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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm PST

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aredrest otun sarday and ddenie ianyvenvoltmen t inhise, cas he dieie dendin havg a gunr o ivdringhe tre. dheiday s w heasru dnknd a ghnit,ha tit nghtff osicer say he t cut hesliveho srt ofwo t best fderiend. lime mssazendonda ani jenfer chsicae wer the best ofri fsend nfromerorthn coralif.nia ozmenda'she motr saiden j's ner ersistas c tmeoo her door on idfr nay aightnd said her ghdauter hadn beele kild. >> ita srtedcr sngeamior fy m nso ande h came rngunni. dan twehen wereus jtll a ycring. no way. no. >> reporter: according to lipoce, a fhtigro bke out bentwee twoen m athe tla pnet hooollywd, idinclu jngared sojackn. ofrsfice say this was this man, th catedhas downhe t trio's car andne opeird feli kilngh bot enwom ander slyiousur injing ksjacon. w >> then hhisneappehed, wn i
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mofyau drghte w has wer shenhe was a baby, with her big, big eyes and her, big bigle smi. >>rrepo ater:nec infustio smeilhe sha sdeha sredit wher h be fstdsrien. they w27ere rs yea old. el>> m wissa tashe m lostloya onpers you wouldr evete wanod t havewn kno. ytever whingasu abotp. fea if youon ctetracard ptf or he mifa sly,ohe wuldo gnot t tohe end of thear eorth f you. >> or rep ster:he was the god chi toni jen'sferld chiren. theo trii arrved in townn o urth nsday aighternd wen i tnow rfo a gduraioatn ceremony. the event was fridayig th deytidn'e makt. he>> sn' didlet sep in her. bed gsheotre the,k too awe eythadost wen tand whey a out p atthm it. r >>teeporenr: jrnifeca chiass w are sec ataryar min htaospinl i ngreey, ba coralifnia.
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forjeas eei htinfechaugtari sunny, cheerful disposition. her giggle lets youno kwre whe eshs. i >> an i wto tee sus j tice mfory daerught and mthy oer dteaughr. esh wasa dteaughr fromn arothe mor.the >> or rep tter:ivwo l otanr hearne tlyenaknd ae m ndbehijaes foe r thermotht leficto pa e thespiece , sh tsaidllhe aeged ki dlleroyestre lif ohve lo and ltoyaly. isthil stl a very avecti stinveioigatn. tedeesctiv s aretillki loo fngor 20the d15 garkrayol cored mrcay. yif houave imanfor, tion ayoure urtked alo cl2 peie casrg ualo cdo y po.lice u ndfusi-raiebng wssitee havn bee sep t uouou wikld lan h tosi d antedonalp, heh witnoer fun nsexpeyoes, anu c ttsi 3lnewsm,v.cog serviio ala,. a
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of tzroriid oomano, fr.iday cepoli p say g, lertmashern emle pnd auyshleck stor, nwomain agaerl. wil to sday'sheefea ldrnee' wve eal ornedfne o thecc aused cl taimseo b p oartf ate whi suacpremist.ork at relsiveld tonn anshd ateck stoav h a child together. police s tayehic vmtias wvi dnkidappem froereaut nr eych aenneamnd cl pbel hander igneshbort jusnt wa v theniole toto sr ha>> wr teve dhe's woingnte wa onto ge. dwe won't tant ahatdroune. her ni waot tl feees.afe >> gh neisbore arin hopheg tse rethes arril wngriyormc kbac to nlcormacky ba tolasecuhe t uncomm >> mo> to, rrowevbe nada reicpubltaans heke tlair pnce i nthenatiopoal shttligh wit the ca.ucus >> ad nevs a i fthe itatesto thste wewe to inigh t offhe nnruing. saitme wheh t datocras l week. jeilff g hlaneas braen tgckin daandi.tes atheyvell oowr tn. t >>'shatht rig
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p'trumusaucose. theal reht figld coue b for cosendla pce,et bweenur tsnd a omarcn z cru arc ma atwhen doz c ted truz ahinkbout that? be ererde heaa or n th, wcruz intells thi ce votm tormowroil wlou ct.n i>>a wnt tosk ary eve onef o youo tri bnge ninth oeoer pple wiou. yoavu h he 30soura a d finestae nin rothemupl peoe. r >>teeporfr: i b youhuy tno llpoums trs p haoua ddible- ileadeang hs 9h t uccaus. cruzai sdhe tidy sahe te sam inthng iow ia. nd>> a s weaw hriistocur tt.nou we ended upot n wnginni n,ot juyst b aig b mnargi butrn eaing mocondot vhaes ty n anear uscauc. ep>> rr:ortewo he itn wis evliange verot vs,ueal p tevors. pe loplethike anis m. ywhorrgz cruen
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r >>teeporthr: rae b ksslenuck oarendut a c arges fl ying t glaac re,. >> tand mhisinorng i ask for tickle ryer'sig ep>> rr:ortez, cruni cans mmcoatunicec dir f seinndgut o aid veoha ttla cimed blbie. i >>ur'm sehe trore pbeo pple thryat to ty aanak marcaol paiticl scmi whief iithdimiut bre the is onreas wohy dnaldmp trucr o marco rubigeengav^den io ntle plessnaersokttacs. eyth't donnt wa toef dendir the rkwos. >> or rep: terptrumys saz cru lies. ubrio says cruz ffllip-ops. crayuz sa gi fudheng t tiposi >> h botwhmen ouen ynt poi to threeir ,cordy thet juse scran liuar lir. lia >> or rep tter:roomort w ilwil be in theot ver's hsand to weigh in no a rliepubcan race thatas h eddefiet eck.
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teinwrvie at nd>> a w aseid das lt sdaatury, aweare hove yuov cfoed trhe blrepus icanov-- c ered tforhema ubrepnslica. e>> wl wile havpl come vecoor tom arow ouewr crlls wi c beriovellng av d leans. tae r0, 7:3ep wherebeill osre s aalpecipnos re oporten th.tcu caue's, wall htu a n ss 3alpecipo re alas:0 90 tonw c. it a's day wherer haiay spr lsimpsy i notug enoh. o,>> n n you teedra ext*nra ext aextrgulod. hols. m 'sit c dmingnngalmin dow trigh be u abo rswoe. soal gettein kev >> h youece hav hor t conenceritd wh that.esac eth v las vegaseyalla n udinclleh witmeficith i wat adsoviesri. wel'lav h seontr wgtronlm aeastound sfth on, towt* cld esea pu f a emus goup ars n 50es milho an heur tre. busn towlwe'l g seet ouar0 nd 4smileur hoe datoey, wnd t got the -m40anile-r-houhr tldesho.
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wi hndsave redelax forhoumbro nw. eyth c aregominal deac bk. w te'lllyxact m yhenou ncaec exphet tom te make sur yourns plaom tw orroand al ful lookt aou yr fasorectht wi a ldwier allokutloto 'sitin com ig up mn ateinu. we w now knoe the namheof ts se h woelajho w wodypoou fnnd ir thaue lyndr ctte a m v ho coacgrdinidomic veinatstig 2ors,ar6-ye-oldly calle dimerona b bwn'swaody uns fod styey erdainmorng. owbr fn is cromusitrgh heits, carnlifoia. well stin' donot kfw i na wo arkedhet ttngtayi e therawas st gueo e thrykeer h nerotas nfi con shhow ede di. laretives with the d are cooperating with theen veinigstioatn. >> ne> aw 6t0,:0errivcayac f gecharors fsh crao intm ea58-yldr-oyc bic alistnd likilimng he ydastery. eyth t saya ve drico acoa mu wades uner thlu infe enchat t .time thrili cycpntesn o cerant. sse ro payrkwar nea ta innr o tamphe i15en honders.
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wjailmoith re. r >>teeporher: tve drionr t inbehard bgacintrplulti y archges. thdot mos-enio serneus o duiin >> w itaas ge traordy fe sur atthpe hap oneduter he. ep>> rr:orteke lier a pfect st aorm, cstyclind ahmlah tv a erdrivh bot riing hen t m.a. coacg rdinheto tad nevahw higay trpaol,k marbe oyermear ws ivdringis thcotar polndis aeedrasheq_ toinl karerfredvaick wynderk atth r wasgidins thiyc bicle arnen stnterate 15. ervand dwykoied hn tene sce. t'>> i ls alaure tlerhanur yo rmnoalua qdpora. atv >> or rep tter:rehis d tireometrab ceoffiwnrs oras a hizor fmsel saand e'id weell se mor t ofehes rooff-ehad vesiclal royadwass apl peoete gelmuer p.mitsren he>> thise t- re -ythe are wepo.rful atheyreig be, thry aeap cable of causing injury just le ikweesr w.saqu
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ivdring hisnr ustegiered antv o aus sndpeedic l.ense >> s hednhoulav't heee bn drgivinth any oingute hre. >> or rep hter:aye shes tes dgi bugr e ar sonlyseuppo bd toive dr eron c rtain.oadsnos s >> rtate aoadsxere efrmpt osthice presra pe rest. as iste stad. roa >> or rep tter:nvhe igaestition res vealmeoberhiyer ndt vakerwy bfromd ehinthand isen h atv ro olledver. y >>avou h de to arivectnd a t.smar 'sthatre whe b thedoreak iwnle whomen s oeonetepera os itdeutsi heof tim pers eterasit wnt mea for. r >>teeporer: hd sai l atv yans oarer ctori d t ha bven eeutcausiond aol fwlo s.ruledo h >>ulopefeoly pwiple eall lr omfrs, thirn leamo to rnito sethem, lves ofindheut ts law aandpeor acclydingto r >>teeporver: oerrmey is sculhedssopp aoun c rrtomo mg.nin w you louldtoike veh^cuea lhern tlo, leru os ofoaff-rhid veui ntolvews3..comr weha'll lve afoink ur yo e.ther rtrepoliing fave, tima
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trcaffi o now mn ay.ondasv m toeyhawlli is nve i sky ngflyir ovespthe ttagheowi ba ep>> rr:ortes thia is f -- fofe, w lheke ttdsinath ethin w hdseav ddieow dn. 'sit cm. tontids roaema ve we'unahen beo lgkin ar found atiden nogthin snghowi te.her ooit lksht ligern thaal usue her on the. 95 'sthatn runing fromot bantom d th te ooprouee scrn. ketaoo a lffk o t to fcosas et, arbe w ihiletumbe makreen lom s stadjus.ment llwe' t doighe b z ioomn here adand hed tbl douer andn thewe vehao to gwn do ait ltlet. bi isths ianenrd awani-winoong m rise. somemetit's is a lyovel pepersectivk loo oingver velas gas. v >> neryice. >> e> th manus accfed oi rapnga anwom megas vas ghnilut cab hun beecdaar clefed o archsge. >> e' wwho you the voideh tat was pyelaatd theri talat th lpheed theur jorsea rach vet.rdic
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va tlleyro t tyo coontr tlhe stray alnima patopulion. e wher cyouant ge yrou pet edspayt neu eredree. >> ne> dwaietlsom fr theelrbe tishooprng sn ee iigmichan.
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erdriv t andm.icti >> w > ne:0at 6 c0, aoralifnia masn ick ba home thonig atfter gbeinit aqued ofin rapg a -- itacqu otedfap ring aom wtan a het. mgm th5-e 2-oyear mldasan wcc aused ofid kpinapngap ring oomf wan acbk i 2n013. utb a jsury' vdier lctet him go. ne'sws 3is denose rch ise liv oue tsidheof tel hotd an the man ldto tu thisxp encerieae hs alrelyha cngedim h.
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he's hanesitt t torust ae.nyon haye sas whapt hdpenee her at the mgm wasse conalnsu. uyohne ttu ething mbreonand g thin mthatavay hlpe heased cl s wasuthe llrvei iancee nsidthe video. thdee vihoo seews ln zhadg an a unyoog w wmaninalkang hand thhrougo.asin taes timhe, stu ssmblend ale e dan histt ayornesdm aithe sas w k.drun but tla-2 nowar5-yeaian sex heo's npo.ap r >> y the tcame lo mer ehe s i l was hike >> or rep hter:aie sisd hht nig owin tr n foiea frnd's grtiadua hon,ete m tayso eo w roth^deut mincquaestanc as theht nigclubid insee th. mgm teafrelmci danthng, aeyeere suj lkwa uingop ter j's leeovan wom. esh testified what happened next swano aausst.l tbuft al a-w twoeek t,rialhe t juory teok lhass tnn a hour to
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hisor attneysle cald thero met cepolies invtitigaonpp sloy. e>> hg doded aul blet. r >>teeporuer: g istsnea nrby omroes nver ler inteviewhed, t asay,ulthos abhe t welaim wshemicrea etherls's ahio tro eic p oturelad lehae's tands thken ye da\l he tp geallecid in.dent >> yo if reu at bea singneomeo to thoe pujerul metipl tmes wh iichost wha s mes tedtifio t, youck dmeet to seeet som.hing >> or rep wter: vhileinisitg ilfamny in chia, heas w tiindghte a bynd gray. jur hwito n edixtra btioneeetwhen t twoou centris,le eo c huldave stayedve oasrse a dnddodge it cthe baseut hea cme backpeo luvoy.ntarrg t >> i hjusts.ursta knyou ouow y n arehaot tpet ty erof panson eyd thus accue yo yoand eu ganore whgry tad rehaad weyt th a saybout drnguggi a herna kidgppin r.he >> a sheutll bd sailihe spped meet somghin m in drinkndnd a ee scrme cam abackhnd tat swaae. tru
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lagas vees l sed h'sry ting hard tosin bim hut bqu\ chngoosiella do t sutak o teclea cl hi hs--is name. h>> itoave ularef ewher io. r >>teepor dr: i tid talk o heof tse proorcut ts onahe c^s owhs sayest thatheta stite sll llfujie belveso squifu bllyveelie he cseffenuts b p durytidn'ude usee ferl thnad ouenvigh ee denconto c.vict tbacku o yohein tdi stuo. nt>> itieresasng ce. anthuk yo t for a if caliaorn madong sui ometr inlaimceg exessiveice for. eth s manefficears bnind at edchok w himlvi aon bat_in dur aereggce contrt ad hark roc in 1420. ethsu lawsit iee sking spuniecifedam d,agespw u oardsf $30.0,00 ometril wl notpe sak pcublily about inpendg latitigion. > >>ana mho w cedlaim rcundeet mffro oicersh flaed
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mendrchaise. th aat'sdiccoro ng tctdeteives nookw lofoing e r thnoinn a peupftr lere the t andomhe wan ofrsfice i sayppt ha lenedast etsuns. hetey l tft,k lin htligi cend hyu ieenn ethur slaveilnceho pnto ohe t bomttot lef ifou yec rizognite eherf ohe tse ctwo,allri cstmepeopsrt a 705-2-38.5555 >> 'r> wetae sgrtinf odeo wi wth a mindy.oney ucso m ah sot lo llg dime bcine p oled usbecahe tmuci w whipping that pollen up. >> , yesry evegthin isom bloing outre the and theds winor d diowed dn. es>> y t androhe p wblem tithhe llpoveen ef n i't don l arnecose ther mryber,rees the enpolls furiionaios dqucen toe espasaet grsispelled adsolve or ethle val windyod tay. opchatpy e th li e th swind wpeedinill secreaeto toowmorr. rosttngest gusi untoppal vley
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>> lc> webaome ck. thne a fimalatound iion gsgivin tbacketo pswneril whr tr cealebr sorldpay. day kthanos tlp he from the unfoondatihe, tma anil unfoondati isff ogerin anire f inappotstmen d allomay tw.orro
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akto m ee poapmeint antsoore bked. yoau con gedn dowlihe c amakeinppot.tmen atheys seiv g o f 400ree antppois.ment avwe h le a tinkheo t >> ld wor dnha'tea hbord autha tt. rea weup sedposteveo gi d a mar cd, aal harlmkar cd. mileddf oh t seeetrt. a >>moatook dra behind and th reoneas t for auna lag.ndin >> nd> a u therrive s a ilof k slingeoix p aplend pingckis idereebetwen thnt d taatapcks s pearouin crt. tot nighewe'rrn lea mingore ab toutiche v itimshin ts oosh stinge.pre
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velit a th n e maseaccud of g ooingn a sinhootg s preein kazalamoo, mianchig mrurde singix peeopl arappened i c.ourt ea>> yash, jalon d wtonas an uberv drier e andtti connuedo t kpicdan c henuontioed tk picp u andop drff oi rders aha tt went for.oursn reheor's me. ta>> sf te oigmicheran vses jan.altoa ep>> rr:orteye 45-ldar-oon jas ondaltea appbered aforeg jude ndmo tay dwo aaysrfte6ot shor respine soaalamihi mic y >> uoustnder tandha crges be ming aadesgains^, youe th, maumxim sestencat th j edstat? r >>teeporror: ptosecurers a gicharalng dtonh wit sixnt cous ofde murr,wo tou c ontsff a aust wltsith assltauso tom cmit urmdernd aig eht frmirea actscoun.


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