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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 3, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us. it is tuesday, april 3. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. thank you for joining us on the giants home opening day. it sounds like it will be very nice. show us your orange and black. we want to see photos. it will be nice at the ballpark. not the record-setting temperatures, but it will be nice. it will be okay. we have a little bit of patchy fog but by gametime it will be gone and it will be sunny with the breeze out of the west. overall it looks nice at 64 degrees. no issues weatherwise until friday night. a little bit of cloud cover and a little bit of patchy fog, but it will disappear pretty quick. there is an onshore breeze that has settled. 30s, 40s and 50s on the map. 45 in fremont, soon carlos and
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san mateo are there, too. 46 or 47 on the san mateo coast. half moon bay is reporting a low cloud deck around 1200 feet. everything is okay today. tomorrow we see increasing higher clouds and we cloud up on thursday. april rain is on the way. not today and not tomorrow but the rain starts on thursday. it looks like the rain will be heavy friday and on early saturday morning. we should get a break on sunday. another system is on tap for tuesday and wednesday. today no issues and no worries. some of this rain could be 5 to 6 inches in some areas. 67 today with lots of sun. it is getting more crowded out there and today will be crowded on the bay bridge because of the giants home opener. a lot of people are going to that game. it is sold out.
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if that is any indication of what will happen, we will have a crowded morning on the bay bridge, even after the morning commute is over. if we look at the morning commute right now it is backed up for at least a 15 to 20 minute delay. that delay may even grow longer as the morning goes on. this is a look at interstate 8080 north and south. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. if you are on the peninsula, so far, so good. northbound 101 all the way into san francisco is looking good. new from overnight, a search for two suspects in hercules after an early morning police chase. >> the suspects later crashed into a ravine.>> reporter: at the moment it appears that the tow truck has been able to pull the car out of the wetlands area out here.
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i would take a shot for you guys but it is so dark you would not be able to see anything. we have not gotten confirmed reports from hercules police. we have several cars -- calls into them. we will tell you what we know in this case. there was a law enforcement pursuit of that suspect's vehicle just before 2 am. the suspects lost control of the car making the turn on clays lane, an unincorporated part of hercules. he crashed through a chain-link fence and into a ravine above the phillips 66 plant. the cattle rancher who leases this land says it is a swamp. >> the city of hercules called me to tell me somebody had gone through my fences. i didn't know what actually had transpired until i got here. they were chasing a stolen vehicle out of las vegas. they came down the frontage road here. the fellow did not make the hard turned. he shut off the road and went into the big drainage ditch here and into the field. he tried to get back to the
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freeway and he never made it. >> reporter: the rancher also tells us the police told him the two suspects left the car and fled on foot somewhere into the wetlands area out here. they have yet to be caught. again we have not gotten confirmed reports from hercules police. we have several calls into them to confirm that they are still searching for these two suspects. we also heard reports that a hercules police officer may have also been hurt, either by either getting hit by the suspect's vehicle. again, these are unconfirmed reports from witnesses. we are hearing that hercules police officer may have also been hurt here. >> we will check back.
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bart service was disrupted during the evening commute last night. about 100 protesters marched through downtown oakland, supporting the family of a man who was shot and killed earlier this year by a bart police officer. they gathered at 14th street and broadway and later went to the bart station at 12th street where train service was delayed briefly. their demanding answers into the shooting death of 28-year- old sahleem tindle. sahleem tindle was in a fight with another man outside of a west oakland bart station january 3. police body camera video shows a bart police officer running over to the scene . it shows the officer shooting sahleem tindle three times. his family met with alameda county da, nancy o'malley, yesterday and asked questions about the investigation. >> what is your perspective on the countless killings by law enforcement? she said she could not comment. we asked her in terms of bart's
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jurisdiction, is it true they have a separate jurisdiction than the opd? she said she could not give us a fact as to whether the jurisdiction between the two. >> sahleem tindle's family says yesterday's meeting was not productive. they will meet again with the district attorney on april 11. among other things, they want bart police chief to lose his job and they want bart police officer joseph mateau, the officer who shot sahleem tindle, to be fired and charged with murder. the trump adminstration now wants production quotas for immigration judges to reduce massive court backlogs and speed up decisions about deportations. the justice department released new guidelines, saying beginning october 1, judges have to complete 700 cases per year. right now, the judge is complete about 678 cases per year. critics say putting speed requirements on judges will cause some of the cases to be decided without the proper consideration. president trump and the democrats still blame each other for the lack of a deal on daca. coming up, we will have more about that in a live report from washington.
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tonight the richmond city council will hear a new proposal to deal with the federal office of immigration and customs enforcement. the plan calls for any city workers who receive a written or oral request from ice to notify the chief of police or city manager. the manager or chief would have to inform the city council. it would also ban the city from using any resources or money to help the enforcement of federal immigration laws and it would prohibit releasing any information about when someone is being released from custody. the city council meeting starts at 6:30 pm at the civic center tonight. another legal battle between the trump administration and california is already brewing. the environmental protection agency plans to lower federal standards for vehicle mileage in 2025, saying they are too
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high. >> the epa may revoke california's authorities to to set its own vehicle emission requirements.>> reporter: from mandatory smog checks to other regulations, california has long had stricter vehicle emission standards and the rest of the country. >> this state puts the limit. >> i came from new jersey. in new jersey, we don't have this. all we have is an expection. there is no small testing. >> reporter: at walnut creek ford, the sales manager says customers are tacked -- attracted to clear cars. after the auto bailout, manufacturers had agreed to achieve an average fuel economy of about 55 miles per gallon by 2025. monday epa director, scott pruitt, announced he will roll that that standard, saying it was set too high. he also stated he is re-
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examining california's waiver under the clean air act to set its own stricter standards. he said it does not mean they can dictate standards for the rest of the country. the epa will dictate a national standard for greenhouse gas emissions. >> it has never been done before that an epa administrator would revoke a previously granted waiver. >> the professor of the law climate program says california could be heading for a legal battle with the trump administration. he said, watch out for this belated april fools' day trick. the cynical abuse of power will poison our air and jeopardize the health of all americans. if the apa does not revoke california's waiver, -- the epa does not revoke california's waiver, it could force automakers to produce cars for two markets, california and other states that do not have high standards. >> it will put the u. s. at a competitive disadvantage if we are not developing the kinds of vehicles that can achieve those environmental goals that the
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rest of the world is producing. >> reporter: the epa director did not give an exact number for the new mileage standards. he said that would be reviewed and announced later. plans to evict more than 100 homeless people now living near a mostly vacant santa rosa shopping center have been delayed by a federal judge. the city and the sonoma county community development commission ordered the homeless to leave by tomorrow. a hearing is set for thursday on whether evicting them from that part of the roseland neighborhood violates their civil rights. the homeless started camping there three years ago and then the camp grew after the northbay wildfires last october. the property belongs to the county. the county planned to build affordable housing and retail space on those seven acres. the san francisco homeless
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coalition is planning to gather signatures for a measure on the november ballot that would put a half% tax on businesses that make more than $50 million a year. the coalition says the money generated by the tax would be used to house the homeless, prevent people from losing their homes and increase mental health services for people already living on the street. it is estimated the tax would generate $300 million a year. tenants and their advocates will announce their support for a measure that could change san francisco's rent ordinance. the group will talk about a loophole some landlords are taking advantage of. they say right now landlords can pass property tax and mortgage cost expenses onto their tenants. the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to take up the issue later this month. the fbi want your help. they want to find a man suspected of several bay area bank robberies. take a look at this. this man is described as being about six feet tall, weighing about 300 pounds and suspected of robbing a bank in san jose
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on march 15, as well as two other banks in san mateo on march 17 and march 23. in each case, he handed a note demanding money to a bank teller and threatened to tell -- kill her with a gun. he was wearing a ball cap with the oakland raiders met -- or golden warriors logo. look at the photos. if you recognize him or the car, call the fbi in san francisco. on the uc berkeley campus yesterday a mountain lion was spotted just after 3:30 am. university employee spotted the mountain lion while walking through campus. the mountain lion was not aggressive and did not move, according to campus police. the worker backed away. the search for the mountain lion turned up nothing. there is a lot of rugged
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terrain around the campus. you don't usually see them cruising across campus. still ahead, mark zuckerberg versus tim cook of apple. the ceo of facebook response to criticism from the ceo of apple. in the next half hour, a south bay man held in a federal immigration detention center for six months was released. we will show you the jubilant reunion with his wife and children. we have a nice forecast today. we have some patchy fog but everything is quiet. tomorrow we turn our attention to the west. there could be a lot of rain to end the week, but not today.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". president trump says a reported caravan of central american immigrants moving to mexico headed for the u. s. border shows why top -- tough new immigration laws are needed. >> it includes the fate of young daca recipients and the future the north american free- trade agreement. the president is putting the pressure on congress. >> reporter: this is quickly becoming a bigger issue. the president will find himself right up against a congress that is reluctant to do much of anything. especially in an an election year. they are on their way. by many reports, more than 1000 central american immigrants in caravans are moving to mexico
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and for many, the goal is clear. >> [ speaking spanish ]>> reporter: our destination is to reach the united states, this woman says. there may not be much u. s. officials can do about it drawing the ire of president trump. at the annual white house easter egg roll yesterday, he lashed out at democrats in congress for refusing to reach a broad immigration deal that would include legalization for young immigrants already here in the u. s., the so-called daca recipients. >> the democrats have really let them down. they had this great opportunity. >> reporter: many democrats blame the president. dianne feinstein tweeted 87% of americans want a daca fix. democrats are ready to find one when president trump decides to get serious about fixing a problem he created but refuses to solve. in mexico, the caravans come as the president is threatening to make significant changes to the north american free trade agreement, if the immigration issue is not addressed.
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exit codes u. s. ambassador says his country is working on it. >> our migration authorities are looking at as appropriate either to repatriate these people or to offer humanitarian relief to them in mexico. >> reporter: the administration is trying to ramp up pressure on the nation's immigration judges to clear out the case backlogs more quickly. caltrans is improving parts of highway 37 in sonoma county to try to help reduce traffic jams and help stop drivers cutting people off. drivers have been darting over into the single lane in veyo -- vallejo. over the weekend, caltrans reconfigured the lanes and repainted them so they could go east in two lanes instead of just one. some drivers say it has not helped ease congestion yet because many people don't know about the change. >> he tried to cut us off six or seven times. you just have to speed up and not let them over. it is ridiculous. >> it is better but they need
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to have one going through. >> we can only do what we can do with what we have. this is a short-term solution. seemed caltrans says a trip on that stretch of highway 37 can take 20 minutes without traffic and 90 minutes or more when it is congested. i do hate those people who, when you are waiting in line patiently, sal, waiting in line and there are always those people who go up to the very end . i don't want to let them in. i really don't. >> just for the sake of my blood pressure i have to let it go. >> i do, too. maybe they didn't know. >> i just don't. i will turn on a little bit of
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snoop dogg and let it all fall off of me. chill. what i hate is when someone stopped at a green light because they are lost. it is like, really? good morning, everyone. here's a look at 80 westbound as you head out from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. it will be a lot of slow traffic at the bay bridge because it will get a lot of use , not only for the morning commute, but for the giants home opener. and then going the other way coming out of san francisco when the game is over. we are also looking at interstate 880 in oakland. it looks so good so far in front of the colosseum. there is slowing further down in hayward. on the peninsula right now traffic is moving along pretty well. in a south bay we don't have much going on. there is a crash on the north 101 a capital expressway. you will start seeing the slow traffic there. on satellite radio, there is a channel called chill or watercolors. i recommend them both. let them in. we have a nice day on top
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with a little bit of fog on the coast. it will get chewed up here. inland we have no worries. it will be nice. this mice -- this might be the best day for the best -- rest of the weeds today looks pretty good except for the patchy fog. i don't see any issues mostly sunny and nice. 64 degrees for the giants home opener. no record high, but it will be okay. low clouds filling in on parts of the coast. i don't think there is too much resistance there. 30s, 40s and 50s on the map. fremont is a little chilly. gilroy is 42 degrees, 38 in boulder creek. there are 30s and low 40s in the santa cruz mountains. everything starts to change tomorrow as this moisture, which was once a typing/hurricane, it has started moving and visiting the hawaiian islands and now it is moving towards us in the eastern pacific.
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the amount of moisture coming in for april maybe a record. it is an eye-popping amount coming in. you can call it atmospheric river, pineapple connection or a lot of clouds, whatever you want. it is aiming at us. on thursday when it comes in, there are really no dynamics associated with it. once you get parts of the jet stream to come in, that will be up to about 50 or 65 knots by the time we get to friday afternoon. that is when things kick in. thursday we have a lot of cloud cover and light rain. heavy rain and wind kicks in friday and early on saturday. right now about 10:00 or 11:00 saturday we should be on the drier side here. it will be cooler and breezy by
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sunday but 5 to 6 isolated amounts are possible. i think we had an almost miracle march, what about an awesome april? for climatology in san francisco, inch-and-a-half is what we average for rain in about six days. the highest total was 10.06 in 1808. it is possible but rare. as we go back and take a look at some of the 2010, 3.59, 2.6 had five inches plus. 2003, 3.60. 1983, 3.48. 1978, 4.21 and 1967 4.90. yesterday was more bullish. today they have eased do a
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little bit. was so much moisture there, where it sets up, i would not be surprised if you see up to 6 inches. this is a warm system with the snow level going way up and coming down on saturday once a colder air comes in. it will go up to the passes and maybe come down to 5000 feet on sunday. there could be upper 60s with rain around here on friday, that is how one this is. we are good today and everything looks nice. a little breezy in mostly sunny. tomorrow we start to cloud up and the heavy rain, the heavy stuff doesn't kick in until friday into saturday morning. get ready. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. today looks pretty good. your average is close to where it should be for the inland areas. there will be some light rain thursday but friday is the day friday night into saturday morning.>> it will be easier for the commute because it is a friday and saturday. it won't be as rough because most people, hopefully -- >> it will be rough enough. a fiery celebration last night after villanova won the ncaa men's basketball championship. still ahead, the celebration just outside philadelphia lit up the night sky at villanova university. why the victory was extra important to ktvu anchor frank somerville.
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tesla releases critical crash data affecting public safety immediately and always will. to do otherwise will be unsafe. on friday, tesla confirmed that the driver killed on highway 101 was using the autopilot feature and the driver was not holding on to the steering wheel before the crash. the ntsb says its preliminary report may not be out for several weeks. . facebook ceo zuckerberg is criticizing how cook criticized him. he wants more regulation of facebook after it was revealed that cambridge analytica worked with the trump campaign to gain 50 million user profiles.
6:29 am
he called it as highly misleading. and zuckerberg is going to testify in congress for the cambridge analytica scandal. he's been getting advice from top political experts. no date is set for that testimony. 6:29, new developments coming in from sacramento in connection to the fatal police shooting of stephon clark. and it's dashcam video of a man hitting a protestors. and threats against the muslim community in britain are being reported. it's an anti-muslim campaign. we'll tell you about these letters and how security is being stepped up at home.
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good morning to you, thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, tuesday morning, april 3rd, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook, the time is 6:32, it's home opener for the san francisco giants, we have the orange and black, send us a photo if you're decade out today. it will be a nice day in the ballpark today. >> i'm in my rain blue for later in the day. >> maybe a little orange. >> rain blue. >> today though is fine.
6:33 am
there's low clouds dancing around, but by 1:00, speaking of, there you go. some low clouds made in paris, bull they'll burn back. there's an onshore breeze. that can contribute that fog back. it's mostly sunny. there will be a westerly breeze. 40s and 50s around the bay, richmond says 51, 50 in the city officially, but 2:49 and 48 and 46 in oakland. we can beat that, and this is 37, 41 in santa rosa, a few 50s, it's cooler than we had yesterday. that's for sure. we lost higher clouds from yesterday, except for the patchy low clouds, a lot of moisture will be playing in the forecast late tomorrow. except for the fog offshore, i don't think the fog will go
6:34 am
far. the temperatures in the bay is 58, it will warm up. they're cold, except for the fog it will be nice to mild to warm. 67 is your temperatures at 6:34 and sal tells us the traffic is -- >> getting busier as you might imagine. it's slow on highway 24. lets start there. highway 24, it's a little slow in lafayette and also heading out to the tunnel, a little bit of slowing, if you're driving to oakland you'll see slow traffic coming around the macarthur maze. i want to mention a problem in napa. police activity may slow you down a little bit but not a big slow down just yet, in case you heard about that. it's not a huge deal yet. this is the look at the macarthur maze and bay bridge. traffic is backed up for a 20- minute delay before you make it on to the span. there's no problem on
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interstate 880 so far. lets go back to the desk. a big day for baseball san francisco, as we've been talking about, the giants are back home for the home opener on at&t park. >> the ballpark is looking good for the giants '60 the opening day in san francisco. we're already there inside of the att park. you'll show us some of the changes people can expect. good morning ali. >> reporter: we're dressed in orange, black and white. we're inside of the stadium with the giants home opener later this afternoon. preparations are under way during the early-morning hours. it was pitch dark in the stadium. the stadium was buzzing with people getting things ready. the grounds keeper was going around with the mother. i have the executive vice president for the giants, you guys have sold full season tickets, a rough season this
6:36 am
year, but this year you're expecting a whole new season and and lineup of different events and activities especially for the 60th anniversary, the 60th year that the giants have been in san francisco. can you show us stuff that you have planned? what will be different for the fans? >> we have a lot of great promotions, there's an incredible amount of history that's happened in the last six decades, we thought it would make sense to celebrate the players and the moments that have happened both here at att and candlestick park. >> some of that celebration is going to be during the opening ceremonies today? >> yes, we are very excited, we have a very full program today, we encourage fans to be in their seats by 12:45, we have about 25 alumni coming back to the ballpark. >> including some of the folks featured in these bobble heads.
6:37 am
>> barry bonds, willie mays, he moved to san francisco with the new york giants, and some more recent players, like jeremy and cody ross, and we have representations from all six decades of our time here in san francisco and we're really looking forward to having a big reunion this afternoon. we're also paying tribute to who we think was our number 1 giants fan, mayor ed lee who passed away too suddenly in december, we have a number of former mayors and his wife who will be with us this afternoon. >> all part of the 60 year history. i want to mention the fans can come and enjoy the display of every bobble head that you put out. >> we have a new bobble head museum. it's located haven the bleachers and -- behind the bleachers and we'll have every single bobble head we've made.
6:38 am
and this will be at the giants vault, it's opening this friday, that's at the city plaza. it will be an exhibit of several artifacts we haven't seen before. we have donations from people who donated their collection. it's about celebrating the 60 years in san francisco. we're excited about the team. we have new players, a few health issues with our pitching staff, but they'll be coming back soon and we took two out of four in l.a., we're excited to see this weekend. we have the dodgers in town, we're going to get going soon. thank you so much. the communications, they're talking about the 60 year history and how it's playing into the celebrations for the home opener. >> that's one of my favorite things to walk in the ballpark inside, looking into the cases and looking at the balls and things from the old teams, you
6:39 am
have six decades of it. what are you doing next time we see you? >> we'll be speaking with the giants ceo. >> thank you. this is our question of the day? what's your favorite part about catching a became at the park. the team, the fans, the ballpark and the food? what is it. >> 15% of you say it's the teams, i go there to watch the teams 24% say garlic fries, the food, 54% though say their number 1 reason, favorite part of the experience is the ballpark itself, 7% of you say the fans, let us know what you think by voting on the twitter page you can contact on our ktvu facebook page. villanova is the new
6:40 am
national champion in college basketball. they're celebrating in philadelphia, pennsylvania, my home state. they're celebrating at villanova, climbing up poles and setting off fireworks, the police are out there, they stepped in, they said there were some problems, but no word of any arrests so far. all of those people were celebrating that big 79-62 victory by villanova over michigan. the game was tight throughout the first half, then villanova just took off. it started off the game 1 for 7 on three point shots then they started hitting early and often from deep. michigan managed 5 points over and 8-minute window. villanova and the head coach jay wright who happens to be the brother-in-law of ktvu's frank somerville take the title for the second time in three
6:41 am
years. there's a warning going out to the became area's muslim community today, that's after threats of violence against muslims in great britain. >> anonymous letters have labeled this publish muslims day. students are getting a safety alert. tell us more about that, alex. >> good morning, a day of no direct threat here at home. authorities are taking it seriously. police will be increasing patrols on this campus today and here at diablo county college, there's a threat against muslims overseas. there's anonymous letters sent out labeling today as punish a muslim today. this is a troubling point system. this is directed at british
6:42 am
muslims, members of the bay area community are concerned about the possibility of hate crimes at home. the local chapter of care, they issued a safety warning and have increased security at mops him locations and institutions, and anyone who witnesses harassment or violence against moslems is urged to report that right away to authorities. >> thank you, alex. the time is 6:42, a san jose man is back with his family. he was held in the past sixth months at the federal immigration detention center. it was a happy and emotional homecoming. families and friends stopped by and congratulated them. he dropped off one of his children at day care and he was
6:43 am
arrested. officials say he illegally came from mexico in 2004 and he has a dui on his record. >> it's hard when you know all of a sudden you're going to work and they take you away from the family and life. >> the moment that i saw him and i hugged him, i felt so happy, it's something i can't describe. >> and an immigration judge released him after lawyers successfully saved him from persecution. there are ties to mexican law enforcement. we tried to contact immigration officials about this case but we didn't get a response june the sacramento county sheriff released new dashcam video of a pole car hitting a protestors. this happened over the weekend. this happened to stephon clark. the deputy did not realize he hit someone, the woman suffered
6:44 am
minor injuries and the attorney calls it an intention al hit and run. they were surrounding patrol cars and the at the at this was trying to move way from them. right now, the authorities are looking for two people after a police chase early today in contra cost at that county. we'll get a -- contra -- costa county. we'll have more on that search.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2, have you been telling me the future is indicating a higher opening, the numbers went up despite the fact that european markets are all down this morning after reacting to our drops yesterday, the dow jones up 154 points, over half of a per cent, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq are up more than a half of a per cent as well. spotify, the music streaming service is making its debut on wall street today, the company started 11 years ago in europe, it's now, the biggest music streaming service, 71 million consumers, it's not going public the ipo way, it's a direct listing, it's trading under the symbol spot.
6:48 am
grinder shared information about the hiv status with two outside companies. two software companies received user products that can include the hiv status and the date of their last hiv test. the sharing of limited information is done with the highest level of confidentiality, data security and user privacy, but privacy advocates say sensitive health information could easily fall into the wrong hands. panera says it's resolved the security flaw since a data breach affected millions of customers. panera bread denies that saying that fewer than 10,000 customers were affected and there's no evidence of financial information being
6:49 am
released and they say birthdays and home addresses may be on the website. and a reaction of a high school is in texas was just accepted to stanford university. >> oh, my god! >> that's priceless. >> 17-year-old michael brown screaming with excitement. he even cried when he got the news and he has a lot to be excited about. not only was he accepted in stanford, he was offered a full ride scholarship to at least 20 of the colleges he applied to, that includes harvard, yale and princeton. and, in addition, to the scholarships offered by those schools, he was also awarded more than $250,000 in outside scholarships. that's according to the new york times. by the way he has a 4.68gpa and an sat score of 1540 out of
6:50 am
1600. >> wow. he is quite a list -- he has quite a list to choose from. >> don't you remember the day when you told your appearance that you got that acceptance letter. >> i do remember screaming. >> it's a happy time. >> that young man somebody incredible. >> i predict good things for that young man's future. >> good morning, everyone, lets go out and take a look at the commute now, traffic is going to be busy if you're driving from the bring to the maze, you'll see traffic as well at the bay bridge. what's going to be different today, the traffic will stick around for a while because of the giant's home opener. it means after 9:00, when it usually dies down, we have a second wave of people going to the ballpark today. just be aware, the later this afternoon it will be a crowded day out this afternoon because
6:51 am
of the home opener. traffic is moving along nicely, so far the san mateo and the did you know bar mountain commutes are good for looking at the homemaker for the approach. >> you can come up. it must have been a great day. come on up, we'll let you in. yes, it was, look, is it june, already? no, it's early april. we have fog, it won't last, it's there. it's not widespread. it's in the bay, parts of it. it will burn out and will be mostly sunny, 64 for the giants home opener, you don't have to worry about rain, but until we get there, we'll enjoy the home opener, 30s, 40s and 50s, it's running significantly cooler, compared to yesterday at this time. and concord buchanon, and we're minus 5 for livermore. there's a little bit of fog
6:52 am
forming right now. and he said parts of the march incoast, it's peeling back -- marin coast. tomorrow we'll see an increase in the higher clouds, it remains with what remains a typhoon/hurricane. it's moving past the hawaiian islands and getting closer to us. current conditions, 46 with a little witchy fog -- wispy fog. what do you remember, it was 1983. i was in chicago and denver forecasting there. april rain, there's areas where we get heavy rain, i'll show you that in a second. what's coming in late thursday, friday and saturday, it could average 1-5 plus depending on where this sets up. an inch and a half is average for the month. 6 and a half days of rain.
6:53 am
the greatest total is 10.06. this may be ruling some of these that happened not too long ago. we forget. 2010, 2006. 5.302 -- 5.02. and here are the stats: rain is in the forecast by time. now, yesterday they had and little more forecast for us, it could change the forecast models because there is a tremendous amount of moisture that's coming in for climate tolling cal reasons, it could come in. we could top these estimates. this morning is fog, and off of sfo it's offshore, it won't go too far. 50 for the water temperature. it's cold enough. 19 in truckee, and it's cool comment for the coast, we're good today.
6:54 am
the sunshine looks nice, sunny, mostly sunny, tomorrow we have the clouds and friday and saturday is the main window for heavy rain. 60s and 70s, and coast and bay, slightly above for inland areas. friday and saturday is when the rain kicks in. >> all right. that's incredible. it will be a nice day at the ballpark today. we'll have more straight live from att park had we come back. cholula hot sauce is teaming up with jack in the box for the cholula buttery jack.
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>> the attorneys can call a witness who say the accuser talked about framing a celebrity before she went to police in 2005 with allegations against cosby. the jurors can hear how much cosby paid in a settlement. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually saulting a hung jury-- the first trial ended in a hung jury. the crown prince of saudi arabia expected to come here this week to meet with top tech executives. he will meet with apple's ceo
6:58 am
cook and executives at google. he will meet with venture capitalists in silicon valley as well. the exact dates he will be here has not been made public. he has made social reforms in saudi arabia, including a ban on women driving. a new photo exhibit in san francisco celebrates fashion in chinatown. the photo exhibit at the view wish community center is called chinatown pretty. the subjects are mostly elderly residents. the artists say people watching in chinatown inspired their project. they saw older people there just as energetic as their bold and colorful outfits. >> we set out to try to understand, document and capture that -- that took. we are using fashion and style to tell deeper stories about --
6:59 am
about people in our city. >> now, the two artists will travel to other city that's have chinatowns like vancouver and chicago and take more photos and tell the stories of the older chinese people there and they will eventually put it together in a book. the exhibit in san francisco at the view wish community center continues through june. it is 6:59. in lapping, a teenage boy is safe and back with his family after he fell down a drainage pipe in the l.a. sewer system. an incredible story. 13-year-old jessie hernandez was having an easter picnic with his family on sunday. he and his friends were playing at a nearby maintenance yard when he fell about 25 feet down after a wooden plank broke. he got lost in the maze of sewer pipe that's run parallel to the los angeles river and was trapped and alone for more than 12 hours. crews used a special camera to pinpoint where he was and
7:00 am
finally found him early yesterday morning under a manhole about 3500 feet from where he first fell into that drainage system. >> opened it and the first thing they heard is help. they were thrilled. right away they saw jessie about 11 feet into the structure. >> now, jessie was checked out at the hospital and later released. authorities say his story is definitely an easter miracle. they're looking now for two people who may have rammed a car into a police officer early today. coming up, an update on the search for the suspects in the wetlands at hercules. >> reporter: it is the 19th


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