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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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about 11 25 eu then. thank you, jason. next at 11. it just felt very likely be violated. you know, it's a weird feeling when someone's like in your space business owners just devastated after someone has caught on video, vandalizing and breaking into their skate shop. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. and another small business targeted right here in oakland. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach. the skate shop has been open for just about a year and now the owners are dealing with thousands of dollars in damage. new tonight ktvu is amber lee joins us live from the city of oakland with how the community is helping the business, amber. mike the owners tell me they're devastated by the break in, but they say the community responses helping them move forward they shared with a surveillance videos of the burglary. the owners of eight ball escaped shop in downtown oakland say
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they've been in business just over a year. it's kind of like a little baby that we've created surveillance videos show a man throwing an object at the glass door breaking in early sunday morning around 4 20 everywhere it was it just felt very like we've been violated. the owners say the suspect left in this white truck after stealing 10 to 15, skateboards, accessories, clothing, an ipad and a blue fuji bicycle. the estimate the loss to be thousands of dollars during the quarantine. we put all our money together. and like , you know, pretty much all of our savings, and we open this up to just, you know, not even really, to like, make a lot of money to share their love for skateboarding. the owners say they host block parties and that their neighbors, including other merchants, have been warm and welcoming donations from all friends and everyone in the area . the owners say they're grateful for the support from neighbors and friends after they learned about the burglary. people have donated merchandise and money really amazing, so
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it's definitely helped alleviate the detention in like the pressure of what we have to do. here's another look at the suspect. the owners say they don't recognize him and don't know if he has an accomplice. the getaway truck is distinctive looking. the owners say they started to go fund me to improve their security system. and to recover some of their losses. mike live tonight in oakland. amber. thank you staying in the east bay of berkeley woman and two men from oakland were arrested yesterday in connection with the retail theft. from a business in alameda dispatchers received a call from an employee at the south shore center about the crime. police say the caller provided a detailed description of the suspect's vehicle and the direction that vehicle was headed. alameda county sheriff deputies and alameda police caught up with the thieves and were able to recover close to $3000 worth of merchandise. all three suspects are charged with grand theft francisco a desperate attempt to try to catch a shoplifting suspect. historic keeper is seen on video
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screaming and running after the suspect near grant and washington in the city's chinatown that chase went on for a few blocks and right past the park sfpd car. it's not clear, though, if any officers were inside and saw what happened. no word on what was stolen and no arrests were made. another bay area starbucks store is making a push to unionize workers at the starbucks at 18th and castro in san francisco tweeted that they filed for union recognition last week. baristas at to starbucks in santa cruz have voted already to unionize. they joined about 50 other locations across the country that have unionized since december, but the union vote failed at a store in mill valley this week by one vote. starbucks has said that it is stronger without unions. tesla ceo elon musk is expected to talk with twitter employees at a company town hall. that virtual meeting is scheduled for thursday, according to business insider he said to take questions from twitter employees about his agreement to buy the
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company. this comes as musk has threatened to walk away from the deal. he has accused twitter ever refusing to give him information. about spam bots and fake accounts. twitter said last week that it expects a shareholder vote on the sale by early august. stocks were mostly lower on wall street today, investors bracing for the federal reserve's announcement tomorrow on interest rates. the dow was down 151 points, the nasdaq gained 19. and the snp was down 14 points after falling into bear territory during yesterday's big sell off. california lawmakers have passed what amounts to a placeholder budget over how to provide relief for high gas prices and inflation. passing it now ensures those lawmakers get paid , even though they remain in a stalemate with governor newsom on how to provide that relief, among other items, the roughly $300 billion budget bill will would send $200 per person payments to families. governor newsom is proposing to send $400 payments to car owners. instead
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lawmakers had to pass the budget by tomorrow to avoid for going salary. the final budget agreement is expected in the coming weeks. california hit another record for fuel. today. regular unleaded costs an average of 6 43 a gallon that, according to triple a and diesel is just a penny below $7 a gallon in the bay area. drivers in oakland and san jose are paying $6.55. san francisco is selling gas. for 6 63 a gallon was a close call for a number of homeowners in pittsburgh earlier today, after a large grass fire spread quickly along an abandoned golf course as ktvu zach sauce reports tonight. authorities say that fire was started. by someone living in a nearby homeless camp. i'll go and i run outside and i see that everything is just pretty much on fire. ramirez waking up to a wall of fire outside her home in pittsburgh tuesday, neighbors rushing over to help spray down the wind fed flames creeping up the hill. but there are huge. i
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thought i thought it was the house was going to burn down. ramirez also crediting her father's fire mitigation work around the yard, keeping area weeds and grass short with helping to save the home. neighbors also quick to credit the fast response of both contra costa county fire crews using bulldozers and overhead choppers to douse the fire, which broke out just after five in the afternoon. at one point, the wildfire growing to nearly 20 acres on this abandoned golf course. this is an area that has been proven dangerous already this season with a number of grass fires out here. the area surrounded by homes, and today we had a number of homes that were threatened. fortunately thanks to early warning from 911 callers and from a quick and overwhelming response, we're able to protect all those homes. neighbors snapping these photos of the previous grassfire to threaten their neighborhood last week, many taking no chances this time and voluntarily evacuating. we could actually
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hear the vegetation burning. um it was crazy. it was just a sound. you never want to hear. firefighters say the grass fire was sparked by someone living in a nearby homeless encampment, hoping that you know we can get this transient issue. back there resolved so that this doesn't continue to happen and another neighbor. i spoke to him, saying they have seen a number of people from the homeless encampment carrying for pain tanks across the area, many here just hoping that the county will step in before this happens again in pittsburgh's access ktvu faxed to news two police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty in california. this happened in the city of el monte, south east of pasadena. police say the two el monte officers were investigating a domestic violence call it a motel. authorities say the officers were fired on as they pulled up to the scene. they were rushed to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. the los angeles county sheriff's department says the suspect was shot and killed at the scene. no word of the officers who died were the ones who actually fired at the
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suspect. monty's acting police chief addressed reporters just moments ago. the community of el monte is grieving. i've heard that the only way to take the sting out of death is to take the love out of life. and believe me, they were loved. these two men were loved. they were good men. they paid the ultimate sacrifice. serving their community trying to help somebody. the names of the two officers have not been released. we do know that one has been with the department for 22 years . the other is new to the department with less than a year on the job and condolences pouring in from police departments across the nation. san francisco police tweeting this out tonight, saying devastating news out of southern california tonight to el monte police officers. were killed tonight while handling a domestic violence call their family and colleagues will all be in our thoughts tonight. they gave their lives and service of others. we will not forget them.
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15 year old boy shot and killed in east palo alto search tonight for the suspects who police say are still on the run and a pet shop asking a unique question to people who want a new pet. why that question as some people pretty angry coming up next.
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pet shop is receiving threats after asking perspective, adopters where they stand on gun
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control, kim sill announced her private rescue shelter would stop adopting out animals to anyone opposing gun restrictions. still says responsible gun owners would not necessarily have a problem adopting a pet at her shop. but n r. a members are not allowed. i don't think it's a bad thing to ask people how they feel about gun control. i don't i don't think that's bad. i think it's good to know how your neighbors feel. some legal experts say the shop owner is not breaking the law by denying n r a members. that's because the nra is not a protected class . experts say she's also not discriminating based on race, religion or gender. or the man who calls himself pro life. a spider man free climb the tallest building in oklahoma. today a filmmaker captured video of the man as he scaled the fifties story. devon tower in oklahoma city this morning, and you can see the climber had no safety gear as he climbed the 844 ft tall skyscraper. city officials closed some streets
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below, though, as a precaution. the filmmaker said he met the man just yesterday but didn't realize he planned to climb up the building. i. was shooting videos here in the park yesterday. that's where i met him. he's like, bro. you better come here so more or something crazy is about to happen. i'm spiderman and they call me like that for a reason. the band made it all the way to the roof of the building without injury, where police took him into custody. he's been identified as mason d shop he's charged with trespassing as well as disorderly conduct. now you may remember this is the same man who free climbed san francisco's salesforce tower. just last month, a video taken from inside the building and shared to twitter showed the man climbing without any ropes or safety devices here as well. two days after that, he scaled the new york times building in manhattan and hung to anti abortion banners. palo alto police are searching for the two people who shot and killed a 15 year old boy. a as our crime reporter
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henry lee tells us the motive. still unclear in the shooting does not appear to be gang related. 15 year old boy was shot in an alley near his apartment complex that manhattan and woodland and east palo alto. what about nine monday night officers rendered aid at the scene? he was transported to stanford, where he was pronounced deceased. i have learned that the boy was confronted by two shooters and killed with a shot to the head sources. tell me police don't have any evidence at the moment that the shooting is gang related. the victim doesn't have any ties to gangs. but the motive is still unclear. at this point. we believe we have two suspects on the run, but police say they have video of the shooting and are working. some leads. we have collected evidence at the scene and that video footage. it's gonna help us a lot, but nonetheless, we are hoping that the public can help us team comes less than a month after a shootout, saying kids scurrying for coverage carol park the gunfire killed ralph fields jr. cousin of raiders wide receiver davante adams, and injured three. it's just sad and tragic to see a
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young person who lose his life. east palo alto mayor ruben abric a says more needs to be done to stop gun violence, the fact that there are guns everywhere. that people can get him so easily. and then use them so easily. the teenager's family and friends were too grief stricken to comment and asked for privacy. anyone with information is asked to contact east palo alto police in east palo alto, henry lee ktvu news. 17 year old boy was shot in west berkeley authorities responded to the 800 block of chaining way yesterday just before 5 30. police say the boy was alert and aware when he was transported to the hospital. no word on his condition tonight or what led up to the shooting. also, no arrests have been made. health officials are urging more people of all blood types to donate blood today was world blow blood donor day, according to the red cross. a person here in the u. s needs platelets or blood every two seconds. donations during summer are
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added importance as trauma and accident chances surge. officials are asking donors to please step up, especially those with type o negative blood as it is considered universal and can help anyone during an emergency. very difficult rescue in the east bay. we'll show you how firefighters were able to free this man stuck right underneath a bart train. and i'm tracking the warm up. it started a couple of days ago. it ends tomorrow. big changes in the five day see you back here. coachella organizers looking ahead to 2023 the new details about next year's music festival released today.
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any firefighters today rescued a man from underneath the bar
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train at the castro valley station search camera helped cruz spot the injured man right under the train. the third rail was the energized in the bar cars were separated to access the patient. no word on exactly how the man got out of the train . the incident, though, closed the castro valley station for about an hour writers worth and bust to the west. dublin pleasanton station martial arts instructor is now in jail in the city of san jose. he is suspected of sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl. police say that victim was enrolled in the man's after school program where they say the abuse began. as ktvu lamonica. peters explains tonight that former instructor is being held without bail. people like this have more than one victim. any victims want to come forward. please get a hold of our detectives. it doesn't matter how much time has elapsed if the incident happened, 5 10 15 years ago. we want to hear from you. 54 year old ernest ramirez was arrested thursday for multiple charges related to aggravated sexual assault of a
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minor. the victim says the assault occurred between august 2020 and june 2021 when she attended ramirez's martial arts program, suspect has operated a karate studio here in san jose on elm street. the name of that students called extreme martial arts. san jose unified school district says some of the children enrolled at extreme martial arts are students at marriage trace elementary school. the district released a statement saying. in part the individual arrested is not a san jose unified employee. the business does not have an agreement with any san jose unified school and the program does not operate at a san jose unified facility. san jose unified is fully supporting the ongoing sjp d investigation. you're trusting that the people that are there instructing your youth taking care of your children are someone to be trusted. not to be violated. the victim has since moved to idaho with her family and reported the incident after leaving san jose ramirez is being held at the
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santa clara county elmwood correctional facility. ramirez is expected in court on friday. san jose police is asking anyone with any information about this case. please contact them. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. alright heading over the weather. now we've got temperatures are gonna warm a little bit tomorrow. as i mentioned they started yesterday, warming up. they warned further today and then they're going to warm just a tad tomorrow. these were the hives from today. how's tomorrow will be a degree or two warmer and some of those in and spots and hayward, i think, make make 80 degrees tomorrow, you'll notice it. but then somewhere around 23 o'clock, the winds kick up and the temperatures really drop off pretty quickly. so it's the end of the heat. the bump or the high end on this thing is on wednesday. tomorrow then temperatures dropped pretty significantly. by the time we get to friday, they're going to be down as good. 15 to 20 degrees from where they were tomorrow. the setup is this as it has been for the last month or two. with the high here, the
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low there, the high gets bumped south, the low comes in and cause a soft when the hike builds in. we're warm when the low building were cool in the wintertime. that's it's dry versus wet right? the high would be dry a little bit. that's wintertime when the jet stream and there's a lot of fuel for these things, but this time of year, what we see is basically hot and cold. based on this pressure systems. these are the rainfall forecast, which is not really much for us, but i just want to point out that here we are in june all the way to june 21st. we're looking at a shot at some showers in northern california. that's it's not. it's not normal. you know, it's not typical, and that's good, because that's going to set us up with a lesson. fire danger. i guess that's the big thing. and so we're looking at temperatures tomorrow that we warmest and then temperatures will trend down. certainly as we go into thursday, but more significantly on friday, and then saturday, they kind of level off. so what am i saying? it would be really nice day tomorrow. it's gonna be really nice weekend is just going to be cooler. so if you're
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in san francisco, and you're thinking about going out to fort mason to, you know, do what you do. it's gonna be a little chilly on thursday and friday. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. breezy along the coast, especially in the afternoon. forecast highs tomorrow. warmest day we will see this week warren state will see for a little while because in temperatures do the down slide and you'll see it here. peak here we drop down to 83 on the warm spots on thursday, and we continue to cool and there is even a slight chance of a sprinkle or something in there as we're getting friday, saturday, not wouldn't be a big deal. if you have a drizzle thing almost like what we've seen the last couple of weekends. i'll be back here tomorrow we'll update the whole deal. all right, bill. thank you. the coachella music festival, announcing it is a go for next year's event in india festival is scheduled to take place over the weekend of april 15th to the 17th and the 21st to the 23rd. coachella typically does not reveal the lineup and advanced fans can now register, though for access to ticket in before tickets open to the general public on friday, okay, the man known on youtube is fake
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. clay thompson just got banned for life from chase center in san francisco. all the move came after the warriors say he falsely impersonated a warriors player. in a deliberate attempt to access unauthorized areas within chase center. here he is dawson girly, posted video of himself going right through security and even shooting of you hoops. right there on the court before game five last night against the boston celtics . the 29 year old says he's not sad, though about missing future games in person. no hard feelings of the warriors. i'm not mad about getting banned. honestly i deserved it because i infiltrated security twice now, i just want to refund that's the only thing i'm salty belt, but it's all good still ruined for the warriors. let's go play. mm that lifetime ban prevents girly from attending games that both chase center and kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz. that's where the warriors g league team plays. no word if he'll face any criminal charges. alright coming up in sports.
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we'll be talking lawyers but also the giants go for their fifth straight win as they take on the royals. jason appelbaum has all the
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good evening, everybody. the warriors are bound for boston looking to come home with the title. back to boston, hopefully can take care of business. come back with the ring. we had a good boston to get away. cavallari draymond green and the rest of the warriors have every intention of wrapping it up in game six thursday night if the celtics win that one. game seven will be back at chase center. this sunday. now, much has been made of stefan curry's poor shooting night. last night. he scored just 16 points on seven of 22 shooting. he failed to hit
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a three pointer for the first time. in 233 games, and yet the warriors one which has to be a little demoralizing to the celtics. as for steph, we all know stats. they don't matter to him. i've never don't think i've ever been happier. um after over whatever type of night just knowing the context of the game . there's a fire burning and i want to make shots, but the rest of it is just about how you win a game. and we did that. oh for nine from three. he's gonna be livid going in the game six. that's exactly what we need. alright the giants win streak has reached five games in a row after sweeping the dodgers and now two straight over the royals . and how much is it baseball worth this young fan? priceless she's got a souvenir folks scoreless in the bottom of the sixth, and that's what wilmer flores hits a line drive to left . luiz gonzalez is coming in to
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score from second giants are up one or nothing. two batters later, darren rough comes to the plate. hits a shot, triples alley, but nice job by the right field about the royals. kyle isabelle cuts it off, so only one run comes in to score. the giants are up two to nothing. now three nothing in the seventh game, kapler's decides to leave logan web in the game with two on and two outs. good decision, thanks to gonzalez. michael taylor ripped one look at gonzalez. throw to the plate beautiful tag by the catcher austin wins and he is out. web seven innings. no runs. nine strikeouts. giants get out of the inning web is pumped. san francisco hangs on for afford to win. how about the aids? they are struggling right now with uncle sam in the house at fenway park. red sox up to when jd martinez goes deep off toss native jared koenig. that's a
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solo home run and a ride in the equipment. cart from martinez. three red sox fourth inning, same score rafael devers with two on he unloads on one that is a three run home run. six nothing boston final 6 to 1 as the a's lose for the 12th time in the last 13 games, united states at el salvador in this concacaf nations league match in the mud. el salvador up one nothing in the 90th minute stoppage time. look adele della torre finds jordan morris who converts the header and that is the equalizer. beautiful play as team usa salvages a 11 tie and check this out. don't want to encourage throwing things necessarily from the stands. but this is one heck of a paper airplane. throw from the upper deck. obviously aboard fan. this is at a soccer match between england and germany in munich. if you could follow the plane because the airplane actually reaches the field. but more than
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that guys watches it makes its way into the net. it's a paper airplane goal. that's kind of airplane goal. that's kind of impressive kind of was, but what's all this? i said one suitcase. i need choices, jay. colombia's not one of your more formal nations. the guy on their money is sitting in a lawn chair. ay. i cannot believe that my little baby's leaving me. you know, i left the glass doors open downstairs. so right now, your actual baby may be leaving. ah-ah-ah! one robe! i guess we know what everyone will be talking about my second morning there. manny's visiting gloria's family for about a month -- i hope. i just got to get him on a plane before gloria has a meltdown and changes her mind. 'cause if he doesn't go to colombia, colombia comes to me. it's happened before.


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