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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 16, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PST

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coming up, i'll tell you what that means if you live in county. >>costco and walmart taking precautions for covid a step further as cases rise across our country and live with the details coming up. >>and a major breakthrough on the front to find a covid-19 vaccine. a second company now announcing this morning that its vaccine is 94% effective against the virus. news station. >>you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 7. and thanks for waking up with us on a beautiful day, it's shaping up to be, but we'll see what happens later also i'm james fletcher yeah gorgeous for the moment, the sun is out the skies are clear but that's probably going to be changing here over the next. >>24 hours so that strom is in for john travel today. hi rebecca hi, good morning guys, yes things are definitely going to be changing in the weather center we're going to
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start off cold this morning. >>but very sunny skies outside right now mostly clear conditions in fact our live camera showing east bay zone right now this are camera on top the east bay hills on berkeley and we can actually see a street to the bay, so it's a nice clear morning. but it is very cold check out these that chilly temperatures 40's and 50's right now that i'm tracking but things are going to change into the afternoon because we're going to start to heat up and actually get 70's on the board if you can believe that we're going to be well above seasonal averages but then tomorrow, big changes are on the way because look at all that rain all that green on your screen that storm system is headed straight or direction in fact we could start seeing raindrops early tomorrow morning so your commute into work might be a little bit of a wet one so make sure that you grab the umbrellas get those ready tonight and your rain coats because we're going to need those for a couple of days, i'll let you know just how long the rain is going to last. coming up in just a bit robin. >>all right. thank you. rebecca, we're checking in on the traffic which is heavier by the way so a lot more folks
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hitting the road right now if that's you if you're getting ready to pack up and roll out you're going to have to sit in some crowding out the richmond sandra fell bridge, definitely heavier right now we're looking at 10 minutes and growing to make it into the north bay here at the bay bridge were recovering from an accident. it's sending out a little bit right down the middle i don't know if that's going to stick because we have waves of traffic so it'll thin out it will back up again it will happen throughout the morning commute so far is still slow off and on from the bottom of the maze but looking at 10 minutes. that's not bad at all to make it into san francisco highway for not so fun for my friends leading pittsburg bay point in antioch we have this crash near west for at san marco that's still active. and it's really going to jam you up all the way through pittsburgh now spilling back into antioch a whopping 37 minutes and growing for your cheat on highway 4 so get out there early we'll check more slow downs coming up back to you. >>72 right now and breaking news is great news. there is another vaccine on the way yeah company a manufacturer moderna says that its covid-19
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vaccine is actually 94% affective making it the second vaccine here in the u.s. to have an efficacy rate of over 90% and according to infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci these results are promising. and fact vaccines he says could be available at least in small quantities beginning perhaps by maybe the end of december moderna's the second one member pfizer last week said they have a vaccine. that's 90% effective. now both of these vaccines need to get that emergency use author authorization from the fda before they can be distributed and that could come by the end of this month, the approval, not the distribution the shot in the arm is just a little bit away. yeah, but a great news and it comes on the heels of word that the pandemic of course exploding in some parts of the country with the numbers of infections climbing rapidly and more and more people are winding up in the emergency room as well. 11 million cases plus have now been reported in the u.s. and we have lost more than 240,000 people to covid and the rising
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cases and hospitalizations here in the bay area are forcing local health officials to rethink some of their reopening plans. we talked last week about solano and contra costa county being dropped down into read more severe level but that's not as bad as it's going to get here they're going into the widespread purple level and that means big restrictions will tran is in solano county now with the details well. doria it is the most restrictive tier that the state can slap on any particular county because they have seen an increase in covid-19 cases. >>not just a little bit an explosion at any point in time over the past several weeks they've seen it go up to 50 and one day it was 80 cases of covid-19 and solano county which is why they are not even waiting for the state which usually decides on tuesday which here they're going to go ahead this morning, waking up to the purple tier because they want to get a handle on
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this sooner than later so what that means is no dying in at restaurants, no gyms no movie theaters. >>they believe over the past several weeks that they have seen an increase of private gatherings that that has increased the number of covid-19 cases not to mention halloween. they're not blaming anybody they did say that it would yoyo with covid-19 but even they say this is getting a little out of hand which is why they want to jump all over it solano county isn't the only one 41 other california counties also waking up in that here and that means for the next 3 weeks the state. we'll look at the situation will monitor it to see if the cases go down and even if it goes down slowly, but surely it moves back to the red tier which is also very restrictive. they want to make sure that people wear their mask they want to make sure that people are not indoor and that kind of eliminates some social distance and because people cannot be inside at the
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gyms and the restaurants and we talked about this last week where they believe restaurant servers possibly could carry a lot of the covid-19 cases that they want to make sure that people. dine. dine at home by take out and that's why they are going with the most restrictive tier possible. the purple tier back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well and held officials in napa county are urging everybody to take steps to prevent the further spread of covid they are offering testing now hoping that they can get a handle on things there's mobile covid test that she can get by appointment today and tomorrow at the calistoga fairgrounds you can also get tested in napa at the napa county expo center and we all this information on our website at kron 4 dot com. rising cases of coronavirus has been complicated by flu season. doctors say a lot of people are having a difficult time telling the difference to have the flu or covid so their recommendation is you can
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actually get tested for both the sites in santa clara county with the free testing they are providing flu testing as well at the santa clara county fairgrounds as i just said also the santa clara valley. medical center clinics. there's an appointment that you can make up to 5 days in advance james happening tomorrow contra costa county will be hosting a testing before turkey campaign they're hoping this campaign will help a lot of folks are going to help a hold of between 11. >>in the morning and noon in the parking lot in front of the contra costa, a public health clinic services building. the campaign's goal is to trying to create families that are planning to gather on thanksgiving to get tested beforehand and limit the spread of the virus organizers are hoping they'll see caravans of families and friends. getting tested before they get together. also happening tomorrow in contra costa county, the board of supervisors will consider extending an order that stops evictions for business owners. this is for small businesses impacted by the pandemic if supervisors don't extend that
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order will expire at the end of this month. >>time now is 7 '07 and today cost co has a new policy that takes effect because too many people were looking for exceptions to the face mask most notably the medical exception. >>but now that's no longer available to you walmart to also get a start counting. the number of people allowed in its stores at any one time so kron 4 sarah stinson is following both of those stories for us this morning. >>keeping us updated on what we need to know now is more people are going to be heading to the stores for the holidays, sarah sarah. >>that's right. i'm live costco's business center in south san francisco street from the other costs goes that earlier. this one opened just moments ago and i saw every single person in line with the mask on no one with the shield and you're going to need to wear a face shield if you have an underlying health condition that has prevented you from being able to wear a mask during the pandemic this is taking a step further and further than any other store that i've heard of except for
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children under 2 you must cover your face now they've been making people wear face coverings here during this entire pandemic, but again now taking it step further with those with medical conditions and this is because we're seeing a rise in coronavirus cases across our country. and the cdc doe does not recommend face shields as a substitute for a mask, but if you can't wear a mask because of those medical reasons and is your best option make sure the face shield covers your entire face and chin. doctors applaud costco for taking these extra measures. >>there is absolutely no doubt that wearing masks prevent the spread i'm sympathetic to the folks who have those underlying medical but the other thing that we found is you know they may be the people who are at risk for having the worst complications from so i would say those folks more than anybody really need to protect themselves that's either by wearing a mask or staying at home. >>another big retailers also
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changing its policies walmart is starting to limit capacity to 20% wal-mart started doing that back in may and then as cases starting to decline. this starts stopped counting customers at the door but as the second begins they will start doing it again this as we head into the holiday shopping season. and the winter months people start stocking up walmart says this will help them control the crowds and make sure that they limit the spread of the coronavirus again if you're heading to costco this new policy starts today, this one here at 7. so far everybody is following the mask policy that i've seen reporting live in south san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news all right and we'll see if with the socially distance rules like walmart was saying if costco's going to do the same. >>and they're really limit the people we're going to see if those lines buildup to sarah. we'll check in with you later. >>time now is 7.10 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, we have one bay area county with a new tool several new tools
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to help fight wildfires in the future. president trump also acknowledging that he lost the election, but still refuses to concede and then lastly we have the stress caused by the election it could cause serious health problems down the road. we'll explore that and more coming up. >>all right bundle up this morning as you make your way out of the house because i'm tracking a 40's and 50's for now but 70's and a lot of sunshine are on the way on more details just ahead. >>and i'm tracking a very slow commute into san francisco pack up and roll out early because you're going to have to sit in this back up with spills through the bottom of the maze and we're recovering from a crash will have more bridges and drive times coming up. i wanted my hepatitis c gone.
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>>and 14 and in the south bay after record setting fire season across california santa clara county fire has some new tools to help with the fight recently they got 2 new mobile operation centers and a new vehicle to help with mobile communications and all of this should help crews quickly detect and monitor wildfires and allow them to get to victims more efficiently. >>proud to show you some of the latest technology that we are using in our efforts to combat large-scale emergencies. all the resources that you see today benefit the entire state of california. not just the county of santa clara. many of these resources are available to be deployed
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to the california mutual aid system to any community that is in need. >>the new equipment will also be used to help plan evacuations during a disaster. >>all right let's check forecast now at 7.15 find out what kind of weather is in store another couple fires that are still being battled. this morning maybe the out yeah rain would help rebecca ones that come in. >>your wish is my command we're going to see possibly tomorrow morning guys that's what we're expecting this storm system that we've been to the far north of us now some places are already getting at, but we're definitely going to see a to tomorrow for the bay area so get the umbrellas handy and the raincoats but today you're not going to need any of that outside right now our sutro tower camera showing us a whole lot of sunshine really clear conditions of downtown san francisco. it's just beautiful out there, however, it is cold as a matter of fact you can see the sunshine. it's a nice shot. but say you wouldn't tell it says so cold out there until you start to walk outside because we're definitely seeing some of temperatures in the 40's and
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50's and so bundle up this morning that you're not going to need those layers as we get into the afternoon we're going to well above seasonal averages. later on today, i'll get to that in just a moment, but for now we're tracking. this storm system coming out of the pacific northwest already bringing some rainfall areas in oregon and also in washington the bay area's going to see it more than likely tomorrow morning so that morning commute could be a little bit slick and wet. so make sure that you have all the rain gear handy toss it in the car because you're going to need it pretty much on and off all day tomorrow because we're going to see a the rains really pick up for tuesday and even into wednesday, we're going to have some lingering scattered showers for the middle of your weekend then it looks like once we get into thursday. it's going to be mostly a dry day for you there. the winds are also going to be a factor. we're going to see a wind speeds the gusts of up to 30 maybe 35 miles per hour in some spots and in fact the really going to start to amp up as we get into late tonight, especially along the coast part of our south zone you can see that
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there were already in the 20's in some spots by 10 o'clock tomorrow morning when we're going to start to see that cold front push through as well and then bringing us some of that rainfall so breezy windy tomorrow, and it's going to be wet and we're going to see that through wednesday before finally fizzling out until we get into thursday. so one how is it going to be as far as to how much rainfall one of the totals that we're looking at well it's going to be the best so far that we've seen all season so we will take it a little over an inch expected for a sam the santa rosa area parts of the we're looking at about a half an inch in san francisco. and even a little bit over a half an along the east bay shoreline like in hayward and downtown oakland, so definitely good just enough to get the pavement wet. but today we're not going to see any of that we're actually going to see 70's around the bay area 72 in concord 73 in oakland, we're looking at low 70's along the coast and then upper 70's in your south a zone. what's the rest of the week going to look like we'll have those answers coming up in my seven-day around the bay
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forecast robin. >>what is the traffic looking like a little slow out there right now we still have a crowd of 70 over is a live look at west 92 you folks are leaving hayward heading off to the a little busy traffic on both sides but if you connect from the nimitz freeway just keep in mind that the nimitz rolling south through hayward recovering from a crash. so it's going to be a little slow connecting to 9213 minutes to make it across not bad but crowded here at the bay bridge toll plaza recovering from an accident which was minor the traffic was there the backup was there before the crash popped up so it didn't help 13 minutes is a decent average tried to make it into san francisco. if you come in from the east shore, here's a look at one of those approa hes there 80 west through richmond, albany berkeley a little crowded, but not so bad at 19 minutes from crockett down to the maze keep in mind i told you about this crash earlier highway 4 westbound at the san marco exit. that's on the pittsburgh side still wrapping up at last check it was blocking about 2 lanes so you're backed up all the way through pittsburgh, the on
7:19 am
railroad that's why we're at 36 minutes now for west for any aacta conquered, here's the slow traffic on the nimitz that i mentioned which is 80 south from 2.38 to 92 and then through union city and fremont and milpitas the rest of the trip looks really good. we also have a crash in the clearing stages, 5.80 wesson all cha wrote lots of heavy traffic from the altamonte back to you, thanks a lot 7.19 and for your money this morning will lift its 40 minute limit on free meetings. >>for thanksgiving. so you can chat for hours and grocery chains nationwide are running sales and specials for the key ingredients that you need including turkey's jane king is live in new york with those stories and more hi morning yes, you're at so we do have some good news from n'dera here today about their vaccine, 94% effective. >>in a 3rd stage trials, a pretty impressive. so the
7:20 am
markets are up the deaths of 350 points right now overall americans consume about 40 million turkeys, each thanksgiving of course, the national turkey federation now if you want the most options shop as early as possible, according to supermarket guru has especially to looking for a smaller turkey, the shooter going to be a big man all cdc says the cheapest turkeys are frozen and they feel that kroger meijer public salty and food lion walmart has returned to keeping track of how many people enter its stores hospitalizations for covid have been trending higher so walmart will restrict the number of people to 20% of the store capacity. >>they're extending hours as well from 07:00am to 11:00pm and help families stay connected. at a time when it's not safe to travel soon is lifting its usual 40 minute limit on free video chats for thanksgiving. so starting at midnight november, 26 through 06:00am november 27th you and your family will be able to talk on the app as long as she wants a new app by ge tells travelers when airports are clean. the company's wellness trace app was launched in june
7:21 am
so employees that are tasked with cleaning spaces like airport bathrooms and food courts. check in with the app when they're done sanitizing area live from new york, i'm jane cheated our air and i'll go like >>i will be oking at your mri.
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>>we are back at 7.23 president trump still refusing to concede the election. claiming at this point that he lost to joe biden because of widespread election fraud which has yet to be proven with any evidence in court carlos sunday co has the story. >>a day after clashes broke out in dc between trump supporters and protesters, the president turned to twitter appearing to finally acknowledge president elect joe biden did in fact win the white house. but fell short of conceding in what he called a rigged election on fox news channel sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo she press trump's attorney rudy giuliani on the tweet is the president right now in this street conceding this election. >>no no no far from it what he's what he's saying is more i guess you call sarcastic a comment on the terrible times in which we live in which the media has said he won giuliani is helping lead trump's legal
7:25 am
defense on election challenges but has yet to produce evidence of widespread fraud. election officials from both political parties have contended there were no serious voter irregularities after trump's twitter storm the president left for his golf club in virginia. >>this as president elect biden spent his morning at sunday church service in wilmington, delaware. biden vowing to move ahead with his transition team. a growing number of republicans are calling for a smooth peaceful transfer of power in the meantime in a taped interview former president obama telling oprah he was thrilled with the election results, joe. >>is somebody who stood by me on every major decision i had for 8 years he's become a brother a genuinely good friend com was one of my earliest supporters when i first launched my presidency. so i'm personally invested in them. >>well the trump administration is still preventing president elect joe
7:26 am
biden from receiving any intelligence briefings in fact officials at the white house insists that they are instead preparing for a second term. >>and nearly 2 weeks after election day one cardiologist says he expects an increase in heart attacks and strokes because of all the stress surrounding the elections doctor jonathan gain who is a doctor in austin texas says he's noticed a pattern in the last decade. an uptick in heart attacks and strokes in election years. >>it's something that we've become aware of in the last 5 to 10 years particularly off to election 2016 that there was an uptick in cutting edge particularly heart attack also people notice, sometimes blood pressure and kayak of problems get a little worse than we think it's probably related to increased stress related to this stressful that. >>medical professionals at u c l a health are worried about the same trend. so they recommend if you're feeling stressed out by what's going on in the world try to spend
7:27 am
quality time with friends try to exercise and just unplug when you can. >>we'll take a break here at 7 coming up on 7.27. >>still ahead a desperate plea from the oakland community as murders are on the rise here their calls for something to change.
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>>29 thanks for watching on a monday morning and we're watching the weather for you all around the golden gate bridge looks clear. back here along the embarcadero looks clear where's all this rain we've been talking a hard to believe yeah we've got stormy weather on the way, but we do it as if it's going to materialize out of thin air out of yes is that i have a just going to come over the horizon and that's how it works i slash magic, we've got a little bit both in the weather center. good morning. rebecca. >>good morning james darya yes, it is magic and we're going to see a lot of that magic happen overnight into early tomorrow morning because he out right now you can't even tell that there's a storm system on the way are you sure because seeing a lot of sunshine clear conditions in fact our live camera overlooking the golden gate bridge, perfect way to start the day. however it is cold though, though it's sunny we're looking temperatures in the 40's and the 50's across much of the bay area but then things are going to actually warm up into the 70's this afternoon so we're getting a little bit of everything for you right now so take
7:31 am
advantage go outside today because it's going to be dry 71 in san francisco. pretty warm in oakland at 73 degrees and then 76. and a lot of sunshine in downtown san jose but then tomorrow that's when things are going to change tomorrow morning we could start to see some of that wet weather. touching down across the bay area, i'll have more details on when it should arrive and how long it's going to last and how much rain we're going to get all of that coming up a little bit later, let's hit the roads now on the dry roads that is with robin good morning robin good morning thank goodness it's driving already slow enough out there in some spots but not the golden gate that's a good one this is a good commute here. >>one oh one looks good. so far in both directions into and out of san francisco, it's been holding up well no problems from the north face easy 20 minutes here the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west. it's the complete opposite right. we have lots of crowding it spills back through the bottom of the maze will recovering from an accident nothing active right now. but we have one in the mix so you're looking at roughly 60 minutes to make it into san francisco so that drive time house increase but
7:32 am
still not a terrible commute coming in we're taking a peek at some of the numbers and we have some freeways that are wide open like 6.80 pacheco to danville but 5.80 livermore to dublin. it's recovering from an accident i talked about that earlier at el charro lots of crowding back from altamonte one oh one is looking good heading northbound from brisbane to san francisco and so does the don barden that's 84 west 11 minutes to make your way off to the peninsula back to you. >>all right, thank you very much rob and 7.30 to our top story this morning, the rise in coronavirus cases that we're seeing all across the country. in fact more than 11 million cases now have been confirmed nationwide with more than 245,000 deaths. at a million more than a million of those cases are right here in california with more than 1818,000 deaths reported for the bay area we have more than 1800 deaths with more than a 125,000 cases, the numbers continue to climb and in the midst of this pandemic the last thing that experts say you should do.
7:33 am
>>is travel for the holidays, doctors are warning we are in a critical phase with coronavirus isaiah hasson he has the latest. a long line of drivers this weekend in chicago waiting to get tested for covid with more americans wanting to make sure their virus-free before visiting loved ones over the holidays. >>nationally new daily case numbers are breaking records almost every day 3 west coast states asking residents not to travel out of state for thanksgiving. >>we are optimistic. that thanksgiving 2021. we'll be the best ever but this year. it's just too dangerous to gather together indoors where the virus can spread so easily business owners, especially for bars and restaurants say they might not make it through another prolong the shutdown. >>we can handle after a few weeks effect goes on till you know that's going to be a whole different story. >>presidentelect biden's covid response team will meet with vaccine makers in the coming
7:34 am
days advisers say there are currently no plans for any kind of nationwide lockdown. >>in the spring and we didn't know a lot about a coven we in a sense with an on off switch the better way to think about the safety restrictions is more is a dow that we turn up and down. >>presidentelect biden's chief of staff is stressing the importance of passing another covid relief bill saying a bipartisan effort could unite the country after a tough election. >>in the north bay berry mother now was killed in a senseless shooting last week in vallejo reason ball was a passenger in a car along georgia street last thursday when someone passing in a car randomly opened fire in one of those bullets hit. there is a ball in the head. over the last few days her family has been honoring her life with candlelight vigils and the lail and richmond the family of the 21 year-old made the painful decision over the weekend to take her off of life support. her cousin says that the sadness of losing her
7:35 am
has been the family. >>we were given the option will that we would have to because pretty much their brain can handle the bullet there was nothing else did they could do i know in the new justice is done. the thing that everyone is going through his son. so i'm going heal. >>police haven't made any arrests yet in the case family right now is conducting a fundraiser to help pay for the funeral expenses. murders have skyrocketed in oakland this year and the community has been affected. the most is now calling for change victims families reached out to the public to help solve countless unsolved homicides. kron four's phillipe gaal has more now on their pleas for justice. >>more than 2 dozen family members of loved ones lost to the streets of oakland share a prayer at police headquarters
7:36 am
saturday. before detailing the unsolved homicides that sick with them every day the oakland police department says at least 100 victims of violence have been killed this year 94 of those cases are being investigated as murders we have thousands of unsolved murders dating back 2030 years. >>here's that have not got any answers as of today we have over a 100 new murders in the city of open we've got to come together. >>not be afraid say something we always say black lives matter but let is not going matter intel it matters to just like people are. >>calling in on these drug dealers and it runs calling on these killers. we need you guys stay did not deserve this. >>16 times they >>4 times they shot that the young man a 15 year-old kid help us find the murderers.
7:37 am
>>so i mean i just want to match as you sleep in somebody come up and staff wires police can only do so much we need our community to stand up. >>step up and speak up because somebody knows something the police department says its investigators are working around the clock to curb the violence promise not only those behind me, but also our community that we will do better we will do our part to you know provide protection. >>or support or whatever think other things that we can do to help make people feel comfortable feel safe enough to do so in coming for in oakland phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>what 7.37 is the time and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news airlines suffering because the pandemic are hoping for a boost to holiday travel at the same time you're urged not to travel we're going to talk more about the industry is going through right now and king tides returning to the bay area when can you expect to be swamped. plus a south
7:38 am
bay family is searching for answers after a brutal attack on their loved one who work at this grocery store we'll be right back.
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7:41 am
just doing his job at a local grocery store when he was beaten up attacked by a group of women in the parking lot. it's 2 weeks later now and he's still in the hospital and police want take a look at store shots of the women that they're looking for for the attack. and there's jaime. he was attacked while he was in parking lot. his sister says he's just a hardworking person and a loving father and he's had to undergo several surgeries and now he's fighting for his life. >>i was in shock because i couldn't believe like how people can be so cruel what makes me angry that these people are out there free. while we're at home not knowing if was going to pull through. >>and they're at home not knowing still why their brother was attacked the police do not have a motive at this point. >>and outside right now we're looking at a lot of sunshine and mostly clear skies but cooler temperatures for now and then warm ones are on the way and then rain is also on the way a lot happening in the
7:42 am
weather center will have all the details coming up. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning still quite busy and crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west has stepped up from this is the season we come together
7:43 am
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there's no bad time to start at amazon... ♪ i like the flexibility. it also allows for picking up shifts. safety comes first, speed comes second. safety. safety. safety. we're making sure that somebody is getting their very important items. it makes me very happy. ♪ >>back at 7.45 and happening now the king tides have returned to the bay area, the rising waters. as you can see here in this video leaving a large puddles around the bay. so just keep that in mind. the
7:45 am
king times occur when the earth and the moon are the closest, they're going to be together in that poll creates an even higher tide the normal so yeah, you know, the parking lots to be to be wary of we spoke to an educator at the exploratorium the museum of science and he says the king tides can tell us a lot actually about her future. >>king tides give preview of what high tides are going to look like in the future because of the sea level rise because of global climate the seas are slowly getting higher and higher. >>yeah today king tides are expected to peak at about 1115 this morning, the next king tide event will happen in december when tides are expected to be higher than 7 feet, it's crazy when this happened to cause it's never like the amount of rain know i'm always looking for cause flight like oh it's going to be a big one ok. >>but you that's not the way it this water comes up from
7:46 am
below so remember that if you park in certain parking lots and come back the afternoon you my formats all wet yeah, public or a stunning deal put the signs up and those a king part they're like hey look at this line is all open on the park right here, boy are these guys do, but i get a great read the signs for sure, but we do have rain coming in that could also cause some standing water. well like this time tomorrow potentially in time to grab the rain that's right guys i know we haven't seen him in so long right, but you have dust those things because. >>looks like and the amount of rain definitely could see some piling along a summer roadways but for now though things are dry and today is going to be dry in fact outside right now we're seeing a gorgeous start to the morning, lots of sunshine around the bay area in our downtown san francisco camera overlooking a this is just south of market just beautiful line, no fog in your way just a whole lot of sun. it is a chilly so you're going to be ground sweater or that jacket as you make your way out of the house but then you're going to want to peel it off for this afternoon
7:47 am
because we're going to temperatures get warm in some spots, i'll get to those in just a minute for now. yes, we're in the cold spot range have we're looking at 40's 50's across the bay area. 40's still remaining much of the north bay 47 in napa 46 nevada right now and then we're looking at low 50's at the coast 50 degrees 53 in downtown san francisco. and then those 40's those chilly 40's continue through much of our downtown san jose. you're currently at 44 degrees. stormtracker 4 live radar we're not seeing anything as far as what weather yet things are definitely dry on the radar, however, this will change as we get into tomorrow for now though the storm system sticking to the far north of us we're folks in oregon and washington get some of that rainfall but it's still heading our direction. they're just getting little bit earlier than what we are going to be getting as you can see here on future cast for that line of rain heading straight towards our way and we are going to be seeing it's a probably early tomorrow morning it might be a during
7:48 am
some of your morning commute so keep that in mind but get the umbrellas ready the rain boots and jackets toss them in the car you're definitely going to need them. so tomorrow we're going to see a lot of shower activity and it's going to continue into the overnight hours and even into wednesday, so it's going to be wet over the next couple of days. but then once we get into thursday though futurecast for showing us so that things should start drying out. how much rain are we talking look at these little bit over an inch that's we're expecting for parts of the north bay like santa rosa, half an inch for right here in san francisco they were expecting east bay shoreline look at that so we're looking at just over half an inch for oakland and into hayward and then we're looking at about a 3rd of an inch for mountain view so pretty good they haven't been this high pretty much all season long it. so that is the good news. there. but today take advantage of the dry conditions and the warmer temperatures we're well above seasonal averages look at that 70's on the board and its november when about a week and a half from thanksgiving
7:49 am
or so 73 in oakland today, we're looking at low 70's along the coast, san francisco in half moon bay. both at 71 and then upper 70's and yourself morgan hill you'll be at a high of 77 for the afternoon and then your three-day range forecast yet that's going to be above average day sunshine and then rain through wednesday. but then what does the rest of the my seven-day around the bay coming up a little bit later well to the roads now and see how they're moving with robin slowly rebecca slowly, folks are making it to work we still have some crowding on our bridges but we're still hot spot free. so that is good news. >>heading over to the richmond sandra fell bridge, here's your line on 5.80 westbound still backed it will be on the castro street exit that's normal for this time of morning. so right now you're clocking in at 14 minutes, not bad to the north bay from the east bay to the city checking drive here on 80 wesson to san francisco backed up through the bottom of the maze, it's been holding at that point for over an hour we had one little crash in the mix that's gone a 21 minute trip that's the
7:50 am
highest it's been this morning. i don't think that 21 minutes, it's gonna stick it will just go up and down throughout your morning drive check out the e sure if you come in on 80 west or richmond else or eat albany berkeley that stretch still crowded 23 minutes to make it from crockett down to so still busy for that approach and the nimitz pockets of slow traffic. we've had several minor accidents in hayward we're just under 30 minutes from to 38 to 37 highway 4 still recovering from that crash on the pittsburg bay point side 28 minutes from one 60 out to 2.42 back to you. >>some 50 right now and you're not supposed to fly for thanksgiving. the aaa is projecting that holiday travel is still going to happen they think it will be about 13% down from what it was this time last year in but probably the busiest we've seen so far this year yeah, but you got to be real careful. nancy loo has
7:51 am
group airlines for america provided a bleak picture of the industry and the thin crowd at los angeles international this afternoon reflected it. >>while air travel has bounced back a bit it is still down by over 60% we back in march that by now we would have rebounded that clearly is not the case last year at this time we are expecting to fly about 31.6 million passengers over thanksgiving. >>we expect far less this year based on bookings, a bump is expected over the thanksgiving period, however, the level will still be down by 40%. >>cooler bj travel today to avoid even slightly bigger crowds around thanksgiving. >>we have some plans look to know. i'm not doing that. purposely because it included very busy dusted resumption
7:52 am
the dive in demand is already led to thousands of industry layoffs prompting an urgent plea for washington to extend the payroll support program to prevent further cuts. >>to lure more customers back the industry continues to highlight extensive cleaning protocols and improved air filtration systems pointing to a recent harvard review which concluded that air travel is safe. >>feel pretty safe myself and i'm fine i mean our women most of my flights have been pretty empty also keeping a social distance and so feel pretty safe. they however the industry suspects potential passengers may be put off by different quarantine rules and testing requirements all over the country. >>the current patchwork. >>not only creates confusion among passengers. >>i think reduces public confidence, especially as we try to ensure that all of the measures that we're undertaking are standardized across the chest.
7:53 am
>>industry analysts say that even if everybody traveled during the holidays and travel is up like it's been then the pandemic has ever been and they're still not going to turn a profit can't make up for all that last line. >>some 52 at the time right now we've got lots ahead here on the kron 00:00am morning news. so don't go away.
7:54 am
in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together.
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7:56 am
>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, i'm rebecca strom in the kron 4 weather center in for john shame on this monday morning outside right now we're seeing a clear conditions and a lot of sunshine this our sutro tower camera right here in san francisco just a beautiful start your day that it is cold though i'm tracking 40's 50's on the board but looking ahead at least in stride today we are going to get rainfall tomorrow and into wednesday. dry on thursday through the rest of the week and into the weekend looks like temperatures mainly in the 60's around the bay area once we get through today, then it's those overnight lows just be prepared we're going to see 30's 40's and 50's so things are going to get a lot chillier especially on thursday and friday. that's a look at whether now back to the news all right rebecca, thank you time now 7.56 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news an uptick in cases has a lot of county going. >>backwards in its reopening tears. we'll details on the changes that are going into place today. starting today everyone going to costco cash
7:57 am
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>>news station you're watching the crime. >>is for you i'm darya folsom all good all that. well thinking because i know we're going rebecca next all good for today. ok probably not all good for tomorrow, okay and we're not even talking about the just to the weather first iraq, a hey good morning as well i guess it depends on what your preference would be. >>so if you like a warm conditions today is going to be the day for you tomorrow, though it's going to be cold and it's going to be wet and rainy. so it really depends on what your moods like. we're definitely seeing a lot of sunshine around the bay area right now in fact look at our camera this is on top of the east bay hills there overlooking a nice clear shot of berkeley in all the way into the bay. this afternoon though it's going to be warm. this is not normal for this time of year in fact we're going to see 70's everywhere, you look. downtown san francisco sunshine in 7173 in oakland and san jose


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