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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 31, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the backend of the train that lawmakers were on has been taken out of the area. a ton of debris on the ground and lawmakers who were on the train say when it hits, they felt a tremendous jolt.>> the shock of the collision was such that you are not braced for it. it was fairly severe and it through a lot of people's heads into the seas, people felt on.>> reporter: the train was carrying dozens of republican lawmakers, their staff and families. according to passengers the train was going about 70 miles per hour when the collision occurred. capital and gop doctors and nurses spring into action. including the three people who were inside the dump truck. they performed cpr on one person for several minutes before he died from injuries. another was in critical condition and taken to the hospital and a third was able to walk to an ambulance. >> once it came to a stop you
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could look out the window and see the overturned truck. it was a mess. they were hit pretty severely. >> reporter: paul ryan was one of the passengers. he was not hurt and updated the president on the accident. most of those injured suffered head and neck injuries. about a half-dozen people were taken to area hospitals including jason lewis who is undergoing standard concussion protocol. the train returned to charlottesville and lawmakers are being taken to the retreat on buses. we have heard from jason lewis's press people that he is okay, he did suffer a concussion but he went on to the retreat. the retreat is carrying on as usual. the vice president is speaking tonight and the president will be speaking tomorrow. leaders are holding a moment of prayer for the victims. >> didn't some of the lawmakers have to act as first responders to help the injured? >> reporter: they did, there
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were a number of lawmakers who were also doctors, one lawmaker who used the shirt on his back as a tourniquet. there was a wife of another lawmaker who intubated a man so he could have an airway. another tried to perform cpr on one of the drivers. that is the man who did not survive. >> lauren, thank you. to washington where president donald trump is gearing up to act on the issues he focused on last night during his state of the union address. he focused on immigration and infrastructure. we have more from capitol hill. >> reporter: president donald trump delivered the longest date of the union address and roughly 18 years. talked about bipartisanship, unity, republicans are praising it. democrats aren't buying it. in a statement, michael bennett said only this president could make a call for unity sound so
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divisive. the president's tone and lack of results make it difficult to believe his speech as anything more than hollow rhetoric. the president called on lawmakers to come together to fix america's immigration system. he repeated his plan for a path to citizenship for immigrants under the daca program. in return, an increase in border security and an end to the visa lottery or what they call chain migration. the offer is not sitting well with most democrats or immigration hardliners on the right. one senator, joe mansion says he's optimistic that moderates can make a deal.>> 25 strong evenly split, we are finding out where is the breaking point? >> reporter: another priority, infrastructure. >> he will take this message to the american people. the question is, are no democrats supportive of the issues we outlined?
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>> reporter: in the senate, republicans have 51 seats and they will need democrats want to pass major legislation this year. we went to alameda to hear what people thought about the president's first state of the union address. there was a mixed reaction, one man from southern california said he thought it was a good speech and appreciated what he had to say about immigration reform. other said they were disappointed about the divisive tone they say he used such as the reference to the national anthem protest by nfl players. >> he doesn't understand the concept of protests and china make a statement, trying to make a change, he doesn't understand it. it is disappointing. it feels divisive. >> he was pointing out people in the heart of america. well done and talking about the direction of the country. i thought it was up beat and
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positive. >> the men we spoke with from southern california said he thinks there are more people who support president donald trump in california than you might think but they may be reluctant to admit it. frightening moments in castro valley when a car crashed into a porter -- into a portable building. the driver suffered minor injuries and known was -- no one else was hurt. there was damage to the building, the accident happened in a parking lot shared by castro valley elementary school, no word on what caused the crash. a soccer coach is under arrest under suspicion of sexual assault of a minor. the 20-year-old was taken into custody in morgan hill today. they say he met the victim through coaching and most recently coached at oak grove high school. as well as south valley junior high. investigators say the assault happened at a private home, not on school grounds.
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thousands of marijuana convictions are being dismissed. the district attorney is making the move after the lot tuley denies -- the law to legalize marijuana. >> reporter: thousands of misdemeanor marijuana cases will be thrown out immediately. the da says this is a way for californians to get a clean slate. >> opposition 64 past. >> reporter: san francisco leading the way as he announces his office will proactively dismiss thousands of misdemeanor marijuana cases leading back to 1975 at no cost. those affected will not have to petition to have them expunged. >> they will take no hearings, they will not have to hire attorneys, they will not have to come to court. we believe it is the right thing to do and adjust and to do.>> reporter: he estimates
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nearly 3000 misdemeanors will be thrown out immediately and roughly 5000 felony convictions will be reviewed and could be resentenced.>> there are people right off the board that are disqualified. a lot of serious offenses, we will look at the totality of history. >> reporter: this is intended to help people, especially communities of color where it can be a barrier to employment, housing and other benefits. >> those who have been adversely affected get a little bit of a break. from a system that has been targeting african-american, latino, pacific islander communities since the 80s. >> i feel this is a giant step, it is a stride towards setting black people free.
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>> reporter: he says from 1915- 2016 almost 2.8 million californians have been arrested for cannabis related offenses. he calls this a step in the right direction.>> people are trying to get their life in the right direction. >> reporter: the das office estimates the work to clear these cases will be done within a year. the director of the office of cannabis says she hopes other das across the state will follow his lead. >> they say it will take a year to dismiss these cases, how long do they think until the first cases are dismissed? could this happen this week? >> reporter: exactly, they said they are working on these immediately. they have begun to take a look at the cases that came into today knowing 3000 of them could be dismissed immediately. they did not give us a timeframe on one it will be dismissed but it will be sent.
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the bay area's newest rail system is not a-year-old, marking its first pedestrian that in santa rosa. we have been on the story all day and have the latest.>> reporter: santa rosa police were summoned to the intersection of hearn avenue at the great crossing. police say marian harrison of santa rosa was hit and killed by a southbound train. suicide is suspected. once the engineers saw the pedestrian on the tracks, the whistle was sounded and the brakes applied but it took the high-speed train a quarter of a mile to stop, too far to avoid hitting the victim. details of what happened have not been released but there is one crucial piece of evidence. >> we are still conducting that part of the investigation. we will no more once we see the video. they have to download it from the train itself and they are
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in the process of doing that.>> reporter: a group of wheelchair writers came to catch the train this morning. shortly after the incident. >> they had buses, they transported us, we were five minutes behind schedule. is a tragedy, it is terrible but it kept going. they handled it well. >> unfortunately, this is our first one. i am hoping it will not change the way it functions. we have fought so hard to get a commuter train in the county. there will be periodic tragedies.>> reporter: any train system whether it has road countries -- crossings, they will have these kinds of incidents. bart that has no crossings, still has a problem.
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people at stations fall or jump to their deaths at the stations. if you have your cell phone, laptop or ipad stolen, there is a chance it could be at the police department. police break up a sophisticated crime ring that has millions of dollars of stolen electronics ready to be trafficked from san jose to vietnam. 18 bags of luggage, they were trying to get them on a commercial airliner. >> they ran out and we are not getting anymore because flu season is almost over. doctors urging everyone to get their flu shots. many pharmacies are out of the vaccine and apparently not getting anymore. her act has entertained crowds for years. balancing bowls on top of her head while riding a unicycle. this woman who goes by the name the red panda needs your help
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finding a key part of her act. and whether we are wrapping up january on a warm note. a few 70s out there, we will let you know if this pattern continues.
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all the items were recovered as fremont police stopped an international crime ring. henry lee talked about the operation with police and a victim who is happy that she just got her left back.>> reporter: if your laptop was stolen i members of this rain,
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it could've been on its way to vietnam. we caught up with the woman who got hers back today. these eight men and women charged with being part of a sophisticated crime ring, police say burglars, gang members broke into cars all over the bay area and stole 2000 laptops, tablets and cell phones. the stolen devices were bought by this man, the alleged offense or person who deals in stolen goods.>> was -- we found out he was selling it to secondary people and these people worshiping the merchandise to vietnam.>> reporter: began last year when fremont police noticed a 35% jump in carbon rotaries and decided to take action -- car burglaries and decided to take action. they shot -- saw shipping containers, that was supposed to be put on a ship and headed
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to vietnam. >> that broke it open and we realized how large the investigation was. >> reporter: last week, they arrested this man who was allegedly in charge of getting the items over to vietnam. he was busted after he dropped off his wife at the airport. >> they had 18 bags of luggage and they were trying to get them on a commercial airliner. >> reporter: inside the luggage, 300 more stolen devices. the total hall. >> about $2 million, laptops mainly but we had tablets and cellular phones. >> they did a fantastic job.>> reporter: one of the victims, valerie presley. she was reunited with her laptop it was stolen from her range rover. >> it sounds like we have the right people on our police force and they are doing their job and getting people's property back. >> reporter: police are working hard to return the other items
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back to their owners. they recommend people never leave devices such as laptops in their cars and to keep serial numbers handy. >> did you say they tried to take 18 bags of luggage? how do they do that?>> reporter: they never made it to the plane, i assume they were not carry-ons. they were in regular boxes, declared them as junk items and it never would've batted tsa's eyes. it never got to the airport. a lawsuit blaming twitter for a terror attack has been rejected. today the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled they are not liable for the deaths of two u.s. contractors. in 2015, lloyd fields and james crete were shot and killed by a jordanian police captain while training officers. the families of the victims argued the islamic state twitter account played a large role in the death of the two
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men. the court said the lawsuit failed to prove that. the states top entrance officials had insurance claims from last year's deadly wildfires have reached nearly $12 billion. the fires that swept through wine country and in southern california are the most costly wildfires in state history. claims from the wine country fires total $10 billion, southern california claims amount to $2 billion. nearly 45,000 homes, businesses, vehicles and other equipment were damaged or destroyed in the fires. i can't believe those pictures and how the fire swept in like that. let's bring in mark, bill is off tonight. what is going on? no rain in sight? >> no rain. it feels like walking outside it is hard to remind yourself it is january. remember a year ago we were --
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we had the orbital situation last february in the san jose flooding. this year is different, 60s this afternoon toward san francisco, lower 70s for santa rosa and livermore, morgan hill 68, the advertise -- average highs around 57-60 degrees. we are well above the average across the bay area. i'm gonna show you the satellite, higher clouds moving in the bay area over the past few hours and coming closer now, there we go with the live doppler suites. we are detecting rainfall just not here. a few showers approaching the north coast towards humboldt county. coming in closer we will check in on the current numbers, still mild, 60s out toward san jose, san francisco 63 and santa rosa in the upper 60s, 60 degrees, look at this. beautiful sunset with a high
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clouds adding a nice dimension to the sky. wednesday evening, looking across the bay toward san francisco with scattered high clouds working their way in for tonight. this is the headline, sunny and warm with 60s out there and 70s, thinking about the weekend we could have 70s here in the bay area. no rainfall for us but here is the forecast model across the country for thursday, there is rainfall expected toward seattle tomorrow in the frontal band approaching the eastern seaboard. out here, you can see towards the west a dry weather pattern in place. overnight starting out thursday we will be in the upper 30s to the 40s to start of the day. san francisco, 48 degrees, scattered high clouds and that will be the biggest change for tomorrow. cloud cover throughout the afternoon hours for thursday.
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the area of high pressure in charge of the weather pattern as storm track is to the north and temperatures for tomorrow, 65-70 degrees. the weekend will be warmer in a few neighborhoods easily approaching the mid-70s by the upcoming weekend. tomorrow the model is not generating much in cloud cover but we could have extra clouds throughout the afternoon hours and take a look for the highs for tomorrow, it is not feel like february 1 but that will be the case tomorrow, san francisco 68, san jose lower 70s, gilroy 72 and look ahead at the 5-day forecast it is still dry. not a rain cloud in sight yet. possibly beyond the five day we could talk about a rain chance and we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. you may have seen her perform during halftime sporting events. the acrobat that goes by red panda needs your help finding a key part of her act. she rides around on a unicycle and then she flips holes with
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her feet and catches them on her head. she flew from denver last wednesday and she went to the luggage carousel that had her custom fitted unicycle but it wasn't there. she thinks someone took it i mistake. police released these pictures of a man walking off with the unicycle, they say he is a white male with red hair in a ponytail and a full beard. the acrobat agent is offering a $2000 reward for the return of the unicycle, no questions asked. >> let's hope they find it. a scrap metal yard had a fire, people who live there are questioning the alert system because they say they were never notified to shelter in place. sfx: tinny headphone music
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a fire at a scrap metal yard sent smoke over the east bay. tonight people who live nearby are questioning how effective the emergency alert system is. some people say they never got notified to shelter in place while the dark smoke spread over the neighborhood. >> we are looking into how emergency officials reach people in the community and if it is working. >> reporter: richmond neighbors said they knew something big was on fire but didn't know where it was coming from.>> we could smell it. the smell was strong. >> i could see black smoke and
5:26 pm
later in the night we could smell it. i don't, it is hard to tell if we were in danger, not because we didn't know what was going on.>> reporter: at fourth street, a pile of scrap metal 20 feet high caught fire sending toxic smoke in the air. it was reported at 5:08 pm, richmond fire department was the first agency to put out a community alert at 6 pm including having sirens placed around the city to go off. >> the dispatch called the sheriff's department and the activate the system.>> reporter: the sirens did not go off. the sheriff's office said they never got notified by richmond fire to turn them on. contradicting what the fire department said. activist say sirens and notifications going out an hour after the fire was still too late. >> as soon as you see black smoke from any industrial fire, there should be an emergency
5:27 pm
notification shelter in place for the people in the surrounding area.>> reporter: police and out and alert, richmond police tweeted to shelter in place. >> i am not on twitter. now 911, no alarm. >> i don't know at the universal place is to get a warning.>> reporter: residents can sign up for alert on the community warning system page. >> if you don't know it exists, you won't sign up and once you do find out you have to figure out how to sign up for it and i think that is something that has been woefully inadequate. >> reporter: you can sign up by going to the alert page, fortunately there were no medical calls reported because of the smoke. reports of the flu coming out each week, doctors urging everyone there is time to get a flu shot.
5:28 pm
>> they said they ran out and we are not getting more because flu season is almost over.>> pharmacies are out and apparently not getting any more of the vaccine. the mayor throwing his support to a southern california candidate for governor. why one political expert says this endorsement is a big deal.
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hi, we're alaska airlines. but we're all over california. so you can power lunch in la. ink the deal in san jose. and bask in the glory in palm springs. over 90 daily non-stops in california. alaska airlines. that's how we fly.
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with the deadly flu season in full swing, lasting longer than people expected, some pharmacies are beginning to run out the flu shot. health officials say there is still plenty of vaccine available. we spoke with a man in east bay who tried to get a flu shot but says he couldn't. >> reporter: we are in front of this cvs on oak street, the pharmacist say they are out of the flu vaccine for people under the age of 65. several viewers have contacted us telling us they are having trouble getting flu shots even though doctors are recommending it. eric's wife and young daughter got their flu shot months ago but he has been sick and had gotten one. last saturday he went to this pharmacy to get the flu vaccine. >> the guy said we ran out and
5:32 pm
we are not getting more because flu season is almost over. >> reporter: he is surprised. >> my wife told her pediatrician about it and she said it is not really over. >> reporter: we called around pharmacies in the bay area and they all said they were out of the flu vaccine for people under the age of 65. one pharmacist told us demand for the vaccine outpaced what they had estimated the need would be. walgreens did seem to have it available in the stores we checked. the cdc told us there is no shortage of the vaccine and it is available. we spoke with a bay area doctor who says it is not unusual for chain stores to sometimes run out. >> i don't think anyone expected to see such a crush for flu vaccines. most people are getting them in october, november and december.>> reporter: it is a big problem, they are recommending them in pharmacies
5:33 pm
are running out. >> you have to make compliance easy. if you do not, that is a disincentive. >> he says he will find another place to get his shot and next flu season he will play at different. >> next year i will get it the first day they offer it. >> reporter: we reached out to cvs but have not heard back, the cdc says there is money of x available but some people may have to call around to get a. a police motorcycle officer was hit and injured earlier today while training how to escort vehicles. it happened at john daly boulevard, after 11 am. the officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries and they are not considered to be life- threatening. parents at a san francisco elementary school are calling for the release of a teacher who has been arrested
5:34 pm
of holding a student over the edge of the balcony. andre towbar is a teacher at marshall elementary, he surrendered yesterday and is being held without bail on charges of child endangerment. a school staff member spotted him holding the student over a balcony on december 19. the child was not hurt and parents at the school say they do not believe the charges against him.>> there is an accusation that no one has seen a video, no proof. it is out of his character. i think it has been fabricated and we want him back.>> disc -- this case is under investigation and they are urging anyone with information to call their special victims unit a. and endorsement in the race for governor of california, the mayor through his support behind the former mayor. ann rubin
5:35 pm
tells us this is his first endorsement from an elected official in the bay area and some are wondering if this could mean a shift in momentum in the race. >> i am so grateful that he is running for governor, i look forward to his service as our states leader and i look forward to supporting him. >> with that, he endorsed him in his bid for governor. the first mayor to do so, making the announcement that they toured the vermont house. >> i will tell you something, if you see a smile on my face, getting the endorsement of the mayor for me is a big deal. i could not be more proud. >> reporter: a big deal because while he is well known in southern california where he was mayor of los angeles he did
5:36 pm
not have the same recognition up north. >> currently gavin newsom has support from the other bay area mayors. this is a little unusual to see sam is endorsing antonio. >> reporter: but as she shared from the science department, the endorsement is not entirely surprising. they are aligned on issues like immigration and housing and this could be a valuable introduction when it comes to independent and latino voters. >> it mixes up in norcal, socal divide but it is not surprising because they are more moderate democrats, they have a lot in common politically. >> reporter: looking ahead he will be interested to see what role independence play in the election. >> the democrat that can appeal
5:37 pm
to the center and attract more of the independent and moderate republican votes will be important. >> reporter: while they are the front runners you can see it is a crowded field with a total of nine candidates. experts like melinda jackson point out it is still early and much can change between now and when they go to the polls in november. two people are dead following a fiery crash involving a fuel tanker and prosser county. it shut down highway 20 from scott's flat road to interstate 80 and that stretch may not reopen until tomorrow. this took place on highway 20, six miles west of the interstate 80 junction. a tanker collided with a tow truck, 12-15,000 gallons of gasoline leaked from the tanker and the flames reached 50 feet in the air. the drivers of the tow truck and tanker both died in the crash. >> we had multiple explosions
5:38 pm
from the commercial truck and the fuel truck. >> there is no word on what led to the collision. the guy raids northern california skydiving business. the same where five people have died during jumped since 2016. looking ahead to the next football season? a big announcement about where you can watch thursday night nfl games. sfx: tinny headphone music
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some state lawmakers want to see janet napolitano fired after board confirmed she interfered with estate financial audit last year. at the state capital, they reported findings of a six- month internal investigation into the issue while placing some blame on her. the system says the state auditor ordered surveys completed by individual chancellors be returned directly to the state. she admits she ordered a different plan. >> it was a mistake for me to approve a plan to have the campuses send survey responses to my offices prior to their submission to the state auditor. >> i am surprised what almost has to happen for there to be a change in personnel.
5:42 pm
because this is serious, i am not asking for a pound of flesh but to rebuild the trust i believe it is time to turn the page.>> the system says there is no proof of a more serious charge and so far her job is safe. the director of the cdc has resigned because of financial conflicts of interest. dr. brenda fitzgerald was selected in july by tom price. today the resignation comes after politico reported she purchased stock in a japanese tobacco company one month into her tenure as the director. fitzgerald had come under congressional scrutiny for slowly divesting from other investments. she purchased stock and at least a dozen companies. apple is cooperating with the government investigation into their secret slowdown of older iphones. the u.s. department of justice and secretary are investigating
5:43 pm
whether they violated security laws concerning disclosures about the software update. according to sources, they are concerned apple may have misled investors about the performance of older iphones. 2016 software update began to slow older phones when batteries would we can to prevent them from abruptly turning off. apple apologized and is replacing batteries on older phones for discounted prices. you had to wake up early if you wanted to see it, the pictures are stunning. the super blue one -- blood moon. woke up early to see that, we had clear skies but a different story right now. high clouds and what that means for thursday. we will let you know when rain clouds could work the way back in.
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super blue blood moon had people looking up in the bay area and around the world. the event took place before dawn, it is a rare convergence of three lunar spectacles, a blue moon, super moon and lunar eclipse. the sea otter seem to be having a good morning under the moon, the scene captured by an early-morning observer probably will not happen again for the
5:47 pm
happy otter. scientists say the trifecta includes a blue moon, super moon and lunar eclipse. it has not happened in more than 150 years in the united states.>> some of these pictures were outstanding. we were in alameda this morning. >> reporter: 160 people spent the night on the uss hornet museum in the barracks below, right here you can see dozens of people with binoculars, cameras who have been here since the overnight and early morning hours documenting the super blue blood moon . here is some video of the eclipse as it was happening starting at 4:30 am. there were three lunar events coinciding. the superman, -- super moon, the blue moon and the lunar eclipse.
5:48 pm
>> when i pulled up before 3 am, there were 23 people waiting. it drew a lot of interest. >> an opportunity to see something we will see again. we are so fortunate to be here and i couldn't pass it up.>> reporter: the uss hornet has a special connection, this is in charge of the recovery when the apollo 11 and apollo 12 astronauts splashdown in the pacific. this came and met them to pick them up. a lot of history at the museum, inappropriate and perfect place for these people to come out and watch. >> i am so tired because i got up at 4 am. i walked outside in the backyard looking for it but it was way up high. >> you couldn't see it?
5:49 pm
>> it didn't look like much, it just looked like a full moon. did you see it? >> i did i woke up at 5 am, a nice site. on the next super blue blood moon i will be to to it. thankfully we lucked out with the weather because we had clear skies. a different story tonight, scattered high clouds working their way in, take a look at the highs from the afternoon. we had 70s toward santa rosa and livermore, san jose 68 and san francisco 68. satellite shows high clouds, some green out there and tomorrow will be a week since we've had rainfall. it could easily be another week before we have it for longer than that. that is the key headline, a dry weather pattern that is unusual for this part of your. current numbers, santa rosa 68, santa rosa 65, livermore 63,
5:50 pm
out towards the bay bridge, some of the high clouds back in this picture for the evening. if you're looking for rainfall, rain to the north toward seattle and this band approaching the eastern seaboard for tomorrow with snow and rainfall showing up. we have been locked in a dry weather pattern, the last rainfall was 25 january and it looks like the pattern will continue into february, at least at this point it is hard to pinpoint but forecast models hint sometime in this timeframe we could track rainfall. there is a chance and it is a ways out. no threat of rain for the weekend, storm track is to the north and for tomorrow scattered high clouds in the area in the forecast high tomorrow is 65-70 degrees. the weekend will be drag -- dry and warmer inching closer to the upper 70s by saturday.
5:51 pm
here's the forecast model for tomorrow, the cloud cover will be to the north but we will have more clouds working their way in, partly cloudy for thursday and more sun for the weekend. february 1, look at the 60s out there, some neighborhoods around 70 degrees tomorrow. san jose 71, gilroy 72 and with the numbers, the temperatures are averaging 57-60 degrees. we are way above average. it felt strange to type in those numbers. we could have a few neighborhoods on saturday approaching the mid to upper 70s. >> that is incredible. rare for this time of year. >> to be that warm is unusual and it may continue into february. >> hopefully we get some rain. next season you can watch thursday night football right
5:52 pm
here. the nfl and fox sports have reached an agreement to broadcast five seasons of thursday night football. there will be 11 thursday night games broadcasted here on ktvu fox 2 , the schedule is expected to come out in april so the word on the raiders or the 49ers is not out. roger caddell gave his annual state of the league address. in the last two seasons, the raiders played in mexico city, not all fans were happy about it. giving concern they have played more national games than any other team and it is good for the league. >> they are an attractive team globally, we know how passionate the fans are and we want to deliver that as much as possible but we also want to continue to expand our name.
5:53 pm
>> the protests came up in the press conference, he was asked if you spoke to president donald trump about his comments and he replied no. more victims coming forward to confront dr. larry nassar. he has been sentenced to 175 years in prison but today he was back inside a courtroom in michigan for his third and final sentencing.
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5:56 pm
the fbi raided a skydiving business in the central valley. they confirmed agents served a search warrant at the parachute center but would not say what they were looking for or what they seized. since 2016, five people have died during jumps from planes took off from the parachute center. 20 instructors were suspended for not having adequate training after investigation by the united states parachute association. >> total surprise, i have no idea and i'm confused as to what they were looking for. >> the manager told our affiliate that agents searched through employee lockers and would not say what they were looking for. dr. larry nassar appeared today in a michigan courtroom for the start of the final sentencing
5:57 pm
hearing. he is accused of abusing 150 women, many have confronted him in court. julie banderas has more from new york.>> reporter: dr. larry nassar back in a michigan courtroom for his third and final sentencing hearing, a judge announced 265 people have come forward to accuse him of sexual abuse and assault. many of the victims confronting him at the hearing.>> i thought back to my appointments with him because i can feel what i felt and then. alone, scared and in pain. >> reporter: he has been sentenced on other charges stemming from his work at michigan state university. this hearing will see him to more sentences, 60 victims and parents are expected to testify. >> we are here and ready to make sure you never see outside
5:58 pm
of prison walls again. mac the entire board of usa gymnastics resigned, the organization promises changes , tweeting they will hold organization to the highest standards of care and safety and further develop a culture of empowerment. it michigan state university a new president has been named, the former michigan governor vows to change the environment at the school. >> i hope can be a model of respect and a model of responsiveness.>> reporter: usa gymnastics hopes to have an interim board in place by february. thousands of marijuana convictions are being tossed out in san francisco. the city is making a statement weeks after the legalization of recreational pot. >> we believe it is the right
5:59 pm
thing to do and adjust thing to do. -- a just thing to do.>> millions of sentences have been dismissed. >> another 5000 felonies will go under review. we find out why this move by the district attorney is considered a victory for the communities of color. >> reporter: san francisco leading the way as the da announces his office will proactively dismiss thousands of misdemeanor marijuana cases dating back to 1975 at no cost. is affected will not have to petition to have it expunged. >> we will take no hearings, you do not have to hire an attorney, you don't have to come to court. we believe it is the right thing to do.>> reporter: under prop 64 they estimate 3000 misdemeanors will be thrown out
6:00 pm
immediately and 5000 felony convictions will be reviewed and could be resentenced. >> there are some people that are disqualified. if you are convicted of murder or rape or serious offenses, we will look at the totality of the history.>> reporter: this is intended to help people especially in communities of color. >> the people who have been adversely affected get a little of a break. from a system that has been targeting african-americans, latino and pacific islander communities since the 80s. >> i feel this is a giant step towards justice. and it is astride toward setting back people free. >> reporter: he says from 1915- 2016


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