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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 26, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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keys, kerry, ellie ellis and tim mcgraw, the show will air this sunday right here on ktvu and proceeds go to feeding america and first responders children's foundation. light rail service suspended, how long it can last in the bt operator testing positive for covid-19. wine country delta huge financial blow, this time because of coronavirus. how a winemaker is trying to weather the storm. i have been having advice, how often you should shampoo. the tools you need to use. >> workers in the beauty industry coming up with creative ways to reach their customers during the health crisis. let's take you to the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. looking live from valencia street. the salvation army continues to hold its weekly food pantries for those in need. the pantry will be open until
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10 am. with that welcome to the 9th. i am mike mibach and studio, both gasia mikaelian and sal castaneda working from home again as we practice social distancing here at ktvu fox 2 news. i did something last night i didn't think would have an impact on me but it kind of did, i grabbed my cell phone and i started scrolling through old pictures. not even old, a month or 2 ago, looking at the smiles of my children have, adventures and day trips on the weekends. welcome back to the 9 and i said to myself, that seems happening today, stephon curry will host a discussion with dr. like years ago when we were having these great times outside the house. >> i think what hurts for me anthony fauci, the top expert in covid-19, taking questions about the virus on his most, i know you both are so instagram account you could to tweet your questions and use lucky to have your parents her as well. i did a grocery dropper my caskfauci . the parents over the weekend and i conversational take place this morning, very soon at 10 am put them on their porch, back over on his instagram page. 12 feet away and they came to the door and took the groceries the national hockey and we talked long distance. league's chief medical officer not being able to hug your mom, warning about resuming this even that is hard. >> it is hard. so soon. they hope to start in may but
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the leaks talk doctors is to bring cases and cities with nhl michael cuddyer point i saw a picture of myself at a giants teams may make it difficult to game and today is opening day predict. he says the best case scenario around the major league baseball, would have been. maybe games played with no fans in your right. in may or played with fans in i saw a picture of myself last june. summer in a giants game and it to players with ottawa senators seemed like it was years ago. i was standing next to a bunch tested positive for the virus. the company that owns the shark of people. you can't do that. says no matter when it starts i am wondering how long it will they don't have to worry about be before you can stand next to their jobs. they don't plan to cut any full- a bunch of people and not feel time workers or asked to take a anxious. >> i remember this time around, the giants were on the road but pay cut. the sharks told part-time the a's would've open at the workers scheduled for games this month they would still be coliseum, remember when we did paid another teams including the night a couple years ago on the canadians, hurricanes and the field? bruins temporarily laying off when they had their home opener. it was a day game. different mood and time. employees. pennsylvania's governor we had much more serious issues ordained nonessential businesses to close, but a . not just in the bay area but around the country. procter & gamble factory will let's get to them now. stay sometime today we will reach tom wolf settle continue to make its products ude half 1 million coronavirus charmin toilet paper, bounty cases worldwide. paper towels and pampers and there are 1181 coronavirus love diapers. the company california procter
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cases in the bay area and 27 & gamble on similar list to people have died. the hardest hit areas is santa clara county. the reported 84 new cases raising its total to 459, 17 keep running in ventura county. people have died. the governor says california is in the north bay several sharply increasing the number hundred have come together to of people getting tested for fill a critical need. they are sowing mask to protect coronavirus. healthcare workers on the front nearly 67,000 have been tested. line. debra be alone has the story more than doubled the number from petaluma. since tuesday. he says testing will expand even more as medical facilities get additional kits and more >> reporter: sewing machines are humming in sonoma county. >> they can be worn fitted like laughs start analyzing them. that. >> in 5 days 250 masks, made happening today nancy pelosi is pushing to get the lower house of congress to pass the $2 trillion economic relief and distributed. >> there is a pocket you can put a filter in. bill the senate approved in unanimously last night. the president already offered >> reporter: with request for up support for the largest 2500 more. relief bill of its kind in u.s. >> what can i do, sit at home, history. send the bill to my desk for that's as good as it's going to get now. i guess i can do this. signature without delay, i will sign it immediately? women are afraid for their >> she would like to send the families. bill to the president's desk as as a mom i will do whatever i quickly as possible, she wants the house to pass the bill by can. >> reporter: baffert began with a handful of moms, not even a voice vote in this could happen week ago and now 700 people are tomorrow, that wouldn't affect sowing. >> for people that don't have anything number 1. but to also
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help them extend the life of how house members vote but could get it approved besides house members being asset after their current masks, because they are running out. testing positive for the virus. >> all levels of sowing to participate. >> reporter: organizers have boxes of to pick up fabric and steny hoyer says the vote is drop off masks. likely to take place tomorrow after the legislative debate on the bill. they sowed for their families taken a look at the market. before, thrilled to get this positive day, could be the 3rd started but also say at is even positive day in a row. we haven't had that in quite necessary. >> i think the fact that the some time. you see the dow jones up 5 and best they can get our craft have percent, more than 1100 supplies is a bad. points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 both up more than 3%. the governor announced >> reporter: when they property owners could be getting relief from their banks. delivered to clinics and hospitals. >> they are very, very grateful to get them i think they feel >> some 200 state-chartered very supportive and loved by the banks and credit unions have community. >> we have order from kaiser's, committed to the state of california. that they will provide >> reporter: fielding request forbearance on closures, and on the county medical association says some hospital what back ups. mortgage payments. >> 5 national banks are they want to cover the masks with the washable soft covers. offering help, wells fargo, cdc told nurses to wear a city, jp morgan chase and u.s. bandanna if nothing else. >> we collectively said we can bank, they have agreed to a 90 day grace period for mortgage do better than a bandanna. payments for those affected by that is where we came up with
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the virus. these. bank of america offering a 30 >> reporter: along with keeping day grace period and says that them safe, volunteers hope whim could possibly be extended. many communities taking steps to protect renters as they face lift workers spirits for >> if i can make them smile economic uncertainty. while they are in the war zone course of san francisco, alameda, contra costa and santa basically, i would feel a lot clara counties delete eviction better about what i'm doing. hearings. in sonoma county debora sheriff's offices in alameda villalon , ktvu fox 2 news and san francisco say they minutes away from heading could postpone executing evictions. up our daily coronavirus update the governor executed executed on, daily two-hour an executive order allowing update from across america and around the world and we bring it to you every weekday, gone local governments to stop evictions and san francisco already laid out its rent into get answers were viewers moratorium guideline for those affected by coronavirus. tenants rights attorney biggest questions about how explains what that means. best to prepare for the >> because of the coronavirus, coronavirus. we are able to tap into the resources from her sister you either are hospitalized, station in major cities and that includes that health reporters from the fox medical you have mounting medical bills related to your hospitalization and family members. team. you've lost your job or your our expanded coverage includes lot reports and events as they hours have been reduced. happen and medical experts who >> some groups calling for rent weigh in on what families and organizations need to know. i hope you join me at the top freezes, one san francisco of our streaming live on , you can also find complete coverage over on ktvu landlord said he supports the
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idea of no evictions or late fees and differing rent. but he needs guidance from city or state leaders on what he should do about paying his fox 2 in your comcast channel. mortgage, not generating income thanks for watching mornings on from his properties. 2, wendy williams is on next . we have more now, on the 2 mile ♪ $2 trillion package, how much >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." people could get, and when do ♪ they expect to start seeing the money? >> good morning. people can start seeing the money almost right away. ♪ what the government wants to now, here's... do, when the bill is officially wendy! signed they hope to get money to people in about 3 weeks. it will absolutely get you before the end of 2020 which i know sounds like a long time. they will work on getting it to people hopefully within a matter of weeks. [cheers and applause] almost anyone is eligible, includes seniors who already receive social security checks, veterans and people who are unemployed. i want to show you how much ♪ people can expect to get if you're eligible. the amount depends on income. individuals are eligible for up to $1200, $2400 for a married
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couple an extra $500 per child. those who made less than $75,000 can get up to $1200. people who file jointly can get up to $2400. head of household eligible for 1200+500 per child. but i get smaller as income goes up. those who made $180,000 more last year, $80,000 more don't qualify, and $190,000 a more don't qualify. small businesses are hoping the stimulus bill will eventually provide relief. the bill provides more than $300 billion relief and small businesses mostly in the form of loans. how do you apply for the money? when you get it? is it a grant, alone, what is the interest rate? do i pay it back? how fast can i get it. the deferment is great. i know the sba is offering deferments on loans which is really great, the way they are doing it will
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the yacht club has been in business for 23 years, the azalea 45 employees. the government wants to pay people as soon as possible, you need to have a valid social security number to get this money. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox 2 news. thank you for that. vta, suspending light rail service after an operator tested positive for coronavirus. operators being told to shelter in place until it is determined whether they should be quarantined and or tested. vta says it's light rail ridership had already decreased by 82%, so for now they'll focus resources on bus service. we are currently working right now to learn more about the situation so we can adjust our response to that. right now, out of an abundance of caution, we are terminating light rail service, operators and maintenance workers are
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told not to work or coming to work today. vta says they are not sure when light rail service will resume. san francisco muni officials say one of its employees contracted covid-19. the ss mca says the employee tested positive this week but didn't release other details. union officials say it was bound to happen and it's they have and pushing muni for more protections for drivers. they are talking about it and talking about it and talking about it. enough talk. no more talk, we are tired of talk >> employees say they want more protection including limiting the number of passengers on a bus. mta addressed some of the concerns by installing protective operator barriers on the entire fleet of buses. meanwhile, a gate agent at oakland international airport tested positive for the coronavirus. airport officials say the gate agent left work sunday at terminal 2. airport close all gates for individual so they could be disinfected and they
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will clean other areas the gate agent the restroom and baggage claim area. also learning more about the death of 2 passengers that contracted the coronavirus on the grand princess and later died. they were both met, men in the 60s and one went directly to the hospital and the other was quarantined at travis air force base. the first death happened my saturday in the second monday. the grand princess docked at the port of oakland this month, the 1100 passengers who chose to be tested, 103 tested positive. a family of the south bay woman who died of the viruses warning others of the severity of illness. a family of the 60-year-old says she was a devoted mother, loving wife and loves her job as a cashier at 3. she was also a grandmother, she was feeling fatigued before she went in and wasn't admitted to o'connor hospital and she died a week later. her family says she was diabetic and they don't know how she contracted covid-19. they want other people to take
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the coronavirus seriously. now he will grow up without his grandmother. but i do have all my memories i can share with him growing older. just letting him know how wonderful and caring my mom was. no other family member tested positive for covid-19. 3 called martinez a well respected and beloved member of the team. stores reopening today after being closed for a deep cleaning. keep in mind you can find complete coverage anytime at our website find a daily livestream and live digital broadcast that we bring to every weekday getting at 10 am. if you need to do, so we made that easy for you. the free news app has the latest updates and breaking news street tier mobile devices. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, the progress so far for a covid-19 vaccine from researchers at johns hopkins.
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plus baseball season postponed there is hopet there, what major league baseball is doing today instead.
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9:14 am, san francisco firefighters say one person was hurt overnight and a fire near the tenderloin district and up elena golden gate and jones, 2 story parking garage that operates on top, to say the victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital and there may be at least one other person with a minor injury. the fire broke out about 2:30 am and the cause is being investigated. police officers are essential workers and they cannot do their work from home. more and more law enforcement officers are testing positive for the coronavirus. here in the bay area the virus- infected the ranks of at least 8 law enforcement agencies. on the most recent, a police
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sergeant who works with the special victims unit at the hall of justice. their concerns for others who may have been exposed. they may be asymptomatic but that doesn't mean they don't have the virus. our biggest frustration is trying to get our members tested in a timely manner. >> as tessa underway some agents minimizing contact with the public and in other cases outside san francisco include santa clara care deputies, 3 oakland police officers, 3 santa rosa police officers, reserve san jose police officer, santa clara officer and a police officer from vallejo. this morning san francisco giants broadcaster john miller and his wife are in self- quarantine. they took the coronavirus test and they are now awaiting results. their son and his fiancie returned from a trip to europe where they contracted the virus and they have been sick since. john miller and his wife say they are fine and showing no
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symptoms. today with an opening day for major league baseball but the entire season is postponed because of the coronavirus. still major league baseball giving fans something to cheer for, each team will stream one of the best games in franchise history. for the oakland a's, it will be a came in 2002 the team won its 20th game in a row. you can watch the stream at 3 pm. as for the giants, game 7 in the 2014 world series. madison bumgarner out of the bullpen, a lights out performance. and a 3rd title for the giants. that will stream on the giants website at 7:30 pm. hearing from the northern california recover from covid- 19 who caught the attention of the oakland a's. he has type i diabetes and cut sick this month, in the hospital he tweeted a photo of himself with an agent be taught by the president of the a's who said he will be throwing out the first pitch come opening day. the president of the 80s
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saw mike tweet. amazing. he slid into might dm's. that was funny. >> he says he's regained some energy and sense says since it is uncertain when opening day will be he is time to fully recover and work on his pitch. one of most powerful sports agents pitching the idea of baseball christmas. scott boras proposing 2 different schedules. 1 for the entire 162 game regular season schedule that would begin june 1.a second proposal calls for a 144 game shortened season starting july 1. the world series normally ends in late october and early november but his proposal has it during the put holidays for many cities, get snow and games will be played in warm weather cities and and don't start the presidential race of being impacted by that pandemic , camping stopped and rally halted because of social distancing orders. candidates have to find new
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ways to reach voters. >> reporter: the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing have thrown a curveball to the campaigns for the november 2020 presidential race >> a great day for the american worker. >> reporter: president trump appearing in daily white house briefings. >> former vice president joe biden doing interviews from his home in delaware. >> we should have dr. fauci on a lot more than the president. a new university poll shows a very tight race with the current democratic front runner joe biden just 3 points ahead of president trump within the margin of error. although past presidents often seen increased support during crises, henry brady dean of the golan school public policy says recent poll numbers do not show a big for president trump. >> when 9/11 happened george w. bush went up by 40 percentage points in presidential popularity. donald trump has maybe gone up by 3 or 4 percentage points and that isn't very much and that
9:19 am
suggests he isn't getting much advantage from all the time he is on television or coming the poll did not include bernie sanders who is far behind vidant in the democratic primary but remains in the race. >> at this point we have 12 primaries moved and it looks like a bunch more will be moved. >> reporter: there is a possibility the elections could move forward despite social distancing orders. >> it's possible we could do all of this by mail. i know it's a little complicated because there are only 5 states that go completely by mail right now. >> reporter: for the candidates campaigning with social distancing is a new challenge, biden launched an online newsletter and held a town hall for people online. >> the concern for a lot of millennials having. i think vice presid your brand-new studio. from another campaign challenge, fundraising, with the stock markets wild swings and nationwide calls for coronavirus relief donations. >> it will be very hard to
9:20 am
think they're putting a lot of money in politics as their primary goal this year. the campaigns need to adapt according to brady who adds november 3 presidential election cannot be postponed past december. >> if the federal government decided to start moving it beyond those dates that would probably be unconstitutional. >> reporter: jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, entertainers will have to save the song and dance, the tony awards for forced to reschedule its 74 show. struggling in one country. what one of the industry leaders has to say about the effects of covid-19.
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like many industries across the nation, wine industries facing uncertainty, to describe what industry leaders are working with, catherine hall from catherine hall family wines. good morning. >> good morning.
9:23 am
>> reporter: when it comes to day-to-day operations, at the vineyard how are they impacted by covid-19? >> we are impacted a lot. we men closed since monday. it's very quiet. our operations are in place. delivering wine from the winery to the doorstep of our customers. our websites and operation. our back office working but everyone is working from home who can. but being close has been a hard hit for us and for everyone up here. >> the first priority , it must be to keep your team safe. you mentioned a lot of people are working from home. we talked before you and i in the industry has been devastated by wildfires with the napa and sonoma county. what is the reaction, not just for hard lines but the wineries nearby you? >> it is a very tough, not only
9:24 am
through distance before all our employees. as much as there's concern over everyone's health is the concern over financial security. we are all anxious to see what one of the actions that took place yesterday in washington and how that affects our team. but all of that all the wineries are resistant, where used to deal dealing with uncertainty. that that risk of being an agriculture. you know if you'll get an early rain in the spring or a drought in the summer, we are used to dealing with things we don't have control over. >> i've talked with other business owners and they been living through this as you are. explore is the right word, different opportunities to make up for lost profit. have you sat down and explore different ways to sell your wine here? >> oh you bet we have.
9:25 am
and it's been pretty fun. sometimes out of adversity you get to real creativity. we have great programs where rolling out. some rolling out today, online. i'm sure the wineries are doing this also. at calm and other websites. we have online tastings. a couple tastings of my favorite wine and winemakers will do the same in the coming weeks. >> we have another one set up. we have to make the best of this. >> we can't offer in person experience but maybe experiences online. >> reporter: i don't as a business owner, it was like family for you, your staff. you are offering people extended sick leave. more so than what they would've had before this. >> right.
9:26 am
yes we change the sickly policies we have we also have a policy in place for many years were folks, if you can work in the community for a nonprofit you get paid for that also. we have made changes to accommodate. still the pain is real. and the uncertainty. >> if there is a bright note, among my group of friends. a couple more bottles of wine in the kitchen area. during this unfortunate pandemic. >> have a great rest of your week, we appreciate your time. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, half a million cases of coronavirus worldwide. and her next half hour how world leaders hope to coordinate a response to the pandemic. and record-breaking unemployment numbers just this morning, what this means for millions waiting for help. mess.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . >> that's right don't worry about a thing, a popular request over the last few days. we've been playing music to try to lift spirits around here on this very atypical time. here in 2020, if you want to send request the best way is to use #ktvu on facebook , twitter and instagram. i am sitting outside here in the east bay, it's chilly but the sun is out. >> it looks like we lost his audio.
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i know it was 30 degrees in some cities in the bay area to start this thursday morning. a bit of warm up as we make our way to the day, we'll check back in with steve in a little bit. the health and human services department saying the death of 2 people from the princess cruises ship, both men in their 60s, when i last week and another this week, 1100 pieces, 27 people have died. 17 in santa clara county and 5 in san mateo county. to a message from an executive at kaiser permanente hospital in san francisco, he didn't go into numbers but set a most half the patients at the hospital are infected with the coronavirus or suspected of being infected. kaiser has been forced to boost staffing contents are set up outside the emergency room to screen incoming patients. the san francisco city run laguna honda hospital under lockdown, if it staff member
9:31 am
tested positive for the coronavirus and a second unit of the hospital is closed off. investigators don't know if the staffers were infected at the spittle or elsewhere. administrator say 15 patients have been tested so far and there are no positive cases. the virus is a deep concern at the hospital since the majority of patients are seniors. you this morning, a big 3.28 million americans file for unemployment last week, a large number settled the old number set nearly 30 years ago. allie rasmus joins us to say why it doesn't show the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak. >> reporter: a lot of people still waiting to file their unemployment claims. trying to get through the various state agencies that take your this and a lot of people reported getting voicemails and noticed they need to try again later. the state agencies that handle job request have been overwhelmed by the crush of applicants. 3.3 million americans file for
9:32 am
unemployment just in the last week according to the u.s. labor department. quadrupled a previous record set in 1982. economic impact of the crisis is reverberating across the nation. staying home orders and limitations and group gatherings in the state, and fears about spreading the virus are qb most people at home. villains and workers lost their jobs in the service industry, restaurants, airlines, hotels entertainment. auto sales plummeted in factories have closed $2.2 trillion stimulus package passed by the senate last night is expected to provide some help for unemployment insurance. this is a pandemic that we haven't even seen for 100 years in our country. a bill that was passed in the senate last night and we'll take up tomorrow is about mitigation nancy pelosi says congress should get to work on the next
9:33 am
bill to provide relief. last month on appointment rate in the u.s. was at a 50 year low , 3 have percent and now economists predict on appointment could go as high as 13% by it may and some economists are warning 3.3 million number in terms of the number of jobless claims nationwide is really an underestimation of the problem because a lot of people are still in the process of trying to file their claims and haven't been able to get through . the 3.3 million number is expected to rise in the coming weeks ahead. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. a little bit of a break on the stimulus package. $350 billion in loans would be provided to small businesses, setting up a $500 billion lending program for companies. $100 billion to hospitals on the front lines and send direct cash payments to 1200, up to $1200 to people who earn up to 75,000 year. the payments would phase out for individuals who earn more
9:34 am
than that. 90% of americans are expected to be eligible to get full or partial payments. many have questions about those direct payments. like how will you find me if i am eligible to get money? the bill makes it clear everyone is eligible including those on social security. the income levels will be based on people's tax filings for 2019. but if you haven't filed yet, it will be based on income level from 2018 that will be applied. payments will be available via directive deposit that the person authorized for refund for tax payments at or after janeway first 2018. a notice sent to the person's last known address, within 50 days of payment informing them of the method and amount of payment. there almost 500 confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide as governments to scramble to contain the outbreak. more of the measures taken and how the hardest hit countries are trying to cope. >> what we are looking at,
9:35 am
where the coming from. more than 2.8 billion around the world have travel restrictions. the government trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. 500,000 cases, more than 100 countries. the healthcare system and hard- hit countries like spain and iraq are starting to buckle. with the lack of adequate protective gear at least 10% of coronavirus cases are healthcare workers. >> we must all take action for these courageous individuals as best as we can. they are responding tirelessly to protect and care for you. >> the biggest lockdown in india were more than 1 billion people were told not to leave their homes for any reason. the most vulnerable residents say a promise by the government hasn't shown up and they are getting desperate >> >> we rely on our daily wages for food. if there is no work what will we eat and where will we stay?
9:36 am
how will we be able to afford food or water. >> some government say there is much needed food and medical supplies being shipped to europe and the u.s. and with global cargo experiencing a significant slowdown, it isn't clear when new shipments will be available. whether they have to go through according period, it's disrupting the flow god's. >> reporter: leaders including president trump are holding a teleconference thursday to coordinate the response to the outbreak. and london, ktvu fox 2 news. new research that offers encouraging news for scientists working on a vaccine for the coronavirus. johns hopkins university now say the virus isn't dictating significantly, it means a vaccine will likely offer long- lasting protection. the initial research shows it's the same everywhere it's appeared and there is no evidence some strains are deadlier than others. the 74th tony awards
9:37 am
originally set to happen in late spring but now they've been postponed. the event which honors the best in theater and broadway was scheduled for june 7 at radio city music hall in new york and a new date for the tony's has not been set. netflix set up a fund to help laid-off workers in the entertainment industry were struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic. they are set aside $100 million to help electricians, carpenters and drivers who often make hourly wages in typical work on a project of project basis. the outbreak of the coronavirus has stopped almost all television and film production. it adds up to 120,000 crewmembers who have lost their job. let's be honest with seemingly endless hours to fill during this stay-at-home, shelter in place order statewide many people have turned to streaming movies more than ever. ashley devore looks at the top movies people are watching right now. >> popular at home movies,
9:38 am
early home releases leave san diego's top 10. >> the invisible man at pixar's onward, both in theaters with theaters began shutting down. both of them topping the list as 1 and 2 respectively. another trend in what people are watching. >> jumanji, the next level, and also knives out. both of these titles movies you can watch with your families. >> reporter: birds of prey and bloodshot among other early releases and friday the film i still believe joins them. >> his wife passed away, only 4 months after they got married in 2001, this was sort of a love letter to love. a lot of people i think will find this film is more important in their lives now then maybe in theater. especially people around the country who can't make it to a live church service or can't make it to their usual, ways that they pray. >> fandango highlighted the
9:39 am
30th anniversary of pretty woman, and we through in a couple run, recommendations to go with it. >> blinded by the light, a huge bruce springsteen fan. this is a fill that is really a love letter, not just to romance but also to music and the lyrics and music. >> isn't romantic, about a woman get who get hit in the head and wakes up in a romantic comedy. >> if you are someone who enjoyed romantic comedies this is a film that deconstructs the components that go into a romantic comedy. >> reporter: a few more options for those movie nights at home. in hollywood ashley dvorkin, fox news. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine workers in the beauty industry taking their creativity to new heights. spent hours watching them on instagram, how they are adjusting to the changes to their business as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. also airbnb helping in the fight against covid-19, the company's goal to help thousands of healthcare workers and first responders .
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welcome back to mornings on 2. she blinded me with science. are you kidding me? thank you for this request. thomas dolby. going back to my real v-j day's when i was on the radio. my goodness. we are taking requests, trying to make you feel good during these trying times. go ahead and hit me up, if i don't get to your questions today i will probably get them
9:43 am
this week since were doing it every day of the week. sent us your request by using tvu on facebook, twitter and instagram . >> 9:42 am, more than 1000 people have died in the united states alone because of the coronavirus. jonathan siri shows us how health professionals around the country are working to manage the pandemic. >> >> reporter: coronavirus related deaths, 1000 in the u.s. and many in new york were almost half the country cases are located. 40,000 health professionals volunteering to help with the state surge. more than 200 army medical personnel also on their way to new york. providing a range of healthcare services to hospitals needing relief. >> i have been trained for this for 12 years in the army, actually helping our people. it is even better than anything else in the army. >> reporter: california on a
9:44 am
similar trajectory with cases doubling every 3 to 4 days. u.s. navy ship will arrive in los angeles friday to provide relief for sure based hospitals. the 1000 that ship will house 9 covid-19 patients. this comes as more states enforce social distancing measures to avoid a surge of patients. as we prepare and become vigilant, as we do social distancing, this may work. the surge of cases leaving medical personnel with little protective equipment, needs especially dire in new york were nurses at a hospital are wearing garbage bags to protect themselves. others using handmade masks and face shields. hospital say they're trying to save as many supplies as they can. >> trying to minimize the number of staff going into a room to care for a patient. trying to conserve the supply we have. >> reporter: companies like facebook and apple helping with the shortage, donating thousands of masks to hospital in need. in atlanta jonathan siri fox
9:45 am
2news. health officials are worried that people are violating the shelter in place or stay home orders and heading up to lake tahoe. officials in el dorado county saying recreation and tourism are not essential functions no matter how safe visitors say they will be. county leaders say medical housing should only stay open for health responders and those were homeless. goal is to discourage people from going to the mountains, even to their own vacation home. i do have to stop somewhere along the way to use the bathroom, to get food. and other additional exposures. >> health officials say an outbreak and tahoe would overwhelm their small hospital. airbnb partnering with several international organizations to help provide clean and safe combinations for those fighting the spread of the coronavirus. the company's new initiative launches today and has a goal to house 100,000 healthcare workers, relief workers and first responders , closer to
9:46 am
where they are working. airbnb hosts can opt in to provide homes and follow new cleanliness protocol. based on recommendations from medical experts and all fees will be waived through the initiative. the coronavirus means many salons and beauty services are shut down. some people are looking for a light help from their beauty professionals. coco mcavoy shows us how that is working. >> you dip it and put it on your face. paula is doing a step-by- step virtual tutorial. >> continue into it in the middle of your face where it is more sensitive. offering skincare kits and tips while her shop in west hollywood and shut down. >> you can either do it with me or just give them the instructions. >> reporter: one way the beauty industry is staying busy following coronavirus closures. >> i know it is tough for our industry, i know it is.
9:47 am
for a lot of people it's our only source of income. >> reporter: renie is a hair salon owner. >> i can give advice on what kind of products you should use and how often you should shampoo. what tools you need to use. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: annamarie is also trying to stay positive. she is a stylist in rancho cucamonga. >> i do miss doing here. it feels so weird not working. getting out there and making people feel beautiful. >> reporter: clients trying to figure out what to do. >> i asked if i could do phone calls. right now i'm not going to. we need to keep each other safe. >> there is still some guilt. >> my clients to the weekly come in once a month. 3 like oh my gosh, their eyebrows are grown. >> reporter: caroline is doing what she can for her own customers >> giving the tips, social media has helped.
9:48 am
still posting things out there. >> reporter: we found several videos and tutorials in social media to help people with the nails, hair, anything beauty related. >> reporter: millions of families across the bay and beyond had their life turned upside down because of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting shelter in place orders. let's get help on navigating the stress and anxiety that can come from the changes by welcoming dr. robert breit from the mayo clinic. joining us from phoenix, arizona, thank you for being here. >> reporter: good morning in the queue for having me. >> reporter: speaking for californians, we are more than a week into a shelter at home order and i think a lot of people, especially parents are nervous. this could extend into may or possibly beyond, having their children home, working from home, what is your best tip to manage the stress that can come from this?
9:49 am
from being at home with your kid you mean? >> reporter: yes. >> very understandable, absolutely. it is important in this new world, where used to have the south separation between home and work and now they are blurred, not only you are at work but also the caregiver for the children and the teacher. finding balance is difficult. what i recommend him to his establishing a clear routine for the kids that you can schedule your own routine around. the clear time to get up and make a list and put it on the will hold on a piece of paper. here's when you get up, this is what we study those kinds of things. try to schedule things. if you are working at the same time you are at home with the kids perhaps set things up like games and activities, they can work on by themselves. maybe 20, 25 minutes. reengage and touch base for 5 minutes so you aren't
9:50 am
completely wandering around, with her is mom and dad or caregiver. come back and connect and reestablish. try to find to the degree that you can and it may be difficult, a separate workspace you can use to find privacy and quiet. do the video connection. hear yourself think, concentrate on those kinds of things. really hard balance. >> reporter: is it normal for people, not just parents, to feel emotion that are bigger than the actual and send it they are upset over? >> absolutely. this is an unprecedented and unique time in our lifetime certainly. it can be overwhelming. when you watch news all day long, exposed to the images and stories it is easy to slip into catastrophic thinking. things that maybe unfamiliar. if you suffer from anxiety or depression this may be a familiar road for them. even in the absence of the triggers. but to go for the worst case
9:51 am
scenario in your own head. i would encourage people to bring themselves back to what they actually know right now. where we are right now, what we have. what is the hand we've been dealt and how do we play what we've got cut to control you've got. control what you can. into go from day-to-day and managing that. it doesn't help to move into a catastrophic future that hasn't occurred. a cancer patient i worked with spent all day long thinking about cancer, she would die. constantly tormenting her. we talked about the catastrophic future in 10 years later she's in complete remission and spent a lot of time living in fear about something that never happened. there is stuff happening, i'm not minimizing that or saying there's no reason to be anxious but i am saying don't move into catastrophic thinking. manage what we know rather than what could or might be >> a right dr. robert breit
9:52 am
from the mayo clinic thank you for joining us and be well. >> you as well, thank you so much. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, answering the call from healthcare workers , in just minutes, the people working to keep those workers safe while reaching the healthcare crisis on the front lines. is that for me? mhm aaaah! nooooo... nooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker [son lis 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. [mom and dad laugh] bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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