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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 4, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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that is the sporting life. coronavirus but they don't know which one is in the united it is 11:00 p.m. >> thank you. states. >> all right. next at 11:00 p.m. thank you very much. >> the individual that passed the man who died took a away, as you may have heard a cruise to mexico on the grand few hours ago was on a cruise. princess, returning to san >> a california man dies of francisco on february 21. grand princess then headed to coronavirus after traveling on hawaii. now 20 passengers and crew developed symptoms of the a cruise liner from san coronavirus. officials are flying test kits francisco to mexico. >> the 11:00 p.m. to the cruise liner to news starts now. >> the first designate in california from coronavirus and that ship already made another determine if they have the cruise. now the grand princess is illness. 62 passengers who are on the headed back to san francisco with at least 21 people showing symptoms of the virus. previous trip stayed on board hello. hello. i am frank somerville >> and i am gasia mikaelian. >> governor gavin newsom said the ship will be held offshore to the next cruise. while the state works with the >> the question is where do they arrive? cdc to determine the next >> two women who say they are steps. the governor declared a state of emergency because of the on the grand princess posted coronavirus and we learned of this youtube video.
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three new cases bringing the >> we haven't had fever. number of cases to 14 in santa but we had a cold and chest congestion. they did come to our room and clara county. ktvu's jana katsuyama with more on the state's first death. >> the man was an elderly check us and determined we are resident and the governor said not with said virus. the cdc is working to trace all >> grand princess said passengers ed to remain in their state rooms until cleared. private school is closed of his contacts and the other passengers on the cruise ship. >> reporter: california's first after an employee there may have been exposed to covid-19. ktvu's azenith smith is live at coronavirus covid-19 coronavirus death is a 31 year menlo school after speaking to officials and a student there. man who died wednesday. >> while the majority cases of >> reporter: to be clear, the coronavirus have been mild, staff member has not test older persons and persons with positive for coronavirus but a relative has. underlying medical conditions are at increase risk of serious officials say she is not a diseasto that individual. >> reporter: governor gavin teacher and did not have direct contacted with students but out of a
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newsom declared a state of school is closed. it hasn't sunk in. menlo school is closed amid coronavirus concerns. the high school senior showed emergency. california has 53 confirmed us the alert she received cases. in los angeles, six new cases, tuesday night from the head of including a lax employee. >> this is no longer isolated. school. >> it is crazy to think it is the state will crack down extend this far. >> reporter: officials say they on anyone trying to pr learned a staff member had contact with a relative who tested positive for coronavirus people for coronavirus and the on tuesday. the employee has now gone in cost is required now to be for testing. covered by insurance. >> we are comforted that the >> we have 5,904 tests employee doesn't have direct contact with students. available in the state of we feel this -- the risks are low. >> reporter: despite california. assurances, officials shut down at 14 labs. the school until monday. and we are confident we will get those replenished. >> reporter: vice president hiring a firm to deep clean the mike pence met with labs campus and canceled all available to more people who extracurricular activities. they serve a 795 students. tuition for this school year
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want them. >> obtain access. >> reporter: congress reached a deal wednesday for see it. ate a security guard the coronavirus. it could be on the president's normally it is lively and people and parents are coming desk by thursday. here. >> reporter: neighbors say it governor gavin newsom says california was notified it would receive $37 million from the funds. is unusual to see the campus the world health organization and surrounding streets empty. says now there are more than >> i didn't know it would get 93,000 cases in 77 different so close to us. but i guess that is the case countries. italy one of the hardest hit with coronavirus and how bad it is getting. >> reporter: she is concerned will close all schools and hold she may fall behind in classes sporting events with no but she believes the school spectators. the world health organization thinkers the estimated death made the right decision. >> i think that just because it rate is 3.4%, that is higher is so severe and it is than previously thought and contagious, it is important to be cautious about it. >> reporter: if people more deadly than seasonal flu which killed .1% of infected who had contact with that staff member have been asked to self quarantine, the school is awaiting direction from the public health department and should they be closed past
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monday, the school is considering online learning. >> s a meths, thank you. microsoft employees asked to work from home for the next two weeks due to the coronavirus. the company is acting out of an abundance of caution. the international ocean film festival has been canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus. the festival was scheduled fory. 12 through the 15 in san francisco and other bay area venues. organizers say more than 5,000 people were expected to attend. they are working to reschedule the film festival mid- to late summer. and our coverage of the coronavirus continues at you can find the very latest developments on our home page. former new york city mayor
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michael bloomberg announced today he is ending his campaign for president. the race for the nomination is now between joe biden and bernie sanders. results from super tuesday show bernie sanders winning in california but former vice president joe biden appeared to be the overall winner from last night. he picked up 10 states, including a surprise victory in texas. and he received a major endorsement today from michael bloomberg. >> i have always believed defeating donald trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great american joe biden. >> the results on super tuesday left elizabeth warren far behind and her camp says they are disappointed and assessing their path forward. >> here isthe delegate count.
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most states are not winner take all and other delegates will be awarded and the numbers will change. bringing more housing to the north bay. how a project isn't just providing forward toable apartments but also helping the homeless. >> why the golden state killer may be willing to plead guilty now. shouldn't you pay less when you use less data? now you can. because xfinity mobile gives you more flexible data. you can choose to share data between lines, mix with unlimited, or switch it up at any time. all on the most reliable wireless network. which means you can save money the most reliable network, and more savings. plus, get $300 off when you buy a new samsung galaxy s20 ultra. that's simple. easy. awesome.
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the city council approved a large shelter and affordable housing project. they voted in favor of developing the village. it would provide 126 apartments for low income rentsers and space to shelter more than 200 homeless people. the project is expected to cost $123 million and will be in downtown santa rosa near morgan and 7th truction is expected to start early next year. san francisco supervises
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approved a plan to build a new homeless navigation center in the upper market area. it is owned by city college of san francisco. the shelter is expected to cost nearly $8 million a year to operate. it would be open 24 hours a day and have enough room for 200 beds. people will be allowed to bring in pets and other possessions. approval of the site was a unanimous decision by the board. it is expected to open this fall. a san francisco police department completed less than half of the reforms called for by federal authorities. they are aiming to pick up the pace on the 272 reforms that were established by the u.s. department of justice in 2016. those reforms were initiated after a series of deadly police shootings that resulted in the resignation of the former police chief. despite slow progress there have been positive changes,
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inchewedding a drop in use of force incidents. the suspect in the golden state killer cases will plead guilty if spared the death penalty. according to a court filing from his defense attorney, he is now willing to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. some say the victims and their families deserve their day in court. >> if you missed all that time with them, being a murder victim, how would you feel? we have to think about victims here. >> prosecutors are seeking new dna samples from him to stream line investigations in different counties. he is expected back in court next week. it will be a long road to recovery for victims of deadly tornadoes in tennessee
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yesterday. in putnam county, 18 people including five children under the age of 13. authorities say a category ef-4 tornado with winds up to 175 miles an hour left a trail of destruction. neighborhoods reduced to rubble, building destroyed. the people of tennessee are showing their rezillance in resiliency. >> it is hard to realize, you know, you have to leave this place. but you don't want to. >> the tennessee emergency management agency says 24 storm related deaths have been confirmed and three people are still missing. >> parents protest budget cuts in the oakland schools. they don't want cuts to affect students but they are okay with
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the school districted getting rid of one thing. the results of tonight's vote. >> big changes coming tomorrow and for the weekend and next week. >> a new program that gives entrepreneurs. >> an extra boost. ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music
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. new tonight at 11:00 p.m., supporting minort and women entrepreneurs. >> -- a ceremony was held this morning. organizers say the goal is to empower young women and encourage them to create new businesses. oakland mayor was among those who spoke at the event. >> this is what powerful women look like. and that is women who are fueled by entrepreneurial jeans and everybody in this community can contribute by making a loan today, tomorrow, the next day. this is the power of us. >> in honor of international women's week, organizers unveiled a new mural where people can write what a powerful woman means to them. we have late word that the school board in oakland
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approved $20 million in budget cuts that will mean layoffs. debora villalon has more. >> reporter: parents, staff and activists streamed into the school board meeting, demanding school police be disbanded. >> it is clear to me you are all for the school to prison pipeline. our kids are still being treated as criminals. >> reporter: new cuts are proposed and the school district says it looked savings
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>> the superintendent calls the reductions agonizing. 21million-dollars painful but necessary. >> even though we tried to keep cuts as far away from school as possible -- >> reporter: trustee says he sees oakland making a big step forward by streamlining but those facing possible layoffs see it differently. >> lives matter. be fair. let's have equity. >> reporter: librarians fighting for the job of their boss. library manager. >> who would help run professional development, who would manage the library catalog and work with vendors. >> where does that leave the kids? >> reporter: cutting assistant principals. >> any cuts acceptable? >> not to me. the only cut acceptable is to cut the budget for the police. >> reporter: spokesperson for
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school police tried to talk but was heckled into silence. the board is pressured to replace police with security guards. >> repurpose the funds to things that will benefit children. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. all right, then. temperatures today pretty warm. we had records we showed you earlier and now we have temperatures tomorrow that will come down. these were the temperatures from today in santa rosa, san francisco, livermore and san jose. and here is where we go tomorrow. as you see the temperatures take their plummet. you know, numbers drop 10 degrees. more than that in other places. it will be chilly -- not chilly. cooler. that is not cold, right? 70 degrees. but it is down from where we were a couple days ago and it will continue down, the temperatures. you can see why. this guy. nice looking weather system.
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the jet stream gets pushed down like this. this is the river of the air in the upperatmosphere and this is the surface, not the surface. it will get drawn in by the jet stream. that is the good news. i think that friday night into saturday morning, sprinkles. fog at the coast now. the main impacts as i said as we watch the system, an opportunity to get something. and by friday night, saturday morning. hard to say. after that into monday and tuesday looks like there are is significant potential for rain. maybe half inch. maybe inch. maybe winter weather warning in the mountains. tuesday night, wednesday morning thing. the pattern. the high is broken down. the fog is back at the coast. friday night and saturday, this guy shows up.
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gives us a brush with some wet weather. but then i think the main impact, the take away, the storm door is cracked up a little bit. it is cracked up. and you can see the flow off the ocean. there is saturday morning. and then you can't see that now but you will see the jet stream through the early part of next week. so that is what we are hoping for. the 5-day forecast then, temperatures cooling significantly on thursday or on friday, saturday, and sunday. and then monday a chance of showers and tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. coming up next in sports, the future of the nba, two of the brightest stars meet for the first time tonight in dallas. we will show you what happened with zion williamson and luka doncic. that is coming up next in sports.
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. mark is back with sports. this guy, zion williamson, he is just incredible. >> don't forget luka doncic -- >> he is great too. of the nba is sensational. they have so many up and coming stars and couple of them on display today. you could make an argument this is like magic and byrd 40 years ago. two studs there and being observed by a football star. that would be patrick mahomes of the chiefs. sorry 49er fans. here is zion williamson. he is the guy people wanted to see in dallas to do. pure raw power. 19 years old. 21 points tonight. stethcurry, the corner 33 he had 21 off the bench and this goes into overtime. mark cuban liking it. luka doncic, the game changer from way out on the outer limits. 30 points. 17 rebounds.
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10 assists. etriple-double and dallas is amn action for the first time in four months. he made it official today on social media. he is ready to go tomorrow night against the toronto raptors. giants and dodgers. still has a nice ring to it but the talent disparity is a little to deal with. this game was nationally up thr runs. now justin turner drilled in
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the hand. dodgers got to be concern about that. no, he is fine. comes up and rides it over and out. for the jack. two run homer. down the giants who are high lightless. check this out. cirque du soliel. >> wow! >> in sanin san deeggo. >> beautiful. >> defense help down the right field line. madison bumgarner gets taken
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deep. >> that is cirque du soliel -- >> those guys are absolutely -- >> incredible. >> beautiful. yep. yep. >> tomorrow night it is all about steph curry. >> all right. been a long wait. see you later. see you later. good the guy on their money is sitting in a lawn chair. ay. i cannot believe that my little baby's leaving me. you know, i left the glass doors open downstairs. so right now, your actual baby may be leaving. ah-ah-ah! one robe! i guess we know what everyone will be talking about my second morning there. manny's visiting gloria's family for about a month -- i hope. i just got to him on a plaberimo manny'cause i doesn't gos family for about to colombia, hope. colombia comes to me. it's happened before. [ all shouting in spanish ]
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[ shouting continues ] my g
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