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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 9, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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in about a half hour we're told that he'll be talking about his coronavirus task force that was formed just this morning. >>we will carry the statement from the president elect as soon as it begins and again that is expected sometime around 8.30 this morning. >>good morning and thanks for joining us on a monday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher i suppose we should start the hour before we get deep into the news with check of the weather what wild weather. we had this week, yeah, even this morning things have changed pretty we've gone from. feeling kind of balm in the morning is a feeling chilly all day you can still see the suns little confusing but we're a step aside you want to dress for it, yeah, know all our windows are still showing all the sunshine. so you think oh it's not going to be bad but it is cold out there so you definitely need to be dressing for that cold this morning. we as we look outside from berkeley here you can see skies crystal clear no fog. no cloud cover. >>this does mean temperatures will start to warm here in a bit but we are still very chilly and chilly enough that
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we are under freeze warnings in purple in northern and lake counties and frost advisories and that lighter blue. all the way until 09:00am this morning marine sonoma and napa counties all affected by these frost advisories and looking at temperatures pretty easy to see why livermore in palo alto at 39 right now dublin near 34 even colder for the north bay with petaluma at 37 santa rosa you have seen temperatures begun to rise. you were at 28 degrees now sitting at 35 wall saint still sitting at freezing at 32 degrees currently or rural areas even colder than that with some of these areas still hanging out in the upper 20's, so it is a frigid start to the morning. but at least traffic seems to be cooperating somewhat right now. we do never traffic is okay, but part is it's recovering so that's good the law for 2 like that happens for over 2 bart reporting
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delays are up to 20 minutes, so they had some earlier equipment issues and that's causing delays or residual delays here so only if you take the berryessa lining you plan on heading out toward the daily city direction you will experience delays up to 20 minutes for bart this morning once again those earlier equipment issues slowing folks down a little bit here at the bay bridge toll plaza we are fine traffic looks pretty good a huge improvement here for 80 compared to the last hour or so. >>a minor wait leading up to the pay gates, no big problems into san francisco. we'll check more bridges a slow downs coming up james darya thanks. a clear message. >>you chose hope. and unity. decency. >>a woman in this office i will not be the last. >>make progress we have to stop treating opponents as our enemies. they are not our
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enemies their marriage, i'm a proud democrat. i will govern as an american president. those who didn't vote for me as those who did. >>us president-elect joe biden talking about unity across america, you saw kamala harris there a moment ago the first woman of color to be elected as vice president. >>both candidates making history this morning and while they are focused on the new administration and tackling a bunch of the issues shortly we'll hear from them. president trump and his legal team. they are fighting this yeah they're preparing to take this all the way through the courts, some republicans of course have responded differently depending some have congratulated joe biden others staying relatively silent, we've got michael shore with the story. >>president elect joe biden accepted the result of this week's election in wilmington delaware saturday night and so
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to have republican leaders here in the u.s. and leaders across the globe. former president george w bush issued a statement sunday saying i just talked to the president elect joe biden and thanked him for the patriotic message. he delivered last night. >>and former gop presidential nominee utah senator mitt romney shared his thoughts on those in his party who are thus far unwilling to accept the result means and it's important for us to recognize that the world is watching and i think. >>by the way for all of us whether we're in the senate or the homes or or whether the president you think of the line from hamilton history has its eyes on you. >>but the first lady of the united states melania trump echoed her husband sentiments on twitter saying the american people deserve fair elections every legal not illegal votes should be counted. we must protect our democracy with complete transparency and some gop rank and file are still not satisfied. it just won't stand up in court and also the fact that you can stop
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challenging the night of the election they stopped and you just can't do that with jay miles coleman of the university of virginia center for politics says that this isn't surprising. >>we could have probably predicted this result months ago. that we would have a lot of republicans who are refusing to accept the result. >>and he predicts that it will take someone republican leadership to end may be prudent for some republican leaders like mitch trying to send those signals as well that may be. >>that might quell things to cement steps. >>still a litany of world leaders joined the chorus of congratulations to biden from canadian prime minister justin trudeau who tweeted congratulations and underscored the unique relationship shared by canada and the u.s. to uk prime minister boris johnson, i president biden president biden very much on his on his
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victory and of course i congratulate. >>kamala being the female vice president says she will become in the history of the united states for now the waiting continues. >>meantime president trump and his supporters are still insisting. the election was stolen and they claim without evidence there's widespread voter fraud most legal experts say that the president's lawsuits are destined to fail. >>these legal challenges that trump is bringing are basically meritless and even if they had merit which the vast majority of them do not. they would result in the overturning of the election but biden is winning by 10's of thousands of votes in all of the relevant states is a legal challenges are going to have an effect. >>well vice president elect kamala harris made history of course becoming the first woman and woman of color to hold that office. she is a bay area native is we know born in berkeley growing up in oakland and over the weekend people gathered outside her childhood
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home to write some messages. the sidewalk celebrating her rise to that office in factor in her victory speech saturday night she said that while she is the first woman to hold that office she certainly will not be the last and we heard from one local family about how important it was for harris to ascend to the white house. >>i just think about growing up you know i didn't really get see women in powerful roles and so impacted my self esteem >>yeah, i've seen makes it pretty scary to think about my daughters and their generation growing up with. such powerful role model and that the powerful place so what do you think about. >>pamela harris in the white house. >>i think he is. >>she'll need to think this made to be there. yeah. >>so now the question is what happens to her senate seat. well california is one of 36 states where if a senate seat opens up its the governor that points to that next senator will be now in this case, the interim senator will serve out
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the rest of kamala harris's seat until it comes up for reelection which would be in 2022. here on your screen you see some of the names that have been floated there's karen bass from southern california here we have congresswoman or congressman adam schiff. there's mayor eric garcetti and of course secretary of state alex padilla. by the way if dia is chosen. he'd become the first latino senator in california history. >>time now is 8 '08 and breaking news this morning a breakthrough in the search for a coronavirus vaccine. the maker pfizer says they have studies that show their vaccine is 90% effective yeah which would be great news. we've also learned the 3 doctors with ties to ucsf have been named. >>president elect joe biden's coronavirus task force which we should hear more about about a half hour when the president elect speaks to the nation. the kron 4 sarah stinson is live for us now with what we know so far good morning sara. >>good morning president elect joe biden he picked a lot of people for this coronavirus task force including 3 doctors
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that have taught medicine here at ucsf and now they're going to be helping out as we try and get through this pandemic and fight coronavirus stop the spread of it all take a look at pictures of these 3 doctors with ties here to ucsf you can see doctor david kessler a professor at ucsf and former food and drug administration commissioner has been named a co-chair on the task force then a member of the task force is doctor robert rodriguez who is a professor of emergency medicine at ucsf in another member is doctor eric goosby an internationally recognized expert on infectious diseases. and professor of medicine here at ucsf use also a founding director of the care act during the clinton administration. so huge ties from the bay area joining this task force with the goal to stop the spread the coronavirus and you know have a vaccine work on ways to be
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successful with the get beating the virus we caught up with a doctor here ucsf who knows. his colleagues, let's hear about why he thinks this is a huge step. >>but one of the things i am so excited about with biden coming into office is he will choose competent people and he will listen to them and that's not been the experience of the last 4 years which is partly why we're in the mess that we're in. >>and we have huge developments this morning that have been made on a vaccine drug maker pfizer says the vaccine they are working on maybe 90% effective at preventing covid-19. the fda has made it clear that any vaccine must be at least 50% effective so that's already suppressing that biden has responded to the great news congratulating the men and women who produced this breakthrough. >>43,000 volunteers got either 2 doses of the vaccine or a placebo. >>pfizer says so far no participants in the study have become severely ill. the
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company is on track to filing in early emergency use application with the fda they plan on doing that later this month biden says well this is a huge step in the right direction of direction in beating coronavirus we still have to wear a mask the distancing the contact tracing doing everything we can like hand washing in the meantime while we wait for this vaccine again we'll hear from president elect biden coming up at 8.30 and you can watch that right here on the kron 00:00am morning news. >>for now reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all right, thanks a lot sarah, you that news about pfizer's one of the big reasons why the dow has been surging this morning as we're taking a look at wall street. but by more than a 1000 points in record territory. the s and p the nasdaq all of them on the the plus side this morning by a lot. 90% efficacy for that for this vaccine and a lot of analysts on wall street are hoping that that means that we could be getting closer and closer now to something that could allow americans to get back to work
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back to school the economy, especially on wall street to get back to business so again optimism high on wall street this morning and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to show you a local businesses are doing as the weather gets colder. >>fewer people want to eat outside. so we're gonna tell you how they're trying to make the indoor dining more attractive and the outdoor dining. >>you have that was the big downside this weekend. it was cold and it was windy too we certainly are a lot calmer this morning but we are just as cold if not even colder with 30's and even a few 20's on the map right now. later today, it's 50's and 60's and comfortable sunshine got your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area we're checking out the bay bridge 80 west a minor weights here at the pay gates, not so bad into san francisco. we'll check more bridges coming up.
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8:16 am
getting outside this morning. please layer up you're going to want that because the jackets you've got a few of us have actually fallen into the 20's this morning for your temperatures, a nice bright view across the bay alcatraz looks good right there in the distance, 30's and 40's for current temperatures right on the bay, it's or north bay areas that have been the coldest for sure and you can see petaluma sitting at 37 right now santa rosa at a cool 35. santa rosa, you're down to 28 degrees within the past hour. so that is a a bump up in temperatures from where you have been pretty recently here still under these frost advisories and expecting them to remain in effect through 09:00am this morning former in sonoma and napa counties also freeze warnings for northern solano and then lake county to notice well as for future cast today tomorrow wednesday, all looking dry then comes thursday a chance of showers returns to the bay area you can see that here by friday more widespread of rainfall looking likely so we're certainly not done with the rain just yet we have more of
8:17 am
that ahead of us and that is very welcome news because we've seen increasing drought conditions after what has been a dry fall until this past weekend. temperatures later today will rise into the 50's and low 60's that's what we're going to stay in this forecast ahead of us with low 60's remaining all the way through friday to start the weekend as for the weekend itself daytime highs will try to climb closer to the 70's, not quite getting there though fall has set in and not wanted to leave. robin. the traffic is picking up in some spots so the morning commute is starting to wind down out there but if you're hopping on barred, do expect residual delays up to 20 minutes they had some earlier equipment issues that impact at the berryessa line. so if that's part of your commute. >>do expect delays on the various a line to daly city once again delays up to 20 minutes because of wells earlier equipment problems, no specifics here at the bay bridge looks good right before the drive into san francisco, it's delay free no problem so this part of your commute is over 14 minutes off to fremont street 92 still a little busy
8:18 am
it was the first bridge to start stacking up this morning, it's still crowded, but it's not bad, so 13 minutes to the peninsula, i'll step out of the way you see some heavy traffic south 6 ad approaching the highway 4 split right there at the pacheco conquered border, new accident just popping up there and on the east shore you're recovering from a crash which is at the upper east shore freeway, it's slow and little stretches sell 22 minutes now from crockett down to the maze back to you. >>they're just like steph curry. >>history unfold, same way that you did watching tv with joe biden that the bay area zone kamala harris celebrating winning the white house staff immediately sent harris, a signed jersey. the new one
8:19 am
that finally says her hometown's name on it and hopefully the warriors will make powell a proud next season. i think the vice president and first gentleman will still ride bart to the games like the old days. the nationals have already invited joe biden to throw out the first pitch on opening day. the little league shortstop tried his arm out when he was vice president in 2009. his phillies went all the way that year but they did not wind up repeating as world series champs. and the dodgers are still paying for their world series win when they allowed a massless covid positive justin turner to celebrate with the team on the field and since then. now we know that 9 people in the dodgers organization have tested positive. for covid so there are health repercussions, even though mlb never did punish them for brazenly ignoring the coronavirus isolation rules. the raiders didn't get away
8:20 am
with breaking the covid rules right after becoming the first team to lose a draft pick. they did get away with a win in la with the one 2nd left in the game. the chargers made what looked like the game winning touchdown. but the catch didn't hold and neither did the call the touchdown has reversed the raiders win and isaiah johnson and coach gruden same as can you know he's huge, you know our biggest cortisol my mom make this play or it is going to >>you know i do whatever could to make a play for the team initially initially he was so tall that i could get my hands on the ball initially caught it but coming down a park or a kit out. >>then we could you know possibly want again thank goodness for isaiah johnson is like. like you said you could yet to give him credit we gave him a game ball in. we gave brandon parker game ball further for their work today and on as we were short handed. >>and you see that go goods
8:21 am
not messing around anymore keeping that mask up. we have not seen the final game of jeopardy for alex trebek's his final show is going to air on christmas day. >>welcome america's favorite answering question game jeopardy. >>he continued taping shows until 10 days before dying of cancer yesterday because he truly loved what he did. and he felt that he could beat as he told viewers in march of 2019 shortly after he was diagnosed. >>week i was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. and wnth the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also i plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. >>and finally at 80 years old he didn't end up beating it but 2 years, he spent on camera still hosting the show
8:22 am
and fighting cancer and right up until the end it's just. >>it's always sad when something that's been such a part of your life for decades is then suddenly gone. >>you feel that void yeah it's where for something to be a part of our lives when we were young people watching him and our kids young people watching him because that's how we spend almost 4 decades as we look at >>we've got some older footage behind you of just you know back in the mid 80's when he was doing this thing and not just in my fashion his fellow, so just you know online taking a look around the c i a's official twitter the cia posted. a remark saying alex trebek host of jeopardy won the hearts of many including the cia is workforce. we asked you alex did the rest and i mean this nassau paid tribute to him in and said condolences, you know so many stars and. >>just regular folks so we do want to mention that because they do tape at a in fact
8:23 am
there's a bay area family that's going to be bay area contest in a man who's going to be on it. >>right up into these last shows in christmas day saying last show to wash with alex >>that's of us.
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>>and we are back time now is a 25. here we are taking a
8:26 am
quick look at images from downtown san francisco. and of course the big worry for a lot of businesses with see winter season coming around the weather getting colder it's going to be harder and harder to do the outdoor eating which has so far been the lifeline for a lot of these restaurants can they afford to continue operations when the weather gets blustery if they have the money a lot of money invested in outdoor. lamps heaters to try and keep people as comfortable as possible a lot of folks that we spoke with say they despite those efforts do plan on scaling back on eating outside during the winter months, but they will try to at least support local restaurants as best they can. definitely do take to places i and just to be done at home. >>you know just security purposes and probably doing a lot of. ordering from home, i mean i i love the restaurants around my neighborhood and i'd hate to see him gone. >>yeah at this point the city hasn't released any updated guidelines for dining out in the winter. other than offer ventilation which is required
8:27 am
for indoor dining by november 17th. >>back in school this morning. and checking in right now coming up we'll have an interview with the unified school district as to why they ♪ we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy,
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but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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>>joy 9 right now and we are standing by for prison like
8:30 am
biden to speak and we'll take that as soon as it happens in the meantime. >>let's talk about the weather. and there's quite a bit to talk about too because we had some pretty crazy weather not unexpected by the way because john called it when we visited him on friday before we maybe it was a list because i was like what okay, the hail that was a get snow in syria, which yeah and he said we would get rain here in parts of bay area which we did that's what i saw, but yeah it did i miss that i didn't say the word kill but what i say it was the possibility of an isolated that just isn't given with that. but yeah the hail definitely surprised a lot of people know that that was something that you don't usually see in november for sure looking outside this morning something we do see in november and we are getting plenty of this morning is the cold temperatures you see the golden gate bridge out in the distance right there it's free of any fog or cloud cover. >>and that is one of the reasons temperatures have the opportunity to get so much
8:31 am
colder this morning than we even were this weekend, dublin and livermore petaluma santa rosa, san anselmo and cloverdale are all down in the 30's still now santa rosa you are in the upper 20's earlier this morning, so temperatures actually have improved a bit for some of our areas as for those purple areas on the map those are freeze warnings in northern solano county as well as lake county and then in the lighter blue that is a frost advisory or first of the season for marine sonoma and napa counties now working our way through future cast here we do have dry days ahead of us which is good news that does change again though into thursday and friday. so there's your heads up guys we do have more rainfall ahead of us just not these next couple of days which is nice, especially for your travel on roadways because this morning robin you are some pretty good travel from this areas, nice improvement so far looking good. no major issues in the one hot spot. we have. >>it's got a good let's head over the san mateo bridge are going to check in on 92.
8:32 am
>>still just a little busy a little crowded the normal crowd here from hayward off to the peninsula but it's only 13 minutes that's a really good drive time for west 92 check out the bay bridge. the heavy traffic that we had earlier the backup spill to west grand that's no longer the case so easygoing at 14 minutes into san francisco. this was our hot spot west for at mchugh and it was an accident they are right at the kraken border, it's gone so we're looking good now traffic has completely recovered all lanes are open. here's a peek of the south bay. we just don't want to forget about that commute out of san jose for 8.81 on one 2.80 all of these drive times look really good without any major issues so daryn james we had a slow start but things are thing up nicely so it's looking good all right, yeah i asked arias she got hail i got rain would you get over the weekend want to make sure i got a little bit of rain and lots of wind but i did not see any help is happy to see them like finally yes, some rainy weather. yeah, ok all right, thank you very let's go to the east bay now we're 3 elementary schools in
8:33 am
berkeley are welcoming students back in person, yeah we've got facemasks required there's no question about that other protocols will be places. well fact will tran has been. >>out there for us this morning at one of the 3 schools that are reopening and will the mask is on so that must mean people are showing up. >>mask is required social distance is required they will be checked in before they head into the classrooms to make sure that they are covid free and that's going to happen every day the kids are back inside the classrooms. they didn't think this day would be here here we are and then the goal for the entire school district in a hybrid form is january 13th we're talking 3 schools, elementary schools in berkeley. rosa parks, jefferson and malcolm x i'm at jefferson at this particular time. so is trish mcdermott with the berkeley unified school district. a lot of people have their fears if you could talk to parents out
8:34 am
there thinking about sending their kids back to school. what are you doing to make sure everybody's safe staff and students. >>so here in berkeley, we start our day with an app it's a screening where we asked both our staff and our students if they have any symptoms that are covid symptoms if they've been in contact with anyone or if they've tested positive and then on a secondary step as students and staff check in we also have a table. here we have one of our district nurses and we're asking the same questions and taking temperature checks. those are people who actually didn't fill out the app so it moves very quickly, but we're very careful to ask the important questions before anyone comes on campus must be pretty difficult that mentioned school kids no touching no. >>fighting just keeping social distance. >>important is that kids are coming back to get some support during their academic time. but also the whole social experience of school to see their friends to be recess to play and play that's something that's really hard
8:35 am
to replicate during distance learning and we know our students nus that so we're excited to see their faces and they're actually seeing some of their classmates right now. >>it is wonderful to hear little kids in the background laughing. they're getting the blessing from the public health department saying berkeley has done such a good job but covid-19 and since we're in front of a school can i say it probably giving it a b plus a minus as far as berkeley handling things and the goal. january 13th is a hybrid for all the students. half at home and half at school. back to you all right, thank you very much well. >>us is making history we've talked about how many californians are thrilled. and those in the bay area thinking maybe it will pay off and she'll work with us to solve problems for california jessica mensch has more on that. >>maybe the first woman in this office i will not be the last. >>watching come alive on stage last night was incredibly
8:36 am
incredibly happy moment, not only for me, but for our 5 daughters and our granddaughters longtime friend and co-worker congressman john garamendi has known harris roughly 2 decades working alongside her own insurance fraud cases when she was san francisco's district attorney ernie he believes here's his perspective is in northern california native puts are in a unique position to help the golden state from the white house deep notation understanding of the challenges of a very rapidly. >>diverse state. >>and the need to be able to provide access for all individuals in this state whether it's health care economic access. california has long been in battle with president donald trump's administration. >>attorney general javier becerra has filed more than 100 lawsuits against the administration over various policies while the president has threatened to withhold federal emergency aid from the state money desperately needed for fires for rebuilding for health care for impoverished
8:37 am
people the trump administration has used the withholding of money to try to. >>bludgeon california into some sort of a political position. biden and harris will do that he sees this election is a move toward more cooperation between california and the presidency. >>in sacramento, jessica, mitch. >>time now is 8.37 still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news no returning to the sierra we'll tell you how many inches fell over the weekend. and also coming up as temperatures drop many people are concerned that they won't be able to tell the difference between our genes the flu covid-19 which would have well doctors will. let us look well know what to look out for him. little theo's nose had cause for alarm. ordinary tissues were causing it harm. they left his nose raw, with each wiping motion.
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>>and we're back at 8.40 a big story out of the east bay oakland police now investigating 3 deadly shootings over a 12 hour period this weekend. the first deadly shooting happened in the area of 83rd avenue that's in the woodland neighborhood then a few hours later, a man was found dead in the 2300 block of martin luther king way less than 9 hours after that. police received reports of a shooting on 71st avenue about a half mile east of the oakland coliseum a man died in that shooting there been no arrests yet in any of these cases. >>happening now firefighters in east they are mopping up after a warehouse fire in san leandro the flames started overnight at a business on
8:41 am
alvarado street which is right off of the 8.80 and more than 50 firefighters got there they spent the night putting out that fire and now they're investigating. 2 semi trailers, full of items donated to the salvation army went up in flames yesterday morning it happened in oakland, the trailers and everything in them were destroyed. when this fire happened along webster and 6th streets near chinatown no buildings caught fire and nobody was hurt. >>we are going to be seeing some nice clear skies all through the day today and after some frost advisories, this morning daytime highs eventually climbing into the upper 50's and low 60's. ample sunshine will make those temperatures not feel so bad, i've got more on your forecast ahead. and the morning commute looks much much better we're checking in on the south bay drive times to anyone wanted the all nice and smooth out of south bay recovering from minor incidents will check
8:42 am
more drive times coming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>8.44 right now take a look at this the first snow in the sierra it's beginning to look a lot sure is that are unlike a good ski season. you never know this was somewhat like towards thanksgiving end of
8:45 am
the month, 9 inches though it's going alpine meadows yeah which is good start to maybe some snow making for the bigger resorts in what could be the season all right we'll see how much more we can add to that course we saw it in the form of rain. >>that's what the storm brought a slider not live pictures but this was the view at sfo during the weekend we saw that rain come down and then of course in some parts of the bay area. it was cold enough to turn that rain into hail and you'll see in a moment, it bouncing on the lawn there and there it smaller than the ones that i had bigger >>the mire about like looks at like a marble yeah like peace, i know that it was not the was we had get out of my house it was just the rain and the robin saw the same thing but let's find out from if there's any more like this on the way or what's what's the week ahead look like john yeah guys we are looking at the return of some rainfall but that's later on this week. so we do have a few breather of days ahead of us that we just got
8:46 am
to enjoy some sunshine during and not have to worry so much about rain or especially not in the hill at least for a few days. this is your look at 80 up towards castle peak this morning look at that catch up with him here. we're going to be seeing conditions out there in the sierra nevada, nice and clear so no new snowfall today tomorrow or wednesday, but that changes into thursday and friday. >>additional snowfall great for the sierra let's keep building that snow pack and keep seeing some healthy precipitation here in the bay to because we certainly do need all of it. now as far as your morning temperatures have gone it has been a frigid morning just look at some of these numbers double in livermore santa rosa still hanging out in the 30's filet how you're at 35 right now santa rosa you fell to the upper 20's earlier on this morning so temperatures are obviously starting to climb and for only 15 more minutes we are under a frost advisory for napa sonoma and marin counties and still under freeze warnings up in portions of the north bay like a northern solano county as well as all of lake county. now
8:47 am
today tomorrow wednesday i mentioned being nice and dry days but future cast shows you. the turn were taken midweek it starts on thursday, few showers push right back into the bay area and then more than a few showers likely come friday with the rainfall looking widespread into the latter part of the day on friday and of see it on the other side of the screen from a snowfall back in play over in the sierra nevada nice to be seeing that but does make for some tricky travel conditions likely into your weekend as for today, nice and dry plenty of sunshine but staying cool 50's and 60's for your high temperatures with low 60's for south san francisco in burlingame redwood city in mountain view each at 60 degrees while san carlos, one of our more mild spots at 63 santa clara and campbell's will san jose all at 58 degrees for your highs today, looking at upper 50's from fremont to dublin low 60's from castro valley to richmond oakland you'll be right at 60 degrees while youngsville in the upper 50's the napa and sonoma each in the low 60's. mid 50's right
8:48 am
along the coastline in stinson beach and point rays. here's a look ahead at the next 7 days. i mentioned that chance of rainfall thursday and friday before then we're dry after that into the weekend we're likely to drive back out to the weekend will be our warmest days of this forecast but not by much, you're still not seeing any 70's in this forecast ahead of us so we are staying quite cool. rob checking in on the commute looks really good. so for the folks that have the luxury. >>of waiting and waiting for the traffic to thin out it has done just that so check out the commute here to the richmond sandra fell bridge not bad at all right trouble free we're no longer seeing that heavy traffic back from castro street like we saw earlier so 9 minutes for the drive to the north bay here in the bay bridge may be just a minor way that's really off and on but a great trip into san francisco, no crashes no stall so come on in you're at 13 minutes for the average which is pretty quick we're checking in on some numbers are just scanning the bay area looking around the east bay in the south bay checking in on those freeways, they look
8:49 am
great 6.80 south dublin to fremont that's under 15 minutes, the nimitz you'll see the usual crowd just little pockets of slowing through hayward in union city under 30 minutes from to 38 to to 37 or maybe you take 17 through the santa cruz mountains, it's less than 25 minutes from highway one in santa cruz through the mountains and up to the 85 split in los gatos back to you thanks a lot rob and it takes. >>and a lot of children rely on the food that they get as school for their daily meals so when campuses suspended in person learning because the pandemic that left a lot of people wondering where are they going to get their next meal before the pandemic one in 5 kids relied on school for food and since the pandemic that's now one in 3 children who depend on con some kind of assistance for their daily meals, private donations to food banks have been never higher than they are now, but that's still not enough so private businesses are now stepping in to do what they
8:50 am
can. >>then during the was so many people losing jobs. some families were from dunwoody income families to 0 income family so they really need that assistance. >>increase food assistance was part of the latest covid bill that the house passed but those negotiations stalled before president trump lost the election we'll see what happens now for your help this morning. what about when you get sick during this flu season is it the regular flu is a covid or maybe it's. >>allergies a lot of them have similarities but there also are some differences doctors want to point out what those differences are so that you don't worry they say if you get allergies this time of year. well you would just treated like allergies. the big deal is the flu versus covid and that's more challenging. >>as the symptoms are little watery eyes itchy eyes. the
8:51 am
sniffles or this crash here is she's throat or mouth. so the top symptoms of covid and flu are the same as the missing teens, the muscle aches the seaver. >>the differentiator the great one between the flu, the regular flu and covid is if you lose your sense of taste and smell. that's when you may that it could be >>a 51 is the time by hayward neighborhood woke up to vandalism and political messages graffiti on their homes. neighbors at parkside heights say the suspect who was captured on surveillance video spray painted the word trump on several homes and tag several cars as well kron four's taylor sacking has the story. >>they resent parkside heights in hayward woke up to this sunday morning. the word trump graffiti it on to their homes in black spray paint on their cause so many things that unite us more than of the virus and you wake up to something so figuratively and literally ugly. >>that 5th in the form of
8:52 am
unfortunate. >>thing to happen nick, a strata counted 8 homes and cars tagged. he says neighbors caught the suspect on surveillance video as they spray painted a car parked in the street because we're the spray painted with like lines across it. >>so he like went through and this spray painted the line. one of the cars will able to actually get off with a rub out paul berman lt anthony wasn't so lucky. she and her family tried to scrub the word trump off their garage, but they were unsuccessful as feeling angry at first, you know there's no need to act this way. >>you know you don't expected a special visit new neighbor ahead and do you know. it's just it was i was unhappy and then later you know i realize i understand some people are nodding their greatest minds said, but that doesn't give them the excuse destroy property. >>neighbors say the hayward police are aware of the incident and hope that everyone can put their political beliefs aside to move forward as a country we may not all agree with one another this is a good time
8:53 am
to. >>you know become unified and move forward in you know hope for the best in hayward taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>breaking news, this morning secretary of housing and urban development doctor, ben carson has tested positive for coronavirus carson was tested at walter reed medical center this morning after experiencing symptoms. it should be noted that he was at the white house last week for an election night party that was also attended by white house chief of staff mark meadows, who has also tested positive for coronavirus that test came out last week we're also understand that vice president or president elect joe biden speaking, let's listen in order to doing everything possible to get the covid-19 under control. >>so we can reopen our businesses. safely and sustainably resume our lives put our put this pandemic behind us. we just received positive news. in this fight with the announcement that has been progress made toward a
8:54 am
successful vaccine. soon they sext expectation is the fda will run the process of leadership views in approvals. the process must also be grounded science fully transparent to the american people can't have every confidence the newly approved vaccine is safe and effective. at the same time. it's clear that this vaccine even if approved will not be widely available for many months yet to come. the challenge before us right now. is still immense and growing although we are not in office yet i'm just laying out what we expect to do and hope can be done. some of that between now and the time you're sworn in but the purpose of this is to let you know what we're going to do. one sworn in. and there's a need for bold action to fight this pandemic we're still facing a very dark winter. there are now nearly 10 million covid cases in the united states. last week we
8:55 am
topped a 120,000 new cases on multiple successive days. infection rates are going up. hospitalizations are going up. deaths are going up. this crisis claims nearly a 1000 american lives today. nearly 240,000 deaths so far. protecting the projections. still it okay we can lose. 200,000 more lives in the coming months before a vaccine can be made widely available. you can forgo the important work that needs to be done between now and then to get our country through the worst wave. yet this pandemic. to reduce the spread to save lives. so that's why today. i named the covid-19 transition advisory board comprised of distinguished public health experts. helped our transition team translate the biden harris covid-19 plan in action. a blueprint we can put in place as soon as common are
8:56 am
sworn in office in january 20th 2021. and we'll seek to add other members to this board. during this important front with few very additional fort perspectives on public health and expertise throughout the transition. this group will advise on detail plans. bill on a bedrock of science and the keep compassion empathy and care for every american at its core. making rapid testing widely available. more widely available which more widely available in building a core contact tracers who were tracking curb this disease. while we prioritize getting vaccines first to the most at-risk populations. developing clear detail guidance, providing resources for small businesses schools, child care centers to reopen and operate safely and effectively during the pandemic protecting both workers and the public scaling
8:57 am
up productive life saving treatments and therapeutics and when it's ready making sure an approved vaccine is distributed equitably and efficiently and free for every american. cases rising once more. it's imperative that we ramp up our production of personal protective equipment. to make sure our brave health care workers. have what they need to do battle safely against this virus. we're going to get states cities and tribes. the test and the supplies they need. we'll protect vulnerable populations who are at risk most at risk from this virus, older americans and those with preexisting conditions. we're going to address the health and economic disparities that mean this virus is hindi. the black latino asian american pacific islander and native american communities, harder than white communities. these can communities is one of our priorities, not an afterthought. the bottom line.
8:58 am
i will spare no effort to turn this pandemic around once were sworn in a january 20th. to get her kids back to school safely. our business is growing and our economy running full speed again. and you get an approved vaccine manufactured and distribute as quickly as possible to as many americans to as many americans as possible. free of charge. we'll follow the science. we'll follow the size and we say that again we'll adjust to new down when it comes in. and we'll listen. and work in cooperation with governors and local leaders of both parties we're fighting this virus in their communities. this very day. there's so much good work happening at state local levels across the country governors, mayors. they're stepping up. the advisory board will listen and learn lessons from your experience. because we know that we would fully defeat covid-19 until we defeat everywhere. my advisory
8:59 am
council also includes experts on global health security. so we can restore us global leadership to fight this pandemic. this is a crisis affects everyone. as i've said throughout this campaign. i will be a president for every american. this election is over it's time to put aside the part of the partisanship and the rhetoric that designed to demonize one. it's time to end the politicization the basic response will public health steps like mask-wearing social distance. we have to come together to heal the soul of this country so that we can effectively address this crisis as one country. we're hardworking americans have each other's backs. and we united in our shared goal. if e d this virus. as you work toward a safe and effective vaccine. we know the single most effective thing we can do to stop the spread of covid. wear a mask. the cdc warning
9:00 am
this fall. for the foreseeable future. ask remains the most potent weapon against the virus. today's news does not change that urge to reality. we i will be president until january 20th. and misses today's to everyone is this. it doesn't matter who you voted for. with you stood who worry stood before election day. it doesn't matter your party, your point of view. we can save 10's of thousands lives of every would just wear a mask. the next few months. not democrat or republican lives american lives. you know maybe would save a life. the person stocks the shelves at your local grocery store. be saved a life member of your place of worship. maybe saves lives of 20 children as teachers. maybe save your life. so please i


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