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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 9, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news it's been a long time for we've been keeping track with him when it but he's back with us and, >> you know, good years. >> it was good for the warriors. more than 900 days since he last put on his warriors uniform. the long lost half of the splash brothers made return to that court tonight at chase center. obviously we're talking about klay thompson and thank you so much for joining us here during conference in prime time. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. kron 4 has live team coverage tonight.
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>> of clay day in the bay. this sunday as klay thompson returns, the warriors, we kick things off with kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, sliwa chase center. he was there. it was. clay was introduced back to the crowd, the police rock. and how did things turn out for the team tonight? >> jonathan, it was really like a full circle moment. i was there on that fateful night on june 13th back in 2019 across the bridge in oakland with clay tore that acl out the last time he played, of course, 900 in 41 days later to this day when he got announced in those starting lineups, you had goosebumps. i mean, everybody in the building was on their feet. it almost felt like chase center was shaking. you just such a historic iconic moment for this fan base for the bay area in general is one of these moments where 20 years from now, we're going to be looking back at that day when klay made his return
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because got it was too very brutal. traumatic injuries. first that acl tear back in june of 2019 and then he returns gets all the way back the offseason. he's ready to make his return. any ruptured his achilles. those are 2 injuries that could really end people's career in clay. he was able to get and then tonight he was great. 17 points in 20 minutes. his first bucket got the first bucket of the night for the warriors in traffic and he had a couple of dunks, 3, 3, pointers. it looked like vintage clay. now we only played 20 minutes because they don't want to burn him out. they don't want him to, you know, push it too much is easing back into the action. remember that long of a layoff is tough to play basketball at full speed for a prolonged period of time. so baby steps. but i mean, clay looked like he didn't miss a beat. and, you know, it was just one of those. it was just one of those nights where you're
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going to remember where you were, even if you weren't in this building, you're going to remember where you were when klay thompson came back. i mean, the crowd 90 minutes before tipoff the crowd was all waiting for him to come out for his pre-game routine. he comes out to that pre-game routine to a standing ovation during the pre-game introductions. of course, everyone chanting klay thompson and then when he was taken out tonight for the final substitution, he had a curtain call. everyone was on their feet. so i are people paid up to $1400 tonight to see that. now, i can't really afford that in my budget. but if i could, i'd say it was worth. it was a really special night and even better. the warriors win warriors when clay's clay plays great and you know, like a scene from a movie and this is just the start. this is a team that wants to win a championship and they have their splash brother back. so we're just getting started. that's right. things looking good. one of
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the best records in the nba, then you bring in some added reinforcement to help with that. >> things definitely looking good for the warriors moving forward for the rest of the season. as jason dumas us live at chase center. jason, thank you. >> meanwhile, for fans of dubbed nation as jason mentioned, 941 days. it's been since they saw klay thompson hit the court and they finally got a chance to see him. tonight. kron four's gayle ong got a chance to talk with some fans. the chase center tonight. >> it was so excited that we got tickets for this game and that is coming back. the excitement for the return of golden state warriors shooting guard klay thompson. and that even have people who see me in >> because it's my first time to good luck to us. >> drive city. a chase center was quiet sunday afternoon. but inside the warriors shop fan stocking up on thompson gear of to 6 his head and says and as jersey. thompson
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returning to the court for the first time in 2 and a half years after being sidelined by 2 injuries. it's been a long time for actually, we've been keeping track him when it but he's back with us and, >> you know, good for all loyal fans keeping track of his progress and sending nothing but well wishes saw we love you and it we're so glad you're back. and we know that you're going to do. >> everything that you've always that and also create new things for us, ok, you just going to be fantastic. at chase center, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> their basic concern is to how to make it more safe. if we want to continue in-person school. >> the oakland unified school district is planning on a regular school day on monday. it was on friday more than 500 teachers took part in a sick
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out and called out of work over covid safety concerns. now hundreds of students in the district are now coming together in an online petition demanding increased covid-19 protocols or else. >> they plan to walk out of class on for taylor bisacky has our story. >> students at schools in oakland unified school district are now demanding increased covid-19 protocols in supplies if their demands are not met, they plan to boycott showing up for in person classes. we are demanding. >> kn 95 masks for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and rapid tests for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. over district does not want to give it to us. we demand a shift. those 2 >> i'm eileen serrano is a 10th grader at met west high school as one of the organizers of this online petition that's now gathered nearly 300 students
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signatures. serrano says she and her classmates began the petition after seeing increased covid cases and a lack of available testing and resources. we were really shocked when we saw how many signatures like flooding in so fast. >> and we're happy that it's not just us that are concerned, but there's more students opted out of concern. serrano says. >> they're sending this public petition to district leaders on monday. and if their demands are not met by monday, the 17th the students will not attend in-person classes for the remainder of that week until a planned strike outside the district's office building on friday. the 21st the student petition follows a plans teacher sick out on friday for more than 500 teachers called out of work sick over similar concerns. >> a rising cases and insufficient masks and available testing as a result. classes at 12 schools in the district were canceled. in addition to some teachers not showing up to work over safety concerns. serrano says some of her classmates have chosen to do the same in. stay at usd
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communications director john society told kron 4 news in a statement on sunday. quote, the district is aware of the petition that usd students are circulating. we share the students concerned about the spike in omicron cases of covid-19. that concern is why we have distributed kn 95 and n 95 masks to all staff. we have also ordered enough kn 95 masks for all students. they will be distributed to students as soon as they are delivered. we have had the supplies for new covered seating spaces at dozens of schools, including new tables and shade structures on order since in some cases last summer supply line issues have slowed their delivery significantly. they're already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in this petition and we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> new appearance in the dublin unified school district are also pushing for a return to distance learning so far,
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more than 1900 folks have signed a petition calling on the district to move back to virtual learning. some say they are alarmed by the rise of covid cases and are worried about the omicron variant on campus. dublin unified superintendent says that they cannot extend the winter break and that the current state rules do not allow the entire school district to move to online. learning. >> history quite virtual learning because the legislature, the governor does not give us permission to do that like to done in the past with the executive order from the governor. and so we would have to have 100%. parents sign waiver in order for us to receive our ada from the state. and we know majority of our parents want their kids in school. >> the district will continue with in-person learning on monday. >> happening tomorrow, classes
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are canceled in the west contra costa school district in this is due to a large number of staff absences and an increasing number of covid cases within the school district. the district closed all schools last friday in order to clean and sanitize the facilities. and it does require employees and students to take a covid test tomtrrow and report those results before returning to in-person learning all the schools do expect to resume classes, though, on tuesday. new tonight at 8 o'clock milpitas unified school say they will now hold in-person learning for students at its campuses this week. >> friday, you may remember the district announced plans to move to virtual learning this week because of the rise in omicron cases. but today in a letter superintendent cheryl jordan said that parents still have the option of using the districts. independent study program. also, she says after talking with santa clara county health officials, the district can not offer a district-wide quarantine. that was also announced on friday yesterday. kron 4 0st told you
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when santa clara county health and education leaders decided to continue with in-person learning. >> we'll talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside here across the golden gate bridge on this clay day, that turned into a victory for the warriors. so definitely reason to smile tonight was right. and the weather. another reason for a lot of folks to be smiling as we start this new work week. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight to get ready to head out the door for the start of your monday. yeah. was a beautiful sunday afternoon. actually warmed up into the low to mid 60's for warmest inland valleys and >> we're tracking clear skies out there right now. even at this 8 o'clock hour, visibility not an issue, but we are going to notice an increase in that high cloud cover throughout tonight. temperatures, though, a little bit warmer than where we were around last night. we're tracking widespread low 50's out there right now. downtown san francisco, the warmest city at fifty-two degrees as the label and palo alto. but 42 degrees as you make your
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way inland for those of you in livermore, only warming up into the low 50's today. so about 6 degrees below average. there, widespread 40's and 50's ever. also cnn somewhat. 44 degrees a little bit milder, though, for nevado and napa currently in the low 50's and when tracker for tracking winds out of the east and that's going to change to more of a northerly flow tomorrow. some offshore winds will be present to start your work week monday with futurecast for fortunately not tracking is denser widespread, low clouds and fog. in fact, the poor visibility expected over san jose and downtown san francisco shortly after midnight. that trend going to continue in san jose by early monday morning. at 6 o'clock better lifting and clearing for your noon lunch. time hour. taking a look ahead at your next 3 d outlook. little change. we're going to stay pretty seasonal for coastal valleys, upper 50's to low 60's and also dry weather in the days ahead. details ahead. if that dry pattern is going to stick around for your next
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7 day outlook in just a few minutes. jonathon, just eat back to you. marissa, thank you. california has issued new covid related return guidelines. >> for health care workers. what nurses say the guidance is not fair for them. >> and a huge loss in hollywood tonight. the sudden death of actor and comedian bob sagging. plus, an absolutely devastating story from new york city tonight. >> an apartment fire has killed nearly 2 dozen people. the latest on what investigators say sparked this tragedy. kron 4 staying on top
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of a developing story from new york city tonight. >> we're a space heater is now being blamed for sparking a horrific apartment fire at a high rise in the bronx that killed 19 people, including 9 children. and this is coming the same week that a fired philadelphia killed 8 children. in tonight's course of people are hospitalized. >> displaced emergency crews are still on the scene. tom negovan is in new york now with the latest on the investigation. >> video shot by witnesses shows the massive emergency response. approximately 200 firefighters. the first on scene within 3 minutes. >> members found victims every floor in stair was they were taking them out in cardiac and respiratory arrest. this is a hope cope moment for the city
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of new york. some survivors were pulled out through windows, smoke billowing through the fdny says this started in a duplex apartment spanning the second and 3rd floors of the 19 story building. i was born in his >> just like this. all of the victims suffered smoke inhalation of the 63 injured. more than 30 are considered life threatening. and tonight there are patients at every hospital in the bronx and looking for don't know which hospital bringing that they're ok, the fire department that inmate was able to get us out. they said. >> follow to stay until you see why. >> agencies like the salvation army and red cross being brought in to help. >> we want to assure everyone that we will not leave you. this is devastating for all of us to find something comparable in new york. you have to go back more than 30
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years tonight, a jam packed social, happy land nightclub fire in 1990, also in the bronx. 87 people lost their lives. this is going to one of by is that we have during modern times. >> that was tom negovan reporting for us tonight. >> tonight, chp is looking into what caused an early morning crash that killed a man and shut down traffic for hours in san pablo. according to chp, the crash happened this morning on the east lanes of i-80 near san pablo dam road. officers say the driver of that van lost control hit the center median and ended up in the opposite lanes through the car's also hit that van. chp says a man in his 20's was killed. 2 other people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries in the north bay. sonoma county sheriff's detectives are searching for answers into a body found in a remote area off of highway one. 0 one in cloverdale
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friday afternoon. chp says someone flagged down one of its officers about that discovery when sonoma deputies got to the scene, they say they found a body in the field so far investigators have not released any other details. stay with kron. 4 for more information as soon as it becomes available. >> actor and comedian bob sag. it has died. the orange county, florida sheriff's office confirmed to staff saying that they found him unresponsive in his room at the ritz carlton in orlando, florida. they say he was pronounced dead at the scene. it's not clear how he died, but deputies say they did not find any signs of foul play or drug use sag. it is, of course, best known for his longstanding role as danny tanner is the dad and full house. and most recently he had been doing stand-up shows around the country just last night he performed on stage in jacksonville. bob side. it was 5th 65 years old. we'll have reaction from some of his full house co-stars coming up during kron. 4 news at 9
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o'clock tonight. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at san francisco lit up courtesy of the sutro tower camera. thio amazing view that we always love seeing. let's get you ready for the start of your new work week as you head out the door for monday. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with what can expect. we need umbrellas this week. no, unfortunately not. you could just put those away for the next 10 to maybe even upwards of 15 days. >> logging has certainly taking hold of the weather pattern. so we're tracking a very dry yet seasonal outlook. in fact, today we actually warmed up into the mid 60's for san jose 3 degrees above average there. but 6 degrees below normal for livermore. only warming up to 51 degrees when you should be in the mid 50's. so very unique microclimate forecast because of the dense low clouds and fog in our east bay valleys didn't really clear up as quickly. there. but we are tracking fairly clear dry conditions starting to notice
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that increase and then high clouds overhead for your bay area forecast and showers right off the coast out in the pacific. we take a look at futurecast for that's where they're going to stay. we have this ridge of high pressure over us and it's just going to push all of those showers and leave it out in the pacific. so we are going to notice an increase in high clouds during the overnight hours for your monday morning. but as you head out the door for work or school, we're going to dry out and clear out significantly, not even tracking much drizzle either. we're going to see a lot of sunshine and even warmer temperatures. and what we saw today as we head out the door right now for your sunday night. 42 degrees for livermore, upper 40's for concord and fremont. low 50's for downtown san francisco and oakland in half moon bay cooling down into the upper 40's at 49 degrees with overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid 40's with the exception of concord. 39 degrees for your overnight low. so a little bit chillier there. but check out all these low to mid 60's as you step
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outside for your monday afternoon. a lot of sunshine nevado, redwood city and even san jose warming up about 5 degrees above average at 64 degrees at you could see lining is she's a stubborn one. that girl really doing your thing, making sure we stay dry throughout the next 7 days. but we are going to see seasonable temperatures. that's the one positive outlook upper 50's to low 60's for our daytime highs for most bay area cities. back to you, jonathan. just seen risa. thank you. police in virginia have found a 5th victim who they say could be connected. >> to the shopping cart killer. the very latest on the investigation on the way.
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>> well, tonight, police in virginia are now saying that the shopping cart killer may have been linked to a 5th victim. officers are saying the suspect could be responsible for the death of a woman whose body was found last september in washington, dc. >> alexander hof has a closer look at this investigation. >> 29 year-old cheyenne brown of washington, dc and 48 year-old stephanie harrison of redding, california, confirmed tonight as the 2 victims whose bodies were found in a container beside this shopping cart. we are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to our examination of evidence. >> our interrogation of
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suspects, our interviews with witnesses, the fairfax county police department revealed just hours ago a receipt from the moon inn hotel in alexandria showed that 35 year-old anthony robinson of washington, dc was staying there at the same time as brown robinson named the shopping cart killer for the way he allegedly transported his victims. bodies is behind bars in rockingham county awaiting trial. it is believed that robinson used those plenty of fish dating at to lore. >> his victims. >> we believe robinson is also used the tag. >> dating app. he's facing 4 charges including murder for the deaths of 54 year-old ilene elizabeth redmond of harrisonburg. and 39 year-old to need a little rice myth of charlottesville. 8 news previously spoke with redmond's daughter. jessica is the that anybody could ever go through. and it's just it's terrible. >> tonight authorities in fairfax saying the families of brown and harrison facing
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similar grief and remembrance of their loved ones. cheyenne had a huge heart. >> and she was trusting and thought of everyone as her friend, stephanie's daughter, destiny, who told us that her mom was a beloved mother and even a better grandmother. >> alexandria hoff reporting tonight. coming up, the struggle to find an at-home covid-19 testing kit is real. and many providers are selling out of these kits and some people are now turning to resellers online. >> california nurses are hoping that governor gavin newsome can change new state guidance for covid related returns to work. a nurse tells us why they believe the rule is not fair.
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>> now at 8.30, the california nurses association is speaking out after the california department of public health released new return to work guidance for healthcare professionals. so this new guidance is that folks who have tested positive for covid or were exposed but are showing asymptomatic symptoms. >> a return to work immediately without having to isolate or undergo further tests forsman. harry spoke with a registered nurse about why they are disagreeing with this guide and she is now here live from the newsroom. good evening, amanda. good evening. the california department of public health. >> says this is just a temporary change. critical
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staffing shortages because the rise of the omicron variant. but the nurse i spoke to says this could lead to more transmission hospitalization and possibly death. >> it's not fair, not only for us, but it's so unfair for our patients. the california nurses association is condemning the california department of public health decision to send asymptomatic or exposed health care professionals back to work without isolation or testing. if we go to war, knowing that we have covid. >> we know that we are potentially. infecting our non covid patients. our non-covid co-workers, registered nurse and president of the cna zenni trying folk art has says we need to continue to take covid seriously. she says for some people the virus may be minor. >> but impacts everyone differently for some people. maybe they >> got the cold. that's well
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and good. but we never know what else will develop. after that comb. the cdph says this change is in preparation for an anticipated surge in covid patients. >> because of the omicron variant they do recommend that healthcare professionals that test positive try to separate from other workers and wear an n 95 mask at all times. we will do the best we can given given what we have in given the situation that we are in the nurses association is hoping that by speaking out, the department of public health will reconsider the changes are hoping and >> urging the governor and the cdph to rescind their decision. because what we want is for our patients to get well. and what we want is for our nurses. >> to stay healthy and safe. >> the guidance from the cdph does say that before facilities implement these
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temporary changes, they made every attempt to bring in additional staff and consider modifications to staffing. live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. amanda, thank you. with the demand at an all-time high for covid-19 at home test. >> some folks are now turning to social media to try to track down a kit. get this. according to reports, some folks are actually listing testing kids for sale on craigslist, e-bay even linked in health. experts warn it may not be the best idea. they say that fake and overpriced at home covid test are all too common and an authorized retailers often try to profit by selling the kits at a high markup. the federal trade commission has released an online guide to help you avoid being scammed by folks selling fake covid test. they're advising folks who use their credit cards so that they can dispute the charges if indeed are scammed and only by kids approved by the fda. >> california has now put in tough new restrictions on nursing homes in response to the omicron variant under the state's health order. visitors
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must now show a negative test. in addition to prove that their vaccinated with a booster, the new rules are in place now through february, 7th, but they could be extended. >> as covid cases continue to surge across america. the white house says that help is on the way. >> administration officials say they're working to provide free rapid test and numerous treatments for covid in the coming weeks. but as anna wiernicki reports, some fear that this help is too late. >> good evening. the house returns on monday from winter recess and already lawmakers say as the start the new year, their first order of business is ending the pandemic >> covid is the center of it all. house speaker nancy pelosi said on cbs face the nation that when congress returns this week covid-19 will be the top priority. but that may not mean another covid relief bill. the administration >> has not made a formal request for more funding, but it is clear from the
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opportunities that is there. despite the 6 trillion dollars, the federal government has spent fighting covid-19 so far. >> some states like california are looking for more funding as case numbers surge. again, the administration is rapidly scaling up what they are able to purchase and get out to the american people. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky said on fox news sunday that the biden administration is working to provide some relief this month. another batch of pfizer's covid-19 treatment pill was shipped out this week and the administration is finalizing details to begin shipping 500 million free rapid tests to americans by the end of january. it's unfortunate we started this late. we should have done this earlier. former trump fda commissioner doctor scott gottlieb said on cbs face the nation that many of the supplies take time to produce and ship and americans need them now need to start thinking about how we distribute these to normal a retail channels where people used to accessing health care
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services, not these government direct the channels which are going make it more challenging. people get these in timely fashion. >> the white house says they've already purchased the treatment pills and are ready to begin distributing them to americans once they're off the production line, which could be late june. for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> governor gavin newsome will present his proposed state budget tomorrow. the state is estimated to have a surplus of 31 billion dollars. the governor's office is saying the proposal. >> we'll build on the ongoing work to boost economic growth and invest in california's future at the budget must be approved by june. 15th. the governor did present part of his proposal yesterday, which includes a proposed 2.7 billion dollars for a covid-19 emergency response package. >> well, the time now, let's take a live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza on this sunday night. folks getting ready to head back to school and heading back to work. yes, or staying home to do both. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with what we can expect for
8:37 pm
monday. >> yeah, we're tracking even warmer temperatures and what we saw today for your work week monday. and we're also seeing right now i-80 at donner summit drying and warming trend there as well for the bay area. we are going to see an increase in that high cloud cover overnight. same for the sierra. we are seeing clear conditions out there. but there is going to be a weak storm that is mainly going to pass over reno and just north of south lake tahoe overall tracking a very dry outlook with partly cloudy skies for your monday. they're so truckee and south lake tahoe warming up into the mid 40's and then eventually warming up into the low 50's by wednesday. unfortunately, though, snow showers not in the cards for this for the next 7 days but enjoy these mild temperatures because we're going to see a lot of sunshine throughout most of the next 3 days. and even for your upcoming work week and into this weekend, which is going to make for safe driving conditions. if you are heading in or out of this year to take advantage of all that fresh powder.
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>> from our recent storms, stick around, though. more news and weather after the break. rescue
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teams in brazil are still searching for 3 missing people after a massive rock formation fell on to 2 tourist boats. >> and killed 10 people. 32 others were hurt with minor injuries. watch this year. officials say the region in
8:41 pm
southeastern brazil where this collapse took place had received heavy rainfall over the past few days, which wilson the rocks and cause them to come down. the brazilian navy is now investigating in pakistan. as many as 22 people are dead after their cars were stuck for several hours. >> during a heavy snowstorm, 10 children are among the dead. officials say nearly 1000 cars were stranded after several feet of snow fell sometime friday night. investigators say folks were trying to watch the snow on a hilltop when their cars got stuck. it's going to say that hypothermia is to blame for many of those deaths. >> avc hearing for pro tennis player novak djokovich is happening right now in australia. a request from australia's government to delay the tennis star's hearing by today's was rejected. and there were new documents that are showing joke of it. she was unvaccinated from covid was granted an exemption after recovering from covid in order to play in the australian open. but it was later rejected by australian
8:42 pm
authorities who canceled his visa. djokovich has been put into a detention center at a hotel in melbourne and he had traveled there for the australian open tennis tournament. we'll let you know what happens here. sports is on the way. we have more on clay thompson's return to the court after 900 days away. >> kate rooney has all the highlights and we will go back live to kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, such a center. >> for reaction after tonight's big win for the dogs. >> and a dry and mild sunday night in the bay area. details ahead on your seven-day future cast for rain outlook. coming up after the bre let's take a li
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outside right now across the san mateo bridge to help everyone had a nice weekend and is pumped up for the week ahead. that's right. and the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here to >> track all that to let you get ready for the start of your monday. >> yeah, it's going to be warmer in the low to mid 60's for most bay area cities and let's take a look at our rain outlook if any, for the next 7 days, as you can see, very dry and calm night for us here in the bay area. scattered showers over the pacific for your monday morning. and that's where it's going to remain. we're going to see partly cloudy skies monday into tuesday, even for your midweek forecast, we are going to see overnight clouds, but
8:46 pm
really just giving way to plenty of sunshine by the afternoon hours all the way through friday. and that trend is going to continue. could see some showers to that. the south trying to make its way into the bay area. but overall, looking like a very dry and calm outlook for the next 7 days. we're under that ridge of high pressure along. unfortunately is holding tight to our bay area forecast. not letting any of those storms stores open for us here in the coming days. but at least we have seasonal weather ahead of that. so upper 50's to low 60's for most bay area cities for the next 7 days. but unfortunately going to remain dry as well. jonathan, just seen back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> a moment, 2 and a half years in the making the return of one of the most popular athletes in the bay area. klay thompson is officially back
8:47 pm
back-to-back acl and achilles injuries may have kept him off the court, but you can't keep a 5 time all-star and 3 time champ down clay coming up for pre-game warmups to huge roars going up the chase center crowd. and then of course, the intro play taking the court for the first time and 941 days and his first ever game at chase. then right off the bat, clay turns the corner and get the lay in his first basket showing that leg is looking good. don't forget about the sky. steph curry had 4 threes in the first good sign as he's been in slump. go to the late second. clay turned that corner again. and this time you want throws one down on 2 calves. >> dream on his happy step doesn't know what to do and play given the snarled. but les from downtown warriors up
8:48 pm
5 at the break. 3rd quarter how about another trey for this one from 30 feet down 60 to 48 warriors. klay rightfully absolutely pumped 4th quarter. now, clay. step back behind the screen. another 3 splashes down. oh, boy, thompson finished with 17 points in 20 minutes. pretty good for his return. step on. 28 and the warriors win. 96 82, what was a pretty at that tonight at chase kron. 4 sports director jason dumas was present for one of the biggest events in bay area sports in years. jason. >> to divide and the crowd not help with the magnitude of this moment. >> yeah, okay. does certainly did. you could feel the buzz. the excitement in the air as soon as clay ran out that tunnel for his pre-game routine all the way up until his first bucket on that first play of the game is one of
8:49 pm
those nights. you're going to remember where you are for the rest of your life, even if you weren't here at chase center. just a special moment in bay area sports history and clay looked like he didn't even miss a beat 17 points in 20 minutes. he was aggressive. he scored at all 3 levels. his 3 pointers finish above the rim finish in traffic. and that's exactly what you want to see if your warriors fans, not that anyone had much doubt. klay thompson works extremely hard and we know how skilled he is, but is really just a testament to his work ethic. he's been through a lot over the last 2 years. a lot of trauma torn acl torn achilles. those are injuries that can end someone's career. klay thompson came back and he looked like he didn't even skip a beat. and the one thing that everyone noticed he was aggressive and his head coach steve kerr said, hey, that's not a surprise. >> i wasn't shy. was not that we would ever expect quite a shy. i was amazed at his poise
8:50 pm
out there is confidence. and after being out for so long. i drew the first apply. the first play up. not for him, but for him to catch and moving on. >> i should've known better. it just caught it and rose and scored. it phenomenal moment. you know, the introductions starting amazing. just hearing the crowd and the beautiful night. >> clay's actually right next to me right now, doing some postgame interiiews. this is a warriors team. they have high expectations and klay thompson comes back in those expectations remain the same. this is a team that wants to win an nba championship there. 39 on the young season they're on the short list of teams that can legitimately maker run. and now the splash brother is back. so just getting started that's all i
8:51 pm
have from chase center. back to you guys. one for the history books. jason, thank you all. so one last chance today for the forty-niners to punch a ticket to the postseason. >> they have to beat the rams in la to do it. and boy, did the red and gold. take us on a wild ride. jimmy g the quarterbacking starting nod. he had a rough 1st half with that injured thumb. there's a look at the rap on it. and so did the forty-niners down 17. nothing at one point. but they make a furious comeback. now down only touchdown in the 3rd. >> people samuel takes the pitch and present to do one jennings. the 24 yard touchdown. it's a 17, 17 tight, but the 2 and a half minutes left. matthew stafford finds cooper cup from 4 yards out. another ramps take a 24 17 lead. >> so the forty-niners going to have to drive the length of the field with 31 seconds left, garoppolo hits had a huge game, 14 yard touchdown there that i did to 24 and we
8:52 pm
>> are going to overtime. niners would win the toss. get the ball first. and robin gold. 24 yards out to give san francisco a 3 point lead. but there was almost 3 minutes left on the clock. someone suing rams dried stafford goes deep down the sidelines. he just came off. the covid list makes the game winning interception that with the forty-niners in playoffs, gm john lynch pumped up just a gutsy performance by garoppolo. he threw for 316 yards with that bad thumb. and so the niners will now travel to dallas for the wild card round. coming up on sunday. >> game time is set for one 30 pm pacific. we are awaiting the results of the raiders game if they win their game there in their overtime against the chargers. right now, we'll have full highlights of that one later on. jonathan. just in. >> okay. thank you. such a big sports night and coming up here farmer believes he has found a high tech way to keep cows happy. a farmer in turkey
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
has a high-tech way to keep his dairy cows happy while they're stuck indoors for the winter, he is fit to the animals. >> but the virtual reality headsets that make them think that they're outside on a
8:56 pm
warm, sunny day photos of this experiment are going viral online with twitter users drawing some connections to matrix films, but apparently the boxes are happier and even producing more milk. the farmer had originally tried playing classical music for the cows, but says that the dairy cows like the virtual reality even more. so he's planning on buying 10 more headsets. >> may not come as a surprise to dog owners that they can distinguish rewards from nonsense. but a new study also finds that the also recognize different languages. researchers in hungary found that brain scans show different activity patterns in the brains of dogs win nonsense. words were spoken compared to natural speech. it also showed that unique areas of the brain became more active when an unknown language was spoken versus when familiar speech was heard. researchers say that this is the first non primate species for which they could show spontaneous language ability. >> well, that wraps up kron. 4
8:57 pm
news at o'clock tonight. >> thanks much for spending time with us. don't go anywhere, though. kron. 4 news at 9 coming back in just a few minutes.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news
9:00 pm
various prided. i mean, we've got tickets to the game and kept popping and hoping and hoping that klay thompson would come back on the day we decided to come. >> oh, >> yeah. now at 9, more than 900 days since he last put on his warriors uniform. the long lost half of the splash brothers made his return at chase center tonight. and thank you for joining us here tonight. during kron, 4 news at 9. i'm justine waltman of jonathan mccall. we have live team coverage tonight of klay thompson's return back to the dubs. >> the warriors guard you may remember suffering an acl injury in the 2019 funnels. so that's when the >> warriors played against the toronto raptors, then suffered achilles injury in november of 2020 after 2 years of surgeries and rehab, they finally hit the court again tonight. picking up where he left off. >> we'll start our team coverage right now with our sports director jason dumas at chase center. he was there when klay got hurt and he was


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