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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 30, 2020 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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can live with them as long as they want. according to the census: it doesn't matter if you're related or not, everyone living in your home on april 1st counts. because this count helps inform funding on how billions get spent every year. and where there are more people, there are more needs. complete the census online, by phone, or by mail. shape your future. start here at this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. a new timeline for the bay area stay at home order, we are now learning it is going to be extended for at least another month. >> i'll be able to pay my rent this month. after that i don't know. >> we better get used to it. it looks like this will be the new normal for until at least may 1st. good evening, everyone.
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i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville tonight working from home. lots of new developments to tell you about this evening. governor newsom has put out an urgent call for doctors to help treat the expected surge of coronavirus patients. the governor says the number of people in the hospital in california has now doubled and the number of icu patients has tripled in just the past four days. >> across the u.s. more than 3,000 people have now died from the outbreak. among them the first u.s. service member, a new jersey national guardsman. today the navy hospital ship comfort arrived at new york harbor to ease the burden on hospitals by caring for people not suffering from covid-19. at the white house health and human services secretary alex azar said the u.s. has tested more than 1 million coronavirus samples, more than any other country. he also says the u.s. is now testing nearlysamples a day. experts say the u.s. to
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test between 100,000 and 150,000 patients a day to contain the virus. so how long will all this last? we know schools will be closed at least until the first week of may and president trump has extended social distancing guidelines for the month of april. now bay area officials are planning to announce the stay at home orders will remain in place until at least may 1st. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us now with more on this extended timeline. >> federal infectious disease experts say without continued social distancing hundreds of thousands of americans could lose their lives and here in the bay area there is a coordinated regional response. they're expected to announce as early as tomorrow more details why they are extending the stay at home order until thend of april. >> we have no other choice. >> at the white house briefing monday president trump and the coronavirus task force said models show that the
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coronavirus deaths are expected to escalate within weeks. >> this needs to be federal guidance so that every state understands that it may look like two cases today that become 20 that become 200 that become 2,000. >> the president walked back from his earlier prediction that by easter parts of the nation would be back to normal now saying april 30th. >> challenging times are ahead for the next 30 days and this is a very vital 30 days. we're sort of putting it all on the line. >> san francisco mayor london breed monday alerted bay area residents that a coordinated regional announcement would extend stay at home orders until may. >> you should definitely plan to stay at home and this process and what we're doing here will continue until at least may 1st. >> we don't have a place, so ca we stay in the garage.
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>>ate with financial troubles, the extension is a concern even with congress' recent $2.2 trillion relief bill. >> i'm an independent contractor. so the work's drying up. i'm going to run out of work probably here in a day or two and then after that i don't know what i'm going to do. >> some governors say monday on a call with the president that they still don't have enough coronavirus tests. the fda did give emergency approval for two malaria and lupus drugs, hydrochloroquine and chloroquine to be used as an experimental treatment for covid-19 patients. the fda also gave emergency approval to batell, an ohio- based company that said its system can make 85,000 masks ready for reuse. >> in a year or year and a half
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we'd be able to do it under emergency use. >> today maryland, arizona and virginia became the latest states to issue stay at home orders and virginia has extended theirs until june. >> jana katsuyama, thank you. president trump invited business leaders to this afternoon's coronavirus task force briefing to talk about efforts to protect americans from the virus and heal the sick. the ceo of honeywell said his company will be making n95 masks in rhode island and in arizona. president trump announced that ford will convert an auto parts factory outside of detroit to manufacture ventilators. the president also said he hopes to send some of those machines to hard hit european allies. >> as we outpace what them to italy. we're going to be sending them to france. we're going to be spending them to spain where they have tremendous problems. >> gm released photos today of its factory in indiana where it
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will be teaming up with ven- tech life systems with the aim of producing thousands of ventilators a month. governor newsom issued a call today saying anyone with healthcare experience, we need you. he wants thousands of students, part timers and retirees to join the fight. ktvu's debora villalon joins us now with more on how the california health corps works. deb. >> julie, from psychologists to dentists, no doubt doctors and nurses, the governor hopes to hire 37,000 new healthcare providers as soon as possible. that means relaxing some rules and tapping students, too. >> what was the incubation period? that's what i was kind of wondering about. >> only two months from graduating. >> all body fluid is suspect and all patients presumed positive. >> this nursing school dean is proud of her 42 students for what they've accomplished in training and what many are doing as volunteers at this covid-19 test site in marin
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county. >> i don't see a lot of people nursing during a pandemic, no misgivings. >> i think that i was put onto this earth to be a nurse and be there for patients to make a difference. >> it's that spirit the governor is after. >> if you're a nursing school student, a medical school student, we need you. if you've just retired in the last few years, we need you. >> launching the california health corps hoping to hire nearly 40,000 people in a dozen health categories sidelined now but with skills to offer. apply online and it's a streamlined five-step process made possible by licensing boards temporarily suspending some rules. >> to get you up and running and get you out the door so that you can support the needs of people in the state of california. >> the choice as a nursing student if you want to go into the front lines is really yours. >> nursing educators note there's no guarantee students who are already helping with
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testing and other field work will be credited with the clinical requirements as other state boards have. >> all nursing schools are telling them what we need to do to get our students through and it really is a disaster on top of the covid-19 disaster. >> but the nurses already volunteering say they wouldn't be anywhere else. >> we do know the risks. it just happens to be covid-19 right now, but going into the healthcare you know that there are lots of things that you could pick up and, you know, you're as careful as you can be. >> we miss working with patients. so to be in the time of a pandemic to be able to look someone in the eyes and let them know that we care for them and we want to take care of them is very satisfying and fulfilling. >> the governor calls it a surge in human capital to match the surge in the disease and the need for more hospitle resp
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few days. >> our thanks who are stepping up to help. thank you. well, stocks moved higher on wall street today with each of the major averages picking up more than 3%. healthcare companies led the surge with announcements on testing, treatments and a possible vaccine. the dow jumped 690 points, nasdaq gained 271 and the and the s&p 500 rose 85. experts warn it could still retest its recent lows. macy's says the majority of its employees will be furloughed this week including up to 5,000 workers here in the bay area. macy's has about 130,000 employees. the retailer had already closed more than 550 department stores nationwide. and the bay area's gap is also furloughing employees to manage the financial hit from the outbreak. it also employs nearly 130,000 people in the u.s. and canada. furloughed workers will not be
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paid but are eligible for unemployment. gap stock price has dropped 47% in the past month. the founder of a delivery company in the east bay says it's important to him right now to give back during this time of crisis. he wanted to show his gratitude to healthcare workers, so this afternoon he started using his service to deliver free meals, free meals, to hospital workers. ktvu's amber lee is in the city tonight with this story. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're at the davis campus of cpmc, one of four hospitals that received the free meals. healthcare workers tell me this gift means a lot especially during this time of crisis. starting monday axle hire, an on demand delivery service based in san leandro, started delivering free meals to healthcare workers at hospitals in san francisco including three campuses of california
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pacific medical center. >> thank you! >> reporter: a driver unloads one week's worth of prepared meals to waiting hospital staff. the food is prepared in concord by a health food company methodology. 100 meals were delivered to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital where the food will go to those working at the urgent care clinic. >> if i'm working a late shift till 9:00 and having to come in the next day at 8 a.m., it can be a little hard to prepare a meal for the next day. >> reporter: crystal lucelle, an urgent care nurse, tells me it's time consuming to leave the hospital for a meal break. >> now that the entrances are closed and every time you leave you have to come back in for a temperature check and screening, it makes it a little more challenging. >> reporter: daniel sokolovski started axle hire five years ago. he says this is his way of giving back. >> i'm a type 1 diabetic myself. we wanted to make sure everyone is able to stay healthy in the bay area. >> reporter: his delivery business is thriving during
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this difficult time. in february his weekly total for same day deliveries were 500 to 700. now his company is making up to 7,000 same day deliveries each week. >> absolutely horrible, you know, that it's in this kind of time. again, like we are providing a lot of essential goods, essential services. >> reporter: the ceo says his company delivers food, medication and housing hold goods. he plans to offer the free meal deliveries to hospitals every monday for the foreseeable future, a gesture that one nurse says is invaluable nourishment for the spirit. >> the meal is just the physical piece of it, but it's everything that goes with the meal. it's the thought, sending warm wishes our way, knowing that they're thinking of us while we're going through this crisis. >> reporter: axle hire's founder tells me he's looking to hire 1,000 people, drivers and warehouse workers, here in the bay area. he tells me whether it's providing free meals or jobs, it's about answering the call
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for help wherever it's needed. frank. >> amber, just so great how he's stepping up. thank you. still to come here a strike by delivery workers at instacart, how the san francisco company says they did today plus the call for whole foods grocery workers to stay home tomorrow. showers to the north of us, but that's where they stay, a warming trend the next few days. in two minutes confusion over construction and whether it's an essential job, how one bay area lawmaker hopes to clear up the confusion. according to the howell family: auntie jenn's friend and her son can live with them as long as they want. according to the census: it doesn't matter if you're related or not. shape your future. start here. complete the census at
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shape your future. start here. there are times when our need to connect really matters. to keep customers and employees in the know. to keep business moving. comcast business is prepared for times like these. powered by the nation's largest gig-speed network. to help give you the speed, reliability, and security you need. tools to manage your business from any device, anywhere. and a team of experts - here for you 24/7. we've always believed in the power of working together. that's why, when every connection counts... you can count on us.
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in san francisco tonight new developments at the city run laguna honda hospital, nine staff members and two patients at the long term care facility have now tested positive for coronavirus. officials say everyone who has tested positive is in good condition and that they're now in quarantine. mayor london breed says the cdc has sent two infectious disease doctors to that facility and state health officials are also assisting with additional staff and expertise when it comes rec construction woris an
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essential job. some of the confusion stems from differences between local orders and the governor's statewide order. now ktvu's greg lee tellus one bay area lawmaker wants to crack down on commercial construction. >> reporter: work continues at many construction sites around the bay area amidst shelter in place orders. the local orders allow for construction of critical infrastructure like housing and hospitals, but outside of that san mateo county supervisor david canepa says there's no place for commercial construction right now. >> i'm deeply disturbed. the only construction that should happen is a hospital. we are all to shelter in place and the reason we need to do that is because we're facing a pandemic. >> reporter: canepa says he's looking into a proposal that would slap noncompliant general contractors with "excessive fines." his staff took photos last week of bulldozers and crews out at
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saramonte shopping center in daly city where they're building a movie theater, gym and retail space. >> building the construction of a gym facility, isn't it rather ironic that gyms are closed, right? one is a gym and one is a potential hotel and a parking lot. these are not essential services. >> reporter: the company managing the project did not return several calls and e- mails requesting comment. at issue, confusion between local and state rules. bay area orders are clear. construction on only critical infrastructure may continue, but the governor's statewide order allows for all construction. >> governor newsom's priority is the health and safety of all californians. that's the order that should supersede all other orders. >> reporter: resays workers already take ma >> because construction can be performed safely, putting arbitrary decisions on what is
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deemed essential and what is not deemed essential creates problems. >> reporter: murphy said if crews have safety concerns, they need to contact the general contractor. anonymous workers tell ktvu precautions are not being taken like this video taken at a housing project in san francisco. some workers have walked off the job there. canepa says he knows this is unprecedented but says if nonessential work does not stop, things will get worse. ktvu has obtained several e- mails asking san mateo county to clarify its order and allow all construction to continue. greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. some tenants across the country are vowing to go on a rent strike until this coronavirus pandemic is over. they said that they want their rent payments waived since they're not getting paid during the stay at home order. several states including california have temporarily banned evictions, but activists are pushing for landlords to
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cancel rent payments entirely. critics, though, say a resident strike would just further worsen the economy if property owners can't pay their own bills. san francisco-based instacart said today's strike involving up to 150,000 workers did not affect the company's operations. workers say instacart hasn't provided them with enough protection when they head to grocery stores and people's homes. they demanded hazard pay of $5 per order, but in a statement the company's president said a covid-19 bonus was announced last week and instacart plans to distribute hand sanitizer that it has sourced and manufactured itself. workers at whole foods are also demanding better protections on the job. a sickout is planned for tomorrow. workers are demanding paid sick leave for those who stay at home or self-quarantine. they also want free coronavirus testing and hazard pay of double their current hourly wages. a spokesperson for whole foods says they're taking appropriate precautions to protect their
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workers. as we look outside, we've got a pretty nice evening coming on. we've got a few clouds out there and then to the north of us we've got some showers showing up around cape mendocino and areas north, but that's it. so the clouds we're seeing are kind of from that -- or not kind of. they are from that system to the north of us. you see some showers up there, too even up around chico and redding and butte county area around paradise, a little rain showing up, but that's it. that thing moves out and tomorrow it's about partly cloudy, partly sunny kind of day. tomorrow will be nice, a little warmer than today. highs today came up 5 degrees over yesterday. highs tomorrow, i think we'll see a lot of mid-60s, maybe upper 60s, something like. that overnight lows tonight are mild. it's clear outside, mostly clear throughout the bay area, not freezing tonight. we aren't worried about frost advisories, but we are headed for a bit of a warm-up which
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will work out with what we need to be doing in the bay area the next month or so. the next few days will be easy to get outside and get stuff done if the kids need recess or what have you. when i come back, we'll look at the latest computer model. there is some rain, shows up in the five-day forecast. we'll look at that. it does show up right around the weekend. we'll time that out as well. see you back here in a bit. >> thank you, bill. health officials on the peninsula are pulling out cots and medical equipment at the san mateo county events center. the venue is being turned into a 250 bed field hospital for a possible surge in coronavirus patients. the national guard will be at this site tomorrow to help housed at the event center, but getting set up now allows the county to be ready if and when more space is needed. coming up a young man who has overcome incredible odds, how a high school soccer player
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is now thriving one year after suffering an unimaginable family tragedy. the. plus the military lab that developed vaccines for anthrax, plague and ebola now work is underway on covid-19.
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the american red cross urgently needs blood and platelet donations and asks healthy donors to schedule an appointment to give. during this corona virus outbreak, patients are counting on lifesaving transfusions. visit
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president trump says a five minute test for the coronavirus will soon be made available. that test is made by illinois' abbott labs and won emergency fda approval on friday. >> it's a whole new ballgame. i want to thank abbott labs for the incredible work they've done. they've been working around the clock. normally this approval process from the fda would take 10 months and even longer, but we did it in four weeks. >> abbott plans to deliver 50,000 tests a day starting tomorrow. the device is so small and portable it can be used in almost any healthcare setting. researchers at fort detrick in maryland are working now
10:25 pm
around the clock to find options for a coronavirus treatment and a vaccine. these are the same army scientists who developed vaccines for anthrax, the plague and ebola. special equipment allows for fast, large scale testing. it's one of the few biolevel 4 hazard research labs in the country. a vaccine may take up to 18 months to develop. >> these men and women have been here before and they prevailed and we're going to find this vaccine and we're going to win in the end. >> ferrets are being used in the testing and scientists say they may hold the key to curing the disease in humans. a woman from the bay area has started an almake surgical for hospital workers. karen bradley says that she found a video and a simple pattern on youtube. she then put her project up on her facebook page. >> i got a lot of likes. i've got a lot of comments. i got a lot of people asking
10:26 pm
for the pattern.people who need to help each other. >> bradley says that almost anyone who can sew can turn out dozens of masks every day if they work at it. coming up basic needs in trying times, how a san francisco hardware store has become part of a communitywide effort to support others. one of the world's highest paid athletes takes a big salary cut to help his team stay financially afloat. later in sports what lionel messi and his teammates are doing. in three minutes the high school soccer player who has bounced back from incredible tragedy, how he's beating the odds one year after family and >> i'm not saying i'm a different person necessarily, but it has changed me. we're still healing. it's a process. i don't think we'll be able to ever fully overcome this. >> captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by
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mancini sleep world. in this challenging time mancini's is still delivering comfort to the bay area. esiden
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roll back vehicle mileage standards from the obama administration. that would gut some of the nation's most ambitious efforts to slow climate change. an epa spokeswoman said that the latest move according to the trump administration will benefit the economy and al ars affordable. the change, though, would water down a mileage standard that was intended to encourage automakers to produce more fuel efficient cars and electric cars. the trump administration is expected to announce the new rule change sometime tomorrow. a new start date has been set now for the tokyo olympics. the summer games were postponed last week due to the pandemic. organizers now say the opening ceremony will take place july 23rd of next year. that is almost exactly one cons
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the games next spring, the committee members said that would have presented logistical challenges. these days athletes everywhere are dealing with new adversity, but just over a year ago a bay area high school soccer player had his world turned upside down in unimaginable fashion. ktvu's scott reiss with a story of a young mentally and physically. >> reporter: tragedy does not discriminate. sometimes it even builds upon itself. >> three family members died in a car crash early today when their suv crashed into a big rig that was parked illegally on the side of the freeway. >> reporter: the three victims were ely, sarah and eva villareal who were en route to the hospital to see their dying father one final time, tragedy upon tragedy. a fourth sibling, aaron, barely survived the crash. >> it's very difficult to recall what happened and i'd
10:31 pm
rather not speak on the details. >> reporter: aaron was a star player for the mission high school soccer team which was set to play for a northern california championship the day after the accident. >> it was very quiet on the bus. the whole team was like we shouldn't play this game. >> i remember they were struggling. i just remember the team rallying around aaron and what he had gone through and using that as inspiration. >> aaron on three. one, two, three, aaron! >> the way they came out it was like out of a movie. >> we knew that he would have wanted to play. >> however way we could get the win for aaron and his family we're going to do it. >> for them to go out on the field with heavy hearts like that and still be able to perform and do it in the memory of their friend, it was incredible. >> it meant the world to me to know they were fighting for something and it wasn't just for mission high school. it was for me and watching the videos and hearing them scream my name. >> aaron, aaron! >> i have no words to explain the gratitude and the love i have for my teammates and the
10:32 pm
pain at the same time was bittersweet not being able to play alongside them and carry that trophy along with them. we were a team, more than a team. we were brothers and they came by to visit me. i heard their words. i was lifted up from where i was. >> reporter: where he was, in a hospital mourning the loss of his father and his siblings, recovering from surgery on his shattered leg, a leg that didn't just support his body, it supported his dream of becoming a pro soccer player. >> doctors broke the news to me it was possible i wouldn't be able to play again. >> it was heart breaking because we knew how much it would affect him that he wasn't going to be able to play anymore. >> reporter: but that diagnosis did not account for determination. with all aaron had lost, he refused to lose his passion. >> one of the doctors was joking with him you got a bionic leg now, so you're going to be able to play soccer 10 times better than you used to. >> it was slow. i'm not going to lie. it was very frustrating.
10:33 pm
with time, with therapy, with understanding what the doctors reslowly began to realize, okay, this isn't going to happen overnight. i have to put in work. >> reporter: aaron put in so much work he blew away projections and timetables. by late summer he was not only back with his mission lead the bears to another championship run. >> it meant everything, every practice that i went to, every morning that i woke up saturdays to train with my brothers. it meant everything to me. i wanted to be in that moment again to, feel that again. >> what are we? >> mission! >> reporter: unfortunately aaron didn't get his chance to play for a norcal championship. this year's mission team failed to make the playoffs. the question then became what's next? the answer, uncertain, but one thing aaron knew, whatever the next chapter was, it would involve soccer and family. >> i understand that if i move far away from home, i wouldn't be able to see my little
10:34 pm
brothers a sisters and that to me isn't what i sch applied to i've been accepted. so it's a step in the right direction. >> obviously he wanted to go pro, but we're just pushing him to see how far we can go. >> i hope to get to that level. i believe that my new self is going to emerge and i'll overcome what i was previously. it will be a lot better. >> reporter: aaron's ceiling is limitless. he's overcome more adversity in a year than most of us encounter in a lifetime, determinedly jumping every obstacle in his path turning tragedy on tragedy into triumph. >> actually this has pushed him to become a better person and made us realize at the end of the day family is what you got and you have to be there for them. >> he's a great brother. he's a great friend, all of these things. they encompass something much bigger than soccer.
10:35 pm
for aaron at one point who was told that it would take six months or something for him to be able to just get on the field and walk and for help to now get what two, three months get back on the field full speed, you knew there was something else inside him, just that in dominatable will he has makes him so special. >> i'm not saying i'm a different person necessary, but it has changed me. my father left me with so much. my siblings left me a lot and i'm grateful for every second i was able to spend with them. i truly believe they're still watching over me. we're still healing. it's a process. i don't think i'll ever be able to fully overcome,day by day an become better as a family. >> reporter: scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up here the latest from new york as coronavirus cases there continue to grow, the help that arrived today allowing hospitals to hopefully free up hundreds of beds. also coming up changes to
10:36 pm
california's criminal justice system, how it's already impacted one high profile case. and we've got some showers to the north of us, but it's going to be a nice day tomorrow, a little bit warmer, back here with the five-day. when we face adversity, we find a way through it. it's about taking care of each other. it's the small parts that make a big difference. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering chevy owners complimentary onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. if you need a new chevy, interest-free financr ths - with deferred payments for 120 days on many of our most popular models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home. it's just our way of doing our part...
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new york is considered the currth coronavirus in the u.s. with more than 66,000 cases statewide. today the u.s. naval vessel comfort arrived three weeks ahead of schedule. it will provide 750 hospital beds for new york's noncoronavirus patients. in central park a newly built field hospital should be operational by tomorrow morning for those suffering from covid- 19 and a somber site outside of lennox hill in greenwich
10:39 pm
village where a refrigerator truck is serving now as a morgue. today governor andrew cuomo asked for more help during his daily briefing. >> i am asking healthcare professionals across the country if you don't have a healthcare crisis in your community, please come help us in new york now. >> the cdc has issued a 14-day advisory calling for new york, new jersey and connecticut residents to refrain from nonessential travel. the coronavirus is having an impact on a person's right to a speedy trial. a newly approved delay means that people are staying in jail longer as they wait for their day in court. >> reporter: speedy trial rights for defendants now drastically restricted because of the coronavirus. alameda county public defender brendon woods says his clients are suffering. >> poor clients, black and brown clients are going to be
10:40 pm
stuck in jail for longer periods of time as they deal with this crisis and emergency. >> reporter: the state judicial council adopted emergency measures it said would flatten the curve of the pandemic. arraignments are now within seven days, not two days after arrest. hosea askew accused of a deadly road rage shooting in berkeley wasn't charged until four calendar days later. instead of 10 days for a preliminary hearing, it's now 30 days and instead of a trial within 60 days for felonies, it's now 90 days. all jury trials have already been postponed for 60 days. >> we have to remember our clients have not been convicted of a crime yet. they have not been convicted. so we've got to work differently with regard to this crisis here and get those people out of custody. >> reporter: many counties have released inmates including santa rita jail in alameda county. >> we have released 500 indivialng the last two weeks. >> reporter: derick almena awaiting retrial in the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland is not among them. on monday a judge rejected his
10:41 pm
motion for release because of coronavirus fears. so far no inmates or deputies have contracted the virus, but a nurse has. the alameda county sheriff's office says it's focused on keeping the coronavirus out of the jail. >> it's the people that come into the facility, the workers, our employees that come in from the outside world into the facility that we worry about them bringing in the virus. >> reporter: but san francisco public defender mano raju says jails are illness incubators. >> it's very, very difficult to maintain social distancing in a jail facility and it's also impossible to keep your immune system up in the way you want to. >> reporter: the time extensions will remain in place for 90 days after the coronavirus emergency is lifted to alleviate backlogs. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. showing thanks for first responders.
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in unison martin is back with the complete bay area forecast. he'll show us if there's any more rain on the horizon. the best way to predict the future is to create it and change the world.
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at 7:00 tonight people made noise from their windows, porches, balconies, front yards all to let front line healthcare workers and first responders know that people appreciate what they're doing. organizers set aside two minutes for clapping, cheering or banging on pots and pans. >> as awful as this is, the fact that we can have a sense of community as we live day by day hoping to get through this pandemic, i guess it's overwhelming gratitude is what i'd call it. >> the united educators of san francisco organized the event tonight. the union is hoping that neighborhoods will make this into a nightly ritual. the coronavirus has mobilized people in one neighborhood to help any way are reaching
10:46 pm
healthcare workers who are working on the front lines to seniors who are stuck at home. >> reporter: here on san francisco's west portal avenue just down from the muni tunnel the small hardware store has become the nerve center in a communitywide effort to help neighbors get through the pandemic. >> i'm seeing people that are doing things, they're bending over backwards to help each other. >> reporter: carl aguilar is co-owner of poppenhauser hardware. they boxed up 200 n95 masks and brought them to kaiser hospital in san francisco. the group has now collected more than 700 masks for various hospitals. >> they're helping out a patient. they could get a fresh mask for the next patient. that's incredibly valuable. >> reporter: poppenhaaser which only recently rebounded from a fire has some of thed
10:47 pm
shifted its focus to help and get cleaning supplies to fight the battle. it's become a coronavirus command post. >> hardware stores are a central part of a community. i see a lot of people coming in to buy supplies to make ppe or personal protective equipment for hospitals. they're donating their time and their money. it's kind of overwhelming. >> for them to redo their model to help this effort by collecting supplies and ordering for different medical facilities is key. >> reporter: resilient west portal grew from about a dozen volunteers to more than 100 in just days. the group plans to tape this flyer to the front doors of more than 6,000 homes offering help. the primary focus is seniors and the group is creating a database to help find them. >> a lot of those seniors or older individuals or vulnerable individuals, they may not be on the web. they may not have internet. they might be only on a landline.
10:48 pm
they could call us if they need groceries, if they have ordered groceries but need them picked up and delivered to them. >> reporter: neighbors organized a teddy bear hunt for young children in the area. people put stuffed animals in their windows to give little ones something friendly to look at or count up as they walk by with their parents. >> if we band together, we'll get through this. >> reporter: neighbor helping neighbor in many communities including west portal, it's more than just a catch phrase. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. now to oakland where the staff of esperanza elementary school created a gofundme campaign for the families of their school. the principal says 75% of the parents have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. the online fundraiser is aimed at helping families buy groceries and other basic necessities. so far the gofundme has raised more than $11,000. esperanza is a school in east oakland where all of the 350 students qualify for free and
10:49 pm
reduced price lunches in the best of times. to help out you can go to and look under web links. do you know someone who is making a difference or providing hope in your community? ktvu wants you to nominate your local hero. just e-mail your story with some pictures or video of that person in action to we'll highlight some of those stories each weekday. so we're looking at the weather. we got some showers and just to the north of us a few clouds, but those clouds really not going to bring us any rain. we're setting up withfew clouds there and those clouds will kind of linger a bi partly sunny and then they're gone and by wednesday and thursday mostly sunny right through the day. so not too bad. there's the current situation. see the green up by chico and orland and up in the butte
10:50 pm
county area, cape mendocino, a little bit around point arena, that's as far south as it goes. that storm will have some game as it moves into the cascades and the rockies. it's a pretty significant storm, but we're on the south end. you can kind of see it lined up here, the whole top part of the north america there hammered by this thing. a lot of snow for them, not us. we get a day tomorrow a lot like t get out and do what you want. it's not like you're trapped inside. current live camera shot, temperatures generally in the 50s, overnight lows staying in the mid-40s to low 50s, so that's not bad, not freezing like last week even. the sky looks like this tomorrow. you'll be looking at mostly partly cloudy, cool in the morning in san francisco and oakland, but then partly cloudy, mostly sunny later in
10:51 pm
the day. i call that mostly sunny, but you could call that partly sunny, too. i don't know. here's the forecast model. there's tomorrow morning. here's tomorrow afternoon and then here's wednesday morning. so wednesday, look at that front to back, boom, sunny, sunny, same with thursday. to t the biggest thing i've been able to find is it just gets people out of the confined spaces. if we can get out and walk and get out on the trails and give each other some distance, this weather can help in the spread of this thing. we've got a nice weather forecast coming your way. if you notice, on the weekend a chance of a few showers there, mainly on sunday, but even the weekend doesn't look half bad. it's not a big storm at all. >> looks like a good week ahead. bill, thank you. coming up next here in sports one of the world's highest paid athletes taking a huge salary cut to help his
10:52 pm
team stay financially secure. then on the 11:00 news a bay area police chief vows to step up enforcement of the stay what violators will see. if i could do one thing, i'd make sure there were more textbooks in schools. i'm a teacher. i've seen the need, but my girlfriend here likes to say ... "don't just talk about it, be about it." and we're about the 2020 census. because when everyone gets counted on the census, it helps inform public funding in our neighborhood for the next ten years! don't just talk about it - -be about it! complete the census online, by phone or by mail. shape your future. start here at
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coming to you tonight from the home studio in napa and all this talk people asked me what are you going to converse about with regard to no sports happening? i can tell you this, a subject on the forefront of all professional american athletes is that of salary retraction you might say because europe a little bit ahead of us today, lionel messi, perhaps the highest paid athlete in the
10:55 pm
world at about 90 million american dollars per year is taking a 70% pay cut from his team barcelona over in spain, of course. he has agreed to forego that part of his salary, one, because he was asked to do so and two, because he says basically he was planning to do that along with many of his teammates to donate to those people in need. he's making about what you'd call 600,000 euros a week which translates to $66,100,000 a -- $661,000 a week in american money. spain has had the fourth highest cases of coronavirus in the world. so he is trying to do what he can to help matters. meantime i tell you what, social spacing is a little harder for others than for some you may know like take, for instance, the extra
10:56 pm
extroverted tight end of the san francisco 49ers george kittle. if you know anything about the 49ers gregarious tight end, you know he absolutely seems to thrive off the interaction of other people, the fans and such as his career blossoms along with the 49ers. he always seems to be socializing with someone. here he is today catching up with 49er fans on what he's been up to along with his dog, deany. >> things i've been able to do to have fun, i get to hang out with deany, caught up on some light reading, my thor comic book. i get to work out every single morning with my family in my gym in my garage and i play a lot of call of duty. i hope everyone is staying safe. have fun and go 9ers! >> go 9ers indeed. they've been in the news a little bit of late connected sort of with tom brady and such. apparently once that team let him know that they weren't
10:57 pm
interested in his services, tom brady apparently reached out to the tampa bay buccaneers. you would think it was them trying to bring him in, but from the sounds of it that was their dream. their coach bruce arians and their general manager identified brady as the quarterback they wanted, but kind of looked at it like the really realistic, but after one phone conversation with brady they found he was actually recruiting them. that is according to tampa tight end and general manager rather jason lett. >> as soon as wednesday rolled around and we were able to talk to tom brady, he made it clear he was very, very interested. it was almost like a recruitment on his part telling us why it would make sense for him to come to tampa bay. the following day we signed him, but it was at that phone call we felt like we had him.
10:58 pm
>> meanwhile we're pretty fortunate at channel 2 to have our own sports historian. he loves to dive through the up with stuff. this day in sports thanks to joe fonzi, the history march 30th brought to us by joe. >> panik hits a high drive to right. he's done it again! >> two years ago on this date the giants joe panik made baseball history. his ninth inning home run gave the giants their second straight 1-0 win. panik had homered one day earlier off clayton kershaw. >> it's a high fly ball. >> panik became the first player in major league history to homer in consecutive 1-0 games. >> i really can't tell you what tonight means to me because words do not rarely at a loss for words, but he had ph in 2001.
10:59 pm
in 1990 jack nicklaus, the winner of more major tournaments than anyone in golf history, played in his first event as a senior, the tradition, and won by four strokes over gary player. that's this day in sports, march 30th. i'm joe fonzi. >> all right. those were the days where sport talk about, but that is the sporting life, such as it is. it is 11:00. time for more news. frank and julie. >> mark, thank you. coming up next at 11:00. >> if you're a nursing school student, medical school student, we need you. >> a call for help from the governor, tonight bay area nursing students tell us they're ready to answer that call and join the front lines. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> the number of new cases has
11:00 pm
begun to spike and governor newsom says california will need thousands of additional doctors and nurses. hello again, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville working tonight from home. the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus here in california has now jumped by nearly 1,000 in just the past 24 hours. there are now more than7,300 cases statewide and more than 2,200 cases just in the bay area alone. health officials say the large increase is partly due to more widespread testing. the mayor of san francisco says the bay area shelter in place order will be extended until at least may 1st. the current order is set to expire april 7th and from the beginning public health officials have said the shelter in place could be extended. the federal reserve in st. louis estimates the unemployment rate in


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