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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  September 25, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> the casket carrying the great ruth bader ginsburg is being brought into the rotunda where she will lie in state. there we see the casket on the right-hand side being brought in. let's list then silence as they place it and wait for the dignataries to speak and for others to pay their respect.
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>> ready. forward. march.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the honorable nancy pelosi. speaker of the united states house of representatives. >>it is with profound sorrow. >> it is with profound sorrow and deep sympathy to the ginsburg family that i have the high honor to welcome justice ruth bader ginsburg to lie in state in the capitol of the united states. she does so on a built for abraham lincoln. may she rest in peace. >> ladies and gentlemen, miss denise graves, accompanied by miss laura ward.
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>>be. ♪[music] n7sú
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>>he >>you. >>of
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♪deep river ♪ lord i want to cross over into campground ♪ ♪ oh don't you want to go ♪ ♪ to that gospel feast ♪ ♪ ♪ that promised land ♪ where all is peace ♪ ♪
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deep ♪ deep river ♪ lord i wanna cross over into campground ♪ ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, rabbi laura. >> speaker, vice president biden, senator harris, and to all of our leaders who are gathered today, thank you. one 18 1st 5. psalms118: 5 >>i
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>>from the >> there the narrow straits, i call out to you. you god answered me with ex pans. in the chambers of justice ginsburg hangs a framed piece of art that reads. justice, justice, you must pursue. a command in the 16th chapter.
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tradition defines meaning to every word in the tora. there must be a reason that justice is written twice. >> again, watching live. >> the only -- this is the first and only jewish person ever to lie in state in the capitol rotunda, it is significant that we are listening to a bit from the rabbi. >> if you want to watch this uninterrupted, we are offering a live stream on our kron app. you can download it free and continue to watch. we will be right back.
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justice. even in illness. she fought 5 bouts with cancer. >> 7:14 cite now. we are finally in for the weekend. >> yep. >> i don't think it is all going to be hot. do we have have a half and half deal. >> yeah. half and half. today the better side of that half with nice clear conditions. and well, looking at a little more fog pushing through the golden gate and the sutra tower cam here. today will be a comfortable one. you can see sales force tower in the distance, shining up through the clouds there. air quality remains good across the bay area. we will have pockets of moderate today. that will continue into tomorrow too. overall a good forecast to start out the weekend. that changes later on. the on shore flow, the coastal
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air has been pushing in and begins to relax today, setting us up for a change in wind direction tomorrow with hot and dry air making its way in from the north and northeast, especially into the north and east bay, resulting in heightened fire danger and strong gusts for the mountain peaks. with dry temperatures and hot temperatures, that means increased fire risk. for the inland east bay, red flag warnings take effect through 9:00 a.m. for alameda and contra costa counties, expecting the fire weather watch to be upgrade today a red flag warning today. just has been in the case in upper elevations in napa county where we will see gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. we all know what that means that time of year. that fire danger potential really starts to kick into gear. today is the best day of the weekend to venture outside with 60s and 70s for daytime highs at the coast.
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and 70s and 80s elsewhere. we have enjoyed weather like this all week. and we have one more day with very nice temperatures. mid-70s in san jose, santa clara. out into the east bay, 60s and 70s for your highs down to union city. san leandro, castro valley, oakland and richmond at 73. walnut creek at 83 today. only mid-80s in vacaville. over to petaluma all in the 70s. so tomorrow the warmup starts. we will still be over all. not super duper hot just yet. that comes sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. the hottest of days will be monday and tuesday. with our highest fire danger really starting sunday night and into monday. that's when off shore winds will really start to roar. as for bayside areas, 90s for highs on monday and tuesday with triple digits on the same days for inland values. >> we have slow spots and bridges that look great.
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i'll start off with a bridge check. your drive into san francisco has been that. a minor wait in some of the carpool lanes. that is gone. it is not backing up at all right now. we're looking at nine minutes into san francisco. if you come in from the east shore freeway, there a car freeway 80 west at powell street. you may see a plume of smoke there. the right lane is blocked. that is causing heavy traffic out of berkeley back from university heading down to emryville. your drive time because of the car fire about 16 minutes to the maze. here is 92, the san mateo bridge. it looks better. it is busy but not bad. 13 minutes to the peninsula. highway 4 still crowded from pittsburgh to bay point. and a crash 101 out of the way but a little sluggish out of san jose. under 30 minutes total from san jose to menlo park. us with the the intelligence, the
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bravery. and the unbreakable resolved. to pursue justice. >> they think people will die of coronavirus in the next month. we are live in novato so you can decide if it is worth the risk. >> reporter: darya and james, good morning. it is your decision. it is all on you. like we mentioned, the cdc says any time that you're in close proximity with people, you're going to have a risk for potentially catching coronavirus. we will tell you what the movie theater is doing to keep you safe. you're required to wear a mask and the employees will be wearing masks. they're cleaning the theater before it opens. i saw the cleaning staff when i arrived here at the movie theater in novato. they will be cleaning in
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between movie showing times and sanitizing surfaces inside of the theater. they also have stands inside and they will be using those to try to circulate as much fresh air as they can outdoors in the theaters. like you mentioned, we have seen the numbers and the cdc cautioning people about extended time indoors. close proximity to people. here is what they said about theaters opening up yet. >> it is not safe to do that yet. the numbers are not going down fast enough. and the fact that the virus easily spreads indoors in a contained area like a movie theater, i just don't think it is a good idea. it would be a hot spot for the virus to spread. >> reporter: something else to add. right. i membered that you are supposed to have on a mask when you go into the theater. however, you're able to pull the mask down when you're eating popcorn and soda and
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things like that in the theater. that is something to be mindful of. i know it has been a while since we may have had popcorn and been able to go to the concession stand and have snacks with the family, but you have to be mindful if you choose to do that. the chances are increased. for now reporting out here in novato, kron 4 news. >> thanks for the info and the warning. let's revisit the live pictures from the u.s. capitol where remembrance ceremonies are underway for late justice ruth bader ginsburg as she lies in state at the rotunda of the u.s. capitol. a musical performance happening right now. we will listen in briefly and come back with live coverage in just a minute.
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>> governor newsom's executive order protects public health officers from threats.
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>> last month we had a gilmore man arrested for threatening the top health official. jessica has a closer look. >> today i want to talk about what is called covid long haulers. >> reporter: health officer lu updates her neighbors on the pandemic. these days she tries not to read the comments on facebook and youtube. >> we're seeing a lot of anger. and some of that unfortunately sometimes is targeted towards us health officers. there have been comments about coming to my house. it will give me a bit of a pause. >> reporter: health officers across the state are dealing with threats and harassment for simply doing their jobs. in some cases it has reached a criminal level. alan is facing felony counts of stalking and threatening a public official after sending two dozen threatening letters to santa clara county's top public health official. >> we're doing our best to keep the community safe. but we want to feel we are safe on a personal level.
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>> reporter: it is why she was relieved to to hear of an executive order by governor newsom wednesday night allowing public health officials to keep their addresses confidential through the safe at home program. it has a substitute mailing add for protection and typically used for victims of domestic violence and stalking and harassment. she plans to take part in the program as soon as she can. >> i do appreciate having the extra assistance in making sure that myself and my family are kept safe. >> reporter: while dr. lu sees this as a first step, she hopes community members can change their actions too so all health officials can feel safe in their jobs. >> everybody is in this together and we need to work together to help everyone. >> in an event to ease traffic
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congestion and reduce pollution, the commission wants large companies to have the majority of their staff work from home. now since the start of the pandemic, a lot of people have been working from home. that has resulted in a lot of transportation changes. we've had fewer people on the roads, fewer people taking public transit like bart. and they want to apply what they have learn today their future transportation plan. >> we're obliged to develop a plan that shows how to cut per capita greenhouse gas emissions by 19% by the year 2035. it is in that context that this came up. >> well, the mtc doesn't actually have the authority to enforce this plan. in order for it to work, they would need local lawmakers to mandate a work from home requirement for large companies. the first museum to reopen during the pandemic in the state right here in san
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francisco. the dyoung museum. i have what they're trying to do to keep people safe in a live report. so you're a small business, or a big one. you were thriving, but then... oh. ah. okay. plan, pivot. how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet.
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ms. williams: we've been working hard... ms. robinson: make learning fun again. ms. duncan: and making sure our students can succeed. ms. zamora: we're with you every step of the way. ms. robinson: i know it's a challenging time. ms. zamora: no one wants to be back in the classroom more than teachers. ms. williams: we have missed you so much. mr. hardesty: but we all have to be safe. ms. robinson: because we're all in this together. narrator: making our school buildings safer. ms. robinson: working together, we can make it a great year. narrator: because the california teachers association knows quality public schools make a better california for all of us. >> we are back. time now 7:30. begin, live pictures from inside the u.s. capitol where the casket of the late justice ruth bader ginsburg is lying in state. as you can see there. the official ceremony this morning has concluded. now members of those that are there, the dignitaries, the lawmakers in the room are each taking a moment to pay their
7:30 am
respects. later today, members of the public will be allowed to pay their respects as well. again, we will continue following the pictures and there we have vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden paying their respects at the moment. >> ruth bader ginsburg was elevated to the supreme court by president clinton. and then, you know, we saw her under barack obama with many important decisions and descents. and now biden and -- will it be his turn to appoint a predecessor to fill her seat or will president trump have his way. he is rolling ahead with that nomination. hoping to replace ruth bader ginsburg maybe with another woman but one who is diametrically opposed when it comes to her ideologies about the law.
7:31 am
ruth bader ginsburg fought her entire life to get equality for women and other minorities in every way and in every walk of life she has done so much for women and for men in this country to be recognized as equal and be treated equally. as she would say, it is a slow go. we're not quite there yet but we have come a long way from her mother who worked in a garment factory in new york to the daughter ruth bader ginsburg becoming a supreme court justice. >> and we will be checking in on this video feed throughout the rest of the broadcast as others file in. in the meantime let's get a check of the weather. john is standing by in the weather center with a look at the weekend forecast. >> big changes. nice weather going today with patchy fog and cloud cover across the bay. you can see your view from berkeley.
7:32 am
pockets of moderate can be expected this afternoon. generally not as clear as we make our way especially towards the finish of the weekend as we trade in wind directions subpoena some smoke and haze likely returns. 40s in novato and napa. 60s in alameda, dublin and concord right at 60 degrees. later today. it is 70s and 80s for most of our daytime highs. that is before 90s and triple digits for the rest of the forecast. i've got that ahead. robin. we're just now seeing some crowding at the san rafael bridge. sluggish getting into the north bay. really not bad. no problems here. just the morning commute is picking up at the pay gate. averaging 10 minutes to the north bay. over at the bay bridge toll bridge, we are delay free. it has not backed up in the last 40 minutes. 10 minutes into san francisco. and a car fire wrapping up in emryville, 80 west at powell street. they are putting out the hot
7:33 am
spots. your right lane is blocked so you're backed up through albany. 19 minutes to make it down to the maze. darya. >> thanks a lot, robin. 7:32. new this morning, the cdc with a dire prediction. they are projecting that 24,000 more americans could die of coronavirus between now and october 17th. and that would bring the death toll to 226,000. right now more than 202,000 people have died of covid. the cdc thinks that the worst week could be october 12th, when their models project 7,400 people could die of covid in that week alone. we're tracking the numbers of course lower cally for california and the bay area. you can see here that california now has surpassed 800,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus since this pandemic first struck. more than 15,000 people have tied from it. in the bay area, more than 97,000 people have contracted it, with more than 1400 people
7:34 am
dying from covid-19. the contra costa health department is issuing a demand for covid tests. draft chris farnatono says that the county has lagged behind putting essential workers at risk. there are about 2300 people who get tested every day in the county. the goal is to get 4500 a day. >> we think we need to be testing twice as much as we're doing now to really control covid, identify asymptomatic cases where they know to isolate themselves so we can reach out to close contacts who might have been exposed so they can get tested as well. >> the health order takes effect october 8th. county officials say it reflects the increasing vital need to get people tested more quickly and that will help the health of welfare and welfare -- health care workers and residents alike. well, outdoor dining is
7:35 am
taking off in san francisco with more and more restaurants now building outdoor patios as part of the city's shared space program. the president of the restaurant association says it has been a great example of how things can get done when they work together as a team. >> it is great. we used to eat here all the teem. we like that it is outside now. so we can dine outside. it is really nice. >> it is really cool. we were just talking about how they should do this all the time weather permitting. >> hey, normally this would take a lot of time. we all know if we don't make this an option for restaurants and/or retail to take advantage t we will have a ghost town literally in the city. many of us were completely shut. >> well, the board of supervisors are voting next week to waive permit fees and things such as tables and chairs on sidewalks until 2022. just making it a little easier for businesses to at least get some business going. >> yeah. it is a crazy dabs that we've got going.
7:36 am
we're telling you about the mortality rate and more deaths and covid spreading, yet we're trying to contain it and trying to open up at the same time. san francisco's young museum is the first in the state to reopen. >> for more on this we want to go to sarah stinson. she has been at the museum in golden gate park to tell us what to expect if we head out there. sarah. >> reporter: what you should expect, james, is the museum will open at 25% capacity. so you will see a lot less people inside. that is good news. now take a look at some of the video that i just shot. you can see they are highly promoting their new exhibit. they are excited to reopen because this exhibit was supposed to open back in march. this is for frieda colo, the mexican artist. to display this new exhibit they will be taking a lot of measures here to make sure that everyone is safe. general admission will give people access to the museum on a timed entry basis to ensure
7:37 am
proper social distancing in the galleries. physical distancing will be facilitated with signage through the entire place frommed mission to the store and the cafe. face coverings are required for adult visitors and all staff. cleaning routines will be more frequent and there will be hand sanitizer stations. visits are self guided. the new exhibit will be opening today for the first time. it has been sitting in the dark since march for six months now. they're excited to display it. and i talked with some of the people here at the museum. they expect there to be a line when they open at 9:30. we will be here and show you what is going on. we have an interview set at 8:30 with one of the museum spokespeople. it is important to note that the cdc still doesn't recommend that you go to an indoor public place. but, you know, they are taking some precautions here. we will learn more about that coming up. for now i'm live in san
7:38 am
francisco, sarah stinson, kron 4 news. cal and stanford football could be back on the books quick. they have voted to resume play on november 6th. they were the final major conference to decide to play football during the pandemic. all pac-12 teams will be playing 7 conference games. no fans will be allowed to attend of course any of the pac- 12 games that will be taking place on campuses. we will take a break here at 7:38. still ahead, we continue our coverage of hispanic heritage month shining a light on a doctor helping others navigate the covid pandemic. charges will not be filed against people cited and arrested for small amounts of drugs. why this change may be controversial.
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>> and we're back. 7:41 is the time. in the east bay the contra costa district attorney's office will not press charges for those arrested for small apartments of drugs. instead treatment options will be given. it is to keep low recreational drug users out of the jail systems and reduce strain on the courts. there are some exceptions including if the person has been arrested for three times in the past year or if the person is on probation. low call law enforcement says
7:42 am
this is a surprise to them but the district attorney says it shouldn't have since she met with local police chiefs before making the announcement. >> the thing is people get the impression that there will be no accountability. that is not actually accurate. they will be held accountable and victims will definitely be any compensation due to them because of the fund submitted. >> this new policy gives the district attorney's office more time to focus on violent crimes and street gangs. 7:42 right now. coming up, more weather and traffic for you. look at that sunshine. it is going to feel pretty good today. i don't know about this weekend. you might have had too much of it by the time we talk again on monday. we will be back with more in a minute. whatever stereotype you're gonna try . . .
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>> a mexican-american allergist and immunologist is taking the pandemic -- she wants to live her life to the fullest. >> dr. mora is hemming hardworking communities stay safe during the pandemic. >> reporter: juanita found her calling to be a doctor at a very early age. >> i saw the need for spanish- speaking doctors. i was the little kid at 6 years old translating for my mom. i said i want to be the doctor who will speak in their language. who can actually be there for them.
7:46 am
♪[music] >> reporter: born and raised in pilson to mexican immigrant parents juanita found unconditional support at home. dr. mora credits teachers with identifying her talent and encouraging her to look for the best education possible. >> it was my grade school teacher who actually taught my parents, did the applications for my parents and got me into lane tech. >> reporter: at lane tech high school, a teacher told her to apply for early admission to university of chicago. not only was she accepted but received a full ride scholarship. but not everyone in her path was as supportive. >> there are going to be people who tell you you are latina, you come from a humble background, maybe you should think about becoming a nurse or medical assistant. not that there is anything wrong with that. they're wonderful careers. but i wanted to be a doctor. i heard that from a counselor in college. >> reporter: she graduated from
7:47 am
the university of chicago with honors and went on to the university of illinois medical school. during hour residency at rush medical, she fell in lodger with allergy and immunology specialty because she could treat whole families. dr. mor a's commitment to the community was put to test in march after an interview with spanish news when her phone lines were blowing up. calls for people looking for medical help like garcia who contracted covid working at a meat-packing company in chicago. dr. mora and her staff didn't turn anyone away. >> i turned to the girls and i said our faith is going to be bigger than our fear. we're going to open our doors to help the community navigate the pandemic. not only did dr. mora treat patients at her office but she also advocated at their place
7:48 am
of employment. >> i got to call those offices and say this is dr. mora and i am recommending at this time that all workers wear protective gear. that they be social distancing and use hand sanitizers. i would send letters too. >> reporter: dr. mora is doing what she loves the most, saving lives in her practice and advocating for one of the most affected communities in chicago in the middle of this pandemic. >> what i want us to learn as -- you know, as a world, as a country, is how we can unite more to decrease these self disparities. we can all help each other. well, our heritage -- hispanic heritage special runs on saturday, on the 17th. a half hour special that begins at 9:30 at night. you can find more stories online on just look under the community
7:49 am
tab for heritage month. we want to look at the weather and traffic. we were looking right at the sun in that shot. it does seem pretty sunny around the bay right now. >> yeah. definitely getting more and more clear for a lot of areas. sfo getting a good dose of sunshine. you can make out clouds in the distance too. overall a clearer start to the morning than yesterday. air quality good this morning. we will see moderate to good pockets into the afternoon today. generally worsening air quality later this weekend into next week as high pressure builds into play. it will result in syncing and stagnant air. we will have wind shifting direction that will push smoke from wildfires like the august complex back in the bay area. we're still holding on to the steady sea breeze which has cooled us nicely all week long and will continue to do so today. into tomorrow, we see winds shifting. especially tomorrow night we will see off shore winds. hot, dry air being pushed into the bay from the northeast that. will result in a big spike in
7:50 am
temperatures. very low humidity and heightened fire danger across the region. from saturday night into monday morning, we will be seeing high fire risk which means high fire dangers for contra costa county. i expect this upgraded at a point today. and then upper elevations of marin, napa and sonoma counties also prone to see high fire danger too. as we will be seeing some of the higher wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and more exposed upper elevations. today's highs to the contrary, it will be the coolest day of the weekend and also the lowest fire danger of the weekend. not to say it isn't high. but go out there and enjoy a pleasant forecast. in some cases even cooler than yesterday. san jose at 75. upper 70s in the try valley. low 80s in danville, walnut
7:51 am
creek and concord. oakland 73 for your high today. a similar range of temperatures in the north bay from 70s to 80s inland and then 60s right along the coastline. so today we covered it. nice, great day to get out there. tomorrow, not our hottest but we are getting warmer. and come sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and really much of next week, daytime highs just soaring. monday and tuesday, triple digits inland, with 90s by the bay on those same days. with sunday night offering up strongest of off shore winds. that's when fire danger really kicks into gear. be careful as you step outside this weekend. enjoy today and then practice fire safety for the rest of this forecast. robin. >> thank you, john. we're checking in on 680. i feel like our normal commuters took friday off. it is not so bad out there. we're starting off with a look at walnut creek 680 north and south. it is looking good for both directions between highway 4 and 24 in walnut creek and also between 24 in walnut creek and
7:52 am
the 580 interchange. that whole stretch is nice and light so far. checking in on the bay bridge teleplays a no delays into san francisco. we can go ahead and coo you will it friday night. it is under 15 minutes off to fremont street. keep in mind there was a car fire in emryville 80 west at powell. there may be lingering activity. it is backed up through emryville, berkeley, albany and now richmond. this drive time is increasing. 20 minutes from crockett down to the maze. still busy on highway 4 leaving pittsburgh and bay point. then another stretch of slow traffic on 242 as you merge on to south 680. right after the merge it will pick up and you're right back at the limit. darya. >> thanks a lot. it is 7:52. and what is it going to take for to you leave the bay area? for one woman, 10,000 mucks and an offer from oklahoma. berkeley resident gilesa garland is moving to tulsa in
7:53 am
less than two weeks because they paid her. actually they have a program that pays people to move. it is called tulsa remote. it is a way to attract more workers to tulsa. and they say a lot of people have been using that and coming in from california. a major selling point is their cost of living is obviously a lot lower than ours. garland says her san francisco- based job recently made remote working permanent so she is taking the money and running. >> i love it here but it is just not affordable anymore. try something new. and see where it takes me. i'm looking forward to being able to afford to live alone. and really improve my quality of life. >> tulsa, their cost of living is half what ours is in san francisco. their median home price is 43% lower than even the national
7:54 am
average. so what do we pay here in the bay area? let's look at the rents. they are coming down but they're still very high. >> for a one bedroom in san francisco, $3,000 that. is 14% cheaper than last year. san jose, $2,200. and just about the same for oakland as well. yeah. it is not a surprise for companies doing permanent work from home that the employees would be taking opportunities like this to go find someplace where you could really cut your cost of living way down. >> i haven't heard a lot of oklahoma but i've heard oregon, washington, nearby. it is 7:54. rye reminder that we're following the latest out of washington where you see the casket here for late justice ruth bader ginsburg lying in state here in the capitol rotunda as dignitaries, lawmakers are filing in, paying their respects to the former justice. we'll be right back. this election,
7:55 am
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at
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>> coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news, some theaters across the bay area are reopening today with enhanced safety measures. we will be live with the latest on the story. >> a home buildout or remodel can seem overwhelming. craig is with all natural stone. can you tell us what people should think about when they're considering new stone and tile
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>> now from the bay area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 8:00. >> good morning. and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. >> and i'm james fletcher. on this friday, september 25th, we honor once again justice ruth bader ginsburg. this is her casket lying in state in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol. the first woman to have that honor. we saw the casket being brought in. an honor guard ceremony brought it into the chamber room. that's the video that you see here from earlier this morning. it was a very somber moment at the top of the steps waiting to receive the casket was house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer. in fact weea


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