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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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are closed there's a crane involved here in this building that's on fire, on grand avnue near valdez and 24th. this is in the grand lake, on grand avnue near lake merit but it is closer to big cool tran building they have there uptown oakland, you can see it from several of our cameras and i was listening to this, it has definitely grown in last 15 to 20 minutes here, and again, it is on a building that's under construction on grand avnue, and it is in that area. we do have crews on the way, and we will let you know more about it. and this, pam and dave is you can clearly see traffic beginning to slow down. you can see it from all over the bay area. >> a very active fire and we
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know it is -- you mentioned parking structure as well. do we know if it is an active parking structure in use so there's -- >> we didn't know that. i just -- i hear the incident commander talking about the parking structure, and they're very busy but this is a building under construction. so we don't know if there are any car, in fact on the right you can see our picture from san francisco, i believe that's our camera that is mounted on a tall building in san francisco that you can see it from san francisco, the flameflames have we heard anything about evacuations? it looks like a densely packed in area. >> we have heard the crews arriving in the area. i haven't heard anything about evacuations. a lot of this is oakland, so i
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don't know if anybody has been evacuated but just i know the area and there are a lot of -- let me turn this fire radio down quickly so i can hear you. there are some warehouses there but there are also some -- in that area. >> -- 242 near grand avnue, that is our breaking news right now, mornings on the. we will bring you details. >> i am looking at them. >> there are a mixed use area. there are a lot of possibly residents that are in that area as well.
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rosemary is talking about wind. there's fire and embers could go quite a way if it is windy. >> i want to point out like you said that's a good thing. we don't want the buildings next to it or any grass to catch fire there. on the flip side you will have the just as you get above 5, 6, 7 feet, and that's why the cloud deck is going harsontal and those two combined again just helping that smoke to linger over oakland this morning. i will say while we won't see
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the spread. >> a building under construction, under fire, near grand avnue, you can see in these pictures the intensity and you can also see the smoke that it is causing. >> right. again, as sal mentioned we do have a crew, and we will get a live report from the ground there to get more information for you, sal of course continuing to cover a number of streets closed. this is not far from lake merit. so n a straight leg raising busy part of oaklanding and see they're showing you can see the
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(april2412.ecl). >> but the president also under pressure from democrats at home to bring up russian meddling in last year's u.s. election. he 5:00 knocked that russia may have played a -- acknowledged. >> i think it was russia exam it could have been other people in other countries. a lot of people could have interfere. don't expect too many links from the u.s. side the only attendees will be the president, the secretary of state and a translatory. back to you guy. >> all right, doug in washington, thank you. gton, u. . >> time now 5:06.
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a 12-year-old girl is still missing, police are still searching for her after she disappeared wednesday night. her name is jessica. here is a photo. she was working at the richmond library on a summer project, when her mother came to pick her up, but the two of them argued and jessica went back inside library saying she forgot something. however a libraire staffer says jessica walked out of the library through a back door, and she headed toward mcdonald avenue and 23rd street at the high kim area. it is known for drug activity and sex trafficking. ktvu talked to her parents and the brother translated for her parents. >> ? jessica has never run away
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before. surveillance video from nearby businesss are being checked fbi police, and their investigation continues. jess dacca is a 12-year-old latino, 5'5", 140 pounds. she's long black hair and brown eyes. she was wearing a green shirt, blue genes and black shoes. if you have -- jean, black shoes, if you have any information, call police. >> >> we want to go back to breaking news as we have been telling you you can see the flames from san francisco. you can definitely see the flames from the freeway. there are roads closed. this is not far from lake merit and grand. it is a mixed use area. there are homes in the area, buildings in the area, this that caught fire in the beginning building under
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construction, this is valdez, again near grand avnue, we understand that there's a parking structure. >> yeah. >> we don't know if there are cars parked in that parking structure that are ininvolveed and possibly a construction crane as well that can pose a big danger but you can see the extent of that very black smoke which indicates it is a very active fire. >> we will bring rosemary back again, jump in here, rosemary is talking about how the wind is a factor in what we're seeing live in oakland right now. >> now. . >> the winds as we know can fan flames and drive the fire as well as spread the fire. so in the way of that, we are actually very fortunate that we have really light winds out there, even calm some observation, on the flip side as i talked about this, all that smoke just kind of lingering. we need a little bit of wind to help drive that out and mix it
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up and clear it out of the way. so without the wind we're going to definitely smell it and feel it more so than had we a nice little breeze to curry it away. there's also an inversion and that puts a lid on the atmosphere and that's why you see the black cloud just kind of go vertical or i should say horizontal oppose today flat up. that will also cause it to linger over oakland. the winds are light. that's great news in the sense of trying to get this fire. but as far as smoke goes not good new. >> the wind may not be a factor but we have heat as well. >> yes. i mean thankfully it is the coolest time of day as we get close to sun rise. we're at the coolest part and relative humidity is up. that's great new, had this been in the afternoon, when humidity is down, it is very hot as wino that also help it is fire to burn that much froster and that much hotter. >> all right.
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that's a -- okay. just to a close upshot but we are showing the flames so they're on the right but you can see flames from san francisco. we do have two reporters on the way to the scene. we have this is a crane involved with thisc that's dangerously unsecured. >> oh gosh. >> it is only secured by a counter weight and now they're telling oakland firefighter that they have to move their equipment back it is not bolted. it has a counter weight. they have to push back for safety of the firefighters and for safety of people around, and the better location we have is valdez street between 23rd
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and 24th and the building is also by waiverly street. this about a block up or a couple of blocks way from the catholic church, the cathedral of christ, it is pretty close to whole foods market, and that area. >> sal, on the left hand side of everyone's screen, this is our photographer there on scene now. these are first live pictures from right there. he's on scening and see the crane. >> you can see the crane they're talking about and again, so they have just set out the word that these, these fire trucks, this equipment has to move back a little bit out of the shot, out of range of the crain, that is only secured by a counter weight according to building zone. >> if we want to just reiterate, you are watching ktvu mornings on 2. the time is 5:12. these are live pictures from fire, a building under construction, in oakland. the address 200 block of valdez
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near grand avnue, and this is out of control and in the middle of that, our photographer sid is aiming at the crain that's in the middle of it and as sal just said, fire fighters have been told to back away because the crain is not secured. >> all right. we are checking in. you can see still firefighters close by, but certainly presenting what could be a very dangerous situation. and we are checking in to see if there are any evacuations in this, at this time. there again, there's that crane, and the fire lads are are trying to put that out, but there are homes nearby. >> yeah. >> and a lot of building, again not far from grand and lake merit, a very busy area of oakland, morally this time of day as people get up and get ready to go to work. >> have you heard anything
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about what was being built, the name of the building? there's a lot of construction going on in that area, whether it is restaurants, housing, hotel, have you heard what is being built there. >> no, dave. i do not know. they haven't even talked about it, but they do talk about it being a large building with a parking structure underneath. they did talk, just remembering that area, because i am pretty familiar with it, this use today be low level, kind of the one or two story warehouses, and this building obviously, was going to be a pretty high one, and now it is on fire. but, dave, i don't know exactly what that building was going to be far. >> we will know soon, and again as pom was saying we will keep anyone the weather, and if there are any evacuations. we have been seeing firefighter at the scene. we haven't seen them in a panic situation. we seen them right her in our
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camera right now, photographer sid is watching them. we will keep anyone whether there are evacuations or any other potential dangers to people living in the area or people working near. ironically it is happening at the very beginning of the rush hour. >> yes. >> it is -- i am looking at the satellite picture of this area, it looks like, yeah you can see the building under construction. there's also the decree kuwaitive gregg art center, not far from them, and then the city of oakland parking structure, nearby. so, we are going to go to a break right now, again, we're covering this live fire in oakland. we have reporters and photographers there on scene, and we will be right back with more details. . ♪
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s0q our time is 5:18. we are breaking new, these are live pictures from downtown oakland. a building under construction on fire right now, the address 242 valdez. this is near grand avnue. this is burning out of control. our cameras are there not only as the building out of construction, but here is another view. you can see the thick black smoke over towntown oakland as
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we see. also there's a crane, i believe it is to the left on the camera here, that they're concerned about. it is an unsecured crane in the middle of these flame. >> hey, dave. >> they just called for a fourth alarm. they asked. a full alarm assignment has been struck. that means for fire fighters are waking up in oakland and heading to this fire from all over. they already have three alarms and they struck a fourth alarm. that means fight firers are arriving and all over almeda county, firefighter waking up and covering -- pardon me, covering oakland stations because of this multialarm fire. they're worried about the embers raining down. they're worried about exposure here from this large construction site on valdez and 24th. it look like it was going to be a pretty large mixed use area
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let me come back to you. i'm having microphone problem. >> that's okay. feel free to jump back in any time. rosemary is here and you are talking about how the wind is a pack or or is not a factor and what we're watching live. >> the winds are generally light which on one hand definitely, a positive thing because as we know, that wind will fan the flames and cause that fire to spread even faster, and bring risk to these buildings that are right nearby. on the flip side, all that smoke, it was just going to linger. we don't have the wind to help transport it out of here. so, folks, it looks like the winds are generally coming in from the west-south west and a little northwest as well which means if you are east of this fire, perhaps area like pedestrian monday going toward montclair. these people are likely to get some of this smoke because that looks like the general direction of the wind even
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though it is generally light, definitely downtown, uptown going to see exit smell it. as you know, any tip of smoke is bad for you. so you always want to deep those windows closed and hit the recirculate button on your a/c if you can. but in any case, this is going be something that goes on all morning long and as you talked about, dave, thankfully it is cold out there. it could be really warm and on the temperatures are hot that is correct helps to drive the fire as well. so, i guess as far as weather spoking not a bad morning out there but wow what a fire. >> if you look at the right hand side of your screen there it look like it is getting even bigger at this point. >> construction material. >> construction. it was a building under construction. i am hearing on twitter, if people are watching and you can give us a little more information if you are in that area or familiar with the area, quiet says that it is a cup of miles from his job site, and so
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we're troying to find out exactly what building, what kind of building was under construction, there is parking nearby. there could be a number of cars involved and we know that there are -- there's an art center like it sounds locate a co-op possibly near the area as well. so we're keeping an i didn't on that. as sal mentioned a number of vets are closeed and they're concerned about a crane there on the construction site that is not considered stable, that is certainly those construction cranes as we know are very tall. that could present a very big danger to people in the area. >> we have on the phone with us right now, here on morning on 2, time is 5:22. we is the superintendent of construction right next to what we're watching. can you hear me now. >> yes, i can. >> please if you yourself and forgive me for not getting your name correctly. >> my name is robert gert. i'm one of the the superintendents on this
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project. there's two projects directly to north, one next door and one across the vote. >> what was being built there and what are you seeing throughout? >> first, what was being built? >> okay, what was being built a mixed use multifamily with parking on the her two floors for the residence kents and then i believe it is eight stories but i am not exactly sure on that, but i believe it is eight stories of apartments above grade on the -- >> there's so much construction, it so i understand like there would some other buildings right here this building, certainly this could -- this could spread. >> there's several older structures much smaller buildings across the street and next door. really, out of the corner of valdez and 24th, my project is -- my project is across the street, across 24th on valdez.
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we're early in a phase. we're just doing concrete right now, so nos much -- anything with the other project across the street. it is also in early stages but fire issues are something we're constantly aware of, and prepared for so i am sure that they are taking precautions as well. >> live with us, robert who has a building right near what you are watching on tv, rove in downtown oakland. any concerns about your project and the people also near your project? >> not so much on our project although the crane, if the crane falls it could reach. that's probably my biggest concern because if that crane falls there are a number of structures around that it would reach. and that is probably the biggest concern i would have at the moment. the fire is pretty contained at
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the site, and so it is not spreading too much but the crane is not something anybody could do too much about. it can reach several buildings around, and i imagine the fire department is going to evacuate everything in reach of that crane. >> that's what we're waiting to hear, is that's a problem getting in and around that area. >> correct, yeah. they have it blocked off from around here. and there are several buildings around that it would reach. dealership, businesses, there's resident, several things around that it would be within range. >> we will -- hopefully that will not happen. robert, thank you, and you are with the project nearby, what's on our screen right now, thank you for taking the time to
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talk to us. we appreciate it. >> we're going switch and turn over to alex, ktvu alex savage. you are out there right now. what are you seeing, and what are you hearing. >> good morning to you. we're at the corner of valdez and grand, and i was just talking to some people who live in this building that is just caddy corner to this, to the building that's on fire right now, and under construction, they live here, and just a few minutes ago we saw a whole bunch of people coming out of this building. they have been evacuated buzz of the danger you see just -- because of the danger. they're being told to leave that building and get to a safe location. that's where they are, here just one block away at valdez and grand as this fire continues to burn out of control this machining, obviously you have oakland firefighters, you have fire fighters from across the region who are coming here to help bring this four under criminal. we just got here to the scene.
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we're trying to get information information from the oakland fire department as you can well imagine, they're in the midst of trying to get a handle on this fire. everyone is quite busy. we're working to get more information from them. we know this is a building that's under construction, and it look like it is a pretty go ahead ways into the construction here, at least from my perspective here, and this building, again it is a huge plume of flame smoke into the air exam also ash is raining down on this neighborhood, all the streets you can see all of the ash falling on top of your head this morning. >> and al incompetent. >> obviously there's a concern about the embers: you can see them coming up into the air. there's a real concern for fight fire fighters about those falling on to nearby building. >> that would be a major issue. >> and specking of the nearby buildings, alex, if you can tell us again, if people are
5:28 am
just joining us because we're looking at the satellite. it welcomes like this building on fire is not far from broadway and a number of car dealersships as well. is that whole area closed off? >> i pulled up the ma'am and there's a kia and an aldi dealership. >> and a mitsubishi. from what i can tell it doesn't look like they're in any sort of immediate, they're notifiesing an immediate threat. it looks like they're far enough away that i wouldn't be concerned about those structures but there are buildings, apartment buildings, this condo tower here cross the street that would be of concern. >> right. that's what i want today give people an idea of -- wanted to giver people an idea of where it was. we're looking at the shot the condo development. is that the building, it is
5:29 am
very close with the embers and fire. is that building, are they being completely i having waited at this time. that's what it sound like from people coming out of the building. i had a few people coming out, people in bath robes who were woken up by this and grabbed whatever they could and got out of building. people walking out saying they were told to get out. >> some people woke up and saw what was going on and thought i should get out of this building just in case. that's a good thing. >> amount is christian, christian, where are you? what are you seeing and what are you hear something. >> can you hear me? >> i can. can you hear us, dave. >> we can hear you. >> okay. so we're here at 23rd and webster. so this we heard was the command post, if you take a look, you can see there's a lot of fire fighters here on scene. this a differ perspective from
5:30 am
alex. can we get 30 second of your time? >> just -- okay as you can see the fire fighters very, very busy at this time, if you look down here you can see one firefighter actually charging a line, getting water in this hose, the effort to get as much waterton fire as quickly as possible. as we look up again you can see if crane that's already been raised as a major concern, we've we've heard again a lot of radio chatter about that crain. firefighters warning one another to stay out of the path, the danger of course as it eats up the meltal becomes softer. the crane could collapse. we have not heard about any injuries but just to right. there are a lot of residents here. you were i having waited. >> this is -- >> being evacuated. >> how did you first hear about it? what did you hear. >> it just came on the intercom
5:31 am
shortly after 5:00, 5:30 something like that, and they instructed everybody to leave the building, and on this side, obviously not on that side of building. >> and what can you tell me about this building, than is burning? this is say building under construction. >> it is. how close was it to being complete. >> it was quite close the win dose were in place. it was basically weather tight at this point. it is a really shame for the neighborhood. we have been watching it come together for over a year now, and it was a nice addition to the neighborhood, but now it is just a mess obviously. >> are you concerned at all about your building catching fire. >> i don't think so, no, i am not. there's, you know, you get worried about toxic stuff. there's ashes dozens of feet in the air here. i am mainly worried about the ashes spreading to other places but this is a new building
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here, this high-rise. you can see the crane does appear to be moving: we are hearing booms and pops and that crane, if you take a look, it is swinging around as we speak. >> okay. we are watching this how far are you guys it seems, are they telling you to move back? >> they're not telling toss move back at this point, but we are probably about maybe 200 feet away from the fire. as we speak. again the major danger we have been hearing about all morning long it was crane, we're hearing a series of pops and bangs. we've heard a cup of warning horns. if you look you can see there are fire crews trying to get as
5:33 am
much water on this as quickly as possible, not sure exactly why this crane started spinning, if it is off balance and that's why it is starting to spin but big concern has been the imminent collapse of that crane and some of the residents as soon as they saw it starting to swing, they said that's it, it is going collapse. >> we did hear sal heard from the oakland fire that it is going to -- it is not a solid crane. >> that's right. you can see the arm of the crane coming by right now some that boom arm is now swinging freely. we heard the exact same thing that sal heard that it is not secured to the building. it was free stand sog that is what you are looking at right now. you can see it swing around loose and wild at this point, and the question now is how much longer can it swing? when will it collapse?
5:34 am
>> we did hear we had live on the phone a gentlemen who is working on a construction site not far from there who said if that crane goes, which certainly it looks like a good chance of that, but it would definitely affect quite a few buildings in the area. can you tell us from your vantage point, would it endanger any of the condominium or apartments or i know there's a car dealership in area, possibly that direction. >> right. there's car care automattive and hawker hawaii boom arm appears to be going over that low slung building, it is sort of orange and that boom arm is over that building. if it were to collapse while it was over that building it was clearly impact that building. >> christian. >> it is unclear at this time, if it collapsed whether it would hit the condition doe next door where these residents are all evacuated at this hour. they were all evacuated in
5:35 am
morning and it depends on which way the boom arm is pointed when it collapsed if it does in fact collapse. >> you may or may not be able to see fit your vantage point. we can see fit your vantage point, the cab part of that crane, where the operator sits, we see flames inside that cab. we're locking at it now live on the air, and flames are inside. >> right. >> in the control room. >> we can see those as well, dave. we can see the controls that control area of that crane on fire. and we're also hearing a lot of crackling. we've heard a series of booms come prosecuting the building and again that boom arm still swinging which clearly, it is not a good sign. it should not be swinging freely like that. >> while you are there i just want the let people know this a fire in oakland but i am hear prosecuting douglas on our, on my -- he has tweeted me to say there's a lot of smoke blowing
5:36 am
down to the south bay, and delores is saying hung plums of smoke can be seen from the san francisco mission area. what is it like where you are standing? it must be incredibly hot, and what is the condition of the air with the smoke there where you are? >> we're pretty fortunate. there's not a great deal of wind so the smoke is going straight up, but we're feeling some ash coming down on usment we're definitely feeling the heat from the fire and again keep in mind we're about 200 feet or so away, and we certainly feel the heat. you can probably see as you take a look on my shirt you can probably see woman of the ash that we're getting here, some of the ash that is raining down on me, on everyone here in this area. so we are reasonably close to this fire. we will show you as the boom arm swings around wily on the
5:37 am
crane, that hopefully that will give you a sense of just how close we are. again we're probably about 200 feet or so from this fire. >> we will stay on your shot but we ant want to let people know we're hearing the flames are clearly visible from highway 24, so sal if you can jump in as well as we look at christian's shot and he's getting us information, sal with you can give us some more information about people, four people about the roads in the area, about what has closed and what's affected because people can see it from 24, they can see it from san francisco. >> we're looking at the traffic and the heaviest traffic seems to be near 580 at 980 which is not that far but very clear view of the fire. you can see it from all over
5:38 am
the place. we're having somewhat of a lighter commute today which is really helping. >> because it is pretty light. i do want to mention that in that area, you should stay away from grand avnue. near broadway generally that area because they have a lot of streets closed a lot of bus lines are recruited and you are going to notice the effect of these street closures. >> 2420 valdez near grand avnue and there are so many things in that general area, the ymca is near there. there are auto dealership near there. there are condos and apartments near there. a lot of construction in that
5:39 am
general area, the intensity of the flames, it looks like it is getting even more intense. >> if you are just joining us, the big concern right now, as you can see, that's a construction crane that is actively moving, it is on fire, that has been the concern that that crane could come down. we heard from robert who is in construction nearby. >> yes. >> and he said if that crane goes down it could certainly affect a number of buildings nearby as you were mentioning there are condo, christian, you are still with us there. how are the people doing? are they telling anyone to move back? i know they have evacuated at least one big condominium where you are. >> all right, christian is still out and about. >> we're looking at christian's shot. >> watching that fire. >> there you go, christian. now we we can hear you. >> you can see there are a number of people here on the street i sack waited because of
5:40 am
the this fire. a lot of these residents saying they're come prosecuting this building directly across the street from the fire as we swing babble around here you can see there are people over here who are keeping track of what is going on, people who ran out with whatever they could. we don't sew a lot of people with a lot of possessions right now and we talked to one resident who says at this point he's unconcern that had fire will spread to his building but certainly with that boom arm that we have been showing you swinging around on that construction crane, major concern, there we go. we had another major bowel movement a moment agoment we have been hearing a -- a juror boom a moment ago. clearly this fire still raging out of control at this point in time. no estimate at this point this time, on when it will be under control. >> and that crane look it is just spinning out of control. i don't believe it is being
5:41 am
controlled remotely unless we hear something different. christian, as the sun comes up we see the people who are out on the sidewalk, who are throughout with you. this is quite aspect cool for them near their home, near their job. >> yeah, absolutely n. you can see that a large crowd of people here in. do you live in a building here? okay. there are a large group of people on the streets and we have seen this building here, right, the tall building, right. >> is that -- did you live in that building over there? >> okay. so residents here telling me, do you live in this building here, sir? thank you can tell me, what did you see this morning? when thank you become aware of the fire. >> they is an alarm system, and then a speaker system. it came on and somebody told us to evacuate the building because of a four. they told us which of the two
5:42 am
sides of the building to ideas and we evacuateed and rein down the stairs to the where you know now that you see this crane are you concerned it could impact your building. >> i don't know. so far it is only thing stabbing. it is pretty well made. >> it sounds like the building manager is asking you to move locations or go further back. you have some residents here who are clearly keeping a careful eye on what's going on, hoping that as that boom arm swinging around it doesn't impact the building. no ward on what the plan is to handle that crane. we did hear a great deal of radio traffic as the first fire fighters arrived on scene and started setting up around this fire to begin trying to tackle it. a lot of firefighters warning one another stay out of the path of the the crane because
5:43 am
they knew it was unsecured at that time. now, we're seeing it swing, these big blazing circles and keep in mind how much weight is at the end of the crane as you watch it swing around and it those be just pulling and pushing the tower back and forth. clearly a concern for fight fires a concern for neighboring buildings and anybody in the area. >> can you tell us because for a while there they were saying that they were advising thefire fight terse switch low cases and move awe for tear safety as well but we have seen a number of fire fight fire ladders attacking this as well. did they move, i mean this crane is certainly going san bernadino a complete circle. why imagine -- >> from our vantage bodily injury, if you look from our vantage bodily injury, just at a little to the right, i don't know if you can see that one ladder that appears to be a remotely operated ladder. earlier we did see firefighter at the top of that lader and
5:44 am
other ladders in the area. if there were fire fighters there earlier they have been pulled down. once that house is affixed they can operate it just run water into the fire as much as they can without actually having to have a firefighter at the top which mean it is danger is in risk of being struck but it keeps people somewhat out of the way. it is something they have been aware of since the moment they arrived. they know from previous experience and i know from previous experience that that does pose a very serious threat. we're trying to look at this crane to see if it appears to be lowering. >> it appears to be lower than within we arrive on scene, i don't tell you how much but it appears to have springals it angle. >> looking at this live on ktvu mornings on 2. time is 5:44.
5:45 am
also out there ktvu alex savage. what's the vantage point where you are right now. >> we're on grand and valdez, and we are just a block away from where this fire is don'ting to burn out of control. we're watching just like christian, watching the arm of that crane as it swing around in a circular fashion. i -- i firefighter ran by and i asked him at what point a p of this building just collapsed. can we just show you right here, a huge portion of the building just came tumbling down. >> wow. >> we're watching that. >> and we hope, we hope there was no one in that vicinity. that's the reason firefighter versus asked everyone to color out of this area for that exact reason. really frightening to see that happen and we hope there were no crews in that vicinity. we will check and see. i think that firefighters were
5:46 am
not in that area. >> there is that concern. >> hope fallacious we do understand the firefighters were being pulled back a bill bit. we were hoping that as well the ladder with the wadder is controlled remotely. >> we are going to check on that and make sure nobody was hurt. okay. we're going check on that. now you have to think too, that if that portion of the building gave way, and i have got to tell you just standing here one block away and chip just said the same thing, the heat has intensified. i mean we can feel the heat from this fire being just one block away and it feels like it is burning hotter and hotter. you have to think that they're becoming more and concern concerned about the continued
5:47 am
collapse. it is a -- and you have the scaffolding all around the side, very easy, one thing to get burning for portions of this building to come crashing down once again. again, i want today talk about this, the concern with that large crane as el. it apoors to have stopped but fire fights told me p it imcome tell us back around. >> it is just spinning on its own and you have to think when you have a fire of this size that it seasoned to create. shifting wind, and that thing is not locked into place necessarily, and so you just have the winds, the swirling winds spinning that crane in circles right now, and there is certainly a great deal of concern about that crane collapsing as well as we just saw moments ago, i huge portion of that building came crashing down to street level. >> and alex you were talk about
5:48 am
the intense intense heat where you are and we can see the water is being tamed a. -- it welcome lek they're trying to get have spreading nearby. >> just try to had a firefighter running back making -- >> ask me that one more time. >> it welcomes like they're. you were talking about the intense heat. as we're watching live right now, this fire looks like as you mentioned it is growing in intensity, are you seeing sparks flying? what are the conditions near you? >> well, sure, we have embers that are just raining down on this neighborhood. thankfully we haven't seen any spot fires start up. but that's a concern when you have the large embers and drop down on to buildings, fires,
5:49 am
cars, you are have fires that start up well away from this buildingment we haven't seen that happen yet, at least from our vantage point. that's a bit of good news and we also have just ash that's sort of falling down all over everyone out here. we kim out of an building that's just caddy corner. tell me what happened, you guilty a knock on your door and what happened. >> i was up in the restroom and then i hear this sound coming over speaker and they were saying get out, it is an emergency, tick the elevator, do not take the elevator, go down the stairs, i having wait immediately. >> you did. >> and what did you see and what were your thoughts when include looked outside. >> then they mentioned a fire
5:50 am
and i looked out and i saw the fire. i said oh my god. omg. it was huge. and when i -- four weeks ago when i left the building was maybe on like to fifth floor or something like that and they made progress and now praisingly the fire was a full blown fire. >> did you though what they're building here, apartments, condo. >> condos, apartments, something like that because they had the parking ground. they were making a lot of headway on it. my first thought was it a fire alarm, and i was like no alarm. i got dressed and came on down. >> are you okay? this is pretty scary. >> i have nervous thing, i am working on that. >> okay. take care of yourself, winnie scott, just across from where this huge fire is continuing to
5:51 am
burn. she and everyone else inside the building was evacuated from the building. i saw everybody coming out, people coming out in their bath robes this morning, people grab their pet, grab whatever they could and got out of the building as quickly as possible because firefighter have a lot of concern about the fire potentially spreading to these buildings just across the street, but they're doing a good job at this point of keeping it contained to just the block. >> a firefighter is climbing up a ladder on this side. can you tell? i take it they're away from where the crane is now. and they're able to get a little closer to part of the fire. >> some of these crews are quite close and that building came crashing down it made my heart stop and i was concerned there may be somebody below there. they have -- they're close enough to this fire you can see
5:52 am
where this engine truck here to be able to spray some water on the fire, but obviously not too close that they would be in any sort of danger: it doesn't -- it wouldn't seem, if a portion came down. they know with these buildings under construction that's one of your major concerns you don't want to get too close because here is another part of this, that seems to be shaking over here on the left hand side. >> what we're looking at. >> there are so many portions of this building that look, very, very unstable. >> now, just for people who are just joining us this is affecting a lot of areas in oakland, valdez near 23rd and 24ingth, not far from grand. the fire, the building we're looking at in the ground is i believe, one of the condominium or apartment buildings where people have been evacuated and it looks like to four and embers are prettyless to building the at this point. >> well, yeah, there's the big concern is that you get some of
5:53 am
those embers that start just do blow away from building. it could easily land on one of these structure, so that's -- you know, from the brief conversations i've had with system of the people involved in the fire fight here, that's the main objective is to just keep this contained to this one building and this one block. >> yes. >> alex we're just -- >> beginning to collapse. >> we're just hearing as well, that a side of another building is now on fire. so the fire has spread. >> okay. >> we're trying to find out exactly if that is one of the condominium buildings. >> if we find out where that is, we can try to change our vantage bodily injury point f. this, maybe if we swing around the other side of this thing. >> right. we're looking at black smoke again which indicate it is fire is growing. till us again for people just join us exactly where you are. >> another portion of this building that's about to come
5:54 am
down. >> you see right there on the left hand side. i mean that's another portion as some of this scaffolding looks like it is about to come tim it willing down. again, you have got a -- tumbling down. >> all this is just flammable materials. it is just basically wood and you've got all of this holding in place is that scaffolding on the side. it is not being cohold much longer. >> tell us where you are stabbing from your vantage point. >> we're standing, we're on grand avnue at valdez street and we're just off of broadway between broadway and lake merit and the street is all shut down in this area. i don't know exactly how many streets are closed but just in general, this entire area is a good place to avoid this morning because this are a ton of street closure.
5:55 am
>> all right. and sal, you listening in sal can probably talk more about street closures in place, but to let people know we did just hear that this fire is spreading to another building. but sal if you could -- >> we do have them blocked the main streets in the area, grand avnue, broadway, and also some of the other streets, but this is on valdez near brand avenue, obviously a very busy area, and it is visible from everywhere in oakland. we have a lot of closures in the area. they've added more fire arriving so you also should stay out of the way of that -- >> we do have just a lot of people who have been telling me they continue on highway 24 from 580, from 880, how commute doesn't seem as crowded and it is giving us a hand here with the commute because 580 you can definitely see it and
5:56 am
especially that it is flight. you can see the flak smoke in the air. >> for people just jig us, this is a fire in oakland, as you mentioned it streets that are affected we're hearing that it has spread to another building. people have been evacuated. they're standing on the street with our own ktvu alex savage, christian captain is out on the scene with a number of people have been evacuateed and the big concern still is that huge construction crane. >> sure. >> they were looking at this. this is say wider picture, we can tell that -- >> the smoke has -- >> it is not adds bad. it is not a big dark cloud of smoke people are seeing from san francisco, the mission district down in south bay, as sal mentioned highway 24. >> i just stepped outside the studio, it is drifting toward our parking lot. it is over here as well. again we're looking at the live pictures of this fire on valdez
5:57 am
avenue, and we -- rosemary, you have something to say ant this. >> so when firebreak a little earlier this morning we noticed how the smoke would go up to a certain degree and then sort of flatten out because we had the inversion in place, but it looks like now that's beginning to defer. that's grat news because the winds are generally light. that smoke was just hanging over oakland and as our reporter versus been seeing that allows it to just come raining back down and that's perhaps part of the reason why we're now at least beginning to hear about a new building that has caught fire. in general the winds have been light which it is bun fecial in the way it doesn't spread the flames but we watched it smoke just kin of linger over, through the that latest spot indicating it is starting to disperse. >> it is also interesting to note, while we were watching these are live pictures of downtown, a huge fire, earlier we were watching that giant
5:58 am
crane that was swinging wildly, and now it is not. i don't know if that means it is stabilizeed in some point or may fall later but it is interesting it is not swinging in a circle wildly now like it has been. >> from this vantage point it looks like it can fall on the building in the foreground which is an apartment building. we know that i mean it is a very large crane and we heard from a construction worker in the area who said it definitely would affect a number of buildings if it comes down, just again, if you are just join us, thank you for joining us here, ktvu, we're following this fire, in oakland, these are live picture, this is not far from the whole foods in area. there are a number of car dealership, not far from lake merit. >> the restaurant. >> a number of building businesses and buildings and let's go back down to christian
5:59 am
the fire has i reduced a little bit of intensity in terms of how much we can feel it from our -- much water on that fire as quickly as possible. we can, up in the unit that he was in earlier, just how hot this fire was burning, pam. maybe take a look over here and you can see a group standing out here, and they're doing some kind of a roll call checking to see which units are
6:00 am
how did you first become aware of the fire. >> i was completely asleep, and someone knocked on my door, and i hoped it up and it was two police officers who were evacuating everyone. i quickly got my phone, my key, my -- and i -- >> you have pets. >> yeah. yeah. >> and i just put on you know some pjs and i left. that's it. >> which side of the building were you on, the side facing the fire. >> yeah i looked outside, and huge flames right out of the window. i face north. >> and when you saw that arm swinging that was one of my major concerns and i think a major concern of the firefighter as well the arm was swinging around. it appear today be swinging out of control. >> yeah, it was. we're trying to figure out why it was doing that, was


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