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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 18, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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today, i'm earning on a charger. so, just the charger then? ummm... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah! (sarcastically) fantastic. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. chase. make more of what's yours. . this is the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> keeping your distance is what doctors are recommending to stop the spread of the coronavirus. but is everyone doing their part to maintain six feet of separation? >> i like to go out to bars and things like that so it has been difficult. >> social distancing.
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good evening everyone. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. there are more developments on several fronts. in washington, president trump signed a funding bill that would help provide relief to businesses and people impacted. it offers more than $100 billion in food assistance aid and guaranteed sick leave for workers and it will make testing free of cost. on wall streets talks down again.the dow dropped more than 1300 points to 6.3%. all the market gains of the prump presidency have been wiped out. the stork stock exchange is clearing all people in manhattan and san francisco on monday. >> four more counties joined the shelter-in-place order.
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it prohibits nonessential travel to the bay area. orders in stanislaustake effect tomorrow. officials in napa county say the 24 hours is to give people time to prepare. ktvu's debora villalon, napa is notable because it is the only county with zero cases of covid- 19. >> reporter: that's right. no local patient. just one person from a cruise ship brought here for medical care. but the thinking is, it will happen. so better to blunt the virus now. >> this restaurant you are looking at tonight usually is full. >> reporter: restaurants keeping guests six feet apart and now banning any indoor king to, take out only to avoid human contact. >> what is the difference between 150 people shopping in
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a grocery store and some coming to a restaurant. >> we are there protect our health care system. that is what this order is about. >> the county has two hospitals. few beds that could be overwhelmed by coronavirus. >> napa county public health tested over 40 people so far. >> reporter: all tests positive but disease could be present and spreading in a county of 140,000 people, it may be missed. >> the criteria for testing are more restrictive because there aren't a lot of tests. >> i plan to be home and not come out. >> reporter: with word of the shelter-in-place order, people stocked up to stay inside. >> we lived through some fires and some earthquakes and we have come through it. >> reporter: many businesses have already seen customers evaporate and opted to close
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before being told to. governor gavin newsom ordered wineries dark days ago and bottle rock, the music festival will happen in october, not may, if at all. another tourism blow. the senator believes shut down is the right call. >> this is already a painful situation and make no mistake it will get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: how much worse? cancellations are coming in waves. and some see this year as a total loss. >> it is too late. yeah. >> the question came up whether napa wineries can stay open as essential businesses. for customer contact no but they can work in production and in the fields.
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midnight tomorrow is when all this takes effect. >> debora villalon in napa tonight. thank you. officials say the new tactic of social distancing will dramatic slow the spread of coronavirus. the question is, are people doing that? ktvu's azenith smith is in san jose with what she found. >> reporter: well, to be honest, not too many people were out today, abiding by the shelter-in-place order. we found some people who were social distancing, others who were not. fair to say, it has been hard to practice what is the new normal. >> reporter: in a world where everyone is told to social distance themselves, we found people who were not. we found this man stretching, trying to measure six feet. that is how far the i can says
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the virus can spread. >> my wingspan is 6'3". >> reporter: it hasn't been easy. >> i don't know how realistic is. you can't tell if someone is six feet away from you. >> it is the easiest thing to do. >> reporter: social distancing reduces exposure to the coronavirus. those who have the disease can show no symptoms and can spread. >> when you practice social distancing, that ensures no one is coming into contact with anyone else. >> reporter: it is critical to buy time. the more people that practice social distancing, the less people infected overall. the health care system won't collapse but there are exceptions. we found this couple. >> i am cold. and he didn't wear his jacket. keeping him warm. >> if you live under the same roof, you are able to go out for walks and not have to have the six feet between you.
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>> reporter: unless a person is sick. they should stay in another room. >> reporter: the owner posted signs and ensure customers and employees maintain their distance. >> we don't want customers to potentially come inside the restaurant so we made everything in a u shape to create a barrier. >> reporter: he sprays credit cards with disinfectant and separates dirty and clean pens. a new reality that will take time getting used to. >> i am kind of a hugger so i am a real loving person. i love to hug people. my friends. and people i love and stuff so that is weird for me. i have to think about it. >> reporter: in terms of visit with friends, the doctor says to love them from afar, cruising face time or zoom and i asked how long will this social distancing last, she said it depends on how everyone
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does in the coming days and weeks. if the rates of the spread slows down, the mandates could ease up. >> azenith smith, thank you. tonights there are more than 400 confirms cases in the nine bay area county. santa clara county has 175 cases. six people have died. san mateo county 80 cases and 1 death. san francisco 51. sonoma county, eight. napa no cases. contra costa county 41 cases and alameda county has 31 cases. gavin newsom announced emergency funding to move the homeless indoors. in a briefing the governor said protecting the sink holes critical. without the emergency funneling the virus would spread among
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the unsheltered population. >> you are looking at 60 plus thousand individuals that may have covid-19. that creates a deep point of anxiety for the existing population. >> part of the emergency money has already been spent on 1300 trailers which will be distributed throughout the state. stockstumbleed on wall street.the dow dropped more than 1300 points to 6.3%. closing below 20,000. the nasdaq dropped 344 to 4.7%. the s&p 500 lost 130 points to 5.2%. applications for jobless benefits are surging. the white house and congress hoping to give workers and businesses a life line. ktvu's jana katsuyama in
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oakland tonight. you talked to an economist about what is needed? >> reporter: yes. he said today's bill is a good start but not enough to help the workers and the struggling businesses if this continues to drag on. now, today toyota and honda joined the three u.s. auto manufacturers in announcing temporary shut downs. that affects hundreds of thousands of workers. >> reporter: phase two of the coronavirus federal relief funding came wednesday. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: it passed 90 to 8 and president trump signed it. $100billion goes to free coronavirus testing, food assistance, medicare funding and paid emergency relief. >> reporter: another 300 billion goes to small
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businesses. 50billion to stabilize the airlines and 150 billion to issue loan guarantees. >> it is hard to overstate how big of a shock it will be to the u.s. economy. >> reporter: he says even the $1 trillion bill won't be enough to fill the hole in the economy. >> the u.s. economy is 1.75 trillion a month. we are trying to slow it down a lot. >> reporter: on wednesday more large companies announced closures. honda and toyota joined the big three auto companies shutting down temporarily, impacts hundreds of thousands of workers. jpmorgan chase announced it is closing 20% of his branches and scaling back on hours. >> the first few weeks record numbers of unemployment claims.
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whether that exhausts the trust funds depends on how long it lasts. >> reporter: much more needs to be done for small businesses. >> loans are a start but not enough. if you have a restaurant that can't run for two months, offering them a loan. >> reporter: the defense production act allows to direct production by private companies to stress shortages of supplies needed by medical professionals. >> to drive private production, american manufacturers are repurposing factories. >> reporter: also from the federal level, the u.s. department of housing and urban development announced no foreclosureso r or evictions through april and nancy pelosi said the bill could be finished by next week if there is bipartisan support. jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2
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news. few scattered showers still in the area. those showers die out next couple days and then showers back in the forecast for the weekend. >> also ahead tonight, a bay area woman speaks about her father's death from the coronavirus. why she says sharing his story is so important. >> also coming up after the break, a bay area emergency room doctor talks about what he is seeing right now and the challenges in fighting the coronavirus. ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music it's the rush of relaxation.
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. a major milestone in china, there were no new cases in wuhan, china today for the first time since the outbreak began. eight deaths were reported at the peak of the pandemic. china has begun to loosen travel restrictions within the country but there are still 14- day quarantines for people arriving from overseize. people with blood type a might be more vulnerable to the coronavirus. and those with blood type o may be more resistant to the coronavirus. returnersmore than 40% of the
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patients who died were type a. president trump compared the coronavirus to an invisible enemy. >> i look at it -- i view it as a -- a war time president. that is what we are fighting. it is a tough suasion. you have to situation. you have to close an economy that was the big they ever been and one day you have to close it down to defeat this enemy. but we are doing. and we are doing it well. >> the administration is closing the border with canada but said trade will not be impacted and sending two navy hospital ships to new york and san diego in the coming weeks. each has about 1,000 beds. anxious times for many people with layoffs and school closures and stressful for the health professionals on the
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front lines needing to care for people infected with coronavirus. ktvu's amber lee is at san francisco general tonight with a look at what it is like inside the emergency room. >> reporter: i spoke with a doctor who heads up the emergency room department, he tells me about the number of cases now and what is needed in their fight to save lives. >> we are seeing more and more of the low and moderately sick patients. we are not seeing an alarm surge at this point. but that is what we are preparing for. the doctor is san francisco general's chief of emergency medicine. there are 17 patients at the hospital, three tested positive for the coronavirus with the rest under investigation. >> we have to avoid the huge
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spike of hundreds of potentially critically ill people coming in. >> reporter: that is why social distancing to reduce the spread essential. also crittal and the need for personal protective equipment for prunt line health care for front line health care workers. >> reporter: eye protection, gowns and most importantly, the n95 face masks. the doctor said the average person does not need them. >> why it is so important to preserve and not horde that equipment. >> reporter: they have about 70 of the 700 ventilators throughout the city and few covid-19 patients need ventilators at this time. in the bay view, they are
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checking on a 69-year-old, she has critical health issues. he suffers from health issues. medical experts say there is no need be cared but shelter-in- place could save lives. >> reporter: the doctor says there is no trene panic but reason to panic but take this serious. back to you. >> amber lee, thank you very much. more groceries are dedicating shopping times for seniors to limit their exposure. whole foods says people 60 and older can shop before other shoppers and safeway, every tuesday and thursday for senior
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citizens. and starting march 24, walmart will start a seniors only shoppi hour, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. each tuesday. . all right. we have showers. you may have seen one. very light, most people didn't notice much. some of the green, some to the south. for the most part the bay area partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow and then it clears out. by tomorrow, we are expecting partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies all day. a little bit of a shower up here off 680. north of heyward and stockton. great rain event. great snow event. snowing in lake tahoe. they had snow over the last few days.
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over 5 feet of snow. up to 6 feet of snow and there is no to come toward the bay area weekend. another weather system, not on saturday but on sunday. saturday night into sunday. we go forward with a warm up and clear up. nicer weather. tomorrow is a good day and the next day, friday, will be better. sunday right now looks like the day in question into next week. the california state university system is postponing graduation ceremonies at all of their 23 campuses. the university system says the decision following guidelines from officials about no mass gatherings. campuses are expected to reschedule the ceremonies for later this year. they already moved all classes online. coming up, a brother and
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sister battling xenophobia. the film they made. plus -- >> we wanted to tell our story because this is not a joke. >> a tearful daughter talks about the death of her father from coronavirus. his story and why his daughter says we can all learn from it.
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. a woman is speaking out about the death of her father. he died yesterday from coronavirus. ktvu's andre senior tells us she is sharing her story to
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emphasize the need for social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. >> he was lovable. he was kind. anybody that he met on the streets he will shake their hands. >> reporter: fond memories and pictures is all she has now of her father. her father passed away tuesday months before his 67th birthday. he was the latest victim of the coronavirus in santa clara county which continues to have the most cases in the state of california. >> this is not a joke, people. >> reporter: a passionate plea from a daughter who is going from watching the pandemic to livering the horrific fall out from the covid-19 spread. >> you sit at home, you watch the news and it feels so far away until it reaches so close to home. >> reporter: the journey for her began march 3 when her
10:26 pm
father took a trip to the emergency for a migraine and cough. two days later he went to his doctor to seek treatment but told to go to the emergency room. five days later admitted, put on a ventilator. he passed away days later. she believes medical professionals could have done more to help him. >> i wish they did more. two days, two days could have meant my dad could still be here. >> reporter: she grieving but also wants to bring attention to the activity surrounding the virus in recognition of those dealing with the infection and those who already passed away. >> take this seriously. stop joking about it on social media. it is not a joke. it isn't. look at my dad's face. he was too young to die. he didn't have to die. >> reporter: she isn't sure how
10:27 pm
her father contracted the coronavirus and he was in isolation. they lived in gilroy. health officials will not test her or her family because they are not showing symptoms. they are under a 14-day quarantine. andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. new york state has the most coronavirus cases in the u.s. but still snow shelter-in-place order. there are more 2300 cases. an increase of 800 since yesterday. in new york city, 814 yesterday, to more than 1800 today. the governor attributed the jump to an increase in testing. the mayor is pushing the governor to approve a shelter- in-place order. the u.s.-canada border is closed to nonspecial travel. president trump and justin trudeau agreed to the move to help slow the spread of the
10:28 pm
virus. trade will not be affected by the closure. president trump plans to do the same with mexico. still to come, the stress of coronavirus on children. at 10:45 p.m. a child psychiatrist about the stress of school closures and how to ease anxiety. and in sports, nfl free agency, the faces that are coming and going with the raiders. >> and greg lee on the primary wins for joe biden and where that leaves bernie sanders and a look at the delegate count. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on
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. joe biden has more than half the delegates he needs to sure the presidential nomination after sweeping three primaries last night. ktvu's greg lee tells us all eyes are on whether bernie sanders will drop out of the race. >> we move closer to securing the nomination for president. >> reporter: another big night for joe biden. the former vice president swept arizona, florida and illinois and grew his delegate lead. prompting calls for senator bernie sanders to drop out, even a report saying he would. his campaign calling it absolutely fall and upping the statement, the next primary
10:32 pm
contest is at least three weeks away. bernie sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign. an e-mail did not ask for donations and a report, the campaign halted advertising on facebook. >> in the midst of this crisis, what i believe we must do is empower medicare to cover all medical bills. >> let me stay to the young voteners spired by bernie sanders, i hear you. >> reporter: joe biden spoke directly to bernie sanders supporters. he says joe biden is shifting his focus to november where he will need the excitement bernie sanders carries. if you are looking at joe biden, you are trying to recreate the narrative of barack obama. to get there you will need
10:33 pm
bernie sanders' help. >> reporter: he sanders to dro away because the race is frozen by the corona pandemic. >> that extends his opportunity to be presidential and the sanders campaign gets longer to linger in the race. >> reporter: greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the latest delegate count has joe biden with 1,180 delegates. bernie sanders 885.1,191 delegates are needed to secure the nomination. on capitol hill, two lawmakers tested positive for the coronavirus. republican mario diaz-balart of florida on the left and democratic ben mcadams of utah. both are in quarantine at home. why do you keep calling
10:34 pm
this the chinese virus. why do you keep using this -- >> because it comes from china. it is not racist at all. it comes from china. that is why. comes from china. >> the president defended his decision to refer to the coronavirus as term that many call racist.. a brother and sister are hoping a film they created will remind people we are in this together. >> reporter: these are the faces of influence for the siblings. >> there is many ways you can use this opportunity, use the
10:35 pm
situation as an opportunity bring -- reflect on your life. and use it as a time of appreciation. >> reporter: as chinese americans, he attends the film academy in china. together they wanted to battle the coronavirus in a different way. >> we didn't want to just sit and do nothing. so we tried to do what we could as artists. tried to use the tools we had. so we created this film. >> i am an actress. >> i am a father. >> reporter: the film addresses the stigma and discrimination shat spreading as fast as the virus. >> from the moment the virus spread beyond china, every second you could feel people are glaring at you.
10:36 pm
you could feel the attention. if we went to sit down, someone would get up and leave. small details like this. >> i am not a virus. >> i am not a virus. >> i am not a virus. >> our goal was after watching it it would remind you of your humanity. >> i am not a virus. i am a human. >> i am human. >> i am human. we are all human. >> when fear and hatred and frustration is filling, love is a natural response. >> i am unique. >> i am a listener. >> reporter: a tax on asian americans inspired them to look for a cure. >> we are all in this together. no matter your background, your
10:37 pm
age, where you live in the world, we are all facing this as one earth. >> reporter: encouraging we all take time to reflect, appreciate and remember. >> we are all love. >> we are all experiencing this together. this is -- the virus does not discriminate. and neither should we. >> they want people to remember it is important to not only take care of your physical health but your mental health as well. we put the film on an earthquake off the coast of california today. also improved air quality attributed to the coronavirus. how the decline in industrial production may have a silver lining. >> rain falling in san jose and the bay area. things are going to dry up and warm up. we will see you back here with the 5-day forecast. >> a grace period from the tsa.
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. an earthquake hit the northern california coast today just after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, 10 miles offshore, southwest of eureka. no reports of damage or
10:41 pm
injuries. the area experienced a 5.8 earthquake ten days ago. a tree trimmer died this afternoon after clipping an electric line. you can see fire crews lowered the man from the tree which was against the power lines. pg&e crews were also on the scene. authorities said the man worked for a tree trimming company. the contra costa county sheriff's department and cal- osha are now investigating. the transportation security administration is giving a grace period for people who have not renewed their driver's licenses. the tsa says driver's licenses that expired beginning march 1 can be used. the tsa is allowing liquid hand sanitizers up to 12 ounces in caon bags. the coronavirus may be saving lives in some parts of the world. the lock downs in china, italy
10:42 pm
and other countries lead to improved air quality. a professor says the economic disruption likely saved 80,000 lives in china alone. air pollution is responsible for 9 million deaths a year. still to come, a change in routine can be tough on kids. >> the major thing we will see in children is anxiety. >> coming up, the warning signs that children are suffering from stress. and how to help. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is back with your complete bay area forecast. we will point us toward the end of the week. ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music
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. the coronavirus claimed life of a homeless man. a pastor suggested the virus already made its way into encampments. the santa clara county health department is working to ensure the heeling of the homeless population and the mayor said officials are looking to move some people to vacant hotels. >> stow is critical for us to disperse them.
10:46 pm
>> the mayor says another solution to accelerate the production and placement of tiny homes. the olympic club warning maybes female member tested positive for covid-19. the club says she took spin classes at noon on monday, march 9 and 8:00 a.m. on wednesday march 11 and used the locker room and the elevator on both days. the club reached out to people and they are encouraging other members who may have tested positive to notify the club. being out of school and living under the threat of the coronavirus could be a lot for children to handle. ktvu's rob roth spoke with a bay area mental health expert today about the possibility psychological effects. >> reporter: closing schools not only effect the quality of their education but in many cases it could harm their mental health. one girl asked this question
10:47 pm
wednesday morning. mommy, are we going to die. >> the impacts are going to be dramatic, i think, in -- in -- the younger population. >> reporter: the doctor is a former child psychiatrist. he said the effects could differ depending on the age of the child. >> the major thing we will see in children is anxiety, which is a -- a natural thing. they will be less active. they will have probably longer screen time, which is already an issue. they will have irregular sleep patterns. >> reporter: that may be the short term problems but young people missing their daily routines and being cooped up could have long-term
10:48 pm
complications. >> some kids may end up experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder. >> in certain homes it could lead to a disruption in home, even family violence. on the other hand, it is an opportunity parents and children to spend quality time together. >> reporter: there are ways to help children through the crisis, remain calm, children pick up on stress. and he suggests talking to them openly and honestly. it is okay to feel upset or sad. allow them to ask questions and be as honest as you can but i would say it is good idea to limit their exposure on tv or the internet to this and important to encourage positive activity. >> reporter: brown says history shows that children are amazingly resilient and in time they should be able to move on
10:49 pm
just fine with encouragement along the way. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the equinoxes begins tomorrow. days start lengeddenning friday, saturday, and sunday and beyond. starts tomorrow evening. we have showers now. i mentioned that before. some strong showers. amber lee had showers in san jose. san jose 15 minutes ago. san jose down pouring. it is isolated. and showers around stanford. kind of a little bit toward fremont as well and toward walnut creek. light. not light. short-lived stuff. they are out of here tomorrow. tomorrow is partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. yeah. a nice day tomorrow and a
10:50 pm
little bit warmer. with that temperatures back into the 60s. clouds in san francisco, on the bay. not a lot of wind. not lot of fog but nice weather coming our way next 48 hours. saturday clouds increase. tomorrow morning, oakland, all of us, tomorrow looks like this. really nice. you know, a lot of us are stuck at home with the kids. and you are looking to get out. next couple days you have an opportunity to get out. stretch your legs. and enjoy yourself. get sun. one of the best things you can do, in this environment, just go outside, go for a walk. out in the sun. smell the air. best thing you can do.
10:51 pm
7:00 tomorrow. tomorrow night, mostly clear. friday mostly clear. and then saturday, clouds increase and sunday a chance for a shower. at this point, maybe sunday and monday. sunday is not the greatest day on the weekend. it will be -- monday will be maybe a few showers. sunday looks a little bit damp. the 5-day forecast. i will see you back here at 11:00 p.m. coming up in sports, the nfl free agency frenzy continues. how some familiar faces will be in new places. mark will have an update next. >> on the 11:00 p.m. news, a parking lot at the tesla factory has employees asking is making electric cars an essential business. what the sheriff is saying about tesla continuing to operate despite the shelter-in- place order.
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♪ we need someone to lean on the new xc90 available with six seats. xc90. recharged. lease the volvo xc90 for $499 per month. at your local volvo retailer. how is it going? i am mark ibanez. tom brady took off from new england to tampa. that is not official yet but let the fun begin. who is going to move into the quarterback spot with the patriots? how about this? derek carr? people are already talking about it. he would be a perfect fit for bill belichick and you know jon
10:55 pm
gruden does not think he's the quarterback of the future. the raiders very busy. the brightest spot in las vegas. they signed a cornerback. eli apple, he is 24-years-old. great potential. has the size they like. 6'1", 203 pounds. figures to start. last played with the new orleans saints. they gain a cornerback, lose a safety. joseph is headed to the cleveland browns on a one-year deal. started the first nine days for the raiders. foot injury sidelined him and that seemed to seal his fate with the raiders who decided to decline his option. the carolina panthers have a new quarterback. teddy bridgewater. three year deal. $63million. he was with the saints last
10:56 pm
year. did a great job filling in for drew brees. cam newton sup set. he has been given permission to seek a trade. said i never asked for this. don't make it sound like i did. another quarterback in the news, nick foles. nick foles goes to the chicago bears. he won the super bowl with the eagles. signed a deal with the jags. $21million left on it. guaranteed. and the jags receive a fourth round pick in exchange for nick foles. it was extreme sadness, the news today of the passing of bill mcfearson. the very experienced, well thought of and extremely
10:57 pm
talented bill mcfearson. he was with the organization 20 years. very respected. san jose state university hall of fame. five super bowl rings. he was 88-years-old. okay. we have been trying to have fun in the world of sports.. joe fonzi takes us back in sports. march 18. >> looking to pull off the upset of opening day of action. march madness in full swing 27 years ago on this day. steve nash, the broncos becoming the second 15 seed to upset a number two seed. loyaloleue played michigan.
10:58 pm
behind prior's 41 points. the lions were 149-115 winners. the highest scoring game in tournament history. 1991, the seventy sixers retired wilt chamberlain's jersey. >> the word retired means you can do anything you want. >> reporter: in 1995, michael jordan announced his baseball experiment was over and returning to the chicago bills. that is this day in sports, march 18. i am joe fonzi. >> this day in sports. great old video to look at. everybody is talking about what can we do now that we are supposed to be inside. check this out. the fresh ideas that may become regular activities. this is your garbage can flip
10:59 pm
of a ping-pong ball into a two- story obstacle course. maybe too much thinking went into this. either way, the end result, into the beer cup. he is pretty happy. check this out. this is a three-point shooting format right here. but the object is to get the grape, if you look there, in the guy's mouth, she made it. chipping from inside the house to outside the house. and he too is very happy about his nice swing that ends up in the corn hole. pretty good right there. like i said, we will have to get used to the new sports but that is all worth checking out. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00 p.m. and time for more news. >> thank you very much. coming up next at 11:00
11:00 pm
p.m. >> keep your distance. be respectful of people's space. >> i am a hugger. i am a loving person. i love to hug people. my friends. so that is weird for me. yeah, i have to think about it. >> for some people social distancing is easier said than done but doctors say it is an important way to keep the coronavirus from spreading. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. new normal for the bay area and people everywhere staying six feet apart in public. hello everyone. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. a number of developments aimed at keeping people safe from the coronavirus. napa county and solano counties issued a shelter-in-place order. and president trump helping americans with paid sick leave and free coronavirus testing. and for the first time


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