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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 20, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. helping small businesses stay afloat in a time of crisis. tonight calvin at liquor laws have been relaxed allowing restaurants to deliver cocktails to go. >> it's a we
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definitely need the work. any addition to income at this point will only help us survive. >> welcome news for bay area bars and restaurants struggling to survive under this shelter in place order.>> a number of coronavirus updates to tell you about tonight. here's the very latest. for more deaths were reported today in the bay area, one in sonoma county and two in santa clara county and one in contra costa county. >> bay area bridges are going cash free. at midnight there will be no workers at the toll box. >> the national guard will also deliver food to those in need. split the congress expects to take its first vote on a massive stimulus package. >> first live coverage from amber lee in san francisco. it is the first weekend under the shelter in place orders and it looks a little different tonight.>> andre, it is a very different friday night, we are inside this restaurant and wine bar. normally this place would be filled and now it's empty.
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the owners are doing everything they can to keep their business open.>> restaurants can now sell alcohol along with food orders to go at the pawnshop restaurant and wine bar in sonoma writing eight workers were busy packing drinks and dinner for delivery. the states alcoholic beverage control temporarily relaxed regulations to help restaurants and bars as they adapt to the shelter in place order.>> i think it's really awesome they are doing that. i don't think it's a long-term solution. >> micah collins the restaurant and the nightclub next door. fridays usually mean a packed dance floor, instead a live stream of djs playing eclectic house music to a worldwide audience, he's using this virtual entertainment as part of a gofundme to help dozens of employees. >> trying to make sure, bring joy to people at home and help my employees at the same time. >> close by the mars bar and
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restaurant is making margaritas and other cocktails, selling them intake out cups. the owner hopes the addition of alcohol to go will help give his employees work. he laid off half his staff. >> i think it will get better. i think people are starting to get into a routine now, it will only get stronger.>> it shows how serious the problem is when they are basically releasing all sorts of restrictions.>> it's only been a week but feels like it's been going on for a month. >> nearby, a working mom with her children looking forward to the weekend.>> the owner of plush wine bar is boarding up his business to protect from possible vandalism. he tells me even the ability to sell alcohol to go is not enough for him to keep his doors open. >> normally we would be ready for a super busy night, but we
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are boarding up instead.>> back here live at the pawnshop restaurant, owners tell me they will keep working to keep their business open every day. people tell me this weekend will be a strange one because they can't meet with friends or gather at some of their favorite spots.>> amber thank you. >> the california national guard is being deployed to help food banks during the statewide stay-at-home order. governor newsom says the troops will replace volunteers that food banks have come to rely on, but have now been told to stay home. about 500 national guard members will again distribute food across the state. >> the bay area bridges are temporarily going cash free in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. starting at midnight tonight there will be no toll takers but instead people will fast- track or are expected to drive past the toll plaza without
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stopping to pay. drivers will receive a bill in the mail later based on the license plate captured by the camera system. >> all you have to do is approach the bridge safely, reduce your speed to 25 miles an hour and go through the toll. the fast track users, nothing changes at all. >> the bay areas seven toll bridges include antioch, dunbarton, richmond san rafael, san mateo hayward and the bay bridge. the golden gate bridge operates separately and has been cash free since 2013. >> we are wrapping up the first day of the statewide stay-at- home order issued by governor newsom but most of the bay area was already under shelter in place orders. and as jesse gary tells us, the san jose police department has started visiting businesses to make sure they are complying.>> reporter: officers say an extra shift equals another day in the battle against covid-19.
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they work the departments health complaints unit. >> we are advising and educating the public on certain parameters provided by the county. >> friday they traveled to north san jose where they reiterate the current shelter in place order. medical device companies can stay open during the order but as the vice resident says he's appreciative of the police check. >> i think it will be safer for everyone, and it should be that way. >> according to the california governor only essential businesses are permitted to remain open. all others must shut down as part of the effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. >> we know it's a difficult time and we appreciate that publix continued cooperation to keep us all safe and healthy. >> as of thursday 55 businesses have been contacted for noncompliance, everything restaurants to auto repair shops, flea markets to
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furniture shores stories. chief eddie garcia says the educational outreach becomes something else next week. >> our current plan is to move from an educational stance to an enforcement stance on any business that has been contacted, worn and then reopens.>> we are looking to begin that enforcement next week. we have several remedies to include criminal citation, business license sanctions and health code violations. >> the officers say they are finding receptive ears to what is a very difficult message and a job, making sure all but essential businesses are effectively shut. >> if we see a violation we will be able to educate them as well and move on from there.>> remember if you see a business that is noncompliant call 911. >> san francisco police also say they have not issued any citations for violations of the
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public health order for people to stay at home through april 7. they said on twitter that room you lose rumors circulating on social media were not true. the order does allow people to go out and exercise and even go grocery shopping. >> the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. now tops 19,000 according to figures by john hopkins university. they say there are at least 19,285 cases across the country. the number of deaths is up from 200 yesterday to 227 today. new york has the most cases at 8000 followed by washington at 1500, california stands at 1185. president trump ordered a ban on all nonessential travel between the u.s., mexico and canada starting march 31. >> the actions were taken together with our north american partners and will save countless lives. >> all the countries know the importance of working together to spread limit the spread of the virus.>> the white house
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says a member of vice president mike pence's staff has tested positive for covid-19. mike pence nor president trump had close contact with the person. for more states are said to join california and asking residents to stay home. new york, new jersey, connecticut and illinois are all issuing orders that residence shelter in place unless shopping for must-have items like grocery and medicine. illinois is also working on an order. >> with skyrocketing claims for unemployment in communities across the country members of congress and the white house are working through the weekend on another coronavirus relief package. jana katsuyama is live in the newsroom with what we can expect. >> reporter: senate leaders say their goal is to hold preliminary votes this weekend and get the relief package to the house by monday. people we spoke with the help can't come soon enough.
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in downtown oakland empty streets show how the statewide stay-at-home order is impacting people's pocketbooks. >> it's been difficult because i do childcare, and birth work. and so a lot of my work has been shut down for now. >> jordan is a doula and says many hospitals are not allowing do is to deliver babies. she's trying to offer online advice services to get money. >> trying to find different ways to make ends meet. >> i want to get workers money and i want to keep their businesses open, too. without businesses they will not be getting money for very long. >> at a white house briefing president trump indicated he is willing to work with congress to get a proposed 1 trillion dollar relief package passed and signed. americans making up to $75,000 a year would receive $1200 each and $500 per child. republicans want 300 billion for small businesses to keep idle workers on payroll, 208
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billion in loans for other industries impacted by the coronavirus shutdowns. >> the senate is here, we are working, and we are going to deliver. >> democrats want more checks for workers and the marshall plan to funnel funds to the healthcare industry for more workers and resources. >> the proposal does not do nearly enough to address the public health crisis. >> we all need help at this time. >> one problem in the bay area, many independent contractors don't five for unemployment benefits.>> we will probably also have more independent contractors and there's no way to really cover them for on insurance and relief programs. >> and education consultant that he and his wife are both seeing burke disappear.>> i'm a structural consultant, which means my job is from two weeks
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to six months. >> on friday the government posted details online at small businesses can get help with payroll tax credits and eight sick leave. also that treasury secretary said tax day will be delayed from april 15 to july 15 for all americans. tonight senators worked until about 10:30 pm in washington and plan to resume work tomorrow morning to get that third relief bill finalized. >> many people are concerned about how they will pay those bills.>> after another rough day in wall street, ending its worst week in its financial crisis since 2008, evidence is taking its toll, the dow fell 913 points, down 17% for the week, the nasdaq was also down 271 points and the s&p was down
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104. for many of us that are staying at home, nurses and doctors are helping those in need. many say the hospitals they work at are unprepared for the coronavirus. and in the bay area weather, some sunshine and clouds and even a few isolated showers through the day. coming up i will let you know if those shower chances continue for your saturday forecast. dinner is served at the firehouse but not from their stove. this is from a local restaurant. how vallejo fire is answering the call during the pandemic. ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music it's the rush of relaxation.
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and oakland police department employee has tested positive for the coronavirus. opd says it's the first reported case where the individual tested positive yesterday but they have not at work since sunday. they are quarantine at a home in contra costa county. they are making personal protective equipment available for officers including face masks and gloves. starting today first responders have access to covid-19 testing. in the san jose say 13 is when members of the department have tested positive, up from 10 on monday. they say 75 people who may have been exposed are being monitored. >> many people are taking a point to support local restaurants by getting takeout during this forced closure.
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debora villalon is live in vallejo tonight where firefighters are getting in on that, too. from it yeah, chicken dinner for a crowd, that was the order from this vallejo fire station tonight, trying to take the sting out of dining shutdowns. cooking, a big deal in any station since that's where firefighters live and eat several days a week. >> we always have to do a meat, carb and a vegetable. >> now the vallejo firefighters are going out of their way to do something different, answering the call for takeout. choosing a restaurant on the normally bustling waterfront where customers had dwindled since the ban on indoor dining.>> couple of hundred comparhappily packs dinner for station 21. her biggest order of the night.>> that is very sweet of
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them to support me, thank you, thank you. they are wonderful. >> the idea came after a house fire this week when the crew missed lunch and ordered food to go. they noticed they were the only customers. >> they came to the decision that lets order take out as much as we can. i've got nine firefighters eating behind me but they will eat for 18. it helps out a little bit.>> i've been to ike's sandwich shop. >> they've been on duty for three days and enjoyed three days of different cuisine. >> tomorrow, maybe a vallejo favorite, sax hotdogs. >> on this night it's a chicken dinner with salad and sides. it tastes good and feels good too, to help those struggling. >> the least we can do is buy from the local restaurants and get back to the community while this is going on. >> alejo has six firehouses and they are all making a point to support hungry businesses even if it stretches there food budgets and waistlines.>> i've
10:18 pm
got new pants on order, just because of the crisis. >> a side benefit, cleanup is a lot quicker than when cooking from scratch. >> at a time when people are anxious about the coronavirus and first responders are wearing protective gear, fire crews out in the community on a food run could also be reassuring the public. firefighters hope when people see them without to go back, they will remember to do the same. >> i know they are not the only ones supporting local businesses, thanks so much for that report.>> and bay area weather temperatures have been trending up a little bit over the past couple of days. today instead of 50s we are talking about a lot of 60s across most areas. take a look at the highs from this afternoon, inching closer to 70 degrees, fairfield 66,
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same for santa rosa, san francisco at 64 and 65 for san jose. this weekend we start off dry with partly cloudy skies tomorrow, then we thicken up the cloud cover for sunday and that's when we could be tracking some shower chances. a fairly good chance by sunday afternoon into sunday night in the south bay. here's the satellite and radar, as it comes closer we've had a couple of showers pop up across portions of the bay area today. right now we will check in on some current numbers. most areas with partly cloudy skies, upper 40s for santa rosa and napa, san francisco at 44 degrees. this will be drifting close to the coastline all weekend long. he is alive, looking out toward san francisco tonight where we have partly cloudy skies. overnight lows will stick with the theme with temperatures in the upper 30s to 40s, and tomorrow, the forecast model brings in a few clouds
10:20 pm
throughout ternoon hour we do bring in the chance of a sprinkle or a light shower favoring the higher terrain. once again the clouds move in saturday afternoon and sunday we are talking about more rain chances, we will talk more about your weekend outlook coming up in a little bit. of san mateo county supervisor is concerned that workers at an assisted-living center might be putting the public at risk of being exposed to covid-19. the living center is in lockdown after five residents tested positive for the coronavirus and today we learned that some staff members at home are taking public transit home after their shifts. the county supervisor says he will be meeting with health officials to stop this from happening. >> we have six coronavirus victims and we just jump a bus, it's nonsensical. i will be reaching out to sam trans to understand their policy and reaching out to the department of public health to
10:21 pm
see what protocols we can put in place so it does not happen again. >> we knocked on the door of the facility atrium but management declined to speak with us. >> this years gilroy garlic festival has officially been canceled. organizers say the nature of the coronavirus pandemic necessitated the move and that the health and well-being of the community comes first. the annual festival was set to take place the end of july. fans of the festival will have to wait until 2021 for its return. andy cohen has tested positive for the coronavirus, the late-night talkshow host shared the news on instagram saint "after a few days of self quarantine and not feeling great, i have tested positive for the coronavirus read" he planted issued his talkshow from home but that idea had to be put on hold so he can focus on his recovery. he urges everyone to a home and take care of themselves. still to come, how pg&e is offering support to healthcare workers. plus the bankruptcy deal the utility reached today with
10:22 pm
governor newsom and what it means for fire victims. also ahead, a chase, crash and a carjacking. the text chase tonight for a carjacked her after he escaped police on the bay bridge. my money should work as hard as i do. so i use my freedom unlimited card to buy all the latest tech stuff.
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police are searching for a homicide suspect who carjacked someone today after crush. it all started with the police pursuit in oakland that went across the bridge to san francisco then back onto the bridge adding toward the east bay. that's when the suspect crashed into another car on the lower deck. carjacked the driver and then drove away. police have not said more about the suspects identity or investigation. berkeley police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened this afternoon. these images show you please tape around the crthe man was found shot and killed in an suv
10:25 pm
at that intersection at about 12:30 this afternoon. there's no word of anyone else being injured. and police have not said if any suspects are in custody. pg&e has reached a deal with governor gavin newsom to reach a bankruptcy. pg&e has agreed to submit to additional regulatory oversight and put the company up for sale if it does not emerge from bankruptcy by june 30. they will also spend billions of dollars while fire prevention and updating equipment. the company says that with newsom's support expects to pay fire victims as soon as possible. in an effort to help healthcare workers stay safe, pg&e is donating nearly 1 million n-95 masks to hospitals. they will also contribute $1 million to nonprofits that help needy families and small businesses who are struggling to stay afloat during the
10:26 pm
pandemic. stores closed for business after several business of deciding the shelter in place order. silver tactical decided to close after pressure from the community. they resisted shutting the business themselves and they hope the owner would eventually comply. at sheriff's spokesman said they support the second amendment but selling guns is not considered essential. >> we were not trying to take away anyone's right to bear arms out of the second amendment. we were just saying that you can operate your business. people can still have their second amendment rights, we are just saying you can operate the business in this way. >> at one point lines to buy guns were out the door. >> game stop on the other hand is staying open for business despite the date might stay home order. in addition video games at the chain also offers a wide array of products and devices that are important to facilitate work.
10:27 pm
they are suspending all used game trade-ins until march 29. a major move by starbucks tonight that could make it more challenging to get your coffee. plus, safeway is trying to help people impacted by the coronavirus. nurses on the front line of the coronavirus speaking out. the dangers they say are being faced and why they believe hospitals aren't doing enough. >> when i leave out of there i want to make sure i'm not putting my family at risk, i want to make sure my coworkers are not putting their families at risk. can we go get some ice cream? alright, we gotta stop here first. ♪ ♪ from smarter atms, to after hours video tellers
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they will be closing three urgent care health centers because they have a surge of patients linked, and they will move to larger urgent care centers in berkeley,
10:30 pm
pleasanton, brentwood and walnut creek. those sites are better equipped to handle patients with respiratory issues. new at 10, a bay area healthcare worker is speaking out of the frontline pandemic. they say hospitals are unprepared for the crush of patients they expect in the coming days.>> the dwindling supplies and already overburdened staff, some bay area health workers are worried they won't be able to protect themselves or their patients from the coronavirus.>> i'm deeply concerned about how unprepared we are. as a hospital system, for this crisis. to make piercing is an er nurse in oakland and told ktvu that the hospital is running dangerously low on protective equipment. he's saying that employees are told to reuse their hospital masks. one employee at john george
10:31 pm
psychiatric hospital shared this notice to workers. it says the hospital has a limited supply of masks and sanitation wipes. >> the huge danger here is that we are spreading anything that is in the air or that is a droplet that we are around, and we are around those things all the time, from patient to patient.>> island hospital has begun screening patients as they walk into the emergency room. officials set up a tent to isolate anyone showing symptoms of the coronavirus. governor gavin newsom on thursday estimated that 56% of the states population, or more than 25 million people, could be infected with the coronavirus in the next two months. >> we start getting 20 or 30 people a day that are high suspect, this system is not going to be able to handle it. >> joe simpson is also an er nurse in highland he said he collected 800 and 95 masks and personally deliver them to the hospitals this week. it's not just nurses sounding
10:32 pm
alarms, housekeeping crews are understaffed and they have been using other cleaning solutions to make rooms sterile. >> i worry every day, i don't want to put my family at risk when i leave, i don't want any of my coworkers putting their families at risk. >> we reached out to officials at highland hospital but they sent us a statement saying they are deeply concerned about a rise in coronavirus patients. they canceled elective surgeries and have increased training on the use of personal protective equipment. in santa clara county with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the bay area, a nurse at kaiser permanente hospital says she was recently placed on administered of the after sharing safety guidelines with her colleagues. >> we go to work every day to make our patients better, not sicker. not having the proper equipment to protect ourselves means we can't protect our patients.
10:33 pm
>> the hospital is following less restrictive guidelines provided by the cdc. thursday kaiser nurses protested outside of the medical center in san francisco. they accused of keeping masks closed up. kaiser released this statement. "as the virus and then spreading throughout the community, equipment and supply needs have increased dramatically. we are prudently managing our resources to ensure the equipment is available for our workforce during the duration of this pandemic.">> many construction projects are moving forward during this stay at home order. governor newsom's date white mandate lists construction as an essential business. but some workers are worried their jobsites are not following appropriate guidelines for social distancing. we spoke to an owner of a contracting business currently working on a project in san francisco. >> there are hundreds of laborers and various trade
10:34 pm
services at one time working in close contact with one another. >> the ceo of the associated general contractors said because the task force has been set up to make sure they follow the kinds lied guidelines of the cdc. >> we are absolutely following the rules and guidelines. >> we keep sanitary, and also we have on the facility some cleaning wipes. >> boston was the first major city to suspend construction with only a few exceptions. a new covid-19 emergency relief fund is now available for vulnerable older residents and first responders. it will help the city avoid a major catastrophe as it moves through this health crisis. >> one of the first uses of the oakland covid-19 relief fund is to stand up a testing site
10:35 pm
today that will specifically focus on first responders and other front-line workers who are exposing themselves every day, to keep the rest of us safe. >> the relief fund has seen donations of more than 2 1/2 million dollars and the mayor says residents will also be able to contribute. the fund will be used to help seniors, people with chronic health conditions and struggling small businesses. grocery stores are helping customers and employees stay safe during the virus. while many businesses are closing groceries are considered essential business and remain open. albertson says they have heart wipes and hand sanitizer stations available at entrances. some stores are closing early to allow time for cleaning and in addition customers are being asked to wash their hands before entering and leaving the store. >> i know that i try to pick things up with determination and not fondle any product.
10:36 pm
>> many grocery stores have also set aside special hours for senior citizens to shop. safeway is also trying to help people in need during this health crisis. the company has developed a fund to be distributed locally to food banks, school districts and organizations to get food to seniors. a major move tonight by starbucks. the coffee chain announced it will only offer drive-through service for the next two weeks. the only exception will be cafes in hospitals or around the hospitals and healthcare centers. starbucks also pledges to pay its workers for the next 30 days whether they come to work or choose to stay home out of concern over the coronavirus. we are just kind of in limbo waiting to find out what we should do. we don't know what to do right now. >> happily ever after put on hold, the impact of covid-19
10:37 pm
for couples who are hoping to get married by the spring. in the bay area whether the pattern will soon be changing, we talk about shower chances this weekend and beyond to next week. we will have more details in your forecast, coming up. senators accused of selling off stock after learning insider information about the coronavirus. the california lawmaker among those facing allegations. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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around the world more than 274,000 people have been infected by covid-19. china still has the largest number of cases with more than 81,000. but italy is also hard-hit with more than 37,000 cases. spain has more cases now then iran with more than 20,000 cases and more than 1000 deaths. germany has only 20 doesn't cases and 67 deaths so far.
10:40 pm
china is reporting now that none of its new cases have been locally transmitted, instead they say they're coming from people who enter the country. overall china reported 41 new cases but has gone three days without a new case and that outbreaks epicenter of wuhan. the health ministry says a person dies from the virus every 10 minutes while italy has surpassed china's death toll despite having a much smaller population.>> the response must match the unique nature of the crisis and the magnitude of the response must match its scale. it's a common enemy, we are at war with the virus. >> africa is now dealing with the spread of the coronavirus. officials there are racing to close the borders after more than two dozen countries reported infections in under two weeks. and in the you hey the prime minister is closing several businesses including bars, restaurants and gyms.
10:41 pm
california senator and for the senators are denying allegations that they used inside information about the coronavirus to dump stock before the markets taints. senator richard burr sold $1.7 million in stock as he was reassuring the public that the u.s. was prepared for the coronavirus. the public and senators also sold stock along with georgia senators. >> i've seen some of those stories and it's absolutely false, and it could not be true. if you actually look at the personal transaction reports filed, it notices at the bottom that i'm only informed of my transactions after they occur, i several weeks. >> senator feinstein said on twitter that it was her husband who sold shares of a cancer therapy company. she said this company is unrelated to any work of the coronavirus and the sale was
10:42 pm
unrelated to the situation. you won't hear many wedding bells during the stay at home order. coming up, the bay area couple considering postponing their wedding. meteorologist mark tamayo is back with your full bay area forecast. we will see when we could have it rain at developing a this weekend. ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music
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>> the outbreak of the coronavirus has many couples wondering if they should postpone their wedding plans.>> reporter: lauren and erika petaluma are planning to get married may 9 and they are not sure whether they should postpone it. >> there's a lot of uncertainty around whether or not it's going to happen or not. we are in limbo waiting to find out what we should do. we don't know what to do. >> they went to have their marriage wedding here, the invitations to 125 people have already gone out and the caterer is booked. >> we might have to reschedule or postpone or do something completely different, maybe have a smaller group. >> yesterday i had an april 25 event rescheduled for 4 july. >> they have not experienced
10:46 pm
any cancellations so far but event planners have moved april weddings to later in the year ma will likely be a similar story. >> we are still planning to move forward with all of the events scheduled in mid-may and throughout the rest of the summer and fall. understanding that we still have to be flexible. >> but that's not easy when there are so many mixed messages coming from different elected officials. >> the bay area shelter in place was until april 7 or eighth. governor newsom's announcement yesterday had an undefined or not a defined and to date. the white house federal government is 15 days from this week. >> weddings and special events are more than a $2 billion a year industry in sonoma county alone. all corporate functions have been canceled and caterers report losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each. >> it will affect a lot of people, and we will have to
10:47 pm
look for some type of solution to help us try to stay in business. >> as for eric and lauren, the wedding plans are not all that's up in the air. >> we have our honey moon arrangements booked for in hawaii. >> a lot of events in sonoma county are being rescheduled for october, right in the middle of fire season. rob roth, ktvu fox 2. the spread of the coronavirus has led to the puzzlement of san francisco's breaker race. it's rescheduled till september 20. every year people take part of the annual foot race in embarcadero, it started in 1912. organizers say all existing race registrations will be honored for the new date. a group of neighbors in berkeley are using music to try to cope with the stay at home order.
10:48 pm
residents on stewart street have been singing and playing their instruments every day at noon since that shelter in place began. one neighbor sent out an email to get the daily ritual going after seeing people in italy do the same thing. neighbor say they are fortunate to have a number of private and professional musicians living on the block although everyone is encouraged to participate. in the bay area weather as we head into the weekend we are expecting a few clouds as we head into your saturday, but still a fairly nice day to get out for a little bit hurt sunday is when we can be tracking simmering, especially in the south bay. partly cloudy skies for tomorrow, a warm afternoon tomorrow, most areas will be in the 60s to write around 70 degrees. then on sunday the cloud cover will thicken up and will bring in shower chances, with a fairly good chance late saturday afternoon into sunday
10:49 pm
evening. the bulk of the green is heading down toward the south end of the bay area. current numbers in the upper 40s 250, oakland 56, san morning, 7:00, partly cloudy skies, same deal at lunchtime with the view scattered high clouds through the afternoon hours and the mid-60s. here's the next system offshore, it won't be moving directly overhead, that would really be a rainmaker, but it will be our next one, turning 30 on sunday, and the showers making a comeback. here's what the forecast model things, tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies in the afternoon we bring in a few clouds with the possibility of an isolated shower or sprinkle by mid to late afternoon. favoring the higher terrain. here's your sunday, lots of
10:50 pm
clouds to start out the day and during the afternoon hours, by 4 and 5:00, the best chances of rain will be to the south of san francisco. still a chance up in the north bay but it looks like the bulk of the ring coverage will be focused to the south. and then into monday lingering clouds with a slight chance of a leftover sprinkle. forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly 60s to write around 70 degrees, and it tomorrow will be pretty mild. not too much change in temperatures for your sunday. on monday we have a slight chance of a few showers, but after that the storm door could be opening, nothing too major, it looks like and often on rainy pattern for tuesday into wednesday of next week. the san francisco concert venue slims is closing after 30 years. they tell the san francisco chronicle that the venue will not reopen after the shelter in place order is lifted. while many concert venues are struggling due to the coronavirus outbreak the owner told the paper that the
10:51 pm
decision to close slims was made last year. they opened in 1988 and has hosted artists like david bowie and green day. coming up in sports, one of the niners has landed in the free agency. and scammers are already taking advantage of this global epidemic. the scams that are going around the bay area and how police say you can protect yourself. ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music
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it's the rush of relaxation. introducing the all-new lincoln corsair.
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>> thank you for watching ktvu fox 2, where the power of 2 comes from you. what's up everybody, emmanuel sanders contributions to the 49ers will be measured in quality, not quantity after just half a season by the bait sanders is moving on. espn reporting he's agreed to a two-year deal with the saints for $16 million and sanders could push it to 19 million.
10:54 pm
he played with the niners last season for 10 games, he turned 33 years old on tuesday. tv to tv, it is now official, tom brady is now a tampa bay buccaneers. after 20 years in new england he moves south for a reported $50 million over two years. they already have wide receiver chris godwin but he will refer to brady about who gets to wear it. i have a feeling i know how that will play out. and here it is tom terrific signing the deal instagram and "excited, humble and hungry. one thing i learned about football is that nobody cares we did last year or the year before that. i'm starting a new football journey and thankful for the buccaneers for giving me an opportunity to do what i love to do." it didn't take todd gurley
10:55 pm
long, after being released by the rams he's returning to his collegiate roots. he will make $11 million next season with part of that coming from his former team and part coming from his new team. and that running back carousel continues, melvin gordon moving teams but not divisions. he agrees to a two-year $60 million deal with the broncos, 13 1/2 mil of that will be guaranteed. gordon, a two-time pro bowler juggled last year after holding out in the early part of the season averaging just 3.8 yards per carry. this would be day 2 of wall-to- wall ncaa tournament action. instead of watching the best college who players in the country, we simply talk about them. the ap all-american team announced today, a no-brainer for his team, they led dating to a 29-2 season and payton
10:56 pm
pritchard, the lone west coast representative on the first team, a senior in college hoops led oregon to the pac-12 title was 1900 points, 500 rebounds and 600 assist. so here's your starting five first team you've got miles from seton hall, howard of arquette, luca garza of iowa, and the one guy that did not earn all-american status, jordan ford of st. mary's. i asked him about the disappointment of this year's tournament being canceled.>> once we found out, we were all really sad. we knew it was our last time playing with some of the players on the team. i feel bad for all the seniors around the country.>> no games in the present but plenty in the past. joe fonzi takes us back in time this day in sports history.
10:57 pm
>> olympic gold medalist, known as one of the greatest athletes of all time, on this day in 1934 he pitched for the philadelphia athletics and his spring training game, retiring the sign without allowing a hit. in 1990 la's fabulous forum hosted a jersey retirement ceremony, kareem abdul-jabbar saw his number 33 jersey hoisted into the rafters. and on this day in 1973 major league baseball waived its rule for inference into the hall of fame. after dying the previous december in a plane crash, roberto clemente was voted a spot in cooperstown without the usual five year waiting period. that's this day in sports march 20, i'm joe fonzi.>> how's this for a friday night treat. i mentioned a moment ago no games in the present, we actually found alive sporting
10:58 pm
event, australian football in melbourne australia, check this out.>> it is prime time in america, and they are reportedly watching since there's nothing else on. >> that guy has got it figured out. there's a ball and it's moving. nobody has any idea what's going on. this we probably get, it's steph curry and trick shots. that's not bad. and we know curry can golf, right? you probably didn't know that marty fish was a golfer, he was a big tennis player 15 years ago. but that's off the backboard and into the cup. and how about this, wilson contractors taking batting practice it's a nerf gun firing balls at him, so points for creativity as well as hand/eye
10:59 pm
coordination. and if you need to keep your kids exercising, right, you want to get them on a physical schedule, how about the homeschool combine? right, it's a long jump, doing the cone drill, to keep track of the numbers. again, creativity. got to keep them moving. can't keep it bottled up. next at 11. >> my wife and i are both self- employed, so we have investments that have trunked. >> americans out of work in communities across the country with claims of unemployment skyrocketing. the coronavirus pandemic hitting the workforce. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> congress and the white house are working through the weekend on a massive coronavirus relief package. >> the package is a $1 trillion
11:00 pm
economic rescue plan that will include direct cash payments to many american households. other developments we are following, a member of vice president mike pence's staff has tested positive for the virus. the u.s. treasury has moved tax date from april 15 to july 15. more now on the plan to give many americans $1200 each. jana katsuyama is live in oakland with the progress on that effort.>> reporter: well there is a lot of work going into


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