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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>at 6. i'm encouraging news in the fight against covid-19 the regional stay at home order lifted for the entire state of california. this will allow more businesses to reopen their doors. but of course restrictions still apply. good evening. everybody, thank you for joining us at 6, i'm pam moore, i'm ken wayne today's decision comes with improving trends in the rate of coronavirus infections hospitalizations. >>intensive care unit capacity and vaccinations here's a look at some of the activities now allowed by the state for areas in the purple tier outdoor gatherings of no more than 3 households indoor personal services and retail operations with safety modifications restaurants gyms worship services day camps wineries all of those we'll be outdoors
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only and among establishment said must remain closed or bars that do not serve meals and amusement parks governor gavin newsom shared this new map in his weekly news conference today. it shows all 9 bay area counties in the purple tier. >>we do want to point out it's important to note that the tier status for each county will be reassessed tomorrow with california health and human secretary doctor galley governor newsome made lifting the stay at home order official today, but now there are some who are questioning the timing of his decision our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more. >>all regions effective immediately are no longer in the stay at home order citing improving intensive care unit capacity statewide governor gavin newsome gave the green light monday for some businesses shuttered for months under the stay at home order to finally reopen all of california now moves back to the color-coded care system with the majority of counties in the most restrictive purple tier, monday's announcement
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allows for the reopening of outdoor dining and indoor personal care salons in that tier the stay at home order depended on the region's ability to maintain more than 15% of its icu capacity projected over the next 4 weeks after saying friday this data was too complicated to share with the public health officials monday pointed to these projected icu numbers a month from now has reason to lift the order we hope that we continue to see the decline. >>that we've been witnessing over the past 10 to 14 days that give us the confidence today around what those hospital projections would be he is confusing. he is uncertain. >>and he is incompetent state assemblyman jim patterson monday, not mincing words for the governor. i think what we're seeing right now is a political decision. and it's a political decision because over a million californians have said you've done such a lousy job we've we signed a recall against you governor newsome responding to the criticism that's just complete utter nonsense. so let's just
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dispense with that fundamental foundation lee, non cents on tuesday. the state's top health official will give an update on where county stand in the tier system in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>despite lifting the shelter-in-place congressman ro khanna of the bay area says we must be cautious when it comes to reopening. >>but i think we have to be careful there for a lifting orders prematurely i mean there's only 23% capacity in the bay area with the icu is in parts of southern california. there's 0% capacity you still don't have the pandemic anywhere close debt under control the vaccination rollout of the has not been something to be proud so i would urge that we be more cautious and put public health first and foremost a anything out i trust that experts are looking at this but my hope is that we're always going to put public health first. >>state leaders reached a deal
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to extend the eviction moratorium through june 30th. it was originally set to expire this coming sunday state leaders say they're also moving quickly to deploy the state's share of the latest federal stimulus bill to give up to 2.6 billion dollars in rent or aid the bay area icu bed availability is expected to improve its based on projections for the region put out by the governor's office, the bay area icu capacity is expected to jump to 25% in the next 4 weeks this is a big jump from the 6 and a half percent availability reported by the state on friday, the san joaquin valley and southern california ranges are also expecting a significant jump and their icu bed availability of course they've had 0% availability so they are looking forward to some changes there you may remember san francisco is one of the cities and chose to institute the most recent stay at home order even before. >>the state required it and now the city along with other counties in the region are set
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to begin a gradual reopening starting on thursday but exactly what will that look like kron four's dan kerman is live at city hall tonight, he has the latest on that part of the story dan. well you know the state sets guidelines and then it's up to each county to decide what is going to open and what's not going to open we can tell you for example here in san francisco, even though the state has allowed that curfew to go away that will remain in place here in san francisco. it's all part of this gradual reopening. >>today is of course a day of celebration in san francisco mayor london breed says on thursday the city will begin a gradual reopening. now that the governor has lifted the regional stay at home order for the bay region. but she cautioned mask-wearing and social distancing must continue when you go to restaurants just be mindful. when you visit friends or family just follow the health orders. >>we're not out of this pandemic but we're definitely a lot better today than we have been in a very long time
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those getting the green light to resume operations include personal services like hair and nail salons outdoor dining outdoor museums and zoos outdoor family entertainment centers and open air boats and buses also small gatherings of up to 3 households with a maximum of 12 people are ok as indoor one on one fitness training and funerals with up to 12 people attending san francisco shut down those businesses on december 4th. >>2 weeks before the state mandate and the mayor believes that was the right decision. >>if we had continued along the pace that we were going in did absolutely nothing. at this time the end of january we would be out of icu beds and because we acted quickly and because you follow the health care orders that were provided by the department of public health we did so early even before the state required us to do so because we did that in san francisco. we are in a better place.
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>>back live at city hall. we can tell you that we've reached out to some businesses some plan reopen right away as quickly as thursday. others we talked to the golden gate restaurant association they've indicated that for many takes at least a week to get up and running and with the bad weather forecasts some are going to wait until the end of next week to reopen outdoor dining. live at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news dan. >>in contra costa county health officials say that county will follow the state and lifting the stay at home order that means restaurants can also now start serving people outdoors and millie's kitchen and lafayette, the lifting of the stay at home order is welcome news. >>we just heard today about them reopening outside so that's exciting but we will enclose what we're allowed in close. i'm put put some some type of warmth out there for the customers, yeah. >>lauren johnson says that they have been able to stay open thanks to their loyal regular customers and she
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hopes that they will be able to see them soon and if you are eating outside soon you will need some help staying, some helps them warm and dry our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with a look ahead yeah, wow we've got the strongest storm of the season easily. >>coming our way now and we're all lines up that's where we'll see the tremendous amounts of rain and possibility some flooding rains to out there tonight. we're seeing mostly clear skies going to lead to some freezing temperatures throughout the bay area tonight, maybe even a hard freeze level county. that big swirl out there the atmosphere that's that major storm that is now just developing. it will be dropping in the bay area by tomorrow evening expecting the rain to start them of course today see the remnants of that storm system kind of move out of town behind we have those blustery winds it has been whipping on and off with some biting winds throughout the day and they continue this evening to 26 miles an hour at sfo 26 miles an hour mill valley to 25 and
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see mainly out of the north now they're going to switch to the south again though, but watch this this is a forecast model for some the rain totals as we're going to see the storm system approach the coastline. things you had light at first and then pick up by the middle of the week and there you go we're looking at some tremendous amounts of rain right now looks like the bull's eye really the heart of the storm is going to set up maybe the monterey bay on southward settle mountains the big sur area and you can see. boy a big bull's eye painted on their almost 7 inches of rain of course the senators now as they get some of the uplift to get a little southwesterly wind. they can easily crank out maybe between 8 and 10 inches of rain this model wants to paint just over 4 and a half so certainly a lot of rain to come flash flooding, maybe debris flows maybe mudslides in those burn areas, but whole lot of rain for the entire bay area in a short amount of time guys back to you. >>they our other big story tonight, capitol hill on the brink of another impeachment trial, the house just deliver the article of impeachment to
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the u.s. senate is now live to explain everything is happening in washington our correspondent kelli meyer live on capitol hill for us tonight, kelly. >>good evening head and pam well that's right the impeachment managers walked that article of impeachment from the house to the senate physically walked across the capitol building behind me beginning the second impeachment trial against former president trump. the stage is set for the trial of former president donald trump he thereby betrayed his trust from the senate floor maryland congressman jamie raskin the lead impeachment manager read the article of impeachment against trump to the upper chamber, he threatened the integrity of the democratic system. >>interfered with the peaceful transition of power and imperiled a co-equal branch of government the senate will issue its summons to former president trump senate majority leader chuck schumer is determined to hold an
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impeachment trial despite pushback from senate republicans just going to be bad for the country it really is florida republican marco rubio called the trump impeachment trial, stupid on fox news sunday and is just going to continue to fuel. >>these divisions that have paralyzed the country and turned into a country people hate each other the trial will begin in 2 weeks giving president joe biden time to have his cabinet confirmed first and he will leave it up to. >>members of the senate democrats republicans and how they will hold the former president accountable georgia democrat jon ossoff says as they move toward a trial. he hopes the senate can still focus on getting the covid-19 pandemic under control while we are considering this trial. >>the move as swiftly as possible to pass significant covid-19 relief get stimulus checks. directly to the people. >>tomorrow members of the senate will be sworn in as jurors. but the trial itself won't begin until the week of february 8th.
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>>can you tell us who actually gathers the evidence for this trial and also is it. possible that there is additional evidence beyond the videos and pictures we were all saying that there might be text messages e-mails and whatnot which contribute to that evidence that they're gathering. >>well there could be and that's a good question because with this delay, you know they may have more time to unearth some more evidence and it also gives time for president trump and his legal team to build their defense as well and it was tonight the the congressman is on that package. jamie raskin are in that news story there he delivered that article of impeachment along with the members the house impeachment team there with him they will be heading to the to make their case. jamie raskin read the article of impeachment tonight on the senate floor that's what you just heard there. >>tell us about who is presiding over this trial because we now know that the chief justice john roberts is not why and who's replacing him.
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>>yeah that's right jeez chief justice john roberts, the chief justice of the supreme court and the one who presided over the first former president trump impeachment trial will not be there is expected to not be presiding over the second impeachment trial. it's instead going to be vermont, sen. pat leahy he's a democrat he's the most senior member of the majority party that' the democratic party in the senate now robert is not constitutionally obligated to preside as trump is no longer president so that's what the key is here. it's it's entirely different because this is happening after the president has left office. >>so kelly of course even of all of the democrats agree with this impeachment. they need 17 republicans has a pretty high bar. what are you hearing in terms of republicans who may support this or not. >>well so far the republicans that i've spoken to the senators here like florida republican rick scott i talk with alabama senator tommy tuberville. as you saw in the story there florida senator
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marco rubio all of them do not want this to go forward the alabama senator has called on president joe biden to call the impeachment trial off. they believe it will further divide the country and it was interesting today and unrelated a but still somewhat related is that republican senator rob portman from ohio said that he would be resigning at the end of his term. now he voted against the articles of impeachment this time last year he supported president trump in 2020 because he said that was the president of the party at the time or the man who represented his party at that time. but he is resigning at the end of his term he partisan politics here on capitol hill and the divide that he's experienced up here. >>kelli meyer live for us in washington dc kelly, thank you very much. >>and coming up at 6 why one big pharma company has decided to stop developing 2 of its covid vaccines. plus officials are investigating a south bay hospital after it offered vaccinations to bay area teachers and about 5,000
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>>america is giving up on 2 potential covid vaccines. this comes after poor results during early-stage studies the drug maker said the potential vaccines were well tolerated by the patients, but they generated inferior immune system responses when compared with other vaccines. mark now
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reports said it will focus instead on studying to possible treatments for the virus which have yet to be approved by regulators some community members in the south bay or outrage tonight after teachers and influence school district. we're offered to cut in line and get their vaccine early as kron four's has it lead you in reports the allegation involves the hospital returning a favor for the teachers for serving meals to their frontline workers last year. >>you know kind of like oh hurry up and sign up right now all and you know people from quickly include cheerier health care workers who all seemed very rushed a very you cpare listening to the voice of the los gatos community member who asked not to reveal their identity this person is voicing their concern regarding getty bill from the superintendent of the los gatos union school district encouraging teachers to take advantage of an opportunity to skip ahead and lighted get vaccinated for covid-19 at good samaritan hospital kron 4 obtained a copy of the bill
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here it reads please go on the link below its schedule your appointment at good samaritan hospital here in los gatos the ceo of the hospital says we can access the appointments to hear and has cleared lg usd staff to sign up and their health care, but it's. >>the problem is however guidance from santa clara county health department states currently their only vaccinating eligible people in phase one a which includes person 65 years of age or older and health care workers not teachers brewery paul that they were to commit fraud because they have the clicker. >>that there are health care workers forster very much mark. i couldn't see opportunity will be taken away from that group to be given to teachers to facilitate the current. to bach. >>in ground floor received this statement from the school
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district superintendent that reads in part quote i completely understand concerns about the vaccine rollout and any characterization i may have made about good samaritan returned a good deed was mild personal interpretation. while i apologize for that characterization. i also will continue to advocate for school staff to be a high priority for vaccinations unquote the county of santa clara health department said crowd for a copy of the letter they said to good samaritan hospital which it states quote as you know the county's vaccine distribution agreement with good samaritan requires good samaritan to comply with all relevant. california department of public health it county requirements for guidance for administration of the vaccine and to ensure that the vaccine is only administered to person is eligible to be vaccinated it goes on to state quote the county will not provide good samaritan with any additional vaccine doses unless and until a good samaritan provide sufficient assurances it will
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follow state and county direction on vaccine. eligibility unquote we reached out to officials at good samaritan hospital to get their side of the story we received no reply has made you kron 4 news. >>senators mount residents chased from their homes last summer by the wildfires facing a new threats with that major winter storm bearing down on the area kron four's rob fladeboe tells us thank shuns are under way amid worries about mudslides in the areas hardest hit by those fires. >>the community center here in scotts valley is one of 3 evacuation centers being made available to people who may be in harm's way as heavy rains could trigger debris flows and mudslides in areas devastated by recent wildfires. >>santa cruz county sheriff's deputies were going door to door here along highway 2 36 monday in boulder creek. they are learning residents to a mandatory evacuation order for roughly 5,000 people who are at risk for debris flows and
6:22 pm
mudslides the heavy rain could trigger in areas impacted by last summer's czu complex fire. among the first to pack up and leave was chris finney, you know i survived the fire and i'm sure hope and i survive this. >>or that my house does. >>the predicted all this fear river accompanied by high could unleash as much as a half inch of rain per hour starting tuesday evening into wednesday and beyond. >>most worrisome or burn scars at the headwaters of steep drainages that are above homes that includes the highway to 36 quarter above boulder creek and swanton road in the north santa cruz coast near bonny doon says border creek fire chief mark you cannot run from a debris flow or much site. >>i'm not going to go into the numbers of miles per hour. they can move, but they can move faster than i can run and it's not something that you're going to be out running. i wouldn't recommend driving over one. i recommend evacuating before it happens the 86,000 acre czu lightning
6:23 pm
complex fire still fresh in their minds. >>many boulder creek residents are stocking up on groceries gasoline and propane ahead of what is expected to easily be the biggest storm of the season thus far many heeding the warning to evacuate while others like william masterson we're going to ride out the storm at home despite the evacuation orders, i'm not leaving because. >>i'm going to come down. i can tell where the mountains bird we're going to fly and find my eyes and a lot of that they're overreacted in addition to scotts valley. the other 2 evacuation centers or san lorenzo valley high school in felton. >>and 50 ocean street in davenport just north of santa cruz scotts valley rob fladeboe kron 4 news, here's a map showing the evacuation orders you can see it there on your screen if you like to check it out for yourself we have more information on the evacuation orders at kron 4 dot com. all the details are there and you can look and share that information.
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>>some big changes coming in our weather we want to check the forecast cone for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow it's it's common isn't. yeah, it looks like this one is on his way not much to stop tonight kind of an interesting night a skies clear now we've got some very cold air in place, have some freezing temperatures around a good part of the bay area tonight so thinks tapered off as far as the rain the winds been whipping around the bay area very cold biting wind outside for today and they continue tonight clear skies out there around much of the bay area a few clouds over the mountain top of the school's cold temperatures, the winds are going to subside as we head into early tomorrow morning we'll look at the possibility of a hard freeze and a but the chef fairfield vacaville pittsburgh. antioch you can see temperatures there. several hours below 27 degrees so very cold. look at the freeze warnings up across much of the north bay too and that continues in parts of the east and the livermore and dublin also in the south bay doesn't happen very often that freeze warning issued for san jose alum rock campbell also in the
6:25 pm
santa clara all right, we've got a big storm on the way in here it is it is really one kind of storm. and it looks like it is going to take aim right at the bay area as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon wanted to walk you through the storm and as we head through the night tonight kind of quieting down still more than normally when then by tomorrow morning will notice a few high clouds the winds not bad but then that storm just kind of lurking off the coastline tomorrow afternoon. it starts come on shore, we could be into some showers already by 4 o'clock in the afternoon most of that just like that it's going to be wrapping up and say, but the winds really going to see some whipping winds and the storm system really going start to lag to the bay area by 10 o'clock tomorrow night swing all the way down the santa cruz mountains that we'll see the heaviest amounts of rain as we head in toward tomorrow night about midnight or so that looks like going to sag for the south all the way down in southern california. but what's odd is low pressure going to drop on the backside of the system and it's going to start to retrograde mean move back up into the bay area so that's we're watching for tremendous amounts of rain short amount of time the possibility of flash flooding possibility of flash flooding debris flows mudslides will people were afraid i was contagious.
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>>now at $10,000 reward being offered for information leading to the location of teenager sydney west west was last seen on the golden gate bridge on september 30th in a video released today her parents as surveillance video from that morning shows crowds of people on the bridge and now they are hoping that one of those people will come forward with information 19 year-old west grew up for most
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of her life in pleasanton where she was a star volleyball player on the varsity team at foothill high school. we have information on where you can send tips about her whereabouts on our website kron 4 dot com. still ahead on kron 4 news at 6 the senate set to begin its first ever impeachment trial of former president trump. >>how soon that trial could get underway plus president joe biden has signed a flurry of executive orders actions in memos and addressing the coronavirus pandemic and dismantling many of president trump's policies, we'll take a look at some of those plus more reaction from bay area residents as governor newsome lifts the regio
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