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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 19, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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a car crash earlier this morning. >>and word came out that that car was involved in a police chase yeah, it's been quite the scene will tran has been there all morning long so let's see if we've learned anything new will. >>well since the last time he saw me the update is i did see a tow truck circling this area talking to police officers so looks like it's getting closer to wrapping up, although it might be another 30 minutes to an hour or so, but you can clearly see is an active scene there's that blue honda that slammed into the side of that home let me quickly pull up a map for you so you know the exact location. this is lower haight and the intersection is that waller and fillmore this all happened at around 03:30am in the morning actually james and yuri a. the pursuit didn't last that long it actually started that market and castro which is tops maybe a half mile from the scene. not exactly sure what prompted police officers to begin the
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pursuit, but we do know that it will when through the streets came to this particular location where a squad car you can clearly see that suv right there that san francisco suv but the flashing lights that was involved in the accident as well that sent the blue car careening into the home. the driver of that blue honda had to be extricated from the car that actually to rip open. the roof just to get the driver out we do know that the driver was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. 2 police officers were in that suv they suffered injuries, but fortunately, we're not hearing, i've any life threatening injuries to them that muni bus believe it or not that was involved in the accident as well, although you don't see any noticeable damage but the front end was clipped and there obviously was a driver at the time they came up to the intersection so that driver was a witness there talking to the driver that that many buses part of
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the investigation and if you're wondering why even though it's been almost 5 hours since this collision and usually they wrap up pretty quickly. the reason why they're doing this is because they're taking measurements from all 4 corners for approaches to this intersection and because it involved 2 police officers who were injured which is why it's taking a little bit longer then say a typical accident. back to you. >>all right some dramatic pictures there thank you well. >>time now is 8 '02 might take you a little longer to navigate your drive this morning is all the fog is pretty dense out there and it doesn't matter it where you are you're seeing it in one form or another job, yeah, it's all across the bay area, sometimes it's usually closer to the coast in the bay, but this time around khost bay and inland areas all getting in the mix with some dense fog this morning. so it's going to slow you down regardless of where you're at i'd say just give yourself a few extra moments as you get out the door this morning. >>and don't rush that commute. you can see outside from our
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sutro tower cam some of our tallest of hilltops are picking up through the fog but well the rest of us are down in the soup this morning. you can see outside on radar that we are dry at least we've traded in the showers we had the past couple of mornings with fog that will only be with us for a few more hours see do have sunshine to look forward to concord nevado san francisco. these are among areas where visibility has fallen below a mile and will continue to be that way over the next couple of hours between 10:11am i'm anticipating the most of clearing to occur. we'll still have some patches of fog and some of our bridges going over the bay but most of our inland areas and even some spots on the peninsula north they will have really cleared out by then into the afternoon ahead, there's your sunshine an opportunity to step outside enjoy the 60's will eventually get to 40's and 50's are current temperatures hayward alameda in oakland, each in the 50's some of your warmer spots. well saint helene and santa rosa, some of your cooler areas at 4041 degrees
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this morning. so my advice get outside with that jacket don't need the rain jacket today just something to keep you a bit warmer today and of course you got to get outside a little bit earlier because the fog is holding up traffic on some of our bridges robin we have multiple fog, advisories favorites looking really great that's right great here at the bay bridge is an advisory for the richmond sandra fell and the golden gate john as you talked about so you need to be extra cautious out there driving through the fog because it can be dangerous just like driving in the rain. >>here at the bay bridge toll plaza we haven't had any major like yesterday when the roads were so we had so many spinouts and overturns it's quiet now, but it's slow so you're stocked up from the maze of 60 minutes to make it and we had an accident on the upper is sure it's gone stop go traffic out of richmond albany berkeley emeryville on down to oakland 23 minutes is it ok drive time, but you are recovering from those earlier issues and still very busy on highway 4 through pittsburgh on over to concord you're at 30 minutes here for one 60 out to 2.42 saw keep my eyes on the slowdowns will check more
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traffic coming up james darya all right, thank you very much robin. >>so back to one of our big stories this morning on the national front the united states has now surpassed another devastating milestone in the ongoing covid-19 pandemic 250,000 americans now have died from this disease. a quarter million americans that is a higher death toll than any other country in the world right now. it's also more than twice the number of us service members that died in all of world war one. and as we get closer to developing a vaccine. we now know that ucsf has been chosen as one of 7 early vaccine, distribution sites in california. so ucsf is monitoring the progress of a covid-19 vaccine. the one that pfizer announced that would be about 95% effective once it reached market early distribution of the pfizer vaccine at ucsf is planned to begin next month. now the front of the line are going to be frontline health care workers who are treating covid-19 patients and other members of high-risk groups so
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they will get prioritized the vaccine then will go to the general public and it's expected that that will happen sometime in the spring of next year. >>iris cases are on the rise in san francisco, the city is now asking residents. not to go to its government operated testing sites. if you're just going to get tested before the holidays. and that includes testing sites like in the city the sf city site which is at the embarcadero appointments there are all booked up through december 2nd supervisor matt haney says that site and a few others in his district are important for essential health care workers. those have been exposed to the virus and other people who don't have health insurance. >>the worst thing would be for our testing sites to be so oversubscribed to have a backup. await that people who really need to get tested because they might have been exposed is they might have symptoms because they might have no other option. i can't get tested. >>so what are your other
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options. there are other sites to choose you can look online to just do a search of where you live go to your doctor. they recommend going to your primary doctor if you have questions about that there's also a way that you can get there are whole testing sites that will send you a kit at home you do it then you send it back. >>in the east bay contra costa county now reporting more than a 100 complaints related to covid-19 health order violations in the past 10 days which is partly why the county now has moved back into the purple tier which is the most restrictive phase of reopening here in california. with that roll back the county's covid-19 task force now is focusing on stricter enforcement. >>restaurants, but it can be be you know things like a cross fit the lawn. it can be outdoor dining where there's not social they could be indoor which now isn't allowed. you know how hard it is for businesses right now. we want to support them. but ultimately they need to follow public health i did that
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really important to stop the spread of the virus. >>the county's task force is made up of the health department the sheriff's office and the department of conservation they'll be responding to complaints that come in about businesses and people not following the rules. >>happening today, the west contra costa county unified school district along with several other organizations are offering you. a deal. yes, it's a flu shot drive-thru clinic. and you get the shot in the arm, but on the plus side. so that's not so fun, you get a turkey and food, but yeah, and all free kron 4 sarah stinson live in cocoa county with more hey sarah. >>hey there. yeah here live at the west contra costa unified school district office in richmond where they're expecting nearly 700 students to come through this drive-thru and you don't even have to get out of the car you get a flu shot while you wait for that to settle in and make sure all good. you can come through and they will fill your car with a week's worth
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of food, and they'll make sure that you get a turkey for thanksgiving now joining us live right now matthew duffy superintendent how excited are you to be able to offer this to families who are really is quite frankly struggling right now it's a fantastic opportunity for us you know we have had. >>but as you said almost 700 students who haven't been immunized and if and when we get back to real school they're not going to be allowed to enter the school building. so it's really important that we get this done and so we've created a really special day for families to come we've partnered with different community organizations and medical associations to get the shots you'll see behind me one of the stations we're going to have families drive up. they're going to go through stations, they're going to get their shots and if they're also in thanksgiving support a we can help them with that also is part of our community food program and that's a lot of things people are stressing out about quite frankly people aren't focusing on flu shots.
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they're worried about coronavirus and this is something that people still need even if you're not a student. >>people need to realize flu shots are needed. but what is the need in your district in terms of food and flu shots, i mean, he's got a great need during this pandemic people still are jobless tremendous need it's been a very difficult for people to get appointments at medical clinics its people are fearful to come out. since the pandemic started we've given out over 4 million meals in our district so we know there's tremendous food insecurity in our community so we're trying to support that. >>and then trying to get students kids their basic immunizations and of course a flu shot if we can do that too. >>that's awesome. thanks so much for joining us in this event starts at 9 o'clock this morning. and it goes until 4 o'clock they have like all the appointments full, but if you need food and you already have that flu shot here in this district as well they have 15 other schools that have turkey and food that you can go and pick up from 8 o'clock to 1 o'clock we have a list of all
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those schools on our website kron 4 dot com reporting live in richmond sarah stinson kron 4 news right, thanks a lot sarah. >>time now is 8.10 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, how grocery stores around the bay area are working to prevent yet another round of panic buying. we'll talk more about that plus new data showing thousands of people are moving out of one particular bay area city we'll tell you why they say the folks have really little reason to stay. >>grey skies all across the bay this morning sfo, one of those spots where you're seeing abundant fog. it's a cool start to what will be a pretty nice and clear afternoon with highs back in the 60's. i've got your forecast ahead. >>and i'm tracking that commute around the bay area, it's picking up in some areas, other spots are looking pretty good we have 92 a live look at the 70 oh bridge, it's only 14 minutes to the peninsula that's a great average, but the fog
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>>in 14 right now and we're checking out the weather, it's still socked in behind us a little bit yeah we've got john standing by over by the big right now crew to get just like the where is yeah, this could be anywhere. this is berkeley is foggy not just of the coast guys but days so we're all saying oh but at least no rain this morning. so this is true dealing with the fog for this one. later today, we get some sunshine which is
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going to be a nice thing to look for to of course the rainfall that we had the past couple of days really eased off yesterday afternoon. so as we make our way through today we're going to see additional clearing and by the afternoon some pretty favorable weather for getting out there. >>this is your look outside right now on radar. there's definitely no rain falling or a practically anywhere in the state. just a couple of spots right up there near the oregon border so we've definitely come down from yesterday and we're now just in a holding pattern of dry weather daytime highs comfortably cool in the 60's. foggy mornings in some afternoon sunshine we're going to get plenty of that later on today, daytime highs will still remain cool. even though we will see some additional sunshine 50's and 60's for your highs with more 50's right along the coastline today and then 60's for really the vast majority of the rest of the bay, mid 60's for a few spots on the peninsula like foster city one of our warmer spots at 65, san jose santa clara and sunnyvale at 61 today. well 50's and 60's for east bay cities like hayward on up through oakland. concord
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in walnut creek at 63 or 64 today temperatures in the north bay also hanging on to the 60's much like we were yesterday just a little bit clearer and certainly lot more dry for your thursday temperatures tomorrow saturday sunday won't change much at all in fact next week remaining really steady to this is definitely a holding pattern right here not a whole lot of changes. inland evening lows will get chillier as skies clear out tomorrow and saturday mornings anticipate lows falling near freezing for some of our inland cities. robin thank you for the update john we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell bridge and it is slow as you go right got the traffic creeping along through the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza not a problem this is completely normal. >>but it's low enough to get out there early right because you're backed up beyond castro and it's foggy to we have a fog advisory for the richmond sandra fell the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge as well as can be dense at times 15 minutes, that's decent to make it off to one o one we're checking in on the bay bridge
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words, calm and quiet much better than yesterday but you're long line here is fills back through the bottom of so get out there early slow a little pockets across the upper deck but hot spot free. no major issues, 13 minutes i'll take it that's a good trip into san francisco. we're checking in on some numbers and they look good from the east bay like 6.80 dublin to fremont that's 14 minutes for the south bay highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains no problems right now we're at 22 minutes and growing for north 17 out of santa cruz scott back to you. >>in the buzz on the very same day the warriors were on top of the world with the number one number 2 draft pick. they found themselves on the edge of a cliff with klay thompson thompson who has been rehabbing a torn acl with his trusted steed rocco by his side hurt his other leg yesterday. stand by rocco. we don't know how long he's going to be out clay only just got back to practicing after injuring his left leg in the 2019 finals, this time. it's
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his right leg. >>and i spoke to clay pretty shortly after a gun or trainers involved the phone with them they talk to him and then started setting up a way find out more information i don't say you guys play know as much as i do to be hopeful. concerns i've got all those things combined and until we know more tomorrow. i just hope for good news. >>tomorrow is today a torn achilles would be the worst-case scenario that's what happened to kevin durant rant in the 2019 finals and he still hasn't played a game yet for the next kevin who. >>out with the old in with the new the warrior selected james weisman in the draft a big man 7 foot one from memphis. barely out of high school after he put the hat on. he got 4 because this is a dream come true. he is going from steph curry mentee to teammate. >>relations also says
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campsites on like a lot, but i was are school time like a lot about the game best bargain a lot of information. ice took a picture with them so it's are really going is a great team to be on specially called proposition rates are going they're just and death as a player. learn as much possible and a great into sort every day to stay home. >>steph looked like his little brother the warriors are like a big family steps own brother bounced around a lot since he was with golden state and now staff. we'll have yet another jersey to swap with staff you have portland for dallas and now he's going to play with family in philly, seth was traded to the 76 ers to play for his wife's dad. doc rivers i think that having your father-in-law be your coach would be sticky situation but i guess they will make it whatever the raiders are doing is not working since defensive. lineman clelin ferrell tested positive for covid on monday. they added half a dozen other guys because of exposure so the
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raiders practice yesterday without 11 players who are on the covid last just 4 days before they're supposed to host the kansas city chiefs. now at least some of those starting to offenders don't get too negative tests in time the raiders could be in trouble. they've already gotten into plenty of trouble with the nfl for not following protocol and james protocol is going to get even stricter starting on saturday. there's going to be no more working out without masks like even than the weight room, no more eating together they got to have grab and go they have to have short the guys are limited to 15 minutes in the locker room, okay yeah couldn't get out so getting get out getting you've got the cash at fast feet you have asked the you know what i feel like i feel like i'm a football player like for soccer, okay, you know the golden boot award. you know what you get for silver sneakers. gold the golden boot award is what you when you're the number the slice over
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speaker was us. feel they're very i want some sort of a war because god knows my daughter right now is not giving that's the some they are saying u.s..
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>>and we're back in a 23 happening today, a new set of workplace regulations will be decided the california occupational safety and health administration also known as cal osha is set to vote on a sweeping new proposal guidance has been in place since the beginning of the pandemic but the stronger standards would give officials more tools to enforce the rules. >>just should to do is it does expand their authority. and it does not allow an employer to play games with that inspector comes. >>new standards now would mandate and in force social distancing and the wearing of face coverings while in the workplace. it would require employers to identify and notify all workers who may have been exposed to a covid-19 positive case within one business day so very fast contact tracing. the new rules would also require companies to provide free testing to all employees who may have been exposed and to keep a record
8:25 am
of all cases that they can easily traced potential exposures if regulations are passed could go into effect in early december. >>could be a plus deals, during the pandemic plan to tell you how one store is making some changes to help love that story up next. lowe's season of savings event has huge savings
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>>and welcome back. it is 8.28 on thursday morning conditions out there today definitely foggy no rain like we saw the past couple of mornings but we're holding on to something almost entirely different that may be slowing down a bit snow wet roadways. but some poor visibility for sure let's get a look outside from our sutro tower cam and you can see that's kind of actually cleared out pretty decently over much of san francisco. there's a definite still fog out all the way down to san bruno mountain if you look in the distance looking down peninsula. it consistently dry conditions can be expected from this point on in the forecast. we are going to be seeing these foggy mornings though this one likely to be the densest though especially for inland areas conquered nevado and san francisco all seeing visibility falling below a mile right now now as we work our way later on this
8:29 am
morning, especially between 10:11am i'm expecting most of our clearing to occur which will certainly be nice considering how great it's been so far today and by the time we work towards 2.30 this afternoon. we've got sunshine out there 60's to enjoy and definitely nicer conditions for stepping outside as of right now if you are getting out there put the jacket on where in the 40's and 50's starting off this morning, a touch cooler than we did yesterday santa rosa and saint helene and each at 41 degrees for your current temperatures so it's definitely cool. it's definitely great to kick things off that is making for a slower commute into work for many of you and it's not just for the coast either for our bridges hats for inland areas. i mean look at the golden gate right now looks like nighttime almost totally doesn't it reduces the visibility driving across the span which can be dangerous so yeah writes it's time change it for flipping it over to carla the fog covering the golden gate hiding the towers here that's going to impact your drive into and out of san francisco. so we'll
8:30 am
keep warning you be careful be cautious people despite out. >>in the fog and the rain as well so your drive is quiet. i don't have any crashes or stalls for the golden gate or the north bay so we're putting at 24 minutes that's completely normal from the bottom to the toll plaza here in the bay bridge carlo the fog rolls in and out now we can see the ad overcrossing coming out of west oakland which is backed up heavily not only here but beyond overcrossing but through the bottom of the maze and it's been holding there. >>throughout the morning but i like it when we don't have anything extra right no extra crashes are hot spots in the mix just the typical crowd at 13 minutes to san francisco. we're checking in on 6 ad that looks good the dumbarton bridge is in great shape. no problems livermore to dublin or brisbane to san francisco on northbound one oh one we'll continue to check more drive times more coming up in a bit darya james. thank you robin let's get back to the breaking news which is in san francisco where a car crashed into a home after police kron four's will tran has been our eyes on the scene all morning long. let's get out there once more for the very latest good morning. well.
8:31 am
>>3 people are in the hospital the breakdown is 2 police officers and there's the suv and you can clearly see the front end damage to that squad car and then the suspect he was in that blue honda as you can clearly see careened out of control and slammed into the corner of that house there this is at the intersection of waller and fillmore this is in lower haight it's a couple of blocks from market street. in fact this pursuit did not last very long perhaps. only half a mile this all ended at around 03:30am in the morning. so it was a very short pursuit, although it ended with the suspect in the hospital right now with life threatening injuries why there was a pursuit in the first place that's still under investigation, but it actually started at castro and market and through the streets of san francisco slammed into the
8:32 am
corner that house the 2 police officers in that suv were injured they were rushed to the hospital as well, although we are not hearing of life threatening injuries to them. police officers they are taking measurements because it involved one of their own they're being very careful building their case. it also involves muni you can see that bus right there. you don't really see a lot of damage to it at all but according to investigators. one of those 2 cars clipped that muni bus. so that's now part of the investigation and of course the driver was a witness to all of this and they are talking to the driver to get more details as to why this started in the first place that's still under investigation. but we do know. it will be here for quite some time probably will not wrap up until later this morning. back to you. >>thanks a lot. well, 32 right now and with the pandemic and the new surge in covid cases lot of people are not comfortable, with a whole
8:33 am
bunch people. yeah, so in an effort to kind of help you out with that we have one grocery store in san francisco rainbow grocery. >>that's offering. after hours chopping but you have to reserve a slot, let's go to kron four's reyna harvey she's been covering this live outside the grocery store all morning long >>in the morning, you know i just learned they actually open and 9 o'clock to 10 on tuesdays and thursdays so today for high-risk community members and first responders so we've got a couple of people that are in line right now they didn't want to go on camera but they tell me love this grocery store and they're excited to have this hour shopping before it gets really busy throughout the day now the other thing they're doing like you mentioned is that after hours shop until you have people that arrive little bit before and then after it closes at 9 o'clock and that's when it starts starts it's about 45 minutes to an hour in time and you can make your appointments online here and they tell me you're at the
8:34 am
grocery store they started because of the holiday season and people just not feeling comfortable with going to the grocery store during the pandemic so they were trying to find a way to support the community take a listen. >>so far we've had a pretty positive response from our customers that we get we get e-mails saying thank you very much i have been to the store in months and i appreciate this opportunity. yeah, they're just they're glad to be able to one be either house do their shopping safely as safely as we can kind of support us i think we've tried to stay open to support community in allow them to have access to things that we we and the quality products and we have but we also we know thankful that our customers are still coming in shopping themselves. >>i saw rainbow grocery tells me it has been really well and they are having meetings right
8:35 am
now try to expand this into the new year because people really responded well to it but i would like to see other stores moving forward are going to follow this example, especially since it's doing so well for now reporting here in san francisco reyna harvey kron 4 news all right, thank you very much >>biggest problem for a lot of stories just keep and toilet paper stock bottled water hand sanitizer disinfectant. all of the stuff that people are suddenly panic buying now because of the pandemic of the latest surge in covid at may's shoppers at nervous. but this time around some store owners say they're ready. >>with everything going on we did decide to today to put a limit on to paper product packages per household. that's something we would not normally want to do especially as a sales retail we do not want to have to limit product. but we feel it's the kind of our obligation as being part of the pleasantville martinez conquered want to create a community here that we want to ensure that there isn't
8:36 am
extreme panic, buying or someone's coming in and buying 30 packages of toilet paper which quite honestly unnecessary. >>see here, you know these store owners talking about how they don't want to limit sales because they want to sell stuff but it's better that way for everybody because then everybody gets what >>just a city officials are encouraging people to follow 3 guidelines designed to curb the spread of coronavirus during the holiday shopping season and they are. >>one. stay home. shop small and help your neighbors, it's all part of their we will recover a campaign mayor breed says. >>how we spend our time and money will lay the groundwork for the recovery from the pandemic and also the economic challenges that come with it and it does appear that the pandemic is driving some people out of san francisco to live and work basically anywhere else we've already been telling you about a drop in rents in the city the city's chief economist says that that's a clear sign that more people are wanting to get out of an apartment then get
8:37 am
into them. he also cites a noticeable drop in online sales as well. >>almost no growth in online sales in san francisco. and that is different virtually everywhere else that so it does raise the why are people buying online and go. and when answer is there are people ever go is there were prior to the pandemic. >>well san francisco still remains one of the most desirable locations to live and work in the country. the city's top economic minds say that they are optimistic the businesses that are closed right now we'll come back when it's safe to do so. we'll take a break here 37. still ahead. one you see campus is working on a new path. let people know if they come into contact with someone who has covid-19. >>we'll tell you how that works and president elect joe biden speaking with frontline health care workers try figure out what they need to help combat the coronavirus better we'll b
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>back at 8.40 big story on the national front with the growing coronavirus pandemic adding fuel to the fighting in washington during this presidential transition president elect joe biden says the white house is stonewalling him in refusing to share critical information. >>about the pandemic johnson has the latest. >>with coronavirus cases again surging across the country president trump is avoiding
8:41 am
the public eye as president elect joe biden meets with frontline medical workers to address the public health crisis every person in a hospital should be wearing some kind of personal protective equipment i mean everybody that's not happening. i have no but i can't do any of this until i'm sworn in or i can convince the president now to do things said. >>should be being done already surpassing 250,000 covid deaths wednesday with infection spiking in at least 47 states. >>hospitalizations nearing critical capacity nationwide right now we are in the steepest rate of rise in numbers of cases our hospitalizations are going up 25% week over week. or deaths are going up by 25% week over week right now we're in a absolutely dangerous situation that we have to take with the utmost seriousness. this is not crying. wolf. this as the current commander-in-chief continues to falsely claim on
8:42 am
twitter that he won the election while making unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud, the president is contesting the election. >>and i would urge and to give intel briefings to to joe biden how much further to go i don't know the trump campaign has filed lawsuits in several states, including pennsylvania, wisconsin, georgia and michigan more than 20 have been withdrawn or dismissed by judges for lack of evidence meantime georgia secretary of state confirming that he will release recount results thursday saying the audit found no evidence of widespread voter fraud we i know make sure we were half. >>but when you count the paper ballots and then take it back was reported in a lineup. it's pretty clear and conclusive proof that are town. >>well the senate has adjourned until november 30th without reaching a stimulus deal. >>well it is definitely a foggy start to your thursday, we traded in the showers for
8:43 am
these grey skies that you're seeing for example here at the golden gate bridge. we do see some clearing later on today for a coastal areas that means 50's in a bit of sunshine and for inland areas, 60's and that same your forecast is ahead.
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8:45 am
>>in 45 right now checking out the weather before you head
8:46 am
out find your head in the clouds, yes, which come to your head will be hard because it's right there at head that good morning clouds all the way down to our this morning. it is so foggy out there for a lot of the bay area we've had fog advisories in effect not just for the coast, but all the way to our inland valleys, this is one of her views of the fog from our berkeley hills cam it's just showing a very dense round of fog all across the bay so give yourselves a few extra minutes as you're heading into the office because you don't want to encounter one of those foggy spots of low visibility and be feeling rushed give yourself that extra time she can slowly make your way through this layer of fog. we've got as first guys radar showing dry conditions. we do see some showers continuing up in the pacific northwest and the northern rockies but as for california things are drying back out and staying that way for the remainder of the week. we're in a steady pattern with low 60's for most of our daytime highs some morning fog at times, especially this morning, i'm
8:47 am
expecting not as much fog come tomorrow morning nor the saturday morning after that daytime highs today, 50's and 60's across the board pretty similar to yesterday one to 2 degrees cooler for a few spots, we'll feel pretty good though once you get those peaks of sunshine later on today, partly cloudy skies will remain but more and more blue by the finish of the day which will make for a pretty pleasant one as long as you've got the sweater weather to go. we can handle some low 60's. that's for sure dublin pleasanton at 62 for your highs oakland, san leandro danville on up through conquered and up into the north bay for sonoma and fairfield all at 64 for your highs today, temperatures near the coastline as you would expect a little cooler with point raised in stinson beach each in the upper 50's, here's a look ahead at your next 7 days daytime highs, not changing much at all we're going to stay this way through the weekend and into next week too as for your inland lows. we can expect some 30's increasingly cool tomorrow morning and saturday morning. i'm expecting clear conditions on both of these days and that's your evening lows will have the opportunity to fall
8:48 am
so much further as for our bayside in coastal cities lows, mostly hanging on to the 40's. robin, all right, let's head over to. the bridge us the richmond sandra fell lots of stop and go traffic right more stopping go at leading up to the toll plaza your backup is actually heavier now. >>it goes back to richmond. parkway so that's where it's going to start it continues right through the pay gates and get onto the bridge there so 14 minutes is your average for now to the north bay and we had a high wind advisory for the richmond sandra fell there's one here for the bay bridge too and the golden gate it is pretty dense at times it does change and move in and out so just be on the lookout for drive carefully 14 minutes into san francisco. we are hot spot free by the way that's a great way to get through the morning drive thinning out nicely here across a 92 the san mateo bridge only 14 minutes. so i don't see any problems for you through faster city or send the tail you're in fantastic shape. we can't get forget about the south bay right the commute out of san jose 8.88 minutes
8:49 am
to milpitas your transition from the south bay to the peninsula looks good 30 minutes from san jose to milpitas and no problems so far for north to 80 san jose to cupertino back to you all right robin, thank 48 is the time. >>so a new phone app is notifying students and staff at u c davis when they come into contact with someone who has covid-19 the app has been rolled out by the state public health department at 7 you see so far just a trial run. we have lonnie wong with a closer look at how it works. >>contact tracing is the best way to slow the spread of covid-19 but it is a labor intensive process and often slow the system that we've launched those exposure notification is very different from contact tracing developed jointly by apple and google cell phone users who opt in early by bluetooth random codes generated every few minutes the legend activated when you're within covid-19 exposure distance this apple. google video tell us what happens next any fires that had exchanged random numbers
8:50 am
in the last 14 days marcy notification that they may have been exposed to covid-19 that notification will include what to do next whether it's testing isolating or visiting a doctor. >>infected subjects don't have to wrap their brains over who they were close to and when and explosions could happen even if you don't know the person or their contact information. >>and talk about contact information similar apps use gps to keep track of identities locations and times huge privacy concern for much a lot of people from signing up for exposure notification and these apps are only effective from a lot of people sign up but apple and google engineers are trying to reassure potential users at using the systems cannot track your location. >>and second this system does not share your identity with google apple or other users we don't know who you are we don't under sell phone number we don't know your e-mail we own and the name. and when you have potential exposure. we're not going to tell you who that person was which is probably why the first to use the campuses to start the ap a
8:51 am
month ago. >>generated over 20,000 responses expansion of the test this week is confirming interest 5 campuses that launched on already in the first day we have far exceeded that so we don't even have numbers on the second day yet in sacramento. lonnie wong fox 40 news. 8.51 a developing story in berkeley, one person was killed in a house fire the house caught fire last night. >>it's on a street near james kenney community center and the fire was on 3 sides of the home and then the roof collapsed, it took firefighters an hour to get the flames under control and when they went in a man died inside. they still don't know the cause they're going to be out there today inspecting the building.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>>welcome back 8.54 it has been such a foggy morning but we've been free of any showers like we saw yesterday and on tuesday. you're just driving through some dense fog at times as you do head into the office so give yourself a few extra moments. we are starting to see some areas clearing out that fog breaking apart over san francisco, obviously still pretty great though san francisco in concord are dealing with visibility in spots as low as below a mile of novato has seen some improvement but still not sitting the best by 10:00am to 11:00am expect a whole lot of clearing to occur after that
8:55 am
point we've got sunshine to enjoy and some 60's look forward to 2 with skies remaining dry well through the day, 40's and 50's are still are current temperatures they haven't budged much that foggy layers keeping things cool livermore dublin in concord each in the low to mid 40's right now petaluma nevado egypt, 46 oakland, your warm spot in the bay right now at 55 degrees. later today once all this fog begins to clear out got 60's look forward to making for a partly cloudy and nice one. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're back to our foggy golden gate bridge checking in on the conditions here which have been a little tough right from the north bay to san francisco so the fog is hanging around doesn't like it's going to clear any time soon so don't forget the headlights and wipers we're also checking in on the bay bridge coming up the drive into san francisco still quite slow you're backed up through the bottom of so get out there early james. >>thanks very much rob and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, breaking news out of san francisco following that story of a car that crashed into a home in the
8:56 am
city after leading police on a chase kron four's will tran will be live at the scene for us with the very latest on the investigation and in an effort to keep customers safe one grocery stores offering after our shopping we'll tell you how you can sign up for that and kids getting not only a flu shot for free. but a turkey to take home as well we'll tell you where that programs going on.
8:57 am
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>>news station. now with breaking news. good morning and thanks for joining us at 9 o'clock, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher so the breaking news has been coming out of san francisco that was the scene of a car crash. >>where a car went into a home early this morning will tran has been there all morning long gathering information let's go to him now for an update well. >>james starry eyes you can clearly see a tow truck is on the scene at this time now so the scene is close to wrapping up this ended at 03:30am in the morning at the intersection of fillmore and waller so we are about 5 and a half hours into this investigation. it probably will wrapped up in about half an hour from now we do know 3 people are in the hospital. 2 police officers. and one suspect and suspect was in that blue honda, this actually didn't start very far from this location and actually
9:00 am
happened at castro and market why the pursuit took place that's still under investigation. but we do know it probably lasted at a half mile from the scene then at around 3.30 for whatever reason the card comes down this location here looks like it slammed right into that suv that squad car and then slams into that house. it was so horrific james and area that that car, the blue car actually had to be rip open from the ceiling, the hood and the driver extricated from the car rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. 2 police officers in that squad car taken to the hospital as well, but fortunately we're not hearing of life threatening injuries to those officers. if you're watching this all morning you might recall there was a muni bus involved in all of this that muni bus has just left the scene just a little bit of damage to the front end


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