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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> as an american. i was disgusted. unpatriotic. it was an american that we're watching the capitol building get defaced over a lie. >> tonight at 5 scathing testimony from a former aide to trump white house chief of staff mark meadows who says not only was a former president aware in advance of the possible violence, it could have erupted at the u.s. capitol on january 6th but ignored guidance to express their concerns. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4
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news. i'm ella sogomonian and i'm vicki liviakis the house january 6 committee held a last minute hearing today and unveiled new information. >> on what happened on january 6th and the days leading up. >> our washington, d.c., correspondent basil john has the latest details and he's joining us live from the capital. >> well, the gala, good evening. and yes, today's hearing consisted of testimony from a senior aide who used to work under the former chief of staff mark meadows and she described her experience as a disappointment. >> i'm the acting president taking it to the capital. now. tuesday, cassidy hutchinson, a former white house aide described how former president donald trump became aggressive when the secret service refused to take him to the capitol. on january 6th president reached up towards the front of the vehicle. the crowd at the steering wheel. mister angle grabbed his arm. so it certainly to take your hand off the steering wheel.
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mister trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle. in the build-up to the riot, the committee said dc metropolitan police spotted multiple individuals of firearms and underneath that back in folks are stocked with the >> weapon on his right a cat. 3 men walking down the but kate, office saying the hutchinson said trump was upset that metal detectors were used to prevent armed supporters from attending his rally. i don't think care that they have weapons. >> they're not here to hurt me. take that thing. the way. we'll watching the riot play out on television. hutchens at 6 chief of staff mark meadows was an emotional. he almost had a lack of reaction. the hutchinson said she was disgusted when trump tweeted the former vice president mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done. it was. unpatriotic. it was an american that we are watching the capitol building get to faced over a lie.
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>> now, hutchinson said that meadows did seek a pardon from the former president reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. >> a moment here. i mean, that's just some incredible testimony about the secret service the president lunging for the the steering wheel and grabbing a clavicle. have you heard anything from the secret service and in response to what was said at today's hearing? >> well, from an official statement, we did see that the secret service said that they would continue to cooperate with the january 6 committee, especially with the information that has come out from today's hearing. there are some rumors going around right now on on twitter and other social media saying that the man in question body angle that you saw was mentioned during the hearing, he said that he would actually be willing to testify, saying that this actually did not happen. so this turns into a possibly he said, she said moment of what actually did take place. what actually did
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happen if if there is full cooperation, then we can expect that the january 6 committee will not hesitate to bring someone like that on in order to get more of a clearer picture as to what happened on january 6. but is that something that we could see happening in the next few days? possibly not. january 6 committee said that they will not be holding more hearings until july, but they could surprise like they did with this one and they can plan something for the end of the week. right? ok? thank you very much, basil. john, reporting for us live from washington, d.c., tonight. >> thank you, basil. and coming up at 5.30, we're going to hear and speak with political analyst to michael yaki on the the former white house aides testimony today and how it could help bring charges against former president donald trump. >> onto our top local story now on the peninsula. 2 people are recovering after surviving a plane crash in san carlos today. thankfully, their injuries were so minor. they didn't even need to go to a hospital. kron four's. dan
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kerman is live at the scene for us and has details on the investigation into what exactly happened. dan? >> well, i'm an airport way right now in airport ways. the road right outside the airport when this plane lost its engine power and actually touch down on this street first before crashing into the guardrail than the fence and then arriving on airport property. cessna lost power shortly after takeoff about 11 45 tuesday morning. >> it circled back in hopes of returning to the san carlos airport. but it didn't make it touching down. instead, just short of the airport, an airport way before crashing through this fence. the aircraft touched down right there and bounced and then hit the fence right here. >> went over the fence landed way you see it back. there are right now. the plane suffered major damage after slamming into the guardrail and fence before coming to a stop. the 2 people aboard the plane walked away with minor injuries and
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were taken by private vehicle to a local hospital. it's a very critical time. >> in flying to have something happen. but pfeiffer is a retired united airlines pilot. he says there's little time for decision-making shortly after takeoff. and the golden rule is if possible to continue in the direction you're going and set the aircraft down there, not turn back after you reach a certain altitude. there's a tendency to try to turn back to the airport. get on that. >> from where you just took off from. and if you don't have enough altitude, this is the result. >> airport officials say the plane was just 200 feet off the ground when it lost power. now, the faa has already been on scene as part of their inquiry into this. the ntsb will also be investigating. >> live at san carlos airport. dan kerman kron. 4 news. all right. pleasanton man opens fire on 2 car thieves after being.
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>> pepper sprayed while attempting to stop the theft of his car. this wild encounter. happened early this morning. kron four's philippe call spoke with a neighbor who reported the gunshots. >> jeffrey mcfadden sleep was interrupted at around car 50 tuesday morning, 3 or 4 gunshots and some yelling he reported the shots fired to the pleasanton police department. officers responded to a parking lot in the canyon meadows neighborhood and found him and mcfadden's neighbor who had just been pepper sprayed the expect something like should pretty nice neighborhood in this complex. turns out the victim was pepper sprayed after confronting 2 men who police say were attempting to steal his car while one of the suspects was inside the vehicle and the other standing by outside. and you heard what he believed were the shot. >> so being in possession of a firearm that he was legally allowed to have. he pulled out his firearm fired 3 rounds
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sergeant marty bill says there have been no reported gunshot wounds at nearby hospitals. so he says it's likely none of the bullets hit the suspects who sped out of the neighborhood in a pickup truck. i would say this is rare for know that the h 2 is looked into putting its security gates. >> and that in the past, they said that it's not, you know, they didn't want to spend the but maybe the delta said it's worth it to to get the security gates. police also recommend calling 9-1-1 for help rather than approaching people committing a crime in pleasant. a fleet of all kron. 4 news. >> meantime, california attorney general rob bonta released new numbers on hate crimes today he held a press conference in sacramento to release last year's data. his office found hate crimes rose by more than 30% statewide between 2020 2021. that's the highest level in 2 decades. they also found that the black community was most frequently targeted by hate crimes while
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hate crimes against asian community rose. more than 177% and hate crimes based on orientation rose nearly 50%. >> our state will always be a place where people. all people are welcome, a place of freedom, a place of safety, a place of opportunity. that is the california promise, a promise that now means even more as we have seen our rights and our safety roe did as a result of recent supreme court decisions. >> more law enforcement officers have started to focus on holding people accountable for suspected of hate crimes, too. according to that report, the number of these types of cases filed for prosecution up by 30%. >> san jose police are dealing with an increase of hit runs this year this morning, the 20th pedestrian was killed in a hit and run accident. our kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how the 2022 fatal
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accidents stats compare with last year. >> san jose police say the woman killed tuesday around 04:45am. was not using a crosswalk on south jackson ave but that the driver who hit her fled the scene, adult female pedestrian had been struck by an unknown vehicle. >> possibly a 2018 to 2022. honda accord steven aponte with san jose. police says this is becoming an all too common occurrence in 2022. tuesday morning's hit and run is the 33rd fatal traffic incident and the 35th victim this year in san jose and the 21st pedestrian fatality. >> numbers that have surpassed last year's statistics comparison to last year. they were 25 traffic fatalities at this time with 26 victims and 8 pedestrian fatalities. >> police are still looking for the driver but say that more often than not fatal crashes involving pedestrians are caused by someone violating the rules of the road. we're making sure that our traffic enforcement teams are out patrolling the areas that are motors units. they are issuing citations for traffic violations. police are
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asking for the public's help in finding the driver involved in tuesday's hit and run. if you have any information or if you witness the accident, you can contact the san jose police department. if you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact the silicon valley crime stoppers. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> and just to kron 4 news room, there is a fire burning in fremont that's blocking the right lane of southbound 8.80. it said maori avenue. this is video from the citizen app but the left and center lanes are open and if you are in the area, you can expect delays. you can see that fire off in the distance there. it's unclear where the fire is originating but this is a developing story and we will, of course, bring you all the latest details when we get them into the newsroom. >> meteorologists to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to talk about condition or every day. we're just talking
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fires, right? seems like in the afternoon. it just seems like this is what's going on right now on this one other occasion, see one of these spot fires popping up again. but this one, the much more populated area that makes us a bit more dangerous. mary avenue you can see right here, you can see 80, 80 a little further to the south and right, just about the at the 80 them, our mary avenue where they come together. that's where we expect the fires, the winds, not all that bad. we're seeing a west northwesterly wind about 9 to 11 miles per hour. so right now, as far the weather's concerned, it doesn't look like the weather is going to be a major factor whether that's going to run very fast. in fact, the winds are not that strong down in that area right now. but certainly this time of the evening hours, those winds can pick up a little bit of would be unheard of to see those winds start to move up closer to 20 miles per hour. well, those homes in and around that area, i'm sure they're going want to get that fire out as soon as they can. of course, we'll keep tracking the fire situation there in the weather conditions in and around the fire right here on kron 4. >> well, coming up, the fda is considering a recommendation
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for an updated covid vaccine. booster will tell you when a final decision could be made. >> and at least 50 immigrants are found dead in a trailer in texas. what officials are saying may have led to this gruesome discovery. >> plus, pharmacies limiting the purchase of emergency contraceptives. kron. 4 news at 5 continues in just a at 5 continues in just a moment. it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> high court's decision is sparking high demand for emergency contraceptive pills. supply is dwindling, forcing retairers to limit purchases. amazon is temporarily capping sales of plan b pills at 3 products per week. stores like cvs rite aid and walmart are also implementing restrictions. plan b can be sold without a prescription and is meant to be taken up to 3 days after unprotected. california state lawmakers are ramping up their response to the supreme court's decision to overturn federal abortion protections. our ashley zavala explains action they're taking this week. >> california democrats doubling down on their efforts to make sure the state can be an abortion sanctuary. in a post roe v wade world to reproductive freedom state, california must be prepared to treat patients or seeking care in the state. the assembly judiciary committee tuesday passed a pair of abortion-related bills aiming to boost access to the procedure for those coming from in and out of state sb
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11. 42 establishes a fund using a blend of state dollars and private donations to increase funding for abortion services for low-income california s and out of state residents. the bill would also create a new website with information on abortion resources across the state, california planned parenthood says it's already seeing an influx of out of state patients seeing on average 1500 ops ii patients each month that our health opponents flag their concerns with the fund may create a >> national abortion trafficking system open to widespread abuse and fraud. the other bill passed in committee sb 12. 45 it would set up a pilot program in los angeles county to expand and improve access to abortion for those in and out of state. the update comes a day after lawmakers approved an amendment to the state constitution to guarantee the right to an abortion and contraception, which voters will ultimately decide in november. governor gavin newsom also signed an executive order this week prohibiting state agencies from sharing medical records and patient data and out of
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state abortion related investigations. the governor posting this message to anti-abortion states on twitter. >> california will not cooperate. make this clear. we will not cooperate with out of state investigations. are politicians trying to extradite doctors in california who provide care to add a state patients. hear the finalized state budget which is expected to pass this week, includes 200 million dollars to expand access to abortion in the state. plus, hearings continue this week to consider more abortion-related bills at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> to the north bay rohnert park. police are looking for a man suspected of sexually assaulting women on a county trail. police say that this happened on the smart train multi-use paths between southwest boulevard and rohnert park expressway over the weekend. women who have been walking on the path reported that a man driving a black mountain bike slap them on their rear ends as he rode by then just yesterday, another woman reported that a man on a black mountain bike chase her and exposed himself.
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she hit him with an object before he took off. police describe the suspect as a hispanic man between 18 and 20 years old. heavyset with dark curly hair. and police said that the suspect was wearing glasses and orange shorts with smiley faces on them as well as having a black shirt or sweatshirt. so if you do have information about this person, rohnert park police would like you to give them a call. >> police and half hours searching for this burglary suspect who stole several firearms and power tools. the suspect is connected to at least 3 burglaries this month on canyon road mount vitor road and diamond mountain road. deputies are currently patrolling those areas where the burglaries happened. if you have information about the suspect, you're being asked to contact napa police. >> and for your health, fda advisers have recommended updated covid booster shots that would target some form of the omicron variant. the
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to authorize a new formulation of boosters which the biden administration hopes to be able to offer americans before an expected winter surge. both pfizer and moderna have already been testing booster shots that target omicron. but neither have developed an option for the new subvariants. well, the time a live look outside right now, downtown san francisco on >> glorious day. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to let us know things are cooling down by the coast but inland it looks like you can't really escape the heat. yeah, it was hot again. 90's in the valleys again today. but i think >> that will be i think after today i think we'll see those temperatures drop back down into the 80's in parts the bay area. temperatures really going to start to cool down around the bay. area's high pressure begins to weaken somewhat moving eastward, but still a lot of sunshine, even toward the golden gate bridge. looking good out there. just a light breeze at this moment. the things they are going to be changing as we're going to see. well, temperatures a little bit hot inland sitting at 92 in concord in the
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central valley, 100 degrees in brentwood, 87 degrees in pittsburgh. and you're looking at 91 in fairfield, 80 degrees in fairfax. 79 in the bottle and 82 degrees in the napa valley. all right. here it is. we've got the latest. the winds kicking up again, that sea breeze starting to blow around the bay area. the fog mixing out a bit today. so it sunshine along the coastline. those winds, yeah, get a little gusty in spots now gusting to 30 into san francisco. 26 at sfo. but that on shore when you see it there, south where southwesterly wind carrying all that nice, cool air further on shore where they need to because those temperatures get a little toasty over the past couple of days. but things the other really beginning to change now in the atmosphere today, a nice day, but you've got all the circulation now for the north. so that rotation here, that system is going to slide to the east that could help to kick that ridge a little for the east as well. and then there's another system that's well off in the gulf of alaska. really the aleutians that's just developing now. and that is going to be pushing across the pacific to bring us some much cooler air as we head into holiday
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weekend for tomorrow. we'll see that patchy fog out there along the coastline. some of that inside the bay early in the morning, then clearing in the afternoon. so instead of hot, it will be warm inland. put on some 80's in the valleys. still 15 60's out of the coast. all right, lauren, still ahead, britney spears acts will. >> go to trial for stocking the celebrity performers on her wedding day. what a witness testified about the incident coming up. also, facebook is under fire with the justice department after discriminatory advertising practices with homeowners. >> the changes that the company is promising to ensure equal access when buying a home.
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>> the department of justice and meta, formerly known as facebook have reached a settlement to reverse the platforms, discriminatory advertising practices in the housing sector. raquel martin has that story. >> meta, formerly known as facebook is promising to make sweeping changes to its advertising algorithm to prevent housing discrimination as a part of a settlement with the department of justice. meta says it's building a new system to quote, ensure that age gender and estimated race of the housing as overall audience matches the age gender and estimated race of the population eligible to see that ad. the settlement comes after the u.s. department of housing and urban development accused the platform of violating the fair housing act by targeting as to some users
5:26 pm
while excluding others. now meta has until december to make necessary changes to avoid further action by the department of justice. but here on capitol hill, some lawmakers say they're onshore. medic can be trusted to live up to its promises. we're going to do to stay on top of the missouri democratic congressman emanuel cleaver heads the financial services subcommittee on housing. he previously wrote a facebook complaining about their on fair housing said too. >> and this is a cupboard. you know, you you're going to get some personal to to to this. labor believes the platform needs permanent oversight to ensure new discriminatory practices. don't read up here. if we took eyes off medal there's no john looking up in washington. raquel martin. >> coming up kron, 4 news at 5. russia accused of another war crime following an air strike that killed at least 18 people. what the president of france is saying about it and delta air lines. pilots are
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going on strike. up next, we'll let you know when and where. >> and explosive. new allegations revealed during today's hearing on the january 6th attack on the capitol. our political analyst michael yaki joins us to talk the highlights from today's surprise hearing. ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano.
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>> and new allegations about former president trump revealed that today's last-minute january 6 hearing
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an aide to former white house chief of staff mark meadows, recounting what she heard from a security official on january 6th. the bombshell testimony accusing the president of becoming >> irate when he was told that he could not accompany his supporters to the capitol going as far as allegedly lunging at a secret service agent and grabbing the steering wheel for comment on this. we are bringing in political analyst michael yaki once again. thank you for joining us. michael. so this committee has invited many witnesses. they've showcased a massive body of evidence already. why was it so urgent to bring in today and how much more helpful can her testimony be to their case? >> but yes, we spoke about last night. there was a little mystery about why this is happening. a lot has happened. so suddenly, but when when it was leaked out that there is issues about possible security, the witness, my first thought when to cassidy hutchinson, she's someone who is close to mark meadows. she's been cooperating to fit committee sort


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