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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank police in union city are investigating their first homicide of the year. the victim is a 35 year old father. he was gunned down in front of his home last friday night. ktvu is azenith smith spoke with the victim's family. on sunday family and friends of 35 year old walk into norio, better known as kenny gathered at his home on queen and drive in union city to pay their respects and to grieve with his widow, rachel, coming home from work. he's not in his garage, you know? and. i know it's going to be tough for us and agonizing 48 hours prior around 8 30 friday evening, kenny seen here on the homes bring camera was about to ride his motorcycle, his wife across the street at a family member's house heard a faint gunshots. they all ran out. she's seen something on the floor. and said, um, what's that on the
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floor? so we walked here and we saw my husband shot to death on the floor. um so. kenny had been shot at least once the suspect drove off. nothing could be done to save kenny right now. our detectives are trying to determine a motive as to why. this incident occurred and they're using all the evidence and doing other campuses and statements. he wasn't into drugs. he's not in a gang. no talk of him in danger. kenny was one to make friends, not enemies. everyone loved to be around him. he was like the life of the party. you know, always acting silly and dancing. so why would someone kill him? the family believes kenny may have recognized the gunman. it could have been like he owed someone money, you know? um and if that was it, then really, how much you know. how much did he owe you? kenny had been unemployed during the pandemic. two months ago, he got a job as a logistics
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operator at dow chemical company and hayward, kenny described as a hard worker. these are just some of his favorite things what he loved most. his wife and boys are five and nine year old and a nephew he's raised since he was a baby. the family is asking for any help finding kenny's killer. it will bring peace to us for us, you know? why would i want this person out and about. doing this to other people. a go fund me has been set up to help the family police are working with witnesses and neighbors on a suspect description in union city. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. new tonight. at least 10 people were injured in san leandro today what a car drove right into a building. the alameda county fire department says crews responded to reports of a crash about 4 15 this afternoon. and that's when they found this black lexus halfway inside a convenience store at east 14th street. six people were taken to the hospital for minor to moderate injuries. san leandro police are still investigating exactly what caused that crash.
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also new tonight, police in the east bay of arrested two teenagers who they say robbed and then dragged a 75 year old victim video from the alameda county sheriff's helicopter recorded the robbery as it was happening in the parking lot of westlake lido fair shopping center in newark. officers responded to the scene and chase the suspect's car into hayward. two of the three people inside the car were arrested. both are 15 years old. police are still trying to find the third suspect. anyone with information should call newark police. a man is in the hospital tonight with critical burns after he was found at the scene of a suspicious brush fire near discovery bay. that fire was first reported at about 11 last night along highway four between newport drive and discovery bay boulevard. the man was taken to uc davis medical center with burns over 50% of his body. fire officials believe the man is homeless. two dogs that were with the man are now under the care of animal control. because
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of that fire is still under investigation. crews are working tonight to limit the damage caused by a large oil spill in southern california and the owner of a pipeline that gushed an estimated 126,000 gallons of oil off the coast of newport beach, says that pipeline is no longer leaking. fox news, rick lozano tells us while the cleanup could take months, psychologists worry a long term disaster is unfolding. we are in the midst of a potential ecological disaster here and huntington beach mayor kim car with ominous words, as seems like this oil slicks off the coast continue to build. at our last update. we were informed that more than 3000 barrels of oil or 126,000 gallons have been spilled into the ocean located just off of the huntington beach coast and our coastal neighbors, all the while a number of vital and sensitive areas are at risk. as crews worked quickly to try to
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mitigate the damage crews have been in there since yesterday afternoon, placing booms trying to mitigate any sort of spread of the oil into those areas. and we have the boom set. now we feel like they're holding pretty well and we're now we're in an area where we're just going to continue to check on him and reinforcement necessary. meantime, the beaches are still open. but officials are asking people to avoid contact with ocean water. you want to make sure that people stay at least 50 ft from the shoreline because the oil is clumping at the shoreline, and you may not realize it, but you step in it, and then you bring it across the sand and, um, carry the oil into other areas. here's what that clumping oil looks like the ugliness of an oil spill that originated with offshore drilling miles out at sea. visitors and residents alike are angry. that's pretty frustrating that i mean just having the oil rigs offshore there and mess that it could
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cause we've seen it in texas and here and it's time for that to go away. maybe what has gone away is the air show finale that was supposed to have taken place here this afternoon. huntington beach and local businesses will take a huge financial hit. we are going to definitely take some financial hits from this, there will be a significant impact to our community. but i also know that we will bounce back. and again that was rick lozano reporting. the mayor of huntington beach, says the city's beaches could be closed for weeks or even months. as you heard there are sensitive ecological areas near the side of that spill, including the bolsa, chica ecological reserve and huntington beach wetlands, according to representative michele steel. the region's fragile ecosystem may have already been irreparably harmed, and she wants president biden to step in and help. she sent a letter to the president today asking him to issue a disaster declaration for orange county. in the letter, she wrote. it is imperative the federal government assist in recovery efforts. it went on to
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say constituents who live along the shoreline are already reporting strong odors. a disaster declaration would boost the federal government's response to the spill. so far, we have not heard from the white house about that request.a national league west championship. it was a big day, and it's not just the fans who are pumped up about the giants heading to the postseason. ktvu semantic quintana joining us now live after talking with excited fans and business owners, amanda. yes there were a lot of go giants chance out there today, but it's not just the fans were excited and celebrating. it's also business owners because they know that this means they're going to continue to see a lot of people in that area. they pulled it together. they did it. they took the reins were in there now. alright nlds. here we go. giants are playoffs bound after
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the perfect day for a ball game. no i am so jazz. i'm up way up. we'd wanted them to win yesterday. but today was even better because we were there. as soon as the game was over. momo's across the street was packed cherry on top of a summer of finally getting back to business coming out of covid. we weren't really sure. how they were going to get a baseball season and given that given how they had to do it last year with just 60 games, but whether it was capacity restrictions of the ballpark being open 100% fans have been coming down here all summer long even when playoff games aren't at oracle owner scott morgan expects momo's to be just as busy as today, giving him and other businesses another month to make up for the losses due to the pandemic. merchandise is the first thing they want when you've got a winner, so. hopefully for real busy next few weeks of october. it's not just bringing more people here. this win is
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lifting the spirits of giants fans across the bay. this is what the city needs. the city needs excitement that they area and this is what the giants gave to us. we'll have to wait and see who the giants will play. it will be the winner of wednesday's game that is between the dodgers and the cardinals. but i already heard some people out there practicing that beat l a chance today live in oakland, amanda quintana ktvu fox students. so amanda most of the giants fans you're talking to. they're hoping that they face off against the dodgers. they are, you know, it's just that rivalry. it's just that rivalry. the giants fans go like dodger fans and the whole thing so it would be exciting. i think a lot of those fans feel like it would be exciting to play the dodgers. it would be a lot of fun american town before he live for us tonight. thank you. there was, of course, as you saw a lot of celebrating on the field today in the stands as well, but the giants have a lot of work ahead of them. sports director marco banderas will join us later in this newscast with the team's reaction that
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is coming up later tonight in sports wrap. new at 11. the counter cross, the county board of supervisors will hold a public hearing on tuesday to give the public an update on redistricting efforts the board is looking to we redraw the county's five supervisorial districts to reflect the latest population numbers from the 2020 census district three, which includes antioch, oakley and brentwood has seen the most growth. that hearing will be held virtually at nine a.m. this hp tonight is investigating a deadly freeway crash that happened in hercules. this happened around one o'clock this morning on westbound interstate 80 near the junction with highway four. the chp says a hunter cord rear ended a toyota yaris and both of those cars spun out of control, leaving the honda disabled on the freeway. it was then hit by alexis, the driver of the honda died at the scene, and three other people suffered minor injuries. a north based surgery is recovering tonight after encountering a shark coming up how he escaped after being bitten. also firefighters
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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. this morning near bodega bay ktvu. greg liggins explains how the man got to safety. it was
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around nine sunday morning here at north salmon creek beach in bodega bay, when a surfer named cody who didn't want to appear on camera heard of fellow surfer screams shark usually when someone else sharp, we hear it all the time out here. people stay out, you know no problem. but then i heard the dude screaming. and i knew he got bette the board. yeah, the damage is on the other side. that screen came from jared davis friend as he watched the incident unfold. i saw the dorsal fin of the shark and then i saw the tail fin of the shark. they were kind of going down into the water. it definitely wasn't. like a quick attack. it was nice and slow. this is the surfer's board, showing the teeth marks from what is believed to be a large, great white when you look at his board the depth of the shark's mouth is wider than his board surfer managed to paddle ashore, and authorities say fellow surfers helped him get to the parking area where bystanders applied a tourniquet to the man's wound. to stop the bleeding. he took it like a
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champ. man the whole time we carried up the stairs. he didn't even make a sound. he wasn't passed out. he was completely conscious. first responders gave further medical attention until a chp chopper arrived. the unidentified victims said to be a local man in his thirties, was loaded up and transported to santa rosa memorial where he's being treated for a non life threatening injury is severe bite to it. to the thigh take a piece of his hamstring, a spokesman with the california department of parks and recreation says three people have been bitten by sharks near this beach to in 2000 and two and a third in 2000 and five and 2019 a shark bit through a surfer's board leash at north salmon creek beach, but she was not injured. sharks are abundant in these waters, and the rare bites do happen along these shores. but the surfers are actually quite aware of it. and. they seem to be uh, rather harmonious with the sharks for the most part as a precaution for three days, the california department of parks and recreation is prohibiting
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access to the water, one mile north and south. from where that surfer was bitten. greg wigan's ktvu fox two news. some good news to report tonight from shasta county. cal fire says the fawn fire that started last month is now fully contained. that wildfire burned more than 8000 acres north of reading, even though the fire is fully contained. crews do remain on alert. they'll continue to patrol that area for several days to watch for any flare ups because of the dry hot weather conditions of palo alto woman has been charged with arson accused of setting that fire. already we had another nice day, beautiful bay area fall weekend, which is pretty typical for this time of year. you know, we get really beautiful weather this time of year and we are we saw it again today and we'll see it again tomorrow and then it cools off and we'll see clouds increase. and so with that in mind, you're looking at temperatures. today there will be drops maybe 3 to 4 degrees tomorrow, so the nineties turned into mid eighties and upper eighties, some of the mid nineties turned
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into low nineties so slightly cooler tomorrow and then significant cooling as we that's sort of the weather headline really is. we're gonna see that significant cooling with a slight chance of a sprinkle or perhaps a shower or something along those lines that would be. kind of tuesday wednesday thursday period in there, you'll see it when i show it to you on the model. i want to show you the smoke model. this is tomorrow and air quality alert for tomorrow because you can see the smoke kind of lingering around monday morning. kind of see the east bay. it's really basically it's in the central valley. but the higher stuff kind of gets out towards the coast. so we're seeing it can kind of see it here on monday afternoon, and then when that trough gets here, the cooling mechanism for you know, for this week for the five day you look at things blows it out. and that's that's the beauty of trust man. it clears out the air quality really nicely to southwest wind. blows it out. temperatures will be cooler and mild and maybe a sprinkle. maybe a drizzle. i know up in north of us they'll get some rain. probably get real rain. this is the system here, and it doesn't. it's that this infrared doesn't really do a
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nice job with showing his, um features, but it's pretty good size system. it's got lots of games does have a lot of cool there, but it's got a lot of moisture and that's going to slide on in here pretty much as we go into starting on tuesday, it will begin the process. but then it'll work its way down here. most likely thursday. friday will be the apex of this thing or the you know the strongest dynamics. current temperatures like i say 69 in concord, 66. in san francisco, 65 napa about where they were last night. the plan for tomorrow will be then a lot like today. little patchy fight. it's gonna be like today it really is, and that's kind of fun. we tell you always figured out if we haven't had fleet week and a little wild, so it's kind of fun week because we get weather like this, you know, and it's just falling in the blue angels come into town. it's kind of fun. here is the low pressure that starts tuesday and lingers into friday little bit into saturday brings us a slight chance of a sprinkle. but really that headline is this is just cooler if you can't have rain. yeah, yeah. rain this time because
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we're about drought. this is what you want. you want this pattern, so we're getting the pattern. we want another shot of the oakland tribune building off the back their air quality still haze in the air for sure. the forecast. the model shows the fog kind of lingering at the coast. there's holes in it, and that's typical for this time of year. so nice step tomorrow's law like it like we had today and then we see temperatures change drastically from nineties back into seventies as we get into wednesday thursday. on friday and then saturday and sunday. you'll see this son, you know, little warmer, but not much. we're kind of in a kind of a neat little pattern here, julian alex. it'll keep us cool and maybe bring us the chance of some sprinkles. hopefully get something thursday friday. we'll see how that goes on tomorrow's models. all right. thanks, bill. free health insurance for millions of americans ran out last week, and some labor analysts say that may prompt more people to return to the workforce ktvu is tom baker spoke with two experts who understand the problems many americans are facing right now. unlike every
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other recession in the last four decades, workers are not flocking back to work, even though most employers are hiring. labour lawyer and former head director mike bernick. direct service jobs, retail hospitality restaurants. um that's where employers are having trouble finding workers. many low paid workers still fear covid. and face serious back towards family issues, especially around their children. i think childcare and the continued uncertainty about the schools. our factor. add to that poor if any health insurance at all, says ucsf medical insurance expert janet kaufman, if you're a lower lower income. person um, sometimes the insurance that you're offered through your job has a very high deductible. in many cases, the deductible can be $5000 or more, which few low or modest income people have
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access to your probably living paycheck to paycheck and consider this for laid off workers that had cobra health insurance. uncle sam was paying for that. since last april at the beginning of the month. that program ended, many are being forced to move to medical. these folks look at what the opera job based coverage is and realized they might be better off sticking with medical if their income is within the medical threshold. add to that the frequent presence of significant health issues in those families and we know that on average are folks who are lower income are in worse health. in that it's understandable. some of them are making the decision not to return to work on that basis, and certainly those who have children. the best estimates are that in the pandemic, california alone lost 8500 childcare facilities. and it's expensive. you know, it's understandable that some folks say i'm going to stay home to do the child here. the dominant theme is flow returned to work. but given all this, we may soon see an uptick in return to work because disappearing government benefits. may now force their
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return. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. all right. sports wrap is coming up in just a few minutes at 11 30 tonight here sports director mark ibanez with a preview. what a season for the san francisco giants. they clinch the western division after wrapping up the most successful regular season in their history. we've got all the postgame celebration for you and the 49ers. it could be trey lance time. jimmy garoppolo was injured and the 40 niners have major problems. we'll hear the postgame comments with all the nfl highlights coming up with jason appelbaum and me. on the box to sports wrap. but first after the break, find out what the white house hopes will slow the number of species that are becoming extinct. morning the usf
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magnitude 3.4 earthquake struck about 7.5 miles north northeast of morgan hill. it happened at 502 am. there are no reports of any damage, but some people in san jose and morgan hill say they felt that jolt. well, researchers say animals and plants are becoming extinct 1000 times faster than ever before. and here in the u. s environmental experts are now classifying 23 more creatures as extinct. oxus kevin corke has more on the dramatic loss.
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the u s. is saying a bitter farewell to 23 animal species as fish and wildlife service officials declared them extinct. so really our day for those of us in a fish and wildlife service. we dedicate our lives to bring out any extinction. the list is made up of various birds and shellfish, once primarily native to several southeastern states and hawaii, including the ivory billed woodpecker. and the hawaii or all. experts say the reasons behind the massive wipeouts very in most cases, it's habitat lost habitat loss. once the habitat is gone, it's hard to get it back. in some cases, it was disease or invasive species that contributed to declines, but the biden administration is promising action, declaring it will reinstate laws punishing corporations for any preventable bird deaths. like the migratory bird treaty act,
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which caused bp to pay $100 million after its infamous 2010 oil spill that killed 100,000 birds. former president donald trump, previously discontinued such policies back in 2017. we need to get ahead of the curve by keeping common species common. and the way to do that is to create a network of connected protected lands across the globe so that we have healthy intact ecosystems for all species. the announcement from the fish and wildlife service marks one of the largest groups of animals ever to be classified as extinct in the u. s. since the 19 sixties and washington i'm kevin corke fox news. and that is our report for tonight. thanks for joining us sports wrap up next with mark and jason. have a good night. good night.
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(struggling vehicle sounds) hold up. the subway logo? think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. time since 2012 are champions of the national league west after racking up a record, 107 wins, two giants finally
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clinched the division title. in the last game of the regular season. we'll hear from the players and look ahead to the postseason. yeah it sucked in the situation too many times and. is getting real old jimmy g out again with an injury is a trey lance time after the 49ers lose their second straight game, so let's dive right in belly flap on the sidelines and draws a wow because it's time to catch sports strap. now box do sports rep starts now. all right. hello, everybody. welcome to sports wrap jason appelbaum. mark yvonne is with you, you know and mark it took the best regular season in giants history. eight wins in their final nine games to put the dodgers finally in the rear view mirror. and when the west just a remarkable remarkable run that we just saw incredible, and i've said it before. i


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