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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. news friday. fantastic they need it. >>unbelievable it's better now than waiting for another month which many of us were concerned was going to be the situation. >>now it and the bay area getting back to business california stay at home order is lifted allowing for outdoor dining at restaurants and the reopening of salons thanks for joining us 00:00pm tonight. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus today the governor lifted the stay at home order across the state and also did away with that overnight curfew. >>the governor says these moves are based strictly on
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data insights. >>we are in a position project the 4 weeks forward with a significant decline in the case rates positivity rates. we are anticipating decline still more decline in hospitalizations and more to klein's in icu so that's why we're lifting that stay at home order. >>critics claim that the move was political and as news, some faces a recall effort and criticism over the vaccine rollout that that was part of this but he insists it was not here's a look at icu capacity projections. this is looking out to february 21st by that time the bay area they think could have 25% of its icu beds available greater sacramento region more than 27%. northern california almost 19% the san joaquin valley central valley up to more than 22% and in southern california which for
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weeks has been at 0%. somehow projected at more than 33% of icu beds available the most out of any region in the state. >>the change means that california is now returning to the color-coded system where restrictions may vary from one county to the next here in the bay area as you can see everything all local counties there in the most restrictive. purple tier, but it's important to note that this could all be changing by tomorrow. we're expecting california's health and human not secretary. doctor mark golly to be reassessing the tier status for each county. in his weekly update we of course will be carrying that for you live on our 24 7 streaming. news service kron on again changes could be coming tomorrow, but as of tonight here is what is allowed to reopen and in what capacity in the bay area retail stores and shopping malls can reopen indoors with some modifications places of worship gyms and restaurants can reopen outdoors.
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>>the timing of this decision as we've alluded to lifting stay at home order. it is raising questions because the governor faces this recall effort and mounting criticism for the way california is handling the pandemic as a whole and also administering the vaccine in a more nuanced way and it was just last friday that state health officials said the data on icu projections was quote too complicated to share with the public officials say the data on icu projections which they revealed publicly for the first time today is a good enough reason to lift the stay at home order. >>we hope that we continue to see the decline. that we've been witnessing over the past 10 to 14 days that give us the confidence today around what those hospital projections would be he is confusing. >>he is uncertain. and he is incompetent. >>that's fresno assemblyman jim patterson he and other state republicans are accusing the governor of relaxing the rules due to political
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pressure. the threat of that recall effort newsome brushed off that criticism today, organizers have until mid-march together one and a half million signatures to force a recall vote against newsome who it's halfway through his first term. >>many businesses are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. some are wondering if this latest phase is going to be short lived. and they might be forced to shut down yet again that certainly would be the first time kron four's dan thorn live for us in san francisco tonight, he joins us with more on if local businesses are feeling. i don't know uncertain. dan. >>well the key of course as we've reported there has been some excitement about these businesses opening up but the small business owners do also expressed cautious optimism. they are of thrilled that they're going to be moving forward in terms of of reopening, but there are still some issues in terms of funding so that they can remain operational and there's also concerns and some worries
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about these new covid variance and whether or not those might throw some sort of wrench into reopening plans. restaurants with outdoor dining setups can once again look forward to looking like this people eating and drinking outside because the governor has lifted the statewide shelter-in-place orders the news is encouraging but being approached cautiously just so uncertain still and everybody's tired like. >>i can feel it, i know there's a lot of mental stress in our industry and there's a lot of emotional stress on top of the financial stress which adds to the mental stress. limited reopenings at places like restaurants in san francisco are expected later this week the bay area will again be entering the purple tier as icu bed capacity continues to trend in the right direction, however, the region has rolled back once before and there are worries that it might happen again it's all going to be small incremental changes. >>where we have to balance doing harm for doing good ucsf infectious disease specialist
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doctor george rutherford says the rollout of the covid-19 vaccines should ease some fears about another shutdown. >>he suggests remaining vigilant and not becoming complacent because of new covid variance but he's also confident things will continue to trend positively. i think the governor's probably. >>reasonably certain of what they're doing i think that the chances of there being much wider spread transmission are pretty small at this point in time meanwhile struggling small business owners have been petitioning the governor to get to this point and they're happy the time has finally arrived all the rest will get run their businesses again. >>start paying bills or word completely joyful before that joint johnny matheny had to permanently close one of his restaurants because of the pandemic looking forward he like other business owners are seeking transparency and evidence from the state's health leaders on why certain restriction orders are being made people running the businesses deserve to see those numbers and understand what's going on as do this.
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the city officials. >>as does everybody please don't send down outdoor dining ever again. well many of these restaurants have had to be closed for ed almost 2 months so after not getting much help from congress. >>the golden gate restaurant association says that they're now counting on the state and the city to come up with some sort of possibly some grants because all of those bills that have been piling up they haven't gone away and of course over the next week we're going to be dealing with wet weather. so that could also discourage people. from coming out and enjoying outdoor dining so of course this reopening is going to somewhat of a process here but it's better to be open and to allow people to go to their businesses outdoors instead of just being reserved to strictly take out, reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you and despite also being in the purple tier businesses in san francisco. >>will not be able to resume operations that is intel this thursday. mayor london breed making that announcement after
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the stay at home order was lifted. you may remember san francisco is one of the first counties to go into a stay at home order before the state rolled into one. today mayor brees says conditions are better in the county because they took early action. because we acted quickly and because you follow the health care orders that were. >>provided by the department of public health we did so early even before the state required us to do so because we did that in san francisco. we are in a better place. >>unlike the rest of the bay area the overnight curfew will not be going away in san francisco. city officials say it's going to stand place least for the time being while san francisco is playing it safe with reopening other bay area counties didn't waste a second bringing back outdoor dining this was the scene on burlingame avenue in san mateo county. >>businesses grab the tables and chairs got him back onto the sidewalk as soon as they
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could in customers showed up took advantage little windy and cold. >>it 70 and sunny hike it was last monday. they've had a lot more business but of course with the rain in the forecast outdoor dining doesn't figure to be optimal in the coming days, yeah, not just moderate rain that atmospheric river of and it's causing major concerns of flooding. >>in the days ahead take a right now stormtracker for rain expected to arrive as early as tomorrow afternoon it's going to really pick up by tomorrow night. back aisha orders and warnings are being issued near the burn zone in san mateo and santa cruz counties you can see on this interactive the areas shaded in yellow those are under an evacuation warning the areas that are shaded in red though they are evacuation orders you can also find this map on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>and it's serious in santa cruz mountains deputies here going door to door today along highway 2.36 in boulder creek. urging people to pack up and
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leave for their safety boulder creek fire chief says c he's most worried about the burn scars near steve drainage is that are above hopes, you cannot run from a debris flow or much site. >>i'm not going to go into the numbers of miles per hour. they can move, but they can move faster than i can run and it's not something that you're going to be out running. i wouldn't recommend driving over one. i recommend evacuating before it happens. >>people we spoke with today tell us the experience of evacuating during the czu lightning complex fires last summer. it's still quite fresh in their minds, many people are heeding the warning to evacuate now but some are choosing to fuel up and ride out the storm and with that we want to turn now to the 4 zone forecast chief lawrence karnow standing by now with the latest warning at guys and certainly the santa cruz mountains that looks be the area that we could see that extremely heavy rainfall moving through in fact models begin to pick up on that quite
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a bit the good news is it doesn't look like this storm is going to get hung up in the santa cruz mountains looks like it's going to start to slide further to the south so that is some good the bad news is this is an extremely wet storm the atmospheric river it slashed on the subtropical moisture so it's going dump a ton of rain in the forecast models begin to paint some of those rain totals as we head into the next few days here, and it gets oppressive look at that all across the santa cruz mountains 4 plus inches of rain. some of the city's there you can see boulder creek 4 and a half over that in ben loman in scotts valley getting closer to 5 inches but some of the models and i'm paying the possibility of as much as 10 inches plus of rain if that does happen of course got to worry about those burn areas got to worry about the mudslides the debris flows of course and flash flooding too, but they're not the only we're watching all around the bay area tonight your skies are clear now the winds have still been blustery but overnight tonight, those winds going to calm down and so we've got other issues to deal with we've got freeze warnings going up for parts of the
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north and the east bay you see the area shaded in dark purple of benicia in the playoff fairfield pittsburgh antioch you're looking at a hard freeze their meaning you'll likely see the temperatures dip below about 27 degrees maybe for several hours overnight tonight. so that will be a hard freeze early tomorrow morning then you've got freeze warnings up in the north bay snow santa rosa rohnert park votto stays very cold temperatures that continue to the east bay in the live more double its normal and also in the santa clara valley that doesn't happen very often the very cold temperatures expected overnight with some icy conditions early on tomorrow. temperatures right now getting chilly out there as you might expect, but those winds still blowing a bit that's keeping the temperatures up bit when those winds begin to call now we're going watch these numbers dropping off already in the 30's and santa rosa and also the napa valley and fairfield too. here's your storm system just setting itself up off the coastline, the core that about. 600 miles away before it makes its way on shore when it does. it is going to pack a punch. we saw windy conditions today, it's
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going win here as the storm comes through for tomorrow right now still some 27 mile an hour winds mill valley, 29. it's no mobile watch happens as we watch winds overnight tonight. they begin to subside fairly calm early tomorrow morning. but they switch to more of a southerly direction you can see that then by the afternoon tomorrow they really start to ramp up then by tomorrow night we're talking about excessive winds around a good part of the areas, especially along the coastline you could see some gusts in excess of 60 maybe 70 miles an hour miles per hour, especially over the mountain tops along the coastline, but you get those kind of winds we're talking about power outages trees coming down. you name it that's going to be a mess and then you throw on top of that all the rain the one good factor i can see in this is that we're going to get a lot of rain but instead of seeing that front get hung up in the santa cruz mountains where it could just dump a tremendous amount of rain looks like that will set for the south monterey southward into big sur. okay we'll be looking for the silver lining yeah, thanks lauren time, thanks lauren said despite the shelter-in-place orders being lifted. yeah, good news certainly even though.
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millions of californians are still though behind on rent because of the pandemic today governor newsom announced details of a plan that would extend the eviction moratorium. >>while also putting some money in the hands of landlords our first jonathan mccall joins us now live in studio with details on that jonathan, you know a grand vicki in 2020 the state of california paid out. more than 114 billion dollars in jobless claims. tonight officials now saying that because of that hackers thieves and crooks stealing more than 11 billion dollars of it. >>for months kron 4 has been following the trail of missing dollars and fraud connected to california's unemployment benefits from people missing money on debit cards to letters showing up at wrong addresses and even prisoners behind bars cashing in on claims. monday, california's labor secretary said fraud at the hands of hackers identity thieves and criminal rings. rip to more than 11 billion dollars from the hands of out
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of work californians in 2020 or you could clearly has system problems are known they have. >>problematic technology. but their system is is not functioning the way. it should outdated and antiquated california state senator scott wiener says the agency is in desperate need of change fraud against for benefits is robbing money from taxpayers. and frank is robbing at least temporarily money from legitimate. unemployment applicants in 2020 the economic development department paid out more than 114 billion dollars in unemployment claims the missing money amounts to 10%. wynter says as the agency's searches for billions of missing dollars. millions of legitimate californians who need that money to survive the pandemic have now been caught in the middle of the problem is that you do he has been throwing the baby out with the bath water and we have a lot of people who are not committing fraud who have lost
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their jobs and more. >>really struggling financially at our entitled to unemployment are getting unemployment state leaders now worry that the billions and missing money could grow even larger. >>that's because right now some 20 billion dollars in claims considered suspicious remain under investigation. >>monday labor secretary julie su admitted that the state did not have enough security measures in place and the criminals took advantage. wynter says lawmakers are now reaching their breaking point we did. >>doing whatever we can you do. and it continues to be a problem and it it is legislators across the state were all at our wit's >>wynter says the issue of missing funds unfrozen accounts more widespread so widespread that his staff now spends about 66% of their day simply trying to help constituents. get the resources needed just to file their unemployment claims jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>thank you jonathan state
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leaders have reached a deal to extend the eviction moratorium through june 30th there was originally set to expire this coming sunday. state leaders say they're also moving quickly to deploy the state's share of the latest federal stimulus bill to give up to 2.6 billion dollars in rent or 8. >>and another big story tonight, the house has delivered a single article of impeachment to the senate triggering the second impeachment trial of former president trump. the article accuses the former president of inciting insurrection in states that he must be held accountable. for the attack on the u.s. capitol joe kaliyah is in washington tonight with more on what unfolded today and where lawmakers go from here. >>a part of the house will be received for the second time. a group of house democrats made the walk through the hallowed halls of the capitol to deliver an article of impeachment to the senate
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seeking a conviction of president trump donald john trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence against the government of the united states democrat jamie raskin a maryland leads the team of impeachment managers chosen to make the case against the former president he also willfully made statements that in context and courage. and foreseeably resulted in lawless action at the capitol such as if you don't fight like tell you're not going to have a country anymore senate leaders from both parties agreed to delay the start of the trial until the week of february 8 by that away may affect the vote count. so far 40 senators have publicly said they will vote to convict president trump 29 have openly said they will not it will take 67 votes to convict the former president and some republicans say the more time that passes the harder it will be to vote for conviction used to be when you last election
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that was sort of punishment enough from a political standpoint, but this feels very vindictive. >>the feels like they're just trying to kick the president on the way out texas senator john cornyn questions whether impeaching a president already out of office is constitutional at all it really feels like other kind of making it up as we're going along president trump's second impeachment trial will be conducted differently supreme court chief justice john roberts will not preside constitutionally he's only required to oversee impeachment trials of a sitting president republican senator roger marshall of kansas says in his view. >>that makes the trial illegitimate if we can get the supreme court justice there the chief justice there then it's not. >>an impeachment trial as well democrats argue it is constitutional and say they're forging ahead to hold the former president accountable but what i can say is that there's going to be a trial here and what i'm hopeful that that will continue to seek cooperation from our senate colleagues. >>in washington, i'm joe
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khaleel. >>the impeachment trial will begin 2 weeks from today which gives lawmakers time to confirm president biden's cabinet today janet yellen was approved by the senate. she's now the first woman to hold the title of treasury secretary yellen is a former chairwoman of the federal reserve expected to play a key role in gaining congressional approval of biden's 1.9 trillion. coronavirus relief package show yellin who is also u c berkeley professor is the 3rd member of biden's cabinet to be confirmed. president biden meanwhile began his first weekend in office by signing more executive orders. today biden repealed the ban on transgender people serving openly in the military. he also ordered the defense secretary to immediately prohibit involuntary separations discharges and in aisles of realism and on the basis of gender identity. trump signed the band back in 2017. president biden says he might be able to raise his
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goal of 100 million covid vaccinations 250 million within. >>his first 100 days in office since taking over more than 22 million doses have been administered. biden says it's likely that a million or more shots a day will be delivered in about 3 weeks from now white house chief of staff ron klain says before the biden administration took over a process to distribute the vaccine. did not really exist. still ahead tonight have you seen her the report now being offered for this ferry, a teenage girl. >>who has not been seen since september. plus we'll show you how more businesses across the bay area getting mother getting ready to reopen now. >>the stay at home orders have been lifted. and protests erupting in washington state windows smashed buildings tagged in fires as you see here said as officers try to control things what sparked the outrage coming out.
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>>protests have erupted in tacoma washington after a police officer drove his patrol car through a crowd this weekend running a person over. if you haven't seen this video we want to warn you you might find it difficult to watch. yeah and then tough to listen to you heard that the violent scene was caught on camera after an officer was
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surrounded while trying to break up a street race. the officer says he backed up but tried to back up when that didn't work though he says he drove forward hitting several people and throwing at least one person underneath his patrol car authorities are responding to the protests now asking for the community's help. we have to do it collaboratively so that the police department itself an independent is not going work. >>it has to be a whole of community effort. >>about a 150 people took part in the demonstrations. meanwhile officials say both people who were hospitalized from the crash are going to recover. one man who claims he was hit says. he will be quote forever scarred. one california mom is working to make sure the teen drivers of color are not put in dangerous situations during traffic stops. she wants. >>drivers ed programs all across the country to teach new drivers how to handle being confronted by an officer if they get pulled over lonnie
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wong gives us a closer look. >>traffic stops are often routine, but they can and do turn deadly witnessed the killing of philando castille in minnesota in 2017 during a traffic stop the incident drew widespread protests years before george floyd was killed the officer who shot chris steele said he believed he was reaching for a gun we're taught how to drive a car but we're not taught how to interact during a traffic stop after the kiss teal shooting jackie carter came up with what she'd up the not reaching pouch which stores all documents required during a traffic stop in a pouch connected to the dash in plain sight. but she realized that the pouch was just one element that can defuse a tense situation. there are things many black parents like jackie commonly tell their kids when they start to dry. we've had been tall with our sons keep your hands on the you know don't make any sudden moves
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man's don't ride for deep in a car carter says why black parents need those talks and why black drivers feel more threatened by police is a larger issue card is more immediate goal is to teach what she calls proactive compliance to student drivers who currently get no such training police loans have given her a new view of what officers go through all those split-second decisions that they have to make they have to make them. >>and literally could be the difference between life or death carter's alliance for safe traffic stops is working with several school districts in minnesota as well as police unions in that state on a training program. >>she sees an opportunity to bridge the gap between police and some members of the community. >>because not only are we training teams in the drivers were training law enforcement as well. >>there was lonnie wong reporting for us tonight. the group is also suggesting the driver's ed courses include traffic stop simulations. next on kron 4 news at 10 with the
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state home order lifted here in california with businesses in wine country. >>want you to know before may be planning a trip up north. and while so many people are celebrating these looser restrictions. why the largest nurses union in the state says this home is actually putting more lives at risk will dig in there and having the super bowl matchup it's all set the nfl sending thousands of health care workers to the big game. we'll hear from some of the nurses we've been through so much this year. and they're now hoping to see their favorite teams in person. snow continues to fall across the sierra nevada and get this they could see between for maybe 6 feet of snow in the coming days, we'll talk about that your tent and is next.
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>>the area is bracing for the way they storm of the season so pineapple express atmosphere river is headed our way promising. heavy rain high winds maybe some flooding mudslides evacuation orders and warnings that have been triggered in parts of san mateo and santa cruz counties she of burn scars from last summer's wildfires there. those areas, especially vulnerable to debris flows and mudslides a live look outside right now in downtown san
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francisco. this could be basically the calm before the storm is a cliche chief meteorologist. >>lawrence karnow standing by with more on what's ahead you know normally year we see a storm like this headed toward the bay area we be worried about the major rivers possibly coming over their banks for talk about the the napa the russian river but right now looks like we're just looking at some flash flooding be the concern may be some of the minor streams and tributaries members been pretty dry for the better part of the season, but now here we go get ready things drying out the remnants of the last storm kind even a few snowflakes behind in the sierra nevada, they're still chain up up there. but they've got a whole lot of rain to come in snow in the high country how about a flash flood watches posted for a good part of the bay area boulder creek, half moon bay pacifica san bruno daly city are all under flash flood watch same in the north bay, san anselmo mill valley for small petaluma santa rosa napa vacaville all under flash flood watch is we're going to see tremendous amounts of rain coming looks like tomorrow night in fact.
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>>here's one of the models the pick in some of that rain as we take you through time maybe 3 plus inches of rain down in the urban areas you get over the mountain tops we're talking a whole lot more maybe upwards of 7 maybe 8 inches of rain so here's storm system as it approaches the coastline. the good news is doesn't look like it's going to stall over the bay area it's going to move through begin to sag to the south sea moving down toward big sur even further south than getting a rollback of north someone unusual but i think gets hung up just south of the bay area and that means well we're going to get our rain doesn't look like we're going to see the rain they're going to have they're going to see a whole lot as you make your way in toward big sur. so your tenant and bill was rain drops on and off it looks like even a chance of some scattered thunderstorms on wednesday, more rain expected on thursday another storm moves in on friday into the weekend guess what we've got some more rain in the forecast. well we wanted he's all right, thanks in buckets thanks we're seeing a flattening of the curve everything it should be up as up everything that should be
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down. >>is down case rates positivity rates hospitalizations icu use testing start to go back up as well as vaccination rates in this state but we're not. >>out of the woods. >>the big story today governor newsome lifting the regional stay at home orders across california meeting a return to a system of county by county restrictions and this comes as the state's rate of covid infections hospitalizations and icu capacities are all looking better. but as the governor por and we all need to keep our guard up because clearly we are still in the middle of a pandemic. >>tonight all counties in the bay area have gone back to the purple tier which allows restaurants and churches to the resume outdoor operations and hair and nail salons to reopen. the state has also lifted the overnight curfew now the big business that benefits from being in the purple tier that's my trees. it's good news yeah, maybe not benefit as much as you might think or the money and joins
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us live in the studio. >>with more on that part of the story all. >>the very alone is home to hundreds of wineries that have been getting by after both wildfires last year plus the latest shutdown they've been able to either ship their bottles or sell them here locally you might remember we saw a booze boom if you will at the start of the pandemic the week of march 15th, retail wine sales went up 66% across the country according to the counter dot org. but chalked it up to panic buying that didn't last the shutdown during the holidays was a blow to business here. kendall jackson in sonoma county fortunately did not have to let go of their employees this past month. but they reduce hours and shifted operations from tastings to retail they said that they're super looking forward to the weekend as they are going to be welcoming their customers back by appointment only onto their properties with the new left on the outdoor dining and wine tasting say was put on pause since december. >>we're very excited to have the ban lifted him to be able to welcome back to the is
10:36 pm
outdoor only so please wear a we do have heaters we do some of its sheltered and you know with the rain storms etcetera but what i would say is that we're very excited, we're very capable of taking care of the public outside it was a really safe doing it. >>sound prepared. and this week's report on the state of the u.s. wind industry looking ahead the silicon valley bank wine division predict. >>and acute oversupply on wind that may take years to clear but points to a ship from reaction to action venters taking both pandemic era and wildfire lessons with them into the new year. they're banking on pent-up demand that once life returns to normal as we hope with the help of vaccines. that will be cause for celebration which in turn deserves a toast live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>cheers to that will many businesses across the bay are obviously thrilled to be able to welcome customers back that includes restaurants like millie's kitchen in lafayette,
10:37 pm
the business added a 10 for outdoor dining. and it sat empty for weeks though once outdoor dining was canceled now the staff plans to make further changes to help welcome customers back. during the cold winter months. >>we will enclose what we're allowed in close. i'm put put some some type of warmth out there for the customers, yeah, they'll come back and they love millie's we >>they always come back to milly's the staff there tells us they're loyal customers help keep them afloat during the stay at home order of course health officials want to make it clear that despite the reopenings people still need to do it they can too keep covid from spreading including physical distancing. the masks double masking if you can especially with those new variance and not everyone is celebrating the decision to lift the stay at home orders know the california nurses association which is the largest union of registered nurses in california. >>it's condemning the move
10:38 pm
saying that puts health care workers lives at risk. the union put out a statement that reads in part quote even if numbers are trending downward. we're still in the midst of the most deadly surge of covid-19 yet registered nurses have seen more patient death in the past few weeks and they then we have seen in any other point in our careers. and they go on to say quote we call on state leaders to prioritize people over profit. and we urge the public to listen to nurses and continue following the stay at home orders. anything less now would only increase suffering and death for people across california, including the nurses and other health care workers who are critical to getting covid-19 under control. one bay area lawmakers also speaking out against the move earlier today we talked a south bay congressman roe he tells us that he believes the stay at home order was lifted too soon. >>there's only 23% capacity in the bay area with the icu is in parts of southern
10:39 pm
california. there's 0% capacity you still don't have the pandemic anywhere close debt under control the vaccination rollout of the has not been something to be proud so i would urge that we be more cautious and put public health first and foremost a anything else i trust that experts are looking at this, but my hope is that we're always going to put public health first. >>the congressman not kiahnna went on to say that the pandemic is showing us that it's better to be cautious and prioritize public health and not to take any measures we may end up ultimately regretting our coverage of the lifted stay at home order and changing reopening status continues on our website kron 4 dot com. you always find the latest information on the coronavirus section of our website under the news tab. >>other news tonight utility company southern california edison announced today it will pay 2.2 billion dollars to settle insurance claims tied
10:40 pm
to the woolsey fire. you may recall that one tore through malibu in 2018 burning more than 96,000 acres killing 3 people destroying more than 1600 structures. an investigation found the company's electrical equipment started that fire. >>happening now a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the location of sydney west west was last seen on the golden gate bridge on september 30th. in a video released today her parents said that surveillance video from that morning shows crowds of people on the bridge. and now they are hoping that one of those people will come forward 19 year-old west grew up for most of her life in pleasanton she was a star volleyball player on the varsity team that football high school. we have information on where you can send tips. our website at kron 4 dot com. still ahead tonight surviving 2. >>global pandemics a woman who lived through the 1918 spanish flu is now vaccinated against
10:41 pm
covid-19. >>and next in sports steph curry and the warriors woke up they beat up on a bad team sports director jason dumas has your highlights. we'll have a live report from jason coming up.
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>>now we pretty much know and we know is right that have a buccaneers in kansas city chiefs are going to playing in
10:44 pm
super bowl 54 in the nfl. you may not know this is playing a giveaway 7500 tickets to healthcare workers pretty small way for them to say thank you to all the hard workers during this pandemic regan porter spoke to some nurses in kansas city who are hoping. they get picks to go watch the big game up close. >>chiefs are headed to super bowl 55 in health care workers are pumped for the possibility to score tickets things like the band ever taking nap is an e r nurse in sedalia missouri, her family has an entire room dedicated to chief's memorabilia they want to add something from tampa to the wall and he didn't >>yeah i think john do you want your money to do that in tampa yeah he was coming of the super bowl going see davis is sharing her mom to the big game to she is a die, hard fan
10:45 pm
tracy johnson is a our nurse with saint luke's health system she's held season tickets. the last 5 years but opted out in 2020 due to covid concerns it's just super emotional because she's literally dedicated to last year of her life. >>truly for her community, the lucky ones picked me to meet certain criteria, including proof they've had both doses of the vaccine. johnson checks off that box she knows the hardship this virus this video was taken in march her son tested positive for his underlying health issues and the lives of the johnson, they were forced to separate for months the first time without each other since he was born and i know i was really hard for me and i remember him sending texts to her just begging to come home just crying and saying i'm never going leave again much like it with you again davis says this would be the light at the end of the horribly long in covid field >>that health has a hospital in florida, several of their staff members in tampa are
10:46 pm
going to the game the advent health here is hoping to secure tickets for some of their kansas city chiefs fans regan porter. >>4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >>the jobs we're looking to get back on track tonight they came into tonight's matchup with minnesota having lost 2 in a row and 4 of their last 6 games good thing for them minnesota exactly who you want to play when you're trying to break a losing streak. they're simply not very good. here is kuvana looney he got the start tonight, steve kerr decided to move james wiseman to the bench sitting next to klay thompson the warriors got off to a great start. >>steph curry get into the lane and a foul that make it 27 to 11 now got into the game about midway through the first and this is becoming his signature move one dribble spin, nice touch and finish he had 13 points off the bench.
10:47 pm
but that he will they have a prize working of their own. anthony edwards down the lane get out the way. >>he finished with 15 points, let's take one more look at that number one overall pick over number 2 overall pick. all right, let's get back to steph how in the world the leave him this wide open. i mean hello. he had 16 points at the half dubbed up 14. if he was got within a but then curry went off he scored 15 points in 3 minutes and 3 seconds including that the 3 pointer. now this is the only thing he did wrong all day. but out as water and mikko man you're making them laugh. some one step at least will help clear it up. now watching koin couple now and he can supervise it i guess then he went right back to work another 3 right there just one of those nights for steph 36 points warriors win one andrew
10:48 pm
wiggins chipped in with 23 points for the dobbs and kylen mills without at the chase center tonight. she was there live and she joins us right now peak >>the peak staff jason there's no better way to put it by the way if you can tell they're about to turn the lights off on me i'm going to get kicked out so give this to you guys really quick. it was so much fun to watch steph curry just be steph curry he finished with 36 points 4 rebounds 3 assists and 3 steals but he really came to life down the stretch and took over this game in the 4th quarter with about 6.45 to go the words lead was cut to just 8 points with the second unit on the floor steph came in and immediately just provided a burst of energy is smart sparky quickly drained a 3 pointer you could feel the momentum shift guys were laughing they were smiling on the bench, everyone was just having fun. there's really no spark like staff and steve
10:49 pm
kerr said he's a one of a kind player. >>is so brilliant an and so rare and to watch him perform. and how so much fun doing it with a gift what a gift for fans, but even a gift for for me for a coaching staff or his teammates you know we talk all the time about how lucky we are to be doing this. i think we're especially lucky to be doing this with steph because he elevates the level of. of fun and joy and an energy it just lights up the whole building. >>he really does light up the whole building just to watch him play in person his energy is so infectious it's interesting actually steve said it seem like steph started out flat a little bit he was off his game. but it's incredible just how he can turn it on and really just come out on the floor and change the entire game. of course that's just vintage steph curry though now the words will get the timberwolves again on wednesday for now we're live
10:50 pm
from the chase center back to you jason. >>all right time get out of there before you get kicked out we're always getting kicked out of the chase center that just means kron 4 sports hardest-working sports department in the bay area. now to the ice, the sharks has their most thrilling win of the young season last night bret burns his goal with less than 2 minutes left in the game earn san jose the 2 points over minnesota, but the team still has no home due to covid restrictions they've been training and playing home games in arizona but the statewide lifting of the stay at home order that went into effect today has given the team some light at the end of the tunnel head coach bob was asked today about the possibility of coming back to san jose. >>first and foremost this is nice to to your that you know things are going the right way and you know that. you know back home or community now that more when we left i think that's most important thing but selfishly. we're crossing our fingers and more sort and
10:51 pm
on every word and trying to figure out if we can come home or not down you know it's it has been a long haul guys want nothing more. >>it will be great to get them back into the shark tank once it's safe and healthy. we all miss them we want to see sharks hockey here in the bay area not in arizona. that is your
10:52 pm
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>>105 year-old woman who if you do the math was alive during the spanish flu pandemic it's a century ago 1918 looking to get their first dose of the covid vaccine. this weekend. thelma brewster was one of 6 people over the age of a 100 to get the shot and a massachusetts retirement home along with dozens of other residents and staff members. family members calling it a miracle for their loved ones. >>when the flu pandemic hit. she was 3 years old. saw everything i mean she was 3. but she went through that and to think now that first of all the flu vaccine has been around forever. and worse we're getting inoculated against its my mother's 99 and i need to see her i don't know if i'm going to have to see her before she dies. so this is really again a miracle. >>boy that really is you think
10:55 pm
that somebody living through those 2 pandemics by the way the spanish flu killed. >>50 million people worldwide hard to imagine. >>a north carol preserving history for when the coronavirus pandemic. becomes a thing of the past can't happen soon enough high point museum has been collecting masks and ppe an online school works for their covid-19 experience project they've also been interviewing teachers and first line workers about their own experiences during this past terrible gear. museum curators say that they would like to gather as many stories as possible for a future online and in person exhibit and take at the sonoma county airport this morning. the puppies boarded a private plane for a trip to ohio. they're part of a group called canine companions it's a national organization headquartered in santa rosa that raises and trains dogs to assist people
10:56 pm
with hearing and other disabilities including veterans who are suffering from ptsd but with commercial flights not allowing animals during covid canine companions that reached out to private pilot too happen to be traveling to wear those of the puppies needed to go. in this case they needed those pups to go to dayton ohio. >>so we started reaching out to our network and something credible private pilot stepped up to help and today, one of them. >>we are able to fulfill a critical role and been able to help chris cannon companions. >>mission how does it feel just as a parent to be able do some like this. it's wonderful. >>hughes puppies ever. >>it is a 5 half hour flight in this a little twin engine plane but the puppies that won't be in the cargo hold new scare there. >>sitting in the cabin. like a
10:57 pm
car dash ian wood and they're going to be well rested when they get there. the pilot says the dogs usually. >>passed out go to sleep once they get to their cruising altitude. there you see take off. and you heard maybe can wayne's voices obviously are flying tails guy help so many animals he described the dogs for covered marshmallows smarts. >>you need about 3 maybe 4 those to keep you warm out there for tonight guys but yeah we're looking at this a storm system off the coastline, cold temperatures tonight tomorrow. yeah, talk about some flash flooding 3 dog night.
10:58 pm
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