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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 23, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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with at least one person killed. and two others wounded. we're learning. this happened at 44th avenue and international boulevard in oakland, and we do want to give you a live look above the scene. we have been watching this scene play out, and we have seen police cars as well as evidence markers on the ground. we do have ktvu elissa harrington on machine as well. she joins us live now with more on what we know alyssa. christina police say that this appeared to have been a robbery of a brinks armored truck. i want to show you that truck right behind me. you can see here at the scene. heavy police presence. there are evidence markers on the ground and again . police say that one person has died. what we do know is that they responded at around two o'clock here at 44th and international for shots fired some witnesses i talked to said they heard about 20 gunshots. when they arrived, they found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. one of those people persons was transported
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to the hospital and the other one was pronounced dead at the scene. police say that also a second person suffering from gunshot wounds, then later arrived at the hospital on their own, and they are trying to determine how that person was involved or if they just happen to be walking by at the scene. this, of course, has been a very deadly week here in oakland, and i got a chance to speak with police chief laurent armstrong and asked what his message is for the community. it's been a tough week in the city of oakland. we obviously have seen several homicides this week. we asked the community to continue to bring forth information to help us solve these crimes were also asking the community to continue to help get rid of the guns that continue to plague our community. and police say that at least one person who suffered from gunshot wounds was an employee of the brinks truck. and i did get a chance to see some video that a witness shot and you can see that employee. it looks like may have been a security guard there, wearing a
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vest was sitting on the ground with some injuries. i did ask police if the person who was killed was a suspect or how they were involved, and they are not releasing that information. at this time. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news yet another shooting in oakland. listen, thank you. back now to our big story today, trouble on bar to power outages to blame for hundreds of passengers getting stuck in the transbay tube. we have live team coverage on the public transportation troubles, ktvu brooks jarocz has been digging into barks track record . we begin, though, with ktvu tom baker, who spoke with passengers who were caught in this mess today. tom joins us now live from the west oakland bart station with the latest from bart officials, tom well, this is the second time within six days that somehow the transbay tube has been blocked or unusable and single track which they're doing right now, if you're going to take part i want to tell you straight up, think otherwise. because this is
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not going to be fixed probably until tomorrow, and it's very, very slow. in fact, just a little bit. i saw 200 people waiting for a train. to go into the city. now the bar at the park people just did hold a news conference and they told us what was going on, and they apologize . and just as importantly, tried to explain what happened, but here's what the folks on board had to say. civil engineer. masiello really was one of the folks in the transbay tube under the bay and what he says rapidly became a frightening and somewhat panicky situation. we stayed for more than two hours out there with no power. there was no light all dark. we use our cell phone. there was oxygen deficiency. we kind of like people were didn't receive proper direction. what should do people were very afraid. i was afraid we had one dude, though that was on there. he was tripping. he was mad. he kept pressing the call button arguing with the dude that was driving the train, but it's not the dude that's driving the train for. there were many promises from the operator that things would be back up soon. i think they
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were lying many times. i didn't wanna say it. it's like really did passengers say bart provided no moral support, either myself ? i've tried several times to call 911 and the birth police and for the last important told me here we are not the we are not the one these issues you should call and talk with go to the board website. at one point, he says. the operator said that passengers were told they were going to get off the train and cross over to the other track. she told that there was a big slope. you guys need to take care of the old people because they cannot like, go there. that meant that older passengers would have to be assisted by younger ones. told you to walk literally across the railroad tracks, and right so yeah, so there wasn't like you were going to go on a bridge or up over anything. you had to walk across the across. but that did not happen because the power finally came back on. it was a horrible experience. i can see power was restored. the train returned to west oakland station where six were waiting. some of like the
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board passenger did the medical checkup while we got off the board, so, yeah, it was horrible . i'm very angry with board and the services. it's not the first time that they are doing. we apologize for the poor level of service we had this morning blames this episode on the electrical problems on one tracks, electric third rail right now. crews are working in the trackway. they're methodically going through a checklist and by the process of elimination are working to diagnose and fix this problem. now. this is very different than the sunday incident where a disabled bart train on the tracks actually made the tunnel unavailable. this was a failure of the tracks themselves will have more on this as we learn more during the week. tom baker ktvu fox two news, tom. it sounds like there was not a clear message from bart officials to the folks on board that train about what they should do. is there a standard protocol, a standard procedure when something like this happens. yeah, there are all
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kinds of procedures and essentially the first responder is the operator of the train, and initially the operator is also the incident commander, and there are obviously things that protocols and procedures that have to be followed. the problem here is that this is a pretty unusual situation and that person maybe didn't get everything right or get anything right. that's why they're going to have an investigation about everything from the track itself to what was said what was done and what people that were on the train. you have to say about it. before this whole thing is over. and then investigation done. we're going to precisely what happened. but this is pretty indicative of what happened. what we reported today a troubling situation for everyone on board that train tom vacar live at the west oakland station. thank you, tom. this major failure of the barter system is the latest in a series of equipment issues. we continue our team coverage now with our investigative reporter, brooks jarocz brooks found a pattern of problems here with the agency. christina i spent some time today scrubbing bart's
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sf bart alert twitter page, and just over the last four weeks, i found roughly 40 separate incidents where maintenance track or equipment issues have impacted service. now that's not including crime or police activity. just this year, there's been a long list of system problems, leaving riders and taxpayers fed up and frustrated. lights out in the transmission to not the first time part passengers had been in the dark. stranded delays and disabled trains happening to other times just this month blamed on equipment problems with no other details. it comes the same month bart celebrates its 50th anniversary as it tries to regain ridership since the start of the pandemic. in july of ventilation problem in the berkeley hills brought eniac bound trains to a screeching halt. passengers were left standing in long lines waiting for busses the same day power problems stop service between concord and pleasant hill stations the same week the various align shut down for a grass fire on the tracks were
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absolutely very sorry. they're all isolated incidents. they're not related to each other. and these are issues that are popping up and then the crew's response, but problems persist and plagued the transit system. in june, a train derailed in concord after heat affected the track. 50 people were rescued. that same month service was reduced to one track in the tube because of unscheduled track maintenance. and on another day, a computer issue made a mess of the morning commute. by and large, we get people. where they're going on time. with minimal delays. we found recent bart data shows 12% of passengers arrive late and roughly 20% of trains are delayed daily. that's one in five over time. if you don't do you know the routine maintenance that needs to be done, we see what happens over and over again embarked where you have electrical problems, track problems, train brakes, breakdowns. so um, it becomes very unreliable. um for the
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customers. lawrence mcquillan is with independent institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit, he says bart doesn't even track deferred maintenance, leaving less room for accountability. if you don't know how much is being deferred . you don't know how far behind you are, and there's no way to kind of track how much more you have to catch up in order to get back up to speed. i think that's why we continually see these problems in terms of breakdowns on the system in march, it was the richmond line a power cable broke. there was a subsequent fire at a substation service was suspended. that power cable and others from the 19 seventies were replaced. as a result, the limited power force bar to run shorter trains for weeks forward to this friday more trouble in the tube. it comes days after talk of expansions and extensions of a system that continues to face difficult challenges. i spoke with several transit experts by phone today for perspective. they tell me the metro system in washington,
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d c is considered comparable to bart. both systems opened in the 19 seventies and many maintenance issues and equipment problems persist there to christina about the crime on bart. we have recently seen they've had incidents, a handful , whether it be a stabbing or shooting, and i'm sure those have led to delays as well. absolutely in fact, if you look at bart's twitter page, you see consistently delays caused by police activities. so that is another thing that is out there . i counted 40 incidents so far this month of delays related to maintenance or equipment issues . there's easily another 40 there from this month for police activity or any sort of crimes that occur in or around bart. brooks rose in studio tonight. brooks. thank you. last hour. we spoke with a research associate at the mineta transportation institute about the transit agencies troubles and he told us today, barney is facing more than just a mechanical failure of it. the problem that was
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caused was exacerbated by the fact that people didn't understand what to do. um, and how long was going to take to resolve the issue? one big thing that many transit agencies need to work on is having very clear and consistent protocols for how you mean. kate with customers. as much as possible and as reliably as possible during incidents such as this one. as bart celebrates 50 years of service, the agency is facing a host of issues and as we just heard writers, satisfaction is at a record low and what happened today did not help. you should prepare for delays on bart, if you're the east bay this weekend on sunday, bart will be single tracking near the pleasant hill station. this is to fix the track where the train derailed between pleasant hill and conquered back in june. yellow line trains will be delayed as much as 15 to 20 minutes, and that work will continue next sunday as well. there will also be full weekend closures in that area two weekends next month. and then again once in november, and of
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course, stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on bart's service troubles will have more information both on air and online. you can find all of it at ktvu dot com and by the way, bart is dropping its mask mandate starting next sunday, the transit agency will no longer require riders to wear a mask after october, 1st. mask mandates are easing up everywhere else to starting today, the state is recommending universal masking only in counties where the covid community level is high. right now, all the bay area counties are in the low category. big pictures. everybody's moving in the right direction. so even though they may be a few yellows in the state, i think the trajectory is good right now where we'll expect the whole state to be green very soon. he's also no longer requiring masks in jails and prisons, homeless shelters and emergency and cooling centers if they were in a county with low hospitalizations. two former alameda county sheriff's deputies are facing only minor criminal penalties in the
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beating of stanislaus petrov. the 2015 confrontation was caught on a surveillance camera in the mission district alley, sheriff's deputies luiz santa maria and paul weber can be seen beating petrov with batons after he allegedly tried to surrender following a high speed chase. santa maria and webber agreed to plead plea bargains late last year under former district attorney chase a. boudin who was recalled in june. santa maria has been assigned to a mental health diversion program, and weber pleaded guilty to assault but can but that charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor and that could eventually be expunged from his record. san francisco supervisor says police and prosecutors are not the answer for cleaning up the tenderloin coming up tonight at 5 30, a potential solution that dean preston is now pushing for strong winds and heavy rains. hurricane fiona battering bermuda plus the push to help hundreds of thousands of people
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left powerless without clean drinking water in puerto rico. around the bay area this afternoon. significant warming and the trend will continue into your weekend. better details on what you can expect coming up. also something new. something borrowed something blue and in the case of several weddings today, you can add hiking boots or at least some comfortable shoes. love is in the air atop mount diablo.
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prosecute are reviewing possible charges. the family of one of the victims has now filed a lawsuit. ktvu mark sayer was live at the senior living facility in san mateo tonight
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with those details mark. christina has happened at the atria park senior facility. we're just to the east of highway 101 of east hillsdale boulevard and the time of this incident, the company actually put out a statement admitting that its employees had served some kind of dishwashing liquid to several residents here. 93 year old peter schroeder is one of two seniors who died. as a result of this incident. the other was 93 year old trudy maxwell, a mother of nine seen here in a photo shortly before her death. the company says its staff served dishwashing liquid to the victims instead of juice . both victims were taken to the hospital. schroder passed away on september 7th. there is a pattern of neglect that happened . it's not just one incident that happened in er is the attorney for the children of victim, peter schroeder, from an outsider looks like a mistake, but it's not. actually a mistake is something that happens when you don't have enough people and enough trained people. the wrongful death lawsuit filed in
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san mateo county superior court is also alleging elder abuse and negligence on the part of atria park and its owners. the suit also questions claims about the dishwashing liquid, saying it was a stronger cleaner which led to a painful death. we believe that it was a chemical that was actually protein eating. um and so, which is much worse than a dishwashing soap, so it actually when he ingested, and actually it's the protein in your body, so it's much worse than just drinking soap. the san mateo police department was called to the scene on august 26th. but both of the victims who eventually died had already been transported to the hospital. the san mateo pd. investigation into the deaths was completed last week and sent to the san mateo county district attorney's office to review for possible criminal charges raises a whole panoply of concerns, because obviously we're talking the most vulnerable here we're dealing with here. these elderly people
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who are in a home because they need assistance. steve wagstaffe says. the review will also include a big picture. look at the facility. whether or not they involve somebody dying or whether someone being given something to drink. that was poisonous. i want to know if that if there's a history in the facility of people slipping, falling, inadequate care, inadequate staff, we want to know that for our purposes, too. now the company did issue a statement initially offering condolences to the first victim who died to the family. we did reach out to the company again today to say if it had any additional comment with the second death, and with the lawsuit, we did receive no response to our inquiry on that today. as for the d a, he says there's no specific timeline when they will decide whether to file criminal charges in this case, but it is under active review by the d. a s office. reporting live in san mateo. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news just to have that second death, maybe a tree. it will come out and say so big in the future. glad that you pointed out that
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you did reach out to that, mark. thank you. hurricane fiona pummeled bermuda this morning after leaving behind widespread devastation in puerto rico. the storm brushed past the island, dropping heavy rain and whipping up high winds. according to the local power company about 70% of the island woke up without electricity officials opened shelters and closed businesses ahead of fiona's arrival. i have lots of water. next meet. not so many perishables. um mostly non perishables like purchased for the storm. in puerto rico, a growing number of businesses, including grocery stores and gas stations are temporarily closing as hundreds of thousands are without power or running water for five days after fiona made landfall, full restoration is expected to take several more days. the biden administration has hundreds of fema and other federal officials on the ground to help with recovery efforts. you can also support puerto rico yourself. you can scan the cure
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code on your screen here to team up with the red cross, you will be directed to the website where you can do donate money to help those affected by hurricane fiona. people along the gulf coast are closely watching a tropical depression in the caribbean that could turn into a major hurricane. it could be the first storm to hit the u. s after what's been a slow start to the hurricane season so far, which has been great for businesses along the coast foxes rebecca castor, joining us live tonight from pensacola, florida, where business owners say they're having a record breaking year. so far, rebecca. good evening, alex in the business owners here are crossing their fingers that this system in the caribbean as it ruined the lucrative season that they're having with zero storms in the gulf. so far this year, beach towns have had a nonstop flow of tourists. right now. it's business as usual on pensacola beach the week we just finished this past sunday was unpredictably busy. it was busier than 2021, which is a
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record season for us, but we had a hotel that said we had 90 reservations. check out on sunday. we've got 70 coming in on monday, and that was this week. this is supposed to be the slow time toll booth numbers show over 1.7 million cars have visited pensacola beach from june to september. a couple 100,000 more than in 2020 year, with several storms that hit the gulf. lot of them are coming from atlantic, the carolinas, kentucky, we have record numbers all summer. tourists means more cash for business owners, but they're hoping it doesn't all come to a screeching stop. the storm are watching right now we're all watching it very closely. as long as we could be on the west side of the storm, then we usually are. okay we really depend on the weekends and at the storm is latter part of the week going into the weekend. it'll really it'll really it'll really put us down for that week. when you live and work in hurricane alley. you're always prepared, predictable if there's a storm that comes in the gulf that it comes somewhere near us. there's cross fingers
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crossed. right now. it's looking like the storm is heading further south and could impact the tampa or naples area early next week. alex all right, rebecca castor live for us tonight in pensacola, florida. thank you. very active out there right now. meanwhile for us here at home, it's all about the warmer weather. on this first weekend of fall temperatures came up by several degrees today and expected to continue into tomorrow tomorrow. perhaps the warmest day, although sunday doesn't look whole lot different . here's a look at what's going on over san francisco, the golden gate bridge the marine headlines wall to wall sunshine. a beautiful one out there, but yes, notably warmer santa rosa up by 10 degrees this afternoon sfo up by eight. conquered by nine. san jose by seven. here's a look at some of the numbers starting the inner east bay 90. degrees in concord in the north bay. we have 90 in napa for ourselves by 87 over san jose half moon bay. very mild, sunny 66 for you. they're nice day in san francisco, as well as 72
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upper seventies, too low eighties over areas of the east bay shore as well as the peninsula. 77 right now in hayward. a few more numbers here along the peninsula 89 in woodside, 89 atherton as we shifted the inner east bay some of our warmer numbers again for today. 92 in castro valley 87 in alamo 88 right now for dublin for tomorrow, temperatures in the low nineties could peek right about 95 or so it's going to be a warm one out there for inland communities. storm tracker two is quiet. we do have just a little bit of fog. they're trying to develop, not going to have much luck as we do have a bit of a northeastern. the flow and that dry flow will be with us for the weekend as well. so for your afternoon temperatures are expected to be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above the seasonal average tomorrow. 92 for a santa rosa upper seventies in san francisco . 84 oakland 90 for livermore. 90. degrees expected for san jose. a better look at these numbers for your bay area saturday as well as what to expect in the extended forecast coming up. all right. see you in
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a bit. rosemary oroczo amount coming up. we'll introduce you to the couples who mark their vows with views from the top of mount diablo plus i know he's down there. is just still hard to believe that he's here. a mother visits the grave of her son every day after losing him in a freeway shooting in oakland months ago, coming up at six how she looks for closure as her son's murder
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that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen. symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. ideas and just as majestic as the moment was the surroundings for the ceremonies. ktvu jesse gary shows us the dizzying heights some climbed for love. nearly 4000 ft. above sea level. 16 couples are taking the plunge . from the moment i met misha, i knew she was the one and his bride bacho, tying the knot with no onlookers. but instead a dramatic lookout view for five
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hours friday. these parents are taking advantage of contra costa counties, destination weddings by driving to the mount diablo summit in clayton, looking at different places on the website of the state. and we saw this fascination. wedding advertised . each ceremony cost $60 and is approximately 20 minutes long. the county official presides. we were thinking we're just going to get married at the courthouse and just have a private ceremony with our friends. and then, um, this came up. we're making a concerted effort to bring our services into the community, so folks don't have to come into martinez. to have civil ceremonies. this is the third year contra costa county is doing destination weddings but the first since the pandemic each time the county has to get a special use permit from the state this year. the weather is perfect and the stories behind some of these couples just as beautiful as the view and
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emerson met four years ago while he was doing relief work for hurricane irma, and she was on sabbatical from school soon thereafter. both blue forever had begun relieved, enjoyed relieved. um and happy. yeah, bliss. bliss. kiss your bride, lindsay young and jesse radosevic met while working mall jobs seven years ago. the connection was instant. eventually i told her you know this being real unprofessional it so you know, we ended up talking and dating. and um, now a threesome with clear skies ahead on this day each i do there's another example that true love can scale any mountain couldn't be more perfect. definitely at the summit on mount diablo, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. congratulations to all those couples. music is feeling pierre in san francisco's golden gate park. starting today, musicians and
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artists will perform along jfk drive near the conservatory of flowers and the east meadow near 14th avenue, musicians can obtain permits to perform for free through march of next year as part of an effort to fill the park with art music. we want people to be out to be able to enjoy america's best urban park and to really appreciate just how special the place san francisco is and how great its parks are. the city is also partnering with a san francisco based arts nonprofit to coordinate some larger scale performances. it is all part of promenade play days, a series of free events along the jfk prominent different approach to cleaning up the tenderloin. we'll tell you why. one san francisco supervisor wants to start by labeling rampant drug use. as a public health crisis and as much as you may love working from home well, that might not last forever the push from companies to have employees returned to the office.
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have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. a crackdown on drug dealers to help clean up the tenderloin. the district supervisor says he is taking a different approach. christien kafton reports supervisor dean preston says the solution may lie in treating the issue as a health crisis. neighbors in the tenderloin consistently complain about open air drug dealing and use. some neighbors have been calling for
5:34 pm
more police and more prosecutions. district supervisor says decades of evidence show that conducting a war on drugs doesn't change the situation, he says. it's time to reframe this crisis on the streets. how do you address that ? like if you're going to lean in and really address? the situation of the tender line. how do you do it in a meaningful way where you're providing long term sustainable change and focusing on what's really a public health crisis. in the neighborhood supervisor preston became the supervisor for the tenderloin just this year through redistricting at the end of april, and he says he's worked hard to get to know the area, the supervisor says. for the longest time, there's been no real plan for rehabilitating the tenderloin or resolving the overdose crisis. he's calling for a hearing this month with the city's public health department on how to treat the problems facing the tenderloin as a public health crisis. there is no plan right here. we are talking year after year after year about a problem in the tenderloin and city doesn't have
5:35 pm
a plan to address it. so we called for a hearing. the mayor in district attorney have said a major part of addressing the problems facing the tenderloin is targeting drug dealers. the jails were like a revolving door for people. um who should be held accountable for what's happening on our streets, and that's exactly what our district attorney is doing, and people who live and work in the tenderloin have said they'd like to see more police patrolling the area. i have to say that the police have to make more arrests , the police have to break up the drug scenes supervisor preston says. policing and prosecution certainly have a role to play going forward, but the problem needs to be looked at holistically. people love to have the debate around prosecution arrest law enforcement how much money for the police and that's an important debate to have. i don't want to minimize that. but it is not where the solutions to the drug crisis like supervisor preston's hearing, looking for input from the department of public health is set for this coming thursday in san francisco . christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. san francisco police are
5:36 pm
sounding the alarm on a brightly colored version of an extremely powerful opioid. it's called rainbow fentanyl, and it is being found across the bay area, experts say. while this drug is just as powerful and deadly as other fentanyl on the streets, the rainbow version is a marketing ploy to make it look appealing resembling popular cereal or candy, even sidewalk chalk. the color comes from a food additive used for wedding cake frosting. berkeley police found a batch last month when they made a traffic stop. state leaders warned school officials yesterday of a new and concerning rainbow fentanyl drug that may interest youth. and california is getting more than $107 million from the federal government to try to fight the opioid epidemic. the biden administration announced funding for every state this morning california is receiving the highest amount, followed by florida and ohio in total $1.5 billion is being distributed to fund treatment for substance abuse, making it easier for
5:37 pm
people to access things like narcan and invested in overdose education. california indian tribes will also be getting more than $4 million to fight addiction and overdoses. oakland school students marched and rallied today as part of a global climate strike. they marched and gathered downtown at frank ogawa plaza. organizers are calling for an end to coal in oakland. the city right now is in the middle of a battle over a controversial plan to build a cold terminal at the former oakland army base and to transport coal by train through the city. they are trying to move trains with coal on it, and that's a big health issue for people who has asthma. and everything else. and it's affecting people of color, and i'm tired of it. a pending deal between oakland and a developer would prevent the coal terminal from being built. similar rallies also happened in other cities and schools across the bay area as well as around the
5:38 pm
world. in rome, italy, there was a youth activist protest in coordination with the global climate strikes. the protesters marched to the colosseum there and called for government action ahead of the country's parliamentary elections on sunday. they say they took to the streets to highlight their fears about the effects of global warming and because the subject is urgent dropped to a new low, with sharp losses for the day and the week the dow tumbled 486 points today. the nasdaq lost 198 points in the s and p dropped 64. it comes in response to the fed and central banks around the world, continuing to raise interest rates to fight inflation. the dow has fallen more than 20% below its record set early this year and has entered bear market territory, joining the nasdaq and s and p 500. some investors on wall street are concerned that a global recession is looming, according to analysts. fears of a global recession are driving the stock market selloff. they say there are
5:39 pm
signs some industries are already struggling. fedex for instance, is hiking shipping rates next year over concerns that worldwide demand is weakening. it's not just us by the way its eurozone, uk, canada , australia, south korea, no country can rely on exports for growth, so this is very much a global problem. worldwide recessions are relatively rare. in the past 50 years. there have only been five of them in 1975 1980 to 1991, 2009 and 2020. while your commute to work might be getting a little longer soon , the pandemic gave a lot of people the chance to work remotely either part or full time. but now more and more employers are bringing people back to the office. foxes jacare alexis joining us live tonight in seattle and jake, as you might imagine some workers not really on board with this. right alex, not all of them are on
5:40 pm
board, as people who have been working remotely are being called back to the office at the highest rate since the pandemic began, as covid inflections fall , employers are becoming more comfortable with full offices, but some people who have gotten used to working from home aren't quite ready to give that up. in early 2020 martin richter retired from his corporate job in new york when the pandemic hit. he eventually got a new job , allowing him to work remotely full time. it is relaxing. i find it less stressful, um, the commuting to and from work. the u. s. census bureau says almost 28 million americans worked remotely full time last year. that's three times as many as 2019 1. roughly nine million people worked remotely. but some employers think working in person is more productive. even during the height of the pandemic. we saw a lot of ceo basically said. you can't replace the collaboration that
5:41 pm
happens in a room of physical people. castle systems monitors these 10 major metro areas earlier this month from september 8th through the 14th office use was still almost half of what it was before the pandemic. things are trending back, but you know it's going to take a while to get back to pre pandemic levels. if they ever get there, it would be very distressful. i would not want to go back to work. um and start promoting. according to gallup, more than half of fully remote workers would look for other jobs if their employer didn't offer remote work at least some of the time in seattle. jacare alexis ktvu, fox two news over the last eight months. ktvu has been investigating fc i. dublin a low security all women's prison claims of sexual abuse, intimidation and retaliation have come out from behind those walls. five officers, including the former warden, faced
5:42 pm
criminal charges we have heard from dozens of women who either serve sentences there or who worked for the prison. he threatened me all the time. he would tell me that he was going to kill me. i was afraid to speak up because for one, i didn't want to be put in special housing. i mean, like, i didn't want my room tour up. i will never tell another inmate that they should go to the, um. report anything to anyone higher up. all that's going to happen is it's going to make their life worse. join me this sunday at six. p.m. our special report powerless in prison. surviving sex abuse airs right here on ktvu. you can also watch a sebastian. you can also watch it on a special section of our website ktvu dot com slash powerless in prison and the special can also be found on ktvu youtube page as well as the ktvu news app. still ahead tonight commemorating rail
5:43 pm
safety month. the demonstration put on by the wta today showing how they prepare for large scale threats. alameda county voting to ban wild cow milking you may not know what that means we're going to explain details com g up n prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah!
5:44 pm
i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ] imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers. vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose.
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county. is partnered with the sheriff's office to remind people about safety both on and off the train. ktvu is james torres takes us behind the scenes to look at light rail safety enforcement. there are dozens of signs there are lights . there are noises, a things, letting you know you shouldn't cross the railroad tracks when a train is coming. but despite that, the sheriff's office and vita both say a number of students and drivers do it anyway. you really can't miss a train passing by, but
5:46 pm
people try. sometimes people choose to ignore that, and we want to make sure that vehicles and pedestrians and bicyclists coming through these area are paying attention to this warning equipment because it's there for a good reason to spokesperson stacy handler, ross says off the top of her head. she can think of three incidents. where people tried maneuvering around the railroad guard arm and were hit and killed. deputies with the santa clara county sheriff's office will pull over the people who make it across. often times they, you know they'll they'll admit they understand that they shouldn't have been running or they know they saw the crosswalks or the vt lines. i should say so often times they are aware and for us, it's just more of a reminder to them. deputies patrolled near delmar high school in san jose. this is a frequent exercise happening during rail safety month. be ta and the sheriff's office team up to show the public what they do to keep everyone safe and every aspect of transit travel. we
5:47 pm
have bomb sniffing canine officers who do sweeps of our trains and busses to make sure that they're they're safe as they can be. we have fair inspectors who randomly go on the trains and make sure that people are paying the fare. doing well, th civic center stop a canine searches for any explosive devices. this train is rendered safe. but if a dog did pick up a dangerous sent, he would sit still and stare at where the smell is coming from. back at the railroad stops. deputies didn't notice some students, cutting it a little too closely to the timed arms. when it comes to safety, those behind enforcement say it's best to just wait the extra minute. it's not worth it. take the time. slow down reporting in san jose, i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. coming up medal smashed when an 18 wheeler takes a tumble on a california freeway , leaving the driver trapped inside. plus you don't need to
5:48 pm
be looking for a date to swipe right or left. we'll tell you why tinder has gotten into the dog adoption
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
two years, a denver based cannabis landlord has removed the polluting diesel generators that were being used to power. its facility comes after the regional air districts request to shut them down, was backed by the alameda county superior court judge earlier this month, green sage had been using the unpermitted diesel generators on its property so cannabis tenants could cultivate part. according to the air district at its peak , the property was using a dozen generators and racking up enough electricity to power 9000 homes . fire crews in southern california rescue driver trapped inside of an overturned big rig. the accident happened this morning in long beach on the 7 10 freeway. fire crews had to cut parts of the truck cab and
5:51 pm
use hydraulic tools to help free the person trapped inside. no word on that driver's condition tonight or what caused the driver to lose control and overturned on the highway. alameda county voted this week to ban wild cow milking. it's a type of rodeo event where two people try to get milk from a cow turned loose in the arena, the chronicle reports. the ordinance was tentatively approved after hours of public comment and discussion. according to the defense of animals website. wild cow milking takes place every year at the role ranch rodeo in castro valley. tinder is getting into the pet adoption business in honor of the national dog week, the online dating company is helping match dogs with singles. the effort feeds need sat by many tinder users. tinder says that dog lover is one of the top 10 most popular interests on tinder profiles. members can now view and like the rescue matches profile cards in their tinder card stack or visit rescue matches .com.
5:52 pm
around the bay area this afternoon. beautiful day to be out walking the dog. we do have warmer weather this afternoon, and that warming trend will continue into the first weekend of fall giving you a live look era over the city of oakland. we do have blue skies from the coast around the bay and inland getting through the evening hours and into tomorrow morning. think we're going to wake up with mostly clear skies? here's a look at storm tracker, too. we also have that north and northeast flow out there and that, in addition to help warming to warm things up, it drives us. out as well as to the north. not going to see any rain anytime soon. after that nice rainfall we had earlier in the week. that's a distant memory. here's a look at what we do expect tonight into tomorrow, a little bit of fog trying to develop along the coastline, but for the most part, we are going to be mostly clear tomorrow morning and we will remain mostly sunny. for the afternoon into the evening hours. temperature wise a warm one out there today, especially inland. take a look at some of our
5:53 pm
numbers. 90 degrees in concord, 89 in livermore in the north bay upper eighties to about 90 degrees from santa rosa, stretching over towards napa and around the bay warm and oakland at 80 79 sfo beautiful day in san francisco today, now 72 66 over half moon bay temperatures are expected decline by a few degrees or so for tomorrow, and i'll show you those in just a moment. let's take a look at the overnight lows expected going to start out relatively mild for most 65 for you, antioch for the east bay shore 60 in oakland tomorrow morning, san francisco at 59 along the coast will go upper fifties and santa rosa, one of the cooler spots at 55 comparison. what we're seeing today and what we do expect to see for tomorrow you'll see nudging those numbers up just slightly seventies expected for pacifica mid nineties for areas over conquered. that's a warm day for you there in san jose, coming in at nine. he a better look at the afternoon house for tomorrow. 86 cemetery in the north bay. 92 sent rafael and for the inner east bay will go 94 anti. och we've got the
5:54 pm
niners playing on sunday in denver against the broncos. 74 degrees game time. 5 20 mostly sunny skies at the southeasterly breeze had about 10 mph, so they've got some pleasant weather they're expected on sunday. meanwhile for us on sunday temperatures will be similar to saturday, perhaps just a tad cooler and the cooling trend will continue monday. tuesday wednesday. day back to about average temperatures in the eighties for inland cities with seventies around the bay and sixties expected at the coast back to you. aesthetics is raising its shipping rates in order to fight sinking profits. madison all worth in new york, coming up explain why the ceo says that that is a sign that a recession is on the horizon. and coming up at six o'clock. we're staying on top of breaking news of a deadly shooting this afternoon in oakland, the latest from police on what led up to more than 20 shots being fired outside of an auto parts store. also ahead tonight, a deadly freeway shooting in oakland is one of several that remains unsolved.
5:55 pm
four months later how the mother of the victim is mourning her loss and have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
5:57 pm
nation and now major shipping companies like fedex say they're seeing a global slowdown in shipping foxes madison all worth is in new york, with more on how shipping companies are adapting to the shift in spending. fedex is pulling it back, less deliveries, less stores and less flights because the world is shipping less in order to spend less. the shipping giant announced during its q one earnings that profits fell 20% from a year earlier, and operating income at fedex express fell by 69% as more americans opted for longer
5:58 pm
shipping times, rather than paying the premium for speed. to make up for the losses. it plans to raise shipping rates by 6.9% in january to put that in context in 2022, fedex lifted shipping rates by 5.9% that was the first time in eight years the increase had been above 4.9. free shipping increases could be as much as 7.9% at the same time the company says it expects to generate between 2.2 and $2.7 billion in savings this fiscal year by suspending sunday deliveries, closing some offices and grounding some planes coming just a week after fedex ceo warned of a worldwide recession , saying fedex is a quote reflection of everybody else's business. but not everyone is feeling the effects of slower consumer spending. yet costco bested wall street estimates yesterday thanks to strong demand for its fresh food, candies and gasoline. the last one being away for people to save this summer as prices at
5:59 pm
the pump surged costco benefits from loyal members who can budget to spend more at once and buy in bulk, but even costco is not immune to inflation. scp bob nelson says that membership rate hikes could be coming in the future in new york. i'm madison alworth fox business. this is ktvu fox two news at six. we're following breaking news tonight a deadly shooting during an attempted robbery of an armored truck in oakland. one person is dead and police are now searching for the suspect. police say that was the 92nd homicide in oakland since the start of the year, and it follows a string of deadly violence this week. good evening, everyone i'm alex savage cristina rendon. this shooting happened at about two o'clock this afternoon at 44th and international in the fruitvale district of oakland, ktvu. elissa harrington is live at the scene and alyssa what is the latest information from police? well you can see there's a heavy police presence here. and what we know at this time is
6:00 pm
that one person was pronounced dead at the scene. at least two others went to the hospital with gunshot wounds. police say the shooting appeared to happen during an attempted robbery of a brinks armored truck. we can show you that truck right now. it's still sitting in the parking lot of napa auto parts here on 44th and international police were called to the scene just before two p.m. witnesses tell us they saw a car pull up, then heard multiple gun. gunshots and heard people screaming. when officers arrived , they found two men who had been hit by gunfire. a brinks employee is one of those who was injured and that person was transported to the hospital. now the person who died at the scene has not been identified, and police will not say if this was the suspect in the robbery. two firearms were recovered at the scene. chief laurent armstrong did show up and he said that gun violence is impacting people across the city, and it has to stop. today is a result of


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