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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  June 27, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning, everybody. it is 06:00am on this monday. june 27th. i'm james fletcher i'm stephanie. lynn, good morning to you. let's start off this monday with a check of the weather and traffic with john shrable. hey john. hey there guys. it is definitely a nice one out there so far this morning. but you're pretty typical. >> fog and cool weather to start things out before a really warm afternoon around the corner. embarcadero and treasure island to be seen in the distance. can't see much of the east bay, though, is that fog is stripping a lot of the bay area. here's some good news for most of its. it's sitting right above us. that means that bridge level. we're good to go aside from the
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golden gate where visibility is being affected, where we're seeing most of our issues isn't hillsides right across the bay itself. so watch out for those pockets of lower visibility 50's for most of our current temperatures. san jose and brentwood are in the 60's though, in fairfax, our coolest of spots at 46 degrees right now. skies will clear out really quickly. once the fog burns off and then it's off to a very sunshiny and for inland areas. very warm afternoon cooler. just around the corner, though. and i'll be talking that cooldown in your full forecast on to the roads. well, the bay bridge is looking. okay. we are seeing fog on it. it's sitting above it, which is just making for a great start. metering lights just turned on. so that backup really hasn't form just yet. still taking you 14 minutes from the base to fremont street san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive across the and the richmond center fell only taking you 7 minutes while a drive across the golden gate from 37 to the tolls will take you the typical 18 minutes. james, thank you, john 6, 0,
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one is a time. some breaking news from overnight. one person was injured in a police shooting in vallejo. according to the police, the incident started as a traffic stop in fairfield. >> the driver apparently didn't stop and instead led officers on a chase. police say that during that chase, the driver now identified as patrick paul started shooting at officers. one of those shots actually hit the driver-side headrest of the police car narrowly missing the officer. police used a spike strip in the end to stop that car in vallejo. and that is when police say hall started shooting at officers again. and that is when officers returned, fire hall was hit. he's been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. no officers were injured. we'll keep you updated on any sort of motive behind this chase. well, 3 people are dead. 5 others injured. now after a car crashed into an amtrak train in brentwood yesterday afternoon. >> apparently happened right around. 1 o'clock on norwood road. yeah. some terrifying moments there. the east cost
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contra costa fire district says 2 adults. >> were taken to the hospital and child was airlifted to get medical support as well. we're working to understand the condition of those victims at this time. also, some breaking news overnight to we had one person dead after a car crash on westbound 80 at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> the accident happened around 9 o'clock last night with the chp saying the car crashed into a barrier, then rolled over and hit another car. firefighters found the victim in apparently suffering a cardiac arrest. they try to save him. but that person died at the scene. >> meanwhile, in albany, the cleveland fire prompted evacuation orders yesterday afternoon. the grass fire burned right near some eucalyptus trees on the west side of albany hill below. i-80 3 different fire agencies help fight this fire officials evacuation orders just before 7 allowing people to in the area to go back home. there's no word yet on what caused this blaze.
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>> all right, 6, 0, 3 is the time. and it's now up to states to determine how abortions are going to be handled in their states. and many of them are reportedly scrambling to clarify their laws. reshad hudson has the latest for us from washington, d.c.. good morning. now that abortions are back in the hands of the states. the nation's governors are weighing in on how to move forward and what it could look like in their state. >> i horrified as are so many women who are 50 years old or in my generation that the thought that my daughters will have fewer rights than i've had virtually my whole life. michigan's governor gretchen whitmer says abortion remains legal in her state due to a judge last month granting a preliminary injunction temporarily blocking the decades old law. but south dakota governor kristi noem told cbs news abortions became illegal in her state. >> immediately after road was overturned, south dakota's.
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>> you know, under our past several years and has stood for life and defending life. >> and here in washington, protesters were back in the streets with even more demonstrations across the country. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is calling for federal protections access to abortion like other medical procedures should be available across the board to all people in this country. south carolina senator lindsey graham calls it a great day for the conservative movement. for all of you who've been working for 50 years to let members of the house and the senate and presence that would put constitutional conservatives on the court. your day finally arrived and the next legal fight will be whether states can ban fda approved abortion pills reporting in washington. reshad hudson, back to you. >> president biden called on congress to take action. and we asked our political analyst michael yaki. if there's any chance, a bipartisan effort in the senate to protect abortion
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rights. here's what he said. >> not to stir a and this is this point. i really what? whole. this whole action. this decision is the culmination a very concerted effort by fundamentalists right wing part other republican party since making agency election around the reagan to take control of the supreme court and eventually overturn roe v wade, which has happened 3, not just not just a return, it they've got it in entire that they removed the idea that there's any right to privacy, any right to choose any control over over your own? we productive choices from women. >> since supreme court justices are appointed by presidents and confirmed by the senate. yaki also stressed the importance of voting in the next election and making sure your voice is heard. >> well, the ceo of planned parenthood affiliates of california is weighing in on this reversal of roe v wade, jodi hicks says friday's
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decision was impossible to prepare for, but the california has already been seeing an increase in out-of-state patients looking for help getting the abortion care. they need. >> the decision back the supreme court to not act and intervene when texas since 2 did their affected our clinics back in september? so since one state it banned abortion september, we've had about 1500 folks coming from out of state already. >> well, hicks is expecting those numbers to increase following the decision. however, she shares people seeking help that it will be there and available for them here in california. for more information and analysis on the supreme court's ruling and the overturning of roe v wade and its impacts. you can head to our website at kron 4 dot com that qr code will take you to a special page where we put all that information there for you. >> a big story we're also following for you this morning. help is on the way for california drivers.
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governor newsom in the state legislature have agreed on inflation relief. yeah, families could end up if this goes through with more than $1000 in the bank. this comes as gas prices have started to come down just a little bit across the state and here in the bay area. >> rapper sarah stinson is live for us in burlingame to explain. good morning, sara. >> yeah, people at the pumps have been dealing with prices of everything going up and they've been wondering when are our state going to help will finally over the weekend, some progress was made. the governor and legislature reached a budget agreement that would give people some money. just how much will it take a look. take taxpayers who make $75,000 a year would receive $350 and then they got families making up to $150,000 receiving $700 with an additional $350 for any dependents. now people making between 75 $225,000 did get $250. you can see as as you go
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down the list at the end, it's $200 for individuals who make 125 $20250,000. this money on your screen could reach your bank account by late october, certainly by the end of the year. they said at the very latest beginning of next year, if this gets passed for sure, this money makes up 9.5 billion dollars and is a part of the overall 17 billion dollar relief package that also includes rent assistant for eligible californians. state leaders are also suspending sales tax on gas. they want to have that suspension go into effect october first and last one year that would provide $0.23 per gallon of savings. so this plan, hopefully it gets passed after the legislature gives its final approval to have more hearings about this today. something we'll continue to follow. in the meantime, we're going to check in with people at the pump. see how they feel about this. i mean, people, of course, will be glad to get money in their pocket. but do they
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think it's enough to date again? soon enough? we're talking months out of receiving a pending. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in burlingame. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, sara. >> and some good questions. she's hopefully going to get answers to. >> now in the east bay, face masks can come off again inside most buildings in alameda county. >> that decision went into effect on saturday. the county says they've lifted the mandate says the covid case rate is improving. masks, though, will still be required inside of health care settings, correctional facilities, homeless shelters and long term care facilities. alameda county became the only bay area county to reintroduce an indoor mask mandate. earlier this month. and people took to the streets to celebrate the 52nd annual pride parade in san francisco. many shared with us on what it felt like to celebrate in person. and after the break, we'll break down. triple a's travel forecast for 4th of july weekend. >> that's coming up.
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>> and today is set to be the hottest of the forecast for many inland areas will take us into the 90's for san jose. it will be the mid 80's oakland and san francisco. closer to 70. i'm talking much cooler weather just around the corner. all still to come. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right.
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>> welcome back. some scary moments unfolding at yesterday's pride festival in san francisco to tell you about. police say they responded to multiple reports of people fighting as festivities were winding down. you can see just behind me here, a large fight on video between at least 2 people just outside the bill, graham, civic auditorium. this is right by civic center plaza near where that parade ended. and we do have video from the citizen app from the taken from around that same area. police say that there were reports of a shooting near 7th and market street, but they did not appear to have been credible reports. but officials do say that there was a person spraying what appeared to be mace into the crowd. >> and that forced the event to be shut down police to stick around for several hours after that fight die down. at least one person was handcuffed. no reports of any serious injuries. in just before all of that, though, thousands of people from all
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over the world attended yesterday's pride parade in san francisco. >> after being canceled for the last 2 years due to covid this year's event was marked by both celebration and protest kron four's. charles clifford has more. >> well, here along market street on sunday, san francisco pride parade has returned. the parade is actually the culmination of a months-long series of events for san francisco pride. there have been block parties concerts over the last couple of weeks. the parade actually hasn't happened since 2019. that's because of the coronavirus pandemic along market street on sunday. lots of people just happy to be back. we are so glad to be back. absolutely. >> i just see everybody here. yeah, it's my first time. so. >> there's also a sense of purpose here. a lot of frustration with recent decisions by the u.s. supreme court. it's very that it's bringing everyone together, you know, and love, but coming
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together to protest. and it's like cool to see everyone else that like agrees and like everyone that's protesting. hear about that as well as prime community needs to get together an exhibit like this. a lot. >> and there were one big community in san francisco, charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> well, 6.15, is the time. let's get to the weather forecast with john. find out what today has in store starting off on a good note. >> yeah, it's looking little foggy out there to touch him. >> put on gray to blue. that's the way it's going to go today. definitely on the foggy to cloudy side this morning for most of us that fog and cloud cover sitting right above the bay. this is the south bay right here, san jose, as you're driving out this morning, watch for pockets, a lower visibility, especially those hillsides. now skies will clear out really nicely. fog will burn off. then it's off to the sunshine this afternoon and little too much sunshine for inland areas doesn't mean that temperatures will have a chance to rise to the very warm us. they'll be getting this week climbing well to the
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90's for areas inland across the south bay east bay and the north bay. now tomorrow is going to be another warm one pretty comparable with what today is offering us what the time highs still climbing into the 90's for those inland spots moderated at the cosa 60's and 70's out that way. by wednesday. we start to feel a bit of a cool down and this is long overdue for some of those inland spots that have been in the 90's for a while. now wednesday, we cool into the 80's. stay that way into thursday. before friday, july 1st, we're cooling into those 70's for the same spots. now,d let's focus on today for a second. it's 60's and san francisco at the coastline. pretty familiar stuff there. your sunshine this afternoon after a foggy start, 70's and 80's for most of our bayshore cities today, south bay temperatures range from the 80's to the 90's with san jose. 85 degrees. fremont up to hayward right at 80 pleasanton livermore, danville, walnut creek and concord, still hanging out in the 90's. in the meantime, san
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leandro, oakland, berkeley and richmond only in the 70's very hot spots today, antioch in vacaville at 97 98 degrees. don't expect those numbers for long. here's your inland highs highs today and tomorrow in the 90's, 80's by wednesday and thursday and by the weekend, we're only in the 70's that's that are very warmest starting off july on friday on a really cool, though, besides cities cool from the 70's down into the upper 60's to low 70's will coastal areas pretty steady remaining in the 60's. looking at our bridges this morning. bay bridge is still looking. alright, it's a 40 minute drive there. i know you've got the backup now. that's just what happens as the metering lights get. turned back on. nothing will be holding you up what you do. get through the tolls, though. san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive across it sitting under the gray. but no visibility issues on that span nor on the richmond center fell which is still a okay. an 8 minute drive across it. golden gate bridge. 19 minute drive from 37 to the tolls. james.
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>> all right. if you are still making plans for the 4th of july holiday, aaa just released its holiday travel forecast. they estimate nearly 48 million people will travel for independence day about. 42 million of those will be on the road. another 3 and a half million will travel through the nation's airports. triple a also releasing its list of the worst times to hit the road. so listen up to this. if you're leaving town on thursday, the best time to drive will be before 7. the worst time between 2 and 8 pm on friday. you want to try and leave before 10:00am on saturday. the worst time to be on the roads between 2 and 4. so make note of that. the good news is that triple a is not expecting much traffic at all on sunday. and of course, you will pay near record high gas prices. sorry to break it to you here in the bay area. a low prices have come down slightly just a bit over the last few days, the highest prices are in apple right now
6:20 am
with a price for a gallon of regular is at 6.56. it's about $0.10 cheaper in san francisco in santa rosa, the average price down to 6.42, the cheapest gas in the bay. area's going to be in the fairfield delay, whole region, a gallon of regular. there will cost you about 6.29. >> prices like that. make electric car. a little more competitive, an electric and self-driving cars, by the way, or the way the future we see them already popping up in san francisco. well, not everybody is comfortable with that thought. we've got steve spray shut talking with drivers about what worries them. >> automakers assume that we want all the technology we can get in our vehicles. but let's face it. the days of the robot taking control while we relax during the still. >> a long way off. >> and as far as many drivers are concerned, that's a good idea because they want some control over their vehicles when they drive these days. new cars come with a variety
6:21 am
of driver assistance systems which monitor and correct your driving. >> these features may be marketed as hands free systems. the insurance institute for highway safety says they are far from that. these are still driver assistance system sock drive a replacement systems. a recent institute survey of more than 1000 people showed drivers prefer or partially automated features, which let them stay engaged in driving. >> how trussville would you be of a car that pretty much drove itself? i would interested why. i know. >> i guess i'm too scared to trust it to me is dangers family that i don't see how is driving is so. >> though most consumers seem to favor driver assistance systems, not all systems off of the same degree of warnings when it comes to alerting drivers that they aren't paying attention to is the latest says that all in all to systems they get enough warning. if you take a hands off the wheel or whatever. >> yeah, they do. there's really a lack overall guidance
6:22 am
from anyone to tell automakers how these warning system should be implemented in the coming months. the institute will also start evaluating partial automation systems to find out if the safeguards they offer are effective. >> working for you. i'm consumer investigator steve well, 6.22, is the time. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the toll that the golden gate bridge is going up. we'll tell you by how much after the break.
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer
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for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. >> welcome back. happening this week, it's going to cost you more to cross this. the golden gate bridge. this is a live look at the bridge this morning. some cars moving on down on the upcoming toll increase is part of a 5 year program that went into effect in 2019. this new revenue from the toll 4 will pay for golden gate transit and golden gate ferry transit services as well as maintenance for the bridge. take a look at what the new tolls will be for fast track users. a toll goes up, 35 sets to $8 and $0.40. that whole be 8.80, for pay as you go. that's when you had your license plate registered within the system. the toll invoice rate will go up to $9 and $0.40. the carpool rate
6:26 am
also going up to $6.40. james. if you take bart, you think, but i'm not worried about that michaels not to. >> think again, bart fares are also going up starting this friday. in fact, the increase was originally set to go into effect. >> back on january first, but it was delayed by 6 months, which is now. so the cost of a one-way ticket is going to go up between $0.5 and $0.50 on average. you're looking at about a $0.15 increase per year ride money from the fair, we're told will go towards bart's operating budget, which they'll help with enhanced cleaning a greater police presence, which a lot of people have been asking for and the purchase of more and more new train cars to replace the older fleet. so money is going to get yeah. well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, a handful of states now stepping up protect abortion rights. >> their plan to turn cities into sanctuaries for abortion seekers.
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try it for free at >> we are back. it is 6.30. you can see behind us here to near white out as we've got gray skies and fog over go yes. hopefully people on the bridge back there take their time, will safely going to have to get john with the weather forecast. kind of gray. is it everywhere just by the water, for a lot of us,
6:30 am
not just the water coastal bays side all the way to the south bay, north bay inland east bay, some pockets of fog making your way out there. here's a little bit of good news. the fog is barely sitting right atop the bay. that means at ridge level most of us are doing okay. but you had a right above that. that's where you start running into those visibility issues. the you can see much of coit tower because of it. our hillsides are especially being affected. so watch that travel this morning. those pockets of dense fog are certainly providing for some obstacles. the visibility falling below a quarter of a mile burns off. really quickly, though, and that sets us up for some sunshine later today. right now, most of us are in the 50's. brett? what in san jose, your exceptions in the 60's, fairfax, on the other side of things in the 40's. while san mateo in oakland at 57 degrees right now, most of us will be looking at a lot of sunshine later today. coastal areas will be kept cool by marine layer and fog, though today is set to be the hottest day for those inland spots talking any
6:31 am
changes we can expect after that. still to come, as far as our bridges go, we've already seen how great it is out there this morning. here's a little bit of good news for the bay bridge as you're driving right below that foggy blanket. but it is certainly gray up above 15 minutes to get you from the maze to fremont street this morning. san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive across it and also just below the gray richmond center fell an 8 minute drive little back up there at the toll plaza. as you do, expect golden gate bridge looking nice. just not so clear. as fog pushes through this morning, stephanie, thanks very much, john. well, in the wake of the supreme court's ruling, attention is turning to parts of the country where abortion is still legal. a safe havens for the procedure exist primarily along the west and east coast. >> it was just a few satellites in the middle of the u.s.. yeah, you can see that illustrated here on this map. and while the number of states are moving quickly to ban access to abortion, there are handful going on the offense. >> looking to ensure that it is still a legal option that
6:32 am
move, though, doesn't have universal support. we've got nancy loo to explain. >> we're building the west within hours of the high court decision, california governor gavin newsom, washington governor jay inslee and oregon governor kate brown on the offensive newsom signing state legislation to protect women who may head west from trigger law states too pushed back. >> against those republican state legislators and governors that seek to move forward with civil actions against people that wish to travel to the state of california seeking their reproductive rights reproductive freedoms. i feel proud to live in washington because i believe that we're going to be a state. >> make space for for women to come here. >> of the states with legal protections. more than 50 million people live in california, oregon and washington accounting for
6:33 am
about a 6th of the total u.s. population. but amid the widespread support to welcome abortion-seekers to the west, those who are celebrating the decision. i am so happy i i burst into tears. those who oppose abortion are now campaigning against the proposed amendment explicitly protecting reproductive rights in california november. gavin newsom already said he's going to put it on the ballot. >> for the citizens of california to vote abortion rights into our constitution. so it's a very short term for california. >> well, attention is now turning to abortion pills in south dakota where abortions are now banned. republican governor kristi noem has introduced a bill to stop women from being able to access birth control online. now the state is in a legal battle with the federal government. and while speaking on cbs face the nation, the governor explain to this bill would ban telemedicine appointments with abortion care providers who prescribe these pills. >> this is a federally approved drugs. are you saying the state of south dakota is now going to overruled the fda
6:34 am
and decide which drugs are going to be available to its residents. >> many of those decisions are made at the state level. they absolutely are. that's what states do. >> on friday, attorney general merrick garland said the department of justice will protect women's abortion rights and their ability to access the pills they need. for more information and analysis on the supreme court's ruling overturning roe v wade, you can turn to our website kron 4 dot com. any time of day we have a special section set up with all of those stories and all of that analysis for you just scan that qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to that page. >> police say someone sexually assaulted a woman in redwood city on sunday. it happened around 2 in the morning. the woman was walking on the 2300 block of bay road. a woman she says came up to her apparently exposed himself and then tried to convince her to go home with him. she tells officers she tried to walk away and even called a friend. that's
6:35 am
when the man caught up to her, grabbed her and took her cell phone. then he ran off. police do not have a detailed description of the attacker at this time, but we are working to get a hold of one for you in the east bay. the search continues in oakland for the gunman who shot and killed a man early saturday morning. it happened on the 1700 block of broadway just before 4 on saturday when police arrived on scene, they found the victim with a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died. this is oakland's 54th homicides so far this year >> well, this week marks the deadline for army national guard soldiers to get that mandated covid-19 vaccine around 14,000 soldiers still are refusing to get the shot, even though it could force them to leave the service. that deadline is this thursday. and guard leaders say they're still encouraging soldiers to get vaccinated. currently they have about 7,000 troops who have asked for exemptions. so they're processing those. the pentagon says after thursday guard members won't get paid if they're not vaccinated.
6:36 am
meanwhile, the monkeypox virus is a globally a threat just yet at least according to the world health organization. an emergency committee says that they're closely monitoring the situation, though, with more than 50 countries now dealing with monkeypox cases. >> meanwhile, the airports nationwide delays and cancellations are soaring as airlines struggle to keep up with demand. in fact, the wall street journal says one in 4 flights are being canceled or delayed. ileana diaz has the story for us. >> line say they're doing everything they can to keep customers happy, including hiring more pilots and customer service agents. they're pushing back a week after transportation secretary pete buttigieg threatened to punish carriers that fail to meet consumer protection standards this week, united airlines became the latest u.s. carrier to trim some summer flights. the company is cutting about 50 daily flights from newark, new jersey, in hopes of minimizing excessive
6:37 am
delays and improving on-time performance. but it's been delayed twice. so. >> i'm actually trying to find an alternate flight to get back home to florida, delta, jetblue and alaska airlines have also trimmed their summer schedules. >> the increased number of delays and cancellations. also a result of fewer pilots and air traffic controllers. >> i haven't got my 2 hours waiting here for the bags. and you know, that caused me to miss my connecting flight. yeah, it's been crazy out there under staffing at the federal aviation administration is crippling traffic along the east coast. according to the industry trade group airlines for america. but the travel industry woes are not just happening here in the u.s.. >> with 2 years of pandemic restrictions, travel demand has roared back, but airlines and airports that slashed jobs during the depths of the covid crisis are struggling to keep up with the busy summer tourism season underway in europe. passengers are encountering chaotic scenes at airports including lengthy delays, canceled flights and
6:38 am
other headaches. >> well, turning back to our coronavirus coverage. pfizer says its updated booster shot shows increased immune their immune response against the highly contagious omicron variant. pfizer says its new vaccine tested on 1200 adult appears to be safe. but those results still need to be peer reviewed. so we're waiting for that. >> and we spoke with ucsf, infectious disease experts on what this new pfizer booster could mean for preventing the spread of covid. here's his explanation. >> it includes the original variant as well as a suit. variance, which is of like omicron. so it's a mixture they have different choices. they said, well, should we just increased the dose of the booster? should we omicron with something else or should we just use omicron? so it turns out if you use omicron alone, all omicron plus something else like the
6:39 am
original variants. you get 10 the antibodies being produced and it's much better against omicron than the regular booster. >> both pfizer and moderna will present their data to an fda advisory committee tomorrow. >> in the south bay, san jose's ban on flavored tobacco goes into effect this coming friday, which means stores can no longer sell artificially flavored tobacco products. mayor sam liccardo says that these products were meant to target kids. anybody caught selling them could be fined up to $2500 per day and have their tobacco license revoked. who can and premium cigars are not included in these latest restrictions. several other bay area cities have already banned the sale of flavored tobacco. and that includes san francisco, oakland. and while the creek. >> a federal court put a temporary hold on the fda's order to stop jewel from selling their e-cigarettes jewell. a san francisco company filed a motion peel to appeal a sales ban from the
6:40 am
fda on thursday. you may recall the fda ordered juul to stop selling its products in the u.s. saying jewel did not give enough information to evaluate the potential health risks of its products. the company then disagreed with the fda in its court filing san francisco supervisor shamann walton introduced legislation banning e-cigarettes in the city and i spoke with him on the latest developments in this case. >> i'm excited about the fact that the fda decided to toe due to remove the products from the shelf. we obvio%sly knew how harmful they were. they were addicting young people to nicotine and eventually tobacco. and so that's why we fought hard to ban e-cigarettes here in san francisco. just like when we benes agrees to jewel stepped in and tried to come in a ballot measure to overturn our law here in san francisco. so i expect them to continue to do everything they can to continue to young people vs be responsible and get their products out of our stores. i'm glad that, you know, the fda decided to come on board
6:41 am
and say we're not going to have a company put products in our stores that are going to be harmful to young people that are going get people to nicotine for future is to come. >> this temporary hold from the appeals court does give jewel time to file an emergency motion which the court will consider along with a response from the fda. >> still ahead, we have a new stanley cup champion kron. 4 sports director jason has the details. >> and today is set to be the hottest of the forecast. still climbing well into the 90's inland. after all the morning fog we're under right now. burns off, talking a cool down as we make our way through the still to come.
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>> 6.44 is the time the beaches in pacific grove near monterey are back open following that truck attack we told you about last week. i remember it was one at lovers point last wednesday, a swimmer was bitten multiple times, actually his arm, his leg, a stomach were injured. he'll be fine. thankfully, some fellow beachgoers brought him to shore, got him to the hospital in time on their facebook page, the pacific grove police department is warning people, obviously to be very cautious while out on the water. they say there's always a chance the shark may be close by. it's a it's a rare thing that somebody is
6:45 am
attacked by a shark. but obviously given the fact that somebody was attacked last week, that is when everybody to >> keep an eye out. yeah. i think myself personally, i will still be staying clear of the water. i enjoy the beach from a distance. yes, yes on dave. you know, you but that's how i a quick check now on our bay area. weather is a good beach going whether they're i would say maybe bayshore whether last week's spot today. no still areas staying kind of cool and stay a little grayer than the rest of us. and then those inland areas on the other side of the spectrum are going to looking at 90's and sunshine. >> so areas like oakland, that's where you want to be like, mayor, it's going to be a beautiful one. quite sour. looks a little foggy to start the day right here. we are going to see fog hanging on along the coastline for a few pockets but burn off across the rest of the bay area means nothing but sunshine for bayshore and inland cities. now today's daytime highs, i said during your last check of weather are going to be the
6:46 am
hottest of the forecast. still climbing well into the 90'g inland. so not all that comfortable for those inland areas. we've been seeing a lot of 90's lately anyway. so you've gotten kind of used to this. tomorrow is our very last day of those 90's, though, starting on wednesday, our inland spots will fall into the 80's. and guess what do you need getting even cooler after that as we make our way into the weekend, focusing on today for a moment, 60's for your highs in sf and at the coastline. temperatures right along the shoreline of the bay will be in the 70's to 80's again. this is your sweet spot today. foster city warm but nice. 81 getting again for the south bay with 80's to low 90's. and then there's those scorching hot 90's of the east bay livermore pleasanton as well as danville, walnut creek and concord, up to the 90's. while oakland, a really nice 73 san leandro at 78 hottest of spots being antioch in vacaville at 97 to 98 degrees. 80's pretty consistently from santa rosa to mill valley. a look ahead
6:47 am
in our inland areas shows today and tomorrow in the nineties. after that, it's a tease for wednesday and thursday. by the weekend. your first weekend of july. by the way, only in the 70's that's well below average for this time of year, bayside cities will fall from the upper 70's to low 70's by the weekend in coastal areas staying pretty steady in the 60's. as for bridges steady across the bay bridge this from the maze to fremont street. it's a 14 minute drive. the backup that we're seeing there really just has to do with the metering lights being back on. now, we do have a traffic hazard on 5.80, westbound. this is approaching the maze just west of the intersection of 9.80, in oakland. the right lane is being affected. just looks like a traffic hazard, right? they're not expecting it to result in too many delays, though. as for our san mateo bridge, 14 minute drive there. we are seeing a pretty steady go under the low gray. while the richmond center fell bridge. we do have a disabled
6:48 am
vehicle on one of our westbound lanes there on the bridge itself. we have multiple lanes affected and that is sending you back to a 20 minute drive across a quick change of pace right there. as for the golden gate bridge, 90 minute drive very foggy. that's about the worst you've got. as far as the fog goes on our bridges, back to you. james. thank you very much, john. 6.48. is the time in sports. some mixed news. we have the giants losing 2 games of their series against the reds. but the a's. >> they chalked up a win against the royals. some good news there. plus the stanley cup has a new champion. >> kron 4 sports director jason dumas says the highlights for us. >> the giants haven't been bad this season, but they're still looking to put together a prolonged stretch of good baseball. it's been mostly up and down all season long. sunday was the last game of their series with the reds and those a perfect afternoon to be out on the bay. the whole family had to be fun. looked at top of the 3rd. no score.
6:49 am
one on for brandon drury in center field. you know, we had this one over the right fielder's head zelle. the wrong comes into score drewery with an rbi triple red strike. first later in the inning. threes it matt reynolds. slate get all of this one. austin slater missed misplays. it goes over his head bounces over the wall for a ground-rule double cincinnati extend their lead to 4 very next batter. albert almora. he finds the hole in left. 2 more runs. come on in to score read. just pouring it on a seven-run 3rd ending anthony di funny. he's been bad this year. he had 2 outs in the inning before giving up 7 runs. reds win 10 to 3 days in kansas city. trying for their first series win top of the 6, 7, ground baby is gone. >> that's gone. solo home. run his 10th of the season to
6:50 am
nothing. a bottom of the frame. edward brooke. >> i love hot one to shallow right? the ball falls for a to see those 2 collide run scores to give the royals the lead. the runners thrown out at second. but the bigger concern is that second, this collision, chad pender, jonah bride, take another look at what happened. they both stayed down. pender eventually got up. he was okay right? he had to be helped up. he left the game with a cut on his nose in a banged up shoulder. seen this before. that hurts. but fortunately wasn't who series 7th inning. now 3 to royals. nick allen bloops one to center. it falls pender scores cristian scores score. 43 a's. they win 5 to 3. they take 2 of 3 in kansas city. >> that's their first series win since may 25th >> all right. let's head out to omaha, nebraska, college world series. >> game 2 between ole miss and oklahoma. bottom of the 8th. >> tied at 2 oklahoma's trevin
6:51 am
michael for the wild pitch. all miss takes advantage of it. that the go ahead. run it would carry a 2 run lead into the 9th. and here is the final strikeout. ole miss wins. 42. they sweep the series. that is their first world series college world series actually say tight. good for the rebels. >> stanley cup being wheeled into the arena in tampa and then late game 6. artturi lehkonen nice risk through there. find the back of the net. colorado take the 2, one lead. it would never give up that lead. the avalanche win the stanley cup. they take it in 6 its its first championship since 2001. the lightning here tonight, a 3 night. >> time now 6.51. we will be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> welcome back. interested in buying your own scottish island sound this life and who isn't? maybe didn't really come to mind. but next, the something to think this is very light. it's located in the shetland islands and that's where my dog is from the shetland sheepdog. it sits on about 750 acres includes a 17 th-century mansion and even a bell tower that dates back
6:55 am
to 18. 94. >> you also get about 6 and a half miles of coastlines. and the view should be pretty nice for this. and it could be all yours, james, for about 2 million bucks, which is, you know, less than many condos here in san francisco. you know what? you're right because i initially laughed when you said 2 million dollars, but the cap. >> that's a cop it as pretty insane. you get a lot more real estate with the scottish an little fixer-upper. you probably have to put in some double pane windows. but hey, in that church, it's a it's a project. all right. also this morning the box office, a rarity elvis presley is a biopic. elvis tied top gun maverick in this weekend's ticket sales grant a top guns in its 5th weekend. but still the 2 films report it. >> about 30 and a half million dollars in ticket sales with all the surpassing initial weekend box office expectations the top gun sequel and still go really strong. like i said, it's in its 5th week. jurassic world dominion took 3rd place that brought in about 26.4 million.
6:56 am
and i think if i read right top guns now he's officially a billion dollars in ticket sales cloud live. so tom cruise's biggest choice movie making film ever. and it's a sequel to hugely popular top gun. yeah, i still remember watching the original like, yeah, looks and i seen this new and you know not. yeah, take my dad for father's day, but we didn't get around to and so tight. it is a it is a roller coaster. i've heard very good things is phenomenal. rock producer, richardson or 3 times now. are you richard, like that that much. all right, 6.56 is the time. we'll take a quick break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. >> some relief on the way for drivers how lawmakers are planning to cut prices at the pump will see if it can help. meanwhile, some scary moments during the annual pride parade event. afterwards, a fight broke out. we'll show you how a san francisco police responded and got that taken care of. meanwhile, with the recent supreme court decision. state governors are weighing in now on abortion rights will
6:57 am
have the latest coming up in a live report. get a 10% off rebate with the purchase of 4 or more eligible samsung appliances at lowe's. like the samsung bespoke refrigerator with customizable and changeable door panels. this 4th of july find the color that fits your style. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals.
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philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning, everybody. 07:00am on this monday. june 27th. i'm james fletcher. hope you had a good weekend. yeah. and i'm stefani winded monday morning to you. let's start things off with a check of weather and traffic with john shrable page on a guy's a
7:00 am
little gray out there this morning that i know it's going to be a little extra hard to get out of bed on a monday when you're looking at things that look like this, this is the east bay hills right here. >> that low gray sitting right above most of the bay. it's causing some pretty big visibility issues and some of our hills right now as you are making your way into work. look at this blanket of clouds and low grade that is covering the south bay core, the bay area on into the north bay and especially the coast. we'll see burn off occurring. that will set us up for a lot of sunshine. but in the next couple of hours and not so sunny just yet 50's to 60's for current temps, san jose and brett, what are most mild spots at 61, fairfax, our coolest at 46 degrees. you've got oakland and san mateo sitting at 57 after this. great does burn off. we are set for our hottest in sunniest day of the forecast. we'll start to cool down after that point which all talked plenty about in your full forecast. as for our bridges this morning, some are better than others. things are holding up as to be expected


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