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tv   France 24 News  FOX  June 28, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> man: ♪ bad boys ♪ whatcha want, whatcha want? ♪ whatcha gonna do ♪ when sheriff john brown ♪ come for you? ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do ♪ when they come for you? ♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪ whatcha gonna do? ♪ whatcha gonna do ♪ when they come for you? >> announcer: cops is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
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>> deputy sean mcmichael: night after night, i'm out here hitting the streets, trying to reduce the crime out here, and,
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uh, you know, i go home. my family is most im to me. they're very supportive, you know, wife and kids. and, uh, so that's what i think about, you know, i know i'm keeping them safe, and yet, i'm keeping other families safe while they're at home sleeping and... or even on the roads. let's stop this car just went by with no tag light on it. got a lot of drug sales, drug purchasing going on around here this time of night. a lot of complaints. let's see if, uh... let's see what we got up here. (beeping) >> (over radio): 1033... (garbled radio transmission) 1033? >> clear. >> (over radio): traffic at 2005 alpha 81? >> mcmichael: 26, uh, 65 tag. >> hey, how's it going, sir? >> mcmichael: good. how you doing? got your license on you? >> yes, sir. >> mcmichael: thank you very much. >> yes, sir.
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>> mcmichael: is this your car? >> yes, sir. >> mcmichael: and your name? >> what's the problem? >> mcmichael: let me ask you this: what you doing in this neck of the woods? >> sir? >> mcmichael: what are you doing in this neck of the woods? >> i get some, um, br... for to get the, um... brake light. when i press on the brake, the light go out, so i'm going to see if they sell a little brake light for the... >> mcmichael: so, you had... you had to come all the way over? >> no, i been over this way. >> mcmichael: oh, okay. >> yeah, i been over this way. >> mcmichael: okay. >> my job right there on the next street... >> mcmichael: all right, the reason you're getting pulled over tonight is because your tag light... tag light doesn't work. >> okay... >> mcmichael: you got anything in the car i need to know about? knives, guns, drugs, drug paraphernalia, something on? >> no, sir. >> mcmichael: you don't mind if i search your car? >> no... no problem, sir. you want me to come out? >> mcmichael: huh? yeah, go ahead and step out of the car. just when you do, just put your hands right up there. just right on top of the car. >> you can call my job, sir. >> mcmichael: oh. >> you can call my boss man... >> mcmichael: turn around. put your hands on your head. >> over my head? >> mcmichael: yeah. did you think you were getting arrested? >> sir? >> mcmichael: did you think you
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were going to jail or something? >> no, it's just the principle, man. >> mcmichael: what? >> y'all are searching me for what, for a brake light, sir? >> mcmichael: i'm just making sure you don't have any weapons. >> okay, no... >> mcmichael: you know what i'm saying? so relax. >> yes, sir. >> mcmichael: you know, you're outside the car. are you... you all right? >> yeah, i told you i don't... >> mcmichael: there something i should know about? >> no, sir. >> mcmichael: you sure? >> yes, sir. >> mcmichael: the chest is pounding, boss. >> yeah, 'cause i... this is my first time getting pulled over over this way. i never got arrested over this way, sir. >> mcmichael: okay, okay, just do me a favor: come stand back here. you take your shoes off for me? they just slip off, right? >> yes, sir. >> mcmichael: runner! (indistinct shouting) (suspect shouts indistinctly) get on the ground now! put your hands behind your back! >> please... >> deputy mark lanier: do you understand? >> yes, sir. i'm so sorry. >> mcmichael: put your hands behind your back. >> yes, sir. (mcmichael panting loudly) i'm sorry. i made a mistake. i'm...
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>> mcmichael: we got a 1015. 23. >> my... my wife just had kids. he was acting very nervous, and... told him to start taking off his shoes. he took off running. mark, i got one bag so far. what'd you run for, man? >> i barely can breathe. >> mcmichael: so you ran 'cause you couldn't breathe? >> huh? >> mcmichael: so you ran 'cause you couldn't breathe? >> i was scared. >> mcmichael: what were you scared of? >> i don't know. this is my first time ever being on this end with polices behind me. >> mcmichael: oh, really? all right, stand up. >> wait... >> mcmichael: huh? >> say, hold on. >> mcmichael: did you run out of your pants? >> no. barely couldn't breathe. >> mcmichael: huh? >> i said, i barely couldn't breathe. let me ask you this for... for reference. did you take any cocaine
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tonight? >> no, sir. >> mcmichael: did you? >> no, sir. >> mcmichael: you need to be honest with me, 'cause that's... >> i'm positive, sir. you can drug-test me right now, sir. >> mcmichael: so... so, what's the cocaine you have now? what was that for? >> i had powder. >> mcmichael: what was the powder for? >> sir? >> mcmichael: what was the powder for? >> the one guy who i dropped off over there, he gave me a bag of powder... >> mcmichael: for what? you don't use coke, though, do you? >> no, i don't use it. >> mcmichael: so what do you have it for? huh? >> sir? >> mcmichael: and you put it in your shoe? >> i put it in my shoe. >> mcmichael: what shoe did you have it in? >> i ain't have no powder in my shoe. >> mcmichael: you didn't have powder in your shoe? >> no, sir. >> mcmichael: where'd you have it? >> what i had powder... i had powder in my hand when i got out of the car. >> mcmichael: what did you do with it? >> i dropped it by the car. it was a little tin or something. >> mcmichael: sarge, check that wallet. he's saying he had a blue bag in his hand when he got out of the car, and possibly put it with the money.
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the night could have gone a lot easier for that guy. alls he had to do was own up for what he had, a little bit of dope. he would have just gone for a simple ride, but now, he's got additional charges going on him: resisting with... fleeing. so, uh, you know, it's going to be a night he's going to spend in county jail for a little bit longer time.
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>> officer jennifer hertzler: you know, that first day of being by yourself, i was so nervous, and i remember every time i'd hear the radio crackle, you know, before the dispatch would send a call, i'd think, please don't be for me. please don't be my call. but as the day went on, i made a few traffic stops and you get used to it throughout the day, and the next day was easier and so forth. but i remember that feeling of-- being real anxious that i'm not
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going to know what to do when this first call comes out. it's kind of a funny memory to look back on. (garbled radio transmission) i'm going to make a traffic stop on this green ford taurus. it's got no license plate, no temp permit and there is a recently stolen one matching this description. (transmission continues) (siren chirps) 975, we're going to be about 89th and powell, and if there's a close car, code one cover, please? (indistinct radio transmission) >> hi. >> hertzler: is this your car? >> no, es de my friend. >> hertzler: it's your friend's car? okay. how come you don't have a license plate? >> my driver's license is suspended, yeah. >> hertzler: okay. why don't you take your keys out and hand me the keys. >> there's no keys. no keys car, it's my friend's. >> hertzler: no keys? >> yeah. it's not my car. >> hertzler: how do you start the car then? >> what? >> hertzler: how do you start
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the car? (speaking in spanish) >> hertzler: how do you turn the car on? >> it's broken-- look in, the key is broken. it broken car. >> hertzler: okay, so it's your friend's car; you're suspended. >> yeah. >> hertzler: do you know why there's no license plate on the car? >> no, besides, mayb.. >> hertzler: what's your friend's name? >> pardon? what's that? >> hertzler: what's your friend's name? >> my friend is... two name is mosca. i don't know name original. >> hertzler: okay, so you don't really know your friend's name. >> no, i don't know what is name original de my friend. >> hertzler: okay, so it's your friend's car and you don't know your friend's name? >> no. >> hertzler: have you ever had an oregon driver's license? >> hmm? >> hertzler: have you ever had a driver's license? >> what? >> hertzler: have you had a driver's license in oregon? >> yeah. >> hertzler: yeah? okay. so you should be in our system in dmv. >> yeah. >> hertzler: yeah. okay. what is your first name? mosca. >> hertzler: can you spell that for me? >> huh? >> hertzler: spell your first
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name. >> my name? >> hertzler: yeah. >> what, what is spell? >> hertzler: how do you spell your name? >> what is "spell"? my two numbers? >> hertzler: oh, you're killing me. step out of the car, and just keep your hands out where i can see them, okay? step out of the car. >> okay. >> hertzler: you don't have any weapons, pistolas? >> nothing, nothing. >> hertzler: okay, put your hands on back of your head. interlock your fingers. separate your feet for me. i'm going to set him in my car, or should i set him in your car until we figure out who he is? he has selective english. what's this? >> this is my friend's. >> hertzler: all right, let's go set him in your car. let's go have a seat in this car, okay? >> into the car? everything. >> officer david rasmussen: you don't understand what i'm saying so just have a seat right over here. >> hertzler: i'm just checking, running the vin on the car. the license plate that was in the windshield actually comes back to a ford thunderbird.
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um, which this is a ford taurus. so we're going to find out who this, what this car is, who it belongs to... and it's a stolen car. it's actually the one on the hot sheet that i've been looking for. >> officer james botaitis: all right, i'm officer botaitis; i'm going to figure out who you are. do you have ids? >> no, my id is... >> botaitis: it's at home? >> no. right now no house. >> hertzler: he says he has a suspended license. >> botaitis: did you give your true name to the officer already? >> yeah. >> botaitis: you did? that's your name? okay, i'm going to make sure that that's your name. if it's not your name and you're not telling the truth to the officer, you can be charged with separate crimes. do you understand that? >> it's my name. >> botaitis: it's called an ibis machine. it takes fingerprints from the individual that we have detained and then it tells us if it does belong to somebody and then it's identified by one of our id techs up in our identification division. >> hertzler: did you already print him? >> botaitis: no.
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okay, what i'm going to have you do is i'm going to go ahead and place your right thumb, right thumb; there you go. and i'm just going to have you relax it, okay? just relax. let me push, okay? you don't push. i'll take care of pushing. all right? (beeping) okay, all right. >> hertzler: did you get it? >> botaitis: yeah. let me make sure that this thing is connected. it'll transfer the thumbprints over to this machine and then once it has the information, it will send it up to the computer. >> that's not my car. >> hertzler: i know. it's a stolen car. >> no emy car. >> hertzler: i know it's not your car, okay? you were driving it. possession of a stolen vehicle. it's a stolen car. >> yeah, pero no my car. >> hertzler: okay. >> it's trouble; it's trouble with everything; it's trouble. >> hertzler: you took it from a friend you don't even know the name of. (speaking spanish) it's trouble for me.
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it's trouble check it. it's trouble computer. it's trouble for me, the people i don't know. (speaking spanish) >> hertzler: did you get the hit back? >> botaitis: yes, looks like i just received it. let me take a look and see what it says? and there's our sid number, so we can identify him by state identification number. let's plug... go ahead and plug... yeah, plug in that sid number as well, just to verify it, but according to what it's saying here, the name that he provided is, in fact, him. >> hertzler: okay. all right, you understand you're being arrested, correct? >> what? >> hertzler: you're under arrest, okay? you're going to be charged with... >> (speaking spanish) >> hertzler: okay, hey! listen to me, okay? >> sorry. >> hertzler: you're under arrest; you're going to be charged, with not only driving with a suspended, which you obviously admitted right away, but also for unlawful use of a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle, okay?
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it's another new way... mm! that's good. [ female announcer ] love mcdonald's. ♪ (beeping) >> deputy angel artola: 2695. we're going to stop this vehicle here. we're at the traffic stoplight. it looked like the passenger was rolling up a marijuana cigarette. so we're gonna stop the vehicle and see what's going on. (garbled radio transmission) do you have a driver's license? put your hands up here so i can see them, please. thank you. >> should i turn off the music? >> artola: please. >> okay. >> artola: okay, just hang back here for a minute, okay? >> okay, sure. >> artola: when we were at the traffic light... >> right. >> artola: the front passenger was rolling up a marijuana
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cigarette and i smelled marijuana in there, too. so we're going to get them out 'cause that's our probable cause to search the vehicle. >> he was holding a rolled-up cigarette? >> artola: then we're going to get them out and then-- >> all right. >> just go ahead and step out. >> (mumbling): so this, um, i don't really feel comfortable... >> artola: do you have anything on you? no weapons or anything? >> no. >> artola: all right. i'm just letting you know that i'm going to bring everybody out and we'll search your vehicle, okay? 'cause number one, i saw him rolling the marijuana cigarette at the traffic light, and number two, i smell marijuana in your vehicle. so that gives me probable cause to search your vehicle, okay? >> yeah, i don't... >> artola: let me ask you something. have you ever smoked marijuana in this car? >> yes, i've smoked marijuana in this car before. >> artola: so that's the smell that i'm getting. okay, why don't you do me a favor... >> i don't anymore, actually. >> artola: go ahead and step back with that deputy, okay? hey, pat. >> i haven't done it tonight or anything though. >> artola: all right, go ahead and step back with that deputy. i smelled marijuana. that gives us probable cause to
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search the vehicle just off the smell. it looks like a package of syringes. see, usually it could be for heroin. let's see if they have a... got a pill bottle down here. i'm not sure if it's full or... okay. and that's probably what they were hiding. i will call poison control, but apparently, i think those blue pills might be oxycodone. and of course, there's no label on it. come here, please. remember how i started my conversation with you, right? about the honesty, right? >> yeah. >> artola: so we're on the same page with that. >> mm-hmm. >> artola: i found something in the car. i found several items in the car. pills... okay?
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whose are those? my boyfriend's prescription, most likely. >> artola: his prescription? who's your boyfriend? >> eric, well, he's not really my boyfriend anymore. we broke up, but i still call him that. it's only been a couple of weeks. >> artola: is he the gentleman in the front seat? >> mm-hmm. i mean i don't-- >> artola: do you think he's going to man up and be straight up? >> oh, i don't-- that's why i don't understand why the bottle wouldn't have a name on it. it should. i don't understand why it wouldn't. >> artola: okay, all right. let me go talk to him then. >> okay. >> artola: go ahead and stand over there and let me call... eric? the pills that i found underneath the seat... >> the pills? >> artola: whose are those? >> probably mine. i have a prescription for them. >> artola: you do? >> yes, i do. uh-oh. that's it. i don't know why-- the cap just fell off, that's probably why there might be some on the floor back there. here's the cap for it. >> artola: why was a pill bottle underneath your seat? >> what-- a pill bottle?
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>> artola: mm-hmm. >> no, i don't know about a pill bottle. that's my prescription with my name on it. >> artola: so you don't know about the pill bottle? >> no, obviously this-- yeah, this is my prescription bottle. i just got that done today. >> artola: so the pill bottle that's underneath the front passenger seat, that i found underneath the front passenger seat...? >> unless it has my name on it... >> artola: you have no idea about it? >> the only way it'd be mine is if it had my name on it. i have my prescription with my name on it. you know what i mean? >> artola: you know, also that people-- i've been doing this for a lot of years. they put their own pills, if they have a prescription, 'cause you know these go for a pretty penny. >> yes, absolutely. oh, you mean for selling wise? >> artola: yeah, uh-huh. >> oh, no. i understand what you're talking about, yeah. >> artola: because you're not going to go and sell this to somebody and open up your pill bottle and, you know... you're going to put it in a pill bottle like that with no label and stuff. >> you mean if you were actually selling, if i was giving him the bottle or something like that, i wouldn't give him a prescription bottle with my name on it. obviously, okay. >> artola: exactly. >> okay, but like i said, i'm... like i said, i'm doing... there's paperwork right over there for the summons. i went to court this morning and
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i'm going... like i said, i'm starting rehab over at carp and everything like that. >> artola: come here. come here. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> englishby: put your feet together for me. put your feet together. put your hands behind your back. >> oh, my god, dudes. >> englishby: relax. >> jess? >> why is... >> i don't know. you got to tell him. >> englishby: you're supposed to be going to carp, right? >> yes. >> englishby: you don't think it would be unrealistic that those pills under your seat in an unmarked prescription bottle could be yours? >> i have my prescription bottles right there. >> englishby: i understand that, but the same type of pills that are in the bottle you showed us are the same pills that are in the unmarked bottle. >> someone has to come clean right now, guys. >> englishby: are you telling me it's unrealistic that you're going to drug treatment, the same type of pills that are in an unmarked bottle, the same type you have... >> the paperwork's right there. >> englishby: do you have anything in your pockets? >> just my... just the pill bottle that i had and everything like that. >> englishby: okay. >> and then i also... go ahead. that's, just, that's right there.
4:26 am
that's the one of the buprenex syringes. >> englishby: are you kidding me? are you kidding me? i just asked you if you had anything in your pockets, and you told me no. >> i told you that, i said i had something right in there. >> englishby: you did not say you had a syringe. >> there's also... it was all capped up. that was from the buprenex injections. i said there's a whole bunch of syringes over there. someone is going to let me go to jail. >> who? >> how do you even know... >> i'm finally getting it back together and i'm... you know? >> eric, you got a syringe in your pocket, dude. >> dude, that's not what... >> you're not getting it together. >> dude, they're talking about that right there, ray. >> listen to me, bro, what they're going to do, they're going to do regardless. they might take us, too, but listen, you got to get... >> so you want me to take and admit that for everyone else and you guys... >> i'm not saying that, bro. >> ...let me go in a blaze of glory? >> no, no. >> i'll take the charge for the syringe. i'll take the charge for that, but someone better take the charge for that pill bottle. that's not mine. >> i'm already saying the same thing. now, listen... >> that makes no sense, ray. why would i take pills and throw them in another bottle and stick them down there? >> i don't know. i don't know, that's why i asked them two because they were sitting behind you. >> oh, my god.
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this is-- i can't believe this. >> i'm not putting it all on you. >> dude, someone answer. >> artola: he's going to go to jail for the possession of a controlled substance. he was going to a rehab facility and now he can go to our rehab facility, the county jail. >> officer (over radio): 132 and bush. i've got him at gunpoint. >> dispatcher: at gunpoint, 132 and bush. cover is code three. (radio static) captioning sponsored by fox broadcasting company and langley productions captioned by media access group at wgbh
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we just received notice from both unions they are giving us 72 hours before a strike. >> official warning from bart that could effect hundreds of thinks of bay area commuters. this could be our last weekday commute on bart if workers decide to strike. i will tell you what your options are come monday. we started the week off with rain but we are ending it with very warm to hot conditions. san francisco getting ready for the biggest pride event in history. the reason the military is joining the party for the first time. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2
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morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning june 28th i'm pam cook. brian flores has the day off today. steve paulson is here and it already feels pretty warm out there. >> it's getting there, pam. no doubt about it. temperatures mainly in the 60s. inland temps they started warming up. weekend looks even warmer if you're away from the coast. steve, good morning. right now traffic is doing well. it's very nice drive wherever you work. san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to the high- rise. no problems there. and the traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge looks good. topping our news today bart unions have issued an official warning to hundreds of thousands of bay area
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commuters. they could go on strike monday morning. bart spokesman rick rice delivered the news after meeting with union leaders. >> we justed receive union from both they are giving us 72 hours before a strike. >> union leaders will provide more details during a news conference at 10:00 this morning. now the 72 hour notice is not required but union leaders issued the warning as a courtesy to bart passengers so they could plan ahead. both sides emphasize the notice does not guarantee a strike monday morning. the other transportation agencies are preparing to accommodate thousands of commuters if a strike shuts down bart service on monday. katie is in walnut creek with some of your options. >> reporter: good morning. things are still quiet at the walnut street station but shortly there will


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