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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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happening today state water officials will conduct their annual april 1 snowpack survey in the sierra nevada, considered the most important one of the year for planning summer water supplies for california. now earlier this month a measurement found the snowpack was at 186% of normal for this time of the year. governor jerry brown is expected to announce next month if he will lift the drought emergency put in place in 2014. welcome back to mornings on 2. we thank you for joining us. thursday, march 30. i'm dave clark. pam cook is off today. steve is off as well but we have mark here this morning. mark? >> happy to be here with you dave and i think actually might be rain or snowing when they do that snowpack survey today, because you can see they are tracking a weather system out to our east and up to our north as well also impacting the bay area weather pattern with cooler temperatures and some gusty winds so here is the overall weather picture with the rain showers up to our north and moving out to our
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east as well, as you can see out towards south lake tahoe snow levels around 5500 feet and i did see a light rain report out toward blue canyon this morning. right now lots of 50s on board temperatures not extremely cold but if you feel that wind it feels chilly we'll check in on the current wind speeds and you could see pretty strong gusts out toward novado sustained at 25 gusting to 48 miles an hour, concord winds sustained at 12 gusting to 20, and more reports for you with sfo gusting to 32 miles an hour. san jose not nearly as strong winds only three miles an hour so for today we'll hold on to partly cloudy skies and we have areas of fog developing and you might encounter slick roadways because we had a few showers and sprinkles overnight and for this afternoon, mostly sunny and windy. here is the temperature range for today and it will be cooler than yesterday. most areas will be topping out in the 60s with some gusty
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winds. more on the forecast highs in your neighborhood in just a few minutes, sal standing by and hopefully no major problem r for this early thursday morning. >> good morning to you mark. we don't have major problems out there. we do have slow traffic already in some areas, nothing major though and this is a good time to be on the road. this is a look at 80 between fairfield and in solano county, traffic is moving along as you drove through the commute there have been no major problems getting in and driving out to the bridge. you can see traffic on the bridge looks pretty good getting into san francisco with no major problems and this morning commute is not bad if you are driving on the bay bridge, westbound coming into san francisco. good area to avoid right now westbound 92 on and off, because of police activity. at 4:33 let's go back to the desk. a grieving family in san jose is asking for help to find the killer of 19-year-old
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joseph viramontes. his body was found at the elementary school last saturday he had been shot at least once. there are no suspects or a motive yet. joseph viramontes' grandfather last saw joseph friday night as he headed out to see friends. >> i know i can't bring him back, but if i can get some justice here, please help me. >> the family believes someone knows something that could lead to whoever killed him. if you have any information call san jose police. by the way this is the seventh homicide in san jose so far this year. a 100 year old san francisco woman who became known for her eviction battle was remembered last night after she died after having a stroke. family members and friends and community members gathered to remember iris canada who lived at 670 page street since the
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1940s. she had a lift time lease but the new owner of her building said she no longer lived there continuously and won a court case to have her evicted. >> in her dignity and grace, was taken from her. she didn't scream outloud, she didn't do the things that i do. she was quiet when she felt she had been wrong. >> now sheriffs deputies enforce the eviction order and they evicted her on february 10. ms. canada was hospitalized a few days later after having a stroke and she died last saturday. well, a homeowners association for the millennium tower building in san francisco are now suing trying to force a fix for the sinking and leaning skyscraper. the latest lawsuit is against the transbay joint powers authority whose work at a nearby site might have contributed to the problems
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there at the millennium building. they are alleging the construction of a new transit terminal on the adjacent property has added to the damage. so far about 58 story high rise has sunk 16 inches since it was built and also leaning to the side. >> there are allegations against trans bay regarding the timing of what they knew and whether or not they disclosed it. >> now a few of the towers residents they've already filed lawsuits, separately san francisco's city attorney also sued the developers accusing them of not disclosing that the tower was sinking. time is 4:36. seat belts may soon be required on buses in california. a new bill was introduced by state senator jerry hill in response to the deadly 2016 greyhound bus crash where two people were killed, 13 others were injured in san jose. now the proposed law would require new buses to be equipped with seat belts but it
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would not require passengers to wear them. a state senate committee voting in favor of the bill sent it to the senate appropriations committee. the city of san francisco plans to continue being a leader in battle against climate change. officials in the mayors office will continue to push for policies that reduce greenhouse gas production. and programs to encourage green energy like solar panels on the roof of city hall, they are going to stay in place. and also working on initiatives they say will create thousands of new green jobs. they say san francisco is proof that being good for the environment is good for the economy. >> if san francisco is a thriving economy, we've managed to reduce our polution by 24% our emission by 24% but meanwhile our economy has grown by over 50% so to say that somehow going to a clean energy economy and a clean economy is
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somehow bad for business that's just not the case in san francisco. >> san francisco officials and environmental groups say they will take their fight through the court system if they have to. time is 4:37. opening statements started yesterday in the case of a 10 year old boy who died of a bacterial infection from a pet rat . the childs father is suing pet co which sold the pet to the family in 2013. the little boy became sick and died two weeks later. doctors had first thought it was the flu but an autopsy showed he died from rat bite fever. this lawsuit claims pet co knew the risk but is still selling rats. pet co says it warns customers about a possible danger; however it's possibilities impossible to make sure that each rat among the millions that are sold is free of bacteria. the childs mother settled with pet co before the trial. time is 4:38. two couples were caught on
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camera fighting during a road rage incident near san diego this happened monday afternoon in chula vista. you can see the fists were flying between the men who wrestled each other to the ground. the women could be seen kicking, punching even pulling hair. an off duty police officer ended the fight and we still don't know why this fight started in the first place. the police say no one is pressing charges. a bay area biotech company is giving hope now to people who had the disease multiple sclerosis. the fda approved a drug developed by genentec of south san francisco that while there are other ms drugs researchers say this treatment has few side effects and also the most effective against relapsing ms. a common form of that disease. ms attacks the central nervous system and could load to vision loss, fatigue and impaired coordination. >> its certainly changed my
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life dramatically. i had to look at my life ending in a wheelchair and severely debilitating. >> our hope is that with a highly effective and apparently safe medication like ocrevus the long term course will now be far more favorable for people who develop ms today and tomorrow. >> now the drug will be sold under the brand name ocrevus. it could be available as early as next week. it's injected once every six months. the price tag is $$65,000 a year. the doctors are hoping health companies will cover most of the cost. well, a classic video game is helping to restore peace of mind for people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. researchers in sweden say the game tetrus can help reprogram your brain to stop flashbacks. it works because it interferes with forming the visual
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component of flashbacks. they say car crash victims were less likely to develop ptsd if they played the game within six hours of going to the hospital. tetrus also showed it can help curb cravings for cigarettes and alcohol. time is 4:40 a proposed increase to the gasoline tax, car registration fees and a fee for zero emission vehicles. the money that would help pay for repairs to damage roads an also pay for public transit. and all is forgiven we'll have an update on the oscars and the accounting company behind the best picture mishap, also new rules in place for next years oscar ceremony. good morning for the most part our commute is doing well. this is a live look at the bay bridge, you can see traffic looks good on the span. and weather the wind might be a factor in your commute this morning with gusty conditions as a weak weather
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system moves intonorthern california and out towards the sierra, we're cooling things off take a closer look at the forecast highs and show you the weekend outlook as well all coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 4:44. samsung unveiled its long awaited galaxy s8 phone. take a look it has a larger display, comes were the voice assistant feature, they are competing with apple's siri. samsung is trying to avoid past mistakes with several inspections of the new phones including x-rays and extreme stress tests. the galaxy s8 goes on sale april 21. pre orders begin today. now as for the chipotle company with its contaminated food problems behind itself, chipotle says all of its menu
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items now have no preserve a evers. chipotles also launching new tortillas for its tacos and chips and the company claims it's the only national restaurant chain that doesn't use any added colors, flavors or preserve a evers in its food. well, ford is recalling more than half a million vehicles. ford says engines have a risk of overheating and catching fire in some escapes, fiestas and transit connect small vans. about 30 of those fires have been reported so far but no injuries. ford said a separate problem with bad latches can cause doors and some other vehicles to open up unexpectedly. if you want to see a complete list of all of the vehicles covered by this recall log on to our channel 2 website and click on the web links. well spacex is hoping to launch a falcon 9 rocket from cape canaveral later this afternoon and if everything goes according to plan it will be the first ever mission using
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a used rocket. the rocket used tonight was used in april of last year. that rocket will be taking a communication satellite into space. the launch window opens at 3 this afternoon, and it stays open until 5:00 tonight. well you could have a hard time finding good prices on some of your favorite fruits this summer. blueberry and peach crops have been almost wiped out by bad weather in georgia and south carolina. problems also head for watermelons. one thing you won't have trouble finding will be strawberries. around the country, strawberry crops are doing pretty well. time is 4:46. after that unforgettable mistake at this years oscars ceremony the academy announced that pricewaterhousecoopers will get to keep its job but there will be some changes. the accountants will not be allowed to have their cell phones back stage. the companies chairman will be brought into oversee the balloting process.
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i know you remember lala land was mistakenly named best picture instead of the real winner, moonlight. the accountant behind that mistake reportedly was distracted taking selfies with movie stars back stage. by the way he won't be allowed back at the award show. our time is 4:46. sal will take care of you this morning he's watching our commute. sal? >> well thank you, dave. i'm sorry i was just taking a selfie with some of the people here. >> i know you were. >> not really. good morning it's too early for that. let's take a look at the commute. it's already slow traffic so when we got on the air at 4 one of the first commutes we checked was the tracy commute and it was clear, but in the last 45 minutes or so, we have seen more traffic show up as you can see, 205 is pretty slow this morning, we don't see any crashes along the altamonte pass reported but i'll check again. right now the traffic is still slow until you get over to the altamonte pass and that looks better into livermore. you can see traffic on
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interstate 880 is okay, no major problems driving through the area and the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is going to be a little bit slow. i do want to mention an accident that is in a non commute direction here, southbound 101 at the connector ramp to northbound 680 and san jose there's an injury accident on that ramp causing a little bit of a delay at 4:48 let's go to mark. >> hi, sal. good morning to you and you'll notice a cool down compared to yesterday. boy yesterday afternoon was great to be outside with warm temperatures. today we're cooling things off and also bumping up wind speeds and as result we have a wind advisory to talk about for the cost and san francisco and this begins earlier today in fact about to 12:00 this begins with the wind advisory in plus you'll see that coming up 12- 8:00 p.m. and out toward the eastbay hills this begins friday morning so midnight, a little bit of a delay starts here but the winds already picking up, in fact you could already consider portions of the bay area in our wind advisory even
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though we aren't officially under that advisory. as far as satellite and radar there's rain showers up to our north and rain and snow out toward the sierra. snow levels around 5500 and 6,000 feet we'll check in on the current numbers right now. santa rosa 56, san francisco 52, san jose 56 and livermore mid 50s. showing you the wind speeds as well you could see concord a gust at 20 miles an hour i actually double checked this earlier there was wind gusts of 48 and right now it's gusting to 35 miles an hour so some areas have the wind other areas don't up towards santa rosa winds only six miles an hour and sfo, a west early breeze gusting to 32 miles an hour. with the wind and the time of the year pollen levels are up so as a result you could be sneezing a bit and trees up there for the high range as well especially the oak, pine and mulberry, so thats the theme for today and the next few weeks, of course it is allergy season here in the bay area. this weather system is cruising
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out to our east, out toward the sierra so this is responsible for the cool down today and also the gusty winds for the coast and also the bay shoreline. even for the higher terrain. once the system moves on out we will begin to warm things back up by friday and into saturday. saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend. here is our forecast model showing you the clouds and rain showers and snow showers look at all of the activity in the sierra today so if you do have travel in the mountains you might want to be prepared for delays and also you might have chain controls as well if you keep an eye on that. here are the arrows coming in out of the north, northwest so definitely an increase in the wind speeds throughout the day. temperatures for today mainly in the 60s warmest locations flirting with 70 degrees out toward brentwood, santa rosa, san francisco go 65. more neighborhoods san jose checking in 67, half moon bay 62. look ahead your five day forecast and we will warm things up a bit for your
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friday, weekend looks pretty good saturday will be the warmest day that means the warmest locations right around 80 degrees, it will be breezy on sunday but still nice and then partly cloudy skies into monday and dave with that forecast might be something to think the storm door is closing forever going to be shutdown that might not be the case it locks like maybe a change with the wet weather pattern about a week from now or maybe seven or eight days out. >> wow. >> okay. >> april may still deliver. >> thanks for the heads up, mark. 4:51 well you already know it's very expensive to live here in the bay area. up next we'll tell you which cities are seeing a rental rebound but with prices dropping.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 4:54 the bay area has one of the most expensive real estate markets in america but the rental market may be softening. rents are the most expensive in san francisco, palo alto, redwood city and mountainview, but they are also seeing rents go down. in some cases, 8-15%. in the meantime a one bedroom apartment in san francisco still goes for about $3300 a month. a new report from the website z says several bay area cities are on the other end of that spectrum and concord, for instance, an average one bedroom apartment costs about $1500 a month.
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>> great climate we're in the bay area so that's an attraction. we have two bart stations servicing our community so it's accessible to go to other parts of the bay area and we have a lot of open space and parks and community facilities and recreation activities. >> now concord is the fastest growing rental market in the bay area. rents there, they are up 15% compared to a year ago because of rising demand. well bart is launching a new campaign to help riders feel the trains is a safe place for everybody. this new poster campaign is called bay area rides together. bart managers say it's a way to highlight the diversity but barts writers, the message says on this train, everyone is welcome. bart officials say the campaign is in response to thoughts and emotions expressed by riders who say they wanted to be reassured bart is safe for everybody. time is 4:55 students from two grade schools in fresno county received a hands-on education yesterday about the
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cycle of life for fish. the kids took part in the statewide program teaching them about aquatic life. the lessons started weeks earlier in the classroom and ended in a field trip to a nearby river where they released their fish. students had raised the trout from little eggs to full adults. >> i was kind of surprised how they grew so fast in just like two weeks and how much food you are supposed to feed them and i didn't know once they grew up they had to like just eat right away instead of wait two days so i was really surprised. >> now the program organizers say that the kids really got attached to the fish and nurturing them even giving them names. the students also checked the water quality as you see. organizers hope this might encourage some students to choose careers dealing with aquatic life and the environment. time is 4:56 the blame game goes on, after the flooding in san jose. was there a miss interpretation
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of information or was it something more in those floods that destroyed dozens of homes. and there's new developments out of hawaii involving president trump's travel ban. the new decision that came down from a federal judge overnight. good morning, we do have traffic that is going to be busy in some areas and windy as mark has been saying westbound 92, this traffic is moving okay heading out to the high rise. and in weather yet we are tracking stronger winds for today, also some cooler temperatures out there yesterdays beautiful warm afternoon. right now though we have clouds in place, winds increasing and some changes setting up for your thursday forecast we'll talk more about those changes coming up. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it is a busy thursday. but we're thankful that you're here with us. in a couple hours early for pam cook this morning. >> i recognize you. good morning. i'm dave clark. and we're talking about weather. and mark is in for steve. happy to be here with the gang. we're talking about some wind out there with the camera. you can see the wind shakeing that camera around quite a bit so be extra careful on the roadways for your thursday morning. saw some rainfall overnight and a few light to rain showers moving into the bay area. we have clear skies and 48 degrees. and they picked up .18 inches of rainfall. so the rainfall, has moved out of town. but the winds will


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