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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  June 30, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> now at 3, a key vote on the development of the a's. howard terminal is expected today. the latest on the project's next big hurdle to keep the a's in oakland. and san jose. police make a major arrest. 4 suspects now in custody linked to a string of violent home invasions. what we know about the victims targeted including 2 seniors. plus a sinkhole in an east bay neighborhood causing major problems for residents. how crews are handling the issue. now from the area's local news station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> thank you so much for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm stephanie lynn, a big story we're watching for you this hour. a state agency is holding a key meeting on whether or not the oakland a's can move forward with the howard terminal project. we have a live look for you here now at the meeting, we started at 09:00am they are still listening to public comment at this hour. the cdc now considering whether to remove the port designation from the howard terminal land. a no vote would essentially kill the team's dreams of a new ballpark and would likely trigger their exit from oakland members will likely only vote. yes if they feel the bay area can grow its local cargo ports without howard terminal, that would then free up the a's to convert the land to a waterfront ballpark. people on both sides of this issue voiced their opinion this morning. >> this is not just about ballpark. write this about housing. this is the
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ballparks. partly inanced a billion. but in the living believe living a half billion dollars in housing at a time when the housing crisis. how can we say no that we have to do that now? this commission should not be voting on this proposition. chair the actually is a land developer, a >> we are listening in to this meeting right now in our newsroom and we'll bring you any developments. should they happen within the hour. and of course, you can stay tuned to any continuing developments on this on kron. 4 news at 5 as well. >> the idea? that the u.s. supreme court moved to take away one of the most significant and historically powerful tools to address the ravages of climate change is incomprehensible. >> now governor newsom is blasting the supreme court's ruling which limits the environmental protection agency's power to fight climate change. our washington, d.c.,
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correspondent basil john reports on this decision. >> good evening. in a 63 conservative decision, the court complicated the biden administration's plans to combat climate change thursday, the supreme court ruled the environmental protection agency. >> doesn't have the power to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. >> for many years we've argued that the epa only had a narrow a bit of authority to regulate carbon emissions. west virginia attorney general patrick morrisey let the fight against the epa is use of the clean air act regardless of where you are on the issue of climate change. it's important to play by the rules with this decision. west virginia republican senator shelley moore capito says the biden administration, canton force as many of the regulations, they want to come back. climate change, ministrations on overstepping their boundaries. >> make for congress is offered. democrats say this decision puts more pressure on using the reconciliation process. >> to pass climate change
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legislation. but illinois senator durbin is not optimistic. i've made it very clear that i'm a skeptic when it comes to reconciliation, which be harder and harder. >> to provide the kind of protections for the public health public department public buffer. >> i think congress wanted to take george washington university environmental law professor robert glickman says this ruling means all government agencies will have more limited power to regulate, which means the court is telling congress if you want. >> to address chained regulation, get your act together. >> and pass a clearly delegate that littman says the responsibility to get these kinds of changes across the finish line. >> now falls on congress reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> and laws of united states. so help me god. so help me god. >> and history made this morning at the united states
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supreme court judge ketanji brown jackson. now the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. she replaces retiring liberal justice stephen breyer, who she clerked for and today swore her in brown's arrival keeps the court balance the same 6, 3, in favor of the conservative justices. more on this historic moment coming up in a report from washington followed by reaction from a local law professor in just 15 minutes. and your gas is just about to get bit more scheduled tax increase of about $0.3 per gallon goes into effect tomorrow. keep in mind, this measure was approved by voters. lawmakers also now working on a plan to approve tax rebate checks, giving people money to keep up with inflation. some families could get up to $1000 depending on how much you make and how many dependents you have. drivers say everything every little bit helps really as prices keep on going up. >> it's been we've been definitely reason her working
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from home helps us out a bit. you know, it's hard to see family we have. and that was our way. so. not being able to see them as as route. >> and if you plan on traveling and hitting the highway trying to fill up before tomorrow. a major breakthrough in home invasion case in the south bay, san jose police arrest 4 people in connection to a string of home burglaries. check out this dash cam video of one of several crimes. the suspects are accused of san jose. police say the group went to this home. you see right there on your screen. this is on summerdale drive on may 31st. that's where police say the robbers held a family at gunpoint and stole their valuables. police add the group also attacked an elderly couple at their home on north capitol avenue later that same day the burglars tied those victims up and stole their van. then just days later, police responded to a 3rd break in and robbery on june 7th. right now, police believe the suspects in custody may
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have been involved in more additional violent crimes. >> the 2 home invasions they committed on may 31st. in the first one, they stole a car from that home. they went to a second home and did another home invasion during that second home invasion. the suspects basically threatened a 15 month-old child kidnapped. the child's father took him to a bank and demanded him to get money. mean, this is who are dealing with. these folks should not be on our city streets. >> and we have some photos of the suspects to show you now armando bans daniel mendez and eduardo santiago are all in custody. a 4th suspect we know is also behind bars, but their name and photo have not been released because they are considered a minor. anyone with information is asked to please get in touch with sjpd. an east bay road caves in following a water main break. a break in front of homes. kron four's polluting all reports from kensington in berkeley hills. we're a minivan fell into the sinkhole.
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>> slumped over and sunken into overland avenue. jillian hughes, neighbors minivan in hill by a sinkhole wednesday night. we notified them and on that was just too late for them to move it because they just keep from sinking. young was aghast east bay municipal utility district. emergency crews shut the water off or 10 neighbors and worked with fijian nyed to cut the power to some 30 homes while the van was towed and repairs were made to the 6 inch water main break the pipe that burst was installed in 1946, it was scary. thing is julian, you says this same pipe busted about 2 weeks ago. so the fact that it broke again alarmed or they said because the earth moves gradually are sometimes it moves. i think they kind of move that a bit and get to a point away. it was too stressed. >> and so that was not enough flexibility in the water you live in a very seismically active area, which really takes a toll on our pie.
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>> it took all night for the mud and other debris caused by the great to be cleared hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water was lost a tough loss during a drought. and during the same week, east bay mud is implementing an 8 per cent surcharge on all its customers to help handle the drought. we are taking steps to increase the types of technologies that we like i'm sensors turn to street mission so that we can to type 2 before they i really hope that it doesn't happen to them. the utilities were restored early in the morning in kensington, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> happening now, the marine county fair returns for in-person find just in time for the holiday weekend. kron four's charles clifford has a look at all the festivity for festivities for us. >> well, here in marin county on thursday, the marine county fair has returned after a three-year
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>> opened at 11 o'clock on thursday. the fair this year runs thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday, 4th of july. there's all the usual stuff that people might remember from years past, including the carnival rides, lots of games, arts and crafts, shopping, lots of good food. there is music every single night of the fair on thursday. it is pablo cruz on friday and sheila e on saturday sons of chaplain on sunday. it is digital planet. and then on 4th of july, it is george porter junior. they're also fireworks every night at 09:30pm. they launched from a barge that floats out in the middle of the lagoon. now, even though all of the fair events or outdoors this year, fair organizers promise. there's lots of fun to be had. we an artist's circle tent with hands on art, making for kids. >> we have a makerspace doing virtual reality scavenger hunts and we're just so happy to be back in person and when welcome our community with open arms now tickets for this year's fair are $25 for adults and teens kids under 4.
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>> can get in for free. give yourself lots of time. if you're coming down here, parking can be very tight. they're expecting 120,000 people to visit over the next few days. but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> yeah, kron 4 has you covered on the 4th joined live in the bay host olivia gordon has we bring you the fireworks shows in san francisco, concord marin and san jose. sure to be a great time kron four's july 4th live special is monday night at 9. all right. coming up here at 3 after more than 40 days on the run, investigators arrest a woman accused of killing a pro cyclist in texas where they finally found her. >> also, a chilling arrests to tell you about in the south bay, how investigators say a 77 year-old woman killed her husband. and what could justice jackson's appointment to the supreme court mean for future rulings? we a
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like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. >> welcome back. 3.14, this thursday afternoon in the supreme court now has a new member, historic moment. justice ketanji brown jackson was sworn in today. our dc
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correspondent hannah brandt explains what this means for the courts and the country. >> minutes after justice stephen breyer officially retired justice ketanji brown jackson took his place. not only is it historic, but for this moment in the court's history, it is transformational. justice jackson is the first black woman on the high court. her addition isn't expected to change the court's ideological balance, but george washington law, dean, dayna bowen, matthew tells me her background and perspective are unique. she brings perspectives that had been missing. >> and i also expect that those perspectives are going to be influential on other members of the court. >> justice jackson is joining the court after several important and controversial rulings. and at the moment when the country is recognizing just how much of an impact the court's decisions have, the court has per pound impact on the daily lives of people. the court is planning to rule on another slate of big issues like affirmative action in
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education, state election law and corporate regulations. but de matthew says americans can do more than just wait for the court to decide. we have to change our strategy from one that passively weeks. but the supreme court to protect those rights only well, just as jackson will likely often end up in the minority. welcome justice jackson to the court and to our common calling. the matthew is confident she will make her. mark t is a with real experiences that will be brought to bear on real in real time today in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> and joining us now for some additional perspective on all this is market russell, a law professor at santa clara university. thank you so much for joining us on kron. 4 news at 3. >> thank you so much. >> so professor, speak to the symbolic move that's happening here with president biden appointing justice brown to the court. she is the first black woman in the first public defender to be a justice. so how much do you see this shaping future rulings moving ahead for the
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supreme court? >> i think that given the supreme court decisions of the last couple weeks as well about as others, i don't see an immediate change in results. however, i think it is an incredibly significant and seismic change for the history of the supreme court. and i think also for the ability of someone to be able to communicate with those justices in the who are very conservative justice jackson has a long history of being able to do that for a time being a clerk for justice breyer and those skills will come into play in a very healthy way. >> and we know that the court has finished the bulk of its rulings, at least until the fall. so what do you expect justice bound to be working on between now and october? >> let's hope the rest of the justices as they take their vacations of covid. we have to
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take that into account. the cases in which us or have already granted quite significant. as mentioned, the firm action, some cases actually was created with you today. that goes to the very, very heart of our election system in the right to vote in the states. and there are others having to do with lgbt rights and the intersection of that with free exercise of religion. so know that she is very skilled and knowledgeable about handling that and i'm sure she will have more than enough to do to start. >> also mention some of those cases the is expected to look in the months to come, including the role of race in college admissions, redistricting, voting rights. how do you anticipate justice brown to act on on these cases? >> it was really refreshing in her nomination hearings was that despite some pretty nasty criticism and i certainly
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believe that many others who didn't know about her at all believed that she was. she was a person of integrity who is actually? according spent 2 senators and asking questions. and so we don't know what her results would be. she doesn't know. she said over and over and over again. she said i approach each case with fresh eyes without fear and without favor. so i think that's what we can expect from >> and last quick question for you, professor, is how do you think this appointment is going to shape the justice system overall moving forward? >> well, as you mentioned at the beginning, the symbolic significance is enormous. and but that's not there's also a very practical effect. i think that will happen in her ability to communicate with others on the in a cordial and respectful fashion and that she will try to build bridges she can. she is also already
3:20 pm
making a huge difference to young girls to girls of color, to black women in the judiciary, black women in legal profession who really see her as an example of someone who just does your best. doesn't give up. and that's terrific. >> and what a significant moment in history to see that become the next justice. thank you so much, professor margaret russell from santa clara university for your perspectives today. >> thank you. all right. switching gears now to talk a bit about the weather. it's take a live look now outside at the golden gate bridge. some traffic moving along there. >> cloudy skies start to clear up just a little bit here to talk us through a bit more about all of that and what we can expect stepping outdoors is kron 4 meteorologist rodriguez. same agrees to pay their 70 yeah. noticeably cooler today, especially for warmest inland valleys. mid 50's though far bay area
3:21 pm
beaches including pacifica and half moon bay with mid 70's. for those of you in concord. so pleasant temperatures there at 75 degrees and a few degrees. milder in santa rosa. 77 degrees for your thursday afternoon. so we're seeing anywhere from about 2 to 7 degrees of cooling out there this afternoon. better clearing. but we're going to say goodbye to june gloom and say hello to know sky july because tomorrow, believe it or not. >> is friday, july first and we're going to notice that increase in marine. we're bringing us some patchy drizzle really along the coast in making its way into the east bay shoreline. before we notice some clearing by your friday afternoon with that marine layer only going to get thicker on saturday. in fact, all eyes will be on the sky this weekend, especially ahead of our 4th of july fireworks show. so let's take a look at sunday afternoon's forecast still tracking that thick fog bank. it is going to be the coolest day of the next 7 with temperatures, 5 to 10 degrees below average. better clearing on monday afternoon. so you do have any outdoor barbecue
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cook, a barbecue plans. your luck. we are tracking slightly warmer temperatures but don't let this future cast model full your expecting to see some coastal cloud cover, but better clearing inland. so it will be better along most of our inland valleys. so make sure to reach the highest peak and the most inland location to get the best shot of this year's 4th of july fireworks. but of course, you're going have the best seat in the house. if you watch kron 4 news at 9 o'clock with olivia horton with our firework special monday night with temperatures warming up after monday into the mid 80's one week from today. back to you. stephanie. thanks very much of a >> well, still ahead, a busted pipe keeping hundreds of people from coming home to their apartment building in san francisco. what they're sharing with us this afternoon. and an emotional night last night during the oakland unified school district's vote against reopening several schools. what parents and community
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>> in the east bay, the oakland school board moves forward with their original plan to close several schools. many parents in oakland are outraged after the decision that meeting taking place last night. and i want our recess had to be called because of all the commotion before the vote was finalized. people commented for hours in support of keeping the schools open. >> these people are black and brown students. 4% of the >> and their decision is
3:26 pm
actively harming students, parents, community members, teachers stopped employees, especially in east oakland. >> some board members spoke about the rationale behind the closing, which included funding issues. it's now been nearly a month since a water main failure flooded a luxury high-rise in san francisco. this all happening at 33 to in the 500 people who live in that building are stuck in limbo, unsure of where they're going to live next. that water main failure sent 20,000 gallons of water pouring throughout the building. san francisco supervisor matt dorsey held a town hall last night to provide some updates. the real estate management firm hines originally targeted july 1st as the date residents would be able to go back to their apartments. but now that date has been pushed back and starting on july 6 hines says it will no longer pay for hotel accommodations for those residents of that building.
3:27 pm
>> this has been a really financially stressful time for and my partner and folks, the building having different the cost. >> now, some other residents say that they will have to now find short-term housing or just terminate their current lease. in the south bay. 77 year-old san jose woman is accused of setting her own house on fire which led to her husband's death. investigators say rebecca mckee know what intentionally set fire to her home. and emma paula, drive saturday morning. well, both she and her husband were inside. crews rescued her husband from an upstairs bedroom. but they say he suffered from severe smoke inhalation and died a few days later. coming up next at 3 30's, state lawmakers approved a pilot program for safe injection sites. >> with 2 bay area cities where this would take place. and what president biden is calling on congress to do to protect abortion rights.
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welcome back. our top story at 3.30, today marks the final day of the nato summit. >> president joe biden calling on congress to do more to protect abortion rights and all matters of privacy. our correspondent raquel martin has more from washington. >> president joe biden is laying out a new strategy to protect abortion rights. i believe we have to how to fly. roe v wade thursday, he called on democrats to change the filibuster rules in the senate
3:31 pm
allowing democrats to pass legislation without any gop backing is making clear. >> how outrageous this decision was and how much it impacts not just on what was right to choose privacy. general, the president's broader called to protect privacy comes after justice clarence thomas signaled in his dissent. >> that he like the court to reconsider issues like access to contraception and marriage. >> but the president's plan is easier said than done. senator joe mansion, one of 2 senators who refused to change the senate rules last year confirmed to us thursday that his position has not changed. >> this is not the political environment be looking for that. at the nato summit thursday, illinois democratic senator durbin said he doubts the 2 senators will suddenly have a change of heart. in the meantime, president biden says he will work with states to figure out how to get around the wave of new abortion >> having a meeting with a group of governors when i get home on friday have
3:32 pm
announcements to make them earlier this week the biden administration said it is considering new ways to help women access abortions. >> including paying for women to travel outside their states for reproductive health care in washington, raquel martin. >> the bay area's also feeling the ripple effect from the court's decision to strike down roe v wade a san mateo startup called favor, provides contraception to women from its online platform. now the workers tell us that they saw a 5,000% increase in orders for emergency contraception in just 72 hours since the ruling came down, they also tell us a product orders are now coming in from all over the country and they are prepared to meet demand. >> so birth control in the morning after pill have been our focus for 6 years. we more than ready to meet this moment and our top priority now is really to protect and serve our patients. our team and our providers in this new post rao world.
3:33 pm
>> the company provides a variety of options for women who want to buy contraceptives online, as well as subscription based packages for menstrual care. new at 3 after a late fee, an emotional debate, california lawmakers in the assembly passed a bill approving a safe drug injection site pilot program. it rolls out in san francisco, oakland and los angeles, san francisco senator scott wiener, author of the bill, the goal to prevent drug overdoses and limit the spread of diseases like hiv. the bill passed with the bare minimum of votes needed. multiple democrats would not support it. here's what senator wiener shared with us today. right now in a statement he shares, we are letting people die on our streets for no reason other than an arbitrary legal prohibition that we need to remove s p 5, 7, is long overdue and will make a huge impact for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. he writes the bill now heads back to the senate
3:34 pm
and then likely to governor newsom's desk. and we're learning more about the deadly weekend crash in oakland. the police chief there saying 19 year-old arnold and when aldi took part in a sideshow between a saturday night and early sunday morning, police say he sped down international boulevard and crashed into 4 men on a sidewalk. one of those men died to oakland police officers then chased lynn all day before the crash happened. kron four's gayle ong reports. >> but they shouldn't. the public do. >> this part must be addressed there at a news conference wednesday, oakland police chief leronne armstrong says 2 officers on an extended administrative leave for their involvement responding to a fatal crash early sunday morning. >> took action immediately monday. we brought forth this investigation to the public regarding his fatal collision. the crash happened around 02:00am sunday. >> at 54th and international boulevard according to opd 2 police officers were chasing a
3:35 pm
19 year-old driver from oakland who they say was racing away from a sideshow at speeds reaching nearly 100 miles per hour. investigators say that's when the teenager lost control and crashed into several parked cars and a motorcycle before hitting for pedestrians, killing one of them. a man from hayward chief armstrong says the problems of sideshows and speeding are only growing as well as traffic safety. chief armstrong did not go into specifics into why the officers were put on leave but only said there is an internal investigation underway and that investigators are reviewing several video and taking statements from witnesses, the police department they saw violations of the policy, series. >> sure that this investigation is thorough, complete they have? well, the you hold them accountable. >> you know, on kron 4 news. >> all right. let's talk a bit about our weather as we take a live look outside at the san
3:36 pm
mateo bridge. lots of people hitting the road now for the holiday weekend. we have probably 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with more on our of recent was a bit chilly for me getting up this morning in san how long should we expect that to stick around for a those 70 and that cooling trend going to continue through the weekend by sunday. we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees below average. but from now, until then, we're well underway with the cooler weather right now. a lot of sunshine, though, for those of you in the east bay over berkeley, temperatures out there right now along the east bay shoreline, widespread low 60's with low 70's for san jose currently at 72 degrees downtown san francisco. 58 degrees. so you're running about 5 degrees cooler than where you are around this time yesterday. conquer the little bit milder at 75 degrees. but dublin and allay at 68 degrees. widespread low to mid 70's. for those of you in the north bay. so pleasant temperatures there with napa currently at 70 degrees. so when tracker for we are tracking a stronger sea breeze
3:37 pm
and thanks to those westerly winds were noticing that increasing that cloud cover and it's only going to get thicker with that june gloom, turning into know sky july by tomorrow. 21 miles per hour sustained winds for downtown san francisco and even fairfield and livermore a little bit breezy out there right now. a lot of sunshine. but as you can see, far bay area beaches along the san francisco peninsula coastline. we're socked in with more cloud cover, then sun and temperatures tonight for your overnight lows. going to be slightly cooler. widespread low to mid 50's. with those of you in santa rosa. even cooler than that. cooling down to 49 degrees and temperatures tomorrow. very pleasant for warmest inland valleys, widespread mid 70's. but those of you in fairmont fremont and even nevado and santa rosa warming up into the upper 70's but very seasonal temperatures along the coast and east bay shoreline with mid 60's for downtown san francisco and oakland. so enjoy your friday afternoon because we're going to see temperatures really cooling down this weekend with our warmest inland valleys,
3:38 pm
only warming up to 72 degrees by sunday afternoon. slight warm up just in time for your 4th of july monday. see if you do have any outdoor barbecue plans. you're in luck. very pleasant temperatures for our warmest inland valleys and that warming trend going to continue after monday with mid 80's returning very seasonal temperatures by about a week from today. next thursday. back to stephanie. thanks very embrace coming up, the changes coming to your inbox if you use g mail. >> and an investigation now underway after a southern california home explodes and sends a woman. flying into her flat flying into her house.
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published just yesterday in addition to sleep, it also includes diet, physical activity, nicotine exposure, body mass index, blood loop bids or excuse me live bids, blood, glucose and blood pressure. experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily for optimal cardiovascular health for adults and more for children depending on their age. >> still ahead, the hunt is over. officials arrest a woman wanted in connection for the murder of a county bicyclist. what comes next in this investigation? an update to a b
3:43 pm
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3:45 pm
national story we're following for you. the woman accused of killing a marin county professional cyclist in a love triangle murder case. >> is now behind bars after more than a month on the run. kaitlin armstrong is now in police custody for the fatal shooting of an of mariah wilson. investigators say wilson had previously dated armstrong's boyfriend, today's arrest. and a 43 day manhunt that started back in may. armstrong left ox austin, texas, traveling more than 1700 miles to new york. that's where she boarded a >> fly. and then you've got homeland security involved with to tell you every time the past 4 why? because once they walk in on the fortune the past 4, they can track and where she went. >> well, that's where she boarded a flight at the newark international airport, a coaster rica using a fake
3:46 pm
passport. authorities say that's where she's been hiding for over a month. the u.s. marshals say armstrong will be sent back to the u.s. where she will face a murder charge. we know that wilson's family said that she was not in any romantic relationship at the time of her death. >> a mysterious explosion destroys a desert home in victorville. >> that's in san bernardino county. you can see the smoke coming off of that structure back there from that explosion. in terms of what happened to cause this explosion that still under investigation. but we know it happened early yesterday morning around 3 o'clock. the blast so powerful, a woman inside a home was thrown into her neighbor's backyard. she's now being treated at a trauma center in critical condition. several neighboring homes also damaged in the blast. >> it woke us up from our sleep. we we were in bed
3:47 pm
sleeping. i was just about ready to get up to go to and then we heard it was almost like a sonic boom and it rattled our whole house. >> kind of looked at each other. like what was that in there? >> and out of the house take a little fancy new neighbor. we look at the scene of a tv tour de france opened. we got back to the cia and take game for help. been with so. >> the victim says she smelled gas inside of the home last month. but the local gas company says, but they inspected the home at the time and did not find any leaks. now to the rice is fire in nevada county that's burned just over 900 acres and is 12% contained. there are about 250 structures still under threat. so far, only one has been lost to the fire at this point, 7 firefighters have been hurt fighting this cooler weather and humidity overnight did help firefighters gained some ground on this blaze. calfire hopes to have the fire fully
3:48 pm
contained by sunday, but they sure have a lot of work ahead of them. let's talk a bit about our forecast now is that as we take a live look outside at sfo, looking a little overcast out there called for meteorologist mabrisa madrid is here with all the details on maybe what we can expect this 4th of july weekend. yeah, that's right. we're going to track cooler and cloudier weather this weekend, stephanie. but let's head back to that rice's fire near sacramento. 84 degrees, very dry conditions there this afternoon. 27 1% relative humidity. the one thing really helping out firefighters is the calm winds right now seeing sustained winds at 8 miles per hour. and the good news for us closer to home in the bay area. we're not tracking any of that smoke and ash from that nearby wildfire. thanks to our cool sea breeze. those westerly winds pushing all of that smoke and ash away from the bay area's. we have great air quality today. that's going to continue for tomorrow as well. let's take a look at our latest drought monitor map. because as you
3:49 pm
can see, we're holding steady with it right now. severe drought conditions for all of the bay area. and thankfully even with a recent heat waves we didn't worsen, but unfortunately didn't improve either because of that lack of rain. but we are going to see some more moisture in the coming days in the form of drizzle for the next couple of mornings. thanks to the cooler and cloudier weather. but let's take a live look at yosemite falls because it is a long holiday weekend. after all dry, clear conditions for most of the bay area and even for this year as well. but we are going to track a lot of sunshine for the end of the workweek forecast for your friday. so those of you heading out to this year this weekend for your 4th of july holiday, you're in luck. we're tracking great weather getaway forecast for friday, truckee and even those of you at south lake tahoe in the upper 70's a little bit cooler and breezier on saturday. so there is a threat, a possible fire danger because of the dry and windy conditions. on saturday. wind gusts of 35 miles per hour or less. and then sunday. >> we're going to cool down sunday into monday with
3:50 pm
temperatures 5 to 15 degrees below average. so we're going have to bundle up this 4th of july weekend. if you're heading to the sierra. back to stephanie, thanks very embrace a and there's another increase on your commute to tell you about. sorry, bart fares go up starting tomorrow. >> the 3.4% increase was set to go into effect back on january first, but was delayed by 6 months. the cost of a one-way ticket goes up between $0.5 and $0.50 with the average ticket going up by $0.15 money from the fare increase goes towards bart's, operating budget. that includes and has more police presence and the purchase of new train cars. and this i like the idea of some new train cars. nothing quite like it. all right. also happening tomorrow, it's going to cost you more to cross the golden gate rage. the tolls increase by 20 or $0.35 depending on your method of payment. there's nice live look of the bridge down there. now, officials say the increase is
3:51 pm
part of a 5 year program that went into effect back in 2019. the revenue from the new tool will help pay for bridge maintenance, as well as the golden gate transit and golden gate ferry services. we have a breakdown of the toll increase on our website right now on kron 4 dot com. and now time to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for us tonight. >> tonight, bernie sanders says he has a plan to fix the airline industry, but we're looking at why it will actually cost you more. plus, is it really the summer of sharks? why the waters could be more dangerous than ever this year. that's on balance. here's day. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. the supreme court's decision to expand gun rights had many on the left saying the sky was falling but now more liberal states impacted are imposing tougher permit laws again. but they say past the court's test. so maybe the court's ruling wasn't bad or sweeping as they said. that's
3:52 pm
tonight on dan abrams live. >> and you can find newsnation on the channels listed right there on your screen. more details always available on our website. kron 4 dot com. up next. pay for gas. even withouf even if without even having to get out of your car. sounds pretty cool. right? >> we'll explain a new feature coming soon for apple users.
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we have some breaking news, the bay conservation and development commission just voted to move forward with the oakland a's howard terminal project. >> this means members voted yes. the bay area can grow its local cargo ports without howard terminal. the move frees up the a's to convert the land to a waterfront ballpark. oakland mayor libby schaff said, quote, today's vote moves oakland towards a more prosperous future. she goes on to say our city has historically been overlooked for major economic development. but today, that story about oakland changes.
3:56 pm
for your money. apple is working on a feature that lets you buy gas directly from your car's dashboard. instead of tapping or putting your card into a reader at the pump, you'll be able to activate the pump right from your navigation screen in your car when it's running car play. reuters reports that sinclair gas stations will be among the first to take advantage of this new system, which arrives this fall alongside a newer version of carplay. that's pretty cool. i run car plan my car. so i look forward to trying trying out this new feature. all right. we have just enough time for one final check of the weather with mabrisa. how's it looking out there, stephanie? yet tracking a lot of 60's and 70's for most of our bay area valleys with 50's along the coast and tomorrow going to be no different. said no heat waves in the forecast, especially for those of you in our warmest inland valleys. >> mid to upper 70. so you're going to be about 5 degrees below average even through your friday afternoon with- seasonal temperatures for downtown san francisco and oakland in the mid 60's. there
3:57 pm
happen to be a little bit cooler at 59 degrees. and don't forget, giants going to face off against white sox tomorrow. first pitch at 7.15, in the evening. upper 50's and a cool sea breeze with gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour or less expected and even cooler weather. the coolest day will be sunday. 5 to 10 degrees below normal warming up just in time for 4th of july monday. back to you. thanks very much. that's it for us here at kron. 4 news at 3. i'm stephanie lynn, thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at 5. have a beautiful day. it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart!
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i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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