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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 23, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and investigation after some residents allegedly drank dishwashing liquid and died, plus scary moments for bart riders after getting stuck in a stalled train inside the transmit to and we're tracking hurricane fiona the storm brushing by bermuda, and there's major concern about where it's headed. now. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. ooh good afternoon. i'm andre. senior. thank you for joining us. well, no power, no light, and for some, it was hard to breathe. a very scary morning. for many bart riders stuck in the dark on a stalled train with equipment issues in the trend by tube. the issue trigger chaotic commute for thousands of people trying to get to work. ktvu tom baker is live from the west oakland bart station with an update on where things are now, tom. well, bart is actually nowhere near to normal. the situation being that they're single tracking through the translator right now, which slows everything down, canceled
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some lines. we'll get to that in a minute. but you have to realize that this is the second translate tube slowdown in just six days. civil engineer maciel ely was one of the folks in the transbay tube under the bay and what he says rapidly became a frightening and somewhat panicky situation. we stayed for more than two hours out there with no power. there was no light all dark. we use our cell phone. there was oxygen deficiency. we kind of like people were didn't receive proper direction. what to do. people were very afraid. i was afraid, he said. bart provided no moral support, either myself. i've tried several times to call 911 and the birth police and for the last important told me, he we are not the not the one these issues you should call and talk with go to the board website. at one point, he says. the operator said that passengers were told they were going to get off the train and cross over to the other track. she told that there was a big slope you guys need to take care of old people because
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they cannot like go there. that meant that older passengers would have to be assisted by younger ones. these told you to walk literally across the railroad tracks and right so you so there wasn't like you're going to go on a bridge or up over or anything. you had to walk across the across. but that did not happen because the power finally came back on. it was a horrible experience. i can see when power was restored. the train returned to west oakland station where paramedics were waiting. some of like the board passenger did the medical checkup while we got off the board, so, yeah, it was horrible . i'm very angry with bald and the services. it's not the first time that they are doing. okay here's exactly where we are, according to bart. this means that ah right now. they're single tracking. that means that the yellow line and the blue line trains are going transbay, yellow and blue lines are going translate. the red and green
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lines have been canceled. orange line continues to operate yellow line that goes to the airport. passengers headed to millbrae can board the shuttle train at sfo to their destination at millbrae. that is the situation. and it's likely not to get straightened out very soon because of all the backups. we will be back here at four and five to tell you exactly what's going on. tom baker, ktvu fox two new trouble for commuters this morning, tom. thank you. we're learning the family of a 93 year old man who died, is suing a senior living facility for allegedly serving him dishwashing liquid instead of juice. court documents show the family of peter shorter has filed a wrongful death and elder abuse suit against atrial park of san mateo to residents of the facility died earlier this year after the company says they were accidentally given dish detergent. tracking the tropics . now hurricane fiona moved near bermuda, generating powerful waves along the coast. this comes days after the storm hit puerto rico. recovery efforts are underway on the island down and is robert ray reports there
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is more concerned heading into the weekend. powerful winds stood up waves in bermuda on friday morning as hurricane fiona churned close to the coast pummeled the island with heavy rain and left thousands of people without power. the storm spare bermuda from any widespread destruction. still residents were prepared. i am right. on south shore. like there. i so my patio doors or branded whatever are already boarded up. they've been boarded since tuesday on its path through the atlantic, making its way toward northeastern canada for what forecasters say could be an historic storm for the region. as it moves north. people in the eastern us are also feeling the impact of fiona officials along the coast are warning about the potential for rip currents and strong surf this weekend. now this is the time you know this is a good
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this is the surf season, september and october because of you know, all the hurricanes that are out there to come up the coast and give us a nice little push. meanwhile recovery efforts are still in their early stages in puerto rico and the dominican republic. are still trying to reach hundreds of people isolated by blocked roads. days after fiona tore through the region. much of puerto rico is still without power and water. the island experiences a heatwave officials warned. repairs could take months or even years to complete . forecasters are tracking yet another tropical disturbance, this one expected to head up into the gulf of mexico in bermuda. robert ray ktvu, fox two news alright, so let's bring in ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo with a better look at the current track of the storm. now, roseberry andre. so fiona, of course category four very powerful storm at this time as a barrels towards the canadian coastline, giving you a look here at where it is. you can see well off the eastern seaboard of the united states.
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but as we give you a look at what is expected into the coming days at a category four will continue its path to the north and slightly to the east. it does look like it's going to lose steam as it moves closer to canada's nova scotia and prince edward island area. but again, it looks like saturday into sunday does begin to die down a little bit. the winds expected to be right about 60 mph. of course, this is just a projection, as it could change into the coming days. we'll be tracking that for you as well as your local forecast. coming up in just a little bit will see you. then this newness search underway into what sparked a massive fire early this morning at an industrial warehouse in san jose. it started shortly after one o'clock this morning on archer street in the alviso neighborhood. dozens of firefighters battled the flames for several hours, and the fire commander on scene says the fire spread well beyond that warehouse. it looked like there was some vehicles. looks good commercial trucking company vehicles. it looks like a small shed or structure, wooden
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structure that was also involved. and wood pallets. i would say that what we receive from where we're at firefighters heard from witnesses who said one person was entered in the fire, but that reported injury has not yet been confirmed. today mass requirements are easing across california, the state no longer recommending everyone mask up indoors. ktb is amanda quintana shows us the changes happening today and what's happening on bark soon? for months, california leaders have been recommending masking inside public settings, whether you're vaccinated or not, but now that's changing. we're kind of at the lowest point. we've been in the history of the pandemic right now, not only in numbers of cases, but numbers of hospitalizations and the numbers of people dying. infectious disease expert, dr peter chin, hong says that means in california, we can take off our masks. for now, the state is recommended universal, masking only in counties with a high covid community level. that's
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measurement looking at the amount of virus in an area and it's hospital capacity. the good news is cdc data shows no california counties are categorized as high, most of california and all big area counties are in the low category. the big picture is everybody's moving in the right direction. so even though they may be a few yellows in the state, i think the trajectory is good right now where we'll expect the whole state to be green very soon. this means the state is also no longer requiring masking in jails and prisons, homeless shelters and emergency and cooling shelters in those low community level areas. people should definitely feel good. we haven't arrived here. by chance. we've done a lot of work to get to this point here in the bay area. bart's mask requirement is set to expire next weekend on october 1st writers that i spoke to today say that they think it should be the individual's responsibility to wear a mask not mandated, super excited for
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people to be able to make the decision for themselves, you know. having the freedom to protect yourself for breathe freely. i mean, it should be people's choice. i think some say it's common sense to know how to take care of yourself and when to mask up still, but they're ready to get back to normal. do you think you're still going to wear a mask? i will occasions and it seems appropriate. i always have one, but sometimes i will put it on a grounded people and, you know questionable situation. yeah but if not, i don't really think it's necessary in hong says don't throw away your masks. just yet things could change a specially in the winter. the bart board even approved a new resolution thursday night to say if the cdc states or counties they serve go back to masks. they will, too. but for now, many feel this is a much needed break. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. well, no doing. state
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lawmakers are urging governor newsom to sign a bill giving workers in california expanded benefits for paid family leave and state disability insurance. senate bill 9 51 would increase wage replacement to 90% for workers making up to 70% of the statewide average weekly wage. current state law initially provided for 55% income replacement and was temporarily increased to 70. the governor has a decision to make within the next seven days. uh you can let california fall fruit even further behind the rest of the nation or do the right thing sign. sb 951 make sure that all californians that contribute are able to benefit from the paid family leave. governor newsom has until september 30th to sign that bill. if he vetoes it paid family leave wage replacement will return to 55% beginning next year. sticker shock for bay area homeowners or homebuyers to why they market may be starting
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to cool down the amount of people who are paying for home. the amount that they're paying for home is not how interest rates are impacting monthly payments. plus the demonstration put on by bta this morning show how they prepare for
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torres reports. there are dozens of signs there are lights. there are noises, a number of things, letting you know you shouldn't cross the railroad tracks when a train is coming. but despite that, the sheriff's office and vita both say a number of students and drivers do it anyway. you really can't miss a train passing by, but people try . sometimes people choose to ignore that, and we want to make sure that vehicles and pedestrians and bicyclists coming through these area are paying attention to this warning equipment because it's there for a good reason to spokesperson stacy handler, ross says off the top of her head. she can think of three incidents. where people tried maneuvering around the railroad guard arm and were hit and killed. deputies with the santa clara county sheriff's office will pull over the people who make it across. oftentimes they you know they'll they'll admit they understand that they shouldn't have been running or they know they saw the crosswalks or the vt lines. i
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should say so often times they are aware and for us, it's just more of a reminder to them. deputies patrolled near delmar high school in san jose. this is a frequent exercise happening during rail safety month. be ta and the sheriff's office team up to show the public what they do to keep everyone safe and every aspect of transit travel. we have bomb sniffing canine officers who do sweeps of our trains and busses to make sure that they're they're safe as they can be. we have fair inspectors who randomly go on the trains and make sure that people are paying the fare. doing well. th civic center stop a canine searches for any explosive devices. this train is rendered safe. but if a dog did pick up a dangerous sent, he would sit still and stare at where the smell is coming from. back at the railroad stops. deputies didn't notice some students, cutting it a little too closely to the timed arms.
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when it comes to safety, those behind enforcement say it's best to just wait the extra minute. it's not working. take the time. slow down reporting in san jose , i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. rising mortgage rates are cooling demand in the bay area housing market. mortgage rates climb past 6% this month for the first time since the great recession in 2007, the average 30 year fixed rate mortgage has doubled since january, reaching 6.29% on thursday. mortgage experts say applications over the past three months have dropped 90% and bay area home sales have dropped nearly 30% from last year as well. one of the country's biggest homebuilders, is dropping home prices because it produced demand in our builders executives said. the slowing economy means they've had to cut prices and offer mortgage by down programs and incentives in several markets across the country, including here in the bay area. home sales have slowed and they have seen people canceling orders for new homes. alright wall street looking at
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another day of losses here, you're looking live at the dow industrial after more rate hikes by the federal reserve and other central banks spurred fears of a possible global recession and you can see the dow is down. 600 points just about 2% the nasdaq is down about 2.5% 256 points and the s and p. 500 down about 82 points about 2.5% as well. turning that to your weather. time to check with meteorologist rosemary oroczo for what we look like for the rest of this friday and rosemary hotter now i noticed it, andre, i think you're going to notice it as you step outside. we have a warmer temperatures at this hour compared to yesterday, and the warming trend is expected to continue into the first weekend of fall giving you a live. look here over the golden gate bridge where we have plenty of sunshine from the coast around the bay and inland this afternoon. here's a look at the satellite view of you from up above areas over pacific at half moon bay into the north base. jensen beach, capitola santa cruz over areas of the monterrey area, all enjoying some sunshine this
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afternoon, gorgeous weather out there along the coastline. we do just have a very light breeze out there coming in from variable directions. we've got napa reporting of west breeze at five. we have fairfield reporting in northeast breeze at 10. and for oakland, we've got a southerly wind about five as well. the temperature change. notice how much warmer we are out there. the this afternoon conquered is up by seven. nevada was up by five. san jose. you are up by eight degrees and look at some of these numbers out there 80 degrees over san jose 82 right now in concord, 80. over nevado beautiful 70 in the city of san francisco 68 degrees. partly cloudy, mostly sunny right now at half moon by the future cast, not much going on out there. we're going to continue with this pattern. in fact, high pressure is going to be strengthening in in time for your weekend, and we are going to be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above the seasonal average by your afternoon today , and here's a comparison from yesterday into today, santa rosa , you're looking at five degrees of warming. 88 expected for you
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90 degrees in concord. 76 expected for san francisco this afternoon, mid eighties over san jose. a better look at some of these numbers for you along the peninsula 86 expected in redwood city in the south bay, 89 over morgan hill and for the inner east bay and going to 90 as well as livermore temperatures continuing to trend upward getting into your weekend. i'll have more on this coming up in the extended forecast in just a bit. opposition to the war in ukraine is growing within russia as voting gets underway in occupied territories . i'm trey yanks in
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there is growing conditions content within russia, as local media reports a million people could be drafted a number three times higher than announced by putin. tree angst has the latest from kiev, ukraine. russian reserve service members now gathering for deployment following vladimir putin's partial mobilization, but there are a growing number of discrepancies between putin's announcement and the military orders being given. the initial proposal was to mobilize some 300,000 troops. russian media now says that number could reach as high as one million and a plan to defer active service for students appears to have been scrapped. the president's decree said no students would be mobilized, and then it happened. they mobilized him without any explanation. this is not right. mobilization is fueling discontent within russia more than 1400 people detained this
12:23 pm
weekend during anti war protests , meanwhile, in russian occupied areas of ukraine, voting is underway on a referendum that could see moscow annexed those territories. the west claims it's a quote sham, but russian appointed officials say they're letting the people decide. history is being made. today every resident of donbass is involved who bravely survived all these tests during these eight long years and at the u. n the results of an independent investigation. presented to the human rights council alleging russia committed widespread war crimes against ukrainian civilians, including children, children. have been raped, tortured and unlawfully confined . children have also been killed and injured in discriminated attack with explosive weapons. the u. n says it plans to expand its investigation as more territory is retaken by ukrainian troops in keep trading angst ktvu fox two news, iran we're at least nine people have been killed. thousands of people
12:24 pm
protested death of a woman who was in police custody. at the time the country's morality. police detained the woman last week for violating it strictly enforced dress code. iran police iranian police say the woman died of a heart attack and that she wasn't mistreated. iran's revolutionary guard is trying to crack down on growing protests in cities across the country. a new report finds meta violated rights of palestinian users. the report commissioned by the social media company and conducted by independent firm looked at last year's gaza war and found meta over enforced the rules when it came to arabic content compared to content and hebrew. the report confirms longstanding criticisms of medicine policies and it's uneven enforcement as it relates to the israeli palestinian conflict. york city is opening up humanitarian emergency response and relief centers for the thousands of migrants that have been bussed there from texas. more than 11,000 have arrived in recent months, the centers will offer shelter, food , medical care and casework services for permanent housing, new york mayor eric adams says quote while other leaders have
12:25 pm
advocated their moral duty to support arriving asylum seekers, new york city refuses to do so. congress is now working to avoid another possible government shutdown, the federal government's current fiscal year ends one week from today, and lawmakers on capitol hill still seemed far apart in the effort to reach a funding deal. many republicans say they will only supported agreement that includes a crackdown on the large number of migrants crossing the border into the united states. i mean, it's a major major problem, not just in texas and arizona and a few other states. it's a national problem, and we're going to confront it. there are also major disagreements over several other important issues, too. but both democratic and republican leaders still hope they will be able to reach a deal before next week's deadline. a judge has approved $230 million settlement in 2015 oil spill near santa barbara 140,000 gallons of crude oil spilled on the beaches and into the pacific ocean because of a corroded pipe more than 300
12:26 pm
animals, including pelicans and sea lions died. texas base plains all american pipeline apologized for the spill and even paid for the cleanup. protecting customers from having their insurance dropped in areas recently impacted by wildfires. aw just introduced. plus it's probably not enough and it's probably not in time, but i do appreciate something to help out with, especially with the gas, and all of that help is on the way too many californians what you need to know about those inflation relief checks that are coming from the state. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪
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pain was stuck in the transmit tube with that power in the dark for more than an hour about 200 passengers were on the train. at the time. the writers say they were given various instructions over the p a system about possibly evacuating the train. some tell us fear and panic set in. we expect for more than two hours out there with no power. there was no light all dark. we use our cell phone. there was oxygen deficiency. we kind of like people were didn't receive proper direction. what to do. people were very afraid. i was afraid. power was eventually
12:30 pm
respond stored. and then the train returned to the west oakland station and everyone was off boarded. trains are now single tracking through the tube . just a few minutes ago, bart issued a statement saying the problem was caused by an issue with the third rail. there is no word yet on when full service will be restored. something to remember your evening commute. a father and son were both killed in separate shootings on 5 80 in oakland, and now investigators are trying to determine if there is a connection surveillance video shows a chevy van parked at the corner of 51st and international in east oakland wednesday night and then gets out and calmly walks away. police later discovered a body inside that van who authorities believe was shot and killed a few miles away on westbound 5 80 near seminary. information that i was giving is that appears to be gang related. and the reality here in oakland that gang activity has increased tremendously and as an issue we gotta address ktvu has learned. the man found dead in the van was james dale, a 40 year old
12:31 pm
parolee is 22 year old son, james dale jr. died in a freeway shooting and crash on 5 87 cemetery, and that happened back in may. the nationwide shortage of forensic pathologist is being felt in alameda county, the county coroner's office has a significant backlog for autopsies, and the recent spike in homicides in oakland is only adding to the weight. tbs jana katsuyama explains the impact on families and funerals too. in oakland this week. families of each homicide victim are waiting, hoping to get their loved one's remains so they can prepare for funerals. but at the alameda county coroner's office a backlog of cases that we first reported on last february is not getting any better and continues, causing delays. the recent spike in homicides in oakland and in our other county jurisdictions has been problematic for us lieutenant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office says thursday morning. there were 35 autopsy's pending with a total well wait list of 90 dissidents. he says. the big challenge is a
12:32 pm
staffing shortage. one of our chief pathologist just took another job somewhere else. we've had a hard time keeping forensic pathologists here in alameda county. finding replacement staff has been hard . lieutenant kelly says. alameda county has had to bring doctors in from outside the area. we have a shortage of forensic pathologist people qualified to do um, forensic medical exams, particularly in the case of homicides and violent crime, where we need to do certain type of medical exams to recover evidence. my understanding is there's only less than 1000 in the whole country, and i know as of late. we've been flying in doctors to help us with our backlog of autopsies that has caused anguish for some victims , families the double homicide near the oakland islamic center monday took the lives of two muslim men with our muslim community. they would like to do a burial within 48 hours. lieutenant kelly says the coroner's office tries to respect families religious requirements, but investigators
12:33 pm
also need to collect the evidence. one chance to get it right. we want to get it right and at the same time, manage and balance the other side of this equation, which is the family and the religious beliefs. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news family members of a man who was brutally attacked in san francisco's mission district are pleading for help in the search for the man responsible. it happened late tuesday night on valencia within blocks of the 16th street mission, bart station, police say ramon rania was attacked while walking his family's chihuahua. they say the 52 year old got into a dispute with another man who was out walking his dog has suffered injuries to his head and neck. it's right here, um, from all the way from the bottom of the lobe all the way up to here. to the to the middle of the year. his ear got, you know, detached. police say rania tried to take video of his attacker, but the man grabbed his cell phone and took off in the direction of delores park called san
12:34 pm
francisco police if you can help their investigation firefighters battling the mosquito fire in the sierra, preparing for more fire activity as warmer, dry conditions creep back into the forecast storms earlier this week brought some relief in the fire areas, helping crews with containment efforts. the fire is now 60% contained more than 76,000 acres of burned since the fire started more than two weeks ago. it's california's biggest wildfire of the year. as people start to return in the bay area areas impacted by the mosquito fire, local high school there is still cleaning up the fire damage. the administration at forest hill high school hired an emergency management company to check the safety of the buildings on campus, they say. even though the fire didn't burn any buildings, there is a fine layer of soot and ash inside the h back system, so they're cleaning it to make sure the dangerous particles are removed before students return. what we're testing for is to make sure that the air inside of this building at the end of the day the goal is to make sure that this is healthier inside. than out here. a lot of them keep
12:35 pm
commenting on there ready to be home and just being able to be back up in their familiar campus. but 60 of the 180 students have been attending classes at plaster high school in auburn, while a few others have been learning remotely. and california has temporarily banned insurance companies from dropping customers in affected areas by the wildfires. the state insurance commissioner invoked a law aimed at protecting homeowners in fire prone areas who say they are being pushed down to the commercial insurance market. he ordered insurance to preserve residential insurance for one year for california's who live near one of the major wildfires that have burned across the state. it is absolutely critical to give people breathing room after a wildfire disaster like this. the last thing on your mind should be looking for insurance, and that's exactly what the department of insurance did. commissioner lotta announced today that that 236,000 people across the state have this protection now that's 49,000 people in plaster and
12:36 pm
eldorado and nevada county here in northern california because of the mosquito fire and the remainder in southern california, where we've also so have deadly and massive fires. a recent survey shows many homeowners have seen their insurance rates go up this year . some say they're not paying double what they paid a year ago. well scientists say smoke from wildfires is undoing years of work to improve air quality and exposing millions of americans to levels of pollution not seen in decades. but now some local researchers are trying to do something about it . the research out of stanford found the number of people who get unhealthy air at least once a year. balloon 27 times over since 2006. they developed a way to predict how bad smoke will get in areas that don't have air quality monitors. they're hoping their models can help with air quality regulation and wildfire mitigation efforts. well, none of this help is underway for the for many californians who have been feeling the pinch of their pocketbooks from the inflation, tbs. tom baker explains how soon state stimulus payments will lend it back accounts and how much you could be getting
12:37 pm
individuals making less than $250,000 a year or a half million dollars as a couple will get a stimulus check from sacramento for 200 to $1050. now how much and how soon depends on a formula which considers your income in 2020 how many dependents you have and what the franchise tax board and that was about you. so if you already got a golden state stimulus check last year by direct deposit your stimulus it will come to you between october 7th and 25th. everyone else will get their direct deposit between october 28th. two november 14th so long as they're banking information is held by the franchise tax board. those who receive stimulus debit cards will get another debit card mailed to them. between october 25th and december 10th. all other recipients will get a debit card by mid january of next year. all of this will pour nearly $10
12:38 pm
billion into the california economy. in order to get some public opinion. we came to the farmers market at the marin civic center. lots of folks are shopping to avoid inflation, but buying direct from the farmers. it's probably not enough and it's probably not in time, but i do appreciate something to help out with, especially with the gas and all of that money come from it comes from the people anyway. you're going to put it into the government and then come back out. and that seems kind of silly. david little's farm is facing tough times trying to recover from the pandemic. i need more than 200 bucks. i have it saved the farm . go fund me right now. and if i don't get my $6000. tractor payment in by monday. they're going to repossess my tractor. deborah bright says. the state also needs to put a lot more money into the future for education and child development . happy to take part in it. i'm
12:39 pm
going to be one of those people getting a stimulus check. i could use it. but don't forget that we have little babies out there who needs our help and support. if you have questions, we've posted the franchise tax board's toll free phone weekday business hours. number on the ktvu website. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. governor newsom has signed a bill into law that would eliminate parking mandates their mass transit facilities in california bands, cities and counties were imposing minimum parking requirements on certain residential and commercial developments located within one half mile of public transit hubs . newsom said the bill will allow the state to tackle both climate change and the housing shortage by making it cheaper and easier to build new housing near such daily destinations like grocery stores. and schools as well. plan just approved by state air regulators could ban new natural gas heaters. the state air resources board voted unanimously to ban sales of natural gas heaters for commercial or residential use by
12:40 pm
2030. the move is part of the state's goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions. a number of areas, cities and counties are already moving to ban the use of natural gas and new construction to help reduce global warming. well california is getting over $107 million from the federal government to try and fight the opioid epidemic. the biden ministrations that's funding for every state this morning. california is getting the most, followed by florida and ohio in total $1.5 billion is being distributed to fund treatment for substance use, making it easier for people to access things like narcan and invest in overdose education. california indian tribes will also be getting 4.2 million to fight addiction and overdoses. the staffing shortage for oakland emergency dispatch center, the challenges they face and the impact it's having on response times. a warmer day felt over the bay area, and that trend is going to continue into the weekend. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up.
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such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. in oakland every single day. many of them are reporting fire and medical emergencies, but it's a tough task to balance at all when the fire department's communications center is understaffed, ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz shares with us details on the challenges dispatcher space. fire medical address to the
12:44 pm
emergency. when help is needed. this is ground zero. oakland fire department's communications dispatch center. we are the 1st 1st responders. we are the ones they pick up the phone. we are the ones that are trying to calm the callers before the firefighters or the police or the paramedics get there, and these days they're very busy fielding at least 300 calls a day. is she still unconscious from medical emergencies to massive fires, car crashes and increasing crime across the city? young people getting shot. women getting shot kids getting shot. i mean, it's it kind of ties with you mentally as a dispatcher, so you try not to bring that stuff home. it is taxing, and it does take its toll. staffing is the biggest challenge, says fire communications manager david eberly. many of these multitaskers are working mandatory overtime right now. only a dozen dispatchers run this place 24 7 when there should be 20 people here i
12:45 pm
leave. in the afternoon. say goodbye in the same dispatchers that i said goodbye to have beat me the next morning and are working a shift. and that is that breaks my heart o f d is hiring, especially with a 20% surgeon calls since the start of the pandemic tell you exactly what to do. next. truly talented emerged the response professionals, not only the answering multiple calls from the citizens and residents calling in the actual emergency , but they're actually dispatching our personnel to the scene. at the same time, they're also calling in mutual aid, just like they did during a major fire between i 5 80 quigley street last week it was chaotic . the phones were ringing off the hook. the radio was off the hook. we had three radio channels going, consider them the unsung heroes behind the scenes. it's like any, um well orchestrated ballet. it's a dance one. they perform with dedication and commitment to service knowing once the fires
12:46 pm
are out, everybody can just take a breath and just kind of relax after that. that is until the next call comes. we never really know what are they is going to be honestly. oakland fire does offer mental health resources for dispatchers, the communications manager says they're recruiting and dispatcher could earn up to $100,000 a year we put information about applying on our website ktvu .com brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. no new in oakland school students marched and rallied this morning as part of a global climate strike. they marched and gathered downtown at frank egawa plaza. organizers are calling for an end to coal in oakland, the city is the middle of a battle over controversial plan to build a cold terminal at the former oakland army base and to transport coal and trained through the city. they are trying to move trains with coal on it, and that's a big health issue for people who has asthma. and everything else. and it's
12:47 pm
affecting people of color, and i'm tired of it deal between oakland and a developer would prevent the coal terminal from being built. similar rallies are also taking place in other cities and schools around the bay area as well. alright we're dealing with the warm up. the question is, how long will it be here? we know at least through the weekend, right? rosemary andre temperatures are notably warmer outside of this afternoon , and as you get into your weekend, you're going to notice temperatures continuing to heat up. we're going to be above average for the first weekend of fall giving you a view here over sfo where we do have mostly blue skies, sunshine along the coast around the bay and inland this afternoon. the winds are variable in light. here's a look at what's happening in some of our hills atlas. peak in the north bay as well as maxine halina, both reporting a northeast breeze at 14 mph that northeast breeze that not only helps to bring temperatures up but dries things out, and we're already seeing areas much drier than how we started the week to
12:48 pm
remember back earlier this week when we had rain falling in many spots and thunderstorms look over areas of the oakland hills and we do have a little bit of a southwest breeze at about six mph mount diablo reporting in east breeze. at six mph temperatures are by several degrees. we talked about this in the last half hour. nevada by seven. conquered by seven. san jose by eight. so napa may not notice so much, but there are some areas that are well above average and notably warmer compared to yesterday, and you're filling it and concord walnut creek where your low eighties upper seventies over napa 83 in nevada in our self pay 80 over san jose, and around the bay 72 in oakland, 70 degrees in san francisco. beautiful by the water. half moon bay reporting an upper sixties to about 70 degrees this afternoon. let's take a bit of a tour and we've got the peninsula 82 woodside 84 at stanford 84 in los altos since we had to the inner east bay a lot of eighties here as well. 85 alamo 84 outside your door in danville 81 reported in clayton. the low
12:49 pm
clouds are going to remain just along the coastline, but really not going to see a whole lot out there tomorrow morning. we do look to remain mostly clear to start the day. and then they pull back a little bit more. the storm track well to the north. we're not seeing any of that coming our way anytime soon. temperatures are expected to be above average 88 the afternoon hyper santa rosa. today we'll go 76 in san francisco 80 degrees for oakland, hitting 90 degrees in livermore and 85 expected over san jose. some of these numbers in and along the pins into peninsula for you 86 expected the afternoon high in redwood city as we head to the north bay 86 in san rafael, and for the inner east bay nineties, a popular number. conquered livermore and antioch and fairfield expected to go to 90 this afternoon. we don't stop there. temperatures even warmer tomorrow, and some of our hotter spots are in the mid nineties, low eighties expected around the bay love seventies along the coast into sunday, not much change, perhaps a tad cooler and then a slightly cooler getting into monday. better cooling by
12:50 pm
tuesday when our inland cities are back into the mid to upper eighties, andre all right, rosemary. thank you so much during his final state of the city address, san jose mere, sam liccardo says the city has thrived by focusing on the future saving for the future investing for the future. that's the ethos of generations of immigrants. who have shaped san jose's character. sacrificing in the present. even in the toughest of times for a better future. for our children, ricardo says. during his eight years in office, the city has taken steps to drought proof its water supply and give the city a solid financial foundation also says there are hopeful signs on homelessness with more affordable housing units being developed. i loved hearing about the housing projects the homeless and housed all of those things that we've been building for them and the support services because it's nice to see that happening. the final state of the city was a familiar fare. the mayor was introduced by his wife, jessica, and his
12:51 pm
parents were both there at the california theater last night asked for his political future, ricardo says he is focused on finishing his term as mayor. webex is announcing his raising rates nearly 7% on most services after the holidays. the price increases come as fedex is experiencing a global slowdown in business companies. here's dropped 21% last week, marking the biggest one day drop in its history. but it's also warned a slowing economy will cause it to fall short of its target revenue by a half billion dollars. it's one of the most well known mountains here in the bay area has spectacular views, too. we all know that mount diablo is transforming into a place for couples to say i do today. and saturday means college football on fox two and to add more excitement. fox bet super sixes holding three free to play contest where you can win big money. just scan the qr code, the fox back to get the fox super six app. make your picks and you can win. remember three free chances to win all season long with the college football
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. so clothes look newer, longer. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30.
12:55 pm
prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. parties are on the road independent vania campaigning to voters why their party should be in control of congress boxes. lauren blanchard has the latest from washington. which in pennsylvania, the democratic house majority leader and the republican house minority leader , offering reasons their parties should be the ones in charge. true details of republicans agenda are too frightening for most american voters. they have no plan to fix all the problems they created. so you know what? we've created a commitment to america this week. minority leader kevin mccarthy and house republicans rolled out the gop s commitment to america. it's a policy platform they plan to follow if they win back control
12:56 pm
in november, focusing on the economy, safety and government accountability. it's not like we have to reinvent the wheel, but they broke the wheel. we're here to fix it. nancy pelosi, whose job leader mccarthy is eyeing called the commitment extreme maga agenda, saying that it's quote far too dangerous. this for families and for our democracy. their new platform, which isn't frankly, new. as long as slogans are short on details. which is usually the case a real clear politics. generic congressional ballot found the parties are neck and neck, the gop at 44% and democrats at 45% i think we're going to have closely divided chambers no matter what happens here in the nation's capital, democrats want to remind voters of former president trump and january 6th. the committee investigating the insurrection will hold another public hearing next week in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. this weekend. prepare for delays on barred if you're in the east
12:57 pm
bay, bart says this sunday it's going to be single tracking near the pleasant hill station this weekend to fix the track that was damaged when the train derailed between pleasant hill and conquered back in june. the work this sunday and next sunday means yellow line trains will be delayed by as much as 15 to 20 minutes. there will also be full weekend closures in that area two weekends in october and once in november. google is testing a new feature that would let people remove personal information from search results . research company says he knew removed results button will let users send a request to remove private information that includes phone numbers, home addresses, email, bank accounts and social security numbers. but google says it would only remove the information from search results, so you should still follow up with the website that hosts the data to remove it. from the web entirely. 49ers are practicing right now preparing for sunday night's nationally televised game against the broncos. the starting lineup will look much different than last sunday. jimmy garoppolo returns as starting quarterback tight end george kittle appears recovered enough from a groin
12:58 pm
injury and is on track to play for the first time this season. jimmy g, addressed the media and was asked whether he was reflective about what happened to him and to tree lens this past week. you always want to be on the field, you know, so it's a you always have that in your mind that you're preparing that way and then just for how things have worked out. i mean, it's pretty crazy, but i don't know everything happens for a reason. i'm a big believer in that and just, you know, it's just another opportunity. hello tour a knee ligament in miss most of the 2018 season and says he can relate to what tree lance is going through right now. garoppolo says he talked to lance the other day and that the young quarterback seems to be in good spirits. andre iguodala announced today that he will be residing with the golden state warriors to play his 19th nba season. the nba champion golden state warriors open training camp tomorrow. it was just three months since they beat the boston celtics and lifted the larry o'brien trophy the season , the warriors will still be led by their stars such as steph
12:59 pm
curry and klay thompson. but the team will also be expecting some big contributions from the young players, including james wiseman and the super athletic jonathan commingle. our young guys have, um not a lot to learn, but they're all very talented. and so, too. it's an interesting mix of veteran and youth. um that we're excited about, but but we're also, um, conscious that it's not gonna be smooth sailing all the time. next week, the warriors will head to japan to play the washington wizards in two exhibition games. las vegas isn't the only place to have a quick end. expensive marriage ceremony today. destination wedding ceremonies will take place at the summit of mount diablo until three this afternoon for the marriage ceremony is $60 and a marriage license costs. $86 contra costa county clerk says all of today's 16 marriage appointment slots have been bought. well thank you for watching ktvu foxy news at noon for the latest news and
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