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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 28, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us here on mornings on 2. it's tuesday, february 28th. >> let's talk about your weather and i think you will like the bay area weather. steve is right over there. >> maybe later. cold right now. >> it is cold this morning very mild in the afternoon. >> yes the afternoon is a little warmer. little bit. maybe a few 60s here today. unless you are on the north coast still with a little hit and miss shower activity. can't get rid of that for all of california but for the bay area we can and southern california on the dryer side. maybe a few isolated showers. many 30s. livermore in there. palo alto. fairfield, santa rosa and close for others. 27 in kelseyville. 33napa. we have a way to go. northwest breeze will continue. even down some areas kind of
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variable but generally a northern breeze. southern california is on the dryer, cooler side but it's raining in phoenix and mountains in flag of staff. a lot of sun. mostly sunny, few clouds but the fair weather, 50s and low 60s. good morning sal. we are off to a good start. we don't have a lot going on. a lot different from those days when we had rain. right now traffic on the pass looks good but there is already a bitl road work here. westbound 205 at 580. traffic is a little slow already. they have been trying to repair some of that pot holmes they had out there and traffic is going to be a little slow, nothing major as you drive over to dublin and livermore and no problems in to haywood or union city. let's go to 880 north and southbound. you can see it looks good and traffic is moving along nicely. if you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see the traffic is off to a good
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start. let's go back to the desk. we do start with a developing story of a deadly small plane crash in southern california. it killed three people and hurt two others who were on their way to san jose. >> it was going back to the airport when it crashed into a neighborhood moments after taking off from riverside airport just before 5:00 last night. >> the plane carrying five people slammed into two houses and then sparked a fire as you can see. they -- the people on board were returning from a youth cheerleading competition at disneyland. two adult women were ejected from the plane on impact and survived. one underwent emergency surgery and is in critical condition. the other was taken to the hospital in riverside. >> they were ejected into the house and that's where the firefighters were able to make
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an aggressive attack and get them out from the house early on in the fire. >> the firefighters arrived with in two or three minutes worried that people inside the homes were hurt but authorities now say that nobody on the ground was hurt. witnesses heard an explosion and saw the flames. >> we just saw the plane go down really fast and then flames and a big loud boom. >> you see it seconds before it hit? >> yes. just seconds before it hit. we thought it crashed in to a house. i was in a panic. >> the entire block in the the neighborhood which is about 25 houses was evacuated. two homes were destroyed. a third was damaged. the ntsb is heading up the investigation into the cause of the plane crash. we are learning more about the south bay owner of that cessna that crashed. it's registered to an 83-year-
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old who lives on north second street in san jose. a neighbor caring for his cats said that he and his wife flew to southern cal with their granddaughter for a cheerleading event. that neighbor confirmed that this is dana's facebook page. dana sent a message at two to say they were on their way back home and their granddaughter had won first place. when they didn't return last night the neighbor was worried. the neighbor said that he loved the home because it was close to the airport where he kept his plane. here are some more details about that plane. it has twin engines, seats up to six people, cessana produced it between 1954 and 1980. only about 6,000 were built. make sure you stay with us for continuing coverage on this plane crash and the investigation. we will be bringing you reports
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on this throughout mornings on 2. police in the east bay are investigating a deadly crash in the city of pittsburgh. officering say at seven there was a crash between a car and van at willow pass road near bailey road. investigators say a woman heard the collision and ran to check to see what happened. police say that she was then hit by an suv that was headed west on willow pass road. that driver stooped and is cooperating with investigators. they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash and police are not saying if anyone was seriously hurt in the first crash involving the car and the van. a man is being treated for very serious burns suffered in an apartment fire in el sorito. it happened about nine on san pablo and lincoln avenues ata a complex that houses special needs and older people. who firefighters arrived smoke and fire were coming out of one of the apartments. a man inside was rescued. he was flown to the hospital.
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>> i was transported by medical helicopter to santa clara medical center burn unit with significant burns to his upper body, second and third degree burns. >> witnesses say a woman was also seen going into an apartment to help rescue a man but we don't know if she helped the same victim who was taken to the hospital. the cause of the fire under investigation. pg&e has cut power to the apartment complex and right now people who live there aren't allowed to go back. the city of san yellows has announced the first estimate of damages caused by the coyote creek flood. it's at $73 million. 550million of that is for private property. the city said there has been nearly $940,000 in donations for the flood victims. a city council meeting today will be focused ongoing after federal and state dollars.
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many apartments are yellow tagged and will be in need of those funds. >> the concrete. >> reporter: the homeowner showed us how four feet of water flooded his basement damaging the foundation and beams at his home on 19th street. this was a picture taken last tuesday. >> i was surprised to have so much water. >> reporter: his home of 25 years upgraded to a yelll owe tag after he added support beams. this is what he was able to save. most of the debris on the sidewalk. he has flood insurance. >> we have three other homes we are doing they don't have insurance or money. we are doing -- trying to help out people who need it. it's quite sad to be honest. >> reporter: gary specializes in flood repairs. his crew bio washing the basement of another yellow tagged home of raw sewage. the sheetrock manslaughter be replaced. city officials declaring the two homes in the william street
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area red tagged. the initial damage estimate $50 million. 23million to public parks and roads. immaterial the estimate we have done is really based on formulas and not based on inspection work. >> we know that all the infrastructure costs and the costs to homeowner has has been devastating. we know the number will be bigt. will probably get bigger. >> reporter: san jose mayor said he wasn't surprised with the damage estimate. we caught up with him while visiting the seven trees community center. now an overnight shelter to 120 flood survivors. oakland's new police chief said her top priority is to make the city safe. >> preform the duties of the office of chief of police city of oakland. >> i will. >> thank you and
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congratulations. >> she was sworn in yesterday by the oakland mayor and she will lead a department that has seen several police chiefs come and go in recent years. the chief said that she intends to stay. >> first of alll i'm not a quitter. there is not going to be a quit in me. even when there are challenges and there are many hats and masters i will serve in oakland. i understand that. >> she takes over the department in disarray with the school dan. the fall out over the ghost ship warehouse fire and allegation that officers twice failed to arrest a man for shooting up a neighborhood before he was shot dead by police. wilbur ross has been confirmed as secretary of commerce. he is a 79-year-old who lodi vest from much of his business empire to join the trump
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administration. he is expected to be a key you player in the administration's plan to change trade deals like the north american free trade agreement. he is scheduled to be sworn in just hours. the president delivers his anticipated major address before congress in prime time tonight. >> and already democrats are pushing back on ideas that the president is expected to lay out. we are live from washington with a preview of the president's address. good morning. >> reporter: good morning pam and dave. while this speech is not a state of the union address the white house said it'll be a look forward to the next four years under the president. >> all i can do is speak from the heart and say what they want to do. >> reporter: it'll be the president's first formal address to both chambers of congress with millions of americans watching from home to see what specifics the president plans to lay out. >> obama care has been a disaster. it's out of control. ly talk about the military.
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i will talk about the border. remember this, on the border and throughout our country we are getting the bad ones out. the bad people. gang members, drug lords, murderers. >> reporter: the speech will talk about tax reform to how the president plans to protect the american people. democrats who have promised to stand up to the president at every turn slamming the speech well before the address is even given. >> when the president talks about a mess he is talking about his own first 40 days in office which he wasted. >> reporter: we know there are democrats planning to bring immigrants and refugees as their guests to the speech but the president and first lady announcing they would bring guests including two widows of fallen officers and the parent of a student killed by illegal immigrants. >> thank you. you can watch the president's address to congress and the american people right
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here with us. our coverage starts tonight at six. more changes coming to your pg&e bill. coming up at 4:30 the rate hike coming this week and some other changes you will notice. ♪
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guyou'll swear it came from aew frfancy brunch place. its 100% real. just like my favorite sport - pro wrestling. um... yeah, about pro wrestling... its fake. what? lies!! its... all ...lies!! why didnt you tell me?!!!! sorry jack, i thought you knew. try my new grilled french toast plate with syrup and hickory smoked bacon. the newest addition to my brunchfast menu. hit me with this, youll feel better. . welcome back. it's 4:14. a san francisco appeals court denied a request to put the legal battlel over the president's travel ban on hold.
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the justice department wanted to stop it arguing that the president plans to issue a new order and will take back the first one. earlier this month the three judge panel denied a request from the government to reverse a nationwide stay on the travel ban. the government has until march 10th to file its opening brief. there is a report about possible e-mail troubles for new epa chief scott pruitt. the associated press got records showing he used a private e-mail account to talk to staff while he served as oklahoma's attorney general. this goes against his testimony in which he testified that he only used a state e-mail account for government business. the e-mails also indicate close ties between him and the oil and gas industry. sal is over there. i know you have the gilroy drive under control already right? >> that's right. we do have the gilroy drive and traffic is doing well on
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northbound 1401 if you are driving from gilroy and into the morgan hill area. not a bad drive. driving up into san jose, continues to look very good. we don't have anything major on the freeways. a couple of minor things that haven't slowed traffic. one is northbound 17 at 280. car hit the center median but the traffic is getting by without any issue. moving along and taking a look at interstate 880 the traffic looks good in the east bay and no major problems on the peninsula. watch highway 101. if you are trying to get into san francisco westbound traffic on the bay bridge is light. this is a good hour to be traveling. we don't have any major problems. let's bring steve in for the weather. i would hope so. a good hour to travel. >> if you can't have the 4:00 hour what can you have? >> sal. we get right to it. we are clear and cold. little bit of cloud over. should stay up there.
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ly mention mendecino. to much dry air here. you can get cloud cover. that cold air continues to go over the ocean water. if you are up in eureka. maybe northern mendecino still dealing a little bit of shower activity. 30s for many. low 40s for many as well. east bay temperatures already 30s. vallejo, concord, blackhawk, dublin, even danville, wall net creek at 33. it's close there for brentwood. bit a northerly breeze. not that strong but we will have a part of the north or northwesterly breeze and you can see why right there. everything has carved itself out. getting good rain. phoenix little down toward tucson with snow in the mountains. it looks like its exited california. there is still a flood warning for the san diego river. some of that heavy rain yesterday picked up three quarters of an inch. now the seasonal total, they passed yesterday of ten and a third. all the way down to saying we are getting good rain and
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winter storm warnings out for the mountains. flagstaff tuesday until five. good snow newspaper the mountains and temperatures starting to top. 49 las vegas, 30 flagstaff. still on the mild side for some but 54 san diego. we will have mostly clear skies. a few clouds in the afternoon but a lot of sun. little cold this morning. we will have up ear's and low 60's and the more of the same each wednesday. slowly warmer, increasing clouds on saturday and rain on sunday. enjoy that mild afternoon though until then. thank you steve. >> 4:18 is the time right now. tekada has plead guilty to fraud and agreed to pay a billion dollars in penalties. they tried to cover up a deadly defect that contributed to the death of at least 16 people. the company admitted to hiding problems that can cause inflaters to explode and throw shrapnel into driver ands passengers. 850million will go to
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restitution for automakers. 125million is for the victims and families. how wow like to be one of two people who will fly around the moon next year? space x plans to make it happen. the ceo said that the two people approached the company about going on a week long flight. the mission would not involve a landing but the c aps ule is expected to loop around the moon. mu is sk said the two tourists aware of the risks and they have paid a significant deposit. they will have to go through tough training. this will be the first time anyone has gone that far into space in more than 40 years. >> exciting. >> let's do it. i don't know if i would. >> okay. are you -- you would go? >> i would. >> all right. >> if they asked. >> yes. >> they won't so i don't have to worry. it's 19 minutes after four. there is a field trip to facebook.
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the lessons some high schooler was able to learn that their teachers hope will last a lifetime. >> first a horrible crash in the mojave desert.
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priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. . united states attorney general said that justice department will take action against the people behind a recent wave of anti semetic
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threats. he condemned the threats and vandalism at jewish cemeteries. vandals knocked over hundreds of head stones in philadelphia. another act happened outside of st. louis. sessions said that the justice department will do what it can to help prosecute anyone proven to have been involved. a state of emergency has been declared in a small town in massachusetts after a rare tornado. several homes were destroyed when the storm hit over the weekend. homeowners now cleaning up and investigators surveying the damage. one family was having dinner when the tornado hit without any warning. >> lights went off and came on and then waiverred. it was this high wind sound and then this boom. my brother-in-law was thrown into the bathroom by the wind. it was so strong. >> several homes are now condemned and while the tornado left a five mile path of
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destruction nobody was seriously hurt or killed. the chp investigating a bus crash in southern california near los angeles that killed one woman and injured 26 more. it happened yesterday afternoon in kra mer junction. investigators say that a charter bus going from fresno to las vegas crossed in to oncoming traffic and hit two cars head on. a 55-year-old woman in one of the cars was killed. first responders asked for helicopters to take people to hospitals but the helicopters weren't able to fly because of bad weather. >> because the unavailability of the medical helicopters we reinforced the ground ambulances. >> investigators say that nine people suffered life threatening injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. oakland raiders linebacker aldon smith was in a courtroom just weeks before the nfl could
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reinstate him to active status. smith faces charges related to a dui arrest in 2015. in that case he is also charged with hit and run, and vandalism after leaving a santa clara club and crashing his car. smith has been sidelined this past year because of a suspension tied to violating the substance abuse policy. smith said is he confident his problems are in the past. >> i'm just happy that all this is behind me and i can move forward and enjoy the rest of my life. >> anything you want to say to the the fans in. >> thank you for your support. raider nation all the way and let's just keep this on the straight and positive. >> smith will be back in court april 24th. jewish options around the country have been getting threatening phone calls including right here in the bay area. >> they said they had a bomb. that they plant aid bomb and they planned to kill us. >> how the bay area jewish
4:26 am
anti defamation league is reacting to the latest threats. >> and an atm ripped from a bay area business. the burglary pulled off by the determined leaves and the clues police hope will lead to an arrest. >> we have traffic that is doing very well. it's early in the morning and you are getting a little bit of the advantage on highway 101 in san francisco. getting up to the done town area. >> skies are clear. it's cold out there. a lot of 30s but looks like a nice day and temperatures up a little bit. we will have the numbers.
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thank you for joining us. ♪ [ music ] >> you have to start out a tuesday morning with the music of charlie rich. >> okay. >> that is a classic song. this is a classic live picture looking out at the bay bridge. looking out over the bay area. tuesday february 28th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us and steve said march is coming in like a lamb. >> little lamb. yeah. interpret they quiet. little chilly. has a jacket on. >> it is cold. >> cold out there. >> don't forget that jacket. the afternoon, friend of mine said its getting warm. that's how we do it. layers here. cold, 30s, 40s everything out of the north and if you are up north mendecino still dealing another piece of energy coming down giving off and on rain and
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slow snow levels. 30s for us, 40s for many as well on the peninsula. 34 atwood side. palo alto, menlo park. loss altos in the 30s. it's close for others. a lot warmer today compared to yesterday. you can see the air flow out of the north. southern california on the dryer side. that's not the case in arizona if you are going to phoenix. i think they are dealing good rain heret. will be better by this afternoon tomorrow. for us but for a few clouds, mostly sunny and cool. here he is. mr. sal. >> you know what? if you -- charlie rich has a song called the most beautiful girl in the world. >> yes. >> one of the best the ever. >> that was a nice touch wasn't it? >> yes. yes. any way. good for the control room. i like charlie rich. let's go out and look at the drive now. traffic on


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