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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 28, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. think president taking it to the capitol now. >> shell testimony from a former top white house staffer about former president trump's behavior on january 6th, the during the capitol insurrection. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ella sogomonian in for grant lotus. >> former white house aide cassidy hutchinson testified today during a surprise committee hearing and said that the former president turned physical with the secret service agent on the day of the attack. former president denying the accusations reporter tom dempsey has more now on today's testimony. >> truth and nothing but the truth. so we have to go tuesday's hearing in front of the special house committee investigating the january 6th riot featured witness cassidy hutchinson, a former aide to
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former president trump's chief of staff mark meadows. lawmakers. listen to she recalled details from that day and heard radio calls for police describing some supporters being heavily >> 3 men walking down the but kate, office saying hutchinson told the committee trump knew of the threats in the crowd but kept up his call for them to march down to the capitol to stop the 2020 presidential electoral votes from being certified. we're going to walk down. >> anyone you want. but i think right here we're going to walk down. >> to the capital, perhaps the most explosive allegation of all the hearings, 1, 100's in describe what she was told by another 8 about what allegedly happened inside the president's motorcade between trump and a secret service agent. the president says something to the effect of. >> i'm the acting president taking up to the capitol now. which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. reached up towards the front of the vehicle. the crowd at the steering wheel.
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mister angle grabbed his arm. so it's certain to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol. mister trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle. and mister, when mister not have recounted the stories me hit motion towards his clavicle. ys, that fury carried over into the white house with hutchinson described the president's alleged reaction to an interview. then attorney general bill barr gave to the associated press saying there was no widespread election fraud. i first noticed there is catch-up dripping down the wall. >> and there's a shot porcelain plate for. the valley had articulated that the president. extremely angry the attorney general's ap interview. and had thrown his lunch against the wall. tuesday's hearing offering details of moments leading up
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to the attack on the capitol. we're watching the capitol building get to faced over a lie. and it was something that was really hard and that moment to digest, knowing what i've been hearing down the hall. >> and the conversations that are happening. seeing that we come up and knowing what was happening on the hill. and it's something it's still i still struggle to work the emotions of that. >> that was tom dempsey reporting for us. former president trump responded to this hearing on social media saying that the steering wheel allegation was apparently in his words, a fake story that was sick and fraudulent. political experts say today's testimony is enough for attorney general merrick garland to prosecute former president trump. take a listen. >> you've now got 4 knowledge of what was going to happen.
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you have a fence, no knowledge that people had weapons and we're going to be storming the capitol. he can't claim ignorance of the fact that we people were getting a little excited or anything like that. those things go toward the issues, issues that merrick garland is really studying, which is the interference with the electoral college act, obstruction of justice and finally, you know, it's efficient insurrection trying to violently overthrow. they're working to the united states government preventing the lawful, lawful actions. they're out, which is what's edition is so those things are going to be that sort of that. he said that and within all that mark meadows is in really deep trouble. the fact that liz cheney, that the mic drop with the with the fact that he asked for pardon at the end, you know, that shows caution this guild and the fact that he was probably in their way more than people they initially thought. >> first of all, we learned that the violence on january 6
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was premeditated. it was a feature of the day, not a bug or not. something that and planned a second. we learned that the president personally knew that his supporters were armed and plans to attack the capitol. we learned his senior advisers were either egging him on or were completely absent without leave because we learned that the white house counsel were fully engaged every step, trying to hold him back hair on fire about the legal consequences. >> the next committee hearing comes later on next month. unless, of course, there is another surprise hearing. >> another big story that we're following tonight, california state lawmakers are ramping up their response to the supreme court's decision to overturn federal abortion protections. today, the assembly judiciary committee passed to abortion-related bills. one of them sp 11. 42 establishes a fund using a blend of state dollars and
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private donations to increase funding for abortion services for low-income californians and out of state residents. the bill would also create a website with information on abortion services across the state. the other bill sb 12 45 would set up a pilot program in la county to expand and improve access to abortion. for those both in and out of the state. the 2 measures come just one day after lawmakers approved about an amendment to the state constitution. voters will decide in november whether to guarantee the right to an abortion and contraception. >> well, in response to this report, overruling of roe v wade at there's been a spike in demand for emergency contraceptive pills called plan b stores like walmart and rite aid are already limiting purchases of plan b rite aid is limiting purchases to 3 while walmart their orders to 10. cbs previously had a temporary purchase limit, but they are removing the limit over the next 24 hours as sales return to normal. a plan
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b can be sold without a prescription and is meant to be taken up to 3 days after unprotected stream court's decision overturn roe v wade could also potentially make it harder for women seeking fertility treatments like ivf. our kron 4 taylor bisacky spoke with several experts. >> if you consider life beginning at fertilization. can we inseminate extra sites? can we freeze every owes? can we test embryos to exclude genetic diseases in fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization or ivf? >> brings eggs and outside the body to create an embryo doctor marcelle cedars director at ucsf division of rbproductive endocrinology and infertility says multiple embryos are typically created for those undergoing care.
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however, if states pass laws stating life begins at fertilization and only one embryo could be produced and transferred at a time which could cause complications nature. >> best incubator. >> around only about one in 4 fertilized days makes a healthy baby. and so in the process in the laboratory, we can actually witness that growth and development of the embryos. and you can see those embryos that are able to make it to what we called the blastocyst stage. doctor cedars says. >> about 50% of embryos make it to this stage, which has the highest chance of a successful pregnancy. and by only allowing one embryo to be producing transferred that success rate significantly drops and it adds additional risks to the mother and to the children. doctor rubin now vero who's the director of stanford's division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility says broad or imprecise language used in
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some state-level abortion bans could also impair access to ivf. hope >> not only nationally do we have a return to the rights couples and women to the by-product of care that they that they want in there and serve but also prevent any further expansion of this thinking that which i think is is indeed dangerous. while the overturning of roe v wade doesn't immediately restrict infertility treatments. >> experts say the wording of laws in some states could unintentionally impair access to ivf. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> new at 9, the names addresses and license types of every gun owner in california have been exposed to hackers. this is according to the fresno county sheriff's office who says data from the states justice department was breached. they also said the information released includes personal information of every concealed carry weapon permit holder in the state. the
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sheriff's office said that the state attorney general's office is working to determine the size of the breach and it plans to contact the ccw holders directly to advise them of the situation. we also have some breaking news out of bomb squad is at the san jose barrett on station tonight responding to reports of a suspicious package. san mateo county sheriff's office put out this tweet you see on your screen about the incident. the station is currently closed. a bus bridge has been set up for caltrain passengers. this is a developing story. so stay with us. and we will update you as soon as new information is available. when the time now as we get a look at our 4 zone forecast, though, this is a bird's eye view downtown san francisco on this. >> night. yeah, not bad out there. but yeah, big changes coming now is really get ready for a cool down. temperatures actually finally going to be headed below the average for this time of year up some hot weather, especially in london over the past week or so. but look at that beautiful shot
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west out toward the ocean. there you can see skies so far, mostly clear. there are a couple of patches of fog forming along the coastline. now we've got more of that to come due to full evening over the golden gate bridge. look at that. gorgeous, clear skies there right now. just a gentle sea breeze blowing to the golden gate at this time and well, the temperatures still hot for another day to day your back in the 90's and live more 93 degrees. 94 well above the average in concord and 92 degrees in santa rosa. 65 degrees. very comfortable in the san francisco, 70 warm in oakland and 83 degrees warm in san jose. but things begin to change along the coastline. we're seeing a little bit more of that on shore breeze and more that caring that cooler air further inland. 67 degrees in san jose. still 68 in live more. it is very warm in head. well inland, a brentwood and also to pittsburgh. we're talking 70's 80's there. but you can see the effects already. we're seeing that the ocean air, that marine layer work its way further on shore already. tonight, the sea breeze will continue to blow. that will bring with it. some of the cool fog that's going
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to roll on shore. in fact, i think tonight we're going to see that soar well into the interior valleys, maybe right through the delta as well. and you can see why we've got an area of low pressure to our north. that's helping to kick that ridge of high pressure that has brought the hot weather to the bay area. a little further to the east. and that's going to kind of loosen up the atmosphere, so to speak and a lot of things really cool off as the marine air moves further on shore. here's another good thing that we're going to see from all that marine air, too, as we're going to see the fire danger really kind of subside. last couple of days. we've been watching a ramp up in the afternoon hours. but you see overnight tonight, even though we are seeing some activity up there right now, at least some increased activity looks like tonight that marine layer really going to do its work. and even by tomorrow afternoon, yeah, maybe a little bit of a popdup activity as you're going to see increased fire danger, fire risk as you head further well inland. but this is a far cry from what we've seen over the past couple of days. maybe the we last week or so. meantime, that trough is going to settle in along the west coast. and here's the good news that is going to usher in that nice, cool marine air. so it's not going to be bad.
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you're going to talk about more fog in the morning hours, giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon. but the temperatures really going to be nice. it will be comfortable. so real hot 90's. you're talking about much more reasonable 80's. i think in the warmest valleys by tomorrow. lot of 60's 70's around the bay. and after this, even much cooler weather coming our way, these temperatures really going to continue to tumble right through thursday and friday and the holiday weekend with partly cloudy skies to the 4th of july. thank you, lawrence. more housing options are coming for families with children. >> today, the santa clara county board of supervisors approved new development that will add 1000 family units in the county's affordable housing pipeline. about 300 of them will get built in san jose morgan hill and sunnyvale to help out families with kids. those with special needs agricultural workers. another low income residents. and there could also be more housing in san francisco. you know, a lot of people have been waiting for that. and that's because this afternoon the board of supervisors approved an ordinance.
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>> that would allow small multi-unit buildings and areas where there were formerly single-family homes. kron four's amanda hari spoke with affordable housing advocates. >> it's it's been a long time coming and a long overdue step for san creating more opportunities for housing in ordinance passed by the san francisco board of supervisors would allow large single-family homes to turn intr multi unit buildings. the ordinance was sponsored by supervisor rafael mandelman. he says in a statement, quote, the way much of san francisco, his own today makes it easier to flip existing housing into luxury monster homes. >> then to build small apartment buildings for regular people. if someone is going to build to the size allowed by our current zoning, any given neighborhood, why not have 4 or 6 middle-class households in the same size box than one very wealthy family. the ordinance would allow for units and most lots and 6 units on corner lots. it provides an exception to
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density limits in residential house owning district which covers roughly 60% of the city's developable land area. >> tom ridge will eviction executive director of livable city, a nonprofit that advocates for more affordable housing says he's excited about the change. as you know, demand is for more diverse types of housing. >> that were allowed continue incrementally, creating in the neighborhoods have the things that we already need. he says people don't have to worry about major changes to their neighborhoods. it will happen slowly. it's not going to change physically. and one of the goals of this ordinance was to make sure that the new buildings are pretty much the same size and scale that you're used to. the ordinance says no rent-controlled units or current multifamily units would be removed to create these new unit. >> he says he believes this change could positively impact people that are ready live in these areas. 7 more neighbors around actually you know, you get to enjoy the benefits of
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living in the city and walkable neighborhoods. you know, the new neighbors support, you know, shops and services. the vote was the first of 2 required for the ordinance to be adopted. it's expected to be at the board's next regularly scheduled meeting on july. 12th, if approved by the mayor. the new zoning would go into effect in late august. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> now to an investigation underway in san carlos. we're a small plane crashed at the city's airport this morning, hurting 2 people on board. this is how we found the single engine cessna. as you can see, an airport officials say the plane took off from san carlos airport just before noon and then almost immediately lost power. the plane then hit the ground and slammed into the guardrail and fence before coming to a stop. the 2 people onboard thankfully only suffered minor injuries. but we did later learned, but they were, in fact, taken to the hospital and take a look at the south bay, san jose. police are investigating a crash that happened in the area.
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>> a santa teresa boulevard and santa a show avenue the black car crashed into a trees you can see and the driver died at a hospital. no word yet on the driver's identity or what caused the crash. san jose police are also dealing with an increase in hit and runs this year. in fact, this morning, the 21st pedestrian >> was killed in a hit and run accident. our conference, rob nesbitt reports on how the 2022 fatal accident statistics compared to last year. >> san jose police say the woman killed tuesday around 04:45am. was not using a crosswalk on south jackson ave but that the driver who hit her fled the scene, adult female pedestrian had been struck by an unknown vehicle. >> possibly a 2018 to 2022. honda accord steven aponte with san jose. police says this is becoming an all too common occurrence in 2022. tuesday morning's hit and run is the 33rd fatal traffic incident in the 35th victim this year in san jose and the
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21st pedestrian fatality. >> numbers that have surpassed last year's statistics comparison to last year. they were 25 traffic fatalities at this time with 26 victims and 8 pedestrian fatalities. investigators are still looking for the driver involved says traffic enforcement teams and patrol officers in san jose are cracking down issuing citations for traffic violations. we want to encourage drivers to follow the rules of the road, make sure that they're looking out for pedestrians, bicyclists, as well as motorcyclists. >> we all have a shared responsibility to follow the rules of the roadway. police are asking for the public's help in finding the driver involved in tuesday's hit and run. if you have any information or if you witness the accident, you can contact the san jose police department. if you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact the silicon valley crime stoppers. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news hate crimes here in california are at their highest level in 2 decades. >> state attorney general rob bonta reveal today that his office found hate crimes rose more than 30% statewide.
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>> between 2020 in 2021, they also found the black community was most frequently targeted by hate crimes, hate crimes against the asian community rose more than 177% and hate crimes based on orientation. rose nearly 50%. >> our state will always be a place where people. all people are welcome, a place of freedom, a place of safety, a place of opportunity. that is the california promise, a promise that now means even more as we have seen our rights and our safety roe did as a result of recent supreme court decisions. >> law enforcement officers have started cracking down on hate crimes a little more as well. according to that report, the number of hate crimes cases filed for prosecution are up by 30%. >> well, the 4th of july is just days away and safe and sane. fireworks are now on sale in several cities around
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the bay area. those are fireworks that are considered legal in some cities because they don't fly up in the air and they don't explode. one seller in dublin is recommending customers to shop. now. >> we have really large packages that have all kinds of large fireworks some smaller sparklers that the kids always really like. but we are we don't have a lot of project, a lot of places on a lot of projects. so we definitely recommend everybody come down on the scene or and this year before you right now. >> and the advice there also is be ready to pay a little extra for fireworks this year. >> we'll take a look at this picture you are seeing about 500 pounds of illegal and dangerous fireworks. police in santa rosa say that they found them inside of a home. a 31 year-old jaime moreno and they arrested him yesterday. >> meanwhile, petaluma officials say that they collected nearly 20 pounds of fireworks from sunday's turn in event, the city's police and fire departments hosted that giving people the
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opportunity to surrender any may have had no questions asked. officials say most of the turned in fireworks for the type that are designed to launch up in the air. and of course, those are illegal here in california. >> same story the oakland police and fire departments are also teaming up to collect your on wanted fireworks. you can find firework collection barrels at 6 fire stations. the oakland police department wants everyone to know all fireworks. even those marked as safe and sane are illegal. the department will issue fines ranging from $1000 to $10,000 along with possible jail time. >> okay. you can still enjoy fireworks without shooting. watch yourself. join live in the bay host olivia horton. as we bring you the fireworks shows in san francisco, concord, moran and san jose kron four's july 4th live will air monday night at 9. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at more parties. how airbnb is
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banning parties at its listings over the holiday weekend. is this your next vacation? coming up, we're going to take you inside the giant luxury hotel that could soon be sailing. high in the sky. looks cool. plus a wild encounter in the east bay between a man and 2 people trying to steal his car. we're going hear from the neighbor who woke up to the sounds of gunshots this morning. i was a
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wild encounter this morning over in pleasanton for a man spotted 2 people trying to steal his car. so he grabbed for his gun forcefully to call. talk to a neighbor who said he heard the gunshot. >> just before 5 o'clock tuesday morning, geoffrey mcfadden hooked up to 3 gunshots outside his home in the canyon meadows neighborhood of pleasanton when he called 9-1-1, he says dispatch told him police officers were already on the way with neighbors have been pepper sprayed their rents turns out the victim was pepper sprayed after confronting 2 men who police say were attempting to steal his car while one of the suspects was inside the vehicle and the other standing by outside. and you heard what he believed was the shot. >> so being in possession of a firearm that he was legally allowed to have. he pulled out his firearm and fired 3 rounds sergeant marty bill says there have been no reported gunshot wounds at nearby hospitals. so
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he says it's likely none of the bullets hit the suspects who sped out of the neighborhood in a pickup truck. we believe that this time is an isolated we don't believe the public needs to, you know, be concerned >> a trend or anything like this pretty dangerous thing to do to confront somebody that >> break in your i wouldn't i wouldn't do that. but everybody's got the right to protect themselves and their property is still calling. police is the safer choice in pleasanton phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> closing arguments in the scott peterson trial been delayed after one of his attorneys tested positive for covid. that hearing was set for tomorrow. it is now rescheduled for august 11. it will be the last chance for peterson's lawyers to prove he received an unfair trial due to juror misconduct and it could result in peterson's original murder conviction being overturned. he would then have to face a brand new murder trial. socialite
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ghislane maxwell will spend the next 20 years behind bars for her role in the jeffrey epstein scandal. maxwell was convicted of 5 federal sex-trafficking charges. prosecutors say she recruited and groomed teenage girls for epstein. they had initially asked the judge for a 30 year sentence during today's sentencing hearing. maxwell apologize to the victims. >> next on kron, 4 news at 9, a tech hold back. major tech companies have announced waves of layoffs in recent weeks. a tech expert will be joining us live to discuss what that means for the future of silicon valley. plus, how one southern california restaurant is dealing with a a shortage. but first, airbnb permanently bans parties its listings. but you need to know before making getaway plans for this holiday
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>> now at 9.30, airbnb is banning all parties and events on its listings. effective immediately and indefinitely. well, kron four's justin campbell spoke with the company's representatives on why and >> how this might affect plans for this 4th of july weekend. >> the vast majority of our pows also do not want parties taking in their properties. stay being bright. director of trust safety and communications with the airbnb says if you don't have a history of positive reviews or any at all on airbnb, you will not be able to make a one night booking over the 4th of
9:31 pm
july weekend for folks in that situation where they just haven't had reviews at an airbnb. the hope is that they can earn that trust that trust will have to be gained on a non-holiday weekend when the restrictions will not be in place. right says last 4th of july, 800 people in san francisco were not able to book a space due to anti party initiatives. there are people who don't care, right, says the company will also soon get rid of the 16% occupancy cap, particularly helping large beach holmes beach homes that have 70 rooms and can comfortably fit. you know, 17, 18, 19 we're going to allow them to do that now going forward, all customers will have to adhere to party policy, which means some people may not be able to book this holiday weekend reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news, all signs of challenges for the tech industry. big names in silicon valley like twitter and facebook. >> they're cutting jobs. yeah.
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netflix recently announced it's laying off 300 people and francisco based cryptocurrency exchange coinbase an ounce. it's getting rid of 1100 jobs. in addition, according to the wall street journal, some companies like twitter are even rescinding job offers. so what does this all mean for the tech sector and specifically the silicon valley? our tech expert, burton kelso joins us now to discuss all of that. not a good sign. it's a. >> it's not a good sign. but at the same time, the tech industry is not in danger because companies, even though companies like facebook or i should say, metta are are slowing down as far as hiring. it's the companies that are dealing with. cryptocurrency and that are relying on venture capitalist to fund those companies that are laid off because obviously these companies want to last long term. so they want to make
9:33 pm
sure that they're not burning through money. that's special to the the of inflation. so it's makes perfect sense. but some of the recent headlines like elon musk saying that is going to have to lay off people with tesla and of course, with netflix and they're having to lay off people because of low subscribers and always cause a panic and it makes people and the tech industry take a step back because obviously they want to last through recession and see what happens in the long haul. >> and how does a pending twitter purchased play a factor here and all this and their company in particular hiring. >> since the twitter deal is up in the air. people are just taking their time and saying, well, we want to see how this is all going to play out before we take on and hire more staff because elon promised a lot of new changes with twitter. but with the
9:34 pm
deal up in the year, everyone's just going to hold back and see what's going to happen in the un. >> so so what do you think is kind of a i don't know the canary in the >> coal mine. is this a bad sign for labor in general? because we're hearing that the you know, labor right now is pretty solid. >> it is in the tech health care, financial and just general it in general. but those industries are fine. it's just like i said earlier, the cutting edge industries like crypto and company that are not wanting to take out loan that are the ones that are just stepping back and saying, well, we need to just stop hiring and keep the staff that we we we we currently now. >> can't imagine what kind of position some people must be. an after an offer was rescinded. i've heard some people actually uprooted completely from where they were at came to this area to basically create a new life for themselves. and then we're told, hey, you know what, we don't have the job for you. so that's pretty alarming from
9:35 pm
silicon valley. we typically perceive it as a full of money. so is this some kind of a bad omen for the rest of us? >> no, not at all. it's unfortunate that a lot of college students or promise jobs and of course, these job offers or rescinded. and of course, if they've come from overseas, it makes ordeal a little bit more painful. but i think if you are an employee looking to get into tech, you understand that the industry followed 2 and that it can change at any time. so, yes, the story is tragic. but at the same time, that's just the way the tech meant. tech industry just constantly changing. if you're going to survive, you really need to just make sure that you have a backup plan so that you can try to stay in the industry. not, then, you know, you need to just move on and do something else. so, burton, we remember, you know, elon musk talking to his tesla employees via twitter. >> you know, just saying basically, hey, if you want to come back to the office, you know, been a c a right. what about all those people who
9:36 pm
wanted to just work from home is this? china part of that as well of these companies and saying, ok, we're going to shed these jobs. that's a good question. i don't know if it's necessarily that. but at the same time there comes some risk. >> when you have remote employees, especially when it comes 5 or crime. so obviously it makes it a good scenario for most tech companies to have a there are people and houses opposed to having remotely. now, obviously cutting it to companies like coinbase, which is pretty much all virtual with everyone working for own. it's a little bit different scenario, but you know, if your virtual then obviously you have the overhead that you don't have to worry about. but in house and just kind of makes things a little bit easier in companies are able the function better. >> so it seems none of us are any industries immune. thank you so much to our tech expert burton kelso, for joining us. >> thank you. thank you. burn. have a good evening you
9:37 pm
>> now to an update from san jose period on station. investigators say that a suspicious package that was found at that station earlier has been rendered safe and caltrain is now working to get the train system back on track. in other news, fda advisers have recommended updated covid booster shots that would target some form of the omicron variant. the panel's vote allows regulators to authorize a new formulation of boosters which the biden administration hopes to be able to offer to americans before an expected winter surge, both pfizer and moderna have already been testing booster shots that target omicron. but neither have been developed an option for the new subvariants. governor newsom is raising more questions about whether he'll run for president in 2024. >> his reelection campaign just bought more than $100,000 worth of ad time on cable tv in full now the commercials are set to start running on july 4th, but exactly what
9:38 pm
they say is a nobody knows that quite yet. even though newsom had previously said that he's not interested and running for president, he had recently increased national posturing with increasing criticism of republican led states. >> we've got a little fog forming along the coastline now, but there's going to be whole lot of fog coming year future. very soon to show you where coming up next. and in sports, the a's get new life in the bronx. but was it enough to get the fight? the best team in baseball? sports director jason dumas has the highlights. coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the a's have a lot of losses this year, the most in majors, in fact. but yesterday may have been the worst. one of them all. oakland, look to bounce back tonight in game 2 of their series with the yankees and despite all the losses a's fans they travel. well, ac one in the bronx right there. bottom of the second marwin gonzalez. he take this one on a right to right field. solo homerun is 2 to nothing. yankees. the bottom of the second to the top of the night. now, still 2, nothing. sean murphy, he appears to, you know, ground out to end the game. but guess what? they call a catcher's interference. you can see that they're what makes this ironic. murphy was called for 2 catcher's interference. is
9:42 pm
yesterday. so they have life. and guess what? they make the most of it. elvis andrus. he drives in murphy. it's 2 to one. all right. tony kemp at the plate with the tying run on that won't do it. he ground out to short. that's your lose 2 to one. they look to avoid that sweep tomorrow morning. it was a rough day in the office for serena williams said this was her first competitive match in a year and she lost in the opening round at wimbledon to harmony tan. she lost 7, 5, 1, 6, 7, 6, in 10, 7. serena has been dealing with injuries over the past year. so naturally rumors of a retirement have surfaced a hamstring as really look great. when asked about that today, he simply said i can't answer that. of course, the 40 year-old has 23 grand slam titles and she is known as one of the best athletes to ever walk this in a shocker to
9:43 pm
absolutely no one. russell westbrook has opted into the final year of his contract with the lakers. it will make 47.1 million dollars next season. good for 3rd. highest in the nba behind steph curry and james harden. westbrook had a rough year with the lakers. la entered the season with huge expectations. championship or bust. they said they didn't even make the playoffs. westbrook had one of the worst seasons of his career. so it appears both parties will have to try to figure it out next season because moving back on track certainly won't be easy. all righty that if you look at sports, we
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9:46 pm
>> we have some news here to report a small brush fires have broken out. it happened earlier this evening in livermore. she can see there on county's fire department posted these pictures from the scene. the fire burned 2 acres, an area of north livermore and hartman road. >> good news is the forward progress has stopped. let's go to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow now for more on the ongoing fire weather here we go into fireworks season to write everything so dry out there from drought conditions and all the heat we've had recently got to be careful. >> point across the side of the road, of course, don't throw cigarette butts outside the window either. >> care for the barbecues and
9:47 pm
in your long as you could cause a spark. and that's all it's going to take these kind of conditions. but the good news is got a little relief from the fire conditions. coming up, we're going to see a stronger on shore push. you can't really see here. but there's some fog begin to move it along the coastline and more of that on the way. i think the stronger sea breeze in the air quality is looking very good all around the bay area from the coast, the bay and even the valleys. you're looking at some nice, fresh air moving in right off the ocean water. so yeah, enjoy. we'll see that sea breeze again. picking up as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. more of a southwesterly component is here are right here. you see the arrows and by the afternoon tomorrow we're looking at again, some winds 20 plus miles an hour gusting that high. so they'll be some gusts in some spot, but not as windy as it was this afternoon where we had some gusts over 30 miles per hour. now it's still going to be hot. the central valley. you've got 104 in the forecast for fresno, one. 0, 2, in bakersfield about 95 degrees in sacramento about eighty-four degrees in los angeles. but we'll see more of that fog on the way. just couple patches out there right now. the models are starting
9:48 pm
to pick up on and it's going make a a pretty good run overnight tonight as high pressure begins to weaken, that has loosened up the atmosphere a little bit. lau, low clouds and fog push further on shore. so we're going to see that in the bay tomorrow morning, maybe into the delta, maybe some of the east bay valleys as well. then that breaks up lots of sunshine by the afternoon. only to make return again as we head into thursday morning. in fact, a push on thursday morning. and that's where we'll see some more significant cooling look at the fog make its way all the way into the sacramento valley. and usually when you see a push that deep and temperatures will be much cooler, in fact, we'll see the numbers maybe drop a good 10 degrees by thursday afternoon. again around the bay area tomorrow, not bad. you're looking 60's in the san francisco cool 50's 60's coast side, though, with that breeze blowing out there as well. and that fog sitting along the coast inside the bay, you'll find more sunshine toward the middle of the day in the afternoon. the temperatures little bit cooler outside very warm in the south bay tomorrow, 70's and some low 80's there instead of the hot 90's in the interior valleys. we're talking about some upper 80's. i think in the warmer spots around tomorrow afternoon. the one exception,
9:49 pm
maybe vacaville, you might sneak in low 90's. there by tomorrow afternoon. but to get back toward the coastline, get the idea those temperatures cooling off come to the 50's that breeze blowing in the afternoon as well. still about 70 degrees as you head toward a vote on 78 in petaluma next few days going to start to cool down those temperatures more so as we get to friday and saturday, here we go into the holiday weekend. yeah, like it or not, we've got more fog your way. that's what's going >> it always seems to happen just in time for the which is trying to forget the level that i mean, if it comes into low, right, the cloud. there's red glow. crush the cross. our fingers and we're getting a look into the future of luxury well, a hotel design is going viral for its ambitious take of the future of hospitality in the sky. reporter sloane glass gives us a sneak peek of the sky. crews flying hotel. >> i mean, this nope. it's actually a luxury resort.
9:50 pm
travelers and adrenaline junkies could be in for some exciting news. a new cgi video details. what could be the world's first flying hotel. the hybrid design by youtuber has she mall golly showcases what the future of transportation may look using environmentally clean nuclear fusion to power more than 20 engines. the sky crews flying hotel is set to carry 5,000 passengers and has been designed to neverland. the ai piloted vessel plans to remain airborne for months at a time and comes complete with a gym, a pool and a massive shopping skeptics were quick to call out meant engineering challenges needed to pull off a dream miss bit. for starters, nuclear fusion doesn't exist yet and whether or not the technology could ever be placed on a jet and taken into the sky is a whole
9:51 pm
other question. critics also pointed out the possible ball catastrophic result if an aircraft powered by a nuclear reactor was to crash labeling the sky cruise has a new titanic and warning viewers that a malfunction could destroy an entire city a lot of people make weight this to like the hindenburg meets the titanic, even if they could afford a flight on this thing or a hotel. stay. >> that's hovering in the air. you know, i don't think a lot of people are going to want to do it. you know, even if they could afford it. but even with all the naysayers, tech lovers are praising the outlandish idea, hoping that it will inspire a new generation of innovators and a future of carbon less. air travel has a a technologist for a living as a future. the last person to put down any kind of ambitious idea like this. i mean, i have the science fiction like ideas comes reality. >> and perhaps faster than we realize. but when we haven't
9:52 pm
even seen this in action and an aerodynamic experts are questioning this, it's just a computer generated video as a tease. you know, for 2 expect this over the coming years is is ridiculous, maybe one day. but i think there's a few other mountains to climb. first. >> all right. that's per times call for creative measures. how one theory in southern california is turning to customers in search of sir raj of the hot sauce in shortage.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> well, we've been reporting about a shortage of almost everything, including sir rochow, which is pretty sad. if you love know, restaurant. southern california is so desperate for the chili sauce that it's actually offering free food in exchange bay. you in east hollywood is offering free food in exchange for an unopened regular sized bottle of sriracha customers can get a been mi sandwich chicken, a popcorn chicken for summer rolls. the hot size course been in short supply lately after severe weather ruined this year's harvest of peppers. use to make sriracha. despite the shortage, though, the restaurant's owner says the promotion. he's already been a big hit with customers. who are at least willing to part with their >> the response has just been. >> really amazing. you know, folks coming in, somebody's trying to bring in like a half motto was like, this is what i like. we can accept it. >> appreciate it. but it's coming in with.
9:56 pm
>> 2 bottles, 12 bottles, my baking school friend shelby brought 24 bottles in. >> 24 bottles. that stuff is pretty hot. it's tasty. according to the restaurant, they go through more than 300 bottles of sriracha a year. >> now, well, down to this, a bear captured on video sifting through a safe prescriptions been in mammoth lakes. the video is from last night outside the police department there. and police said that the bear thankfully did not consume any medication. still, the department is taking this time to encourage people to dispose of their medicine completely inside of the been just a good reminder that they're okay. but you have heard of their all right. >> oh, dear. at now to something serious, i just coming into our newsroom. this is a life picture of what's being called the rices fire that is burning right now in nevada county. it's currently at 510 acres according to cal
9:57 pm
fire. evacuations are under way. and we'll certainly update you on that route. does not look good. well, that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. >> but we have more news. still ahead, a tent pam and catherine are here. we're here. that's right. vicki nl and we will, of course, update that fire situation. also coming up at 10 o'clock, the supreme court and abortion protection by overturning roe versus wade. but what might that decision to problems around the infertility? we hear from local doctors. also san jose struggling with a spike in hit and run incident. you put in. >> a fatal accident again today. what police are asking people to do those stories and more next at 10.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> i for fertilize days makes a healthy baby. can we freeze every owes? can we test embryos to exclude genetic diseases? >> now at 10, the decision to roll back reproductive rights for women has already been made in many states across the united states. but what will this mean for those women who might struggle with infertility? good evening,


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