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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 15, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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should have ended there or not. but in any of did you think it haha. we got down about the forecast for i think i know what the problem was, what they didn't let a quick tower yesterday member. we were talking about it right now. we have to replicate everything. we did game one friday last week. an we are wasn't left. it's kind of like the weather. you know, it's going to be how it's going to be. so just tell us, john, what's going to you know, we had the red bull. >> we have the golden gate bridge out and the wind, all the things we're supposed to be right. we're playing the game. john. i i was there and asked syria as i was in bed but i do have my giants cap this morning. just just because there you go >> i there last we are looking outside of conditions this morning that are a little chilly, but we're not going to stay that way today. we're actually going to be working our way into a really warm day ahead of us. >> in tomorrow's going to be
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even warmer yet with daytime highs climbing into the 80's on both of these. so we're getting a little taste of summer. again after what has been such a cool and at times windy week behind us. your view outside this morning at your berkeley hills. cameras looking beautiful. crystal clear now skies are going to stay this way today and tomorrow. so good chance to get outside catch some sunshine do so with the shorts and t-shirt on not worrying so much that during our afternoon hours about the wind. as for temperatures 40's 50's right now. so don't forget the jackets this morning. later on today as when can shed those right now. tom, thank you for that. we have some issues in the south bay. so traffic collision. >> this is at northbound one. oh, one north of mckee road in san jose. so we are seeing a slight delay and also a report of a fire northbound 6.80, at jackson avenue. the off-ramp there is closed heading into the city that are in the lights on right now. so a little under 12 minutes for you to make it from the east bay, too, that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes and a hot spot.
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this is in rohnert park, south. now at golf course drive the right lane and the exit ramp is closed. one 16 a good alternate but doesn't look like much of a delay daryn. james, back to you. the interesting thing about game 5 is it ended how every other game ended, which was the first on the board wins the game in that fund that. yeah. and it turns out it was. >> the dodgers who came out ahead last and fans here in san francisco, rooting for the giants are waking up a little heartbroken this morning, but it was a close game that came down to the end of the 9th inning. well, you're enjoying picking it apart. so let's take a look shower, right. so popular nights game tied. this was cody bellinger with an rbi single to give the dodgers the lead. >> that was go ahead. run crossing home plate. bottom of the ny giants down to their final let's join wilmer flores at the strikes and here he check swing go check with the
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a strike and that's the but was it a strike? i don't think he swung all the way and a lot of fans don't either. here's manager gave catholic trying to bring a little com for all of us. >> in high quality hitter at the plate that can climb back into that count. it's no guarantee of success at the end of the about. just it's just a tough way to end up. there is known for especially right now. there's no need to. to be angry about that. i just think it's. just a disappointing way to end. >> 2 strikes. i agree. not angry. just as a the dodgers move to the and the giants, of course, we'll begin resting and preparing for the wind training. >> extra 10 and and well, well prepared for spring training next year. we'll all get a break, man. it's over. yeah. enjoy the offseason's yeah, that's that's what they can
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do. say. why are bouncing back about to head with this and how about today? today bay area counties are easing their indoor mask requirement that they so they're being lifted in certain settings where people are fully vaccinated and explain all of this. we've got proper. sara stinson live for us in santa does she seem a little little bombs. look at i don't remember. that's his on the or tie emotions this morning. >> but at has some good news to report ok, let's focus on the good news. san francisco. if you work in an office, you can finally take this little mask off. >> if you're fully vaccinated course. so that's good news. it's not fun to wear a mask for multiple hours at a time. and let's head to the screens. you can show exactly what we're talking about. we wanted to break it down for you. so there's no confusion because we've gone from easements to
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more strictness. so this is the latest okay. mask can be removed at offices gyms religious gatherings and indoor college classes with less than 100 people in fully vaccinated vaccination is verified people who work at bars or restaurants still have to wear a mask customers inside. can take their mask off when they're eating or drinking proof of vaccination still required. of course, indoor masking remains in effect for retail stores, grocery stores and other shared indoor areas like elevators lobbies in public restrooms. the mayor and public health officials say the mask mandate will remain is if case and hospital rates continue to be stable or decline even further. san francisco currently is averaging 77 cases per day that's a drop from 309 cases at the peak of the summer surge. the mask mandate could ease further if case rates decline. so we've got to just keep this up and we could see mask worn even less. we talked with a tech company called
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fast in the city about their excitement to taste take the mask off in the office and what they're doing to keep employees safe. >> so all of our desks are spread out 6 feet we've got big beautiful actual windows that open. so there's always fresh air and a breeze coming in. we've got no shortage of places for people to wash their hands. and we have a real culture of staying safe. we know we don't want anybody to get sick. and that really permeates our entire culture. people are very respectful of that. so it feels like it's ok to take off our masks knowing that we have the added precautions in place and knowing that everybody in the building is vaccinated. >> i'm asking is still required on public transportation at hospitals jails schools and they're still recommended to be worn when you're even outside in a large group or crowd. so if you're in that big crowd, it's recommended to put the mask on. >> and of course, if you ever just feel like you want to where you can still wear it. but now at least it eased for
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those who do feel comfortable in say, an officer, a private gym where, you know, everyone we know is fully vaccinated. it's been verified reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to you, ok. thanks for the good news. it will be ok, sarah. >> let's go to the north. great rain county is also easy. mask requirements. we told you this was going to happen to. so it's kind of a similar thing like san francisco. >> also contra costa county. they're going to be in lifting their mask mandates starting next month. >> happening today. we have workers at some businesses in berkeley now having to show proof that they're fully vaccinated for covid if they want to keep their jobs. and this is similar to other cities like san francisco and san jose kron four's, camila barco is in berkeley with more on what it means for business is good morning. >> and good morning. so yeah, that list continues to grow. more cities in the bay area are requiring employees to show proof of vaccination. and now the city of berkeley is doing the same. here is where
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take a look at your screen. this goes for restaurants bars theaters, gyms, any indoor events with more than a 1000 people and all public and private child care facilities know any person who works at the sites must show their vaccination car card or they have to get tested for covid weekly. and this goes for employees contractors and volunteers as well as custodians maintenance and other workers who enter those businesses. this includes after our employees workers can file for religious or medical exemptions, but they must provide a signed letter. however, they will still need to provide a negative covid test for work. if you remember the city also enacted the same rules for customers last month. so as of today both workers and customers must show proof of vaccination at the places i mentioned earlier. but at this time it's unclear what the consequences are. if an employee refuses to show proof of vaccination or
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get tested. however, 93% of people who live in the city of berkeley and are eligible for a covid shot are fully vaccinated and darya james, the city of berkeley has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot for me on. >> well, bart is the latest agency now to require its employees to be fully vaccinated as well. the policy will require all board members and employees to be fully vaccinated by december 13th with exceptions only for medical or religious reasons. now officials say there are more than 800 employees that still aren't vaccinated. so that's a big number. >> we know that vaccines are in the best way to stop the spread it's so important for us to take action to do that. additionally, we need to ensure that we continue to have reliable service. am park service has been impacted by covid. >> well, the union representing more than a 1000
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bart workers, including station agents and train operators is pushing back now they say testing option should also be made available adding that this plan would be devastating to bart service beginning next week. bart's general manager will sit down with the union at the bargaining table over how the policy will be implemented not whether to be implemented because bart says it will be. it's just a matter of how. >> happening today. the hayward unified school district is going to offer covid vaccine clinics on some school campuses and we have a full list right here with all the dates that they're having these clinics. the first one has at mount even high and that is today. >> and then you can find the other ones. are they all run from 3 to 7. so it's right after school, which is handy and then there's the deadline which is december 17th. that is the deadline for all students, 12 and older to be vaccinated. and if they're not and they don't have proof of that point, then they're going to have to take weekly covid tests. we have all of this
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information on kron 4 dot com. if you want to take a look and you want to pull out the time that you're able to go or have your kid go to one of those clinics. former president bill clinton is in the hospital. he is recovering from a blood infection. we understand that he went to the hospital. as you see irvine med center tuesday night. it was not relate to covid at all. he had a urinary tract infection and as can happen when 75 some older people that could actually end up going into their system. they can't handle it. and then it causes of the problems. the good news is he had some ivy antibiotics. today they should turn that oral antibiotics. everything. if everything continues to go. okay. which at this point. they say it is going pretty well. >> we'll take a break here at 6.11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we have new details on why richmond's police chief was placed on administrative leave. has something to do with her daughter will explain and more
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covid booster. shots could be on the way with the fda meeting this morning to discuss the johnson and johnson vaccine will have the latest from washington. plus, after the break. thousands of dollars worth of video cameras stolen from an east bay high school. we'll tell you how the students start now left without the they need for class.
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>> 6.14 right now and what a gorgeous weekend it's gonna be
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looking a pretty nice friday morning to you. a little bit of a warm-up for the weekend john. yes, the weekend ahead is definitely going to be warm warmer than we've been the past couple of days for sure. we are looking at temperatures today that are going to be well above 20 degrees warmer than we were just 2 days ago. wednesday. it was when we had those 60's out there and it was kind of cool. really felt like fall today. >> we're talking temperatures well into the 80's across the bay area now skies are crystal clear across the region. no fog, no marine layer even though winds, relax. we have just enough of an offshore wind to keep any fog or marine layer pushed away from the coastline. high pressure building back in. it's only going to stay with us for a bit. we have a low pressure area situated just to the north and west. and you can see in future cast what this is going to do for us. so high keeps us warm and sunny for today and tomorrow. then this cold front begins to swing through center that low just to the north of it. and that could bring us a few light showers into sunday night, early monday morning. better chance of some snow in the
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northern sierra nevada and southern cascades. always welcome to see that snow fall. whatever it is, it's going to be a very light punch. so not don't expect a whole lot out of this but heads up that we're going to be cooler cloudier and potential of some showers towards the latter half of the weekend 70's for your highs and sf today. 60's and 70's right along the coastline and then looking at temperatures in the 80's for the most part elsewhere in the bay saying 83 palo alto 81 south bay temperatures in the low to mid 80's today with san jose. and campbell, you check 85 hayward on up to oakland each right at 80 degrees in walnut creek. you're a warm spot today. 86 not far behind that in areas like pittsburgh nor antioch, 84 allay right at 80 and some upper 70's in mill valley low 70's, a point raised in stinson beach. looking ahead of next 7 days. so today into tomorrow. temperatures remain at our warmest. enjoy it. put on the shorts, get the sunscreen ready to go. imagine that. it's still summer, but only for 2 more days because then
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we cool right back to fall. low 70's to upper 60's and those pm showers i talked about sunday night. right now. john, thanks for that in the south bay will start. we have a traffic collision down near one. oh, one northbound north of the key road. >> so we're seeing a slight delay. we have a report of a fire along 6.80 looks like they were able to get that out heading into the city a little under 13 minutes. they turned the metering lights on, not because of hazards just traffic is starting to build a bit. the san mateo bridge. you head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes for you to make that drive in a hot spot up in rohnert park southbound one oh, one at golf course drive. so the right lane is closed and that exit is closed as well. doesn't look like we're seeing much of a delay at all along one o one. so one 16 is a good option, but it does look like you're going to be met with any issues and heading out of richmond across the word. sandra fell, a little under 8 minutes star ian james, back to you. thank you. 6.17 and look at this look at what happened. the east bay and and police are looking for thieves broken to the video production class at
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deer valley high school and took all of the really expensive equipment. look, he's got a camera there and they took expensive lenses. this happened a week ago today. and in total, they took about $15,000 worth of different equipment video equipment. it teacher tells us that what's this equipment is used for is took years to accumulate and the kids use it for filming new segments in sports and entertainment that they show to the rest of school. >> we're just trying to make things and be creative for creativity say we're trying to get better and tell stories and have a little bit of time or day to just be creative and to to take that away from from students is pretty a low think lord man like cameras are we have no mites and no lenses either. >> just such a shame at look at this. and here's one of the thieves looking straight at the camera. so somebody knows
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who that is and police are hoping to find in the meantime, the school is hoping to get enough money to by some more equipment because the kids, you know, i mean, there's a lot of school year left. there's a go fund me page. if you give to that, they're going to try to get as much as they can and recover as much equipment purchase new stuff as if they're able. >> well, today is the deadline for californians to submit their 2020 tax return. so they can be considered for a state stimulus check payments are based off last year's taxes. they could be valued up to $1100 as long as you did make any more than $75,000 a year last year. so that's the major requirement. >> in national news. an fda committee recommends approving moderna's covid vaccine booster shots. yeah. and now their attention turns to johnson and johnson and whether it be a booster as well. we've got and we're standing by live in washington with the story. good morning, anna.
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>> good morning. that's right. so final fda approval for the moderna booster. shots could come as early as today. and in just a few hours that advisory panel from the fda will convene again. but this time they'll be considering the johnson and johnson booster shots. >> we do have a unanimous 19 out of 19 a vote. the fda advisory committee voted unanimously thursday to greenlight the moderna booster shot the recommendation applies to people 65 and older and adults who are high risk because of underlying health conditions or where they work. we're going to continue protecting them vaccination president joe biden says the white house is waiting for final approval from the fda and cdc to begin distributing the shots to states if they authorized the boosters. >> which would be strictly made based on the science. that decision will be based on the science this to me, all 3 vaccines will be available for boosters. but after the vote on thursday, one of the committee members doctor
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patrick moore said the data submitted was not well explained. to just want explain why i voted yes, honors in rather they should really truly more said despite his hesitancy. he believes the data is moving in the right direction. we have the vaccine supplies. still white house coronavirus response coordinator. jeff zients says the administration is confident the process will move forward. we'll be ready. >> to hit the ground running as soon as any additional pictures are authorized. >> and if the fda and cdc give the green light on the moderna booster shots. americans can expect to start receiving the shots as early as next week. for now, live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thanks, anna. >> we'll take a break here at 6.21, coming up, the latest on the south bay mom accused of posting teen parties. a judge has ordered her back to california will have the latest details.
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>> it's 6.24 and congressional leaders were in the bay area pushing president biden's infrastructure bill in oakland, east bay. congressman barr, billy join us housing and urban development secretary marcia fudge and oakland mayor libby shaft.
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they are promoting build back better investments in affordable housing and economic development. >> i recently had the privilege. was the president this for a show for people, for low income people and communities communities that are for this report. with history of a red predatory lending that systemic racism and have it's so opportunity invest to get people to protect to create character called ownership so far out of reach for so many fair. >> house speaker nancy pelosi recently pushed back the deadline to try to pass that bill until the end of this month. that's when they tried. >> new this morning. santa rosa safari west has lost a very important zoo accreditation. the association
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of zoos and aquariums says that they did a recent inspection of safari west and that it didn't meet their standards. the association says that they had problems with veterinary practices and care of animals. they go into specific us. but the organization did say this far west has made some improvements there just weren't enough. safari west has 30 days now to appeal the decision. the zoo has been accredited with the association since 2010, we called safari west for comment. so far we haven't heard back. we'll keep you updated. >> starting today. san francisco is easing mask requirements. how one tech company feels about being able to take off that mask.
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new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys >> 6.29 right now now, now it's soaring point. also 7 show here and showed it to breaking. i'm like, man. what day late. a dollar short for whoever's in charge of light, nothing or never that i know remember the whole like we all our part. we'll have to like dress a certain way but we didn't wear during underwear. yeah. and whatever about the caribbean. the end, though, it's the players who have to play the game. yes. and you sound like gabe kaplan. i would because i just think he's a very level-headed guy who is taking the loss. well,
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because, you know, got guide us through this process of acceptance as we work our way. and he was like, listen, man. if the team was great. i mean, they really. >> and what a came down to game 5. that's what you want, right. yeah. i mean, that was just go their way out. so that's ball for you now is the first day of a fantastic offseason, a great well, a chance to well earned rest. yeah, great weekend. weather wise because we're going to enjoy what a nice little last throw with the 80's right. yeah. and i think the giants players going to go out there today it's so can some sunshine de stress a little bit. so. >> mother nature is giving us a little treat. we've got a little taste of summer today and tomorrow highs climbing well into the 80's. lots of sunshine up ahead and not talking a lot of wind your view outside your berkeley hills, cam all the way out to the coastline. it is crystal clear and dry. we stay that way all day long today to tomorrow gets even warmer, not
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an excessively windy day just enough of a breeze to push marine layer away from us and also a breeze that's going to bring some relief when those temperatures do climb into the 80's. it's nice to have at least a little wind to stir things up. 40's and 50's for current temps. we have fallen into the upper 30's at times this morning in the north bay. so do make sure to bundle up before a warm afternoon. reyna john, thanks for that. in the south bay, we do have an accident there. so this is northbound 1, 1, north of the key road. we are seeing a slight delay along one. oh, one. >> traveling into the city. a little under 17 minutes, no major hazard accidents. just an uptick in traffic as you're traveling there, the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 9 minutes. crossing towards san rafale a hot spot out in rohnert park southbound one. oh, one at golf course drive the right lane and the exit ramp closed again. it doesn't look like much of a delay. but we do know that lane in the exit ramp is closed and it's pretty bad accident there. look at overall conditions in the south bay long a 5 to 80 and to 37 no major issues starting
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james, back to you. thank you. 6.31 continuing to look at the bright side. >> you know what, i don't really like orange. it doesn't look good on me. i finally stop wearing orange and black. >> one good thing that came out of a game. 5 loss last night for the giants. but yeah, it was a tough one. and the fact that it ended on a controversial call rubs a lot of giants fans the wrong way. it's not the way you one at the end. jason dumas us takes a look. >> good morning, everyone. well, i'm not sure how great of a morning it is for giants fans. it just may have been the biggest game in giant history. yes, i know they've played in world series games before. but something about last night felt different. the rivals game 5 win or go home a madhouse at oracle park. you could feel the buzz through the tv screen. top of the 6. corey seager into left field mookie betts. he had 4 hits on the day betts also scores dodgers draw first blood as one nothing but in the bottom
6:33 am
of the frame. darin ruf. got all of that one. he was hitting it to the warning track all night. until that finally got the whole thing. sent it over the fence. you got a tie game crowd going nuts. top of the 8 la with a couple runners. all camillo duval. he's been so good this season and he was good in the top of the 8th got out of it unscathed. he's another guy from we going to be part of this future plans. but in the 9th he makes a mistake. cody bellinger makes him pay too many sliders. justin turner comes into score dodgers. take that to one bottom of the 9th here is the play. everyone was talking about. according to this guy who apparently has trouble seeing. call them out. very questionable call but is not reviewable. take another look. you've got to offer at the pitch and floor. i don't
6:34 am
think you when needed it pretty much anybody tough lost your final score, 2 to one. they take the series 3 to 2. the immediate emotion is is is frustration right and. >> that's happening all throughout the game. and it's it's heightened in on the last. play of the game last in this case a check swing of the that's going to be the thing that that is talked about quite a bit tonight. and i understand why just said that the rivalry is healthy and well. >> i'm going into next year how motivated and knowing what are you think about that coming about where the right reason, where it's going. >> this will be the last time we played them playoffs. >> logan is probably right. and i love his attitude. future ace of this guy staff. all right. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. thank you, jason. >> happening now, 2 bay area counties are easing their
6:35 am
indoor mask requirement yeah. so the mandates are going to be lifted in certain settings where people are fully vaccinated. a cropper. sarah stinson can explain more in detail for us. she's live in san francisco. good morning, sarah. >> yeah. it's about that time again to be able to take off the mask show your smile and say hi to your co-workers in the office because you can do that now they are easing the mask mandate here in san francisco. and it's about time. i know it's hard to go back and forth between all the rules. so we broke down the latest for you. take a look at your screens. you can see where and when you can take that mask off and when it's still required and you can see that includes offices, gyms, religious gatherings and indoor cause classes with less than 100 people when full vaccination is verified people who work at bars or restaurants still have to wear a mask customers inside also do, but they can take off the mask when they're eating and drinking. of course, proof of vaccination is still required.
6:36 am
indoor. masking remains in effect for retail stores, grocery stores and other shared indoor areas like elevators lobbies and public restrooms. the mayor and public health officials say the mask mandate will remain east if case in hospital rates continue to be stable. or decline. san francisco currently averaging 77 cases per day. a drop from 309 at the peak of the summer surge. i talked with a tech company called fast the right here in the city about their excitement to take off the mask and they're also saying san francisco's done a great job at man. making sure people are safe. >> i mean, a lot of sense that the delta virus was very it was spiking. rates have come down. the city has done a great job of leading us through i feel comfortable now taking my mask off in the office and i'm really excited about it. it feels feels like it's time.
6:37 am
>> spokesperson also said he expects more people to be in the office because a lot of them or come home, more people probably want to be in office now that they can take the mask off. i'm asking is still required on public transportation. and hospitals jails and schools and they're still recommended when you're outside. if you're in a large crowd because obviously next to people you don't know if they're vaccinated or not. and so that is still recommended. but at least the good news is you can take that mask off in the office in the gym, which i'm most excited for because it can be very tough when you're doing a barry's bootcamp workout and you have a mask on not fun. for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. i was actually just wondering about that. sarah and. >> because of my gym is in san francisco and it's pretty small. >> so and what about like a yoga studio yeah. so so, so it like a yoga studio. can i can i take it off in there.
6:38 am
>> she can't hear are all sorry. thank chair or she'll check on this kind of stuff because we have a newsroom and talk to and get that. it's this is going to sure each business is going to have to really kind of like brighten the needle on what applies to them because i think the criteria is different depending on size. and don't forget what you just said about like the bathrooms and stuff like that. shared spaces. so basically you have to keep a mask in your pocket. just keep it handy. yeah. for sure. all 6.38 is the time we got some new details about the mother in los gatos who's now charged with holding drinking and parties for minors, including her own teenage sons. officials with the santa clara county district attorney's office say that they plan to bring shannon brew got back from idaho where she is right now. and they think they're going to be do that sometime next week. idaho authorities are looking into whether she held similar parties in that state. prosecutors also say that she kept all of this from her husband who was home when kron four's theresa stasi a knock on the door. >> only prudent
6:39 am
>> and there you heard him request that she not interview in which she did not. brooke is accused of buying alcohol for minors and then luring them on social media to house parties at her 4 million dollar home. and that is where the teenagers say she pressured them into having sometimes against their consent as she often watched. >> it's 6.39 and we have new details to what led to the richmond police chief besa french being placed on paid administrative leave french and her husband leave french's in oakland. police sergeant are accused of becoming physical with their daughter last month. court documents reveal that french and her husband believe that their daughter was being trafficked into work by the daughter's boyfriend. 33 year-old joe goldman goldman was convicted of felony human trafficking in 2015. now their daughter
6:40 am
requested a domestic violence restraining order against her own parents. but that request was denied by a court. a hearing is going to be held on the matter later this month. the oakland police department firms that leave french. the father is also on paid administrative leave. >> well, the police are asking for your help now in finding a car that they think is connected to a murder. so police have released new surveillance video of the suspect accused of shooting and killing a 15 year-old girl. the video here shows what appears to be an early 2000 silver 2 door honda accord. investigators say the driver suspected of shooting and killing 15 year-old shamar young during a road rage incident last wednesday night. if
6:41 am
there and held the victim at gunpoint. and they ransacked the place and got away with some valuables as well. anybody who has any information asked to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. california's attorney general rob bonta continued his roundtable discussions on hate crimes. he's going around the state talking about this and here outside a synagogue in sacramento, a synagogue that was attacked by arsonists in 1999 bonta says that california had 31 a 31% increase in hate crimes last year and he's hoping that these conversations with different groups will lead to ideas on how to prevent crime.
6:42 am
we're making progress. >> that. but the challenges still start not just when there is a hate crime but really to work together in prevention of hate crimes, as was said this morning, once the crime occurs. we've already failed. >> bonta says that community leaders have suggested creating a trustworthy process for people to report hate crimes. and they also emphasize there's a need for more education in the schools. >> still ahead on the problem morning news. we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month. and this morning we're going hear from california senator alex padilla, the state's first latino senator. and conditions today are going to be quite nice, especially if you love the heat daytime highs will climb well back into the 80's across the region. plenty of sunshine minimal winds all stepped. it's going make it feel like summer again. but only temporarily your forecast ahead. >> and traffic on this friday. for the most part is light, we are seeing drive times go up here along the
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>> we're back. 6.45. is the time we have some breaking news to share with you from the south bay san jose fire right now rushing to the scene of a school fire. moments ago, the department tweeted out that they were heading to the 1500 block lucretia avenue. no injuries reported. but, you know, we have a crew headed to the scene will hope to get an update in a live report here with kron four's camila barco and yulia 7 as they're headed
6:46 am
there now, as far as we know, again, nobody hurt. but this is all we've been able to glean. we'll keep you updated as more information comes in our newsroom. ok. and right nol we want to take a look at weather and traffic for you on a friday morning. heading into the weekend and see what is going to be like out there today. highs little taste of summer. guys as we work our way into the weekend. temperatures today will climb right back up into the 80's. we've been enjoying some 60's and 70's. some sweater weather, some brisk conditions with those winds. >> now we're setting all those things, lighter winds, plenty of sunshine and definitely not a lot of 60's, not even at the coastline today. your view outside is crystal clear this morning in your nor cal on the weather center forecast skies will remain this way from the coast on inland. well, to the course of your friday and even into tomorrow for your saturday high pressure ridge responsible for this nice warm up that we're in the midst of forcing any cooler air out of the region. but right behind it, we do have in the d sending cold front that dips on into the region starting on sunday. you'll start to see some cloud cover sunday
6:47 am
morning and then some light showers possible sunday night into monday morning and some snowfall in the southern use cascades and the northern sierra a better chance of widespread rainfall into the end of next week, too. looks like the end of october. climactic lee could be coming through with some areas of rainfall, pretty regularly pushing into the bay area and that's something we need to be talking about as we reach this time of year 70's for your highs. in sf today. only one 60 on the map and that summoned tara elsewhere. it's solid 70's at the coast and then either 70's are mostly the 80's along bayshore saying carlos 83 mountain view 82 south bay temperatures in the low to mid 80's considering the change of pace that we have just around the corner, the numbers are seen on the map today. i'd enjoy him. while that creek your be a 86 our hottest spot in the bay today while vallejo right at 80 degrees petaluma at 83 tomorrow's temperatures will be our warmest of the forecasts. if you can enjoy today as much. not to worry. you still got tomorrow to catch the rays. get yourself some vitamin d sunday. we cool
6:48 am
things down cloud things up. see that chance of rainfall in the evening. we drive back out, but stay cool into monday and tuesday before another chance of rainfall towards wednesday. reyna john, thank you for that. all right. a couple accidents to tell you about like this one. 80 westbound just east. >> fremont street in san francisco. it looks like this was a hit and run accident. at first it looked like it was much of a delay. but this also could be contributing to the delay was seen on the bridge this morning, northbound north and the key role in san jose. this accident just was cleared off of the highway. so hopefully we'll start to see some improvement because we were seeing some slowdown in some delays. a little under 18 minutes as you're traveling into the city to that fremont street exit 5, 1880 also moving a little sluggish this morning. as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes for your drive time there and check in on the richmond. sandra fell bridge a little under 11 minutes. darya james, back to as we celebrate hispanic
6:49 am
heritage month. today we take a look at california's first latino u.s. senator alex padilla there says photograph there. the former secretary of state here in california was sworn into office in january to replace. >> now, vice president kamala harris. we've got catherine heenan sitting down with senator padilla and reflecting on his life. so far. >> can you what they be thinking now is i ask if you want to be the next us enter the united states. the great state of california. >> the sheriff. >> alex padilla calls this the zoom seen around the world. he's always loved referencing his hard working immigrant parents, proud of the father who worked as a short order cook and the mother who cleaned houses to give him and his sister and brother a better life. and for a quietly focused courtly man. it was a rare show of public emotion. >> i'm bothered bad. built.
6:50 am
>> couldn't help think of my parents and our family's journey and kind of what this moment represents not just for me, not just for my family. but for our community. >> he says he and his wife are trying not to simply raise 3 boys but 3 gentleman an the lessons padilla learned as a boy from his parents are being passed on. >> of all the thousands of all the. >> lessons that my parents tried to instill in my sister and my brother and i i think that stand out are clearly the importance of getting a good education and also very prominently. always trying to find ways to be of service to others. as for life in the senate. he says it is surprisingly intense. >> but padilla has already showing a knack for reaching across the aisle to get things done. his partner on a bill aimed at providing citizenship to some documented dreamers.
6:51 am
republican senator rand paul like to think a lot to think less that it's shocking and in some way are surprising and more. >> well, if these 2 can agree on this. it makes us stronger argument to both republicans and democrats one of his campaign ads underlines padilla has years of public service, including as city council president in l a state senator, secretary of state a lot of years building relationships and in a hopeful sign for bipartisanship. the new senator has found life in congress friendlier than you might imagine. my of my colleagues across the aisle. putting a pretty you know, we we know congress gets a bad rap for being very partisan, very divided here. but there's a lot more people who seek. >> bipartisanship and common ground than you'd realize by maybe watching national cable news. >> he's hanging on to that positive outlook. even during turbulent times. padilla says he'll simply keep chipping away at creating good working relationships. catherine heenan kron 4 news.
6:52 am
>> and if you want to see more of our hispanic heritage month stories you can go to our website or easily get to the spot on our website by scanning this qr code. it's 6.51. and we'll be right back.
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6:55 am
>> 6.54 and look at this halloween fun at the oregon zoo. >> pumpkin haha and james. they don't need you know, a knife to cut it. >> and yeah, this match with your foot or you just dig in with your what do you call task. is just digging with a toss about yeah. >> they didn't have a public viewing for like they normally would this year. so they just give us the video because of covid don't think the are just like num num. and i told you about the thing where i didn't realize that you're supposed boyle the seeds and then bake you have never done that. clearly they don't care. do they just eat them? as is just picture with us now right in there in a truck. i think it's a tree trunk. sorry. i got us now to get a truck our 2 bay area counties easing their indoor mask requirements so that you can. >> for your snout and greets i was going to say, you can't a pumpkin like that with the
6:56 am
mask will be us now and off the workers, some anyway and businesses in berkeley are now obligated to show proof that they are vaccinated we'll have details on that coming up as well. we'll be right back.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> super tough from. yeah. i mean, obviously you don't want to game to end that way. i know these guys worked really hard to to make the right calls us super on our end. obviously it's going to be frustrating to have a game like that. >> heartbreak san francisco fans. >> mourning the loss last night in a nail-biter with the giants going down in defeat to the dodgers. what about that last call will talk about it all coming up. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> let us not forget it is a new it's friday morning. and it's the beginning of >> pell that now the the for the giants this which i hope they will enjoy after a well thought season move on to
7:00 am
greater things next year. if you want to commiserate i no comfort all about day with me. in the past. so we've got a little bit for everybody today how's the weather going to be what you want to be miserable or happy. john. i think the weather's ines get everyone just year. it's got to because we've got sunshine. we've got 70's 80's and we have a really calm day compared to where we have been beautiful actually already out there. >> getting some sunlight over the bay this morning. and look at this view at the coast at half moon bay right here. crystal clear skies going to be a beautiful day along the ocean. if you want to take a trip out there, maybe watch the sun set over shoreline in the horizon tonight. radar looks clear and dry weather at the coast or further inland and winds. although present are not super gusty just enough to push marine layer away from us just enough to also offer some relief later on today as we do eventually rise into the 80's. as far as our current temperatures go,


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