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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 30, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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going to have these stories and more coming up. news station. >>you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. and thanks for joining us on the monday after thanksgiving, i'm daria false and i'm james fletcher today the very last day of november. >>tomorrow begins the month of december hopefully are ready for that is we're rounding out the year what a year are you ever going to try to make a sweet potato pie again. i will not i'm not this weekend but as robin and her mom made the best time all excited and hours turned out years came out really bland really blame lies over set so it still sloshing around in >>my family looking you do or did this come my house, it says i just don't know what yeah have to order one in advance from robbins moshi making them the robins making pies i don't think i think she's busy with the traffic. yeah first has could john and what you didn't try to make one digit know i did watch the great british baking show this
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way there is an yeah, no baking for me this weekend i left that to you guys hopefully as we're getting back to work today, you're not feeling too full still from that thanksgiving feast and all the leftovers. >>if you are well a good chance to get outside burn some of it off because we're off to a cool start to this morning. it's going to feel good to get that heart rate up as you get out there otherwise you're going to be chilly looking outside we've got clear skies above san francisco, no fog. no cloud cover that's the way we're going to stay today, nice clear conditions all the way through the afternoon any chance of rainfall as well to the north up in washington oregon. where it's been staying lately as for current temperatures, look how chilly. we are palo alto you're at 37 dublin at 33 san jose you were in the 30's now you your way back up to 41 degrees santa rosa you are in the 20's now returning to 30 degrees still below freezing though fairfield you're also at 30 right now napa nevado at 37, so yeah you want that extra layers you're getting out
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there, stay cozy this morning, i'm talking the rest of the day still to come rob all right. thank you john we're checking back in on the traffic and we're off to the richmond sandra fell this is where you're recovering from an earlier stall so that's just a minor problem of car stalled out mets fan westbound is blocking the right lane. it's on the way we see the slow traffic here leading up to the toll plaza so some of this is residual slowing some of it is typical commute traffic as you head back to work this monday morning after a nice little break so not so bad still under 15 minutes into the north bay we are hot spot free and now delay free into san francisco. we're checking out the bay toll plaza. >>earlier he was stocked up all the way back from west grand but now it looks fantastic heading into san francisco just some minor crowding on 5.80 west as you leave castro valley merging onto to 38 and then another little pocket of to the south from 2.38 approaching 92 back to you thanks a lot rob, an 8 '02 and breaking news this morning. moderna is applying today for emergency
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authorization used of its covid vaccine. the fda will review that and look at the data that shows the vaccine is 94% affective and this is the second company to apply for this don't forget to pfizer already applied for their emergency authorization earlier in the month. and the fda is going look these overs and we could see the first vaccines be distributed by the end of december. >>and it can't come soon enough because we have new health orders in effect now for santa clara county, new restrictions impacting sports business. travel in there all has to do with the latest uptick in cases, this is a look at the santa clara county public health departments dashboard and it shows the large spike with more than 34,000 confirmed cases now in the county since the pandemic began with 417 new cases each day that's the average over the last 7 days. but the graph below really does tell the story you can see how we've progressed over time with this a pandemic and then most recently that huge spike there
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on the right-hand side of the screen with that comes new health restrictions health order that requires a quarantine after traveling. we have kron four's will tran live at san jose airport to explain. we're talking about people who travel a certain distance out and then come back correct. >>effective immediately if you travel for more than 150 miles outside the border of santa clara county you are told when you get back to go into your home and stay there for 2 weeks you can see travelers leaving today. a lot of people they were aware of this some were caught off guard. but the bottom line is santa clara county health officials they are trying to get the cases back down to a level where the hospitals can handle covid-19 cases inside the terminals it is busy but not as busy as we would normally see for thanksgiving travel with a lot of people coming and going. they are fearful that when you leave this place for leisurely travel you go to other places
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that might be even hotter for covid-19 you mingle with those people and then you come back here. you pass it to family and friends and then they go into the community and make the situation a lot worse. we got a chance to talk to some travelers. here's what they had to say about this travel advisory. >>i mean it makes sense here on a lot of people in the airport. it just have to be away from certain people for a while. every day than nothing and their relations. >>no one really caught off guard as far as it being put on them because you just heard her say something about everything's severy days a little bit different so they are just flowing with it. the travel ban. it's indefinite so there's not a timetable for a week or 2 weeks when it will expire it will go on for as long as it needs and by the way it is not just travel by airplane if you drive take a
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plane take a train from more than 150 miles and also pertains to you if you are a government worker in it is essential travel you are allowed to come back and head to work but obviously you have to be tested to make sure that you are not carrying covid-19 back to you now all right, thank you very much well and of course there's much more than just the. >>recommended quarantine we also have other restrictions in effect in santa clara county as well like retail shops and stores are going to be kept at indoor capacity at 10 percent grocery stores can't exceed 25% capacity and then we also have professional collegiate and youth sports also temporarily prohibited playing off of that that means no more home for the forty-niners. >>so they've got to figure out what to do because of all of the increase in covid that we've seen. we've also seen a big increase in hospitalizations nearly double now actually double what we saw in november 12th, it was 4,000 now we're up to 8,000.
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the previous record was in july that was when 7,000 covid patients were hospitalized. and again we keep talking about all the health professionals are concerned about the coming spike the surge that they are expecting in the coming days and weeks, let's take a look at the local numbers and california statewide with one 0.2 plus million positive cases and more than 19,000 californians dying of covid including 1963 in the bay area. >>well let's talk more about what this means for the bay area's we have stay at home orders and curfews going into effect for both san francisco and san mateo counties they were in the red last week now they've dropped into the purple leaving marin county is the only bay area county left. that's not in purple though that may change here going forward and as you look statewide you'll see the vast majority of california is in that most restrictive purple tier we have kron 4 sarah stinson standing by live in san francisco to explain now what this is going to mean for places like san francisco county that have just recently
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gone purple sarah. >>james what this means is not only a curfew but many more restrictions and back in place for san francisco and san mateo now that it's in the purple live here on polk street right at the crunch fitness. and there has been many people who have shown up going thinking they're going to able to go to the gym workout like they have been for the last several weeks but the on duty manager to 7 to turn them away saying you know we can't have anyone working out inside anymore. only personal training sessions, what they're saying. now all gyms in both counties have to take it outdoors again take a look at your screen you can see the other restrictions now in place and that includes not only just gyms churches movie theaters all have to be outdoors retail stores must limit capacity to 25%. restaurants may continue to do the outdoor operations as well. the state is saying all of this is necessary based on the data from these areas and
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they're seeing a rise in cases the case rates getting really bad again and they expected only to get worse. so both counties going into the purple tier and that means the curfew starts for both counties tonight it starts at 10:00pm goes until 5 through december 21st now we've been talking with the ucsf we talked with one doctor who is it describes why this might be a good idea and how it might help the case rates. >>id as a test because it a voice, a full shutdown and avoid some economy to so go on but whether or not it will work will be up to the day to the public health authorities can't really avoid and ignore this risk in the community is more widespread now you have to move back before you can move forward unfortunately. >>those is definitely going to be impacting businesses such as restaurants that taking advantage of those later hours still serving people outdoors now they're going to have to cut their hours and they said
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that means it could have to cut their employees their staffs and they're going to have to cut hours for them which could cause more layoffs know that that's going to happen at gyms as well because they're only doing personal training sessions. they're going less people working at the gym is going to be tough. but again the goal again is to stop the spread of the coronavirus been trying to talk with people out here people just seem grumpy today. it's a rough monday, waking up to a more restrictive world reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news, yeah understandable, thank you very much sara and of course keep it to kron 4 as we move deeper into the winter months. >>and face the possibility of more covid-19 restrictions, it's really important. now more than ever for you to stay connected and we will do that as best we can by helping you track the latest developments to our website at kron 4 dot com. you can also download the kron 4 app where we have alerts that can be sent straight to your smart devices soon as we get updated information about the virus. >>8.10 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the 5 ministration is making major
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strides and their transition process, including history making appointments. first the salvation army. they're used to helping millions of families they think they'll be even a greater need this year, but they need your help now more than ever will tell you how. >>and keep in the sunshine around for another day really another week with mild afternoon highs in the 60's for san jose, san francisco and oakland. i've got the details on your forecast for the rest of the way still to come. >>i'm tracking your monday morning commute your life what commute right topic of fanned out nicely at the bay bridge toll plaza so no longer dealing with delays here at the pay gates, an easy to san francisco will check more bridges coming up. at sylvania, we want to demonstrate
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just how much visibility your car's headlight bulbs can lose before burnout, so we've taken away 50 feet of visibility from this walk home. don't wait until your headlight bulbs burn out. switch to sylvania, the #1 automotive lighting brand, and see better tonight. >>it's 14 right now and we're checking out the weather service sunny out there it is yeah, but chilly so make sure you bundle up we've got john has been reminding about that the money about that all morning, good morning john good morning guys we're going to be looking at conditions today. pretty seems clear. yeah as a folk beautiful no one's flying yeah well that's good replaced so many good we could actually enjoy the weather here in the bay area in the meantime which is always a nice thing to as a foe just one of many spots that is looking at beautiful
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clear skies up above. >>something more to get used to because last week we saw all these clear days and really mild conditions. today we're going to be repeating that all in all so today this afternoon, lots of sunshine. you'll see a touch of fog just skirting right there along the coastline during the evening hours tonight to see it right there. the peninsula other than that tomorrow morning is going to be another crystal clear start to your day with high pressure builds up we're going to stay dry we're going to stay mild evening lows will continue to be chilly. well daytime highs will continue to be back into the 60's like both mission in financial districts will see returning today. we'll see some 50's just right there along the coastline elsewhere in the bay area it's pretty familiar territory. now we've gotten used to numbers like this over the weekend through the course of last week and today really not changing much of that with the sunshine overhead this afternoon will feel pretty good so sure you're bundled up this morning trying to stay warm and cozy as our morning lows are in the 30's. but this is what you have later on today, good chance to get back
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out there maybe during the lunch break take a walk around and just enjoy some of the sunshine and mild conditions were holding on to for yet another day really as i mentioned not a whole lot of changes from where we have been over the past week and we're going to stay this way to over the next week look at this not a whole lot of change into tomorrow wednesday. nor into the upcoming weekend. wednesday. we'll just ever so slightly be the warmer day of your forecast a few of us inching close to 70 degrees on wednesday. as i mentioned evening lows. inland remain in the 30's. so watch those lows if you've been cold they're going to stay pretty cold these next few nights. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're still tracking residual a strained delays there was a medical emergency in the east bay out in livermore ace one is on the move but it's going to be late so traveling from livermore to pleasanton this morning, a swan is an hour and 20 minutes late because of that earlier medical emergency so plan ahead if you're a nice train commuter. the bridges are looking good though here's
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a live look at 92, this is the san mateo bridge leaving hayward you see it's a little busy right but it's not bad. no major issues to the peninsula your drive time is under 25 minutes off to one o what we're finally delay free at the bay bridge toll plaza it started stocking up in the 5 o'clock hour here on the 8 o'clock hour and you no longer have to worry about any delays so just a clear shot right on through downtown san francisco are one busy bridge. the richmond sandra fell it's recovering from a stall lots of often on crowding between castro and rich in parkway it just goes back and forth so crowded at the pay gates but a nice drive across the span back to you. >>a 42 yard field goal is the cherry on top of a sunday for the forty-niners no matter how they tried. the niners just could not give that game away because the rams were that
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intent on losing. it was like a game hot potato with san francisco in la combining for 7 turnovers. and 14 ponce both teams also score defensive touchdowns in the end the niners win it 23 to 20 and remain in the nfc playoff picture. their biggest problem this morning is where to play now that levi's is off limits santa clara county just announced a ban on all sports for the next 3 weeks at least, but it sounds shanahan doesn't think the rules should apply to them. >>we understand how big of a deal this virus is so we're still committed and we feel that's why. so we feel like we've done it as good as we can to not only protect ourselves, but also really protecting our community we would love to stay in her home where fans want us and. plane and leave with no people there and only people that have been tested every single day for the last 5 months and i get it they made that decision we got to deal with it. >>now they have to deal with that they thought they had their own little bubble and now the niners have 2 home games at least that are
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affected by this they're going to try to figure out if there's somewhere else in the bay area otherwise arizona might be an option. >>as messed up as the nfl has been covid has filed up college football way more they have had to cancel or postpone a 106 games across all conferences. van der bill was down so many specialist because of covid it was the first time that anybody has proudly played like a girl in the power 5. >>columbia missouri. >>and she's off it was great sarah fuller. she got to kick off in the 2nd half and successfully non fortunately the team was so bad that she didn't have the opportunity to have any field goals or any extra points nothing van de 41
8:20 am
to 0 but it was a victory for women and girls in sports. >>would love to get out there and score a field goal want to out there and you know extra point everything i would be happy to know how many cell i love the team, they're amazing the entire staff has been so incredible in this transition and. >>i could not ask for like a better team behind needed to get me prepared and honestly i'm having so much fun and i want to learn more about like i have not had a cake and how to do things because i think i really can refine and get better from here so i'm really excited. >>what a yeah, i mean one about the differences between the types of that you have to do the little nuances. i mean it's she's no stranger to being able to kick a ball a long way do i feel like this just slight different technique differences, but hey. >>she'll get that in the end the thing about this week. i mean it was all in the same
8:21 am
week where vanderbilt's women for her soccer team won the sec championship. 6 days later she put on a football helmet and she's taken in the power how cool is that kind of open so yeah unfortunately, the door was open because the team was so bad so yeah, she couldn't practice in a trifle any other kids out there i everybody seth curry knows all athletes know you can't win them all know stephon payton they lost to phil and charles barkley we talked about the part 3 the nba legend and pro golf championship. winner. they out did the dynamic duo but 7 payton they talked a better game member the holy the whole world was joint we are joining in with the trash talking to chuck's jerky and then he goes and wins the big bad checks embarrassing it is this was the first edition that didn't feature tiger sure we check office this see how this one goes to school i when i run that better swing and i
8:22 am
>>we got it on the green are you kidding me i want to get now suing ball when i would call that all i want to see but it was so close he wants his wing okay. >>and he hasn't fixed it he can't fix it is to you too late, you can't you have to keep it the way it's always you're you can look at the swing into the pipe, i yeah it's not the same areas if you had a similar swing for no it's really it's the whole wind up in the we're sure which we tried to show you so many times my back doing that and whatever works for you you don't want to mess it up i guess he's proof. can't argue with that and they raise money for historically black colleges and so it was a it was a win-win for everybody and again for women kind as well with that vendor don't kick. >>and that's bus.
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>>we're back in a 25 the holiday season of course a time of giving and the salvation army does that in spades helping more than 30 million americans each year. this year, it's serving millions more because of the pandemic and the charity relies heavily on donations as we know through his red kettle program but there are fewer volunteers ringing the bells and the salvation army anticipates the national red kettle campaign will bring in about 50% less money did last year so less money more need.
8:26 am
that's not a good combination we've got the very latest now with glenn jones standing by with more on what the salvation army really needs. >>by now where averaging about 6 to 10 and i we have 20 to per day. so it's a lot less an auto last might be as many as a 100. so we really sure on is on if you die for me, but for people out that many folks come in that wouldn't be people that would typically help some folks have come quite emotional. i have never come to a food pantry before. >>jones says the concord salvation army also needs canned goods and toy donations know if you've been in contact with somebody. >>who is positive for covid-19 we're going to show you how coming up after the break.
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be fast. be flexible. bounce forward with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today. >>in 29 we're checking out the weather for ia shot for his life cost so much. >>to live because on the last day of november going into december it still looks like that yeah here in air and on like sister in boston just
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height's life, especially when i river about when you complain and she's like shut up gone long pants today because it on right she does yeah shoved their with a look at our our own chilly forecast this morning. john you guys, it's yeah when you talk about 30's for your morning lows and we're talking how cold it is in the bay area. >>just remember that's that's the daytime highs a lot of the rest of the country might be seeing today, looking outside this morning. it is beautiful, but it is cold so do bundle up cold by bay area standards of course, senator tower cam looking beautiful crystal clear skies up above we're going to keep those clear skies around all across the bay area and all across the state to rain and snow to our north up in the pacific northwest. so yeah, other parts of the nation are dealing with that just not us palo alto dublin livermore concord all in the 30's right now. 40's right next to the bay while some of our coldest spots still do remain in the north bay santa rosa you fell
8:31 am
into the upper 20's earlier on now you're sitting right at 30 forecast all send it over to robin with a look at traffic all right, thank you john we're checking in on the morning commute we are starting off with the richmond sandra fell. >>this is our second wave of heavy traffic from the east bay to the north nothing's in the way we have a stall earlier it clear the traffic cleared up and now it's slowing down again so we have some late rollers here heading back to work this morning so a little busy for richmond parkway leading up to the toll plaza but under 15 minutes to make it across we're checking in on the bay bridge 80 wesson says one commute you don't have to worry about because we are now officially delay free for come on into san francisco just a little pockets of slow traffic on the east shore so leaving richmond elsa read all berkeley albany, just little pockets heading down toward the maze but no big problems for your approach coming from the east shore 24 5.80 or the nimitz james darya thanks a lot rob, any 31 and despite
8:32 am
the cdc's warning that you should stay home millions of americans traveled for thanksgiving. >>health experts are now concerned about all those people returning and spreading covid further. sfo didn't see big crowds. yesterday after thanksgiving and usually that's one of the busiest travel days. travelers we talked to said they took extra safety precautions at their destinations. >>we do have a whole lot of family over for thanksgiving. we try to keep it small. you know, but i mean we've seen family members that we need to see you know and that was just facetime obviously we have our masks. >>you wherever we there was cleaning sanitizing zone. >>you do what you do and now we get to see what happens doctors think it's going to be 2 to 3 weeks before the new data shows the impact. thanksgiving gatherings. meantime our top health experts in the nation are talking also about search that they expect. the u.s. has
8:33 am
already averaging a million new cases a week. there were more than a 155,000 new cases just in the past 24 hours. doctors anthony fauci and doctor deborah birx say the same thing and they keep saying the same thing wear a mask. we know. >>people may have made mistakes over the hospital over that thanksgiving time period. so if you're young and you gathered you need to be tested about 5 to 10 days later, but you need to assume that you're infected. i mean the travel that has been done has been done right now as people go back we want to urge them if they've been in situations outside of the family setting in which they really don't know the level of exposure. >>to be really careful when you either returned from the place to do end or other people come back into your house. >>so wear a mask get tested isolate and wait, wait for a vaccine it one seems closer than ever one of the other because today moderna applies
8:34 am
for its emergency use. authorization use to the fda pfizer already applied for there so it's not going to be long james, we know of a shot we'll have to get those vaccines out united airlines by the way helping. >>with that they're part of the distribution plan according to the wall street journal of the companies planning to fly charter flights between brussels and chicago to help get pfizer's. >>covid-19 vaccine distributed once it is approved by the fda now the journal says that united will be allowed to carry 5 times the amount of dry ice that it's usually permitted to carry because this vaccine has to be stored at extremely low temperatures. meanwhile, pharmacies across america are also gearing up to distribute the vaccine. the department of health and human services is working right now with dozens of grocery and pharmacy chains. we haven't had much guidance on what the plan is just yet we just know that they're coordinating in preparation a lot of stores are setting up freezers to accommodate the vaccine and thermometers to take people's
8:35 am
temperatures. they're also collecting the necessary supplies to administer the shots in fact pharmacists are learning right now how to give out the vaccine. there are several different kinds so they all have their own different protocols. there's a scheduling system that's being developed as well so that you can make an appointment online when the district when vaccine is ready to distribute. >>congress returns to washington day for a lame duck session but senate minority leader chuck schumer is once again calling on senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell to call the latest stimulus act to be voted on schumer said the heroes act would provide the needed funds for states to distribute covid vaccines. once they're available. >>here to make it clear. getting to this point. a vaccine was hard enough and we commend the work that was done to bring us here. but it's only half the work that needs to be done. a successful covid rollout it will require about 30 billion dollars in federal funds to make sure the vaccine gets into people's arms that
8:36 am
it's distributed appropriately and. >>the heroes act passed in the house back in may. but it died in the republican led senate. majority leader mcconnell made a little effort to try to get the relief passed before the election. >>did you know that your cell phone can now tell you if you've been exposed to covid california launched a program called california notify notify and it's for contact tracing if you have an iphone it's automatic it is opt-in go to your settings and there's a spot at ces. >>exposure notifications right there. his churn >>now if you have an android james like you do it was a little more difficult little extra step you actually to go to the california covid notify website where they have special link where you can download it to your android phone you can't just find it on google play app store you got to take extra step to go to the web site that's why i got the iphone for dummies it's a good i like and what you can happening today the supreme court is going to be a hearing arguments from the
8:37 am
trump administration. >>about who can participate in the census. the president's legal team sued over the current rules which allow people living in the country illegally to be counted. the census happens every 10 years in the information is used to guide federal funds for state and local governments. >>well happening today president elect joe biden will get his first presidential briefing has access to these briefings was delayed as we know for weeks because trump administration would formally acknowledge biden's win. the last time joe biden received these briefings was when he was vice president for years ago. but vice president elect kamala harris as we know has continued to get these briefings, she's a senator on the senate intelligence committee so that's part of her job sadly, she's been in the loop on that meanwhile president-elect biden has hired an all female communications team for his upcoming administration is the first time in history that all of the top aides will be female. kate bedingfield will be the communications director she held that same title during the presidential campaign. jennifer psaki we'll
8:38 am
be biden's white house press secretary. and you know more and more history continues to be made with every announcement we'll see what next. he'll announce. time now is 8.37 coming up on the problem morning news, the city of sacramento is dealing with an alarming rise in youth homicides, we'll tell you why activists say more needs to be done to prevent these deaths. >>and after the break a bay area rapper killed this morning and his killers on the loose, we'll have details straight ahead. >>and plenty of sunshine across the bay area today already kicking off our morning that way at the coast with half moon bay looking nice and bright it is chilly out there so bundle up early on. later today, though 60's look forward to your forecast is ahead. we have the power to harness california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come. >>and we're back at a 40 on a man is dead after a stabbing in the south bay it happened last night along north capitol avenue. the man died this morning. no one's been arrested. and this is the 42nd homicide this year in san jose real name is alexander mark antonio junior was found near the east dublin bart station with gunshot wounds. first responders took him to the hospital, but he later died. police are still looking for his killer this morning.
8:42 am
>>in the east bay police investigating a fatal shooting in east oakland near hillside street and 88 avenue it happened just before midnight sunday when officers got there. they found a woman lying there she was already dead. we don't ever name they haven't released. it yet. they say she is not an oakland resident. 8.42 and coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, fresh cut christmas trees in high demand this holiday season. >>we're going to share tips on how to keep them. fresh. >>a lot of you are buying them earlier, i know i am that i normally would. yeah yeah it's going to be dead by january so you know we're going to give you the tips.
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>>8.45 and before we discuss how to keep the trees, fresh got to know how to get one. and after 52 years of operating the boy scout tree lot piedmont they are shifting their operations to online because of the pandemic they serve a lot of people usually in person so this is a big switch you gotta go online snd then you can either pick up the tree curbside or they will even deliver it james about that and then of course the other big question if this process and whether it was. >>necessary to to to sell these trays this year you amid the. all the risk for everything. and you know the
8:46 am
scout oath says to help other people at all times and you know we felt that it was really important for for the scouts piedmont to stand up to be counted. and help our neighbors to make sure that they have as normal a holiday season as they possibly can. >>they're talking about christmas trees and he's in front of a palm tree and i don't know about ordering it online because that's part of the thing you got to pick out the perfect tree for you now, but we'll see how it works what you do get the tree. >>how do you keep it fresh right because a lot of people are getting. trees fresh this year that maybe haven't in years past. that's why the demand is a little bit higher than normal americans are staying home right now and also it's an opportunity if you do pick one out in person fyi to get outside enjoy some fresh air with the family right. so if you do have a real christmas tree for the first time this year. here's a quick tip on how to keep it fresh.
8:47 am
>>biggest rick with the christmas trees hot water is hot as you can get it out of town like everything in the universe it expands with e sucks up more water and these trees will stay fresh well into the new year and my mom would always put a cap full of bleach in the water to just to help keep it. >>not 45 return, but it would help it in the on that front well but on the growing an hot water water i will tell where did you hear he said. it will be fresh right into january james because i don't take the tree down until january 2nd. we house to keep it up for new year's so if you buy it, you know the week of what have wanted to buy this past weekend but i did because going to be fresh well now you got a tip. keep it in hot yet much as you can yeah all right time now is 8.47 we want to get over to the weather center because we know john's been tracking the forecast for said if if people going countries out. >>this week john we're talking what still cold in the morning at least right yeah, definitely get the gloves on that just because you know
8:48 am
barks kind of rough but because yeah, it's cold out there may be some afternoon tree picking but of >>if you find a good spot. let me know because all i have is that little charlie that and so that we can the training really it's i'm sure everyone so love that evening shift look at outside this morning. it is gorgeous unlike my christmas tree is golden gate bridge is absolutely beautiful we're going to see those clear skies into the afternoon to so really no chance of rainfall in sight for us we are on a dry trend of weather that's going to carry us through the course of the next week or so you can see those clear skies on radar and future cast shows you into the afternoon we're going to stay that way evening hours tonight will come along with just a touch of fog streaming right along the coastline. i'm not expecting it to be super wide spread though come tuesday morning
8:49 am
high pressure is in place right now that's keeping us dry keeping us sunny and of course pretty mild during your daytime hours. much like we have been over the weekend and over the course of last week too daytime highs today are in the 50's to 60's right along the coastline with other spots in the bay area chairing a range of the low to mid 60's yet again today this is a range of numbers you've gotten pretty used to so it's familiar territory for us as you're stepping outside later today of course right now we're in the 30's. so you may want to wait up to get out there whether it's to get a christmas tree or just whatever you need to be doing today the afternoon is definitely the best time of day to schedule any sort of erin's that you may need to get done outside. santa rosa petaluma down through center fell all back to 65 degrees today. wednesday is ever so slightly expected to be the warmest day of this forecast could change though we're only one to 2 degrees different from one day to the next lots of sunshine, staying with us through the forecast all the way into the weekend and been checking the long range models showing that next week is
8:50 am
likely to be dry to said no chances of rainfall just yet. >>rob all right. thank you john are checking back in on the traffic your morning commute is winding down we're off to the richmond sandra fell bridge which is our slowest brits right now so the traffic leading up to the toll plaza so slow and go off and on from right around castro street through the pay gates but the trip across the span continues well we don't have anything in the way it's just another wave of heavy traffic heading into the north bay we're checking in on 92 and it's finally delay free so heading across the san mateo bridge this morning, it's not going to be a problem for you is it going here between the mets and the bayshore we're checking in on the bay bridge 80 west looks fantastic. earlier this morning. we were stacked up at least from west grand so that's no longer the case for under 15 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. now once you make it into san francisco. we don't have any problems on the skyway the check out the northbound central from the beginning to the end from 80 all the way out to city streets the northbound central freeways crowded and that is
8:51 am
completely normal but no crashes or stalls back to you. >>the late 50's the time in sacramento police right now are looking for the shooter who killed 2 teens at a mall on friday and this as the city reports an alarming rise in young people being killed jessica mensch has the story. families left here. if these again and again for somebody to take her life so sort. it's hurtful sacramento. police say so far this year at least 4 people under 18 have been killed in city limits a stark contrast from 2018 2019. >>where there were no use murders in the city community members are searching for answers after the latest killings of 17 year-old sic won reach ames and his 19 year-old brother to wane james junior shot while out black friday shopping and time is going they don't care to the cemetery, they don't care if it's at a park, they don't care if it's at the mall
8:52 am
activist and voice of the eu's founder of area c s police the pandemic is leading to the spike that families losing their jobs to having families being displace all these different things and i don't mind come the devil's playground right and with many kids distance learning can sports not being held he worries mentors who would usually step in don't have the same opportunities to founder of the nonprofit and packed lea shakes as parents and community leaders need to step up. >>we have to be more present. we have to be present in these we have to be able to provide resources that these families can utilize the city has used roughly 20 million dollars in cares act funding for youth programs and workforce development but accies believes more consistent investment is needed for true change young people can find a gun in the community quicker than they can find a job opportunities saying we need a better investment in all communities, jessica mensch fox 40 news. >>time now 8.52 we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>welcome back 8.55 is monday and are super monday for a lot of us because you may be coming back from work from vacation in which case. at least we got some sunshine to greet you as you're stepping outside pay bridgeview looking really nice has your view of the golden gate bridge from timber on the way out there in the distance certainly no fog overhead today skies, clear at
8:56 am
the coast well into the afternoon some 50's for coastal cities and day planner for inland areas shows after a morning in the 30's for some of us. we do have 60's look forward to later on. >>robin thank you john and finally i think the morning commute is over check out the drive to the richmond sandra fell bridge. we just had a backup here that spilled out to castro. 5 minutes later we're delay free so great to up into the north bay with no problems and even 92 looks good with no issues across the mateo bridge from the east bay off to the peninsula james all right robin thank you very much time now is 8.56 coming up in the next hour anyone who arrives in santa clara county after traveling more than a 150 miles. >>will now be required to quarantine we'll have details ahead in a live report. >>plus san francisco, san mateo counties now in the purple tier, which means new shelter-in-place curfews are now in effect we'll tell you everything you need to know in just a moment and califocnia prisons also struggling to control coronavirus outbreaks we'll tell you how many covid-19 cases we're seeing
8:57 am
all that and more coming up ahead.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>san francisco and san mateo counties now in the state's most restrictive purple tier, what does this mean in terms of curfews and restrictions on live with all the details. coming up.
9:00 am
>>effective immediately if you travel outside of santa clara county for more than 150 miles you are told head straight to your home and stay there for 2 weeks. coming up, i'll tell you why in a live. and new health orders have left the 49 ers without a home to play for practice in we'll have these stories and more. >>coming up. news station. >>you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >>welcome to the kron 00:00am morning news you made it for the finest hour 9 o'clock, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher happy month of november because after today, we say goodbye to november and hello to december so december 1st is tomorrow so that's what you're saying and say and the weather will be nice for us and it's a little chilly but yeah if only we can now get to january first unscathed it will be n


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