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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 24, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. this is the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2. >> no deal on capitol hill on a 2 trillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus package bought vote is expected and the president is optimistic. >> they have been working long hours. republicans and democrats. all of them. the house, the senate. that want to thank congress because they are trying to get
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there and i think they will. >> the legislation includes assistance for large and small businesses. >> stocks surged on the news. the dow was up 2100 points. more than 11%. that is the biggest point gain ever and the biggest percentage gain since 1933. the nasdaq up 557 points. 8%. and the s&p 500 jumped 209. an increase of 9%. ktvu's jana katsuyama talked to bay area congresswoman tonight and she is here now with more on the legislation considered in washington. >> reporter: after 1:00 a.m. in washington, d.c. and senate leaders have been working all night.
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they are very close to a final bill. bay area congresswoman here in oakland was part of crafting the bill and she did say there was a bipartisan spirit. today the white house briefed the country on the plans moving forward. >> easter is our time line. what a great time line that would be. >> reporter: president trump tuesday hopes the social distancing orders can be lifted in less populated areas by april 12. >> our decision will be based on facts and data. >> reporter: but dr. fauci had words of caution. >> the areas that are not hot spots, we need know what infection is there. we need put a light on the dark spots that we don't know. we have to ac data. >> reporter: through fema the president says 14 million masks and ventilators are being sent to areas coronavirus outbreaks such as new york and
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california. >> our life has been transformed in less than a month. the urgency and the gravity of this moment cannot be lost. >> the senate negotiating a coronavirus relief bill to put $2 trillion into the economy. including $1,200 payments to adults. $500 per child. it would expand unemployment to workers who are furloughed and free lancers for up to four months. $367billion for loans to small businesses. democrats secured $150 billion for state and local stimulus. something the bay area congresswoman worked on. >> we have so many faith based groups that have nonprofits that are providing servings with no resources. >> reporter: republicans voiced concern about the expanding price tag and projectsdemocrats
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to make sure the aid for large corporations goes to workers. >> these companies, they either have incentive or mandite keep employees. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi briefed the caucus tuesday. >> republicans and democrats understand that their constituents are human beings who are being affected by this also. i see hope there. >> reporter: we are getting word right now that there might have been a deal just made by the senate on this coronavirus relief package. phase three. we understand senate majority leader mitch mcconnell may be coming to the senate floor to make a statement. if he does we will take that in and give you an update as soon as we get it. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right. thank you very much. earlier tonight governor gavin newsom addressed the death of a teenager from los
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angeles county from the coronavirus. the father tested positive and the boy did not have underlying health conditions. the times report he died of septic shock after contracting the covid-19. >> young people are testing positive in the state of california. 50% of the individuals that tested positive, 50% are between the age of 18 and 49. >> the governor acknowledges fatal cases are secured toward older people. the death toll in california now is 51. the u.s. military hospital ship usns mercy hospital ship is on the move to los angeles.
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it has 1,000 beds to be used for noncoronavirus cases and the governor said richard branson is flying a 747 in to oakland to deliver a shipment of personal protective equipment for health care workers in the bay area. today the international olympic committee announced the 2020 summer games will be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. it is the first time a global health issue caused the olympics to be suspended. ktvu's azenith smith with reaction from a bay area olympicful. >> reporter: with enwrap udspread ofathletes are disappointed but not prized. >> definitely hard news to think about. something so special for me and
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all athletes. >> reporter: he is on the u.s. olympic table tennis team. he is based in germany where he trains. he saw the tokyo olympics as redemption after he was defeated in 2016. he is relieved yet disappointed. >> when you see the news and thou virus how the virus is spread and how dangerous it is, it was the only option. >> the olympics has been cancked during war but this is the first time with plans to hold the games next year. the international olympic committee president said the decision was based on safety guarding the health of athletes and to hup contain the virus during uncertain times. >> we want this olympic flame to be a light at the end of the tunnel. and this is why we will work
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hard new undertake this extremely challenging task. >> sounds like, you know, it is hard to be able to put on the olympic games with this much activity going on in the world. i just couldn't see how the athletes will be ready. >> reporter: he said it was hard for athletes to train. the pandemic complicating the olympic qualifying model. his son had high hopes to compete in fencing. now with more time train, it will be more meaningful. >> if we can defeat this pandemic that is happening right now, and then come together in a celebration ofthe olympics, it will be a true testament to that olympic spirit. >> the flame will remain in
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japan during this time. the games will be called tokyo 2020. the exact date for the olympics is unknown. >> a big disappointment but not a big surprise. thank you very much. there are more than 1,000 coronavirus cases in the bay area counties. santa clara county 375. officials report three more deaths. bringing the total to 16. san mateo 161 cases. san francisco 152 cases. officials also announced the first death in the city was a man who had several health problems. marin, 53 cases. sonoma 34. and one death. napa county, two cases. solano county 24. contra costa county 86 cases. and one death. and alameda county 124 cases and a second death in the county today. public health officials in
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the bay area are requiring labs to report the results of all coronavirus tests including those with negative results. until now labs were only reporting positive results. officials hope the reporting system will help them determine if certain areas are experiencing more transmission and help them project future trends in the spread of coronavirus. more first responders around the bay area are contracting the coronavirus. a fourth santa clara county deputy tested positive. three worked that county jail. oakland police announced two employees have covid-19. making three cases in that department. a san francisco police sergeant has coronavirus. that person is self- quarantined. and word today that three santa rosa police officers tested positive. two patrol officers and a detective. new at 10:00 p.m.
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nurse ting students egger to work on the coronavirus want governor gavin newsom to relax graduation requirement so they can get to work saner rather than later. ktvu's amber lee with the reason the graduation there could be delayed. >> reporter: frank, i spoke with nursing students who are just eight weeks from graduation. they tell me they would like to substitute the training with online simulations. >> reporter: katie is a mother of four. she is anxious to start as a nurse. inspired by the care her son received from nurses when he was ill. >> they were like a life line. i am so grateful to them. >> reporter: this is her final during the coronavirus pandemic, nursing students not
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allowed into hospitals for patient training. a requirement for graduation. >> and then give them -- if they are supposed to get more than one puff -- >> reporter: she and other nursing students are calling on the governor to relax that requirement and instead receive the same training through online simulations. classes are already online to comply with the shelter-in- place order. joyce is the profession, she tells me the students had hands on training for almost two years and simulations will give them the skills they need. >> they have to make the right choices in that simulation before they can move on to the next step. >> reporter: she has been a nurse for 32 years. she worked at uc ucsf. i asked them if they had second
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thoughts about choosing this career in light of the pandemic. >> i know i am eager to get out there. >> reporter: if the requirement could be met by simulated training, an estimated 37,000 nursing students could join the fight against the coronavirus. >> we would never want students in a situation where they are not competent and confident. they will be taking care of you and me and my family. >> i want to be able to help people in any way i can. if that is on the front lines the coronavirus, that is where i would like to be. >> reporter: the students are scheduled to graduate may 21 and even if the training is relaxed, temporarily, the students still have to pass a written board certification test before they can work as nurses. >> amber lee in there city
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tonight, thank you. from booze to basics. how a bay area distillery switched its product line to make hand sanitizer. and why it is a family affair. >> up first, the great american take out, the effort to support local businesses by ordering in. >> and scattered showers out there now after heavier down pours today. what will tomorrow be like? i will have the 5-day forecast.
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. a foodmaxx store is closed after an employee died from the coronavirus. the store at park will be closed for a few days. the company says the employee tested positive while away on vacation and had not been in the store since march 6. there are no exposure concerns but foodmaxx is closing for cleaning. a push to help restaurants. ktvu's andre senior shows us the the great american take out encouraged people to order food to go. >> reporter: restaurants are taking part in the great american take out. put on by restaurants, the idea is to encourage people stuck at
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home due the coronavirus to support local eateries. >> i think it is really important now more than ever. >> reporter: cleanliness top of mind. workers applying extra elbow grease, trying to make sure they are tree of anything that could cause harm. >> wiping down our register. our employees are wearing gloves. washing hands. >> reporter: in oakland, the dining area sits empty, the owner is only operating 20% of normal. gone from 70 employees to just 15. >> our strategy to eke along as long as we can and hope that federal assistance will come in at some point and that, you know, the shut in order will
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subside at some point. the great american take out, a way to bring in cash, with a p >> we are just playing it close to the bone and shooting from the hip. >> reporter: in downtown oakland streets are quiet. not ideal for a restaurant. but the owner is still seeing business. >> most of our take out, people are coming in and taking out. >> reporter: while you can't belly up to the bar, you can have your cocktail delivered. temporarilyesian regulations on alcohol sales. >> we are following the rules and we are putting our cocktails into small jars and telling customers when they get home, give it a e pour it ice.
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>> reporter: we are in week two of the stay-at-home order. the hope is that you think about ordering from local business in the future. andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. a patient at an assisted living center tested positive for coronavirus. officials say the results came in yesterday. the person who contracted the virus is a resident. officials have banned all flan essential visits and say the health department is monitoring the situation. two staff members at the city run laguna honda hospital in san francisco have also tested positive for coronavirus. and now the entire campus is closed to visiters. the city of san francisco are taking steps to ensure the for workers at the hospital says the staff ve equipment to prevent the spread
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of coronavirus and that puts everyone in danger. >> there are two reasons, one, if all the doctors and nurses get sick, there is no one to take care of the patients. and two, if they don't have the personal protective equipment, they become transmitters. >> the department of public health says the two workers at laguna honda hospital have been quarantined and 60 patients are being monitored. and officials say the staff has all the necessary personal protective equipment needed for the health and safety of both themselves and residents. kaiser canceled its plans to build a headquarters in downtown oakland. it would have been next to the paramount theater. the company took a look at increasing costs and decided to scrap the project. she said the decision was not
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related to covid-19. kaiser now plans to remain in the east bay. all right. we have rain around here today. it was scattered showers for many but when it came down, some places almost an inch of rain. check it out. mount diablo a quarter inch. the rain heavy if you got under one. still scattered showers now. i keep looking down because i have a computer down here. and as you look that satellite and radar, you can see, come in close, you see it push through the bay area. light to moderate rain. that was earlier this
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afternoon. now this moved out. it is dying down tonight. we will end up with a nice day tomorrow. it won't be warm but nice. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. slight chance for a sprinkle but not a game changer. not a deal breaker. when we come back, more opportunities for showers and a look that 5-day forecast when i see you back here. >> thank you very much. right now, breaking news. a 7.5 magnitude earthquake prompted a tsunami warning in effect for russia's far eastern islands. a tsunami watch for hawaii was canceled. there is no threat to hawaii. still to come here, an experimental drug, the designation for a bay area company as they try to find a treatment for the coronavirus. >> and coming up next, crews work to contain a fire on the delta near a marina.
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. new video into the ktvu fox 2 news room where a fire broke out in antioch this afternoon. firefighters responded to a garage fire about 3:15 p.m. the flames quickly spread to nearby dry grass and threatening a home. a man who lives on his boat near where the fire broke out was able to pick up a hose and sprayed the boat to keep it from catching fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. oakland has a new interim police chief. she was the chief of police in san mateo until she retired. she takes the reigns at a time of uncertainty. >> reporter: she takes over as interim police chief as oakland
10:26 pm
has been stuck under the review of a monitor for 17 years. the chief was a leader in the national reform movement. focusing on community policing and outreach to the homeless. >> the first woman to be elected the president of the california chiefs association. brings just so much compassion. is very well regarded in the police reform world. >> reporter: she began her career with the san francisco police department. she rose to the rank of captain. >> i think she is an excellent choice. i have known her for many, many years out of san francisco. there for 17, 20 years. the work she did in san francisco is something we try duplicate here in oakland. >> reporter: he thinks she may be what the city needs improve
10:27 pm
relations between police and the community. >> most is regaining the commitment and the trust from the neighborhood and at the same time providing public safety. that is what it is all about. >> the chief city's police commission fired the former chief. she had clashes with the police commission. some civil rights leaders are optimistic about the choice. >> it is a positive move. we need a chief and we need a chief who has some sense and understanding of the issues. >> reporter: she is scheduled to begin april 6. in the meantime the commission continues its nationwide search and will submit 4 candidates to consider. i welcome the opportunity to
10:28 pm
stand with these fine men and women and work with all oaklanders to ensure the safety of the community as we navigate these unprecedented times. many in oakland are hoping she will help the department earn the corner. ktvu fox 2 news. tom brady introduced as the new quarterback of the tampa bay buccaneers. in sports, what he said and new measures to keep the coronavirus spreading beyond the new york city hot spot. the quarantine for anyone leaving new york. >> lemon drop martina, it is hand sanitizer. how bay area distillers are getting in the spirit helping fight the coronavirus. when we face adversity, we find a way through it.
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. new at 10:00 p.m. distillers switching from booze to hand sanitizer. it is happening all over the world in response to sanitizer shortages. alcohol is the main ingredient. ktvu's debora villalon with more. >> reporter: prohibition spirits had to shut down its tasting room like everyone else to help fight the spread but when this door closed, another one opened. >> that is pure alcohol right there. that is fresh off at 165 proof. >> reporter: distilled alcohol, crafts the whiskeys, line. >> lemon drop martini. >> reporter: hand sanitizer, a
10:32 pm
formula without the smell. >> key lime margarita. lemon drop martini. old fashion. super fun flavors. you are like i am on vacation. not in terrible times. >> reporter: customers who come by for booze are just as likely to buy sanitizer. >> you converted to the moment. the need of the moment. that is cool. >> so happy to help. it rolled into helping people who are in need. >> reporter: family style. the 16-year-old fills boddles. they attach caps and labels and what started as a novelty has become a necessity. >> for children's hospital. >> reporter: with sanitizer shipping to health care providers and government agencies too. >> hearing from counties, hospitals. you know, state people. like, yeah. i thought there was a stock pile somewhere in a bunker. >> reporter: when regulators
10:33 pm
eased restrictions and asked them to help, hundreds pivoted to producing sanitizer. it is mostly alcohol. >> to see these people popping up, i think that is remarkable. >> reporter: and this cause has made a close family even closer. >> every day we are working seven days a week right now trying to turn out hand sanitizer. >> reporter: it helps salvage some losses from a shutdown tasting room. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> reporter: and prohibition has donated sanitizer school food programs and first responders. >> usually when you sell spirits people are grateful but this is so emotional. it is overwhelming. >> reporter: around the country the big challenge is finding enough plastic containers to put sanitizer in. and some are asking the possible to bring their own bottles from home. it turns out, anheuser-busch is
10:34 pm
among the biggest brewers that is going to make and distribute hand sanitizer during this pandemic. >> so many businesses pivoting to address the need. thank you very much. the fda is set to give incentives to foster city based scientists to determine whether their experimental medicine could treat covid-19. it is being studied in clinical tests as a possible treatment. results are expected next month. the fda gave the drug a designation that comes with financial inn sentives including tax breaks ark wave of fda fees and market exclueativity if approved. child care is an essential service under the governor's
10:35 pm
order. many families need child care more than ever. ktvu's greg lee has more. >> 94.8. >> reporter: there only three kids. down from 20. and the temperature checks and hand washing and cleaning. >> it is different. it is quiet. you know, we just wait for it to be over. >> reporter: she is one of thousands of child care providers in california trying to adjust to new mandates and survive during the coronavirus pandemic. while schools are closed, governor gavin newsom declared child care an essential service. a responsibility made more difficult by circumstance. >> no need to buy 600 bleaches. older people, medical
10:36 pm
facilities, that we need stay open, if you take them, we have to close our doors. >> i have no idea what families will come back. i have no idea what my income is going to be. >> reporter: some day cares closed out of an abundance of caution. she cares for 16 children. she shut her doors until next month. some remain open but stand on the verge of financial crisis. funding was approved for subsidies but not everyone receives them. >> reporter: she relies on private parent payments. >> i hear that now that covid- 19, we are going to be in more of a child care shortage after the crisis is done. >> reporter: a survey shows 30%
10:37 pm
of providers said they would not survive a closure of more than two weeks without public investment. >> the swift, swift blunt force pandemic has been devastating to our field. we estimate that by the end of the week, 750,000 early childhood educators would be unemployed. >> reporter: they launched petitions and sent letters to local, state and federal governments asking for help. >> we are not considered small businesses. and so we do not qualify for unemployment insurance. and so far we don't qualify for any of the state or local or national emergency funds. >> reporter: despite all this, the providers we spoke to say they are focused on one thing. caring for these children.
10:38 pm
>> we are here for you. we want to provide the care for the children. we take the risks that we take because we love what we do. >> reporter: greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, amazon warehouse workers test positive for coronavirus. the company's response. >> and a quarantine for new york. the request to keep anyone from the virus -- excuse me. the request to keep the virus from spreading. . >> and we have scattered showers out there now after heavy downpours. >> and drive thru grocery pick up.
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. officials are asking people who are leaving new york for other locations to self- quarantine for 14 days to prevent spreading covid-19. half of the cases are coming out of the new york city area. the cases in new york are doubling every three days and now tops 25,000 and the white house said 4,000 more ventilators are going to the state. there is more than 400,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world. one in four people have now recovered. governments are issuing stronger social distancing orders. india is putting people on lockdown. those leaving their homes for any reason will be subject to arrest. prime minister boris johnson
10:42 pm
said law enforcement will be enforcing the social distancing rules there. italian coronavirus patients are being brought to germany for treat. and in spain, the increase in covid-19 deaths forced officials to turn an ice rink into a morgue. there is word six workers at six amazon warehouses across the country tested positive for coronavirus. the facilities are in new york, kentucky, florida, texas, michigan, and oklahoma city. some of the warehouses have been shut down for cleaning and some employees quarantined. experts say this is a reminder disinfect packages and be sure the wash your hands after handling deliveries. firefighters and paramedics are reaching out to members of the homeless population. a picture that was posted on social media. it shows firefighters administering a covid-19 test to someone there on the street. yesterday the fire department set up a site outside the fire
10:43 pm
station and hundreds of people were tested there. coming up, making supplies for health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak. how a bay area company jumped in on the effort and helped inspire others. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us if there is more rain in store. she back with your complete bay area forecast.
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10:46 pm
. a food company which usually supplies school lunches found a new way to stay in business during the school closures. choice lunch pantry is running a drive thru grocery pick up. working with food service distributions who have additional supplies. and people are able to buy food without having to get out of their cars. >> we are seeing all the things going on and how people can't get product and they would wait in lines so we decided how could we figure out a way to get products to our community. >> the no contact drive thru grocery store is in danville and it is open from 11:00 a.m.
10:47 pm
to 4:00 p.m. using printers to make personal protective equipment for hospital workers who are on the front lanes of the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. >> reporter: the non-profit maker nexus. a place where precautions are needed to prevent contamination on the inside. once inside, you see eric supervising 3d printers. >> if you want to make something, this is a great place to make it. >> reporter: hard at work making face splatter shields. the equipment is needed by health care providers to help prevent infection from the coronavirus. >> building a structure out of it. a very, very small tube. and a plastic that is squeezed
10:48 pm
out, melted and solidifies. >> the plastic molded into the part. laser cutters slices it into the visors. 80 masks can be made a day. his supplier sold him 200 sheets at a deep discount. >> we did because it is the right thing to do for the bay area for, the situation we are in for, the health of the community, the health of our employees. >> reporter: while multiple companies are stepping up to help, so are some school children who are home with little to do but who want to help. >> i got on to the server and roped in about 70 teams and individuals so far. >> reporter: the high school senior says the south bay group
10:49 pm
is donating their 3d printers to help produce more. and it is giving 3d production a shot in the arm as silicon valley turns to tech. jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news. ford is teaming up to produce much needed medical equipment for hospitals all across the country. the automaker announced they are joining the effort to speed production of respirator, ventilators and face shields. it will take place in michigan where 3d printing technology will be used. the products will be test in the detroit area before distributed across the country. scattered showers after significant showers earlier today. you are looking at them here.
10:50 pm
and you can see the rain. moving up into the mountains. raining up there. snowing up there. eight inches. tomorrow morning, maybe a foot. snow in the mountains. we had an inch of rain around here with the water shed just under an inch. as you look at the area, you see the yellow areas. right in here. that is significant rainfall. that system translating out. as it does, it lingers in the mountains a little bit. movers out of here. leaves us with a cold morning tomorrow morning. damp conditions overnight and then clears out tomorrow. tomorrow will be a nice day. the model does this, tomorrow morning ark chance for sprinkles. showing up here. and then it clears out. that is san francisco. it works for san jose. it works for all of us. skies, mostly sunny. highs just in the upper 50s.
10:51 pm
the 70s are gone. here is the model. tomorrow morning, you see that 7:00 a.m., a chance for a sprinkle or something there. not a big deal. look how quickly it moves on. the thing to note, look at the mountains. the good news, they will continue to get snow. nobody is traveling so it is not an issue. unless you are on a truck route or something like that. and scattered showers lingers up there thursday afternoon. this is gone and we get into a pretty nice couple days, thursday and friday and back into a chance of showers saturday. and that comes from this system right up here. there it is. that guy. this comes down from the north. that will be a cold system too. pulses come through. not a real clear cut storm like we see in the early winter. so with that said, the forecast highs tomorrow, looking at 50s. and then the 5-day forecast,
10:52 pm
the next chance for showers on saturday. so it will be a good day tomorrow. the weekend doesn't look half bad. next couple mornings, very cold overnight. tomorrow morning and then again on thursday morning. >> all right. we will be prepared. thank you very much. coming up next in sports, tom brady speaks as the starting quarterback as the buccaneers. strange to say. what tom brady had to say about his childhood idol joe montana. >> the deal on a huge stimulus package that was just reached in the senate. ♪
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i would say change was the theme of tom brady's introduction, press conference. he is now a member of the tampa bay buccaneers. the press conference usually conducted by phone today. however, his attitude upbeat. the six-time super bowl champ seems ready for his second act with tampa bay. he said you have to be able to adapt and he remembers his pied idol joe montana. >> i saw it with my friend. i will never forget that. he was an incredible player.
10:56 pm
up. continuing to lead a team is something i love doing. and i love playing the sport. since i was a kid. since i was a kid in the parking lot at candle stick. >> something to be out there and see him in the parking lot. i think he wanted to get away from bill belichick and all his crankiness. he loves the game. why not have fun while you are doing it. 49er fans, with no real cash to throw around, looking for nice bargains, maybe 30-year-old receiver travis benjamin. he had injury plans. best year, 2015 with cleveland. last played with the chargers. 68 receptions in that year. five touchdowns. kyle shanahan coached him with
10:57 pm
the browns. cam newton cut loose by the carolina panthers. the number one pick in the 2011 draft. man, he is all banged up. physical guy. he had shoulder and foot problems. says she healthy again. took the panthers to super bowl 50 at levi stadium. but when they are done with you, they are done with you. they don't care about your health. we will see if cam newton can find another job in the nfl. noah is inned guard of the new york mets, he has to undergo tommy john surgery. one of the hardest throwers in major league baseball history
10:58 pm
as a starter. he wil year. great video to take a look at as joe fonzi stacks up this day in sports history. march 24. news real style. >> reporter: this day in sports, 1956, a celebration of bay area college basketball dominance. behind bill russell, they beat iowa 83-71 in the championship game. the second straight national title. on this day in 1975, muhammad ali. the man known as the bay on bleared went down in the 15th round as muhammad ali retained his title. his fate was the inspiration for the movie rocky.
10:59 pm
and last year on this date, the angels mike trout signed the biggest contract in north american history. 446-1/2 million dollars. that is this day in sports, march 24. i am joe fonzi. >> play by play announcers graving something, something to announce. this is the new orleans pelicans play by play guy. he catches drew brees' kids in the backyard. got to announce it. check this out. >> he flies through the air. pumped up. so is michael jordan. james harden. out of his seat. >> studder step. leaps. and he has it.
11:00 pm
dwyane wade is stunned. >> play by play announcers just have to announce something. >> cute. >> that is the sporting is life. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up next here at 11:00 p.m. >> postponement is the first ever postponement of olympic games in olympic history. >> olympics on hold. the coronavirus pandemic puts the world's biggest sporting event on hold. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. the 2020 summer games have been moved to 2021. the latest casualty of the coronavirus. hello. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. the international olympic just one of tonight's a massive trillion stimulus package. here in california, governor


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