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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 17, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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stcommunity, fairfield and vallejo no issues driving into the bridge and 680 looks good to the concord area. if you're driving on 80 westbound from the bridge traffic looks nice and here at the bay bridge the outside cash lanes are getting crowded but the middle lanes do look good as you drive into san francisco now back to the desk. police in vacaville looking for shoplifters responsible for taking more than $8000 worth of merchandise and a store employee share this cell phone video they shot as a suspect strolled through a tommy hilfiger store last week and you see the person in the black hoodie stuffing the items in a bag. investigators said employers did the right thing by not interfering and the thieves walked out the front door and took off in a newer model chevy
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suv one person has been treated at the hospital after a shooting in vacaville, police cars and a fire truck blocked off streets near interstate 880 yesterday afternoon on the cruise lane, the victim is being treated for non-life- threatening injuries and police say it doesn't appear to be related to a fatal shooting on june 8 near the old nut tree complex. one man is under arrest this morning for pointing a gun at a walgreens clerk at a san rafael, police say thomas pratt junior pointed a loaded smith & wesson revolver at a walgreens clerk on credit card was declined police say the 42-year- old with the gun back into his pocket when the clerk was asking him to leave and he reportedly walked around the store stealing items until officers arrived and arrested him. the lapd is investigating the deadly shooting of a man in a southern california costco store by an off-duty la police officer, 32-year-old kenneth
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french attacked the officer who was holding his young child friday night at costco store and corona. the officer filed his service weapon killing french and gravely injuring his parents and the officer was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital on the fringes family told the la times he was mentally disabled. today congressman mark desaulnier is hosting a town hall on the subject of the mark mueller report, last month's featured an overflow crowd and that will discuss the mueller reports conclusion over interference in the 2016 presidential election and the harding elementary o protect on fairmont avenue in el cerrito from 6:30 pm until 8 pm tonight. jury selection in a military trial for a navy seal accused of war crimes, special operations chief edward gallagher faces 12 which include murder, attempted murder and obstruction of justice and people he worked with claim he shot unarmed
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civilians in iraq including a school-aged girl and an old man and they also say he stabbed a teenage boy treated by us medics the boy later died and there is evidence that gallagher and his commanding officer pose for photos with his body the trial is being held in san diego. the supreme court could soon issue some of the biggest decisions of the year, the justices have yet to issue rulings and 24 cases in the courts current term and it ends in about two weeks and earlier this month justice ruth bader ginsburg suggested split decisions on the court to be announced before the end of the term and one highly anticipated ruling will determine whether the 2020 census can include a question about citizenship and another high-profile case focuses on partisan gerrymandering also new this morning, iran says it will break the iranian stockpile limit it agreed to under the nuclear deal in the next 10 days and this helmet follows the suspected attacks on oil tankers last week in the
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persian gulf. the us blamed those attacks on iran and secretary of state mike mayo says the us is considering a response at all options are on the table including military action at the same time he says the us doesn't want war with iran>> we do not want war and we had done what we can to deter this, iranians should understand we will continue to take action to deter iran from engaging in this kind of behavior.>> secretary pompeo says us is evidence proving iran is behind the tanker attacks and the us already released surveillance video apparently showing iranian sailors removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers attacked in the gulf of oman. president trump is blasting the new york times for publishing a story efforts to hack into russia's power grid and the newspaper says it is part of an attempt to combat the kremlin's cyber warfare and the state as part
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of a bolder strategy to combat russian interference in the united states. the presidents of the report isn't true but the times is standing by the story in the secretary of state mike mayo was asked about the story on an appearance fox news sunday >> i have seen the store and have nothing to say about the contents of that and i do not talk about intelligence matters but president trump has been crystal clear , we will do everything we can to prevent any country from interfering in any election in the usa we will continue to work hard at that and i am proud of the work this administration does and i only wish the previous administration had done the same>> the times tells us that two sources told him it is possible the president had not been briefed on the hacking effort and the report said us officials are also examining how russia could almost its own cyberattack on power grids here in the us president trump is facing tough new polling numbers as he prepares to launch his reelection campaign tomorrow and many of the democratic presidential
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candidates will appear together at a forum today in washington dc. doug luzader joins us with more from washington with the latest, good morning.>>reporter: good morning. the presidential candidates will no doubt spend time going after president trump who faces difficult polling numbers now . it was tough to get a glimpse of president trump yesterday as his motorcade return to the white house from playing golf and he is gearing up this week to announce his reelection campaign just like back in 2015 when he made his now famous escalator ride in trump tower to announce his bid he is an underdog and a new fox news poll shows us about every top tiered democratic candidate is either ahead of him or within the margin of error even as he has been dismissive of the entire field.>> everybody knows that joe does not have it. now i see pocahontas is doing better and i would love to run against her frankly. i see bernie sanders is not doing well at all>> there have
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been changes for democrats, front runner joe biden's lead has narrowed a bit and bernie sanders has dropped some 10 points since march >> polls do grow up and go down but the other part of the pole if i heard you correctly chris is i am beating president trump fairly decisively which is consistent with all of the polling i have seen. >> on the rise is elizabeth warren but there will likely be plenty of changes ahead as the gloves begin to come up and today 10 democratic candidates are expected to face off at the the biggest gathering will be next week at the first democratic presidential debate in miami. back to you. the wife of the israeli prime minister is being sentenced to pay a fine for misusing state funds but a court in jerusalem accepted a
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plea bargain from yesterday after agreeing to pay $15,000.05 freezing $100,000 of state money on lavish mills and other personal expenses but there were fraud charges last year and the prime minister faces his own indictment on separate corruption charges and a final hearing in that case is set for october. in a speech during a commencement sermonic at stanford apple ceo tim cook urged silicon valley tech companies to take responsibility for the problems they create and he began yesterday speech by praising the tech firms which have cr modern history and commended the social media platforms that connect half of the world people but he then spoke of data breaches and privacy violatiotter known for less nob the belief that you can claim credit without accepting
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responsibility. we see it every day now with every data breach, every privacy violation, every blind eye turned to hate speech, fake news poisoning our national conversation. congratulations to the class of 2019 >> he did not call out the companies by name but he told the class of 2019 that if you build the chaos factory you cannot dodge responsibility for the chaos. cook rounded out his speech with advice to the grads on leaving a legacy and following their own path to success it looks like stanford university may be the most affordable university in the bay area according to the latest numbers from the us department of education. mercury news reports that students who graduate from the prestigious university with a bachelor's degree at the lowest amount of student debt in the bay area and the fourth lowest in californe second most
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debt burden followed by san jose state and san francisco state. it is the end of an era in oakland, coming up a look back at the most memorable moments in oracle arena. and o.j. simpson stepping back into the public spotlight and we will show you his first message to followers.>> good morning, we do have traffic still off to a pretty good start this monday morning including interstate 880 and front of oracle arena and oakland good>> and we have slightly warmer temperatures the next few days and a cooldown, how you can prepare coming up.
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>> welcome back. the warriors hoped there would be one more victory parade in oakland but the nba championship parade will take place this morning in toronto. it begins at seven and it goes from the raptors practice facility to the toronto city hall, 2 million fans are expected to line the streets to watch and it is the toronto championship parade for the first time since 1993. and for the warriors it is goodbye oakland and hello san francisco, scott rees brings us some of the best oracle the war the golden state moniker in
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1971 and since then they have known only one home. oracle arena. >> for 47 years warriors fans has stuck with us through thick and thin. >> we have seen things that made us laugh, made us cry, made our jaws drop in our spirits soar.>> these things tend to happen here oracle arena . >> through good times and not so good times the atmosphere was always electric and the arena iconic. it is only fitting that we take a minute to appreciate the oracle era. for the majority of its existence the arena had only one championship to its name and that coming in 1975. though the series was clinched in washington the work was done in oakland. >> if you look up there that is a very lonely flag and we want another one.>> demand and you shall receive.
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40 years later with a rookie head coach steve kerr at the helm and league mvp seth curry pushing the envelope of shooting sandy they ended their drought and began their dynasty. >> i waited for this forever and i cannot believe it!>> are you kidding me? >> one of the most memorable warrior teams did not win a title but still managed to mesmerize the basketball world. >> the golden state warriors, the greatest upset in the history of the nba playoffs.>> a great memory for them but not so much for me. >> and as team tryouts reverberate through the hallowed halls so do individual accomplishments forever etched in the minds eye of longtime fans.>> and unbelievable 29
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points.>> and again a three- pointer. 37 and 37 1/4 good>> and of course there is nothing like going out on top and oracle's finally or final five seasons bore witness to one of the greatest runs in nba history and a lead record 73 regular- season wins in 2015 and 2016 and the longest home regular- season and playoff winning streaks ever and three championships, one of which was clinched right here on the golden floor. scott rees ktvu. >> great to see all of that. 4:46 am, sal a lot of great moments, you forget some of the players on the moments that
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have happened.>> you forget that the warriors a little while ago, relatively a short time ago, or not very good. >> it was very easy to get a cheap seat to watch the game. >> and that is not happening anymore. good morning pam and good morning to you at home 580 westbound altima pass traffic approaching, it gets better once you go through the past and from livermore to pleasanton a nice drive with no major issues. if you're driving on the freeway's the east bay you will find for the most part we are off to a nice start, a little bit of crowding at the bay bridge but you can totally get through it. especially if you use the fast track, you can get into the middle lanes and get through quickly. and now sarah has more on the weather >> cooler temperatures to start out the day this morning with widespread clouds and fog that will burn off and move towards the coast, inland waking up to some clouds but not lasting
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long been so again morning clouds, clearing up with mostly sunny skies inland but we expect drizzle along the coast. forecasted highs anywhere between the mid-60s to the upper 80s. the marine layer is expected to compress today as an upper ridge builds and that will mean earlier inland clearing than what we have seen the past few days. today's highs 5 to 100 warmer than yesterday, right now it is a cool start to the day, 56 at oakland and 57 at fremont and 55 for san jose and 54 for san francisco and 56 this morning at napa. a cooler start to the day and breezy, 10 mile-per-hour wind speeds at napa and 80 mph in fairfield. you can see the flags blowing in the wind this morning. 6 miles per hour at mountainview and in miles per hour at half moon bay.
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warm temperatures come later this afternoon and we do expect the warm-up at around 5 to 100 warmer than yesterday, we thought it would get warmer and the models were a little off yesterday, we thought we would be reaching the low 90s for some of the region but you do see that we get to the upper 80s and inland cities like concord, same with fairfield, san francisco will be a cool re the extended forecast shows a slight warming trend today into tomorrow and tomorrow will be the peak of the warming trend and we will see high-pressure build and the marine influence will move out of the way to give us a little warmth. within the temperatures drop down a little bit midweek and into the weekend where we expect lower than average temperatures into the weekend. but that is still pretty far out, so for today it is shaping
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up to be a pretty decent day. a man in florida hopes to break a record by spending hours in movie theaters coming up what he hopes to accomplish with marvel's latest superhero installment endgame.
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welcome back. o.j. simpson is kept a low profile
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since being released from prison nearly 2 years ago but this weekend he made a very public debut on social media.>>reporter: hello twitter world this is yours.>> says the killings nicole brown simpson and ron goldman o.j. simpson launches an official twitter account. >> simpson now 71 tweeted a video message to followers friday night.>> there are a lot of fake lj accounts, this one, at the real oj 30 to his only official.>> the former nfl player joined the platform nearly 2 years after his release from prison. in 1994 simpsons ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and her friend ron goldman were killed in a gruesome knife attack and the hall of famer immediately became the prime suspect
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leading police on the infamous white bronco chase before surrendering and all of it unfolding in a live broadcast around the world. in 1995 simpson was acquitted after highly publicized trial that became known as later found liable in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victims families and his legal troubles did not end there as into thousand eight he was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery stemming from an altercation in a las vegas hotel room years before, he was sentenced to 33 years but granted parole in 2017 after serving only nine years in his first three days his account garnered more than half 1 million followers. the man once known as america's dad sent a father's day message from behind bars a spokesperson for bill cosby shared the message on the
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comedian's social media account and it said in part i know it is late, but to all the dads it is an honor to be called a father so let's today make a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose, strengthening our families and communities and talking about slavery and racism. cosby is incarcerated in pennsylvania phone is april 2018 conviction for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. a florida man is on a mission to set a new wod avengers movie every single day. he has seen avengers endgame at least 117 times and he wants to beat the guinness world record for watching the same movie the most times in the last world record was set by a man who watched avengers infinity war 103 times. >> i work around 10 or 12 hours get home take a quick shower with a quick snack and i drive over here. >> watching the same movie 112
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times you think might be boring but he disagrees and he says each showing is a different experience and he plans to watch the movie to hundred times to set the record high. one of the defendants and the ghost ship warehouse trial is set to take the stand today, coming up what jurors are instructed to hear from max harris and we have an exciting update on the four-year-old in oakland who accidentally shot himself in his head but we have the latest on his recovery. >> good morning. traffic is doing pretty well if you are approaching the richmond bridge, more on the morning commute coming up. >> a warming trend begins today and it takes us into tomorrow but then we see a cooldown midweek. i will explain coming up.
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>> good morning, one person is recovering in the hospital this morning after a shooting in the call the cut tunnel, the latest on the search for the suspected shooter. >> and the tragic ending to a police chase that killed two innocent bystanders in modesto. >> from ktvu fox two news this is mornings on 2. >> good morning thank you for joining us for morningspam cook >> good morning, apparently
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there is a conspiracy as both are off. >> if you want to see steve he will be here tonight. >> he will be here tonight and i am here for him today and i'm happy to be with you guys, i'm happy to deliver this forecast, a cooler start to the day and if you have any plans to go out the door anytime soon you will see some clouds and fog and if you are along the coast some drizzle as well. i this afternoon we do warm up and we will see fog and clouds moved towards the coast, inland will clear sooner today than it did yesterday. tomorrow we will see the high- pressure strengthen and when we will really see the peak heat of this warm-up. it was cooler this weekend, unseasonably cooler actually today temperatures will be 5 to 100 warmer but for now here is a look at the radar. you can see how well inland the clouds and fog do move this
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morning. cool temperatures, 56 to start off at oakland and 58 at concord and 55 walnut creek and san jose is at 55 and san francisco 54. we will warm up and still not as hot as we thought it was going to be yesterday we thought we would reach 90 some spots we're hitting just shy of that and inland cities, 88 is where we expect to end up in concord and 79 the high expected for san rafael. san jose you will be at 82. it will warm up nicely we just have to wait a few hours. until then, sal what is going on with the roads? >> right now sarah a good- looking start, some of the freeways are getting a little slower, 580 at 205 this commute always slower at this time and right now have slow traffic on 205, there was a crash and it
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is being move


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