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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 26, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 is the number of positive covid cases decreases questions about mandates increase many people wondering at bay area counties are getting ready to roll back some of their safety protocols. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 5. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. we are now past the peak of omicron. according to officials. but the state mask mandate is in place until february 15. >> but for us, rob nesbitt, >> but for us, rob nesbitt, talk with health officers in joins us now live with more about what they're saying when it comes to lifting the mask mandates rob. can all mccrone
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spread quickly, but health officers expected to decline after the peak to be a slower process. they don't want to slow that process down process down even more by lifting covid restrictions. >> there have been a lot of positive cases last 2 months, but not a lot of positive outlook when it comes to omicron in marin county, the berrien finally started to trend downward after january. 4th, but it's not a fast process. according to health officer doctor matt willis, our case rates are going down more slowly than that, >> you know, we're now seeing about 200, 50 cases on average per day in marin county. >> and that's been the stable number for the past 3 or 4 days down 40% from the peak of omicron alameda county health officer doctor nicholas moss says omicron also peek at the beginning of the month. he's now paying attention to hospitalizations which tend to lag behind case numbers numbers are are not increasing so much day to we're at a high level. >> and we're sort plateaued.
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and i'm hopeful that that means we're going to start seeing people coming out of the hospital very soon before the first positive omicron case in the country was discovered in san francisco, the watershed, the santa clara county detected the variant doctor. sara cody says the vaccines help prevent hospitalizations, but they weren't 100% effective. and that's where we pair it >> so if you wear a mask and everyone around, you wears a mask about where a very important layer of >> protection and california masks are still required indoors regardless of vaccination status for at least the next 3 weeks. the omicron is on the decline. health officers in the bay area say it would be a mistake to lift mandates. now we do not want to threaten the progress that we achieved through those behaviors to those i can assure gifting so we need to stay the course for at least another couple weeks but i think mission encourage that we're heading in the right direction. >> health officers are also
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seeing a small number of cases subvariant of omicron called ba 2. they say that to does not seem to be that different from omicron when it comes to spread and cause of severe disease. live in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you for that. and more on that new variant that coronavirus subvariant has been identified and now u.s. health officials say we need to stop chasing short-term solutions in focus on a longer term. big picture fix. >> that will help us cope with coronavirus in the long term. washington correspondent alexandra limon explains. >> well, the world health organization monitors the spread of a new some dubbed stealth omicron. pfizer announced it started clinical trials for an omicron specific vaccine. but doctor anthony fauci says there's an urgent need for something else. the universal coronavirus vaccine that universal vaccine called up and coronavirus vaccine would be targeted toward the types of areas that are most likely to cause outbreaks. i
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don't want anyone to think the pan coronavirus vaccines. >> literally around the corner in a month or 2. it's going to take years to develop top medical officials say it's unlikely the coronavirus will be eradicated or eliminated. they say instead the country and the world should aim to get the virus under control. the level of control. >> that does not disrupt us in society. doctor anthony fauci says control will mean hospitalizations and deaths are lower. similar to the numbers from the flu. >> to help that happen, fauci says people need to get the currently available. vaccines and boosters because they still provide high protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death and won. conn is associated with less severe symptoms. medical officials warn people should not become complacent. importantly, milder does not mean mild. and we cannot look past the strain on our health systems and substantial number of deaths in washington.
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>> alexandra limon. >> the california department of public health confirmed that there are 11 cases of the new omicron subvariant within the state with at least 2 cases in santa clara county. health experts say they do not believe it's causing a more severe disease. the danish government released data showing that so far it is not seeing increased hospitalizations due to this variant vs regular on the crime in national news, liberal u.s. supreme court justice steven briar has announced he plans to retire at the end of his term this year. >> he was appointed by president bill clinton back in 1994, the 83 year-old has been a pragmatic force on the court, which has grown increasingly conservative in recent years. pryor is seen as someone who tries to forge majority's with more moderate justices, right and left of center. despite just as buyers plans to retire today, president biden was not ready to talk about his plans to fill the seat. >> there's been no announcement from justice briar. let him make whatever state and he's going to make.
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and i'll be happy to talk about it later. >> senate majority leader chuck schumer says president biden's nominee will receive a prompt hearing and the senate judiciary committee and will be considered and confirmed by the full u.s. senate with the speed during his campaign, president biden promised to appoint a black woman to the high court east bay congresswoman barbara lee taking to twitter today calling on the president to do just that and nominate a black woman to fill justice briar seat saying, quote, no black woman has ever served on our nation's highest court. i'm calling on president biden to hold true to his campaign promise and nominate a black woman for his imminent vacancy on the court. the early short list of nominees reportedly includes federal district judge that haji brown jackson and california supreme court associate justice leandra krueger, south carolina, federal judge j mitchell michelle. i'm sorry, chiles and civil rights lawyer. cheryl and i feel. in the
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south bay. 3 people are recovering from stab wounds and their attacker has died after apparently. >> being struck by a vehicle kron four's. charles clifford has the details. >> well, here in san jose, 3 people are recovering from stab wounds in the suspect in this case has died. >> according to the san jose police department, they responded to the 2100 block of on the east side of san jose around 2 o'clock in the morning, they found 3 people in a residents suffering from stab wounds. they were able to quickly identify the suspect in this case because he apparently lived with the 3 victims. the suspect had fled the area in a vehicle. they began searching for that vehicle and founded a short time later on the west side of san jose along the ends that near 85. then around 5 o'clock in the morning, the california highway patrol was investigating a fatal pedestrian accident along 85 at the ends of the san jose police department arrived. >> and determined that the victim was the suspect in the stabbing from earlier in the
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morning. now, as for why the suspect stabbed the victims, the police department says that's still under investigation. we don't know what precipitated or or what motivated this individual that to commit the stabbings. >> during the investigation, we were in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for him for attempted murder for this incident. obviously very tragic sequence of events this morning. 3 victims, their injuries range from minor to moderate. and now we have the deceased suspect. >> now, as of wednesday afternoon, either the stabbing victims nor the suspect have been identified. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> the forty-niners putting in work on the practice field today. ahead of the big nfc championship game this weekend. today, some news on several key injuries and insight from quarterback jimmy garoppolo. all 4 states mass joins us with details. jason is in the newsroom tonight. jason, how's the team doing? well, pam, the niners were back on the practice field for the first time this week as they implement their game plan
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for sunday left tackle. trent williams did not practice and >> his status remains in question for sunday. he sprained his ankle pretty badly. good thing for the niners is they know they can still win without trent williams. in fact, they just beat the rams in week 17 without him. and this group as a whole is as confident as it's ever been. it seems like ages ago when they were just 3, 5, teams usually take on the personality of its leader and no matter what you think of his abilities, jimmy g is one of this team's leaders. and despite knowing his replacement is in the same building, his confidence and attitude has never wavered. >> i don't i think just knowing knowing yourself and knowing where you are plays a big part of that because, you know, if you get lost in and start believe in some of those things that could take you down the wrong road. so. think it's just yourself as a player has a person. as long as these guys in this locker room, i have faith in me and believed and that's all i really care about. faithful travel i mean,
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it's when you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game and we knew it. i mean, before the game even started, there's a lot of red. you can see it. but once we start making plays may start get loud, just change the momentum of the game. i think. >> yeah, we're counting down those days, pam. a couple injurt updates. cornerback ambry thomas. he was limited in practice. today is recovering from a bone bruise in his knee. hopefully they can get him back on sunday. but hey, this team is prepping were just a couple of days away from that day on sunday down in southern california, pan. >> all right, jason, thank you for that other news voters are casting their ballots in special elections in early voting in san francisco on the ballot state assembly for district 17, the assessor recorder. and of course, the big issue is the recall of 3 commissioners on the school board today for says the money and talk to the 2 principal proponents of the school board recall and one of the commissioners being recalled.
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>> one of the fundamental issues for the yes on recall, the san francisco school board campaign. it is from their perspective, the board of education wasted time on other issues during the pandemic. instead of focusing on reopening schools, see the raj and other blue engine started. the recall effort. >> so the schools are open, right? so i mean, ultimately and that's what you want. it then was and go for with the recall. >> so there are a couple reasons. the one big one is learning loss of these board members don't believe learning loss happened and if they don't play that happened, they you know, they haven't measured it and they haven't come up with a plan to address it. but >> and, you know, it is for every community from black. it is that, you know, asian every off that, you know what to think of it talking about the think you guys have not focused on academics for a kid's francisco school board. president gabriela lopez and 2 former vp follow good liga and alison collins r the commission is being recalled.
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this is allison collins, first television interview says the recall begin make your best case. why you should retain your seat on the san francisco board of education. >> i was elected. really help the district. hold its promise. 2 families specifically around ensuring that each and every student has access to a safe school. and that's not just some kids, but that's all kids. in addition, yes, on recall advocates say that san francisco schools are in a crisis that covers equity budget and leadership. you need to get confidence. debate is in the community that we have good leadership. >> on the school district that can actually run things well and then focus on education. otherwise you're not going to get those back. and you look and you see the spinal to >> you know, more and more cuts as more and more families need the district. >> those against the recall are concerned that there may be other motives if you don't
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like a policy choice, you vote for a different candidate. but if we're going to disrupt and up and our whole electoral our whole process democratic process in san francisco, any time people with wealth and influence, you know, political it. let's have the ability to do so. we're putting our city at risk. the san francisco special municipal election, which includes the school board recall, will take place on february. 15th 2022. >> has it made you cry? >> coming up on kron, 4 news, a strange story and see old us fish in an aquarium in the world. and it's right here in the bay area. when we return, we're going to to introduce you to use a la. >> and after the san jose city council passed a controversial gun ordinance. a lawsuit is already filed for violating gun owners first and second amendment rights. that's coming up after the break. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. january. kind of taken
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on by now. beautiful sunset,
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>> one lawsuit has already been filed against this city of san jose. and more could be coming. this after the city council passed a controversial ordinance last night requiring gun owners to have liability insurance and to pay a fee. supporters are billing the gun reform law as the first of its kind in the nation. but it's
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calm forcefully juggle reports tonight. opponents contend it violates a gun owners first and second amendment rights. >> if it passes all of the legal hurdles ahead, an ordinance requiring san jose gun owners secure liability insurance and pay an annual $25 fee will become law in 6 months. is there anybody saying in california anymore the national association for gun rights is committed to preventing that from happening. san jose resident mark sykes and the country's largest gun rights group filed a lawsuit against the city shortly after the city council passed the ordinance tuesday night. we didn't immediately. >> because we wanted to make it very clear that there were ramifications. the passing. america's most insane gun control. the ordinance will authorize police officers to ask for proof of insurance when they see or suspect someone is in possession of a firearm on the streets or in a home. >> for now, mayor sam liccardo spines and other
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administrative actions could be taken against violators. but without the passage of supplemental state laws, officers will not take guns away unless there's a reasonable belief it will or has been used for violence. i'm confident that we're going to emerge from this litigation. with an survives constitutional scrutiny and we'll be able to implement this. the city says the annual fees collected from the ordinance will be used by non-profit organizations working to reduce gun violence, suicide prevention and gun safety classes. fact that the city of san jose >> is forcing citizens exercising a constitutional right to bear arms, particularly in their homes. they're taxing that and giving the tax money to nonprofits to then use it for speech that we all know is going to be used to criticize that very constitutional right. that is a violation of the first amendment. the ordinance does
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not specify how much the insurance will cost, but the mayor says staff research shows most people will incur little to no cost at all. >> the leap to go all kron. 4 news. >> a shooting at a restaurant in twenty-twenty left 2 people dead and 3 others injured. and now 2 years later, 4 suspects are in custody for that crime. here's a look at the suspects include 34 year-old raymond, you whoa, 20 year-old andres to last compos. 44 year-old oswaldo varela and 31 year-old atc, a era. the shooting happened back in october of 2020 at the new able we are to a restaurant in san jose. police say it could have been connected to a drug deal gone wrong after learning one suspect was involved in selling and distributing narcotics during the investigation. police say they obtained 6 search warrants that led to the arrests of these 4 suspects. the warrants also uncovered a gallon of liquid methamphetamine pounds of cocaine and pills and fentanyl among other illegal drugs various locations. 3
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other people were also arrested in connection to the crime. one on suspicion of narcotic offenses. >> well, as midweek, let's take a live look outside at a hazy sky over san francisco and the bay on this wednesday night. yeah, lawrence is at the air. pollution of this moisture here. no, pollution. building up in the atmosphere. high pressure sitting over head. we've had a bit of an offshore wind beautiful sunset. you see all the colors because of those pollutants in the atmosphere is gorgeous to look at out there, but not the best of breed. a moderate conditions for blues around the bay area. now, probably not going to prove a lot by tomorrow, either. as we've got kind of stable weather pattern here. we've seen that since after the first week in january, high pressure kind of camping. now bring some nice temperatures in the 60 civica right now. 62 and timber on 60 degrees in santa rosa. 59 in there's your big ridge of high pressure. you've got an area of low pressure to the south trying to undercut that. you've got a couple of right behind it, trying to nudge
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that ridge along. but this has been such a substantial ridge. when you get this kind of pattern in the jet stream that takes a lot to get things going usually like things come from west to east and run right across. and that means the jet stream in the doors open for these storms right now. the door is shut and that's the way it's going to stay for the near future. here you can see as we get into the next couple of really mild conditions again for tomorrow that offshore wind is going to be blowing again. and it's staying dry outside for the short term and even longer term doesn't look that impressive. now you see some of that fog off the coast line blowing away because we have that offshore wind overnight even along the coastal just a gorgeous day today with plenty of sunshine. you see the arrows here pointing back to the coastline that is that offshore wind that is blowing now. it's going to be sticking around overnight tonight and tomorrow looks like another nice day plan on these temperatures. 60 some places near 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. 68 degrees in concord. 63 and dry in oakland. 61 degrees in san francisco. meet the oldest
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living aquarium fish in the world and she lives right herf in san francisco. her name is matthew scylla. >> a 90 year-old australian long fish. she's named after a character in the bible. noah's grandfather who is said to have lived to the ripe old age of 900. 69. the fish came to the california academy of sciences in san francisco. back in 1938. and back then, researchers said she was already old. >> we know for a fact that she got here in 38, but we don't know how old she was when she got here based on the pictures that are seen in the size of her. when she arrived, she was a young then either. so i want to say maybe tack on maybe 5, 6, years just time to us here. >> seems like a pretty doll. so mellow fish. australian long fish are believed to be the evolutionary link between fish and amphibians. but do sul is handlers say she's got, as i mentioned, a very mellow personality. they say she loves belly and back rubs. she
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also loves to eat figs, but only when they're fresh. her handlers say she won't touch frozen fix. haha. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 5, the rising tensions between russia and ukraine. the u.s. has issued what it says is a diplomatic proposal to keep russia from invading ukraine where things stand tonight. and governor gavin newsome was in the bay area to make a big announcement today. what he highlighted as part of his climate change related budget.
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>> governor newsom wants california to make a big investment in electric vehicles. it's all part of his state spending plan. the governor today highlighted part of his climate change related budget as state lawmakers begin deciding how to move forward with that proposal. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> ford stood tall with the state of california standing outside of ford, silicon valley innovation center. governor gavin newsome. thank the automaker and others from moving in a new 0 emissions direction. and we are on a mission. >> to accelerate the electric adoption. the governor wants the state to spend 10 billion dollars over the next 5 years to invest in electric vehicles, including funds for trucks, buses, charging stations and money to help low income buyers purchase the cars. lawmakers last year already approved about 4 billion dollars for this purpose. newsom is requesting an additional 6 billion
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dollars. the plan is part of the governor's 37.6 billion dollar total proposed climate action package that in part attempts to decrease the state's reliance on oil and gas. california is on the tip. >> of the spear in terms of the effects of climate change in extremes. but we also all right, the leading edge of innovation leading edge of addressing with a resilient mindset, these anxieties not just for the country, but for the globe newsom's event. wednesday came just hours before the state assembly budget committee began weighing the governor's overall spending plan in its first hearing. it coming >> to sacramento, is not our money. we need to ensure that. measurable results that we can't show. with. the investments are being >> the state's non-partisan legislative analyst's office said lawmakers should focus on doing some oversight into the already big investments passed last year, including those related to climate change. we
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recommend that the legislature be cautious about creating new programs for significantly expanding its existing the committee did not take any action wednesday. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> an exit 5 more than a week after a massive volcanic eruption and tsunami recovery efforts are ongoing for the island nation of tonga. when we come back, we'll hear from a bay area shipping company working to send much needed relief out across the pacific ocean. plus, who is the front runner for filling the seat of supreme court justice steven briar? >> a bay area constitutional >> a bay area constitutional law oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it
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