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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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violence this morning. it's all ahighway on the ktvu -- it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us it's monday february 28th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you. it's still coal. 30s. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds today. a mostly sunny day to the south. partly cloudy day to the north. now here is sal. traffic is looking good on 80 heading out to the mccarthur maze with no major problems there. this mornings drive will be okay if you are driving on the westbound bay bridge. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. the work on the new center piece for the bay bridge is
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entering is a critical phase. allie rasmus is at treasure island to tell us more. >> reporter: what's happening today the tower behind us will grow taller. the work on that will start a little later on today. we are on treasure island with a view of the eastern bay bridge. three of the five segments of that tower are already in place. the work is getting closer and closer. making it 480 tall. you're looking at an illustration from the products website. the tower will have one more smaller section to go. then the tower will be finished. then they will have to attach cables. early this morning we saw a
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barge transporting some of the equipment pass underneath the bay bridge. the barge looked like it was carrying some column like piece of equipment. we are not sure if that is the segment that will be hoisted up. they are preparing to start their work tea. it will be similar to the video coming up. this is news chopper two of the video. necessary is the think segment of the tower. back then crews hoisted the 100- foot long section of the tower into place. according to cal tran crews will work around the clock starting today to hoist the fourth segment of the tower. one thing cal tran wants to -- they want to remind people to keep their eyes on the road. don't stop to look at the construction work that will happen later tea. reporting live from treasure island allie rasmus. the third shooting in two days is under investigation at
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this hour. this shooting was at 10:30 last night. police found several pieces ofevidence on the road. a 27-year-old man was shot in a car. he's been treated for life threatening injuries. earlier on sat two people were -- earlier on saturday two people were killed in separate shootings. take a look at his picture. 73-year-old kenneth has dementia. on thursday care givers at his richmond district leving home put him on a bus for a day trip to a nearby senior center. he has not been seen since. over the week dozens of volunteers searched the park area. there is no sign of the missing man. santa clara is searching
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for suspects. it happened early monomorning on monroe street. a man was stab in front of a gas station. still not clear what triggered the attack. neighbors and police agree this is rare. >> it's not typical of the area at all. this isn't the wild west. this is the bay area. tech center. calm mostly. >> we are not immune to crime. >> this by the way was santa clara's first homicide. very important warning this morning in the affluent city of woodside. at least two of them have been poising when investigators have been checking recent storm damage. one of the victims distracts the homeowner when the other one goes inside the house and
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steals valuables. sal. okay. we'll wait for sal. he is probably checking things right now. he's surrounded by machinery. there he is. >> actually, traffic is doing very well here if you are driving on the freeway. let's take a look at the live pictures. the traffic is moving well on the east shore freeway. no major problems getting out to the maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's light with traffic continuing to move well into san francisco. and this morning as we start off in the south bay northbound 280 traffic is moving well getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. we have a little mix of sun and clouds tea. it's still cold. chilly cold morning. sunshine more to the south.
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more clouds to the north. tomorrow increasing clouds. and this is it today for february as we go into march. rain returns. it will be a rainy pattern that comes in wednesday and thursday. i think we're saying goodbye to this cold. you can see the system aligning itself. right along the oregon boarer -- oregon border. some of these clouds meaning 40s. 39 napa. 38 fairfield. livermore stuck at 43. napa our target forecast. we'll go 50 at noon and a high of 56. you can see the system right there. it's drawing up moisture from
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the west. actually west, southwest. rain maybe late tuesday. the pattern looks like as we go into march changing which is okay by me. more clouds to the north bay. partly sunny and cloudy. and after that cold air mass in place we will see a lot of mid 50s. increasing clouds on tuesday. showers an thursday. we get a break on friday. thank you, steve. a proposal for a good will store is causing some controversy. christian is live with why some in the area believe it's not a good fit. good morning, christian. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is a personal story for me. this is a neighborhood where i grew up. the front road video is closed
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now. this used to be a hub of activity. this used to really have a lot of activity around it. now you can see the store is changed. you figure a new business would be coming into the area would be welcomed. if you thought that, you would be warned. a good will store trying to come into the location would not be as upscale. they started a process for opening up the store. that permit is still pending. a local business leaders have sited concerns the good will will bring more to the nation area. good will says it's looking to streamline it's donation process and keep the area in front of the store free from clutter. it's an area that could get cluttered if they leave donations in the area.
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so far nothing is set in stone. right now good will is looking to talk with the owner. they are looking to come into this area. they don't have much of a presence in north berkeley. if they don't sign a lease, the issue could come to the city of berkeley. time now 5:08 a smelly dilemma for the city of san francisco. the san francisco chronicle says the reduced water flow in the toilets means more slug building up. the city is hoping to fix the problem by flushing the sours with # million pounds of bleach. . >> san jose starting tomorrow will tax medical marijuana.
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san jose has 100 medical shops as well. they are welcoming the owners to the shop. >> north carolina sr. once again throatenning to attack. also a request to alter a memorial for the jones town masker is causing outrage. traffic is moving well on the san mateo bridge heading out to the high-rise. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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four americans are dead after a private plane crash in the united arab. their plane went down moments after takeoff. they were enroute to saw rabbia. rain -- say rabbia -- saudi arabia. >> reporter: we saw one report moments ago that described it as refugee chaos. thousands of migrant workers trying to stream out across the
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libyan border. the growing violence causing this mass exit. the u.s. government trying to pressure other international leaders to respond to this. one u.s. senator wants a no fly zone there too. >> libyan pilots will not fly if there is a no fly zone. they are trying to set up already in the eastern part of libya. help them with material assistance. >> reporter: here in washington a lot of alternatives being discussed incluing those mentioned -- including those mentioned by senator mccain. to talk about the white house says humanitarian aid and diplomatic efforts in the wake of this rising violence in libya. live in washington. north carolina is now threatening to fire across the border in south carolina and
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anyone sending helium balloons into the north. they carry thousands of leaflets and cassette tapes carry news of the popular uprising in the middle east. time now 5:14. the three-day hearing starts tomorrow. investigating last september's deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the hearing will be the first time the pg&e has questioned pubically about that pipeline. and what should be done about it. pg&e will be forced to answer questions about the safety of its pipelines. also an investigation has already begun into the cause of this. a gas line explosion in cleveland, ohio. crews knew about a leak on the line since sat and they were
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working to fix it when it blew up. now they couple to be soldiers looking for love. processor love and asked the unsuspecting women to cut him a check. this morning people who lost loved ones in the jones town tragedy will hold a prayer vigil. they are outraged with the reported plans by the son of the people's temple terrace. he wants to put his four's name at the planned memorial wall been family members say there is no place in the memorial for the man some for the jones town -- man responsible for the
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jones town nightmare. board of supervisors president is expected to announce he is running at 11:00 this morning on the steps of city hall. there are already several candidates in the race including leeland yee. president obama is meeting this morning with the nation's governor at the white house. last night at a dinner he told the governors he wants to hear their ideas on how to fix the slowly recovering any. the governor's office says he has important impress i i have owe. 5:17 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> traffic is moving along pretty nicely around the bay area. if you are starting off in oakland, it should be a nice drive for you.
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driving past the coliseum. also this morning we are looking at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. that traffic is moving along nicely look at the road sensors here. i fine things moving long pretty well. we are our to a nice start. let's go to steve. we have a mix of sun and today. that system that's the system that will be playing in our area. so the farther north you go possibility of rain but you can see the dividing line here. napa airport is 39. mostly clear. 44 in santa rosa. so 30s for some.
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still 33 livermore. at least that's what they say. 30s and 40s san roe fell. today a high of 46 degrees about the same as yesterday. i think the clouds carve will start to drop hints. it's a different pattern as we head into march here. so more clouds to the north. more sub to the south. we should be around 50 to 60 for the highs today. sun and clouds. cold lows. nothing compared to what we had over the weekend. 60 in brentwood. close for concord 59. redwood city will go 60 in gill
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roy. we get a break on friday if you want to make plans into the weekend. saturday will be okay. overnight crew oil prices jumped again over ongoing disruption in the supply change. saad area are is producing -- but traders still saw prices jump to $2. to $100 a barrel. japan's stock jumped nearly am point overnight. the index has climbed more than 15% since november 1st. that increase means japanese
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stocks have done better than they have in 17 of the last 21 calendar years. let's check in on wall street. the dow, nasdaq, and s & p are posting pretty decent gains. right now the suture r future is -- right nows future is higher. time now 5:20. google now investigating complaints from g-mail users who claim their old messages were erased. google responded saying it effect less than a third of percent of all gmail users. they don't say how many. last night rack awards. also how one. good morning, traffic on
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680 southbound is looking good get into the south bay. i will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, some partly cloudy skies to the north. mostly clear south. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds today. lows in the 30s and 40s. highs today 50s to low 60s. the 83rd annual rack awards
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turn -- annual awards turned into a bit of a coronation. >> and the oscar goes to. the king's speech. >> the king's speech beat nine other knews last night to take home oscar's top prize. other winners include natalie portman, christian bail. emery vail based pixar won for best picture. coming up later we will go live to los angeles. for the entire list of winners you can go to our website click on the oscars tab. most bay area drivers complained as gas jumped 20- cents a gallon. premium sells for $4 a gallon.
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with regular near $3.80. some drivers say they are already trying to limit their driving. time now 5:25. a north bay family this morning hopes their tragedy can be a low son on -- lesson on everybody else for the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. family members held a fundraiser for jeff andling murray. ling murray lost their granddaughter to a driver. >> it's great to sit back and see all of this love. >> they are now asking everybody put your cell phones down when you are behind the wheel and wait to answer a
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phone call or send a text message. why a proposed goo will store is -- good will store. violence on the streets of san francisco over the past two days could some of it be connected?
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welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's monday, february 28th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm partly -- and i'm pam cook. >> we have high clouds coming in. 30s and 40s. look for our mid 50s for some. upper 50s to low 60s around antioch. traffic looks pretty good. it's getting heavier as you head out to the mccarthur maze. it's 5:30 let's go back to theday and -- dave and pam. contra costa deputies are
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busy investigating a shooting. a victim was shot twice an carroll lee lane. that victim was critically hurt but is expected to survive. they do have a suspect in custody but they don't know the motive of the shooting or what kind of relationship may have existed. also this week work starts on major safety improvements in a dangerous bay area intersection. crews will be installing new traffic signals and lights. police records show there were more than 100 very serious accidents. a worker at a restaurant is unhurt. that's after being trapped inside a freezer while the restaurant burned. it started shortly after 8:00
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yesterday morning. fire crews put out the flames when they heard a pounding noise coming from the restaurant's freezer. they couldn't get the door open so they had to pry it off. when they did they found the worker that had been locked inside for 45 minutes. this year many of the hundreds of teachers, administrators and aids may be laid off. tomorrow the district will send layout notices to 172 teachers. 139 administrator, and 108 aids. if the tax extensions proposed by governor brown are not improved, many could be converted to actual layoffs. they are considering a man on soliciting at san francisco inter-- they are considering a ban on soliciting at a san
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francisco international airport. a spokesman for the airport says free speech activities will be aloud -- allowed in designated areas. . >> let's go back to sal to check on traffic. >> good morning, pam and dave. traffic is moving along pretty well. you can see traffic there is backing up to about the middle of that parking lot for some of the cash lanes only. it's still light. there is a peculiar backup. you may want to get out there before that happens. also this morning we are looking at interstate 880. traffic moving well in both directions. driving south to hay war. if you are driving this morning out to the east shore freeway
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it looks pretty good. it looks like we had a new accident report. we will figure out with it is. let's two toasty. . >> sal we have partly chowy skies around. it's not as cold but it's still cold out there. clouds north ward today. more sun to the south. tomorrow partly to mostly sunny. we will have rain coming in on wednesday morning along with wind. this is a warmer pattern. it looks like the cold is departing us here for awhile as we go into march things are coming in from the west more. higher clouds. some light precipitation possible. probably staying north of fort bragg. 44 santa rosa. a lot of 30s here. 44 san francisco. still low to mid 30s.
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not the upper 20s or low 30s we saw. 36 at napa to start off. 50 at noon. 56 for a high tea. you can see that system continuing to just right there line itself up. it's drawing up moisture from down here. that will be the source of our rain as we head into tuesday night for some. more likely early wednesday morning. there is going to be a ramp up in the wind as well. today more clouds to the north. more sun to the south. mixed bag. cold lows. nothing compared to what we had 4 hours ago. highs today in the 50s. mid 50s for some. brentwood 50. close for fremont, pleasanton. increasing clouds on tuesday. rain wednesday morning. this will be a warmer or miler system. showers in the thursday. we get a break on friday.
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thank you, steve. this morning san francisco police are investigating the third shootings in two days near the mission district. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro is in san francisco on this weekend violence. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. it could be more than that. we have been in san francisco in these locations talking to people. the latest one happened late last night. police say a young man was sitting in the car on the south side of alabama when suspects shot at multiple times and drove away. no suspect or vehicle description in this one. police say it could be gang related. at 7:40 saturday night they town a man dead with gunshot
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winds. . we have video of all of these scenes including the memorial at 17th and mission. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. our time now 5:36. a proposal for a good will store in merkley was not sitting well with sop of the -- with some of the area shop owners there. >> reporter: good morning, there are concerns for people in the area. to give you a little background this is the neighborhood i grew up. i can tell you from my experience this really used to be a hub of activity. a lot of people used to come here. changing times and technology. the vhs store could not make it. you figure a new store coming in would be good news. some of the merchants are
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worried the good will will not be a good fit here. good will started the process of opening a store here and asked the city of berkeley for a youth permit. already business in the area are circulating an antigood will petition. they have sited concerns a good will store can bring more homeless people to the area. donations could leave the area in front of the store messy. they are looking to streamline their donation prospects. we have talked to one nearby business they told us that they would welcome any new business in the area and say it's better than having a vacant store front. we spoke to a neighbor saying she doesn't want a good will store in the area. this issue could come to a head if the permit is granted and there could be a public hearing on the meeting. for now we are live.
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hollywood's big night turned into a coronation fit for a king. >> the king's speech. also bad news for bay area leather lovers. good morning, southbound 101 traffic looks good so far in marin county. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, some coastal clouds. higher clouds. temperatures still in the 30s and 40s. we will end up with partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. >> thank you. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we following for you right now.
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this morning crews are getting ready to start installing the newest part of the bay bridge. they are going to lift into place the fourth set of self- anchored suspension towers. crews are expected to work around the clock until the towers are all set. secretary of state hillary clinton right there reaching across the table. she is in switzerland for a meeting of the u.n. human rights council. they are planning the next un response to the continuing violence in libya. that's where they are battling long-time leader gadhafi. the national transportation safety board hear willing with the first time pg&e has been questioned pubically about that deadly disaster. celebrities hit the red carpet last night. they are live in los angeles with a recap of the winners, the losers, and unexpected
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moments. good morning. >> reporter: not as many of the unexpected moments as we have seen in past years. it was a really fun night here in hollywood. every year there is a guessing game beforehand as to who will take home the biggest awards. this year the critics mostly got it right. >> the glits, the gap hour, the stars the 83rd annual rack awards were handed out in true style. they served as hosts. >> and i must say you look so beautiful and so hip. >> oh, thank you. you look very appealing to a younger demographic as well. >> reporter: early on the fight appeared to be a worthy con tenner-- contender. >> a room full of talented and inspirational people. what am i doing here? it's such an honor. >> reporter: natalie portman
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turned her performance in black swan into a gold. >> i truly wish the prize tonight was to work with fellow nominees. >> reporter: in the end it was the king's speech that rang supreme. taking home awards. >> i have a feeling my career has just peaked. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the film was later crowned with the top honor best picture. >> what an amazing year fulfillment to be with those other films in that category it's just incredible. >> reporter: and as far as the other films inception also a big winner bringing home four oscars. if there was a surprise last night it was the social network didn't rank in any big awards. it did take home three including the one for best musical score. reporting live back to you. time now 5:44.
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arkansas was hit with another earthquake. a 4.7 magnitude quake was hit late last night. there have been more than 750 quakes in that area. a result of ongoing gas exploration. no one has been hurt. no damage has been reported. also we can tell you an entire town in texas has been told to evacuate. wild fires are threatening hundreds of homes right now. 650 people live in the town of mad core. it cams after two wild fires joined in the town. it's hard to contain the flames. 20 homes have been destroyed. hundreds of pro union demonstrators in wisconsin are celebrating a victory. authorities have backed away from a threat to evict the
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protestors. now police say they won't face arrests as long as they continue to obey the law. the battle centers around the republican. governor scott walker says wisconsin is flat broke and he needs to take drastic action. time now 5:45. livermore police are searching for a man that robbed a denny's restaurant. it happened just off of interstate 580. the robber walked into the denny about 8:00 that night pointed a gun at the cashier and demanded money. no one was hurt. the cold weekend weather was bad news for farmers. people who like to get their food at farmers markets. most of the farmers still showed up at the san rafael market. organizers say farmers don't have enough produce to make it worth the drive in. george sanchez had to explain
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to customers that frost destroyed about 200 boxes of his roman and lettuce. >> people ask me why don't you have lettuce. what happened to the lettuce? it's too cold for the lettuce. >> it was not just lettuce that was damaged. farmers that have fruits and nut trees. that is on top of the problems caused by snow last november which damaged tons of kiwis. let's go back over to sal to check in on the rose. >> is that all? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> good morning, it's monday. i'm a little slow. traffic is moving along a little bit slow. it's strange to see these lanes here the closest ones to our camera slow. all the other ones are doing well. i'm not clear what is going on there. traffic at the bridge is not
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effected too much once you get on to the span. also this morning on the san mateo bridge it looks nice heading out to the high-rise. it's not too cold. you might see some frost. the roads are not effected. we haven't had any reports of black ice this morning. 580 westbound the traffic is effect by minor crash on 580 west. southbound 880 traffic is moving along okay heading down to union city. and then if you are driving in the south bay northbound 17 and also northbound 101 look look good. let's go to steve. we have partly cloudy skies. more clouds farther south. it's not as cold. we still have 30th. chilly cold morning. mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow including clouds. it will be a warmer system not coming down from the north. this will be more of a milder system. maybe we are saying goodbye to
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this cold pattern. it sure looks like it. it should be around 60-64. you can see the system. especially north say fort bragg. gilroy 33. then with a little bit more cloud cover. nevada and wood acre 38. usually it's the other way around. that's not the case this morning. a lot of 30s around. 30s and 40s. 38 hayward. so some chilly readings out there. one system will continue to line itself up to the north. it will draw in this moisture right there. it will lead into our tuesday night. possible more rain likely. for today partly sunny and cloudy. we are splitting the difference. a few more clouds to the north. a chilly cold start. 30s and 40s. a mix of sun and clouds at noon. 54 to 60 for today.
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60 antioch. 65 santa rosa as we head to the south we are looking for 50s and 60s. after wednesday we do see showers on thursday. and friday we get a break. it looks like we will see increasing clouds. pam and dave. time now 5:49 and today we are looking live. there is something out there in the bay. today is a beginning of the preparations for the 2013 america's cup in san francisco. i can see it right there. it's a little dark. last years winning yacht. usa 17 is making its way under the golden gate bridge as we speak on a cargo ship. we are looking at it. we are flying over right now. it's in pieces. it's just too tall to actually sail into the bridge. once it gets into its final spot we will be stored at pier 80 before it's ready to be on store. usa 17 won the national cup for
5:51 am
the oracle racing team. that victory allowed larry ellison to select san francisco to host the america's cup. >> we think that might be the cargo ship. we are watching the bay live to see. it's amazing it's so tall it can't fit under the golden gate bridge. san francisco based twitter is under talks for an investigatement opportunity. they are interested in taking a minority stake in twitter. the amount of money that are talking about would put the value of twitter at $4 billion. there is another report that jp morgan chase is interested in investigating in bazinga. he is serving 150 years for fraud. madoff told new york magazine the whole new regulatory reform is a joke.
5:52 am
he also expresses concern about how he is perceived about the public saying he's not a monster. the video game developers conference opens up moscow a little later today. as smart phone and tablet computers become more popular. those companies need game developers to make products for they devices. the skyrocketing price tag of that new zealand earthquake. the cost of the damage and helping survivors get back to work. a leader that got a little too cheery and ruined the game for her team.
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welcome back. $15billion that's how much last week'set quake in -- earthquake in new zealand almost end up -- will end up costing. 6.3 earthquake killed at least 148 people. it destroyed or damaged about third of the billings in christchurch. at least one charge will be filed against a texas woman who
5:56 am
ran a day care center where a fire killed three children. jest that tata will -- jessica tata will be charged with reckless endangerment. she left several preschoolers alone in the home when the fire started last week. four children died. two others are still in the hospital. she could face 2-10 years in prison. national football league could move one step forward to a lockout for the first time in years. now it's possible the nfl could shut out the players by the end of next week. a cheerleader at the university of louisville almost cost his basketball team a big win after pitt missed that layup louisville grabbed the rebound and took it for a slam
5:57 am
dunk. the cheerleader grabs the ball and throws it in the air. there was still time on the clock. less than one second. so the cardinals were assessed a technical foul. pittsburgh hit both free throws. the panthers had a chance to tie up the the game. louisville hung on for the win. that cheerleader got a chance to walk out alive. >> that would have been awful. let's check in with sal. how is traffic? >> traffic is doing okay so far if you are going to hit the road any time soon, you are getting in before the big crowd hits the road. 280 northbound looking nice. no problems on the way to cupertino. it looks pretty good all the way into san jose and 680 to 101. we are getting a little bit more of a crowd.
5:58 am
they don't turn the metering lights on for another 15 minutes or so. let's go back to dave and pam. more towering activity around the bay bridge this morning. yes, bringing in more new pieces for the bridge. will drivers be distracted during our commute? no good will toward good will in one bay area neighborhood wanting to protect its image. good morning, we have partly cloudy skies out there. temperatures inching upward. we'll have those in two minutes.
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if you are driving on the bay bridge this afternoon, you will notice activity alongside you. coming up we will tell you about the work plan on the bay bridge. three shootings in two days. san francisco police are investigating this. are there similarities here? is there a pattern? the morning news continues.


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