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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the 10 pm news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> hitting the brakes on the fuel economy rules. they plan to slow global warming. >> it has never been done before that they would revoke previously granted waivers, we have never seen that before in court. >> dpa says that revoking the
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authority to put stricter standards in place that's what they're doing.>> the federal government and the state of california are on a collision course tonight. this is over efforts to protect the environment. joining us live from walnut creek. >> reporter: most carlet have vehicles that could get 40, 50, miles per gallon even with zero emissions. there will be and environmental fight in the court and impact what consumers find on the dealer lot. more than 17 million new cars were sold in the u. s. last year according to automotive news, many are vehicles that get increasingly high gas mileage. >> some get over 55 miles per hour -- 55 miles a gallon. >> it has impacted the car
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business throughout the manufacturers. >> reporter: manufacturers have agreed to get a fuel economy of 55 miles per gallon. they said it was set too high. and they want to re-examine the waiver under the clean air act and had their own stricter standards. it doesn't mean that wednesday could dictate the standards for the rest of the country. they will allow them to make cars that people want and afford while still expanding the environmental safety benefits for newer cars is with they say. >> it has never been done before that nepa demonstrator would try to -- epa demonstrator would tried to revoke that. >> reporter: this director said that the epa could be headed towards a legal battle in california. jerry brown blasted through its
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decision and he said watch out for this belated april fools day trek. it will poison our error and poison and jeopardize the health of all americans. they said that if the epa does not revoke california's waiver it could force the automakers to force them to make cars for two markets, that would be normal standers and california standards. >> we see many countries in europe moving towards electric vehicles aggressively and it will leave the u. s. at a competitive disadvantage. >> reporter: he did not give an exact number for the new standers today it would be developed and announced later. there are 12 other states in the country that follow
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california's standers that could be impacted.>> thank you. the trump administration is taking aim at california that allows for transfers of federal land. they pass this lock -- last october. the justice department filed suit in federal court in sacramento today claiming that the law is unconstitutional because it interferes with congress is right to control the sale of federal property. stocks fell after china announced tariffs on many products of the u. s. that came in response of the president's decision to tax imports to china. the nasdaq gave up its gains following 193 points. and the dow fell 458 points. there are growing fears of a
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trade war. we will go to washington dc for more than that and we will take a look at the tech stocks and why they are tumbling. the president blamed democrats that refused to and the program for -- and coat the program. -- end the program. >> i am sure there were details, it is not a blank check in you cannot use it for anything you want. they clearly, we are interested in having border security. >> the president called for that u.s. senate to and coat the nuclear option and it would make it easier for republicans to pass tougher immigration laws without democratic votes. a san jose man was reunited with his family after in federal detention center.
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he dropped off his child at daycare and the judges deciding that he could stay in the u. s. azenith smith is with us now. >> reporter: today, it has been overwhelming, all night, family and friends and neighbors have been stopping by his house to see him. he says it has been a nightmare but it has been worth it for this day. jubilee filled this south san jose home. they welcomed him back home he was gone for six months. >> it is a dream. it's like you do not believe a. -- it. i will go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow and see everything different than tonight.
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>> the moment that i saw him and hugged him i felt so happy, it is something that i cannot describe. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the 33-year-old walked out the immigration office as our free man. he entered the country in 2004 and was deported one time before to return to his family. he has a dui also on his record.>> all of a sudden, you go to work then they take you away from the family and her life. >> reporter: and immigration judge released him as he could face persecution in mexico with his family ties to mexican law enforcement. >> it is horrific on what they are doing in the terms of the fear that they are instilling. >> reporter: his case is not unique, the group has received an uptick of calls. >> we had heard of deportation
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detention cases, certainly before, but not to this level and not to the scale. >> we have to keep fighting like he says. we our faith will. we knew that god would eventually bring him home. >> reporter: as he opens up his christmas presents he has been given a second chance in his mission is to help other families with similar stories. >> i hope that my story could give hope to many other people and many other families. and somehow they could get strength to go through these hard times. >> reporter: we reached out to the u. s. immigration and enforcement, customs enforcement office but we didn't hear back today. as far as him he will share his story with as many people as possible. he is talking to a berkeley radio station tomorrow. 100 protesters marched
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through downtown oakland and briefly disrupted the bart service they wanted justice for a man that was shot by a bart police officer. this man was involved in another fight with another man on january 3. the body cambridge footage showed that the bart police officer shot him three times. -- the body camera footage showed that the bart police officer shot him three times. >> it was not productive. we have another meeting on april 11 and we asked if we would receive the same thing we received today on the 11th? she says she doesn't know when she will see me on the 11th.>> they originally said that he was armed and it is unclear on who was holding this gun and when it fell to the ground. investigators are not sure if they have connected the gun to
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the man. a deputy had a protester with the patrol car with the demonstration over the weekend. sheriff officials released cambridge -- camera footage. >> reporter: this was the latest controversy when a sheriff deputy had a demonstrator that was attending a vigil that turned into a march four stephan clark. this unarmed man was shot on march 13. there was video release. >> he collided with that protester and he didn't know. >> reporter: they were not part of the detail overseeing this demonstration they were just driving through. the protesters started to walk towards the cruisers, they kicked in damage the first vehicle and then the woman holding the sign walks in front
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of the vehicle and is struck and falls to the ground. >> the threat he was basing was from the left side in you can clearly see that from the video. his attention could have been directed there and also he may not have held saved. >> reporter: jones explains that since the officer didn't know that he struck the protester, he was trying to catch up with the cruiser in front. during the incident the back window of one of the patrol suvs was shattered. a community activist wants to call and hold the law enforcement accountable. >> the frightening, horrific scene of this young lady getting rolled over by a sheriff and the fact that they never got out of the car to see if she was okay, it speaks volumes to the police they care in sacramento. >> the woman suffered minor injuries and the protests that
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were happening that night were largely peaceful until this incident happened. chp will be investigating this traffic collision and with the deputies involved there is no change in their status with the force. new details about a deadly hit and run in san francisco as one of the survivors speaks out for the first time. find out what we are learning before this band plowed into this group of people. at -- we are tracking the chances for rain as we head into the end of this week. i will have the five day forecast when we see you next. how the cal tran, how they are redoing a northbay highway to make it safer and faster. that story coming up.
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ok, a little hot sauce there... jack! i'm trying to film this commercial! oh. sorry. sorry. please continue. as i was saying... the cholula buttery jack has delicious cholula hot sauce, crispy jalapeños, and pepper jack cheese on a signature bun. you know what? this would be great on fries, too. what is wrong with you jack? oh my gosh. sorry. so sorry. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. ai dios mio, jack! i'm. seriously. i said i was sorry. new at 10 pm, improvements with a northbay corredor. we are talking about highway 37 in sonoma county, it narrows to one lane near the raceway. they are trying something new to knock out one big trouble and that is line cutting. we are live around highway 37 right now. >> reporter: we know that being
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here stuck in traffic and someone comes along the side, and crosses the solid line to get in front of you, it was rampant here. it also was causing road rage and cal tran pulled out pain. >> it is horrible. >> reporter: horrible, awful, terrible. those are the mild descriptions of this area. that bottleneck isn't changing but some bad behavior is changing. >> if you are waiting in line for 30 minutes then someone doesn't let you in, that is aggravating. drivers -- up into the fast lane and cross the solid white line and it is a ticket. >> you could just stay in one spot and then wave them over.
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once they cut over they are sitting in traffic. >> reporter: over the weekend, they reconfigured the lanes and repainted them with a broken line so two lanes head east instead of one. >> it is better but they have to have a going all the way through. >> that is something, we definitely would all love to have. it takes time and money. >> reporter: it was changed here but not in the flood plane. >> we have to do what we can do as a short-term solution. >> reporter: it is a solution that many drivers are not aware of. drivers are crawling on the right and not realizing that the left lane is fair game. some people gave the line cutters the benefit of the doubt.
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>> a lot of people do not know it until the last minute because they are not paying attention. >> they tried to cut us off six or seven times and you have to speed up and not let him get over. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: the law doesn't dictate on how the drivers merge but taking turns seems to work. >> it seems to work with the emerging. >> it would be great for people to be nice. >> reporter: an out-of-town driver pulled over to tell us that it took him one hour to go two miles. with the statistics, a highway on highway 37 takes 20 minutes without traffic and it takes 90 minutes or more when it is congested. >> yes,. >> yes. >> we know it. we heard from a survivor from last week's bizarre hit and run that killed one man and injured four other people.
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they were coming back from a fishing trip on wednesday and man, mark dennis, threaten them and yelled racial slurs at them. dennis then jumped into a van and slammed into the pedestrians. killed one and hurt four other others. -- four others. police caught up to him and arrested him.>> he is saying that his friend should have never died that way. he saw the way that it happened. he witnessed everything and he saw everyone on the floor. he is morning for his friend. >> the suspect appeared in court on murder, attempted murder and assault charges he didn't enter a plea and is going to return to court i will wednesday. two of the men are out of the hospital where the other two will remain in the hospital.
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in alameda, they are inspecting the bridges. tomorrow, one lane is being shut down on the fruitvale village from 10 am to 10 pm. 9 pm tomorrow night all the lanes will be close. wednesday to friday, the daytime closers are set for the high street bridge. we are tracking some nice spring weather. we had plenty of sunshine today. the highs will be similar to what we saw today. the high pressure is with us but this area in the pacific will align itself up. it will set up an atmospheric river rain potential as we head into the end the week. it will be a friday morning event, in the meantime, we have another nice day tomorrow. we could have apache area fog but the highs will be back into
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the 60s and 70s. there are a few high clouds out there right now. they made a nice for a nice sunset. temperatures outside tonight, it is cooler. 49 napa, overnight lows in the inland valleys will be in the 40s and some in the 50s. it will be a nice day tomorrow. the tree pollens are coming out to. when we come back we will talk about that. we will have the latest computer model set up. and we will show you the rain that wants to show appear by friday morning's commute. the recent storms boosted the water supplies but it hasn't been enough to make it for the extremely dry months we have had. they measured today and officials say that the snowpack is at 52% of average for this time a year. it is a huge improvement but experts say that last month rain didn't come close to producing the march america that we needed.
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>> clearly, while we had a good march, it was not adequate to get a sub to are really -- to get us up to a really good outlook for the water supply. we are living off our savings from last year so we need to be prudent with our water use. a major milestone with the road to recovery. >> we are happy to help santa rosa to rebuild and recover. >> the work that just started today to help residents to get back onto their feet. they outlasted the teams. mark will show us how they ended up on top. a 13-year-old boy was rescued after 12 years -- 12 hours stuck in the sewage pipe.
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find out how he got there in and how we got out. (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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a major rebuilding project got underway in santa rosa. it is six months after the destructive wildfires. >> pg&e worked hard. >> reporter: right next to the park they created a yard to receive semi after semi of materials that needs to be here to replace this system. >> the underground electric line they were completely destroyed, the equipment and the lines due to the high temperatures of the fires. >> reporter: how big of a job is this? pg&e here will replace 13 miles
10:25 pm
of electrical cable and all the equipment that makes it work. and another 15 miles of gas lines. it is a huge job. >> we work 12 hours a day, sometimes, seven days a week. they have to get the project completed by the end of the year. >> reporter: the consequences are so significant that the old lines are been abandoned for new lines being entrenched into the street. there will be other utilities with it. once buried, the temporary overhead lines will be removed. >> there is a lot of coordination with the city and other utilities to get us to this milestone. we are here to help santa rosa rebuild and help our customers
10:26 pm
rebuild and recover. >> reporter: they plan to finish this by october. but they say the end of the year so they do not overpromise. an update on wall street, there are fears of a trade war. >> stocks were tumbling today from manufacturers to tech stocks. find out what they are doing to fix the shortage of the crossing guards. that story coming up. captioning for the 10 pm news is brought to by the mancini sleep world. visits.
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stocks on wall street closed significantly lower today. the three major indexes are in negative tory -- territory for the year. the dow dropped 458 points and nasdaq dropped 193 points. for more on all of this we are join now with lauren blanchard in washington. >> reporter: it sparked a selloff on wall street, they kicked off the second quarter
10:30 pm
with sour monday. from manufacturing to tech, shares when tumbling. it was the biggest point drop 5.2%. the president tacked -- did tax, -- did text. he said only fools or worse are saying that our money losing post office makes money with amazon. facebook shares are dealing with fallout from the leak. their shares were down 2.7%. and china wants to put tariffs on 100 american products. >> it is bad news for the hog farmers. >> reporter: china should have known that president trump was
10:31 pm
trying to even out the balance. >> he is tired of us being taken advantage of.>> reporter: the fears of trade work could be exaggerated but it is the uncertainty that is causing problems. >> it hates the idea that we do not know what the final trade deal will be with china. >> reporter: despite the recent waller coaster on wall street the stock market is up 20%. -- roller coaster on wall street, the stock market is up 20%. he will meet with the apple ceo, tim cook, the new site reports that prince will meet with -- the prince will meet with them in the bay area. he has made economic reforms in a -- saudia arabia.
10:32 pm
they will release key information about a crash that killed a driver in the bay area 10 days ago. the tweet said that tesla releases critical crash data immediately and always will, to do otherwise would be unsafe. tesla released that the driver was using the autopilot feature. tesla said that the driver didn't have his hands on the steering wheel six seconds prior to impact. there is a need for school crossing guards in san francisco. it has been a struggle to keep positions filled. the agency is trying to change that. here is cristina rendon reporting.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: on the busy streets of san francisco, mary klein keeps people safe in the crosswalk. >> i like it. it keeps you busy on your toes. >> reporter: they need another crossing guard that was vacated in the recent months. >> we are on a busy intersection. we need to make sure we have someone out there that could safely guide the children across the street. >> reporter: it has been a struggle to make sure that they have a crossing guard at every school in location needed. 175 positions out of 195 are filled. >> we need 22 more to be filled for a mass capacity but there also are additional requests for crossing guards. >> reporter: the agency is conducting a survey on where the crossing guards are needed most. they earn under 18 hours an hour this make $18 an hour.
10:34 pm
>> week -- $18 an hour. >> we have heard that there is a split shift that the crossing is have to come in early in the morning then later in the afternoon, those are things we are looking at to see what we can address to make sure that on a people could stay here for a long pier at a time.>> reporter: this bite -- despite the split hours, she is rounding up others to join our. >> i am putting smiles on people's faces. >> reporter: they are actively recruiting crossing guards if you know anyone interested. you should contact them online. in san francisco, cristina rendon, fox 2 news. a 13-year-old boy was rescued tonight after being in sewage pipe for 12 hours.
10:35 pm
>> we gave the boy a cell phone so that he could talk to his family members. you could imagine, the family was overjoyed. we are tricking rain in the forecast. more that coming up. find out how police were able to catch up with this stolen box truck.
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the driver of a stolen box truck led sheriff deputies and the highway patrol on a chase. the chase ended with the truck stopped in the middle of highway 14. that driver jumped out of the truck and ran across several lanes of traffic. he surrendered to authorities lying face down in a field. he was taken into custody and no one was hurt. at their 2-year-old los angeles boy fell down, sewage pipe. he was rescued today. the boy, he was decontaminated -- a 12-year-old boy in los angeles fell down a sewage by. he was rescued today.
10:39 pm
he tumbled down the pipe and was swept away by a river of sewage. he remained underground for 12 hours than he was eventually located two thirds of a mile away. he was praying to god to help him. 100 firefighters, police, park rangers, and water personnel worked to free home. >> we located jesse hernandez alive and talking. we were able to give him a cell phone to contact his family members. >> what a lucky boy. this is part of a network with pipes that run parallel with the los angeles river. after they searched with cameras in the pipes they found him under this area. they opened up a manhole cover to get to the boy. teachers demanding higher pay held rallies today.
10:40 pm
they are demanding a raise and more resources for their classrooms. this comes after a month where the teachers in west virginia god of 5% raise with the five day strike. 2500 teachers in phoenix held a rally at the arizona state capital. >> i am proud to see that support. i pray and hope that our legislator listens. in order for our students to be successful they need top dollar. >> the teachers in oklahoma and kentucky plan to head back to class tomorrow. the ex-wife of the late wife has died. she is regarded as the mother of the nation with her role. she was married to him for 40
10:41 pm
years. he was in prison for much of that time. she spent years under house arrest. she became a member of the south african parliament. she died surrounded by family and loved ones and she was 81 years old. they are in the spotlight for the there fashion sense. finding fashion in an unexpected place. this exhibit is celebrating and unintentional all -- unintentional styling icon. more on your forecast coming up when we come back. ♪ ♪
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this portion of ktvu fox 2 news is sponsored by mercury insurance. celebrating fashion in a place you may not expect. that place is in chinatown. >> the exhibit is called, chinatown pretty. in the exhibit is mostly elderly residents. >> reporter: the exhibit is
10:45 pm
being held here at the jewish community center. it is called, chinatown pretty. or lori -- earlier we met one of the fashionistas. >> dorothy was born in san francisco's chinatown and she has lived here all her life. the 84-year-old is guide. she walks with them and every step she takes, her outfits draw attention. >> what i have on, what i think and what i express and believe in is mine. >> reporter: her outfits about this make her outfits are about comfort and -- her outfits are
10:46 pm
about comfort. she is never alone with her mindset about clothing. she and others are subjects of exhibits for photograph first. >> it celebrates the seniors living and shopping in chinatown. >> reporter: they were shown as being energetic. >> it is all lot of fun. >> we were a longtime admirer of this megan myers -- we were longtime admirers of their fashion. >> reporter: many immigrated from china to chinatown. they pay tribute to the patterns and colors that made them unintentional style icons. >> we are using these to tell deeper stories about people in our city.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: she didn't develop a love for bright colors until she was in her 70s. she says it is confidence that comes with age. >> i want to say, here i am. this is me. this is uniquely me. >> reporter: the two artists plan to travel to other cities and they want to take pictures and tell stories about the older chinese people there and eventually, they want to put it together in a book. the exhibit here at the jewish community center runs until june. >> what a great idea. they are captioning people who are just being themselves. i am curious, have those people been able to see their pictures on the wall yet? >> reporter: i don't think they have seen the pictures yet. but they haven't made it out here to the exhibit. >> what where there reactions?
10:48 pm
were they thrilled? >> reporter: i can tell you, dorothy her reaction of excitement, she is thrilled. listen, as we head out this week, tomorrow, we will see warm conditions, spring like conditions, 60s, 70s, tuesday, wednesday, thursday we will have 60s and low clouds and friday brigands -- friday brings rain. this is out in the pacific. it will come together with the atmospheric river as we get into thursday night, friday. it will impact pretty much areas of central california.
10:49 pm
many areas will have two inches of rain. santa rosa and napa will be impacted. and we could have up to four inches in the santa cruz mountains. we have a few clouds out there today. you saw the sunset. we may have coastal fog tomorrow. it will be minimal. enjoy tomorrow, wednesday, and enjoy thursday but you will notice more clouds that will be the transition day to the wet friday and saturday. most likely, sunday will be a nice day. this is tomorrow, it is drive. we have all a few clouds in the morning. this is how it looks. partly cloudy, partly sunny, late in the day, san francisco will be 65 degrees. most of us will be in the upper 60s and 70s. that we get into this, nice day tomorrow into wednesday that we
10:50 pm
transition to this guy bringing rain friday morning, friday afternoon and saturday morning. this is a nice atmospheric river. it will be good for the the spring flowers and allergies. the pollen is what is bugging you right now if you have allergies. the forecast high, then the five day forecast, it is pretty much what you need, we have rain, 60% chance rainfall further north than 40% for the south. we will not have storms at this point. but the idea we get more rain is a good thing. the mountains, the snow levels will be high close to 7000.
10:51 pm
>> and you said it will start friday morning? >> late thursday on into friday morning. coming up at 11 pm, and emotional homecoming for bay area man that was in custody. they beat michigan today, mark will have the highlights, next in sports. ♪you've got a friend in me celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort.
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is sponsored by health. ucsf for all of you that do not know frank is the brother- in-law of jay wright, the head coach of villanova. the national champs in three times. we had peters upset but nonetheless it comes down to march madness. michigan comes out, michigan hate -- hit their first a. he led them with 23, they go cold they come up with a 20 thrombin -- 27-3 run, villanova.
10:55 pm
they get it going and this time, he returns the favor to spellman. he will assist this shot. 8 points and 11 rebounds for him. he called for an offensive foul. he receives the technical and benching. it was all villanova from their. --. let there the celebration begin, 79-62, villanova rules college basketball on the men's side. it was a shaky weekend for the oakland a's. the texas rangers are in town. say hello to an old friend.
10:56 pm
matt chapman takes it deep, right center field. it is now 1-0. he shoots it to center. and the catcher is out at the plate. so much for that buster posey, you cannot block the plate rule. this is a 7th inning. he is swinging right handed. he hits a double. he is added again, this scores a pair. 3-1 was the final. the a's take care of their business. remember when it used to be
10:57 pm
the dinah shore golf classic? it is still around in rancho mirage. they changed the name but it is still the same. they take it to over time. lindberg had the 30 footer for birdie. park needed to hit this shot to state even if she cannot do it. it is her first title ever. that is her fianci serving as caddy. mother, dad, the whole crew takes the plunge. it is her first ever lpga victory. we arrived at that time a night will we will check this out. it looks like the houston astros, they unveiled their banner. let it loose.
10:58 pm
and then the opening ceremony, like i said, the heavy wind keeps the flag down. here is the bonehead play of the night. look at him. he walks after the ball. he said this may have been an actual place says to himself. that is the first inside park home run. look at dad is over the railing. he is impressing his young son. the a's catch of the night, from the fan side of the deal. that's great you bring your glove to the game and you make it happen. they were snowed out. >> that is coming down.
10:59 pm
>> in queens, it is not much better. but the mets were able to get out and make metropolitan snowmen. it is time for more news. and emotional homecoming as a san jose man that spent six months at a detention walks out a custody and walks into the waiting arms of his family. the 11 pm news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. a judge ruled that he could stay with his family here in the u. s. hello, everyone, i am julie haener. >> hello, i am ken wayne. he was arrested last month after he dropped his daughter off at daycare. things have changed for he and his family. >> reporter: i just spoke with
11:00 pm
he and his family and this has been a day that they have been all waiting for for the last six months. he says he plans to take a shower right now and he is looking forward to sleeping in his own bed tonight. he calls what he has been through, this whole experience, a nightmare. but he says it has been worth it for this day. jubilee filled this home where family and friends welcomed him back home. he was gone for six months. >> i feel like i am dreaming. i just do not believe it. >> reporter: no one missed him more than his wife and three daughters. >> i hugged him and i felt so happy it is like something i cannot describe. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the 33-year-old walked out of the immigration office of freeman. he was deported once before the


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