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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 5, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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play tonight, even though a player tests positive for coronavirus and 3 others are now placed on the coronavirus watch lists. >>news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. morning and thanks for joining us a variable so and i'm james fletcher today is thursday november 5th. >>we are on the cusp of a big change in the i are we there yet are we there yeah, being g a little bit closer right and we have live updates on our air just in the next few minutes lot supposed to happen the first want to check whether weather keeping us in suspense to i guess we are looking at nice clear skies today, some warm temperatures but only for one more day and then yeah we work our way down hill and the start of fall feels like it's officially at least for the bay area starting tomorrow as daytime highs plummet so much across the region. let's focus on today though it's going to be beautiful look at all the sunshine you're getting a
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timber on all the way out to the golden gate bridge, we'll see a lot more of that into the afternoon too. so it's going to be a nice calm day and look at how we remain calm during your daytime hours. then the sun sets and the winds push in winds of change overnight winds picking up rushing in cooler air during the overnight hours and it's going make for a night and a situation from today's warm daytime highs to the much cooler conditions we're expecting starting on friday and really lasting for the rest of your forecast after that point 50's and 60's for most of our bayside in inland areas right now we'll lena holding on to the upper 40's along the santa rosa, fairfield you just got a pretty big temperature update now you're at 57 degrees that sunshine really helping the out i've got more on your forecast still to come let's go over to robin with an updated look at traffic. yes we are checking in on that morning drive which is not so bad so far heading into san francisco busy here at the bay bridge toll plaza as we expect. >>no major problems or issues right now we've had some crashes installs its all out
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of the way so 15 minutes that's a decent average into san francisco, at least for now we're checking in on the nimitz because we have a crash 80 south right here near tennyson in hayward so a bit slow off and on from 2.38 through hayward entering union city you're looking at a 30 minute trip right now that's your average from 2.38 to to 37 with one little crash in your way we're checking in on the east shore, no problems for 80 west from crockett down to the maze and all of your south bay freeways, look decent 8.81 on one and 2.80 coming out of the south bay heading toward the peninsula. all doing fine with no big trouble spots, we'll check more drive times coming up back to you, thanks a to all eyes are on 4 key states this morning and you could hear moments ago and that live shot from georgia desperation to get it right and the weight of this election on them as they count the vote yeah, but the pressure from everybody that. >>wants these results now he says it is going to take time there, but it's got to be patient. yes, the trump campaign has already filed lawsuits, one of which is in
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georgia and we just saw there elections officials talking and there are a couple other out there. the trump administration asking for a recount already in wisconsin, even though with the account is far from done nationwide absolutely and in these final 2 hours of our broadcast this morning we have 2 things that we're tracking 2 pieces of romell one this hour and when the next hour, let's explain first of all the electoral count has joe biden 264. >>donald trump a 214. biden as you'll notice is just 6 electoral votes, shy of the 270 mark which he needs to claim the presidency, nevada has 6 for him if he wins it and that's why all the attention is focused on nevada at this particular hour we're expecting another update from the secretary of state on new numbers on where the vote count stands right now that's expected sometime in the 9 or 10 o'clock hour. we haven't given an exact time just yet, but in advance of that at about 8.30 we're told that trump campaign officials are going to holding a press conference outside one of the major vote counting centers. the speculation is that going
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on out so lawsuit to try and what we don't know what that is going to be because they can't try to stop the count. they want the count to continue because the vote lead that joe biden has is steadily shrinking a bit as more and more counts are coming in so we don't know what's going to happen there but at 8.30 we'll find out we'll have it here live for you right and we do know that there is still a path to reelection for trump, but it's harder is kind of >>if you're in series a world series and you got run out absolute got to win all went out all 4 states wears by just has to win one just about yes, so let's assume. >>joe biden doesn't win one of these 2 well we could have that donald trump win pennsylvania because he'll need to remember he's only a 214 has got to get to 2.70. >>so he has to have the ball all the occur was from pennsylvania, all of them from north carolina. all of them from georgia and he also needs to claim one of these 2. now the associated press is already called arizona for joe biden the numbers though are getting thinner and thinner as the final votes are counted.
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so they're hoping that in the last few moments that will turn red for them and then of course there's nevada which again joe biden has a currently so the president will have to claim one of those 2 and added to all the other so yeah, he's got a run basically an inside straight flush and claimed just about every remaining state in order to hit that 270 vote threshold then when all the votes come in they're still the legal actions to settle and there have already been challenges by the trump campaign they file lawsuits in pennsylvania. >>georgia and michigan claiming that there are observers have not been given enough access to areas where ballots are being counted. jim sutton isn't elections lawyer in san francisco on says the trump campaign is trying to find something that will stick in court. but with no claims of widespread voter fraud voter suppression or concerns that were brought up before tuesday night 7 says it's going to be an uphill battle. >>has turned he's doing right now is trying to find some basis to get in court and said that if he finds pena that
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they're all the signatures that on the house, you what the registration cards don't match and they're all being thrown out. yes, some hawk. yeah can get work. >>sutton says the president's move could be part of a strategy to contest the election results once certified the trump campaign is also requesting a recount already in wisconsin. state that has gone to joe biden. >>all right some more election news to come in the meantime, here's a quick update on a story locally where police now are investigating reports of looting across the east bay specifically out of the sporting goods store in san lorenzo and we saw so many in the bay area stores board up their windows just in case there was unrest, proper sarah stinson is live at the scene with more on what we know sarah. >>well we know dozens of people looted this big 5 sporting goods here in san lorenzo on the ground you can see some of the packaging of the things they stole this is a package for 250 pellets we
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know they were stealing inician pellets and maybe even some type of guns, not rifles or other kinds of guns i talked corporate employee and they said that their rifles are locked in secured, however. >>you can see in the video from the scene law enforcement they arrived just minutes too late because all the people who came in here and looted they were gone, but you can see in the video even some of those bullet shells the pellet gun the pellet gun a pellet gun left on the ground. this happened around 9.40 last night at the big 5 on his spear ian boulevard witnesses saw people breaking into the windows through the metal window bear kerry barricade on the window, it's crazy that they were the breakthrough that may begin stealing as much as they could the manager and the corporate employee they have they had yet to go on go inside but again they believe the rifles in the guns are secure in locked. this isn't the only place lou did last night apparently a lot
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happened in alameda county and in contra costa county take a look at this scene in richmond police responded to a call of 10 to 11 cars full of people breaking into the exclusive sneaker store officers chased the car involved into san francisco and arrested one suspect. >>police recovered merchandise in their car. officers say county wide looting occurred last night i'm hearing that may have happened here in alameda county too. back out here live in san lorenzo though they're working to board up all of the windows that there are on the entire front of the store and the side of the store they want to make sure that this doesn't happen again and here the shopping center there is a grocery store and a cell phone store, those have also boarded up since this looting occurred last night we're still waiting to hear from the sheriff's office and police department about this looting. we want to know or have any other stores been looted and do they think this is the civil unrest that
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we were kind of waiting for him it's this election as we wait for the standby, hopefully we'll hear from them soon, i'm told that. >>the sheriff's office going to come back out here and take fingerprints and continue their investigation reporting live in san lorenzo sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you very much sara. >>8 '09 is the time and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to take it to the south bay and show you a school district that has plans to reopen to in person learning plus the city of san francisco has a plan if you travel for the holidays, you might have to quarantine. counting the votes we're live in las vegas. one of the most crucial states could report some more returns this morning. well today is going to be a beautiful one with lots of sunshine overhead we're starting the morning in the 50's by the afternoon it 70's and 80's for one more day before a big cool down this weekend. >>your forecast ahead. >>and it's busy busy busy into san francisco. we still have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza that's off and on
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surprise! ahhh! yes! i love it! you don't have to spend a lot to give a lot to the ones who mean the most. you've got the holidays, and we've got you, with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! >>12 right now and we want to check out the weather it's safe to talk about the get closer to thanksgiving. appreciate that more and might like the weather all that
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much, but it's safe to talk things are going to get a little wet for whether you like the sunshine just today or the rainfall i think some of us actually kind of miss that yeah, i'm kind of looking forward to rally but yeah it's been such a dry season so far talking about the weather definitely offering up a little bit of something for everyone so i think we can all enjoy this forecast. today, it's sunshine sfo looking great probably not taking any flights anytime soon. but there's probably no delays if you would have been as we make our way through the day today, we've got lots of sunshine to look forward to our last day with highs in the 70's and 80's after this point you really take a step back from the warmth we're seeing a cooler air mass pushing into the bay. you actually can see this line of green there at the bottom of your screen and then stretching on to that corner up there. that's the cold frontal boundary right there and you can actually see the line of showers right along the boundary that will be pushing in come early early tomorrow morning, you're really going to see an uptick in wind speeds tonight ahead of that cooler air and then
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widespread showers for the northern tier, the state breaking apart a bit as they move into the bay area but we will be looking at some off and on showers ourselves come friday and some snowfall up in the sierra nevada, our first winter storm watches of the season, it's about time we need to start checking in with this rainfall now we've had enough good weather with all that sunshine we've been saying saturday we see some clearing but we stay just as cool and then sunday, a resurgence of moisture and look at that even more snow in the sierra nevada, so if you are having a the trip up into this year this weekend please be mindful of that you're going to be needing your chains as you get up there maybe even anticipating some closures come sunday. monday we drive back out staying just as cool though really after today. the warm seems to be over for a while rainfall totals by the time we work our way into tomorrow night not amounting to too terribly much across the bay by the time we work our way through saturday and eventually into sunday looks like some of us could be picking up around a quarter of an inch in areas like hayward in oakland, while lesser
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amounts in other areas so definitely not a washout anywhere across the bay, but a good reintroduction to rainfall and hopefully more of it ahead this season. temperatures today will be in the 60's for coastal spots and 70's and 80's elsewhere in the bay area, pretty comfortable one do enjoy today as much as possible kuz what's coming just around the corner and it's not going to be tight daytime highs in the 70's 80's under sunshine east bay temperatures 70's 80's continued today oakland enrichment beautiful 74 degrees for you. well sonoma napa in the low 80's. it will be 70's for you today in mill valley at 76. tomorrow's temperatures fall as much as 20 degrees inland from the 80's to 60's 70's to 60's by the bay and from the 60's to the 50's at the coast. robin all right. thank you john we remain hot spot free. >>we've had our share of minor incidents but nothing that's awful. the only problem here on the san mateo bridge is karl karl, the fog just taking over here all of a sudden we can't even see the high rise
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anymore so look kind like the traffic is disappearing into the fog right into another world. what's 92 lots of stopping traffic here west of the toll plaza but we're still under 15 minutes a off to one o one checking in the bay bridge tonight, sun sunny and bright and slow it's already stacked up just beyond the atv overcrossing no problems on the upper deck, we're looking at 14 minutes to make it in back to you. thanks a lot 16 all eyes are on nevada right now yes because it could be the state that hands. vice president joe biden the win the 270 electoral votes. he needs. >>to assume the presidency as we head into the next year but not without a fight if that happens we already know that president trump's campaign is preparing to speak in nevada and election officials are to let's go to chip yost he's there live in las vegas chip. >>yeah good morning james and ari a lot of developments expected in the let next 2 hours here at the clark county election center we're in las
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vegas as you mentioned all eyes on the nation are on the batter right now that's because of the math that out there right now the associated press says joe biden right now at 264 electoral votes. it's a little controversial because the a p has called arizona for biden when others say arizona's too close to call, but if you give arizona turbine that puts to 64. here in the bat of there are 6 electoral votes at stake and this is how then the race is right now between joe biden and donald trump take a look at this graphic right now more than a million votes have already been counted in the bad and the difference between joe biden and donald trump right now less than one percent fewer than 8,000 votes, separating the 2 of them right now with all that's at stake. tensions here are there you see some of the protesters outside the clark county election center last
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night again what's at stake. biden wins, nevada he could claim victory that would get him to to centered 70 electoral votes, but questions have been raised see some of the people in the video there some holding signs saying don't steal the vote. the deputy, the deputy secretary of state was asked about the integrity of accounting whether or not they found any information that would suggest from. whatsoever. >>coordinated widespread of voter fraud. we have received a handful of complaints with some allegations again they're just allegations at this point on proven all that we're looking into but no no >>so here's what to expect going forward here in nevada over the next couple of hours actually in about 10 to 15 minutes there's going to be a news conference by members of the trump campaign some of the
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local outlets here in las vegas are reporting that news conference is to announce some sort of lawsuit of course we'll get more information on that shortly at 09:00am the secretary of state will post new numbers to its website. so that should give more indication of where the race is going whether or not trump is closing the gap then at 10:00am here in clark county they're going to have a news conference announcing the numbers here and of course this is the big win for nevada las vegas, the biggest population center so this is where we should get the big chunk of information of whether or not biden has widened his lead whether or not trump is closed it up for now reporting live in las vegas. i'm chip yost we'll sent it back right thank you very much chip locks to play out here over the next hour.
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>>presidency is undecided the nation is divided covid is surging your cash is running low on the holidays are almost here who wants turkey know how about some mental health advice doctor ruth white is back just in time. good morning doctor rose. >>good morning. i'm deiah it's know i how have you been ferrying in your quarantine and covid politics and everything else. >>yeah, it's interesting i got laid off looking for a job been you know keeping busy and doing some work shops, et working hopefully ending but pretty soon well you are a
8:23 am
perfect example that of what i'm talking about you add the situation with that of people's careers and covid and what's happening right now while we speak with politics and it is so stressful. my brother doesn't matter which side of the fence you're on i think you summed it up saying he was nauseous lee optimistic. for the results because somebody is not going to be happy either way. >>but yes we may get together with family. even if it's a small group. how do you handle politics, how do you handle. the stress of it as we approach thanksgiving. >>yes, well first just want tell everybody you know it's really important right now to be patient. and it's sort of watching the play by play man. i mean it can be very stressful it's nail-biting people are finding it hard to and you know it's it's important to check in to make sure you know what's going on, but not stand says when it comes to thanksgiving into family gatherings you have to decide how important is it to be right. do want show love or
8:24 am
not day we do want right and so that the plane is not you know you can have conversations. i have friends with and i talks are things about this is just not working and we're friends in france for long time we have a difference of the pants not going to change anything so i don't think it's important to him try and time when you've got other with your loved ones to try and convince them of something you know it's not going change your mind and you know if you don't want to go. they maybe you can opt out if you think can't resist specter's known. there's nothing good that can come out of going up and getting ready just rented for everyone it just becomes another stressful day in another stressful moment versus the time we all of us needs more love more people in immediate space to be able to show our caring for to share a meal and a special time and so yes, you can have those conversations if you can be open and listen. not being
8:25 am
something not calling people names et cetera yeah, well when we look at and just look at some of the video just coming out from. yesterday. >>of people you know gathering at polls and there. it's easier said than done to sail just don't talk about i mean we've got video for look they're banging on the elections department doors saying you know count the votes count, the votes stop the boats stopped the vote, you know it everybody is so divided in the country right now. that it can just make you feel like either you want stress out, you know you need a tranquilizer or the the other way around you know, i'm not sure how to relieve the pressure is there anything you said don't keep track too closely because it will drive you crazy, but is there anything else that you can do because we don't feel connected to what's going on. >>yes and we do want to be connected wanted things you can do is really engage your brain somehow it's really challenging because turns out that the where greensburg you
8:26 am
know people think they can multitask a turns out brains are really good at that so if you find something that's intellectually challenging it might be something at it might be having a word puzzle new york times crossword or something if you can stay deeply focused on a challenging task in your mind ability to worry is caught right there are also psychologists who suggests that people literally schedule time to so give yourself teenage i'm going to worry and then i'm going to do something else really hopes for us not to have space. in our minds and in our days to fill with this kind of anxiety and even anger because there's a lot of frustration is a lot of anger as you just talked about and as we just saw on screen that says a lot of frustration so maybe you want take out their frustration by going for a run or doing some exercise high impact something that you know get to me we're dropping in the swift and all of that
8:27 am
because it's not only a destruction, it's a great way to work off the kinds intense and somewhat volatile emotions that a lot of us are feeling like i could be a physical thing and so you're saying to treated with a physical. you know go run and do something like that to relieve that pressure. okay very good. well there's nothing we can do to control it you already cast your vote then you just wait and see what happens all right, thank you doctor wright appreciate you joining us. this morning. thank you for having me >>we'll be right back.
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>>8.29 and you just heard from an expert just down what we say talk about the weather do talk about anything but yeah that that's our job will be doing that all morning long for you, but in terms of the weather. yeah, let's find out because there are some big changes. it is really going start feeling like fall here in short order yelp. >>john tomorrow guys finally i mean i've enjoyed the sunshine at 70's. i think a lot of us have but it is about time we actually tapped into some much more fall weather and tomorrow we even see the possibility of showers along with some of our cooler temperatures so quite the change over these next 24 hours here. today though one more day with those 70's and even 80's inland, a nice day happened they look at all that sunshine you're getting we've got a couple of patches of fog, especially down in the south bay and up the peninsula
8:31 am
this morning. but most of us have started off a little clear now as far as winds go we will remain calm through the day but look at what happens once the sun goes down tonight, we're going to have some strong northwesterly winds pushing through the day making for a very brisk evening. these are some winds of change right here pushing in a very cool air. so by the time you wake up tomorrow morning we will be in the midst of a much cooler air mass and some shower activity looking likely for your friday and then again on your sunday too. today though on the other hand, nice and dry 50's and 60's for your current temperatures. couple holdouts like santa rosa and say holiness still in the upper 40's. i'm tracking what's next which is definitely those changes still to come. robin all right, thank you john it's starting to wind down out there a little bit we're checking in on the traffic we're seeing an improvement traffic is slowly thinning out at the bay bridge toll plaza so this is considered you know pretty good word. 14 minutes, no crashes or interruptions in the mix so that's good here on vasco road as you approach a livermore and 5.80 an accident
8:32 am
working or dalton road has traffic backed up a few miles o so as you enter livermore heading toward 5.80 you will be stuck in a little bit of a residual delay we're checking in on 5.80 livermore to dublin that looks good the altamonte livermore tracy to dublin interchange wide open no problems even out to the dublin grade back to you. >>so robin. >>all right, let's head to the east bay contra costa county now scaling back on its reopening is because of a spike they've seen recently in covid-19 cases kron four's reyna harvey is live there with more on what they are doing rana. >>you know the county was doing so well and now they're seeing an uptick in cases and so county officials are like we have to scale back we have to reduce the number of people that were allowing indoors to a lot of these businesses so movie theaters indoor dining churches all of those now able to offer 50% capacity so indoor dining about 200 people can be there now they're cutting that in half by 25 this all starts tomorrow and
8:33 am
as you can imagine businesses and really got to get moving much fun to make those changes so they can make sure that they can accommodate people while keeping people safe. the officials here looking at the start numbers like on election day they had 40 people that go to the hospital that had coronavirus is a different number back in mid-october there are about 17 cases can see that doubling up there now we talked to people who are out here who are saying they just want to keep things like they are take a >>i don't think it's a good idea i think they should probably that 50% things are already tight enough with the rollbacks with the coronavirus i think it's just a good idea to leave it at 50% i'd looking for the whole coronavirus is to kind of go away of the nicer and they're just kind of and think that all reopened thanks to be back to normal again. >>now the county was in the red and made its way into the orange if these cases continue to go up the backup there in the red so we'll be out here
8:34 am
monitoring these cases and bring you updates as soon as they're available for now reporting here to render harvey kron 4 news. thank you reena. >>all right now let's talk about the election and you pick up date now on where the electoral map stands at the moment. and we had some drama some developments play out over the last couple of hours so let's get you updated on what we're seeing right now so this is the larger map we've got 264 votes for joe biden to 14 for the president. the states that are shaded there are the ones that are still in question will start on the east coast, we're currently we're seeing the state of georgia now as being one of the ones that we're watching carefully as i pull up the map. you can see that the president is in the lead but only by about 18,000 votes. and any moment now we are expecting fulton county which is the county that includes atlanta going to sit back and click on that for you that's the county that includes atlanta about 9,000 votes are expected to be announced as to how they turned out. we'll see does joe biden's trend continue into eating into
8:35 am
donald trump's lead we'll have to wait and see if the trend does continue then perhaps the state of georgia is still in play as a possible flip for the democrats again we're looking for that announcement sometime here in the next. we're told maybe 10 to 15 minutes so we'll wait for that over in pennsylvania, we've got again the count continuing at the moment, donald trump is in the lead, but not by well by more than in georgia, but his vote continue his lee continues to shrink it ranked by another 20,002 days now about a 140 1000 vote advantage but still 87% of the vote out and much of it is down in areas around philadelphia and in pittsburgh philadelphia county for instance only 82% of the precincts have reported so still a lot of democratic leaning votes to be counted there and out near pittsburgh. so as those votes come in we'll see does the president's lead continue to shrink, i'll tell you that the trump campaign is awfully nervous about both of those states. especially about georgia again a week ago they never would have thought george's it was a surprise way absolutely so
8:36 am
those 2 states are in jeopardy of flipping towards joe biden side right the weather going on, but pennsylvania and georgia are among the states that they have threatened legal in pennsylvania. the president wants the vote to stop. >>and in georgia. filed a suit to try and and stop the proceedings there because according to a claim from a republican poll observer down in chatham county which is in the southern part of georgia. if claims to seen 53 absentee ballots being illegally added to a pile. votes in chatham county 53 5, in hundreds of thousands of votes right process there so that's what they're grasping at to try and slow the works and the count there in georgia and of course it's the exact opposite on the west coast in nevada and in arizona where they want to vote to continue to go because it looks like the president starting to gain some votes. they want every vote they're counted for sure i will keep you up to day things are changing as we speak will be back in just a couple minutes.
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[mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] [mallet banging] [drums banging] [inhales] ♪ >>we're back let's go straight to nevada where trump campaign officials are announcing they believe there's widespread voter fraud across the state of nevada was listed 9 access to vote. she showed up to vote and she was told someone had already past her balance and she was denied the opportunity to vote. we are filing in central district court here in
8:40 am
las vegas we're asking for emergency relief a tro and injunctive relief we're asking the judge to do to all of these irregularities to stop the counting of the improper votes. thank you the courts in nevada. you >>look the reality is that transparency is not political. so your name. ballots not automatically legal votes. until they're checked. we are not being allowed to check. harry reid machine. recklessly through ballots into the mail. and now we cannot check. whether or not there are non residents which we have evidence publicly available evidence that you all in the media should be also looking
8:41 am
at. it's publicly available information that non-residents have voted there's a 30 day residency requirement. in the state of nevada. then in the state for 30 days. it is illegal. 2 boats. reporters have a responsibility. the fact is we are filing this federal lawsuit to protect. >>legal voters. it is unacceptable in this country to have illegal. >>votes counted and that is what's happening in the state of nevada. we've asked clark county for answers. they have no answers. they continue to count illegal. votes that is unacceptable. and it's giving legal people. a sense that the system is corrupt. we have to
8:42 am
have a system where legal votes are but the harry reid machine has done is throw out recklessly. ballots. and now they don't want us to check those ballots and we are seen discrepancies all over. we are asking clark county to give us answers all of your questions about the details. our legitimate questions and they should be asked of clark county because the clark county officials. our silence. they are not giving us any answers and they continue to count these illegal. votes, i'm alex versus legal votes. that's what we're talking about it is unacceptable in this country. >>democrat the presidency is
8:43 am
literally listen you're here to take in thank thank you all for turning out not thank you all for turning out the presidency literally hangs in the balance and what the fundamental principle is here. >>is that we want to be able to make sure that the counting that occurs and that the results that happened can be respected by every american voter across this land and truly across the world if you're not allowed in to see the process both sides and all of you in the media so that there's transparency so that there's meaningful observing of these ballots that calls into question. what those results will be the idea in this country. the idea in america that we would somehow reduce or limit the ability to have a basic insurance that a
8:44 am
ballot is illegal ballot that a ballot is unacceptable ballot that the person who voted. we took minimal steps to make sure that there is a signature match for instance, those types of of guarantees need to be in the process and so we have to understand that what's going on in nevada impacts what's going on all across this country which is the american people want to have confidence in the results that are coming out of nevada that will occur when we can make the case why every ballot. >>is unacceptable compliant ballot. >>you want to introduce the these 2 are we can have them introduce themselves. these are individuals have stories of discrepancy if you want to state your name and briefly. what happened and we won't take any any questions but step >>i i want to vote in this
8:45 am
whole sorry boat. i pursue the matter. years past i was voted in first. this time than now about the ballot and somebody took my balance. they also took the ballot. my i was told by the interviewer from channel 8. i said 2 dozen people do this. he said yes, he said you're the first thank you. mister say and hear chris put on them and give my account. i would happen. i was actually been here quite a bit and was here members of the trump campaign and became an immediate capacity. >>to obtain content information on election night
8:46 am
and unfortunately stereotype in that regard. you can take for that what you may and was not able to obtain any type of access by any means we've got a little this was sort of our aggressive as the were so to speak and the question was asked at one 30 in the morning. why are you here. and our response was what election night. that's why we're here and you guys obviously counting ballots and it was unique because they said they had an hour and have left of county to do. and an official came out was kind in access to sign documents and a few moments later we were asked to leave will i iraq to leave within 10 to 12 minutes when the city had our to have county left to do. included that was an attack. i think on any type of conservative media or any individual or entity that wanted to have access and cover and we find a very unique that other outlets are able to have full access, but we were not given any type of ax is what some mean and and the question the validity.
8:47 am
background and let me tell immediately temperate species whatsoever so that was my personal counted. represent >>let me uh let me just let me just say this i'm doing all of your questions are very good. and they should be asked of clark county. we don't have access to the information they are not giving us access to the ballots. the publicly available information raises. a lot of questions and yet we are not getting answers just like you we're not going to take any more questions today violence and i will say that have more to say and i the day after we filed any evidence so all we have to do is ask your questions of clark pressure on them the media shouting do have evidence to have evidence and they want to
8:48 am
>>and trump officials what evidence they have they refused to even one question and then you heard the account of that second individual that spoke saying he was he came. >>with the trump told the election officials he was a member of the media demanded access inside was denied access. he took that as >>affront and an attack on conservative media but then as you heard the follow-up questioning. when reporters asked well what media outlet do you represent are you affiliated with he was ushered off and not allowed to answer that question right so they did not take questions but they did say that they are of filing bay area homeowners,
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8:54 am
south bay. so do watch that not dealing with that at the golden gate bridge though look at this view from timber on beautiful and crystal clear gotta love that sunshine and really appreciate it today because we've only got it for one more day tomorrow a colder air mass sinks into the bay area it will bring widespread rainfall to our north a few isolated showers to the bay come tomorrow, snowfall in the sierra nevada and our first winter storm watches of the season saturday, a calmer one before we see a resurgence of moisture into sunday and a better chance of rainfall yet again monday drying back out but staying just as cool. how much rainfall could we see over the weekend will from friday saturday and eventually into sunday looks like some spots in the bay could pick up as much as a quarter inch of it definitely nothing super significant but enough to get the ground wet and hopefully get a set up for a healthy winter season ahead. temperatures today eventually do rise into the 70's and 80's or last day looking at numbers this warm so i can mention just a second ago. i hope you enjoy it concord 80 to oakland
8:55 am
and san jose in the 70's along with san francisco holding on to 73. tomorrow a cooldown of around 20 degrees on average for inland areas from the 70's to the 60's by the bay and at the coast highs today fall from the 60's to only the 50's and look at that we're staying that way not just through the weekend but well into next week. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're checking in on our bridges and some of them are covered in fog are off to the del martin bridge where chp has issued a special dense fog advisory, it's pretty thick out there too so be careful across the span 11 minutes for 8.80 off to menlo park. >>this is the san mateo bridge where it's been right, we can't even see it anymore that's how dense it is for the dumb barton and the san mateo bridge. this can be pretty tough if you're driving through town know about you but i get really nervous driving in dense fog so be careful 13 minutes from 80 off to one o one that's not a problem here at the bay bridge toll plaza this commute standing out it's looking good minor way to know hot spots
8:56 am
and under 15 minutes for the drive into san francisco accident on highway 4 still working this is west ford will pass it's on the concorde side so you're backed up over the hill toward the bart station, the pittsburg bay point bart station that's pushing up your drive time you're looking at 28 minutes now because of that crash all stay on top of more traffic updates coming up in a bit back to you. >>thank you 56 we'll take a quick break but coming up in the next hour protests break out. as people demand all the votes be counted in this presidential election about the latest on where the race stands at this hour. plus a burglary at a sporting goods store in san lorenzo it's under investigation. we'll have a live report.
8:57 am
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious. >>news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 9. >>and thanks for joining us. i wish i could say it was the finest hour we do not have a decision yet in the presidential race were keeping you posted as the election results come in i'm daria false and i'm james fletcher and we'll have a complete breakdown of that coming up here and half a second, but. >>we also want update you on whether to because you have paying attention we've got quite the winter type weather heading our way now winds arriving overnight tonight guys we're going to see that
9:00 am
cooler air pushing in and that sets us up for what will be a much cooler weekend ahead all kicking off tomorrow and really lasting all the way to the rest of the forecast. so if you like the warmer weather today is certainly are day to enjoy a kind of your last day to enjoy it as for temperatures right now we're still pretty cool. we are seeing sunshine for most of the bay but where you are seeing fog has been causing issues and the robbins been updating you on a couple of bridges, we've got issues down right along one o one tours the south bay as where we're seeing the densest of that fog as for our live camera network you from berkeley, no fog up here in fact we're looking at clear skies through the golden gate and out along the now we are seeing calm winds for the vast majority of the bay area as we move into the evening tonight we start to see wind speeds picking back up as cooler air pushes in from the northwest a strong north westerly breeze through the evening will make for a brisk evening tonight and really cool things down by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. right now temperatures are mo


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