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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 12, 2016 2:07am-4:00am PST

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ll we t, it'seehree w ks now iountil d wa, an das theoways gr orsh tter,lshe polw grotetighr. bl repuonican dumald tra p has tw t o-poinvelead od r te.cruzth wiat is hethin ts poll'marginof . errorto ruday, ttimp cono nued te rais ti quesouons abhet whetuzr cr, bo carn in o nada trian amecan ermothli, is etogible be pr enesidt. 'shere g major.arrett s >> it'towrong t say i is a lesettttd maecer bt'ause is lu absoottely a's noted settlte
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boe. her>> or rep bter:e efortha lec argian lad relytivell sma-d miday cr inowd h newhiampsdore, nald umtrcop inntd ueanpl dtingoubts ou abcrt ted cuz'senitizship, gsayingerop vot rs willr endee thvefinal rdict. i >>ont's te of lhosee ittl ci des.sioni' rem su i tedris th tlledt ha hei'm g lpint,him ou a but im. ani meam, i . ani me's, he t got ao goe'nd hs go ft tot.ix i>> or rep cter:haruz sms did isse p'trumggs suonestis. av>> i hr e neveedbreath a obreathonf air pl this anet en wh n i was.sot a uze. citin.i' evve neeer btun nad.ralize as it wro the p ocessf inbebog rn m thatmeade .s a uze. citin. r >>r:eporte p a newowoll shs p trum cwith ainommand ig leadn ne shw hampthire win johchkasi, rc mao o rubicrand n uz ia vi tirtual r e fondseco.t bup'trummps ca a fears cruz ct viinory a iowd woulpucatalt m hid aheaewin nhi hampsre. bi ru ao islolso g okin hoveris ou sh alderrit chsts chriieo , wh rais tg ilinbyhim t jus four in pon ts ihanew irmpshe. y todao rubickattahred ce istionke
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n ourprext enesidnnt cae ot b onsomeo e whorsuppomts cmon co whre, ppo su gortsonun c, trol s who haalpersontrly con ibuted p to plannedooarenthd. esthe inare thnegs we ed to ve rerse. r >>r:eporteac on "fe e th ti narion" ch dstied efendehis rd reco.>> co marse himaslf hd sais i wa co a vanser rtivemeefor nr inew rs jeey. h sothere's g,e thinot i'm n go sing toy pend maltime tking ou abo t marcrubio. ep>> r corter:e hristiaionce sd he at donpled to anned ntparesohood, g methinhis gncampaien now dies. t, scot t rubioanoday ca celed rafundndiser ane to d.te afrri cticstt adacke his ig or pinallan,se raiey mon and sk ip -- ratherse raiey mon in ofstead tt a aendingat sene cledassifiin brieforg on n th a. kore m >>arajor gn rett ithe ne omwsro. jo mankr, tha you. on d thetiemocra, c sidethe po owlls shry hillaon clint and be srniersandean neck id neckn bo a th iowneand mpw hashire. na ncrdy coases hat the lonest at th. ow>> nus i jvet haif a dncferee th wiat senanor s.ders ep>> rr:ortela hilliry c nton rmnolyal tesak a aimr t he icrepublalan rivuts, b in wa ooterlwa, ioda, tohey, s fo
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prhis aloposr s fospnew ngendi. he>> t nre'sy o waouif yth do e ar etithmowic hpa to r y fo what ashe hpo prowised t thouinraisg ta xes.>> or rep tter:nghe cha e inco wurseo as 'm>> ill reainy go ng toyoeed urhe lp.>> or rep tter:bche nis/marllt po ow shnds sacoers omingstn fa in a iowan nd evefooutperrming to clinhen in tal generio electn.n rea theomatical witchup th tdonaldsarump, lenders ads in biowaoiy 13 pnts. n clintos leadby 8. m in a watchupd ith tecruz, nd saaders le 5s bynt poie s whil in cltrton bailsy 4. w >>vee haex an encellant chce wtoe in her iinowa.>> or rep ster:rsanded tolthe st s ate'eslargwst ner pape thatcl toins n'w netaatckons him sh heow sne's "anrvous d pa " nicky,hebut ng's doi the ac ex tt samehing. il >> wchl she hangeiner md and in jo m me ing akinhasure t t we gncan sianificratly thise e be
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l sociatysecuri? ou>> y t know,olhese pupls go , o they gdown. ep >> r oorter:e n "facthe ti nandon" sue ay, th fformer irst d ladylaownpboyed nth theumbersd ans trump' crecentntommes t abousbher hus and'liinfidetiesin 90 the 's. y >> they can saerwhatev they nt erre powo t.themth i 'sink itd a dealiend, bnd y alleemfor thle, but gt themo. ep >> r corter: llintonn eads ite laesr statso like routh calinaby 4 up tots0 poinou, thhegh s d enjoyelaa simir n lead iiowa no att th lon sg ago,cott. n >>orancy c tdes onpahe camign. y, nanc y thankou. to lday in aondon,m muslipr keacherornown f f his iery ti anrn-westens sermoon went trial. je andam chouchry is wiarged th uirecr ftingsior is. abelizpaeth hlmerhias ts. ep >> rr:ortehi on y s wa intoco t,urta bri bin'sknest-own di raiscal stlamiim clat ed iwas l altua sep. t >>nlhe oasy re son i'mg tandin reheod ts ay iusbecam e i'
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or rep cter:arhoudcey on ai prthsed 11e 9/ac hij akersnd r fos yeardehas cenounstd weern tsrigh f andomreeds. d >>wiown dthemcyocra!>> or rep ater: tfterishe r e of iisis14n 20da, chououry s ndedli ake sn alesmafefor li under ulisis re. ve >> e hrybodye as frefood, hi clot sng and.helter clurose yoan eyes ind imag e a et sociy. yohau n'vegot ust a ho e? 'sherer youe.hous doyou han't leve ecictrity, he fre'selree icectrity. ep >> rr:ortent evey,uall da chou lry'sreectuers in p son on and otline grr him aested.on e thehive of l,s triat he sawn dous with si to innest he ver ctdireecly redruit i forsis. re>> theo 's nrdreco e of mever yi sao ng tbrgo ad oad anto live t inamhe islteic sta. r >>r:eporte douid ye havto?st jusa by tying ahis ism muslist anate id itpls a ruace n de unarr shawia l i, isant icimplndit emeorsent?>> i no,n't isn t, i.fact>>
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mevernisnt desagre. b itveelieous ch'sdary mpcagnaig inntcoburid te to the amstrehu of ondredsonf brits wewho synt to fria toight.e onm of theddwas sihahartr, dah er formlyho caruds y'oscle ciassoate.he t wen sto iyria an 2014s nd i denow wiiely bel bved toe e th be man hehind tin mask isis' elatestonxecuti. video p >>e eopltaof briknin, haow tt yotoday izur cit ienshipdes unr ou .r feet or>> repnjter: audem choary fa n ces teinyears if jail teconvic td, butadhe broer qu iestionets whthher tiis brish kd craconown ru recwiiting ll sl fow the flow of oreignfi tghtersishat isen depn.ds o>> al liz p tmer indohe lon n ronewsonom tight.z, link thas. w nohnin tec tology,t he nex tigeneracaon of ayrs mab be le voto aosid mdet accints au rae federnl goves ment iop pra osing chnew te nologyre ongulatior far ckema, rsd an kr vis canavles e ha fmorerom
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ep>> rr:orte n the pewlyseropod ch tegynolobe to nd stainard all w nehiveescld solhein t. u.s rtexpey s saouit casld be vo reonlutiasary t seas beltand ai gsr ba. ce onal fin, izedruthe ille wl ll ca v forleehicve-to-e hicl iccommun oation, tr v2v,o be as phoved in ewer a frs yea. ur>> ol goao is tthsee is notech plogyn ut ie placooas sn osas pe.sibl r >>teeporecr: staref ry otr oranspontatiho ant fnyox. r >> ovearthe ye'vs wed e ha 33about at,000 fs alitie a yearon h ourayighws. t ifeche toghnoleny th cansu tubstiorte fan humgm judent an lpd heav us thoid crose s.ashewe nk thica we t n geucas m h as 0%an 8uc redtion. at th h's achuge .ange ep>> rr:orteth as epis denartmt t ofporansiortatatn animion s,show u v2vteses lochnogy si r milaifto w li tocaink rs ne acar eheh ot tr onoahe rd, al tlowinghe sm to hare rminfon atio slike apeednd di iorectven setiral a mes co send. i soe f thclvehivee secaral rs
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knuld lmow ainost tlstand y an rn wa t youowo sln. dow m it aayo ls abetoble k talto asinfrtutrucikre lope sttsligh, te g llindrthe hiveronow l g ti unlil a chght s.angev2 ilv bun ds onotech llogyike bl spind etot donecti and au c tomatig brakinadalred y foun e in mrd ceoelark fids. y dohiou think thes is tof type te gychnoloto cusmel rs wil pay for?>> a to n certai iextent think ilthey w wl, buteee'll s what futhe bturerings. e we'rinwork hg verywaard tord gi brin cng andinontinuavg to he re moor and mhoe of ttuse fea res t inehhe vicle. sewe'll te whatsuhe conmer de decis. or>> rep tter:uthe asto indury su tspporov the m2ve to v lotechnot gy, buarthere e some sw unanueered q, stionsdohow youpr caotect gars a hinst aackingndat wh a aboutt ll thaowdata n in bellg cobyected ve our er- tesmar.r cars k >>varis ven clea ir n moto city. kr isth, u.ank yo ne mmw recoonendatiwhs for en
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or>> rephyter: w? t>> it'hink ions patrizing. t adularwomen ble capae of un ndderstaating thim sometes we l alo have tngdo thiats th we're t noy craz babout,reut the's a lo erng-tnem befit. or>> rep fter:omor wanen 75 d r, oldere the n wasugot enoh en evidceke to ma a mm recotiendasoon, t,, scot the de wcisionstill rect on faors li omke a wisan's rgek and neral he .alth r. >> d l jonk,apoonk tha, youjo n.d anthe dtoocril wl be arinsweng ur yo qiouestns on our bofaceok ge paht riger afthe t asbroadct.e
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begh ribat ck.> >>watoday eell strpet snapd a -siloeang strk toas sracks d llie hein tt lass minutediof w e do 5was upch2 and ange. oibut pel slipw d belohe$32, t we locest sin00 th oe's anupversanply d the se arcond l cgestmeonsunar, chi, s isnglowi down. seour reeparch dt artmenustells 1 that a14,000nsmericalo have stei th ir jobsoin the h l patcin 15 20.>> ma> a woecn susp rted ofobbingje stwelry n ores ioufive serthn es statn was it courtlin aanta da toy. e th sfeds4-ay 2ldyear-oga abi ilke s mp iwothe man onsu
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tympg up e aloyeesgut ntnpoi an ngd takith more mian $4 n llio ewin jels. w kempaste arresayd frid. i the fbelsays ce l phons record e placather ac ecrh e ime.scen me sore stoer owns maare king
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exat's nt.> >>heit's tle miracmp of co oundre intest. ingrowteg in irestwen pol rbal no but rs winneus has pe hed th po jackn t to ameall-tior recd lynear5 $1.n.billio e thxtneng drawidn is weesday. jhere's derickauncan. or>> rep pter: alaying game reyou'el lik ly tomaose uny sod co teunrorpctdue,ivut bve ethn e sl stimmech of s anceecto bome
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wothe rld -->> yo do elu feky lucay tod? r >>teepor- r: -twhas llo miion lepeop h pertrour tyingsho ca in a on m.drea wwhat youldo ou d twithhe y?mone 'd>> iba prosably omve sr e fomymi fa nly andreo one eeally nds mthatmouch o ney, ss there'a t lod of goo tcausese o sharit th wi.>> or rep gter:inambly g mabe le ingal ad nevuta, ber pow ball t.isn' t soanhousavds have tr oeledver cathe rnlifooria br de bto uyti s,cketn evedicanaarans e adhesoing h ut gto ietonn he t ga me. e thrbpowehaall sos alvi proded sia bu bnesstooom ve concenien or skeshsaahi isys hes salav he letripd.>> pl peoyie bu sng poda,ctrodus, reciga.ttes t >>ighe bta misotke ltery wi s nner imakeeys thh. rus>> or rep ater:nettorchy miael ko zksnits y ha hbeen biredy a do lozen y ttererwinners ov the ecpast dade. s hes ay'sitot nnl ordy ha to bwin its ut it'o hard tt.keep i ow>> hy manheof te m arl stil iomillesnair? a >>f ll othem. ep>> r borter:01ut a 2y 2 studow
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up end kr banupt.ko zksnitmmy recoakends te ing thoj prd ecteaylump pf ment omore th 0 an $86iomillirn, h ing an un accoa tant, totax atndrney a ana fiadncial viser. r afte tall,dohey man't ke rematt bssesnoig etough e hid isthor f utunender.ri jenccka dus an, cbnenews, w .york> >>thand tat'serhe "ovnight ws neth" for ueis t.sday sofor yome of nu, theews co s.ntinuer fo, othersbacheck h ck witus a li lttle faterheor tni morng ne ndws aco of , urse t"cbshis inmorng." hefrom tca broadtest cenewr in n ityork c sy, i'm pcotty.elle
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>> th> this is oe "cbshtvernig ws ne." w >>meelcoth to vee "ohtrnig ws ne."i' dom hln daer. e thuttribrees awi grong in coall s rner gof theftlobe aer th h e deatk of rocndstar a tr teendsetd r davibowie.he d dieaysund a afteronn 18-mth b longwiattle ceth caninr, endg da fivecaecade treerhat an spmuned fsic, silm,geta and sh faion. ns fa c litesandl l andeft erflowtss ouhiide mes hone in w rk yoy. cit an heotmer moalrias wro gngwi ou e tsidanpa antrtmeld buiining inberlre whee hnc oe velid. so al inon ldon,he wreie bow was a o her toil ms,lionlu inc ding
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en >> g aius isern ov wusedord. ibutnk thi mullsicay, ea crlytive,rt acaisti dlly, avid e bowia was mer somyone , agerohe pd videa tlot ofndhe souk tracy of m ve lioms fr the firste tim i d hear"space oy"dditwa to intchg r outh asleteea appro tthe instra "s of."heroes r >>r:eporte t bowie69urned la rist f tday,amhe shee day edreleasin his fumal albk "blacst war,"s hich icknow roupeting e tharpop chts. ck "bla star" ishe top tel sling onalbum nei-tus. and 's2002 he"tt besieof bow" n isr umbetwo. rk mall philoips baoks n ck ohis li ndfe aar reme kablercare.>> or rep fter: mor anoan korwn fso y manesimagis, thl wilhebe t st la e andinndure g onavof did bo twie,nehe om frolahis test m albuedreleasfr last n iday os
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up look i here,he'm in aven 'v igoe sct s aratthan c b'te ense ep>> rr:orte d thebeeathd erimagd y ancslyrime see d tosu t ggesothe ny onl wknewhat cowas , mingurhe thined ats deh to in l hisarast ictistnt eve. l upook e, her, manini'm ngdaer >> ep ror ater:hind ty s mahebe tfi imrst ofage ie bowy man errememb. un grontd cotorol t majorom wa his a s ercarepe that ople t firsn begaicto not ie backn 69 19 p, whenweeople eire bng nd lan ed omothe on. tothat sppbued, t wiboe co uentind. t 'shereta a s wrmanngaiti r >>teepore r: h'tdidnt jusre e leass,songbe he tcamehe pe
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y ziggdustarn st i'7the 0s. trehe a'srm statian wain ng i skthe y an jud not hest tgs son , of se court , buevthe haer-cg nginlo to he hald c rrliebaose n ck i19 bo98, wawie was alboys aut tmorejuhan hest t. music d >>u o yok thinllyou'kn be own fi asrst u a m?zigs>> i no,d finidthe f ea onghavi ayto st thaa i'm cimusin an i y anisway em an asbarrt smento beme, e causn'i doalt rely evbelithe at.i ysalwat fel wthati hat s do i us i sie mur c foaymy w ofex sipreson.i t don'evbelim e i' very mpaccoedlishit at . r >>teeporthr: owiers ll di e wiverein hntedlfimsehe as we lont "with" famerohe b wughthehat ca pllediclastl sou aaste whi it brarish ttist to soulrain.>> p> seanysenn sas he hano et regrt s aboutehis inn ractio thwioa jinqul eapchzmo guan.e
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sturnalihe says n's gotothing h pennerad intedviewch el inapo r.octobe andan mexicut atihorides sai at thng meetipe heladd les to hica the e arrteffor s unde way to adextrelite po chath to ite unedst orates f, trial cbut itould ke tar. a yea bmanuelezojorquts is oue ide this prheon we're hg s beinheld, e th psamen risosche e fapedrom in july.>> te repororr: acc tdingu.o a fow ent rcemencesour, xi mecanho autesritiry wor el ch woapo uldbe bri his wayo t ot anhersc eapem frohi tsso prin be hindme. st juay a dft aiser h rearst, a li"rolstng one" alerticas w edpostta degilin aec sret me g etin awith sctorpeean nn. an sen pen hsaidree ago ed tlet el r chapoieevthw tie arcle fo bengre beish publiuted b the ug drdi lord asd not ank for y ch anges. p this wictureenas takoo as prf he of tt secreinmeettwg beeen e themacadd y awar awinnernd a c drugkiartel ngpin. a inhy lengtng rolline sto clartieae, s sn penn maid heet wi
2:31 am
min the jexicanungle.he ib descr aes himols unapogetican asd he hpu indistable ar chsaisma, - ying - m>> howrouch hesein he nds ar toundldhe worud, incle ing th it un sedtetamas, is g.ddenin r >>r:eporteen psan tysy het mer fon seveanhours tad ate cos atpi a abcnic tle. a theyeegrtod on recneve eightys da f lateroror a f mal rv inteiew. t bucamexiorn authraities ided hthatutideo srtho alyerftt tha in meetthg and tee inwarview s ca .nceledin d steaeeof m ating igainn rs pepeon, ennn shat el cpo es qus tione that heranswed on ra cameth with oe helpanf reinterpter. it r's a tealitydrhat ugs st de croy elayhapo ss in sp h anisngduri p oneofart thevi deo.wh grere i tew up, whereoas not y her waerand thile stisl t n' waa sy me 17esinutfo of e otagwas
2:32 am
l deilcastlo. ean arre ged thwnsit-do n betweendpenn aru the d.g lord ga she l ined es chapo'ioattentn an apd perhtrs his enust wh she d tweete iat him, n 2012g writin lii beoreve me in eapl cho zm guhaan t tn inovhe gtsernmen hthatthide tre nxicaut arihotieses arrelted ch onapo da friy. th ayey sin he llitiaedy fl th h rougsethe sywer astem afterde hoadly sotout. w hereas appedhenda in stolen ne car ar the rtoutski osfto wn. rdacco aing to u.s. law rc enfosoement purce, woliceere ed tippy off ber int pceptedhone s callnnand peit's vis.>> c the oapturehaf el cpo is in she ing thghspotli tt onhe s actreselkate dll castio. e sh a hasck kna oftr poraying n mexicaorunderwurld figes. ha el c apo wastlpparene y onof bi her frggest iends.>> m youhaust vve aery be fuautifel li. an >> micy amerowans kn that katel delocastil -- on >> der't inte.rupt m's itmp iitole.
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anme w tt to throws.hing>> as -- ic a mexrian c bmeoss. ex >> n ht timemeire sothone at do t esn'orwork fd me anisn't l stilatmad f youator r htingim out. t >>eawo yatrs lsher, are stred ruas a d ig lord qn "thef ueen o e thh.sout"jo lssisynn m theinanagg it edor. w>> iou sld tayt has she'kind of th like ife jennreer lawnce ofxi meco.e shwnis knoei for b sng ag,tronpo lwerfulwoatina man. n >> a ountspokedv aocatein agasthu man cktraffining, i 2012 she fo nesed a open letter on tw itter, urgingch el oapo t burnal l those ewhor hsousehe w re me woen arth wor lessn tha a pack of ciesgarett,in addu g yod woul hebe toe her hs ofs.eroe at thgh cauelt ha c'spott atienonan e d thretwo edportegly ban mm coatunicafing tethr patost. ca del wstillo tants ao make vi mot e abouhael cifpo's le, ng arrae ing thrvintewiiew th se enan pn.
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
ssr ruian g iuiden risya, ma gjoralenergo ir nakakoshanv, isef chike spo fsmanheor t ni mistryf o dee.fens er ov the pourevis 4 hours,e h id sa, 320ur fsther and 34 mo arehred vsicleer we destroyed. de inenpendt moronitingup gros to s ld usome oef thne plas we w sangtaki d offomid bbs isi ta s,rget but mostbe bomord me diimmeateea thro ts tthe assad meregiro, gupse likthe u. acs.-bfrked seenyria aanrmy dth rie syrman aal of da ene geral wn'ouldelt tsl uow h ny ma ps laneare fglyin minsssio, t buicameranil myitar sesourc y sa the ranussiavs he 36 feright an planes, d 1 liheercopts. ruthe nssia marilitysy say the ve hawn flo mthore an5,000 iesorts,tl mosy from ,herece sin idpres pent outinedrder the mb bocaing gnmpaise in beptemr.
3:35 am
iarussth in ntis interveion? ra >> tnslator:he tn maitask is to orreste shotateod ins thi re ,gion snyria stooatehd. r >>teeporhir: t ts ishe ch rmaian t ofhean russi rl pantiameen's defse itcomme.te ashe wol invinved p theinlann g of s then nie uatted stes isus foced pr yimariln oef deating isis, andru eessia shams to thve oer pr esioriti sinupportg the assad re ndgime ael hping the assad gi reigme ftsht ine e.miesan atd thee soms te takri pyorit overin fightg .isis>> ns trar:latoyo if utu c off th e ,head g youetch aos. sthere' chaosn i a,libyos cha nt esseiainlly aq ir. lf ha c theryount isnd uer ed th head waspp choed off e,ther s youee? so ifou yan wt too sbb stu ornlymo reheve tde lears of a,syri
3:36 am
i'm justri wondeng ifou y evbeliate thad ass has a role in futhe oturerif sya?>> la transhetor: tem probls i at the' hoss ltom se of his au itthory. pethe oplehe tvemselst mus gu fiutre o inle ensctio who to afollowownd h b touildhe tir wlives,ashich h been se esiantlliny run ed ia.syri r >>teeporr:d ruinen iar lge part byre psidentas sad's own rymilita. g we sot theense thedm a iirals no tra czyut abo the snyria es prt,iden h whoasro dppedbs bom on hiswn o ire admal a used daterogory ttermeso decrib saasd,he tn ke asatd thno we pet ret at ion tv .>> ns trar:lato k we wnowhy the si oppotion was formed. asit wor femed du tohe t esmistakth of ese profident hisyria mself.>> or rep wter: thenheyau ldnche is this m ision nptser,embe the iaruss sns iaidult wode b te y.mporarte afhsr montmo of allyst dai bo imbing,sisnd a the other in tsurgen groupse havel bar y
3:37 am
th .hold r andussia hased adde mors plane andan exptoded otheres base her yrin sia. mithe n ssion'doeslot ok so or tempymary anore. did raussi ovtieresmate the r powe sof thearyrian my? t >>larans wtor:vee han bee lf fungilli our oatbligions to ri syda an we will go on fu lilfilthng em. idpres aentssaddn shoul't rest is on h s.laurel he t needsko wor on hisy arm and raise its lemorand, af i ce ney,ssar t lead ahermy el himsf. heee nods t unite his rcfoes, ic whreh a scaedtter like fi t ey musbehe clincntd io a . fist if c youeaan't bemt th,le at ast u yogican ve tmhe a black e.ey ep >> rr:ortes it wa thesi rusanswh ao got b elackyen whe one of ei thrpl war wanesas shot down thand eot pilil kled by the tu h rkisfoair inrce e lat mbnoveer. at then incidt mavay h beeen why we
3:38 am
ur houts sofh o talakia. is th is thesi rusan vyna'snl oy hofootnld i m theereditanrane. ld hooning o tthis base seems to nebe oea rprson enesidtin put in mata ainedsnd i etiscorisng h su t pporofha basr al is y,da our dnaesti wtionas he "t scmoow," ade guidru ciser .shipth roey b uughts aboard and did yt ever shing ohortf fgirin off a il misseme to dteonstraa' russi s va nat.l migh "themo"scow isor nymall the fl ipagsh ofhe tla beack s now has aew nss miion.wh en i see allf o isth, it jus nd woer a whooure y fingghti? disis'toesne havcaany lipabity ke lis. thi t >>larans ttor:heer genalol td t ushe 'sshipn maiis msion is tonot ht fig orterr.ists te afrke tury shot down the
3:39 am
was asreedsign toro pvide ti ancr-airdeaft e.fens asit wpo sup tsedo be a war ai agnsts isi andsl iamic rr tem,oris is a sjuign owst h licompd cate tthisraempory mi n ssiobehas .come>> si rusaas hbe to ko recned , withhwhic hasee bn n'putis go llal a alonghr ttoughou the 15 ar yefs ois h erleadship. ep>> rr:orteia marip lmans i a po calitiall anyst in owmosc o,ne heof t i fewenndepdentce vois ll witoing ub pyliclti cri cizepr enesidtut pin. >>in seeg ssruia,e wagng thi at steth of te ar marility atoperion in verymp intorta gi reon,e mad thesi rusansee fl pr ofoud thbeis, inginngit wh anthe tinexaf on oimcrea.>> sos thi isri plymari not ab
3:40 am
ofrs cou ie itlss ao about sy ria,ut bon i dhi't thenk t go -al -he tma prioary gs l wato st heop t. war nki thi theri pmary gs oal wa ss rutaia's sn ture irlthe wod.>> or rep wter:ean wted tono kw wh heat tyug thofht o ra'ussis hewar re in kilata aa,e hom to ab 2out li milon pe.ople ithiss assad eho spske loodl ful andif le em seored nasmal ro we hrde tough wn to. w we'terenll a oowedff the bus for syecurit reasons,ur o ru ssianin mder idsa. eainstyd, thek tooous t a gerefuep cam at the tyci's or sptspl comex. e whilrehunddsou of thsands of an syri fs have tledo eeuropm froe th bombs andta brulity of pr enesidtad assnd ais h neoppo tnts,sihe rusanste wand to w shoop us pele thatav hele fd
3:41 am
e thesabare 5out,000 of the ll mi oionsfef rs ugeefrom t hisci wavil heid tts ten f, wendouhi ts e's beener hehr tee years raftele feing epalpo with her da erught andan grlddchiren. at wh h wasniappenng ial eppo th adat me c youomee her tos thi ca mp?"t dheyoyestr oedur s,homee" sh tolds. u e sh hsaideron sas w kd.ille u yo elostthverying?sh ed tols u she dtidn'no kw who s wa rnsespoible forhe tre barl sbombpp drom ed froana plate th de yestror d hee.housbu art brelbs bomre a aig srenatuwe oapone f thd youop heo t goe hom aiagn? "godllwi"ing, she ole td us she ftel safe here hein t vegontrnme-run camp and sh s e waefgrato ul tthean russis r fopi out y >>anou c ch tooseveo moel fre moe freaultr trhas -aiplen ctioorsuppt fo urr yont jois, rt cae ilagboand nes in t oney inllpi.
3:42 am
yo get e ur movon. d anynow tr ve more fghe nit. fi the d rst an-ionly 2n-1 anjoint p d sleemesupplent. or>> impestant msage sifor reagdents te 50.o 85 dowrite s wn thi nnumberow. noright w, apeopleeire recving fthisinree ioformatn kit gufor edaranteta accepnce nslife iuranceth wie a rathrlock toughe thalcolonipr penn ogram.if a youa re on infixed come,ar leoun abfot afrdable olwh ie lifecensuran uathat gs ranteeatyour reca r n neveeaincrsefo y r an.reason y if nou dideiot recve nfyour ionormati,ca s ll thi nnumberow. ccyour ae eptancrais guanteed,th wial no hestth que.ions d stanleby to rearn mo.>> a i'meblex trek, t here yo tellutou abo po a lipular urfe inslaance pnth wie a ratlockth ksat locur in yo ratefo r lifeso n it cainnever .creased digeyou t reyour frme infokiation t?if , notseplea callis thbe numr thor affe dablhrplan toughth loe coennial pran progm
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3:44 am
.o..her inadoug r t fonithe ght. mo setion pnse,ctrotetoion keepyomou ngvi. grdeee w, it lon'touet yn. dow er thmoe's ..ving .an erd the'vis mong wi ovth meee frra ult. h itrias tacple- stionrtuppo fo urr yont jois, ilcartanage ned bos. d ankeunli b theig o-ostelebi fllx pis, it i's alltin one l.ny pil mo e ve freultra. t ge myour.ove on th ede falerer govtnmen wants rm caeraktos si degnnd ans illta new tolechn togyoel hpp sto ac s.cident vkrislean creave s port tfromheno rthri ameincan atternl iona autow sho in oidetrt. r >>teeporr: vee-hiclehto-v icleco icmmunn atiois gndesied to cthisar cank tal tos thiar c an ryd eveth o cerar on theoa rd lemultip a times cosend, ti alerng ave drir to age danr he
3:45 am
e equithing e trcouny'ss car and kstruch wit-csodalle vv2 uncommnsicatio will allow ve thicleso e seeheach otr and rn wate of pol ntiaerdang.>> g ouroal iso t t seehis te lochnoutgy ppl in asace oo s n p asblossie. nowe kwha ttt i has the pa catybili to huselp davoi deaccisntp u to 80% ofra c shes da tooiy avbeded e causs of thi lotechnogy.>> or rep iter:n 2014, moren tha 0032,0 ,6 32eo00 pdiple n ed os.road weare ki talng 2020, ,2040he wn do ee you sre the e'snough clvehines o the roadt tha isv2v
3:46 am
ink thi ylou'lee smm i ediate pa im tcts s hese senha tts car th wi tshi cilapab wity bille le ab h toaveom se ofhe t syafet ncenhaingtu fearesht rig .away ep>> rr:orte v2vse uchs tegynolosi r milai-to ll athows are c toar wn a iv drefer bore cinhangang lesr o ab aout hdazar d.ahea real sadyomear cs comeh wit d blinspotec dettionnd a to aucmati akbring. ayit mo als blee ab to iccommunwiate nfth ictrastru ure, s liketop gnsis. ejamima kitn ishe t y nework re buhiau coref fom auteobil zimagane.he gr aees 'sit feliav-sing notech blogyutve belieits l be anu mberf obeyears foress iues aclike hkindng a pcyriva are dr add.esse>> ou y g are toingo bera tcked li
3:47 am
at g hasood heen tre'she tss iuemo that st t ofathe da being cctolleedy b pr eivat rpcoiooratns.>> or rep tter: aheutond i ustry isec expted toup sport this gu re.lationea strly coat estime es hav it at
3:48 am
at'sxp eteecd>> >eo lonard deiocapr was a big er winn at t ghedeolgln obes ar aw.ds ep>> rr:orte s theagaad me hsmont ofis punhing lioocatn tishoollng ath worewhilor f the di ctreor andarst. i >> e wasedxcitut abo going on jthisou wrneyiths thi manig rht he anre, ds this i taype ofm fil atthou yon w s'teeom cginut of o e th hwoollyoddi stuoys svetem ryof f. ait's m -ajor- 'sitn a epic art lm fi. ou>> yd nee are gatar ptner to j doeyourn like .thisit 's stalmou, yokn ow, to climb
3:49 am
hn'tthave e right rtpaner, u yol wil e.di>> at mt damon. r >>teepornor: a btherig erwinn, "theiamartn" andat mt modan. en wh he riarved, head h tol tel risecuhaty t htste lois h ig or inalrisecuty. i >>ov late th yeou'rar cgryin yourcktiet. i >>ri pntedhi tous t. sthey waidhere yeou'r cktiet? sa i idus i mvet haef lt iitn e 'm iol hngdi on to it for dear li .fe >>y ladag ga ri"amecanor hror or sty "hotel. ep>> rr:ortey lad gaga pdrove he f rselas a meostwe tets ovleral went to agagaernd hak breugthroash an ac s.tres w>> ianto tshowou yom sngethi yo u'll joeny.>> or rep wter:dohat hies ts ntmomel feelike? >> it'sen momts likeha ttt tha i'mat cteapuld back m toy ap enartm nt inorew yhek w hn iadju st a kareybondd atr matess on flthe oornd a r ibeememrki worng ethres jobpa to fyorem d aosnd ogo t
3:50 am
>> rteeporr:s lot ofs eye on nn je liferncawree a andmy hu scmer. s >>he ,saidt shu up j,ust go. t buils aaco blked t.ou r >>teeporr: ifjenner, yould wou w beise tkeo taue a c frome kat lewinst. 'v>> ieee bnct aingor f 23 ar yes. i' om anldy. ladi ee nd geslass to drivey m car, thand ese mtsomenn mea are gat de al. >> ve einrythgot i g isov med on.>> or rep tter:hege bigst cheer ofhe t night eedrupt when tesylvesrll sta woneon for ed"cre." aihe send wh he's inwritg,e h lk ta hs toosis mtou fams ar chr.acte>> or befue yo know it,'r youe ha tving -hisnd- an eveho tugh e thor majofity its iy, sill st jut tha muchom cutes o of it an d you ango, thk you,ha tnk youso . much t
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so for me ofyou, thes new co her ot crs,heckk bac wusith ali ttleer lator f theor mning ne ws andbs"c this mog.rnin"om frro the b cadcastr enteewin nyo y,rk citon i'm dr. dahle 's it tuy.esdaja y nuar,12 20.16 es prt idenaobames givis h final to t.nighit il w al beh puso t elect a crdemonat i .2016in tsideaihe rdt tha bhtroug wndo d agru lord.
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