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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 9, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. it's been a long time for we've been keeping track him when it but he's back with us and, >> you know, good years. >> very good for the warriors. and now at 10 after more than 900 days since he last put on a warriors uniform, clay day has now come with a victory. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at
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10 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. we have team coverage tonight on the return of klay thompson to the golden state warriors. >> we start with kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, u.s. know chase center. we've been checking in with him all night long, though, will. >> talk more with jason coming up later on in sports night live will have more reaction from that. meanwhile, for fans of dubbed nation, this is a moment that so many of them, as we mentioned, have been waiting to sing. kron four's gayle ong got a chance to talk with fans at chase center. >> so excited that we got to coming back. the excited for the return of golden state warriors shooting guard klay thompson. and that even have people who see me in >> because it's my first time to see good luck to us. >> drive city. a chase center was quiet sunday afternoon. but inside the warriors shop fan stocking up on thompson gear of to 6 his head and says
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it is jersey. thompson returning to the court for the first time in 2 and a half years after being sidelined by 2 injuries. it's been a long time for actually, we've been keeping track him when it but he's back with and, >> you know, good for all loyal fans keeping track of his progress and sending nothing but well wishes we love you and it we're so glad you're back. and we know that you're going to do. >> everything that you've always that and also create new things for us, ok, you just going to be fantastic. at chase center, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> we'll go back now to jason dumas. see is actually a center for us tonight. he was there for all the excitement and that dunk. so jason, did the clay deliver?
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>> in points in 20 minutes, he had the first points of the night. he wasted no time. it was funny. steve kerr actually said that first he drew up, wasn't designed to go to clay, but clay called it on the wing in. you look around and say, you know what, i'm taking this to the rim. he went to the rim and scored and, you know, if you could just feel like it was a weight lifted off his shoulder because he was playing so freely. after that, it looked like he had missed a beat in this guy had played in 941 days. not only that just too traumatic injuries, injuries that can really end a player's career. he went through to love them to get through one, get all the way back to the summit right before you're going to return and then have another one is devastating and mentally, he said that was the most tough thing. you know, he said physically, i felt like my body was back. but mentally, i was always ask myself, will i be able to get back to the level where i'm used to? and tonight he answered a lot of those questions. we saw him do it on all 3 levels. he got
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some dunks, some 3 pointer, some mid-range game. he played great defense and there wasn't really a dry eye in the stands as he got announced in that starting lineup is really going to be one of these events that i remember covering for my entire career because this bay area has such a unique relationship with klay thompson. they've won 3 championships together. they've lost championships together. they've seen him at his lowest point when he tore his acl at oracle ak in oakland in 2019, they cheered him on and they've been with him every step of the way. and after the game, he was so thankful to the fans. so thankful to dub nation. but guess what? now? they got past this hurdle, so to speak and they can recalibrate and he's going to be a mainstay in the lineup. this is a team justine, jonathan, their 39 on the season. they have a great team. they could win an nba
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championship. so we're witnessing a special season and they have their splash brother back. all is well. >> all right, jason dumas, sliwa chaser, jason, we'll check back with you on sports night live coming up in less than 30 minutes right here on kron 4. thanks. >> let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside across the golden gate bridge. clear and cold out there tonight. let's get you ready for the start of your monday and the rest of the week. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah. even tracking similar conditions across the bay in the berkeley area. we're tracking dense, low clouds and fog. not going to be an issue tonight. instead, it's going to replaced by high cloud cover because of this storm out in the pacific. >> unfortunately, it's going to remain over the waters, not making its way on land into the bay area. could see some light scattered showers overnight just over santa rosa. but really, we're going to see a lot of sunshine after that storm cloud cover clears up for your monday morning.
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and that clearing trend going to continue into your monday afternoon. so temperatures out there right now, widespread 40's and 50's livermore. 41 degrees almost 10 degrees warmer for downtown san francisco, vallejo and palo alto in the low 50's. but just barely overnight lows pretty uniform low to mid 40's with the exception of conquered 39 degrees. so a little bit cooler there, but not by much high temperatures, though, warming up into the mid 60's for fremont and san jose in the south bay, even santa rosa nevado in the north bay warming up into the mid 60's along with the redwood city. 64 degrees. so enjoy those temperatures. everyone else in the low to mid 60's. but as you can see for your 10 at 10 outlook, it's looking like a dry one. thanks to lung acting very stubborn right now. but let's hope after the next 10 days we get that storm door back open. back to you, jonathan. just seen. >> their basic concern is to how to make it more safe. if
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we want to continue in-person school. >> the oakland unified school district is planning on a regular school day tomorrow on monday was on friday when more than 500 teachers took part in a sick out and called out over work safety covid concerns. now hundreds of students in the district say they plan to do the same thing. they've now come together. sign an online petition. >> also demanding increased covid-19 protocols or else they say they plan to walk out of class for us. taylor sackey reports. >> students at schools in oakland unified school district are now demanding increased covid-19 protocols in supplies if their demands are not met, they plan to boycott showing up for in person classes. we are demanding. >> kn 95 masks for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and rapid tests for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely
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when it rains. if district does not want to give it to us, we demand a shift. those 2. >> i'm eileen serrano is a 10th grader at nat west high school as one of the organizers of this online petition that's now gathered nearly 300 students signatures. serrano says she and her classmates began the petition after seeing increased covid cases and a lack of available testing and resources. we were really shocked when we saw how many signatures were like flooding in so fast. >> and we're happy that it's not just us that are concerned, but there's more students opted out of concern. serrano says. >> they're sending this public petition to district leaders on monday and if their demands are not met by monday, the 17th the students will not attend in-person classes for the remainder of that week until a planned strike outside the district's office building on friday. the 21st the student petition follows a plans teacher sick out on friday for more than 500 teachers called out of work sick over similar concerns.
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>> a rising cases and insufficient masks and available testing as a result. classes at 12 schools in the district were canceled. in addition to some teachers not showing up to work over safety concerns. serrano says some of her classmates have chosen to do the same in. stay at usd communications director john told kron 4 news in a statement on sunday. quote, the district is aware of the petition that usd students are circulating. we share the students concerned about the spike in omicron cases of covid-19. that concern is why we have distributed kn 95 and n 95 masks to all staff. we have also ordered enough kn 95 masks for all students. they will be distributed to students as soon as they are delivered. we have had the supplies for new covered seating spaces at dozens of schools, including new tables and shade structures on order since in some cases last summer supply line issues have slowed their delivery significantly. they're already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands
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noted in this petition and we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> parents in the dublin unified school district are also pushing for a return to distance learning so far, more than 1900 folks have signed a petition calling on the district to move back to virtual learning. some say they're concerned about the rise of covid cases and are worried about the variant being spread on campuses. dublin, unified superintendent says that they can not extend the winter break and the current state rules do not allow the entire school district to move back to online learning. >> we can district-wide. virtual learning because the legislature, the governor does not give us permission to do that like to done in the past with the executive order from the governor. and so we would have to have 100%. parents sign waiver in order for us to
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receive our ada from the state. and we know majority of our parents want their kids in school. >> the district will continue with in-person learning on monday. >> happening tomorrow, classes are canceled in the west contra costa school district. and this is
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said that parents still have the option of the district's independent study program. also, she says after talking with santa clara county health officials, the district can not offer a district-wide quarantine, which was also announced on friday yesterday. kron 4 0st told you when the santa clara county health education leaders decided to move forward with in-person learning. >> coming up here at 10 o'clock, california has new return to work. covid rules for health care workers. why nurses are saying it puts them in patients at risk of getting sick. plus, condolences pouring in tonight for actor and comedian bob second. >> found dead inside of a florida hotel this afternoon. we'll show you how he's being remembered tonight.
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limited availability in select areas. nurses association is speaking out tonight after the california department of public health released new return to work guidance for healthcare professionals. so the guidance says that those who have tested positive for covid-19 or have been exposed but are not showing symptoms. >> can go back to work immediately without having to isolate or even test. even force men to harry spoke with a registered nurse about why they are disagreeing with this guidance. good evening, amanda. good evening. the california department of public health. >> says this is just a
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temporary change due to critical staffing shortages because of the rise of the omicron variant. but the nurse i spoke to says this could lead to more transmission hospitalization and possibly death. >> it's not fair, not only for us, but it's so unfair for our patients. the california nurses association is condemning the california department of public health decision to send asymptomatic or exposed health care professionals back to work without isolation or testing. if we go to war, knowing that we have covid. >> we know that we are potentially. infecting our non covid patients. our non-covid co-workers, registered nurse and president of the cna zenni trying folk art has says we need to continue to take covid seriously. >> she says for some people the virus may be minor, but it impacts everyone differently for some people. maybe they.
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>> we just got the cold. that's well and good. but we never know what else will develop. after that comb. the cdph says this change is in preparation for an anticipated surge in covid patients. >> because of the omicron variant they do recommend that healthcare professionals that test positive try to separate from other workers and wear an n 95 mask at all times. we will do the best we can given given what we have in given the situation that we are in the nurses association is hoping that by speaking out, the department of public health will reconsider the changes are hoping and >> urging the governor and the cdph the re send their decision. because what we want is for our patients to get well. and what we want is for our nurses. >> to stay healthy and safe. >> the guidance from the cdph
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does say that before facilities implement these temporary changes, they must have made every attempt to bring in additional staff and consider modifications to staffing live in user amanda hari kron. 4 news. amanda, thank you. and governor gavin newsome will present his proposed state budget tomorrow. the state is estimated to have a surplus of 31 billion dollars. >> the governor's office says the proposal will build on the ongoing work to boost economic growth and invest in california's future. the budget must be approved by june. 15th newsom did reveal part of his proposal yesterday. we covered that for you here on kron. 4 and it includes a proposed 2.7 billion dollars for covid-19 emergency response package. and right now on kron 4 dot com, you can get the latest covid-19 headlines, including where you can find a testing site and get a vaccine. scan this qr code. that's on your screen right now with your mobile device. and you'll be
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taken to our website kron 4 dot com. >> well, the time now a live look outside at the san francisco embarcadero on this sunday night. it was a gorgeous weather weekend here in the bay area. couldn't ask for better. >> conditions. if you want some rain, though, you can have to hold your breath for a little bit. our meteorologist rodriguez is here now with a very dry january forecast. it's a dry january just in the wrong way that we're worth thinking about. >> yeah, even for bay area standards, we're tracking drier weather out there. but we are seeing some showers out there right now over the pacific. and fortunately that storm track going to get all that moisture up and so it most of it is going to stay over the pacific. futurecast for though, is going to show some showers trying to clip santa rosa by monday morning at around 6 o'clock. but really it's going to remain well to the north. we're tracking a dry outlook, not just for the next 7 days, but possibly upwards for the next 14 days as well. so we are
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going to see longing a pattern in full force. it typically has a drier pattern. even though we started out this wet season with a lot of storms, including atmospheric rivers. we are going to try to see some storms inch its way closer towards the bay area, especially by later this upcoming week. as you could see, some showers trying to make its way into the south bay near san jose friday night through saturday morning. fortunately that storm track going to remain south just south of the bay area. but future cast for, though, is going to show very dry at seasonal weather. so fortunately, not really going to track any major temperature fluctuations. we're going to stay near average in the upper 50's to low 60's for most of the bay area by around monday, about 10 days from now, most of us could even warm up into the mid 60's. a good 5 degrees above average. but overnight lows not going to be as chilly either. it's just that dry outlook that unfortunately we have to contend with for at least the next 10 days. back to you, jonathan. just seen.
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>> thank you so much. kind of some graphic video to show you right now. but with seconds to spare, police pulled a bloodied pilot out of his crashed airplane and they saved his life and right after they got him out a train, then plows right over the aircraft. the pilot was the only person on board when it went down on railroad tracks just outside of an airfield in the la suburb of a comma. la police tweeted out this body camera video. and an investigation is now underway to determine why the plane went down. but they definitely saved his life. jonathan. >> tonight, we are remembering actor and comedian bob found dead inside of a florida hotel room this afternoon. a look at the condolences pouring in tonight. some sad news
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tonight, actor and comedian bob second has died earlier this afternoon. the orange county, florida sheriff's office confirmed the death saying it happened at the ritz carlton in orlando. >> and since the shocking news broke earlier this evening, remembered says have been pouring in from around the world. reporter carlos saucedo takes a look back at his career and shows us how he is being remembered tonight. >> by the way, i want to start
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by apologizing for the way that i speak. it is again, it is shock value. it is a persona throughout the years. funny man above saggy remained a fixture in stand-up comedy, known for his raunchy humor. but it was his family friendly persona that captured the hearts of tv audience. in philly second shot to superstardom in 1987 as the lovable dad, danny tanner on full house. everybody. >> he was right. >> there's no place like home. no stranger to ktla morning show sagging. explain to our sam rubin how the full house gig was. an accident has taken away. and then i never thought or work again. and 2 weeks later, my manager called and said this show full house want you to be on my goodness. had a newborn baby and i said, yes, he would go on to host 7 seasons of america's funniest home videos. saggy later reprised his role as danny tanner on the reboot fuller house on sunday afternoon. officials in florida found say
10:26 pm
gets unresponsive body inside his orlando hotel room. second had just performed the show in jacksonville the night before tweeting out this selfie saying love tonight show the cause of death has yet to be determined. but detectives say they found no signs of foul play or drug use. the laugh factory in hollywood honoring the comedian's death sunday night with a friend member say it's >> and he was a friend to all of us. 3rd medians here. >> and was so dark and so funny. >> he just want everyone know former costars also expressing their condolences. john stamos tweeting out, quote. >> i am broken and got it. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much. body candace cameron brewer adding i don't know what to say. i have no words. bob was one of the best
10:27 pm
human beings i've ever known in my life. >> that was karl associate are reporting for us tonight. >> that does it for us here tonight on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. thanks much for spending time with those. don't go anywhere. kate rooney and jason dumas coming your way in just a few moments sports night live up next. yeah, it was a busy sports night. that's for sure. and we'll see you back here next weekend. thanks for joining us tonight.
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welcome to sports night live. i'm kate rooney, an absolute embarrassment of riches on the bay area. sports scene today do or die games for the forty-niners and raiders at of course. >> the return of one of the most popular stars in the game. klay thompson is back, baby. it took 2 and a half years, 941 days and 2 major surgeries. but thompson finally made his chase center debut tonight against the cavaliers. chase center just
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went wild. from the moment. clay stepped onto the court for his pre-game warmups and course during that emotional intro, what he actually looked the part in live game action after so much time away. right off the bat boy turns the corner and gets the land his first basket. first points of the game showing that his legacy looking mary healthy, everyone is happy play is officially back and look in. he's good now. hey, don't forget about this guy, steph curry. he had 4 threes in the first. that's a good sign because he's been in a little bit of a mini slump. flash grow late second clay turned that corner again and this time it throws one down on not one but 2 dream on is happy. players got this our own. stef just doesn't know what to do. but hey, how about the threes? you're probably wondering, well, here you go from downtown warriors up 5 at the break. he's still got it. 3rd quarter. sure. this one from
10:32 pm
30 feet. it's down 16 to 48 dubs. clay is absolutely rightfully so. we go to the 4th quarter. he steps back behind the screen. another 3 slashes down. thompson finished with 17 points in just 20 minutes. steph had 28. what an epic night at chase center team. by the way, the warriors to win 96 to 82 alston afterthought. but they play next at the memphis grizzlies. coming up on tuesday night, kron 4 sports director jason dumas getting taken an event that people paid up to 14 grand for you got in for the low price of a media credential. jason, was it as well doubt there's a looked. >> raise the i didn't have the 14 k. so luckily i had that media credential. but it was as wild in person, as i'm sure seen on the television when klay first came out for his
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pre-game routine. the crowd absolutely or update he was out here for about 10 minutes going through his routine. then when the warriors came out together for the layup lines, another rousing ovation. and then when he was announced in the starting lineup, that's when this building literally started to shake. i had goosebumps is going to be one of these events that our member for the rest of my life. as you know, we cover a lot of events in this is going to be a memory forever. it's been so long over 2 and a half years of 2 excruciating injuries. a lot of trauma first that torn acl back on june 13th 2019 and then he ruptured his achilles during a pickup basketball game a little over a year ago before he was set to come back and he told us that it was as tough mentally as it was physically just the emotional roller coaster is getting so close to coming back and then
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getting hurt again and going back to the bottom of the hill is jus days on days and on that training table, doing squats to impala metrics doing conditioning days. it was a lot to indoor, but clay, he is tough minded and as you saw in the game today, he played well, it looks like he didn't even skip a beat. 17 points in 20 minutes. he took that first play. that wasn't even drawn up for him. and he took it right to the cup. he scored the first points of the game. he had a couple of dunks as kate you showed in that highlight a couple of 3 pointers, 3 to be exact and it was really just a great day for him and like you said, it almost felt like an afterthought. the warriors got the wind, too. so klay thompson, he's very thankful for this moment because of everything he went through to get here. >> she was fun and it was worth every single day of being away. and in a squat rack on the shuttle shuttle boarded. all the conditioning
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days, it was worth every single moment and i'm so grateful to just. just compete again. it's a. it's been a long road, also proud of myself for persevering and it you know, a very special on their forget it was. quillen to win a championship. but man, it was pretty freaking close, though, especially as said of for the love that. >> and though he's been waiting for this that moment here, the crowd. >> you know that he's gone through. >> so many eyes and lows over the last 2 and a half years. that was the moment he could celebrate. you know, that journey and just go go. who knew it would be electric tonight try to visualize this moment for. >> years, really. and gosh, is worth every second and just
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>> i'm just excited. kind of get out the way now. i can get back in the rhythm of things because the last 2 years was different with rehab. and now like computer have to reprogram. i approached everything in. that's a blessing. so i'm very thankful for that ovation and the love they showed me with tonight and i'll never forget that. >> jason steve kerr said before the game that klay thompson will probably play for about 20 minutes. he played for exactly 20 minutes. so what is the plan to utilize clay moving forward? well, kate, they get right on the road after this. have a four-game road trip is starts in memphis. then they go to milwaukee, chicago and ends in minnesota. but >> that milwaukee to chicago game is on the 13th and the 14th. so >> the chicago game is a back-to-back play will play in that game about playing back-to-back. now he won't play over. 25 minute. he's going to be on a minute count just like pictures on the
10:37 pm
pitching count. they will slowly ramping back up. but they are here for a marathon, not a sprint. this is a team that is 39 tied for the best record in the nba. they have huge dreams and they want to win an nba championship and they know you don't win nba championships in january, clay has won 3 of them himself. he knows it is a marathon, not a sprint. they are going to slow play him back. but once we get to may, they're going to be firing on all cylinders and they won't be able to get him out of his game. and one more quick note, kate, obviously, you know this after the game, all the players, they get a box score. they get to see how they did after the game. clay was at the podium and he looked down at the box score and he said just looking at one of these things and seeing my name on it. >> brings chills to me. he's good, say i was a -2 on the day. i have to get better. that's not good. so he's still a tough critic as well. but and it just was a great night here at chase center and to see clay get back on the court. it's going to have to
10:38 pm
get that box score frame. maybe you should to. jason. okay. thank you so much for your report. >> it isn't just people connected to the warriors who have been eagerly awaiting clay's return to the nba hardwood. >> we spoke to a few players from around the league about thompson's come back and some of their best memories of playing against him. >> the memory that i that's burned. as the game 6. when i was in our case, showed up those bells, tough. whenever you a player. especially one, that's a that extended period of time. just seeing them come back from injury i that's just amazing. in itself may be great for the >> no player always been a big fan just, you know how he carries himself. how competitive he is. always fun playing against a good, you know, just. that brothers, you know, to believe me that it was said that he missed 2 years. i couldn't you know
10:39 pm
what i would howard respond to have to, you know, sit and watch to that at this point. my career like this point. the point is to to get but it would be great to see him back out of a series. opened his ball. and he came out, you know, i think game 6, before like in 6 foot. >> unfortunately, it. both went up to a to block the ball. came down off of season. the top 75 new snow. but i think come back at the top. but i would play against places even in college. you got 45 or so. >> that was kind of back of my mind when you play that great for the as gray, one best to ever do it as the dish and obviously been a staple in the league past 2 years. whatever stuff. i mean, we haven't missed a guy of his caliber. kind of bad investments in a game putting clothes.
10:40 pm
>s when i was in chicago used to call goes and you would go away. 40 something of a police something or did something very, very clear tops last operating as plays. didn't go great. when i look at the whole putting myself forward and get back on the court, he's just one of those guys that really enjoy watching play the game because he does it the right glad this is the 3rd match up with them are playing right now. so we've got to do it too much this year. but a back. welcome back time. the competitor one of the best shooters in this league. >> and, you know, it's just great to be able to be amazing. the play again some and see how i you you go against, you know, one of the out there. and i personally think these types whatever the nba 75 is. personally think that he's on there for sure
10:41 pm
100%. >> a lot of respect on that man's name. so glad to have him back. alright, much more to come on sports night live. we haven't even gotten to the nfl yet. buckle up. some wild action forty-niners looking to punch their ticket to the postseason. they delivered. >> on the drama, the raiders also needing a win to keep their playoff dreams alive. this time what happened in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. we've got the scoop coming up.
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>> welcome back to sports night live. kate rooney here with you. the final week of the nfl regular season. and that meant one last chance today for the forty-niners to earn a postseason berth. they had to beat the rams in la to do it. and boy, did the reading goal. take us on a wild ride. jimmy garoppolo getting the start. he had a rough 1st half with that injured taking a look at the rap there. so did the forty-niners second quarters where we'll start 10, nothing rams. matthew stafford to tyler higbee. 15 yard touchdown. i mean, it's 17, nothing ramps later in the second garoppolo. sales. into the arms of a ram obviously a problem pass picked off by taylor rapp. but jimmy company started heating up right before the half. the finds brandon. over the middle in la territory and that set up a field goal to make it 17, 3 at
10:45 pm
the half. niners taking some momentum and 30 posts and around the right side for the 16 yard touchdown run 17, 10 now only a touchdown away in the 3rd deebo. 10 to one jennings for the 24 yard touchdown. in 17, 17 tied. >> wow. what a turn of events. forty-niners in the red zone now. but jimmy g's pass is tipped and intercepted again by jalen ramsey. so the niners chance to take the lead quickly squanders. with 2 and a half minutes left. that's a lot of time for matthew stafford and sure enough he finds cooper cost from 4 yards out. so the rams take a 24 17 lead. minute and a half left on the clock. so the forty-niners drive the length of the field. garoppolo finds annual flu rumbles for a 43 yard gain.


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