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tv   KTVU News at 830pm  FOX  December 7, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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>> gus: 10:07 to play in the big ten championship game. michigan state leading the number two team in the nation. connor cook has been wonderful. 277 yards passing, three touchdowns, one interception. langford has qfñ run hard. mumphery with a long touchdown catch. and now michigan state takes over at their own 10.  roby back in after first down. cook and he'll drop it off to langford. he breaks tackles and is downed by adolphus washington. kevin hogan and ty
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montgomery. stanford rose bowl bound again where they could play michigan state team win or lose on. back to you. >> gus: staven winning the rose bowl last year and beating wisconsin. david shaw, a terrific coach of the cardinal. second down and three at the 17 the cardinal. second down and three at the 17. david shaw, a terrific coacx= second down and three at the 17. cook hands it off to langford. he'll pick up two. >> charles: big play for ohio state defense which we noticed looked spent on the last drive. look how fast michigan state is coming back at them. >> gus: lippett trying to get lined up. he does at the top of your screen. cook over the middle. caught. first down. bennie fowler. he found a soft spot. he gains six yards. a first down. >> charles: nice call by dave warner, the offensive coordinator of michigan state.
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they outout tempoed ohio state and looked like they were gearing up for a big third down play. it really didn't matter what he called. they beat him to the punch by beating him by getting lined up quickly. >> gus: cook to throw it on first down. pump fake. he'll launch it in the air. incomplete. intended for bennie fowler but he actually was run out of bounds. doran grant covered. >> charles: head linesman threw his hat on the sideline which out and see where he runs out of bounds? even after the bump, they determined he could have stayed inbounds. if he had touched the ball first and made a completion, it would have been come back. they needed someone else to touch the football first so he it on first down incomplete, michigan state faced with second and ten.
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cook. quick delivery. langford. first down. jeremy langford will pick up about three yards. noah spence defensively for the buckeyes. >> charles: i think the buckeyes are a little bit spent on defense right now. they have got to find a way to get off the field and get a little bit of a break. remember we said at the beginning of the game, misdirection passes? screens. michigan did to hurt ohio state. >> gus: third down and seven at the 28. langford lines up next to cook. cook adlooking. incomplete. ohio state brought pressure and
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rattling connor cook a bit. the spartans will have to punt it away. >> charles: a good secondary in the secondary with powell and grant had the receiver sandwiched. good pressure up front and helping out the back end with good coverage. >> gus: mike sadler comes in to punt. >> charles: bradley roby has three blocked punts in his career. two of them this season. >> gus: billy brown back deep at the 35 for ohio state. the kick it cloked blocked! buckeyes get a hand on it! it may have been shazier! their leader. their captain. >> charles: it wasn't bradley
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roby but the punt was still blocked. ohio[//v state blocked one lasr in their game against michigan state and won by one. you called it correctly. ryan shazier over the shield and gets enough push to knock number 97 for michigan state their defensive tackle back mark scarpinato. >> gus: he is 6'3", 286 pounds. braxton miller runs it. an amazing player by ryan!zy shazier to block that punt. >> charles: quick question, partner. in the game of football, should a number two ever knock over a number 97? >> gus: not normally. >> charles: but the force shazier was bringing at 230 pounds and had leverage with that run, he packed a wallop, didn't he? >> gus: yes, he did. second and six. but can ohio state pay it off? down 27-24.
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miller. carlos hyde. stopped by denicos allen after a three-yard gain. tldd charles: guess where #1t t now? i think two-down territory for ohio state. it is short of the distance and unless they have a loss on this play,yçl i think it's two down ohio state to pick it up if they don't get it on third down. >> gus: ohio state 1 of 8 on third down conversions facing third and three at the michigan state 40. braxton miller has been great witharm÷ his legs. >> charles: empty set again. >> gus: he has rushed for 128 yards. miller takes off. and miller knocked back! micajah reynolds getting to him
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first. >> charles: they got bead on the play calling a little bit here and i'm talking about michigan state. whenever they see empty set their first indication is braxton miller running the football. draw quarterback power run and michigan state has defended it better as the game has gone on. >> gus: brings up fourth down and about a yard naand a half. buckeyes look like they will go for it but talk about it first. will urban meyer roll the dice some we will see after this. we will see after this. we will see after this. we will see after this. we will see after this. are you going to watch things happen? or make things happen? that should do it. a laptop when you need it. a tablet when you want it.
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>> gus: there is the championship trophy given to the winner of the big ten title. right now, ohio state faced with a fourth down and yard and a
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half. carlos hyde in the backfield. michigan state i'd blitz inside to plug the run hole. >> gus: fourth down. here is braxton miller! and he won't get it! what a play! denis kos allen! denicos allen! >> charles: the outside linebacker, denicos allen forces the play but fights off the block from jeff heuerman, the tight end, and gets outside. heuerman has got to make that block in order for hyde to turn up field. he got his block. in heuerman makes the block there, i think it's a first down. there is pat gnar tusy who has come down out of the booth here in the fourth quarter for michigan state and had the right call on. they plugged the inside with guys in the gap and denicos allen makes a superman play on >> gus: michigan state's defense, the heart and soul of
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this ]]oáteam, standing upvi:+ and tall to give their offense the football. langford brings it outside. langford with speed and out of bounds at the ohio state 45. c.j. barnett runs him out of bounds after the 16-yard game. >> charles: how about the way michigan state offensive line tight end control the edge to the point of attack and gave langford the avenue to the corner. how about those big guys up front? 51, 54,5r0on cruz tht game. >> gus: will he get another chance is the question. langford. langford taken down by joel
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hale. let's go to los angeles for a game break. >> aacc championship all florid state. 330 yards thrown by jameis winston. one half of the bcs equation is all set. gus, charles, back to you. >> charles: no surprise there at all that florida state would be in. this was a game that auburn after their win today was targeting. now michigan state is giving them hope. >> gus: second down and ten. cook underneath and caught at the 40 yard line by kings. a 1çgxñsix-yard gain on second ten. tyvis powell makes the tackle. >> charles: couldn't be a more critical third and four in this football game. if connor cook has to be flushed and must be willing to run as he did on the option earlier today.
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>> gus: third down. cook to throw it. sideline. looks like enough for a first down. lippett makes the grab. >> charles: you know why they got the completion? because tony lippert ran a physical route. number 14 in green watch him against doran grant. grant tries to put his hands on him and lippett pushes off of him to gain the distance. official said it's just like your kid. put them in the backyard and you two settle it and lippett settled it for a first down. >> gus: howo$-7 about connor c? he has thrown for 304 yards and three scores. >> referee: the previous play is under further review. the ruling on the field is that rédown.
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>> charles: they are going to take a look at the spot. watch where he catches the football and then contact is ñ by grant. i think this is going to come6( down to a first down and come back as a first down. >> gus: mike pereira, our rules analyst. mike, your thoughts. >> mike: you got to actually what you got to do is look at contact. when he is first contacted by the defender? because thatéq+5u is going to ge progress spot there. it's a generous spot, no question about that. i think he missed it by a yard. whether or not it's short -- >> charles: right there is the contact, mike. >> mike: the contact is a key point. maybe a little bit more but hard to overturn. the other thingló:1 to look at there any juggle there after the contact? >> referee: after further review, the play stands as called on the field. first down.
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>> gus: thank you, mike. so on third and four, spartans get five. more importantly, a fresh set of downs. connor cook, the young man has played his heart out tonight. >> charles: the run game has not been dominant for michigan state so they substituted connor koobl cook's arm with short passes to supplement that. >> gus: from th(rqs 34. they will hand it off to langford. going outside. langfo langford. shazier finally making the tackle after langford broke a
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tackle from doorant grant. >> charles: talk about carlos hyde and his ability to feed his pads to a defender. jeremy langford did that on that r run. >> gus: a gain ofvhz eight. 21 carries and 90 yards for langford. teked and two,9c at the 26. lippett in motion. they will give it straight ahead. langford! still running! touchdown! rcs jeremy langford becomes the first 100-yard rusher against
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ohio state this year. &ñ117 yards. the extra point is good. 2:16 to play, spartans 34, ohio state, 24. >> charles: they go heavy. fullback pendleton. big tight end dennis number 94 but watch how well this is blocked at the point of attack. look at that hole. right there. treadwell, 64 and dennis 94. right in the middle. then off he goes to the races. he also had 63, travis jackson creates the gap. this is what coaches say. offensive line, get the runner to the second level. by the linebackers then let his recruiting take over. on the spartans sideline.
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2:16 away from heading to pasadena to play in the rose bowl. different emotions for urban meyer. michigan state scored the first 17. ohio state the next 24. spartans score 17 since. wilson. dontre wilson finally taken down as he crosses the 30 yard line. 2:08 to be. ohio state with two time-outs left. down by ten. >> charles: look at the total yardage michigan state taking over in this quarter. connor cook a game for the ages. he has come of age as a quarterback. now it's on the hands of their
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defense. shilique calhoun we haven't called since early in the game. see if we get a pass rush goingñ on. >> gus: first down at the 34. braxton miller under pressure. miller elects to run it and he gets out of bounds at the 45. >> charles: calhoun ran out of his shoe. he'll have to come off the field.f%[d >> gus: first down and ten at the 46. miller winds up. incomplete. intended for devin smith.
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>> charles: i had the wrong guy. that wasio)v denicos allen run out of his shoe. rush the passer if you're michigan state and cover down field. good coverage by dennard and going to make it a difficult throw. he has to be perfect to complete that one. >> gus: second down and ten at the 46. braxton miller. with time. miller lets it go. and incomplete. intended for evan spencer. >> charles: inaccuracy caused by the pressure of michigan state
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having to throw going to his left, which is a tough throw for a right-handed quarterback any way. he made it float a little while. unable to complete it. >> gus: third down and ten at the 46. 1:28 remaining. ohio state with two time-outs and down by ten points. braxton miller. in trouble. miller lets it go down the field for billy brown. incomplete. that will bring up fourth down and long. chrl they have tried darqueze dennard at different times this evening. i can't remember anythingj]k: o consequence completed in his area. he had come up so large and shown the nation tonight why he is one of the top cornerbacks in the country, if not the number one cornerback in the country.
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>> gus: fourth down and ten at the 46. national championship for ohio state hanging.yfñ in the balanc. the michigan state spartans trying to advance to the rose bowl for the first time in over two decade. this man in his seventh year mark dantonio. michigan state the first big ten team since michigan in 1943 to go unbeaten and win every game by ten or more points. let,; appearance in the rose bowl, '88. they got out to an early lead and percy snow dominated and forcing four turnovers. 'ro rodney peete peat contributing.
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>> charles: percy snow combining things and ran the ball well on offense. lorenzo white. now jeremy langford running it and max bullough in the middle. >> gus: fourth down and ten at the 46 for braxton miller. here is miller. incomplete! buckeyes turn it over on downs! and the spartans are 1:13 away from pasadena.wbx
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spartans take over at the ohio state 46. they hand it off to langford. langford spinning forward. ohio state calls a time-out. they have one left. let's take a look at our kay jewelers diamond moment of the game. >> charles: surprise, surprise, comes on defense for michigan state. fourth and 1 1/2 and denicos allen defeats the block at the point of attack as an outside linebacker and after that stop and ball turned over on downs, it led to the clenching touchdown. jeremy langford sprinting to the end zone and into spartan
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history. that play by allen, gus, you talk about a kid denicos allen who came to michigan state as a safety. you know what he had in his background? a wrestler's leverageåd from hi school. grown into a linebacker and angry second team all big ten and not first team and he played that way tonight. >> gus: second andmdc five. langford again. he'll dive forward to the ohio state 35. looks like a first down. and it is a first down. and that may do it. michigan state spartans came
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into this game saying in order to be the best, you got to beat the best. they welcome the challenge of playing the number two team in the nation, ohio state winners of 24 in a row. the buckeyes one win away from playing for the national championship. urban meyer, he has been brilliant in columbus. but, tonight, this michigan state team playing with passion and determination, along with a whole lot of toughness. >> referee: please put the game clock at 35 seconds. the play clock at 25 seconds.
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connor cook takes a knee and that will do it. the michigan state spartans snapping the buckeyes 24-game winning streak and ending their hopes of a national championship. michigan state will head to pasadena for the first time in over 25 years and take on stanford in the rose bowl. your national championship looks to be set. florida state, auburn for all of
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34-24 the final. michigan state winning their first big ten championship and down on the field is our
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kristina pink. >> kristina: i'm here with jeremy langford and everything is coming up roses for you. how does it feel to turn this team to the rose bowl for 26 years? >> i am happy. we made it and now excited. >> kristina: your motto all season was chase it. your touchdown late in the fourth quarter really sealed the victory. tell me how you found that daylight there. >> michigan state football. ground throughout the game and looking that good in the beginning of the game. we finished. play football. >> kristina: michigan state football team is the big ten championships knocking off ohio state who was previously undefeated. what really got you guys moving tonight especially on offense? >> just playing like any other game. we just played a good football game and play with a chip on our shoulders and keep grinding. >> kristina: congratulates, jeremy.
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erin? >> erin: he just said how many pass yards did i have? not that many, not that many. start with that. braxton miller and offensive team tried to open it up in the in the fourth? >> it'sc-6e hard containing br miller. he is a great football player. it was hard. we told ourselves we trust each other and do each other's job and we did our job and came out with a win. >> erin: your head coach said this is amnãlife moment. especially with this defense. to be able to show everybody on a national stage how worthy you are. what did you prove tonight? >> we proved we top defense in the nation. we been the top defense in the nation last couple of years here and we finally had a milestone. made a great game. everybody know a high powered offense and we did our job. i know we got them below their average and just a great


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