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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 30, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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fans after coming up short in the nfc championship game. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener . and i'm alex savage. despite a tough loss, 49ers fans are showing love for their team ktvu so elissa harrington joining us live tonight from san francisco after checking in with some fans at a watch party, alyssa. yeah. you know it started off great. everybody was so excited and then it just turned to heartbreak. now, this far behind me it was supposed to close at 10 o'clock tonight, but they had those stools and chairs upside down at around 9 30 because people left this bar so fast. went home and you know we're just morning. you know the end of the season. it was a fun ride, and niners fans say that they had high hopes at all really came crashing down in the fourth quarter. it was a very tough loss. it's very sad. what started as an afternoon full of excitement, cheering and rounds
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of drinks ended with sad faces and disappointment all around keyser's pub in san francisco. the 40. niners lost the nfc championship game to the rams, 17 to 22nd half just couldn't get it going. the faithful had high hopes for the team. fans were sure the niners were destined for another super bowl berth. but late in the fourth quarter, those dreams came crashing down. things fell apart the end. i mean, there's only so much you can do. the rams rallied in the fourth, scoring 13 unanswered points. the last 49ers possession, quarterback jimmy g, threw an interception. i mean, it was so close, it sucks to get that. i mean, we're winning the whole game, so it sucks to just like, get to the end, and we're gonna party we're gonna party adrian raise was one of the few rams fans in the bar . he was celebrating, but said he didn't want to rub it in too deep feeling pretty good. but you know, i don't want to hate too hard. you know, i've been there before. you know, so i
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understand it. it's all in good fun. it's a fun sport. travel re fans were certainly bombed, and the busy bar cleared out pretty quickly. the 49ers did not advance this time, but many fans say they are still thinking ahead. it is what it is. there's always next year. we'll try again. that was a great game so next year. and fans say they are certainly looking forward to next season, and even though their bomb that the 49ers won't be in the super bowl this year, they're really proud of how they played. reporting live in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox studio. it was a fantastic season for the melissa. thank you. while the game may have been played down in southern california, but so far stadium saw 49ers invasion today what would typically be a sea of blue and yellow for a game like this was instead filled with red and gold, especially in those upper decks . at one point during the game, fans even got too loud for the home team earlier this week,
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ticketmaster policy briefly restricted ticket sales. only to purchasers with a credit card zip code in the greater los angeles region. san francisco mayor london breed showed her commitment to the 40 niners today while watching the game down in los angeles, decked out in a red niners jacket. the mayor tweeted we out here. let's go during the first half of the game against the rams. she included the hashtag ftt be to show that she is faithful to the bay after the niners lost, though, mayor breed tweeted. we had a great season 49ers so proud of this team and the niner faithful that showed up today. a shooting in oakland left thousands of comcast customers without service during the game . comcast spokesperson says gunfire damaged equipment near 69th and 69th avenue and macarthur boulevard the shooting happened early this morning near east mom. all comcast initially thought it would have service restored by two this afternoon become kick off around 3 30. some 20,000 customers were still
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without service. police say no one was hurt in today's shooting. so if i stadium has two weeks now to shift from the nfc championship game into super bowl mode, the stadium expects to see another sold out crowd of more than 70,000 fans. when the l a rams take on the cincinnati bengals. the nfl has already taken over space in the stadium's parking lot to get ready for the big game. the super bowl is set for february 13th. new tonight. a man is under arrest suspected of killing his girlfriend and his teenage son. officers conducted a welfare check last night just before 8 30 at an apartment on the 2100 block of lemon tree way not far from an eoc high school . they say they found a 15 year old boy and a 30 year old woman dead inside. the suspect was arrested a short time later in redwood city. his name has still not been released. parents will be getting a better understanding tomorrow about plans to close and merge some schools in oakland. the plan to close eight schools and merged
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others will go before magazinesw in oakland, after speaking with parents and the school board director who are fighting to be included in the decision making process, emma julie oakland parents tell me that they're open to compromising with the school district, but feel excluded from the school board's decision making process. it comes to a final vote in just nine days. it's a huge rush. come monday, the oakland unified school board will review recommendations for school consolidations. the district is considering closing six schools , emerging others and shrinking law. escwa lita a k through eight school down to k through five. all of this could happen by summer. if the board approves the recommendations, max puzzled an eight year old with special needs who thrives at his program at carl b. monk elementary would need to relocate to a school 1.7 miles away. his dad says it took years to find the right fit for max and worries his progress at school would be undone. we get
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pushed around. this is the fourth school he's been in, and he's only eight years old. the 50 page consolidation. recommendations note that under enrollment is putting the district into a budget deficit in the next two years. oakland unified faces a near $20 million loss, merging and closing schools, according to the proposal would result in reduced costs, along with higher pay for teachers. funds would be reinvested in educational and extracurricular programs benefiting students. we understand these budget falls, but don't just close things down just because that's the easiest response for your board. parents are asking if the board has considered additional costs that would come from consolidation, such as extra busses needed to take more students on longer routes. the district has financial problems. that need to be addressed and yes, some tough decisions are going to have to be made no doubt, but the way that they're shoving this whole process through without any
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input from the community is wrong. it's going to lead to a lot of pain. for a lot of people. it's going to lead to a lot of disarray. and it's gonna probably cost the board a lot more money than they think. the bottom line in dollars and cents just doesn't add up, according to the school board director who opposes consolidating schools, the community is not dumb. we don't want to bankrupt our school district. so if these are things that we need to do, then we need to have a process to do it the right way. additional schools are recommended for closing and merging by 2000 and 24. hundreds of parents plan to join the special board zoom meeting tomorrow night at six p.m. and will be protesting throughout the coming week. we reached out today for the school district to respond to these parents concerns. no comment is forthcoming today, but i'm told we will hear a lot more information coming out of tomorrow night's meeting, julie all right, and we'll be following. what happens? demagogues reporting for us live tonight in oakland, emma, thanks. firefighters in monterey county or getting the upper hand
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on a fire burning in big serve. the colorado fire off palo colorado canyon is now 95% contained. that's up from 90% containment last night. gunfire says the fire has burned 687 acres and destroyed one building . the fire was sparked by embers from a private pyle burning operation that happened 10 days ago. it's expected to be fully contained by wednesday. janine is a little cream puff and herman is £30. he's the blue brindle. he's kind of like a tank. it's becoming all too common crime around the bay area. french bulldogs stolen but one owner was able to track down her little dogs. plus if you've had covid, but haven't gotten a booster shot do you still needed? and if so, how long should you wait? and i'm tracking that weather forecast for the work week. we'll be back here with the five day forecast.
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, and in many cases, one particular type of dog seems to be the target. a woman in oakland just went through what could be described as a possible dognapping, but it's ktvu is greg liggins tells us the ordeal that had a terrible beginning ended well. french bulldogs, jimmy and herman are back in the arms of their owner after being stolen. jimmy is a little cream puff up £20 kind of looks like a girl and he's super cute. very friendly. and herman is £30.
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he's the blue brindle, and he's kind of like a tank, lynn mcinnis is describing her to stolen french bulldogs sunday, she and a couple friends went around oakland's lake merritt posting flyers of her pilfered pets. she says. it's a place where pet transactions often take place. after morning hike saturday, she stopped at the lincoln square shopping center on redwood road in oakland at about nine a.m. and left her dogs in the car. she says she parked in this lot and went inside the cvs store for about five minutes. when she returned , her car window was smashed and the dogs were gone. i just felt like my whole world collapsed. mcinnis says. her dogs are her life, and she was in a desperate frenzy to get them back. been social media all over reddit dog, all kinds of dog. sites like pet pet amber alert. mcinnis says she thought she got a break saturday when someone contacted her saying he had the dogs and sent her this video as proof. mcinnis says. a man
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claimed to have purchased the dogs from someone at lake merritt and wanted money in exchange for their return. i will give a reward for the safe return of the dogs without asking any questions. i'm not interested in prosecution in anyway, after making a deal with the person who had the dogs, they were returned sunday evening. mcinnis says the dogs are neutered, so they are of no value to someone interested in breeding, but they have immense value to her. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. new tonight. north korea has confirmed reports of a missile test. the missile was detected overnight by neighbors of north korea. this is the country seventh launched this month. north korean state media says the missile is capable of reaching the u. s territory of guam. the biden administration says it plans to respond in the coming days, but did not specify us and nato allies remain on high alert as russian troop build up continues to increase along the ukrainian border, while nato might not be deploying forces to ukraine. it
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does have a large presence in the mediterranean right now, where russia has sent amphibious assault ships from its northern fleet. today the american ambassador to the united nations , linda thomas, greenfield, told abc is this week that the west will not be fooled by russia ahead of u. n security council meetings tomorrow. we're not going to be distracted by their propaganda and we're going to be prepared to respond to any disinformation that they attempt to spread during this meeting. the head of russia's security council says there are no plans to invade ukraine and russia is calling tomorrow. security council meetings. a pr stunt as one of the five permanent members. moscow enjoys veto power, making it all but certain the body will take no action. alright tough loss today. hope you had a nice weekend other than that nine years loss, but it was beautiful and wonderful weekend out there with temperatures into the sixties.
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plenty of sunshine. we did have the morning fog. we are dry, though, and it's starting to get a little worrisome were 23 days into this dry pattern, and we're going to be a few more days. this whole five day period looks to be dry again, almost certainly dry again, and maybe a little beyond that, so fingers crossed. we just don't want to be going too long. um without rain, and of course, we don't see it without high pressure. dominating we'll see a few high clouds tomorrow and then again on thursday, we'll see some wind pick up perhaps on this is the model. perhaps we'll see someone on tuesday and wednesday upper elevation northeast winds. but you can see there goes this week system goes through. that's the clouds tomorrow and then the high builds in. that's the clear sky. and then that's where the winds come from. but the main note is the greens and blues that are well to the north of us and stay well to the north of us. so these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow will be right on where they were pretty much. i don't think we'll see any mid sixties of the mostly low sixties and it's again. it's because of the clouds outside
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clouds right now, i think we'll see a little valley fog in the morning. skits still going to be a nice day. i mean, it's you know, you got the coastal fog starting to show up now in valley fog should be right behind and that'll be a pretty similar to what we had this morning. i suspect low visibilities, for sure, for many overnight lows will be in the thirties and the forties just above freezing, but frost a possibility as well. and if you get up san francisco 48 degrees in the morning at seven a.m. and by the end of the day, san francisco year at about 59 60 degrees 61 free mind 61 in san jose, so this pattern holds and what's interesting is you saw that northeaster. as you look at the five day forecast that big historic nor'easter on the east coast over the weekend, that's related to what's happening here , and as we stay dry, they stay wet and cold. we're going to stay dry. they're going to stay wet and cold doesn't mean they're going to see another nor easter anytime soon, but they could, but they're going to see more continued cool, moist weather. so if you have plants
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east of the mississippi, whether it's going to be a bit inclement as we head into the next week or so. i'll see you back here. hopefully we got rained for you tomorrow. okay bill. we'll see you. thank you will clean up efforts are underway on the east coast, one day after 10 states were hit by their biggest snowstorm to date this winter. here's a live look right now at seaside heights, new jersey earth cam images show the boardwalk there is covered with thick layers of snow. fox news. molly line tells us storm cleanup could take days northeast digging out from its biggest storm of 2022, the massive blizzard dumped snow from virginia to maine, but massachusetts may have been hit the hardest. this is probably the biggest snowstorm in massachusetts. we've seen people emerging from their homes to shovel out driveways and sidewalks, the state putting nearly 3000 plow crews to work to help clear the streets. well. the city of boston extended its snow emergency through monday morning. i'm running out of room to put put snow. there's just too much. no i have no place to put it. it ties the record set
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in 2000 and three for the largest single day snowfall. power was knocked out to about 100,000 customers during the height of the storm. more than half of those have since other lights turned back on other states did not see widespread outages. and well in northeastern might be a cause for concern for some many new englanders took it in stride. it's beautiful out here, it's easy to walk around. we're loving it out here. it's a winter wonderland. when you moved to boston. i just moved to boston. this is what you want for winter temperatures in the single digits and teens are not making clean up any easier, but a warm up is expected later on this week. employment. massachusetts molly line, fox news. actor howard hessman, known for his role in the 19 seventies sitcom w. k r p and cincinnati has died. alright cincinnati. it is time for this town to get down. has been played the role of radio disc jockey johnny fever in the 19 eighties, he played actor turned history teacher charlie more on
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the sitcom head of the class has been also appeared in many other tv shows, as well as a number of movies. according to his manager , has died from complications from the colon surgery he had last summer. he was 81 years old. one year ago today, and elderly time man died after he was shoved to the ground in an unprovoked attack in san francisco. ktvu is james torres shows us how the city came together today to honor his memory. thank you. you want to rage still felt a year later in the video, upsetting so many 84 year old pizza party attacked for no reason in san francisco when we saw that video it was heartbreaking. and still is heartbreaking. london breed and other city leaders spoke to the community near the site of grandpa evita's attack. his daughter still feels the pain of his loss. my father with child
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was like a friend to me. we would like to talk about everything. we are here today to mourn his passing his death continued cries to end agent american hate and violence. the organization stop ap. i hate reported more than 10,000 incidents from the beginning of the pandemic through last september. stop patient those speakers. let them march resembling grandpa features morning walk right before his death. two people were arrested for his attack. city leaders now vowing the violence against asian americans should and will come to an end. reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. alright sports wrap is coming up at 11 30 tonight. here's a look now at what mark and jason are working on. the 49 has led a trip to super bowl 56 slip right through their hands what the team said after they blow 10 point fourth quarter lead to the ramp. and
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what does it mean for jimmy garoppolo? will he be back? or will it be trey? lance time we're going to talk about that. and a whole lot more. it's all coming up at 11 30 on sports sport trap coming up. first after the break tonight. some people who have recovered from covid 19 want to know whether they should put off getting a booster dose of the vaccine. welcome to the happiest place on earth! where your happy... is everywhere! anywhere! he's the “pew-pew! pew-pew!” kinda happy. they're even happy-er. and you?!
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cities. oakland will implement a new vaccine requirement on tuesday. the policy will mandate people provide proof of vaccination to dine indoors at restaurants and bars. the ordinance also applies to jim's entertainment venues, theaters and large indoor events. oakland is allowing exceptions for those who can show proof of a medical condition that precludes them from getting the vaccine, but they have to provide a recent negative covid test. the first time of business fails to comply and will get a warning letter. after that the business will be subject to fines. san francisco is preparing to loosen some of the covid-19 restrictions in the city. starting on tuesday. office workers, gym members and others will once again be able to gather without mass in indoor settings provided they are vaccinated and boosted people who are not fully vaccinated and boosted will be able to attend events with a negative covid test. school aged kids will still need to wear their masks in order to go to class and people who were going into a shop or other indoor setting will need to keep their masks on
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as well. many people have had covid-19 have it right now or will likely get it down the line, so there are new questions around the virus and when vaccines are appropriate after becoming sick now at the forefront, reporter erin heft explains in california, on average over 122,000 people are getting vaccinated every day. that's according to the state, because the question is are we trying to stop all covid? or are we just trying to stop covid? that's killing people, and i think that's really ultimately going to be what we need to do. pulmonary and critical care physician dr vanessa walker answering questions the public has now that many have had covid have it right now or unfortunately, will catch it. one question if i caught covid after my original vaccines, but before my booster, do i have to wait to get boosted if you're no longer contagious, the answer is no. so you're feeling better symptoms of resolved and you're outside your isolation window.
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go get that booster. in fact, you can now get your booster five months after your last moderna or fighter vaccine and two months after your johnson and johnson, dr walker says, if you can get boosted its a good idea. but boosted or not, you can still catch covid. dr walker says her family is the perfect example. my entire family all four of us, my two children and my husband and i all got covid at the exact same time. my husband and i are boosted and my kids are fully vaccinated as they can be at their ages. but it's still hit our family. a study at oregon health science university recently found people who have the best immunity towards the virus have something called hybrid immunity, where they were either fully vaccinated and caught covid or caught covid and then got their vaccines. the order doesn't matter. but how long the hybrid immunity is good for science has yet to prove. we're not going to go to stop people from getting sick. we just need to make sure that if they get sick, it's a
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cold and it's not that big of a deal, and they're not filling up hospitals and dying. even with our vaccines and boosters, doctors say, super spreader events still can happen. dr walker said she feels the coronavirus will most likely be among us indefinitely. but not at pandemic levels more low lying like the flu, or be shocked at this is stopped. i don't see this as going away and to protect yourself. the vaccine is our best option. you may not be as protected after getting sick as you think you are and could get it again. in sacramento, erin heft. well fireworks brighten the sky over beijing's national stadium today. the display was part of the rehearsals that are being held for the opening ceremony of the winter olympics, which are scheduled for friday. a light snow fell as the run through has got underway. the president of china is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony, while foreign leaders including russian
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president vladimir putin are expected to fly in for the start of the games. the national stadium, which was nicknamed the bird's nest when it was designed in the run up to the beijing 2000 and eight summer olympics. because of its appearance hard to believe the olympics are almost here. thanks for joining us tonight. horse route with mark and jason. coming up. next stay tuned. ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free. free to zoom without a meeting request. free to enjoy savory bites, and stunning sights. and free to reunite with old friends...and new. it's time to break free.
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and subway's refreshing everything like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re... big jefferson and the ball should have been intercepted. it was dropped, and he is six about it. the 49ers let a trip to super bowl 56 slip right through their hands. play came up. i ain't making me feel like i let my brothers down. we'll break it all down right down to the 49ers last gasp! rachael are under pressure. accepted by the rams and then ride to the super bowl night. while the rams are moving on what the loss means for jimmy g s future with the niners. a lot of guys a jimmy this, jimmy that but this


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