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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 20, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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times across the bay. but as you can see in fog cast visibility is just fine as you make your way on into work on this friday morning. temperatures right now are cooler than they were at the same time yesterday double and you're at 39 joined by much of the north bay also in the 30's fairfield saint helene and santa rosa as well as nevado all at 36 degrees right now this is a noticeable cool down from where we were yesterday napa you're down 10 degrees to start the morning than you were 24 hours ago. well fairfield 11 degrees cooler than at the same time yesterday. here's the good news winds remaining, nice and calm today we are going to see abundant sunshine into the afternoon and with that sunshine in those calm winds look at what we have ahead for us mostly sunny skies. daytime highs, mostly in the 60's really beautiful day to get out there. i'm talking more about what to expect as we eventually approach thanksgiving just around the corner now. still ahead your forecast over to you i have visions of turkey and hammond dressing in my head for thanksgiving. thank you my mom
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so the pie. >>now i'm thinking about food why because we're always hungry. all right, let's check in the favorites are taking a look at the traffic and the role on 80 into san francisco are doing fine we normally do fairly well on fridays because that means lighter traffic a lot of fun state fridays off. we don't typically see the heavy volume doesn't mean we're not going to have traffic it just means it's normally not as busy now's a great time to just get on out there looking good here at the bay bridge toll plaza and a smooth trip across upper deck right on through downtown san francisco. what about 92 that trip between the peninsula and the east bay, looking good so far headlights and tail lights east and west doing fine with no trouble spots, although that shot is freezing up a little bit. but that's okay, no hot spots here between hayward in san mateo. we're checking out the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 leading up to the tolls that's a quick trip. no reports of any trouble spots here into the north bay, the traffic is definitely picking up a little bit but no big trouble spot. so you have to worry about across the span into the north bay we'll check
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more traffic coming up a little bit later. now to some breaking news that we're following for you from overnight 5 people were injured in a massive high rise fire in the financial district of san francisco. this is actually video right posted from witnesses on the citizen app kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco on scene with more sara i was heading to the station this morning and i saw the flashing lights and all the activity in the streets blocked off what's the latest. >>yeah, i know all of you guys saw it and you called me said head to the scene so i got here and they were able to put out the flames as you said high rise building here on davis court right by that safeway and starbucks it's dark right now, but you can see this area is familiar. it's an area where there's a lot of different apartments businesses but take a look at the video again you can see the flames for people who live here have been suffering suffered from injuries, we know one more was just added to the list san francisco fire
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department just confirmed now 5 people have suffered from injuries from this fire that started on the 11th floor around one 30 in the morning, this quickly grew to a 3rd alarm fire 100 firefighters working to fight the flames at 4.40 davis court crews were able to put it out in one hour and contain it to the 11th floor except for one apartment on the 12th floor, this is that high rise with 22 floors 3 apartments have heavy damage 23 apartments have been deemed uninhabitable from the smoke or water damage, but they believe that the people who live there will be able to go back now that the 5 people injured are expected to be ok, let's hear from the fire department about what happened here. >>san francisco fire department conducted multiple rescues from this incident. we're at this time going floor to floor again. to ensure that there's been no extension within the walls of this fire.
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>>and so right now they're investigating the origin of the fire plus red cross on scene helping the people who have been displaced, but they said it was quite a sight putting the flames out because it is an older building because it is a 22 story building and coming up at the 5 o'clock hour we'll hear more from the fire department about this fight, he'll describe to you what it took to put the flames out quite interesting to hear for now reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news sir. thank you for the updated think that folks are going to be okay we'll check back with you a little later. >>lawmakers are starting to head home for thanksgiving without passing another covid relief package, there's a growing bipartisan push to actually get a deal done washington dc correspondent kelli meyer reports. what i would like to focus on now is a relief package, south carolina republican lindsey graham seems ready to meet democrats in the middle in an effort to get a covid relief bill through congress before
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the end of the year i think we need more than 500 they had. >>that's more than senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and many of graham's republican colleagues have been willing to spend in south carolina. our economy is hanging. >>pretty tenuous we're seeing a dangerous rising cases at this point kaleb am a democrat senator doug jones is also pushing for compromise as cases in his state and across the country spike this is not a time to let our guards down democrats and republicans are still far apart and the senate has already left for home for the thanksgiving holiday. i just don't we're going to get one by end of the year alabama republican congressman bradley byrne says if congress can't come together on a larger deal. >>lawmakers should pass smaller individual bills to help families we must act now house minority leader kevin mccarthy thursday push to pass an extension of the paycheck protection program before the
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house heads home is could be done today. help could be on the way congress returns the first week of december, they'll have just 15 work days until the 100 16th congress ends that on january 3rd the new 100 17th congress is sworn in and we'll have to start from scratch. reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. breed issued an executive order to fast-track a proposition aimed at helping small businesses that are struggling during this pandemic well this is thanks to san francisco voters who helped approve measure h so-called arises an ordinance to amend the city planning code this will simplify business. >>and the start-up costs and also the operating procedures, the executive order would go into effect within the next 30 days and leaders say that this could actually save shop owners. 10's of thousands of dollars. >>this is big and huge news for businesses that have been struggling to recover from the
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pandemic it takes you 10 months to get a permit. you have to rent the space before you can apply. so for 10 months, you're paying the rent. while you can't open you can't you can't do business to see a series of measures they're focused on saving you time a small business providing greater clarity for you small business which means less stress mores and also saves you time and money. >>proposition 8 will also remove red tape associated with businesses needing to convert an outdoor space into a location to serve customers during the pandemic. the pandemic is threatening the bay area with trash and lots of it environmental activists with the nonprofit organization bay keeper say that ppe and other cover related garbage is ended up in the bay. so far there's no evidence that this trash is carrying the virus. but a lot of it contains plastic and it's not easily biodegradable advocates say they're seeing a sharp increase in disposable
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food containers and other take out or pandemic-related food services. >>it's actually really unfortunate because right before the virus hence we're seeing a decline in plastic trash around the bay area. that's partly because there are restrictions on plastic bags and coming up all across the bay area. >>all right folks we have to do better don't forget to recycle the pandemic has resulted in fewer cleanup efforts which means that some of the covid trash could actually sink to the bottom or just disappear in the weeks before it can actually be picked up. well officials also say that the recent rains may be a factor in curing that debris out into the creeks and streams and the sewers so let's to back. a first for the california highway patrol, a woman is in and array is the first woman and second african-american to be the agency's commissioner capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala introduces us to the new leader. >>i am if i can be a role
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model anyone amanda ray is making history in california. she's the first woman and second african-american commissioner to hold the position in the largest law enforcement agency in the country she was sworn in this week so no i don't feel pressure right really. >>i feel a sense of pride and really just be able to go out there continue to move our department for more than honored to be many things but for the oakland native a career in law enforcement was not her original dream are going to be doing graduated college i came want to money for grad school and plan to stay for approximately like 2, 3, years, but she ended up staying on for 30 years so far she served at every level of law enforcement commanding recent high-profile incidents, including the department's response to covid-19 wildfires and civil unrest following a tumultuous year across the country for law enforcement. >>but with just days into the job gray says she is not ready
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to share her vision just yet for the chp she did say opening up lines of communication with the community is key also be able to improve public trust in public release you know to look policies procedures anywhere we can look and see if there's anything that we can do to improve ourselves. gusts will be able to approve relationships in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news shout out to all of my fellow oakland girls all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning news and incompetent. >>to one state lawmaker describing the employment development department after an expose millions of californians, social security number that story coming up next.
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>>welcome back everyone and thanks for staying with us happening today, my favored resort heavily heavily mountain ski resort and north star are opening up for the season with all the snow. i just love it makes me feel warm and fuzzy reservations are required to access the mountain. so don't forget to do that and anyone visiting the resort is also asked to wear a mask don't forget to physically distance yourself from others and kirkwood is scheduled to open up on december 4th that's right around the corner. we're already planning our ski trips, let's check in with
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john street will get an update on this forecast, beautiful, beautiful beautiful john yeah, robin got some new snow and now we've got the bluebird skies to enjoy it under it is going to be a nice weekend up in the sierra nevada. >>plus there's new snow that we saw from mother nature temperatures are cool enough that those coated in some fake snow to not the fake stuff, but manmade snow. so that is going to be nice to ski on looking outside at our live camera network am at donner summit is definitely still a wintery scene up there. but roadways are now cleared and ready to go if you're heading that way for the weekend far as conditions go here in the bay area we're also off to a nice and dry start a couple of spots of fog but nothing like the widespread fog that we had yesterday so already a clear start than yesterday was skies will remain clear and dry abundant sunshine through the weekend. really just in a holding pattern now of 60's seasonable 60's and keeping things mild and sunny all the way through the weekend even into thanksgiving just around
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the corner into the end of next week. today's daytime highs just a touch warmer than yesterday's we're keeping the 50's around right along the coastline, but elsewhere in the bay, it is solid 60's and even a range of mid to a few upper 60's for a few spots woodside up to 67 today, redwood city at 64 degrees well temperatures across the south bay working your way out of the low 60's yesterday up into the mid 60's today, so a noticeable bump up in temperatures. but just a few degrees for some of our cities across the bay oakland at 64 along or august san leandro in danville the lake now at 65 warmest spot in the bay today that will be you in fairfield at 68 degrees as for sandra fell 67 degrees not far behind that warmest of temperatures. here's a look at your next 7 days skies. obviously abundantly clear temperatures remain in the 60's all the way through thanksgiving by next thursday as we do see clear skies are inland lows are going to get a bit cooler keeping things in the 30's consistently for your inland
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lows. all the way through next week. robin those daytime highs like good. thank you john not bad at all i was a little worried about being outside over the weekend. i thought would really cold. >>let's get update. thank you all right, let's update the commute shall we. here's a live look at 80 the drive into san francisco picking up a little bit more folks rolling in no problems coming from the e sure the nimitz 5.80 all of those major connector ramps are looking good and very clear and then when you make it into downtown san francisco you're fine on the skyway one oh one the central and to ad we're off to the golden gate bridge, anybody home hello anybody there i don't see any cars coming across as fan right now, so nice and light and quiet here across the golden gate bridge an easy trip into san fran so there's one car finally one car heading northbound but no problems here in north and south one oh one we have one more the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 of the pay gates, an easy trip. you know what i always say the earlier you can get out there the better go ahead and beat the rush. no big problems for you in to the north bay. a
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state audit or says that the employment development department sent all forms exposing social security numbers of millions of californians. well the auditor's report says that the edd is still milling out people social security numbers kay recede has that story. these latest findings by a state auditor of the employment development department failure to remove social security numbers from mailings. >>leaving millions of californians vulnerable to fraud or just a glimpse of the heartache david robertson's family has been through my son's been ripped off. >>the taxpayers are being ripped off. and there's a criminal out there continuing to do this robertson says so far scammers have stolen at least $15,000 from his 19 year-old son he says his son had applied for unemployment back in july. >>somewhere along the process thieves stole his son's information and pass it off as their own even with recent phone calls only reaching the edd they're mystified of even
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help us wet with a sluggish. opportunities system this it's the auditor says the edd must take swift action to end its potentially harmful practice and better safeguard the identities of the residents, it stack. >>what's assembly member jim patterson showed reporters the piles and a td letters from constituents scammed out of unemployment money and fed up with the state agency. >>they're essentially an enabler whether they know it or not. the that has perpetrated on patterson also cblled on governor gavin newsome to fix this mess. >>as for dave'on he's now worried about the security of his personal information and at a loss as to who or what can help. >>well let's september or october was like 3 months later and nothing has changed. >>kay recede fox, 40 news.
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>>742,000 americans applied for unemployment benefits this week that's about 30,000 more americans from the previous week and the first increase in 5 weeks. claims have just soar to nearly 7 million in march when the pandemic first intensified, but before the pandemic applications, typically you know hovered about 225,000 per week. nearly 750,000 californians will stop receiving unemployment benefits by the end of next month. that's because 2 key provisions of the cares act them. the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program also known as p you layer puea we'll end on december 26 and then a separate provision which provided an extra 13 weeks of extended benefits to unemployment workers is also expiring now this is set to happen unless unless congress passes a bill extending the term and the president signs it so we'll keep you posted we'll see if that happens. well if you're one of the millions of americans who
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never received a stimulus payment from the federal government. you have until this saturday at noon tafolla claim with the irs will direct payments up to 25 excuse me check that $1200 part of the last comprehensive package that was signed into law last march an estimated 12 million people still have not received their stimulus check. so if you follow claim if you need to file a claim you can do so at the agency's website don't forget get it done before it's too late. well devastating news for warriors fans and the entire in our very own klay thompson tore his right achilles and will miss the entire upcoming season. we're all bummed about this he is the injury happened wednesday during a workout in los angeles in clay of course had already missed all of last season. after tearing the acl in his left leg. remember that was back in game 6 of the 2019 nba finals. he's not having good luck he will have to spend another season going to rehab because of that injury.
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well thompson is expected to make a full recovery month for the 2021 through 2022, season, sending him good positive vibes healing vibes we wish you the best claim to help you fill up fast. all right a little peek at s f o checking in on the airport little chilly outside the door this morning grab your jacket before you head out to take a little extra time to warm up that cause a little cold out there but we're looking good for friday and into the weekend your forecast highs are not bad at all john trouble has that full forecast coming up for you after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back 4.54 on this friday morning friday before thanksgiving so i know a lot of people are going to be off work next weekend. we've got some nice weather to enjoy a bit of sunshine starting today, lasting all the way through this forecast it's really cooperating for us out there. let's get a look outside at berkeley here skies, definitely noticeably clear than we were yesterday yesterday was a blanket of fog that was sitting across the bay this morning we've seen a couple of pockets of it but mostly we're looking at clear skies this morning and that's going to carry through into the afternoon. so at the coast expect some upper 50's to low 60's, a cool afternoon for sure but a clear day than yesterday was and as long as you've got a light jacket you'll be good to go inland valleys will be seeing daytime highs in the mid 60's, mostly that's a bump up in temperatures by just a few degrees making for a comfortable afternoon with abundant sunshine to top it
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all off nice way to start the weekend it looks like we're going to keep in the sunshine around for the rest of the weekend too. robin. it is a little bit of abundant sunshine in our lives. thank you john checking in on the traffic. >>looks good. we're not complaining right now 80 into san francisco, a smooth across upper deck. the skyway the central the james legg to 80 all is well come on and get out there early you never know what's going to pop up right now we're doing fine. i'm making that trip to san francisco. so no problems for 80. let's check another bridge shall we what about. >>the golden gate. we're checking in on one oh one traffic is moving well and at the limit here in both directions into and out of san francisco's very quiet and very smooth looking good so far. >>now is a great time to use it. and we'll check more traffic coming up a little bit later. but check out this little owl which is recovering at a wildlife facility after it was rescued from rockefeller center the christmas tree. so the bird was found monday in new york city in and actually have traveled a 170 miles with a 75 foot norway spruce that was
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brought to manhattan on saturday. oh my goodness it was rescued after spending 3 days without food without water, they actually plan to release it back into the wild this weekend. they have turner said make sure it's ok and they named ao what else rockefeller perfect name and so so cute. thank goodness, it's going to be ok all right coming up in the next hour 4 people were hurt. >>and a high rise fire in san francisco. we are alive on scene we'll talk about what we've learned after overnight with sarah stinson and starting tomorrow tomorrow night's curfew order will go into effect and counties in the purple break it all down to talk about what's no longer allowed coming up after the break and the more people are traveling this holiday weekend despite the cdc warning not to do so.
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>>news station you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >>and thanks for waking up with us on a friday and daria and i'm james fletcher we're starting off not near as foggy as we were yes, we'll get to see the bridge behind us here in the live shot. yeah that's a big difference how of the rest of the weather pretty good out there guys. we've got abundant sunshine expected this afternoon already a clear
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start to the morning to clear on the bay bridge, the golden gate for inland areas. all the way out to the coast now do anticipate a couple spots out there that might cause you some fog but other than that really all your views are looking good. let's get a look outside right now under siege or tower cam you can see all the way over to the east bay they're all of the bay bridge and you look crisper looking view than what we saw yesterday right at the tip of point raise we are seeing a little dose of fog. but that's all i've got on the map for you right now as we work our way into the afternoon abundant sunshine can be expected really pleasant temperatures later on after what is a chilly start. dublin you're at 38 right now fairfield at 36 santa rosa say alina and napa also right at 36 is a lot cooler than we were at yesterday so go ahead and bundle up this morning but expect a nice afternoon to take the jacket back off and enjoy some sunshine. now of course clear skies means hopefully a better situation on the roads, it's still friday light up there, but how long is ha


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