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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 16, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> it was a down to the wire this afternoon, but niners fans feeling very happy this sunday night as the niners marched into dallas and upset the dallas cowboys in the nfc wild card game. and now move on to the nfc semifinals. that is where we start this sunday here on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. what a game it was. good evening, everyone. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. those eyes in the bay area. we're focused
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on. >> what was going on in dallas today as the niners try to keep their super bowl hopes alive. and one of those people. >> including us here in the studio with their eyes glued to the game was our sports director, jason dumas. jason, the diners did not make this game easy at all that day. >> no, you're right. i was focused on the game and the niners, as you said, they made it harder than it had to be. but at the end of the day, you don't get anything extra for style points. a win is a win. let's go to jerry's world and check out the wild ending in dallas hyped up jimmy jay. this is likely his final year with the niners. let's start in 3rd quarter, though, to give you some context. it looks like this is going to be a blowout. deebo samuel sees the field beautifully. he scores on the run in the niners. >> go up. 23 to 7. i'm thinking, hey, this one is over. but the cowboys scored 10 quick points after a jimmy garoppolo interception and they gave himself a chance. final sequence right here with wild dak prescott. he
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scrambles and tries to spike the ball. but as you can see, looking at getting back to the line of scrimmage runs into the rest. the rep asked the reset the ball and the clock runs out. they didn't get it off in time. the niners win. 23 to 17. they will now face the green bay packers at lambeau field. next week. they lost to the packers back at home in september all week 3. that was a wild game ended on a long field goal for the packers. so should be a good re max. that game is next week. we'll have full highlights later on in the show. >> what endemic phase of a firewall infection means is that it's not causing the terrible hospitalizations of the pandemic phase, but that we have enough immunity in the population. so it's kept down to low levels. >> other big story tonight, there is some hope on the horizon as there is growing talk in the medical community.
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but the covid-19 pandemic may soon be entering the endemic face. governor gavin newsom administration is predicting that change could happen in about a month. kron four's gayle ong has the details. >> we will not be likely masking to contact tracing, doing asymptomatic testing an optimistic view of what doctor monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease doctor is describing as the endemic will manage it. more like influenza, which is vaccines treatment. and and recommending masks for the vulnerable inside. >> doctor gandhi said the highly transmissible omicron variant can drive the pandemic in to miss city. there's incredible number of pieces of omicron in both unvaccinated and vaccinated. >> what that does is it exposes you to the entire virus and you develop antibodies t cells and b cells across the entire virus. it is a challenging period. we're going to get through this just
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a few more weeks at a press conference last week, governor gavin newsom announced the end is near and that is preparing for not the pandemic face. >> of this reality. but the endemic phase of this reality and how we live. >> with future variants infectious disease doctors are monitoring the omicron surge around the world data samples of wastewater indicates omicron is declining in boston. already that wastewater shows 40% decrease in covid. we have all turned the corner in california with wastewater covid amount, which means the amount of covid is going down. that will be reflected in our case is going down a couple of days. usually wastewater. >> a surveillance goes first. then when it comes down come down quickly. gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> meanwhile, starting tomorrow, nike is expected to begin firing its unvaccinated workers. right now. it's unknown just how many of the company's 73,000 workers have not yet received a vaccine. nike said it had planned to
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have workers return back to the office on january 10th on a hybrid schedule. those plans have since been scrapped. a new return date has not yet been announced. >> tennis star novak djokovich will not be able to defend his australian open title. djokovich is being kicked out of the country before the start of the australian open 3 judges in a court there upheld the decision to cancel the tennis star's visa. it was revoked on friday because of issues surrounding his stance against the covid-19 vaccination job act was trying to use a medical exemption to get around the requirements that everybody at the australian open be vaccinated, including players and their support. team djokovich is not vaccinated. the tennis star said he is disappointed by the court's decision, but he respects it. a new study found that a booster shot of the johnson and johnson vaccine is highly effective in fighting the omicron coronavirus variant to the head of south africa's medical research council says the booster shot is 84% effective in preventing
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hospitalizations from omicron for one to 2 months after it is received the study involved more than 477,000 healthcare workers vaccinated with that j and j shot roughly half received the j j booster among the participants. we're 30,000 breakthrough cases during the omicron wave. >> right now on kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid-19 headlines. cdc guidelines and recommendations along with where you can receive a covid-19 vaccine. just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device and you'll be directed to our website. news closer to home tonight. stockton police looking into a homicide after a body was found earlier this morning. it happened as we mentioned this morning near funston avenue in bradford street after reports of a shooting, investigators say the 42 year-old victim who has not yet been identified was pronounced dead at the scene. so far, investigators don't have any details on a suspect
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or a motive. also in stockton, a man and woman were injured last night in a shooting. police say they were sitting in their car on lower stockton road when the shooting happened. police are only identifying the victims as a 30 year-old man. and a 28 year-old woman. both of them taken to the hospital in stable condition. so far no arrests have been made. >> coming up, the potentially fatal blow delivered to democrats on voting rights just one day before their self test indicated deadline of martin luther king junior day.
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>> tonight, there are a growing number of college students that are demanding refunds for the time spent having to rim or learn remotely. the students say they're paying for an in-person experience of having to learn remotely just is not the same on top of that. the students say amenities like dining halls and gyms have had to close or just services to a much lower level that originally advertised. they argue many schools, prorated student housing costs earlier in the pandemic has a way of compensating students and that policy should be used to get for your money. tonight, the i r s urging folks to file your taxes early this year. >> because refunds are expected to take longer to process. the agency says that most refunds are typically issued within 21 days of the return being filed. but delays are expected this year for a number of reasons, including staffing shortages and covid
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related tax changes that take time to verify. opting for direct deposit is still the fastest way in order to get your return back to you. the tax filing season opens next week on january. 24th tax day. this year is april 18th. >> and we are on drizzle watch tonight in the bay area. find out which cities are expected to see some light sprinkles tonigh
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>> another french bulldog was stolen at gunpoint over the weekend in the bay area. this is t tow and he is just the latest dog stolen during an armed robbery into those owner and her mother were out walking in castro valley when they say 5 armed men ran up to them and stole the dog as far they say that the 15 month-old dog in the owners purse taken in the incident. >> later returning to her home and then stole her car kron 4 cylinder second talking to the victim's family and has the story. >> we hope care about it a little bit lower this. but to know that i can. and the the sake of the family of this 15 month old french bulldog named tito. >> holding back tears on sunday after 2 was stolen at gunpoint saturday night in castro valley. joshua, who didn't want to use his last name out of fear for his safety, says it happened around 05:30pm. he was home at the time and says his mother and grandmother were walking
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to tonir nor bridge lane when 5 armed men in a black 2019 can niro as uv pulled up, hopped out in russia, his mom and grandmom. they took to, you know, and as a running back. >> one with a gun turn around and saw my mom's purse around her waist or around her shoulder and the manafort, a purse to service and for that with her to that officer, they all have back in the suv drove off along with the purse. >> joshua says the suspects got a hold of his mom's personal information. her id and car keys. just when you think things couldn't get any worse. joshua says the suspects described as males in their late teens early 20's found their home address in came back to steal his mom's car later on that evening. they actually came back and they took the car out of the driveway. the alameda county sheriff's office says the suspect stole the victim's 2019 mercedes c 63 around 9.45. saturday night. they say the suspects, black is also a reported stolen vehicle from the oakland police department
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and has been involved with several other armed robberies, joshua and his family created this go-fund me page to help raise money for a reward fund to bring to go home. the first time we've ever >> i his. it's been amazing. everything you ask for. you know, care about anything if you have any helpful information, please contact the alameda county sheriff's office. >> and taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> let's take a live look outside right now here across the golden gate bridge on this sunday night. it's already dark out there and >> we're looking forward to a good week ahead. you know, we're also tracking some slight showers popping up in parts of the bay area tonight. here's mabrisa with the timing of where they're falling right now. >> hey there, jonathan. just seen. yeah, we're going to be on drizzle. watch. we saw trees is amount of rain last night for half moon bay, oakland and san jose. expect similar conditions tonight with most of the bay area
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remaining dry tracking showers to our south in monterey. and it is expected to inch its way but drying out as it makes its way northward into the bay area. traces amount of light showers expected for those of you in the south bay and even into parts of the east bay shoreline like oakland and berkeley. but overall, we are expecting to see mostly cloudy skies, continuing the dry outlook for the bay area. but we did cool down today, widespread low 60's in the bay area about 5 degrees above average with mild temperatures. for those of you in san jose livermore and santa rosa. all warming up in the mid-fifties. but it's looking like a spectacular night out there. the sunrises and sunsets have certainly been impressive the last couple of days in tonight, no exception as the sun has finally set this evening for those of you in the east bay over berkeley and temperatures out there right now, widespread low to mid 50's upper 50's for those of you in fremont and san jose. so still 40 with 60's even at the 6
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o'clock hour. but overnight lows tonight going to remain in the low to mid 40's slightly cooler than last night. but very similar nonetheless. thanks to that blanket of cloud cover and high temperatures tomorrow. we're going to notice mid 60's for hayward fremont and san jose. that's going to continue there as well as santa rosa. everyo e else, though, remaining or cooling down in the low 60. so it is a long holiday weekend. martin luther king junior day on monday. hopefully you're able to have the day off work and head out and enjoy it with the dry weather. great barbecue or outdoor plans. if you plan a nice run or a hike. and also we are going to see, though, unfortunately, that dry spell continuing for the next 7 days. but hopefully will notice a pattern change. let the end of the month through early february with rain returning. but from now, until then can't believe i'm saying this, jonathan just seen enjoy the drizzle while it lasts. back to you. >> thanks a breeze and national news tonight. it was a sobering day for president biden has hopes for passing
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voting rights legislation stalled despite his best efforts to get moderate democrats on board but changing senate rules. president today meeting with democratic senators joe manchin of west virginia and kyrsten sinema of arizona. >> who have both ali both stood firmly in their opposition toward changing the senate's filibuster rules. cinema speaking out on saturday saying that she supports voting rights reforms, but says that she believes that changing the filibuster will cause a further division on capitol hill. now, senate majority leader chuck schumer has postpone a vote on senate rules until tuesday, a day after democrats propose that mlk day holiday deadline. meanwhile, tomorrow is martin luther king junior day and this year the holiday comes amid this critical fight in dc for voting rights legislation. it's why the ancestors of doctor king took part in rally in arizona this weekend to push to make it easier ior every american to vote fairly.
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>> for amendment that people the right to vote in 18, 70. that didn't have bipartisan support. should former have been done that the right to vote? some of us i'm just logic here and show him that is not logical at all. >> 19 states including arizona, have passed laws in the past year. that would add hurdles to the voting process. >> next in sports, the forty-niners and cowboys that playoff game had a very bizarre ending. jason dumas takes another look at the un real final seconds in sports next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the niners made it harder than it had to be. but at the end of the day, you don't get anything extra for style points. a win is a win. let's go to jerry's world in check out how it all went down. they're the hike up. jimmy v this is likely his final year with the 9 or so soak it all in. forty-niners offense came out on fire caution and really caught a great game. eli mitchell. >> also today, too, he gets the niners on the board. first. and had a couple field goals on the next 2 drives to make it 13, nothing. cowboys finally got it going in. the
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second dak prescott finds amari cooper to cut the lead to 13 to 7. it was 16 to 7 at the half. 3rd quarter, prescott picked off right here by cohen. williams. cohen was beaten on that. mark cooper touchdown earlier. so good redemption for him that set up this deebo samuel continuing his mvp like season cuts around the back. he is gone. 26 yard touchdown is 23 to 7 good guys. let's go to the jimmy garoppolo's. this is bad to me. this is note. he overthrows travis benjamin, if intercepted by anthony brown and he returned it to the forty-niners 28 yard line. the what? they turn it into point. prescott, he escapes the pocket, finds some daylight. that's a touchdown. all of a sudden we have ourselves a game. all right. let's go to
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the way and 14 seconds left this final sequence was wild. he's going to scramble. picks up a big chunk of yards. but look at the clock tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. he tried to get back to the line of scrimmage runs into rep with direct. have to touch and they do not get the spike off in time. the clock runs out the forty-niners are on their way to green bay for the divisional playoff round after 23 17 when the ball. >> we'll have way more on sports night live tonight. in other news, it's halftime in minnesota. the warriors are down. 56 to 50. no draymond green. no, steph curry. draymond actually going to be out the next 2 weeks. bill dealing with injury will have more on that on sports night live to the college ranks. the stanford cardinal taking all the utah utes will pick it up in the 4th is the goat. tara stanford, down to lexi hall
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coming off. 3 of guys racket. give stanford the lead 21 points on the day later drive shot won't go but cameron brink follows it up. 24 11 for brink. that stuff got sister stanford wins. 83 73. they come home to host cow on friday. all right. you know, that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> jason, thank you. meanwhile, an amazing journey is in its final stretch this weekend. check this out. this is 19 year-old zahra rutherford. and for the past 150 days, she's been fun flying around the world by herself. she soared over 5 continents. and 52 countries. and was she finally touches down in her home nation of belgium. tomorrow. she will have already broken 2 world records. the teen pilot set to become the youngest woman to fly solo across the globe. and the youngest woman to do it in a little micro like playing her. parents say they hope that she can inspire others to follow their dreams.
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>> we're extremely parent. we're extremely no, don't what? she's that because it the message she screen, i go for it. people reach for the you can do so much more than you think you can. >> pretty cool story there after she travels the world. zahra says that her final destination will be visiting her favorite sandwich shot. why next? the airfield in her hometown. very cool. thanks for joining us tonight. here during kron, 4 news at 6 o'clock we'll see in prime time. >> starting good evening.
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