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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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warm armed a ravel and spray paint. what we are learning about what happened. >> and a new storm blowing through the bay area. >> and rooters of a plan for massive immigration action across the country involving the national guard. how the white house is now responding. >> good afternoon. >> frantic moments in oakland as police responded to reports of a man with a rifle and firing on resident as well he as responding officers. >> it started just after nine. we brought it live here as breaking news until it ended just about an hour later with the officer opening fire. the armed man was taken in to custody. henry lee one of the first the reporters with what you learned. >> we are at corner of 98th and golf links road. that's why -- by the zoo. you can see the oakland police
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have set up a command post at the liquor store. bottleneck liquor store. they are right by that liquor store is a small street and that's where all -- unfolded. it's a very busy area with that high school nearby and school children. police are relieved they have taken the suspect off the streets. the call to object land police came in after nine this morning. a woman called saying her neighbor on the 9500 block of las vegas right off golf links road was firing shots. it wasn't from some ordinary hand gun. >> a shooter, this was a male described to have a long rifle with a scope. he was reported shooting in the area, 9500 block of las vegas. it was reported the shot was fired at residents and some of the cars that were parked on the street. oakland officers responded immediately, when think arrived on scene this individual
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started shooting in their direction. >> now as this happened nearby bishop odelle which is behind las vegas was placed on lockdown. on and off ramps were closed by the chp. now during the accident sky fox shot this video of what appears to be breasts and male gen, talia spray painted a on a nearby home. officers were able to arrest the man outside. an officer fire aid shot during the incident. we have these images of the suspect being loaded in to an ambulance. police said it's not clear if he was shot. we have spoken to neighbor who say the suspect had fired at cars and homes earlier in the week. police say they are trying to determine a motive for the shooting. the suspect is suffering injuries that again we don't know if he was shot by the officers. he is safely in custody and the rifle has been seized.
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that's the latest in oakland. ktvu fox 2news. >> thank you for that report. our other top story. the main has really been pounding. many parts of the bay area on this friday. this is a live look from our roof camera in the city of oakland. >> rain drops there just about everywhere. rosemary tracking the storm. >> yeah. wet and windy. let's take a look at the radar. we are beginning to see this taper off just some. taillights a three hour time l aps e. covered in green and yellow for the bay area. at this point we are starting to see breaks. if we move in closer we will take a look at where we are seeing some of those breaks. how about oaf areas just south of santa rose a. areas like sonoma and napa. plenty of cloud cover. maybe drizzle but the heavier rain oaf lake county at this hour. clear lake seeing moderate rain. shift in to the the central bay. we have some pretty good break here. we have area around richmond.
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vallejo. along 680. san ramone a few showers. it continues to come down. scott's valley seeing some of this. if you stretch toward highway 101 and gilroy. most areas reporting from quarter inch to an up much with this late of the system. we continue to watch the orrville team in the last the 24 hours the orrville dam area reporting a half inch. the winds also a big issue. take a look at some of the gusts. napa40 miles an hour. fairfield 45. if we look toward oakland 41 reported in areas over the airport and oakland at had point. if we shift to the south they are squat as strong in san jose at 39-milance hour. sfo reporting 35. we have a witnessed advisory that remaybes in place throughout the afternoon. until about six tonight. a windy one out there. the wet weather is beginning to taper off. we will have scattered showers for the second half of the afternoon and into the evening.
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we will look at the sierra coming up. >> thank you. let's continue the weather coverage with jesse where the storm has caused some significant damage there. >> reporter: yeah. no tapering off of the rain here. talk about that significant damage. move out of the way and you with see this tree that was toppled by the rain. let's move around. this tree that was toppled by the winds. it's come across. this is the three thousand block of park drive. it's crashed across the block. taking down the power lines and into the house. on the way down because there is more. on the way down it crushed this vehicle and i think it was a pickup truck. it's hard to tell because it's so crushed. you see the tree is just crushed this truck in two spots and the middle is kind of popping up. kind of amazing. all because of the soil. let's look at the soil. we are talking about this.
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this is a curious thing for neighbors. this is the root system and the sidewalk. i'm six feet tall. this gives you the idea of how tall this is. i'm six feet tall. this is the root structure of the tree. it's at least -- i don't know what, two feet above my head? maybe more. this is what this -- the winds that rose mare write was talking about. lieutenants look at our video. this is not the only instance we have seen this morning as we made our way up from san jose. heavy morning rain. high winds, over soaked soil. bringing down trees faster than first responders can get to the scene. power lines have been knocked down by both wind and fallen trees. pg&e officials say that there is a massive power outage in the central coast in the the area of salinas, monterey affecting 79,000 customers. high winds toppled two polls impacting the substation. repair efforts hampered the high winds which make itself hard to put the crews up in the
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bucket trucks. another 36,000 are out of power in the south bay. additional resources being brought though help with repairs. in some cases the downed trees and power lines have trapped homeowners inside their homes.. >> its been hard there. were sparks that we could see from our bedroom and both ways were closed with sparks going off and no exit plan. that's scary. >> so, yeah. >> what is it now? >> looks like they just cleared the one over there to local photograph i can. that's good. at least we have a way of getting out. >> do you stay or leave now? >> well i'm going to take my pups and quiet out. >> okay. back live here. getting a close up look at the damage to this vehicle. i can't tell. i think it's a pickup truck. the weight of this tree has just destroyed this vehicle as it goes across park avenue. all the way and into a house on
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the other side of the street. it's taken down the power lines as well. that is -- definitely inconvenient for neighbors. if you planned to head out this afternoon. not all the difficulties you will run into are as big as this. on the way over from san jose, as i left my house headed toward the bureau and then up here you see all kinds of things blown in to the streets because of the wind and the rain. we have seen tree limbs, branches, trash pales, dumpsters that have been blown -- dumpsters on wheels that have been blown in to the street. be careful. both hands on the wheel today because it's a lot of problems facing you as you head out. we will stay down here in santa cruz county. make our way up the mountain. before we weekend don't want to leave this off. this slide on 17. they aren't doing work because of the heavy rain. still passible but they aren't actually trying to do mud removal because of so much wind and rain et cetera. we will have the update for you on awful these conditions, four
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through sixth. for now live. ktvu fox 2news. >> it's a great sight. thank you. also reports of very strong wind in monterey county. we will share pictures posted online. we see downed trees, a lot of damage here as well. the national weather service is also reporting a the lot of wind damage in the salinas and big sur area saying that gusts reached 69 miles an hour. a number of power outages have been reported. and the strong wind, big waves, downpours hitting southern california today. a flash flood watch was issued for ventura, los angeles and santa barbara county until tomorrow morning. these are voluntary evacuations in burn areas, also in ventura county. many spending the night filling sandbags and packing up their vehicles. some of the evacuations could be mandatory. >> if the storm is bad as it's supposed to be and it'll be a mandatory evacuation and nobody will be back. once are you out you are out. >> high surf could also cause
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coastal flooding. perhaps underway at seal beach. waves at some beaches could hit 14 feet tomorrow. you can always down load the weather app for the very latest conditions. the weather team of course posting updates on facebook, at which timer instagram. we are now getting reaction to a report about a proposal that would use the national guard to round of undocumented immigrants. >> the white house says the report is false. >> reporter: the associated press claims to have obtained a draft memoo outlining a proposal that would offer states thing of using the national guard to help the border practice central. taillights dated january 25th. the same day the president signed the order on immigration and boarder security. according to the ap the draft memo was written by john kelly. it says up to 100,000 national guard troops could be authorized to preform the function of immigration
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officers. the draft memo basically floats the idea to offer 11 states including california the option to use troops and says that governors will have a chance to participate. this morning senate minority leader said that he finds the idea disturbing. >> that's horrible. that would be one of the most unamerican things that would happen in the last century. and i just hope that it's not true. the fact that it may even be considered is shocking. >> this morning the white house press secretary said that the report is 100% not true and that the memo isn't a white house document. he said there is no effort at all to use the national guard to round up illegall immigrants. the associated press said the draft document has circulated among staff at the department of homeland security for about two weeks. both presidents obama and george hw bush dispatched national guard troops to the border to help out the border patrol. >> thank you.
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still ahead rescue crews try to save a driver after a car plunges into the water near the oakland airport. what we have learned about this incident.
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. . the marin county coroner is investigating a body found on a beach in san rafael this morning. we will share a photograph from the sheriff's office as investigator as life at the county park at 9:30. there is no word on the
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identity of the person found. anyone with information is asked to call the coroner. at least one person was killed this morning a car drove off a roadway and in to the water near the oakland airport. crews responded just after eight to a report of a car in the the water near the airport off doolittle drive. the oakland fire department posted pictures on twitter. firefighters say they saw the vehicle upside down in about 12 feet of water. rescue divers from the sheriff's department were called in. they found the unidentified victim inside the car. an investigation may soon be launched in to the dumping of debris from the ghost ship fire. it was dumped in an open field on city owned land. . the debris is everything from burned instruments to appliances, art work, clothing and pieces of the building itself. an investigation will be started to check for asbest, s. he said the agency was never
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told. a san francisco firefighter is recovering after being hurt on a house fire. that happened yesterday afternoon on apollo street. this is video from the fire department's twitter pain. one person had to be saved from the third floor of the building but that person was not hurt. authority its say that one firefighter was hurt when he he fell down a flight of stairs but he is expected to recover. all three floors have extensive damage. the red cross is helping the 11 people displaced. back now to the bay area. rose miry today not just the rain but the wind is also a factor. >> are you right. that wind is really, really roaring out there. some areas we are reporting get gusts from 45 to 50 miles an hour and it'll continue as we get in to the afternoon. so not only the rain coming down but the kind of rain that hits you from the side. the umbrella isn't working. a look here at oakland where we are starting to see a few breaks in the clouds. as i said at the top of the hour we will begin to see that
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steady rain taper off to scattered showers. at least when it comes to the rain we are pushing the brunt of it out and we will be left with soggy conditions but not that steady heavy stuff in to the second part of the afternoon. here is a look at the 24 hour rainfall totals. this it pleiomery. anywhere prosecute a quarter inch much to an inch. we have 45 one hundredths in santa rosa. ben lomin about abhijit inch and two tenths. a look at storm tracker two. you can see the entire state getting the rain. have you to go way far south of us. southern california to get just plenty of gray. southern california really being hit hard. six inches for some in that area with advisories all oaf the place. here is the center of the circulation here. here at home in addition to the rain again we are talking about very strong winds for some. let's slip in closer. we will take a look at where we are seeing the rain. we will start in the north bay. areas over the north bay.
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nevado. a the lot of cloud cover. drizzle but you can see is winding down for you where it does remain quite heavy is over areas like clear lake and lake county. we shift to the east. we have wet roadway in and around vallejo heading toward richmond. you may find some near lafayette. shifting to the south. san jose covered in green. even moderate rain in some areas of san jose. over the santa cruz mountains we are with jesse. here is a look at the sierra where we are sort of in a lull but look what's on its way for the hill. until tonight or tomorrow morning and we will likely see advisories behind this. more storms are beginning to line up. we get into the afternoon. at 5:00 the evening drive,
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dinner plans, not a lot of rain but we will stay with scattered showerst. doesn't go away. we he have scattered showers in the forecast for the weekend. another storm come coming in sunday into monday. here is a look at the temperatures. widespread 50s. 56 in san francisco. upper 50s to low 60s for the afternoon. not a lot of change between now and the second half your day. sprinkles to start the morning on saturday and then we will get a break. beyond. more scattered showers. sun into monday. more rain possibly on tuesday. it's just going to be a soggy one. we will look at what you can expect over the next seven days. >> thank you. now to a breakthrough treatment being tested in san francisco with promising results for some cancer patients. >> pam cook reports unlike chemo there are nearly no side
12:20 pm
effects. >> reporter: the weapon to cure cab certify could be inside our bodies. it lies in a new treatment. >> i had eight hours. the first treatment. over 1400 stitches. >> reporter: john has been fighting skin cancer for years. after several surgeries and treatment it continued to spread. >> it's a little bit of the dark cloud that follows you along. you kind of know about -- the possibility is always there. >> reporter: then he was told the next step could be removing his eye and a large part of his face. >> the possibility of losing my eye was something i wanted to avoid if possible. >> in john's case he had a type of skin cancer and the way it was spreading made us worry that even if we did go head and do the surgery there was still a chance, though a small one that it would come back. >> reporter: that's doctor the doctor, ucsf and a new
12:21 pm
treatment comes in. >> instead of directly killing cancer cells what it does is fries to activate your own body's white cells to learn to recognize the cancer cells. the proteins that are there. and to use your body's immune system. >> reporter: the therapy had just been approved by the fda for stage four skin cancer which started in one part of the body and spreads to another or stage three that affects a large area or spreads. >> it's life giving. >> reporter: it's very different from chemo which basically knocks down your entire immune system and leaves the patient more at risk to illness and certain infections. >> gone every other thursday for a year. so, it's like having the flu for a couple of days every
12:22 pm
week. it's not nearly as bad as what is chemo. >> reporter: this new breakthrough is being called the closest thing we have seen to a cure for cancer. it trains the body's immune system to recognize cancer cells and kill them and not just temporarily but ongoing. doctors especially hopeful because cancer cells always changing and the focus of treatment has to include the healthy tisha round the cancerous area. doctors say that's exactly what the therapy does. >> this way you are getting something in the bloodstream that will treat hopefully not only the affected area that we can see and feel on his body but also possibly the disease we can't see. immaterial because of the results this year, actually -- expanding my business and start age new venture. its turned my life around.
12:23 pm
skin cancer is the poster child of the their by but doctors have seen success in fighting other types of cancer. the tries are ongoing and they are taking new patients. coming up we are tracking the storm, monitoring conditions at the anderson reservoir and the south bay. that's where the water level is getting dangerously high.
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. stock indexes mostly lower on wall street. they remain closed to record highs, energy stocks falling more than the rest of the market as the prize of crude oil moves lower. the dow is down 38 points. the nasdaq in the green up 13. if are you looking for something to do this weekend there a number of events planned. if a beer festival, wine tasting to an adult only run. rosemary has the details of the weekend watch. >> reporter: its president's day weekend and plenty to do around the bay area starting in san francisco where hundreds will brave the cold day for a good cause. the 2017polar plunge will be at aquatic park on noon on saturday. it's free to watch but you must raise at least a hundred dollars. if you think you would enjoy running in your underwear now is your chance. the undie run includes a half naked run in the street and a
12:27 pm
party on saturday for adults 21 and over. wine lover cans sample the have best in over 100 categories on saturday. your afternoon at the fort mason center also includes artisan cheese, and deteriorates. in the south bay tastes dozens of local breweries at the san jose beer festival. that's saturday from one to five. there are also be food trucks, live music and local art. the san jose jazz winterfest is underway with musical performances all over town. check the san jose jazz winterfest website for performance states and venues. in the east bay big truck was big wheels create big excitement at monster jam on saturday night. last stop the north bay for the citrus fair and parade. the fun includes food and i carnival for the family. the fair can be found all weekend long at the fairgrounds, a parade goes through town on saturday morning. the sharks play at home on
12:28 pm
sunday. i'm rosemary and that's your weekend watch. still ahead we are tracking the weather where officials keep a close eye on reservoirs getting dangerously full. >> and the latest on the gunman who has been taken in to custody. >> and one person with tb at a local high school. the precautions to make sure others aren't affected. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies
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. back to the top story about that armed standoff in an oakland neighborhood that we brought you live as it was happening. police received a call about 9:00 about a man armed a rifle shooting at residents. it happened on las vegas avenue right near the oakland zoo. part of 580 was shut down. the man was pointing his rifle at officers and helicopters. the police watt team and the chp were called into help. the man was taken in to cust the different about an hour later. >> he was outside of residence there. he weighs on the street the and he was shooting at oakland police. >> an officer did fire a shot during the incident. it may have hit the suspect. the sky fox flew over as he was loaded into an ambulance. police haven't said he was in fact shot. now to the weather coverage again and we keep track that storm and giving you this live
12:32 pm
look across the bay. gray up in the sky. >> officials are fighting bat well mother nature. >> we were at the reservoir with a look at the water level which is only supposed to be at about 68% capacity. right now it's close to 100. >> reporter: you can see how much water is being dumped from the reservoir. an estimated 400 feet per second. trying to get that reservoir back down to 68% capacity. that outlet here has been open since january 9th releasing water into co, yote creek at the late of 400cubic feet a spend second. the danger would lie in the possibility of a large earthquake on the falls. i talked to the water district just last week. they say that though it's a remote possibility it is one they are certainly aware of and that's one reason they are working as hard as they can to try to dump as much water as quickly as upon. nearby residents have been
12:33 pm
visiting the rose very watching water levels hoping that quake doesn't strike while water levels this high. >> slightly -- it's -- little nervous with it up this high and the the fear of earthquakes and the dam not being fixed yet. >> reporter: people are continuing to drop by monitoring the water levels. watching the water come out here at the were the many hoping the rain we are seeing today doesn't add to the situation. in morgan hill. ktvu fox 2news. operators at the orrville dam say the facility should with stabbed this next round of storms. now we are learning what may have added to the damage of the main spillway. the la times reports four days after a crater first appeared in the chude on the spillway the state drafted a summary of the incident. it blamed run off from rain for eroding and undermining the spillway causing a section to collapse. repair crews continuing their work to patch that break with in the emergency spillway. >> we have crews working 24 hours a day on the emergency
12:34 pm
spillway. they are putting large rocks, gravel in there and then fill that in with a mix of cement to stop it. >> the office of emergency services released this new video of the dam and it's two spillways. crews slowing the release down the main spellway. and a letter from 2011 has come could light showing the state warned regulators that the dam failed there would not be enough time to evacuate downstream communities. the letter goes onto say that emergency responders would have no choice but to head to higher ground and prepare to treat victims. sports teams doing what they can to help those impacted by the evacuations in or are rville. the a's and the quakes sent out this get. it sanidine are joining together to raise money. the link will take to you the american red cross website. the red cross has provided meals, places to stay and other support for the nearly 200,000 people who were told to
12:35 pm
evacuate early this week. all eyes on a concrete opening the lake where water there is close to spilling over for the first time in a decade. lake itself is at full capacity with more heavy rain in the forecast. the spillway that sends water over flow in toya week could start spilling over as early as today. yesterday afternoon water levels at the dam were just inches from the 440 mark kneaded to spill into that. latest storms in the bay area caused cancellations and delays at the airport. so far at least 99 flights do mess fick and speaker national have been canceled today. that in addition to the more than 50 delays we have tracked in and out of the airport. let's take a look at what's happening at sfo. gray skies. a ground delay program is in effect right now and that will be the case until midnight. all this means lue want to check on the status of your flight before you head there to head out or pick someone upf. you have to leave us here, you
12:36 pm
can always take up with you in the form of our free weather app. you will get the latest weather conditions and keep in mind our weather team is also posting updates to facebook, and twitter. a meeting is scheduled for next week to discuss a tb scare at a high school after one person was diagnosed and doses month need testing. >> due to patient privacy it's unclear if that person was a student or staff member but the person is described as an important part of campus. >> information will be testing over 200 people. >> reporter: officials working with the school have identified who at the high school needs to have blood drawn and tested. people who have had ongoing contact with someone who has an active case of tb and is now quarantined. >> depths not something that you get in passing through the halls. it's a matter of spending prolonged periods of time in a close space with them. >> reporter: tb is a slow
12:37 pm
growing disease. spread through the air, stubborn to treat and possibly deadly if untreated. experts say that even if someone tests positive if the infection isn't active it's knockedo you easily. >> we anticipate we will be able to identity those individuals before they have active disease and before they are contagious. >> i would want to know. >> reporter: this mom has a sophomore daughter. parents are receiving recorded phone calls and a letter has gone out too. >> kind of new. a shock. at this point i guess we are waiting for more information. >> reporter: such scares aren't unheard of in high school settings. last fall a student at skyline in oakland was diagnosed with tb. setting off the same response. >> none of us knew about it. today we just -- it was just another school day. we were never told aboutt. hopefully tomorrow. >> reporter: this senior said that it's still under wraps at school and he is concerned. >> we learned about tb and how
12:38 pm
badly it can affect people. know that is a round i am going to look out for my health. >> reporter: the few hundred who need test willing get their blood drawn on campus and be able to remain at school. >> we are being open and transportance as wek. >> reporter: with 2500 students and satisfy the prince 358 know there is are requests. >> our goal is to answer them as best we can and be as forth right as we can and hopefully we can relieve any type of stress over this. >> reporter: fox 2news. people in san francisco's castro are calling on the city to take action and improve safety for bicyclists. here is the area of concern right there at the intersection of 17th and church. neighbors say that it's a short block with a long history of bike accidents. one man showed us video he captured in front of his home of four accidents in one of them a mother is seen riding a bike with her two children right behind her. she tries to get around the car
12:39 pm
and falls. the man who captured the video said less than a week after that accident his cameras recorded another bicyclist falling. neighbors say the problem gets worse because of train track that cause bike tires to get stuck as a woman experienced firsthand. >> making a left hand turn and my back tire slipped into the tracks and i kind went super man face forward. flew off my bike. >> its been going up and worse than that it'll continue. not only to go up but it'll continue. someone has to fix this problem. >> neighbors say the agency that oversees mu in, i has been slow to respond to the issue. a spokesperson said it's looking in to possible changes including removing the tracks skin creased enforcement of double parking. a meeting at the mission district police station is scheduled for next wednesday nights at 6:30. crews back at work at the san francisco high-rise that was the scene a construction scare early their week. the san francisco office of
12:40 pm
emergency management said the project is now stable. you will member on website a jack failed causing a large construction platform on the 30th floor of the building to tilt to one side. initially there were fears the structure railroad debris could fall so 19 building was evacuated. the evacuation orders are no long near effect but a block of the street remains closed. its been 50 years since the summer of love in san francisco and to remember the event an organizer planned a free concert with bands like santana and jefferson star ship. >> the show was canceled after the city pulled the plug. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the year 1917. san francisco was a wash in the summer of love. love, peace and harmony. >> i would move to affirm the department's decision in denying the permit and reject the appeal. >> reporter: summer of love is
12:41 pm
no more. san francisco's parks and rec commission denied the appeal on a permit to sponsor free music concerts in the park. all to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the summer of love this coming june. >> how disappointed are you? >> let's just say i'm surprised the city would deney the permit. this thing so important. >> reporter: the department cited issues from police and security to medical services to an estimated size of the crowd that ballooned from 30,000 to well over 100,000 plusn. a letter to organizer boots houston the department said you have made representations about your preparedness for this event which have turned out to not be true and if left unchecked could put the public at risk. >> they dragged their feet for nine months. wouldn't give us a meeting. nine moss no meeting. e-mails, phone calms everything they just ignored us. >> reporter: it's the first set back in 40 years of sponsoring
12:42 pm
summer of love concerts. the 40th went off without a hitch. jose's band played in that 40th anniversary show. >> i played the whole dame i closed the show. i didn't even hear about anything going on. >> reporter: no issues. >> nothing. it was free. >> reporter: what's next? >> good question. next is peace, love and compassion. maybe on the steps of city hall. >> reporter: all is not lost for the summer of love celebration. they can reapply once again for a new permit but the commission has asked this time that they get a new organizer. in san francisco. k tvu fox 2news. still ahead one west coast team continues to hold onto that perfect season. >> and four golden state warriors in new orleans always the stall after game gets started. >> four. count them four. very impressive. and we will check back with
12:43 pm
rosemary for details on what you can expect in that weekend forecast.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
. the all-star weekend tips off today in new orleans. curry, thompson, durant and green. as well as the head coach arrived in new orleans yesterday and participated in media day activities. the warriors four all-stars ties a record marking just the 8th time in league history that a single team will have four players appear in the game.
12:46 pm
steve kerr will coach the team. the all-star game itself is on sunday. in college ball tonight the cal bears head for their rivalry game against stanford. the big game was last night where gonzaga beat san francisco to maintain their season. williams scored 30 points to keep them at number one. they won 96-61. the dons played them tight in that first half. they extend the longest winning streak to 27 games. gonzaga looking to be the first team since 2015 to go undefeated. back to rosemary we go and hoping for a little sunshine at least part of the weekend. >> yeah. i think saturday afternoon is going to be our best bet. we will be in between systems. we won't be completely dry but it may be he our best chance at getting outs side and enjoying a little bit of sunshine. let's look at what is going on outside the doors at this hour. golden gate bridge there. definitely a soggy one.
12:47 pm
the winds continuing to howl in many spots with gusts up to 40 miles an hour. talked about a wind advisory. that goes for the central and south bay until late this afternoon. here is a look at the storm. you can see of the most of california getting wet with this one. there is the center of circulation. it'll continue to make a southerly track but until it moves without we will continue with scattered showers in the forecast through friday night. even into saturday morning. ly show you the future cast method knell a moment. let's lack at what is going on right now as we shift in to the north bay. areas santa rosa to nevado. you can see we are looking interpret write good. we have a break going on there. areas like lake county and clear lake being hammered pretty good. we talked about in the last half hour, the orrville dam area has reported half inch of rain. here is a look at the east the bay where we have some good rain. a pocket of heavier rain. as we shift to the south bay it's fairly widespread. that stretch highway 101 through morgan hill.
12:48 pm
gilroy and farther south. santa cruz mountains continue to pick up some rain here and you can see it's all the way to the coast of santa cruz. here is a look at the future cast models. we get if to the eveningt. does again wind down but it doesn't go away as we get into saturday morning. more scattered shower activity expected. look what is behindt. we get a bit of a break. saturday looks good. by sunday morning scattered showers back in to the forecast. we may have less than 24 hours of dry weather. more like 12 as we get into monday morning. sunday night into monday the system picks up and it'll be the heavier part of this storm. tuesday morning. perhaps we start out with a break but another storm tuesday into wednesday. we have to get past wednesday. looks like wednesday into thursday before we finally see a dry pattern shape up and it looks like it'll take news to the next weekend. as far as rainfall will pick up another half inch or so with that first system here. ly take you all the way out to early thursday morning and you can see anywhere from three to
12:49 pm
four to five inches expected oaf the bay area. could see more than that in your hills. winds also a big issue today. take a look. oakland reporting 41 miles an hour gusts. fairfield 47. just be careful out there and that winds strong enough to bring down trees and power linesw. reseeing it today. san jose with a gust of 39. as we get in to the temperatures, 50s right now. lue 60s expected for some of the warmer spots today. 11 expected oakland. 11 mountain view. the there you have it. we are wet and windy today. a few the scattered showers and then we get a break. by sunday scattered showers back in the forecast with the rain turning on by sunday night into monday, tuesday, could be wet. could be windy. more snow in the sierra with advisories expected there. its going to be another soggy few days before we finally dry out and see some better improving weather by the end of the week. >> all right. thank you. new information now about
12:50 pm
the oakland police standoff with the armed suspect earlier today. oakland police just identified the man with the rifle who was taken in to custody. how close was the gun fire to officers? take a look. police sent out these photographs of a patrol vehicle shot at. >> it's a story we will welcomer on for the rest of the afternoon. a full update on the four on to. you have a chanceo enter to win two ticket to the see steve martin and martin short friday of this year at the concord pavilion. we hope you go to the facebook page and click on that contest link and fill out the entry form. entries accepted until 11:59 tonight. have you to be 18 to entertainment it has a retail value of $250. it's provided by live nation. one winner will be selected by random drawing february 2 sergeant. dioqu see all of the official rules at the under contests. coming up if you are thinking of the way to get out of the rain this weekend there are several new movies hitting the big screen. after the break a look at the
12:51 pm
new movie. new in theaters.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
. the cover of the latest time magazine will likely further the fight between the president and the media. it shows rain and witnessed in the white house blowing paper
12:54 pm
around. time magazine say that its story highlights the chaos with in the trump administration and how some republicans believe the white house is more concerned about its imagine rather than focusing on the issues. the president may be running out of the custom made pens he has been using to sin executive orders. he highways been handing them out to members attending signing ceremonies and today the white house is expecting a shipment of 350 from the maker cross. a company spokesman said that the trump administration told them that the pens had to be brought in by today. the spokesperson said he believes the white house was running low on the pens. no matter your party a poll shows americans stressed about politics. researchers say there is stress about the urn certainty of what will happen in washingtont. appearance the bat thel between the president and democrats social security weighing on people's mind. the disagreements popping up between family, friends and neighbors. as the workweek ends just a couple minutes here from the closing bell. as we look at the dow jones in
12:55 pm
the red. >> with the wet weekend in store you may want to head to the movies. >> ashley has a look at the film that are new in theater this is week. >> it just gets stitches. >> what are you talking about? >> ice cube and charlie cubing duke it out as high school teachers in fistfight. >> we came to trade. >> you lie. >> you are thieves. >> matt damon leads great wall. followingeurope -- who join a group of soldiers to fight monster that rise up every 60 years at the great wall. >> a sickness inside us. >> the horror thriller a cure for wellness features a wall street executive to bring his ceo back from a mist the rous spa where he finds much is amiss. it also stars mia goss and
12:56 pm
jason isaac. >> wow. >> you are right wow. >> then there is the family friendly box office success. the lego batman movie. still entertaining offices after winning the top spot it's debeet weekend. it has will arnett, rosario dawson and more. >> what would you do if you locked up the joker for good? >> i want you back. >> plus those looking to see how the 50 shades franchise continues can still check out the new movie. in new york. fox news. and don't forget this weekend. college basketball right here in the bay area. tonight cal stanford. >> trying to hide his supporting green is what we was doing there. on the other side you want to go outside and enjoy the drips of rain right now. may be a good time.
12:57 pm
we are in for. go out kenji it if you can. on the four on two a full wrap of the day's news and the storm we are tracking . >> a junior warriors game tomorrow. at than too. my son playing. >> good luck. >> and i'm cooking. ,,
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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