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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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like i should go to bed . >> i do. we have a little rain overnight. not a lot. in this dry december anything is a bonus right now. maybe the 26th a couple of models are showing some rain. not much. [anchor reading list displayed on screen.] not a lot left. a little but -- bit in the santa cruz mountains. still holding onto the north with some cold unstable air coming in that is producing some quick showers and low snow levels well to the north. for us the drier air and colder air with many 30s already. we will see even more heading towards 7:00. the northwest breeze will be front and center and brisk and refreshing today. if you're heading northward be advised, the cold air is coming
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in and lower snow levels are also coming in. a winter weather advisory until one a clock. east we temperatures dropping. blackhawk and walnut creek not 43. maybe upper 30s in the next hour or so if we can clear out everything. for our system that is it. now just get ready for the cold and breeze. 50s for the temperatures today. 56 santa rosa. it doesn't seem like this is causing too many problems on highway four, but we will look at the map. highway four list see, this is westbound highway four with a wreck being freed out of the way. 880 north and southbound is what you're looking at now. no major problems there to
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report. hopefully, we are approaching holiday light traffic with more people taking the holiday off were getting ready to get out of town. maybe not heading into work during the next several days. maybe it will be nice for the rest of the week. toll plaza still pretty busy. 20 - 25 minute wait approaching the span. i will send it back to dave and pam. the most sweeping rewrite of the nation's tax laws in more than three decades is on the brink of being passed . >> just after midnight republicans were able to get there massive tax overhaul through the senate. there was a last-minute complication, which means congress will be back at it this morning. here are some of the highlights, personal income tax rates will be lower. however, the bill retains the same number of brackets. it scales back the deduction for state and local taxes, which is not a popular idea for people living in states including california and new
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york. the per child tax credit will be doubled to $2000. a limit on deductions on interest paid on a home loan will be on a loan of $750,000. the current limit is $1 million. >> corporate taxes are being slashed from 35 percent down to 21 percent. that bill will end tax advantages for companies that move overseas and repeals a requirement in the aca that forced people to pay a penalty if they didn't buy health insurance . the tax bill will open up the arctic national wildlife refuge for oil drilling. lawmakers in alaska have been pushing for that for decades. more now from washington. >> reporter: the republicans are celebrating this morning, even though they have not quite cross the finish line on this. the rules of the senate are strict and the republican tax plan had some issues. >> the tax cuts and job act is
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passed. >> reporter: with some heckling from the gallery in the wee hours of the morning vice president mike pence presided over senate passage of the republican tax plan right along party lines. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said it is a big win. the more immediate problem, the senate had to make some last- minute changes, including the name of the bill itself that didn't fit with senate rules. that means even on the house passed the bill earlier in the day with great fanfare they will have to do it again with the changes later today. democratic objections will remain. >> republicans will be running away from this bill in shame for voting yes this evening. >> reporter: chuck schumer in this rated republicans, but may have been angrier about the fact that they were listening to him . >> this is serious stuff. we believe you are messing up
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america. you can pay attention for a couple of minutes. >> reporter: this sets up a big win for president trump and republican leaders argue that the public will ultimately embrace the plan. >> in february, february 1 look at your paychecks. you will see the tax relief we delivered today. >> reporter: doug luzader reporting . >> the house is expected to pass the bill this morning. president trump is expected to speak from the white house later today. the california senator dianne feinstein said last night after the senate vote, senate republicans just gave corporations and the richest americans an early christmas present at the expense of middle-class families. senator feinstein then said the bill will add $1 trillion to the deficit. and that california will be hit hard by the on state and local tax deductions, which could make it hard for communities to pay for services. singh clemente drive in
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porter rivera still closed as police investigated an incident last night where police shot a man who was reportedly armed and threatened to kill himself. this happened around 8:20 near paradise drive and singh clemente drive, close to highway 101. the central warren police apartment says the man's brother called them and said the man was outside the house with a gun and was a suicidal. when police arrived they saw the man outside with a gun and an officer opened fire. the man was taken to a hospital. we do not know his condition. police in san jose swarmed a neighborhood to crackdown on a recent outbreak of carjackings and took one juvenile into custody. this comes after what san jose police say was a sudden increase in carjacking and armed robberies. police serve a warrant in the neighborhood overnight. police have noted a rash of carjackings and armed robberies that began in low -- in late
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november. and officer says they have made arrests in connection to some of the cases, most involving juveniles with one suspect to is just 11 years old. police say it seems that as soon as they rest one group another steps in. >> there has been a fairly dramatic rise in carjackings and robberies. i'm not sure exactly what explains that or how to account for that. it has been quite busy for us in the last month. >> police say they are making progress and they are hoping that the overnight raid will lead to more rest. we are finding out more about the san francisco police officer who shot and killed himself after getting pulled over by police in richmond. sources tell us that 49-year-old antonio cacation was being investigated for allegedly having sex in las vegas with a girl under the age of 14. reportedly this happened in 2013. officer cacation was off-duty on monday . a richmond police
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officer pulled him over on a traffic stop in the parking lot of the hilltop mall near his home. that is when cacation turned his gun on himself . people in his neighborhood are surprised and concerned. >> my mom actually runs a daycare here. my children go here. by this happening and seeing all of this commotion last night it drove me up a wall. >> san francisco police told ktvu the nine-year police bedroom was also being investigated by san francisco police internal affairs for a legend child molesters and, but he had not been charged with a crime. the fbi wants your help. they want to identify a suspected bank robber who struck at least twice this month. investigators call him the orange goateed bandit. they say he robbed a wells fargo bank on sale pottery parkway in fremont and a chase
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bank in millbrae. in both cases he passed a note to a bank teller and demanded money. is a slender white man between 20 and 30 years old around five foot eight inches with orange facial hair and tattoos on his right hand. officials in alameda county are looking for whoever/laser light that four separate aircraft at oakland international airport monday night. police and sheriff's deputies say the laser strikes seemed to come from the area around 90th avenue. pilots and airport workers reported the incidents happening between 8:00 and 10:00 monday night. it is a federal crime to aim a laser pointer at any airplane in flight. the race for san francisco mayor is heating up a year earlier than expected. coming up, who is joining that race and where they stand on the issues. and out of this world honor for sonoma state university.
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see what is happening somewhere between the planets jupiter and mars. it is now snowing in blue canyon and reno. the snow level is coming down. form us most of the rain is down -- for us most of the rain is down. a winter weather advisory in the sierra until one a clock.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news. >> christian is in los gatos
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and there are a lot of police out there. what you know so far? >> reporter: we are just working right now to figure out exactly what is going on. we understand there was a robbery, a home invasion here in los gatos. you can see there are still deputies are on the scene. at this point not a great deal of information. we do have word that deputies are investigating a robbery, which occurred at a residence on bradberry drive here in uncork -- unincorporated los gatos. it happened just after 4:00 this morning. it is currently under investigation. authorities not releasing information about how many suspects there may be, whether those suspects are outstanding. you can see by the heavy police presence that officers are here on scene and taking this very seriously. we have seen an ambulance leave the area so we are working to gather more information about this so far. we understand santa clara
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county sheriff's deputies public information officer may be headed here to the scene later this morning to give us more information. for now we can tell you there was a home invasion or robbery here in unincorporated los gatos. at this point santa clara county sheriff's deputies are investigating. a deputy is leaving right now, leaving the scene. we are hoping to gather more information as the morning progresses. as we do we will give you that information. >> very scary for that neighborhood. thank you let us know as soon as you get more information. we aren't sure how big that police seen, but when you are in the field it often causes some problems on the roads . >> that may have an impact on all the highways and other major thoroughfares around that area. we will focus this time on 580. there is a couple of problem spots heading through the
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livermore valley and the tri- valley area. the most recent issue is 580 westbound at the hacienda drive on-ramp. two vehicles involved in a wreck. they are in the process of moving those vehicles. the other crash has been cleared. that was 580 westbound at airway boulevard. that is still showing up on the maps. let's go to the traffic cameras. heading to the east bay toward the caldecott tunnel you can see it is getting a little busier. san mateo bridge also a little more sluggish than about an hour ago making your way towards the peninsula. the bay bridge toll plaza has been busy all morning. metering lights around. carpool lanes moving better than the other fasttrack lanes, still a 20 - 25 minute wait approaching this:. let's check
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in with dave. some rain holding on a little bit towards the santa clara valley. william in vallejo says hello. current conditions 46 and mostly clear. only picked up 2/100 of rain overnight. isn't it time for dave to break out the santa tie? >> it is coming. >> we do have some rain that fell overnight. not a lot. .05 in concordãin concord. [anchor reading list displayed on screen.] most locations picked up about .04 or .08. here is that light rain. a little bit hanging on to the north. some very cold, unstable air
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producing a few garden-variety showers. that is a cold air moving in. otherwise, starting to see temperatures drop in quickly. 30 sing kelsey bill. hillsboro wind is great. 47 in bodega bay. getting a north northwest breeze at times. as that kicks in even around the bay berkeley labs is now 43. tamron 33 with upper 40s in san francisco. it is not just going to be inland areas around the bay. pretty chilly temperatures coming in. snow in reno in the blue canyon. that's the level is coming down . a winter weather advisory until 1:00. things are much quieter towards shasta. 39 nevada. 40s and 50s on the peninsula. pacific and now 44. sang carlos down to 43.
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even the cooler areas making it southward. 32 truckee. that temperature is dropping fast. reno 37. windy and warm overnight and other cold air is coming in. a few showers in mendocino county and lake county, otherwise mostly clear skies with cool temperatures. mid- 50s for some. even low 50s to the north. upper 50s with a good breeze behind at this will translate into a cool day. the next couple of days will be dry, but not very warm. friday morning looks to be quite cold. >> you have alerted pam early enough . >> yeah. still ahead, some new guidelines for the flu shot. in minutes, white people who could not get the flu shot before can now roll up the sleeves. a little later on this morning, the worst passwords of the year. we will tell you why using a popular movie is a bad idea.
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after an implosion failed last month the georgia dome in atlanta is now officially history. gone in front of your eyes.
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two sections failed to paul after the implosion leading to this second try early this morning. it worked. the new stadium opened over the summer and is right next to the old georgia dome. a special election in san francisco now set for next june to elect a new mayor to finish out ed lee's term in office. right now there are six potential candidates who want to become mayor of san francisco and more are expected to join the race. paul chambers spoke with three of them. >> reporter: with the unexpected death of ed lee the mayoral race is heating up. more than a year earlier than some expected . >> i'm not a career politician. i have now over held an office in my life. i'm only 24 . >> i have been in politics now for about a year and a half. i ran for district one supervisor and got a good response. that was last year . >> i have a lot of passion, energy, and now some expertise and experience in 20 years of
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public service. i want to put that toward the betterment of san francisco. >> reporter: mark leno had the most expertise. a former supervisor in san francisco, state assembly man, and a state senator. he and the others put the paperwork into run for the special election and have many issues they want to tackle . >> first and foremost are those living on the streets on housed and also the many reasons that have led them to lose their homes . >> i'm going house as many people by the end of my term, that's a huge priority for me, homelessness issues . >> it is appalling to be spending more on the homeless than on the students and quality education. >> reporter: two more are also running for the office. we were unable to contact them . the former san francisco board supervisor has also thrown her hat into the race. besides those who officially announced their running there
6:24 am
are speculations that supervisor jane kim, city attorney dennis herrera and the city's acting mayor also filed paperwork. they had until january 9 two do so. that special election will be on june 5. whoever wins that will be the city's mayor until january 2020. it is too soon to -- too soon to say the acting mayor will throw her hat in the race. the u.s. district court in san francisco with her arguments on a lawsuit sent -- against the trump administration repeal of the daca program. a joint lawsuit was filed after president trump said the daca program would end in march 2018. daca is the program that protects yelm -- young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children from the -- from being deported. even people who are allergic to eggs can now safely get a flu shot. most flu vaccines are
6:25 am
manufactured using chicken eggs . in the past people with egg allergies how to look for egg free vaccination options. a review of several studies shows that allergic people do not have to take special precautions no matter how severely they react to eggs. doctors say we are already in flu season and it will run until march. they recommend you get it. all that the warriors want for christmas is for steph curry to have two healthy ankles. coming up, we will tell you how he is recovering from his injuries and when -- and will he play in monday's big christmas day game? a new crash in the south bay that we will tell you about coming up. also, a hit and run that happened on highway 24. we will have a look at the commute there and across the bay area. some rain overnight pics some still holding on in the santa clara valley and to the north. very cool air is on the
6:26 am
way. we will have a temperature forecast that will be mainly in the 50s.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, december 20. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is coming up on 6:30.
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steve was busy over there . >> he is working hard . >> me and my army of one were trying to get an update on the rain totals. >> it is not a lot, that is the rain totals . >> not a lot. about a quarter of an inch. we could go to traffic and then come back. that's okay. i will do a. throw up the live camera. we have, things are clearing out already pretty rapidly. and it is going to be a cold one. still some rain holding on toward the santa clara valley. already coming in behind that system is some cold air. i guess you could say it is a spare the air air day. that's weird stuff coming down out of the sky in san martinez. is that what we call ring? yes it is. you can see it is about done in morganville. there is still a little bit.
6:30 am
it held on a did not produce too much rain. [anchor reading list displayed on screen.] there is still a couple of showers in mendocino county, lake county, northern season -- northern sonoma. coming down with that cold unstable air. kelsey 32. hillsboro 37. the cool air and the northwest breeze will make for a very brisk day. even around the bay we are seeing 43. oakland already a 43. so is the berkeley lab . the system now has snow level down at the 4000 foot level on 80 and 50. snow being reported in reno. winter weather advisory until one a clock there. allie has an update on traffic. what's going on there?
6:31 am
let's start off with the map in the sorrow -- in the south bay. this new crashes northbound 17 n. of the summit. a bumper is blocking the roadway so be aware of that. that is the potential traffic hazard. looking north of their, 680 southbound where it meets highway 24 has a crash that was just reported about 10 minutes ago that is blocking one of the right-hand lane's. expect traffic in that area to get a little heavy. also, westbound, 24 towards the caldecott tunnel there was a hit and run at the communal pablo offramp. no one was injured. it looks like that is cleared out of the way and we have to go back to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a bit slow about
6:32 am
a 20 - 25 minute wait. the berkeley police department is having some staffing issues and says the bay areas high cost of living is mostly to blame. the department is down to 176 officers. they say they should have about 200. starting pay is $95,000 a year. many make about $100,000 with overtime. the city is having a hard time holding onto the officers because many cannot afford to per -- to work in berkeley and other departments are paying more. >> a few months ago we had to suspend our bike operations. as we approach marked and looking at our staffing, pragmatically, we will have to suspend our motorcycle officers expect the police union says officers are leaving because of the city's failure to support specialized units. the berkeley city council voted to continue to let police officers used pepper spray for
6:33 am
crowd control. back in september the city council approved an ordinance that let berkeley police use pepper spray to deal with several violent clashes by extremist groups. the police review commission wanted the council to review -- to repeal the ordinance because a concern the pepper spray could have severe and long- lasting help issues. yesterday the city council again voted to let police use pepper spray. a man was shot about noon yesterday in morgan hill near east main avenue near el toro elementary school. morgan hill police say the victim is suspected to survive. driving southbound on highway 101ã101. investigators believe the shooting was not random. space -- a robbery suspect who was shot by a security guard inside a walgreens store monday night has died. the security guard at the store
6:34 am
on south first street told police he got into a confrontation with the man and shot him. the man had life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators are not releasing his name until relatives are notified. officer say the security guard is cooperating with the investigation. authorities in contra costa county investigating possible connections between several fires in the eastern part of the county there have been at least two fires this week being investigated as personal arson. someone set fire to a dumpster that was pushed up against the wall of a florist. the flames spread to the shop that has been run by the same family for more than 50 years. on sunday night the antioch church on the rock, a trailer caught fire. the passenger says homeless people had been living beneath it. >> i don't know if it was arson, but my suspicion is that we have homeless folks who are trying to keep warm, finding
6:35 am
places of shelter and maybe lighting a candle. >> investigators arrested two homeless people for fire set around train tracks in the county. they are also trying to differentiate between five arson and those that are accidents. the marin county sheriffs department arrested a man accused of stealing cameras around the bay area. this is surveillance video taken last month's from my scammer in mill valley. 19-year-old brett blanton was arrested. he was booked into the marin county jail for commercial burglary. police say he is also a suspect in camera thefts in santa rosa, menlo park, campbell, san mateo county, san jose, and in pleasant hill. the investigation of deadly train derailment in washington is now focusing on the possibility that the engineer was distracted as the train was going too fast and headed into a curve.
6:36 am
national transportation safety board investigators say a conductor in training was in the cab the engineer when that drum it happened. experts say it can also be a distraction for the engineer. all of the train crew members remain in the hospital and have not been interviewed. they have had routine drug and alcohol test's. early results of the crash investigation showed the trains breaks were activated by an automatic raking system and is not the engineers. at least 12 people were killed when a bus carrying christmas -- cruise ship passengers overturned in mexico . i thought we were not going to -- the bus was carrying passengers from two royal caribbean cruise ships. mexican officials have not told us the nationalities of the 12 people killed. they say one child is among the dead.
6:37 am
at least 18 others were hurt, including seven americans and two suites. royal caribbean cruises released a statement this at the passengers are from two of their ships, the celebrity equinox and serenade of the sea. there is still no word on why that bus crash. today the alameda county board of supervisors is hosting a winter cannabis settlement as california prepares for new marijuana laws to begin. key stakeholders will meet about the challenges and opportunities . the some includes representatives from the bureau of cannabis control, the state of permanent food and agriculture and the california department of public health. the city council unanimously approved a temporary ordinance during a long council meeting last night. a permanent ordinance is expected to come forward early next year. last week cotati siddle -- city counselors passed a similar
6:38 am
resolution. the worriers and the cleveland cavaliers will play monday. dismissed day. one of the worriers stars will stay on the bench. i'm talking about steph curry. he will miss monday's game recovering from this ankle sprain. that happened on december 4. he was reevaluated yesterday. the team says he has been making good progress. so far the worriers have not said when curry will return. the worriers will host the memphis grizzlies tonight at 7:30. the san francisco giants re-signed catcher nick hundley. he is 34 years old and was buster posey's backup. he hit 224 last season with nine homers. he also one of the 2017 willie mack award for being the most inspirational player in the clubhouse. his contract is worth $2.5 million. an asteroid has been named
6:39 am
after sonoma state university. the astronomer who discovered the asteroid between jupiter and mars decided to name it after sonoma space because of the university's national recognized space science programs. 25164 sonoma state is the asteroid's official name. a former 49er is being sued . coming up, the accusations against jerrod haynes from an alleged incident from two years ago. it is going to be slow going through walnut creek because of an accident we have been tracking on southbound 680. most of the rain is done. still some torts san jose and the santa clara valley. it will be cold. temperatures will be very warm.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. we have a live look at the market. the bell just rang about 10 minutes ago. not a big move there for the dow, the nasdaq or the s&p 500. not a lot of business news. the tax bill is the big talk on wall street, corporations have been plotting that. we will follow wall street this morning and the reaction. uber mac facing a major setback in your is -- the ride
6:43 am
sharing company will have to pay employee benefits and heavy licensing fees. the verdict comes after uber was told it could take years to renew their license in london. and oakland develop my company says it is buying the old sears building on broadway. in 2015 uber bought that building, reportedly for $123 million and was planning to move its headquarters there. in march uber changed its plans and said the company will move to a san francisco office building near the warriors new arena. uptown station was bought for an undisclosed amount. renovations will be complete by late next year. microsoft is ending a policy that prevented employees from talking about sexual harassment cases. microsoft is eliminating forced
6:44 am
arbitration agreements that made employees settle cases outside of court, keeping claims out of the public eye. this comes amid a growing cry from critics who claim the policy silences victims. facebook and microsoft are taking action and cracking down on the group behind a huge cyber attack. the one a cry group is believed to be a behind a ransomware attack in may. one that targeted hospitals, businesses, and banks all over the world. last week the companies collaborated with other unnamed members of the security community to take action against that group. the companies are also promising to invest in efforts that protect users from future cyber attacks. the u.s. government along with other nations have blamed north korea for the attacks. san jose's historic bank of italy building has been sold to investors. there is an imminent sale of anotherãsale of another landmark building
6:45 am
downtown as well. >> reporter: a lot of this is just part of the momentum that is really downtown. >> reporter: part of seizing the future means reaching back to san jose's past. monday investors in the bay area and back east purchased a 90-year-old bank of italy building for almost $34 million. >> it was a long-awaited opportunity for an iconic building in our downtown to get an overdue facelift. >> reporter: several blocks away another real estate building being sold. this jewel being sold for about a quarter of a this jewel being sold for about a quarter of $1 million . >> there are some real savvy investors taking up these buildings, picking up buildings in the historic district. seeing them undervalued. >> reporter: long before googled ãgoogle announced if the print in san jose downtown had been percolating with possibilities. with real estate at record
6:46 am
highs it seems these two high profile purchases could signal a time for cashing in and re- creating old into new. future growth beneficial for downtown workers and residents . >> the man on the street is going to enjoy different types of tenants that will occupy it. they're going to be in the service businesses and some of our mom and pop shops on the ground floor level. >> reporter: no green for these deals. much less red tape. as we have ushering in the next wave of progress . >> this is an opportunity for us to make this jewel shine. >> the mayor says it is time to protect and renovate all of the older office buildings that once defined the character of downtown san jose. no word on what changes could be in store for the fairmount hotel. let's check in with what
6:47 am
is coming up. we are all good friends here. i will join the two of you and allie coming up to talk about cars. the a time is driving market 10 -- continues to gain momentum with a new deal. how ford and blackberry are teaming up and how blackberry may already be in your backseat. have you ever seen a scuba diving santa? now you have. santa took the plunge at the cal academy of science in san francisco. why this scuba santa has to be ready for anything and how long you can see him in person. ktvu has our own facebook live santa talk about -- talk about changing times, we will be live
6:48 am
starting at 9:00. we will give you a peek of that coming up. back to you. >> we were just talking about that. the annual list of the worst 25 passwords of the year just came out . >> the list includes some old offenders and some completely new password -- passwords. new ones include star wars, game of thrones fans are not exempt from the alleged dragon. still, 123456789, also number eight. top of the list 123456, 12345678 and let me in and i love you. those are also on the list. >> interesting. you have to be more creative
6:49 am
than that . >> most of our passwords you have to have a capital and a lower claes and a symbol and a number and this and that. it is hard to keep them all, keep track of all of them . >> you have to have something you can remember. >> you can't write them down someplace else to remember them later. i constantly change my password because i always forget . >> i am a fan of the thumbprint wherever you go. >> how does it look on the roads? we have a problem in walnut creek . the pleasant hill area on southbound 680, this is that to -- two vehicle wreck blocking southbound lanes on 680 just before highway 24. you can see the red there slowing things down through pleasant hill up and concorde. aware of that. chp is working to clear that. pass that west on 24 through lafayette you can see it is a little busy, but traffic is
6:50 am
moving. also eastshore freeway, this also has gotten significantly busier in the last 45 minutes. drive times from the car keenest bridge to the macarthur maze 37 minutes now. looking at the san mateo bridge , it is also getting slow and sluggish. steve has a check of the weather. we have some rain still to the south. not much left, but there is a little but there. north is clearing out. a cool day. stephanie is in the santa cruz mountains. they had rain. amazing to hear the rain again. sound a great after dry december. we got some rain. [anchor reading list displayed on screen.]
6:51 am
there were some areas that had a little more than that. [anchor reading list displayed on screen.] there are many reports around clayton and concorde from .05 2.19. about what we forecast. pretty close. there is a little bit coming in, not much left from send martin to gilroy. we are on the side of it where it is about ready to exit stage right. there are a few showers lingering towards mendocino county and northern sonoma county near hopland. a couple showers there. here comes the cold air. kelsey bill 32. even 40 in alina valley. it will be a cool day with the west northwest breeze or northerly when coming in the behind it.
6:52 am
-- northerly wind coming in behind it. the winter advisory until one a clock. snow reported in reno and coming down to about the 4000 foot level. the winter weather advisory until early afternoon. 30s and 40s. 38 lakeport. temperatures are dropping quick. some of the east bay temperatures in the 40s. 44 martinez. get ready for a cool, breezy, blustery day. a few showers to the north. mostly clear otherwise with temperatures not warming up much. mid-50s or low 50s north of santa rosa. everywhere else mid to upper 50s. it will be dry, but cold over the next couple of nights and mornings. winter officially starts tomorrow. >> it has been cold. many people want to upgrade streets and transit in san francisco. how do you pay for all of it?
6:53 am
up next, a new survey shows growing support for an idea that would not raise taxes. it is the busiest time of year for fedex. we will see how scammers are trying to catch customers with their guard down.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:55. a former san francisco 49er is
6:56 am
accused in a lawsuit of rape. the woman says she met lane at a bar in san jose in december of 2015. he took her back to his san jose apartment when she was heavily intoxicated. ms. v filed a police report last year but san jose police declined to file charges. he was a rugby player in australia before playing with the niners. he has returned to pro rugby in australia. a spokesperson says he provided all reasonable assistance to the district attorney. the time is 6:56. a new survey shows most people living in san francisco want city streets and transportation improved. 70% of the people say the city should update muni, caltran, cal train and bart service and make biking and walking safer and more convenient. the san francisco chronicle reports two-thirds of the
6:57 am
businesses want businesses and that includes uber, lyft and food delivery companies to pay for the improvements. that poll was paid by the municipal transportation authority. a hillsborough homeowner is leading the fight against 16 new cell phone towers in the neighborhood. he created hillsborough residents against cell towers and says 1400 residents have already signed up. one of the towers could be as much as 20 feet taller than a 40-foot utility pole already there. and shannon says it could easily fall down on to his house. >> this is a very important case statewide. this could set a precedent if it is approved for massive cell towers looming over hopes. >> shannon says the city did not hold public hearings or conduct an environmental review. it sent out deceptive notices to homeowners and did not
6:58 am
require the towers to be hidden or camouflaged. the city manager will decide if the project will continue. we tried to contact the mayor and city manager but they did not respond. the time is 6:58. well, you know it, you have less than a week to finish christmas shopping. store employees say it is not as busy as they expected. one employee at a large retailer says it has been slow during the week. they expect things to pick up this last weekend before christmas. e-commerce has cut into foot traffic at brick and mortar stores. a recent study by master card says that online sales are up 16% by november. >> i think we do half and half. honestly online is convenient. level. but i like to support local too. so we definitely try to come out and hit walnut creek and danville. >> now, the experts say early
6:59 am
season sales last month are boosting what looks like a strong holiday spending season. 2017 is projected to have the strongest growth since 2010. it is 6:59. it is a week before christmas, as you know. fedex is warning scammers are sending out fake e-mails that have links that could infect your computer. they received reports of fraudulent e-mails with the subject line fedex delivery problem notification. the e-mails can contain link that's if you click on it, it will connect the user to a site that infects your period. fedex does not send unsolicited e-mails about packages. if you see it, delete the e- mail immediately. the ayes are 51. the nays are 48. the tax cut and jobs act is passed.
7:00 am
amid heckling and last- minute complication, the senate passes the republican tax plan early this morning. why the bill is heading back to the house before it can land on the president's desk. and we have a santa sighting here in oakland. coming up, we ride along with santa as he is getting an escort with the oakland police department. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome to wednesday. >> uh-huh. >> december 20th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. it is a chilly wednesday morning. >> yeah. >> steve paulson will tell you more about it. he is right here. >> it is chilly and a little bit of rain. not much but a little bit. we finally had some. temps will be in the 40s today. that's the best we can do. average is 57 to 60. we have been above for a long time. you see the rain right there. santa cruz mountains, maybe a little bit. not much left. showers to the north zipping through mendocino county. that is about it. the


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