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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 30, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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hey john hey there are up and we are looking at a pretty solid way to kick off the new work week today. i know for a lot since the first sent back to work in a few days now and weather is cooperating as you pull yourself out of bed. this monday morning hopefully recharge from a little break now looking outside we do have crystal clear skies across the region, lots of clear skies over san francisco, not to mention you can see all the way out to the east bay there towards berkeley and oakland too so we're doing pretty good as we kick off this monday morning first day back at work in a bit for some of us radar showing that skies will remain clear on into the afternoon, not just for the bay area but across the entirety of the state showers up to the north and washington and oregon where we've been seeing all of them pushed lately as we have this high pressure ridge in place that's going to keep us dry for the foreseeable future as for current temperatures is cold san jose you're at 39 right now livermore and dublin each at 34 degrees for your current temperatures well fairfield at 31 santa rosa's
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at 32 degrees c you get the idea bundle up as you get out there skies may be crystal clear but they're also a little on the chilly side. now later today, we've got daytime highs will be back into the 60's familiar territory for us now we've been spending a lot of time in the 60's lately that's exactly where we'll be this monday afternoon. that's your forecast i'll send it back to you all right. thank you john we're checking in on traffic because we do have an accident that still active. i mentioned this earlier if you're traveling on highway 24 through lafayette. >>crews are dealing with an injury accident eastbound 24 at oak hill. now one of the cars involved here flipped over at last check it was blocking 2 lanes of traffic and that may change as crews are responding to and from the scene so keep that in mind eastbound 24, which is the counter commute direction. they're in lafayette overturn accident at least 2 lanes blocked and chp has issued a special traffic alert for this now if you're heading westbound which is the commute side wanted creek renda that side of your commute looks
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fantastic with no problems heading to the oakland maze now overnight. we had a fatal accidents in concord which is still under investigation. there is also another crash in the same area so west for at 2.42 as you into conquered on to that to 42 connector there still wrapping up an accident there one lane may still be blocked, so far no reports of any major delays getting through but i just want to give you heads up. we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell i do apologize, it's not a proper properly labeled i did that by accident but this is west 5.80 heading to the richmond sandra fell traffic looks good here with no major trouble spots and then 92 westbound leaving hayward to the peninsula. >>looks really good so far with no accidents, no stalls and we are trouble free just picking up the so get on out there early if you can't we'll check more traffic coming up a little bit later. >>well as americans continue to head home from the holiday weekend health experts are warning of the holiday season surge. the u.s. is already averaging a million new cases
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per week. according to johns hopkins university there are more than a 155,000 new cases just in the past 24 hours. more than 91,000 americans are in the hospital with covid-19 doctor anthony fauci says that now is the time to help slow the spread by wearing your mask in staying socially distant. >>i mean the travel that has been done has been done right now as people go back we want to urge them. if they've been in situations outside of the family setting in which they really don't know the level of exposure to be really careful when you either returned from the place to do end or other people come back into your house. >>well doctor fauci says the possibility of a vaccine offers a quote light at the end of the tunnel unquote but cautious about future holiday travel. the cdc advisory committee on immunization practices will be meeting tomorrow to talk a little bit more about rolling out that vaccine. so we'll keep well
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united airlines will be reportedly helping with the vaccine distribution plan according to the wall street journal. the company is planning to fly charters between brussels in chicago and help get pfizer's covid-19 vaccine distributed once it's approved by the fda. well the journal says that united will be allowed to carry 5 times the amount of dry ice, it's usually permitted because a vaccine must be stored at an extremely low temperature. well meanwhile pharmacies all across america are now gearing up to distribute the vaccine. the department of health and human services is working with dozens of grocery and farmer pharmacy chains. but few guidelines have been given and preparation, many stores are starting to set freezers thermometers and also collecting necessary supplies to administer shots. pharmacists are also learning how to give the vaccines online scheduling systems are also being developed so people can make those appointments. well senate minority leader chuck schumer is once again
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calling on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to call the latest stimulus act to be voted on schumer set the heroes act would provide the needed funds for states to distribute covid-19 vaccines once they're actually available. >>here to make it clear. getting to this point. a vaccine was hard enough and we commend the work that was done to bring us here. but it's only half the work that needs to be done. a successful covid rollout it will require about 30 billion dollars in federal funds to make sure the vaccine gets into people's arms that it's distributed appropriately and. >>the heroes act passed in the house back in may but died in the republican led senate. majority leader mitch mcconnell made little effort to try and get any covid-19 released pass before the election. holiday season frontline workers deal with long hours and of course missing out on time with loved ones. but this year, those
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sacrifices are a matter of life and death. markey barton share some of their stories steven finley can't stay home, he's a paramedic student nurse and volunteer firefighter in east texas i spent. >>a couple of days a week. >>they're in and then i couldn't. oxygen level anymore and so they put me into a coma, he battled covid-19 for 83 days in the icu. >>50 days in a medically induced coma. his wife prepared to make an impossible choice same week. they. >>asked her to make a hard decision. they gave me. through a hail mary pass tried one more treatment. >>that they had heard of him before the family knew it, i was awake and talking and face time with my family. so i went from this store step 2. awake and talking finley now just grateful for a holiday with his wife and 5 kids. >>in new york nurses at
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upstate university hospital say working this holiday season isn't an option. >>part of their care now includes connecting patients with loved ones hoping with phone calls and video chats with their families. >>i also like to read a little message on a whiteboard which is not the right words are for but i don't care on thanksgiving. all right happy thanksgiving on and try and draw that they're feeling the same pain of missing family time even when given the opportunity to go home. >>rachel nolan is working christmas but had thanksgiving off i'm personally not seeing any of my family members unfortunately that's just how it i do have high risk family members of my own and for these nurses at odessa, regional medical center. they say the hardest part of the job is being honest with families. >>when you wants to see their family. you have to be the one to go in there and explain them the reason to buy we can allow visitors up here as their hospital hit capacity, this month employees are in
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desperate need of kindness from outsiders. >>as they battle fatigue internally or a player out as she sits down right now everyone is really. >>exhausted their burned out and. the last thing that they want to see it in a day is these negative comments and their community members and so it's been very hard for them. >>you know your cell phone can let you know if someone near you has covid-19 california has launched a pilot program called california notify that will actually help in contact tracing efforts in the state. so if you have an iphone you have to do is go to your settings you scroll down to exposure notifications you could turn on exposure notifications and there you go if you have an android phone. you have to download an app in your app store but that is great to do that down and my phone to the south bay now san jose police are investigating a suspected stabbing and family disturbance involving a
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man who barricaded himself in a home. so both incidents happened just before 8 last night check out the location on the map this happened along north capitol avenue near the 6.80 interchange police confronted one victim but have not released that person's condition. the man barricaded himself in a home right there along jackson avenue, several streets were blocked off as officers talk to negotiate with the man who was inside. well to the east right now police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened in east oakland this happened near hillside street and 88 avenue this is just before midnight on sunday. when officers arrived on scene they found a woman who was already dead and the victim was i do have identity has not been released. but police say she's not an oakland resident, an investigation is still underway. dublin police have confirmed a man shot and killed early saturday morning is a bay area rapper investigators say that the man whose real name is alexander mark and junior was found near
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the east dublin bart station with gunshot wounds, first responders took him to a local hospital where he later died. police are still searching for a suspect anyone with information is asked to call police. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news cyber monday deals under way why experts are warning consumers to be a look out you know and because the hackers are out there so you have to be extra cautious when shopping online in or your credit card information on what i try not to shop online. while i'm at work no we never do we'll take a quick break we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back it's 4.43, maybe it's back to work for you today after a little break for thanksgiving and i certainly hope you enjoyed what maybe was a few days of sleeping in now you're back to it expects some chilly conditions this morning and some clear skies as you are stepping out of the house maybe heading into work you can see from berkeley right here skies are crystal clear over the east bay all the way into the distance out towards the golden gate too. so really no fog to be talking about on this monday morning as we heading back into the office. this is something that is not going to be changing much ahead of us radar is going to continue to show a pretty quiet picture for those of us that are venturing out for the week ahead may be getting back to that normal routine staffed your holiday week last week,
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future cast by noontime today still showing those clear skies by the evening tonight still pretty clear to and into tomorrow not much of a change in that's going to be the trend as we work our way not just through the next couple of days but with this high-pressure ridge really setting up shop in staying with us. this is a dry november and december forecast transitioning through the month in the days to come and so we are going to be looking at a dry start to your december starts here december that's going to offer up plenty of sunshine as you would expect in those cases, 50's and 60's for your highs at the coastline today for half moon bay in daly city that's right at 60 degrees. each month tear and pacifica at 57 each burlingame your mid 60's today, while temperatures further south of the peninsula also in the mid 60's sing carlos in foster city at 64, south bay temperatures in the mid 60's, mostly with campbell cupertino and los gatos each at 64 degrees temperatures across the east bay also upper
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50's to mid 60's much as you're seeing elsewhere in the bay. clinton i 62 while the creek in concord at 66 each well, but the shot 63 napa you'll be at 65 today. further to the west in the mill valley center fell nevado petaluma and santa rosa. also joining you back in the 60's for yet another day much as you also be seeing over the course of your next 7 days you can see all the way through the upcoming weekend skies looking dry. no chances of rainfall ahead of this forecast. and i'm tracking long-range models that are showing next week likely to be pretty dry too so this is a. seasonably dry finish chair or a finisher november and start here december now starting in just a couple of days. inland areas will continue to fall into the 30's for your lows while bayside in coastal spots dropping into the 40's back over to you rob right, thank you for the update john we're checking back in. >>on the traffic and we still have a special traffic alert in place for an accident here
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in lafayette. it's the counter commute direction, but it's still slowing down traffic just a tad eastbound 24. near oak hill injury accident one of the vehicles involved flipped over. this happened in the 3 o'clock hour and it's still working possibly still blocking 2 lanes of traffic so if you're traveling eastbound 24 out of orinda into lafayette do expect to see a little bit of slow traffic there because of that overturned crash a special alert remains in place. it is not impacting westbound traffic so leaving wanted creek into lafayette or end of the caldecott and over to oakland that commute will be nice and smooth. >>we're checking in on the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco, the drive here is looking good and moving well. >>no big problems right now it's going to be easy trip of 7 minutes off to the fremont street exit and we're checking in on the golden gate, maybe you're commuting between the north bay in san francisco. if so when one looks nice and smooth. so far remains at the limit and easy 18 minutes rolling south nevado to the toll plaza. many fans are
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remembering chadwick boseman on what would have been his 44th birthday disney-plus honored bozeman by changing the marvel logo at the beginning of black panther you see that they're the tribute shows footage from boseman's appearance in captain america civil war avengers infinity war and also avengers endgame it also includes a famous quote of his from the movie which says in times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish billberry us bulls and died in august back in august following a 4 year battle with colon cancer. he will be miss great actor indy. well kobe bryant's a historic introduction into the hall of fame has been postponed. >>the legendary nba players ceremony has been moved to may of next year because of the coronavirus pandemic so keep in mind that. >>it was supposed to take place in springfield massachusetts in august. but of course due to crowding concerns it will be held from may 13th through the 15th.
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bryant was an 18 time all-star and of course a basketball legend. he died in a helicopter crash on january 26 along with his daughter gianna and 7 others. >>well cyber monday is officially underway in online holiday shopping is expected to break records americans are expected to spend up to 13 billion dollars online. >>that will be about 35% more than last year and the most on cyber monday ever. the national retail federation predicts that overall holiday sales will be higher compared to last year but that increase in online shopping also comes with an increase of scams felicia bolton has tips on how you can say cyber safe this holiday season. the long lines and in person shopping frenzies for the holiday season are now know more since the covid-19 pandemic definitely sales took a dip and that has store owners like bring in thomas in springfield, missouri turning online to keep her doors open.
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this is my job, this is my full-time job so the stories. >>you know my livelihood and my family is. source of income thomas says the pandemic koester store sells to take a major death. >>and she's depending on 4th quarter holiday shopping to meet her bottom line. it's the same pressure modern society, apparel owner andrea pena says she feels as well. yes, the 4th quarter's important but speaking to this year in general every quarter has been super crucial research from harvard university's opportunity insights economic tracker reveals as of 11/8/2020 total spending by all consumers decrease by 4.5% across the nation compared to january 2020 but as more businesses turn online for sells tax expert brady walkin says so do hackers he says to beware of web site spoofing a retailer site and using a fake
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domain for example, if you think you're going to walmart dot com. >>an attacker might replace the old and walmart with an upper case i it will look the same but i can go to a spoof website where the attacker can then solicit your user name and password or your credit card information walk and says don't look at links that pop up on social media. >>don't follow links that are in emails or text messages and. instead go directly to the website of the retailer that you want to shop with this holiday season. >>when consumers out looking for the best deal. i might go to is if it smells fishy don't trust it i trust your gut if you see a $4,000 tv that's marked down to $500. >>it's probably a scam because one wrong click could do more damage than good. >>be careful out there that was felicia bolton reporting that spurs are also warning consumers to be careful with those fake you are codes that something you need to look out for they say do not scan any calls that you find online and
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to only trust the qr code that comes directly from the retailer and try and support small businesses to you know a lot of small businesses here in the bay area are struggling entrepreneurs are struggling so if you're going to shop online trying by something locally as well my little tip for you all right, let's head outside we're checking in on the airport sfo there's a live look a little chilly outside your door grab your coat if you're heading out we'll have your full forecast coming up stay with us.
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>>welcome back 4.54 on this monday morning heading back to work today possibly for a few of you have that had past couple of days off and mother nature is cooperating as you step outside this morning. well, if you don't mind some chilly temperatures that is all you need is a thinker jacket because we are starting off this morning in the 30's for some spots, especially the north bay in the inland east bay view across the bay looking at san francisco shows those clear skies that are greeting us all as you are venturing outside now at the coast you can expect daytime highs to remain pretty mild mostly in the 50's later on today well further inland, it will be back to the mid 60's. we go abundant sunshine comfortably cool afternoon. and pretty seasonable stuff to be wrapping up november. robin. >>thank you john we're checking in on the traffic still monitoring a hot spot in lafayette, this is eastbound 24. the oak hill exit couple of lanes still blocked off here as crews work with an overturned crash with injuries
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and it's causing a little bit of a backup as you approach the scene no major delays because it's so early in the morning, but it's something to be on the lookout for westbound 24 is doing fine out of creek through lafayette and orinda quick peek at the bay bridge toll plaza we're checking your trip into san francisco which is nice and light and smooth, nothing to stress out about an easy trip across the upper deck and it's just clear right along the skyway on through downtown san francisco. hawaii has launched a new campaign to attract former residents and anyone looking for remote office with a view. well officials and community leaders are hoping that they can provide an alternative to their short-term vacation rentals. so the first 50 applicants who get approved. we'll see a free round-trip tickets on a little how does that sound, but it comes at a price. applicants are expected to volunteer several hours a week to local nonprofits well, hawaii is among one of the states with the lowest rates per capita for covid-19 infections. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news at 5 anyone who
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arrived in santa clara county after traveling from or. >>more than a 150 miles will be required to quarantine we'll have details on that coming up in a live report. plus san francisco and san mateo counties are now in the purple tier, which means his shelter-in-place orders and curfews are going to be in effect we'll have that update a california prisons are struggling to control coronavirus outbreaks, we'll talk about how many covid-19 cases we're seeing coming up ahead.
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>>news station you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >>and thanks for joining us on a monday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots of news to get to this morning a lot of it related to covid-19 yes big developments in the bay area with more restrictions more purple tear area, san francisco and san mateo counties are on a statewide curfew because of this new level. also you have mandatory quarantine for travelers in that in effect in santa clara county will explain how that will affect yeah and then of course the new health orders now also impacting the forty-niners leaving without a home to play or practice in. we'll have much more on these stories. just ahead first though we do want to get a check of the
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weather and the traffic want to begin with john in the weather center. it's pretty chilly out there job. yeah that's about the only thing slowing you down just a touch this morning james is the fact that you may be digging out bigger winner jacket because he got to stay warm on this chilly monday morning as you venture back outside to get to work. >>you look outside shows you clear skies across the region. so really no fog to be talking about another crisp and clear morning but another cool one to across the state skies continue to remain dry all the way up to the north. showers up in washington and oregon. but those will not be drifting their way our direction. let's take a look at some of our spots in the 30's morgan hill, san jose double in livermore unconquered all in the 30's right now while fairfield below freezing at 31 degrees napa and santa rosa. each a 32 to kick off this monday morning so it is indeed very chilly, you got to bundle up as you're getting out there these temperatures will wake you right up as you venture out the door more on your forecast is


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