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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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just ahead, new information on a tragic accident this morning where a child was killed while crossing a street in east palo alto. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. first we begin with developing news in daly city. these pictures came in from our chopper about 30 minutes ago. this is the mall where police are investigating an apparent shooting. officers have surrounded a car in the mall's parking lot with crime tape. there are reports that a gun was found outside that car. a mall spokesman says the mall is open but had no other details. we'll follow this story. we're learning more details
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about a terrible accident on the peninsula that claimed the life of a child today. the young girl was hit while crossing the street at bay road and gloria way in east palo alto alto. >> reporter: i'm standing in the crosswalk where it happened. you can see some of the police markings here and down here from investigation. then off to the sidewalk, one of the saddest sights, a growing memorial for a 7-year- old girl. there are things in life that happen in the blink of a moment and change lives forever. >> as soon as i opened up the door, i heard the thud. i heard the impact. >> at this point we believe it was just a tragic accident. >> this morning was one of those turning point moments, a 7-year-old girl's walk to school ended in the crosswalk. >> i seen the shoes laying in
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the street. i started praying that she'd make it. >> it happened just after 8:00 a.m. at the intersection of bay road and gloria way right in front of the girl's mother and two younger sisters a few blocks away from her school. the driver is an employee in the local ravenswood school district where the girl attended class. >> between her and the mom, it's hard to say which one of us is really going through it the worst. it's bad. it's bad. >> a block away the street was closed for another deadly accident. a police pursuit that ended with the suspect hitting and killing a a motorcyclist. some of that traffic was diverted here to an already congested a area with cars and kids in the morning. >> i think this needs to be ten miles per hour because they're flying down this block. i cannot see another incident like this again. >> today there is a mother grieving the loss of her child and many more holding their
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children more tightly. this is an area with a lot of pedestrian traffic. thereare crosswalks here, across the street, three crosswalks just at this intersection. we've seen people pausing and looking at what going on. we've seen people blowing through the crosswalks while people are trying to get across. police talked to the driver and let her go for the moment. they say it's still under investigation. it does appear to be just a terrible tragic accident. back to you. >> thank you. earlier this morning in the same east palo alto neighborhood a motorcyclist was killed by an suv fleeing from police. the accident happened near university avenue and bay road about 5:30 a.m. officers were responding to a call about suspicious activity in someone's backyard when they spotted the suv with its lights off. they say the suv sped off when officers attempted a traffic stop and then drove the wrong
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way on university avenue and hit the motorcyclist. police say the driver and two other people in the vehicle were detained. a judge put off a court hearing today for the woman accused of murdering nursing student michele le. a doctor decided the suspect was pregnant but was not well enough to ride the prison bus from the jail to the courthouse. her attorney said she could not proceed without her klein present. the judge scheduled her next court hearing for october 24 when she is expected to enter a plea to murder charges. an oakland community is outraged and grieving after a fatal shooting outside the east bay dragon's motorcycle club. this happened last night. kraig debro is live. this victim had an important role at that club. >> reporter: good afternoon. i'm outside the east bay dragon's motorcycle club. you see a memorial to the man
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who was slain last night. inside a group has gathered. one man was shot here last night. that man was the president of the club. >> i'm heartbroken. they called me sleeping. i only slept about two hours. i been crying all day and all night. >> 40-year-old hassan ari sayyid is the president of the east bay dragons african- american founded motorcycle club. members of the dragons had gathered for the club's tuesday night ritual, watching the cable tv show "sons of anarchy," a show about a motorcycle club. fellow club member sweets of running late. >> he called and said, bring the chicken. >> it was the last time sweets would see his friend. witnesses say a masked man approached the garage while members were facing away looking at the show. the man started shooting. ike was the only member hit by gunfire it. >> the victim was taken to a
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local hospital where he did dilater. >> when i got here, i missed it by a minute, if that. so probably while i was driving down the street, the dude probably was running down the street. >> this morning a steady stream of people laid flowers, candles and other tokens. >> they're minding their own business in their own club, violence meets them at their doorstep. >> last week ike and the other club members led a peace march from here to city hall. a place ike was returning to to start a new job monday. >> they laid him off with the cutbacks. they had just called him back. he was telling everybody, monday i'm going back to work. >> reporter: the club recognizes the connection between drugs, alcohol and violence and does what it can to break that connection. a few memorial services are random get togethers are
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planned for this afternoon at the club. kraig debro, back to you. >> thank you. police say that oakland shooting is not related to a casino shooting that killed a san jose hell's angel member last week. now under arrest in that case 36-year-old caesar villagrana of the gilroy hell's angels. authorities say he was videotaped shooting into a crowd at a motorcycle festival last friday in sparks, nevada. investigators have not verified if the gunshots are the ones that wounded two people and killed jeff the head of the san jose biker group. day two of the dr. conrad murray murder trial is underway in los angeles for the death of michael jackson. dr. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. he is accused of giving michael jackson a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic on june 25,
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2009. today a concert promoter returned to the witness stand. this time prosecutors asked him about michael jackson's health in the days before his death. >> did you also see mr. jackson perform at his last rehearsal on june 24, 2009 at staples? >> yes. >> what was your impression or opinion of mr. jackson's performance on his last rehearsal date? >> he was fully engaged. >> prosecutors say dr. conrad murray should have known better than to keep giving powerful drugs to jackson. dr. conrad murray's lawyers claim the pop star took the drugs himself when connecticut had left the room. can you see more of the trial on it's streaming live. click on the u.s. and world news tab on the home page. a rally is about to get underway at st. mary's college in response to two reports of
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students there being raped in the past three weeks. the women's resource center will start the rally at 12:40 this afternoon on campus to raise awareness about sexual violence. one female student reported being raped in a dorm on september 11th. the second case was reported this past sunday. a woman said she was raped inside a dorm by a student and another man. >> we just want to reinforce that any type of relationship violence or sexual assault of any kind is just not tolerated on st. mary's college campus. >> the school is holding programs in the freshman dorms to address personal and social responsibility. a homeless woman has been arrested after smashing the windshields of several san francisco police cars. police say the woman vandalized three patrol cars parked in the 900 block of bryant street around 3:30 a.m. they say a homeless man in the
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area reported the incident and may have pepper sprayed the woman. pg&e crews in san carlos are working to vent natural gas. it's happening near i-280 and edgewood road. the natural gas is being purposed so crews can conduct pressure tests on pipelines in the area. residents are being warned they'll smell the gas but should not be alarmed. pg&e is trying to determine what cause add pipeline rupture that fuel add fire that burned or hours near sacramento. it was in the middle of a busy street in roseville. the underground pipe ruptured just before 7:00 last night. the fire was ignited by a spark from a car that rolled over it. nearby businesses were evacuated there. were no injuries. not one but two suspicious
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east bay fires overnight. they were set just minutes apart. it's a warm fall day but we may be in for a change. steve paulson is tracking what's coming our way. the oakland school board gets an earful from parents and students about a controversial plan to close schools.
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firefighters in antioch are investigating two suspicious overnight fires, both started in fields close to apartment buildings. the first fire of reported on madrid lane at 4:45. the second one was on lone tree way 15 minutes later. in that fire the flames spread dangerously close to the building. firefighters did get the fire out. president barack obama delivered his annual back to school speech a few hours ago. he spoke to students at a high school in washington, d.c. he said it's important for their future and the nation's to stay in school and go to college. he admitted a few things about himself. he said back in middle school he preferred playing basketball to a class on ethics. >> i was not always the very best student that i could be when i was in high school.
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certainly not when i was in middle school. i did not love every class i took. i wasn't always paying attention the way i should have. >> the president also mentioned a fremont high school student by name as someone who is already making a difference this the lives of others. we spoke to that student, william kim, who told us he was very surprised to hear he would be named in the president's speech. >> they just told me two days ago. she said the white house called and i was stunned. really i didn't know that this was going to be so big. >> kim launched a company called happy days microfunds which organizes fundraising evens to provide small loans to under privileged students who want to star their own business. parents and students made passion it'd pleas to the oakland school board in hopes of keeping their schools from closing. students from lakeview marred to last night's meeting holding signs. inside more than 400 people
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packed the auditorium. the superintendent says the district's resources are stretched too thin. he is recommending closing five elementary schools. nearly 100 people asked to comment at the meeting. >> this is a tremendous loss to our community. we have a large school with a lot of heart and a lot of love to give and a lot of room to fill. it would be a detriment to our community to close it. >> where was transportation ever considered? some of these schools you will have people who have an issue, a real life issue with getting their children from point a to point b. >> the superintendent is also proposing merging seven other schools with existing schools to save $2 million. the board should vote on the plan at the end of next month. a sausalito city councilman is promising better behavior and has apologized for slapping the hand of a colleague at last night's meeting. michael kelly apologized to
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councilwoman carolyn ford. she accepted. the two no longer sit next to each other. two weeks ago ford held up her hand and said, shsh, to kelly. kelly slapped her hand and told her not to shsh him. tonight at a special meeting benicia city council will consider forcing its firefighters to take a pay cut. city leaders say it's necessary to help deal with the projected $1.7 million budget deficit. the proposed plan would impose a contract on firefighters calling for cuts in wages and holiday overtime pay. the firefighters union says it already helped the city last year when firefighters agreed to salary reductions and benefit changes. today five san jose unions will announce a plan that they say will reduce pension costs by nearly $500 million over the next five years.
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the unions represent police, firefighters and three other groups. the san jose is facing a deficit that could lead to more service cuts. mayor chuck reed were the skyrocketing costs of pence benefits needs to be trimmed. 19 people are dead and 35 are still missing following the powerful typhoon that swept through the philippines. yesterday's storm brought winds up to 90 miles an hour and heavy rain. many streets are flooded. rescue teams are work to be vac wait thousands of people in low lying areas. the typhoon is moving out of area but there is more trouble on the horizon. another powerful tropical storm is brewing in the pacific. it should reach the area within the next 24 hours. today is another spare the air day here in the bay area. air quality officials say warm temperatures and light winds are contributing to a high concentration of ground level pollution. they're asking people to avoid
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unnecessary driving, reduce household energy use and refrain from the use of aerosol sprays and gas powered appliances like lawn mowers. this is the eighth spare the air day of this year. well, sunshine everywhere. there is a lot of fog down in southern california. it's very gray, goes halfway down baja. we have an easterly breeze, offshore wins and temperatures have rocketed up. academy of sciences in golden gate park has humidity at 40% and temperature of 80 degrees. san francisco is 82. it's 85 fairfield, almost 90 in livermore. everybody is really close. santa rosa 85. concord 85, same in danville. temperatures even oakland in the 80s. we have a very warm day. this will be the warmest day of the week by a mile. a big cooling trend comes in this weekend and next week.
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clear skies today, warm to hot, patchy fog santa cruz coast by tomorrow morning. it will turn westerly instead of that easterly breeze we have today. much comer, clouds rain, maybe some rain on the weekend. travis has wins northeast at 14. for san francisco once it comeses over water and starts going over land, then temperatures really warm up. not much here, but there is plenty in the gulf of alaska. that will play into our weather for the weekend. hurricane hillary will start to fall apart. there are a couple of projections that take some of that moisture toward us. today it's clear on the coast. get to the beach today. everything will change dramatically in 36 hours. if this system begins to fall
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apart and head north, we'll have to watch that. that would be saturday. sunny and warm today. not much of a wind. temperatures 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. temperatures are really rocketing up especially once you get that easterly breeze. 70s, 80s for many, or low 90s. look at the coast, the city, half moon bay, peninsula, a of upper 80s. it will cool down friday. a big cooldown for the weekend. could be some rain. next week looks very wet. saturday might be tropical. next week looks cold. >> thank you. the red cross hosted an event today to hon on some local heroes. they handed out awards to public servants and private citizens who performed
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courageous deeds and saved lives. an oakland police officer and his partner pulled several people out of a burning building. sammy johnson helped capture a child predator. jews around the world begin celebrating rosh haw shona at sundown today. the jewish celebration also includes a call for sinners to repent. it's already begun in israel. just ahead, we'll check the stock market and a big unveiling today. could this be the next big competitor for the ipad?
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after two days of gains, the stock market is in rest mode today. traders are trying to make sense out of the developments in europe with the debt crisis. the dow is down 60. nasdaq down 22. s & p is down eleven. amazon is the latest company to take on the apple ipad. they unveiled the new kindle fire in new york city today. the 7 inch tablet can be used to read books, listen to music
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or play videos. it's smaller and does not have all of the features of the ipad but it's cheaper. it will go on the market in november for $199. drivers in san francisco had a rare opportunity this morning to get free gas. the shell oil company gave away 15 gallons per motorist in four cities today to promote its nitrogen enriched gasoline. people lined up at this station on mission street for the 90 minute promotion which lasted until 8:30 a.m. shell gave away the gas and four major american cities today and will give it away in our others on october 13. tonight at 5:00, what a difference a year makes. the giants season ends today with this afternoon's game. it seems pretty anti-climactic after l.a. year's world series victory. that's tonight at 5:00.
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