell you where this 2,000-e from. then caught on camera two
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shadowy gunman emerge from the darkness attempting to rob a driver in the atm machine, we will tell you what the driver did next plus what authorities say you you can do to save your life. >> ♪ >> on the road again, this morning, we will keep you posted on travel delays from the roads, the rails. >> and the airport when we come right back. who is our dj this morning. love it. dorion
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philadelphia's own runaway bull, on social media after being spotted on i-95 and 676. the bull charged out of the loading truck around 2:00 p.m., this map shows us afternoon trip through the city. he was supposed to be heading to a nearby slaughter house. he was spotted in the kensington high school and northbound side of i9 five unfortunately gaming commission had to shoot and kill the runaway bull under 676 overpass. crews from as far away as new jersey are battling another wild fire in the deep south, this one in western north carolina and consumed more than 700 acres.
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north carolina forest service says rough wind, rugged terrain and low humidity helped spread the flames. it is one of the mourn three dozen fires in the south, covers a total of more than 120,000 acres. those are tough images. we have had rough wind too, that looks like maybe not as much today, katie. >> that is one thing that has really eased up, in the worst of the wind is now a memory up in the poconos. it might be breezy for you but far cry from the whipping, wind, 40 plus miles an hour gusts we have had to deal with in the last two taste. this is a chilly start. we have a nice clear skies out there but difference is what you see is what you are getting on the thermometer for a change. we will go out the to the information to get you started. low so far this morning is 32 degrees. our average only 37. it is not like thinks out of the realm of possibility but we have not hit freezing since april 10th. granted it does feel colder then that in the recent
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mornings but it is still worth a mention. lets get out to storm scan, all is calm, we have got high pressure holding on tough for one more day but there is i warm trent with this storm system. let me show it to you in its entirety here. we will be lifting through later it this. cloud will build with time, eventually might see a shower of maybe some sleet or snow, far north of the city, we will track in a second, trailing cold front is what end upbringing us our next shot of seeing some showers out of this particular storm. it looks like a candy kaine, classic formation, mid latitude. lets go next to future weather and how this pans out for those traveling. if you are heading out late tonight beat the traffic into tomorrow, and later on tonight near i80 interchange you can end up with snow or sleet shower with this warm front lifting in. i necessity it is warm front but comes in the cover of the dankerness so it is cold enough to support icing. rest of us are dry through the day and night and tomorrow it is not a wash out which we
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could use but we will find showers off and on anytime throughout the day and as you are sitting down to dinner that evening there could still be some showers to track. to you are planning to go out, if there are still retailers that are opening up thanksgiving, watching for showers, pretty much anytime during daylight hours. you can see the cutest turkey ever. isn't he adorable? ahh. >> lets jump to the the seven day. another taste of the turkey here in pun intended, tomorrow a couple showers on the way, maybe a left over on friday. meisha, back over to you. >> all right, katie, thanks very much. good morning, everybody. we are looking outside right now, and here we go, new jersey 42 freeway north bound we are looking good, take this to 295, this is what you are looking at. looking okay. we are going to start to heat up in a little bit so heads up. you will need to know about that because looks can be deceiving. it will be looking quiet right now but it is going to change. so looking at i-95 south at academy this is what we are looking at here.
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we have an accident 295 off ramp on ramp from hook road or route 551 just a heads up on this. big heads up check your schedules on line new jersey river line, it is suspended right new because track conditions, between bordentown and robeling. rahel, over to you. meisha, thanks. now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the front page of the mercury former pennsylvania attorney yen kathleen kane has appealed for her state court last month on perjury and abuse of power charges. her new you lawyer filed at peel yesterday but did not reveal any specific claims he intends to argue on her behalf. from the bucks county courier times governor chris christie opt todd keep the reciprocal income tax agreement with pennsylvania after all. the decision will spare thousands whose commute to work in the neighboring states from having to file income tax returns in the state where they work. many residents would have had to pay much higher taxes. for the delaware county
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daily times seventh graders at ridley middle school learned what it takes to cross the ocean. vicky and megan visiting the school after they rode across pacific ocean breaking world record in the classic boat named the se dna. they completed the race in 57 days, 13 hours, and 30 minutes. >> wow. impressive. congratulations to those two ladies. that is a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. up next pat's here with sports. >> good morning, guys. an eagle is unhappy with the way he has been treated so he is suing. we will tell you why i lawsuit is in the works. flyers badly needed a win. we will tell you if they could get one in south florida, up next in
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welcome back. thanks for waking up with us here on "eyewitness news". >> pat's here with sports and surprising move by one of the eagles best players. >> yes, very interesting, and he is missed, that is for sure. eagles offensive lineman lane
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johnson is on the offensive, he is pushing back against a ten game suspension from the nfl. johnson has filed an unfair labor practices lawsuit against the league and the nfl players association. so far the nfl has made no comment on the suit, johnson was suspended for testing positive for a banned substance. he appealed the suspension last month. johnson cannery join the eagles december 22nd against the giants. flyers traveling to south florida last night to take on the panthers and they were in desperate need for a win. dave hakstol's crew lost five out of their last seven, pick it up in the first, a two on one break for flyers and wayne simmonds snaps it through, his tenth of the season. it is one to nothing flyers. second period flyers on the man advantage off travis konecny shot, a rebound, dale wise puts it home. flyers up two to nothing. in the third, flyers deal with the power again, simmonds
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through a streaking nick cousins, shoots and scores. steve mason not pictured had a season high 38 saves and the flyers win three-one. nhl will have another team, when play starts next season. say hi to the las vegas golden nights night, the team name was unveiled during a rowdy introduction at the t mobile arena yesterday. golden knights will be the first major sports franchise in sin city, and nhl's first expansion team, since 2,000. the expansion draft will be held this june. the sixers will go for a real winning streak tonight, yes, they can win three straight as they host memphis grizzlies at the wells fargo center at 7:00 o'clock. home has been good to the sixers who won four straight here which counts for all of their wins on the season. yesterday, the team helped out in the community on their off day. several members of the team along with volunteers and members of the military, picked up 50,000 meals at the
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northeast frankford boys and girls club, in partner whip with meals of hope, meals will be distributed to local food pantries through philabundance. sixers looking for a win. they will get a win in the community. >> yes. >> thanks, pat. coming up in our next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we have holiday items that may be delays. >> um-hmm. we will have a live report there wall street but first, hey, jan. >> reporter: do you plan to get away, to a whole lot of other people? i'm jan carabao reporting live at philadelphia international airport this morning where it has already been very busy, coming up what you can expect here, today and across the delaware valley. and then ellen degenerous tweeted this picture and she's not joking, we will tell you where comedian found herself lock out from yesterday, katie. >> oh, no. >> we are looking ahead to the weekend and nice, long holiday weekend hopefully for many of you. we're expecting tame weather here in the delaware valley
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for saturday, sunday specifically. mid to low 50's around the city with some sunshine, breezy on sat the day as this disturbance, pull is a way but overall we will take it, it is looking good as if you have any travel or shopping plans to get out of the way, stay there we will be r
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lah for the clouds to
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increase today on this busy travel day, katie is tracking showers, just in time for thanksgiving. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be here in just a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> i've been heading to jacksonville, florida. >> mexico. >> reporter: a lot of people getting a yum seven start on their holiday and when it comes to thanksgiving holiday travel today is the busiest day. >> police are looking for one of two suspects from the home invasion in south philadelphia. other suspect, they have found handcuffed to a fence. >> out of no where this bull just walks by me. >> reporter: philadelphia's runaway bull got lots of attention after commuters spotted it on i-95 and 676. >> i like it well done, how would you suggest i cook it. >> long time, cook it a long time. >> it the is in the


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