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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 7, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>news at 6. this was different. my so was different masoom matter. >>assume was going to be somebody a father in agony to a family grieving assigned to use those services says ms. so to so says liz 6 year old chase young was killed by a stray bullet. now city leaders are joining a call to action if this doesn't have great too. >>now in mourning but also demanding justice for jace. >>just this for days justice for days just as foot chase. >>families tearful plea for justice being echoed by san francisco leaders, thank you for joining us at 6, i'm catherine heenan the shooting of 6 year old chase young on the 4th of july is sparking a lot of outrage kron four's dan kerman is following the story
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he joins us live from san francisco with more. >>on what his family is safe. them. >>the family is just shattered they held a news conference today joined by mayor london breed and the supervisor for that area some on walton talked about what it is like going forward now knowing that their son is dead and the killer is still on the loose. >>the donors they're all hard news do you have here is a black man. >>use those services says ms. >>so it is so says liz. >>at a news conference tuesday, the grieving father of 6 year-old chase young asked for someone to come forward with information about who fired the shot that killed his son on the 4th of july is how you can help this family. fog in just his foot chase. please. for somebody else get hurt. we do is to give one of
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the key jace young was killed and another man was wounded when someone opened fire at 1045 saturday evening in the 1200 block of angles in the bayview just know that when you pull that trigger. >>anybody can die. anybody can die and remember days if this doesn't make us rise up, i don't know what will. if this doesn't have great too. >>now if this doesn't make you stop >>san francisco mayor london breed called on everyone to honor jason's memory by bringing an end to this type of senseless violence. the message that was echoed by supervisor shame on walton. >>stop killing each other. it should be the message of. ending gun violence right here. and right now. >>6 year old chase young loved computers and lit up a room his dad said he concluded with a message to other families.
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>>i say a grab your cues hotel kids cinema tex let them know you all love them, let them know they matter that could be something they could be different and what they is and they got to not succumb to this senseless stuff pay it hits you. got to pay attention at all times. >>the san francisco police chief bill scott said he doesn't believe chase young or the other man who was wounded were targeted at this point he says they have no suspects and are seeking the community's help tracking that person down live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you jim. >>a fast moving grass fire in eastern contra costa county led to the temporary evacuation of roughly 500 homes this afternoon. it happened in the summerlake neighborhood of oakley in the area of sand mount boulevard and east cypress road that areas just south of bethel island fire crews have contained the fire they say it started in a field and then
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moved pretty quickly towards the subdivision of the 500 homes 30 to 50 were threatened at one point people are safely back on their homes but so that brush fire got on comfortably cloaks. >>i was leaving about an hour ago from my house and i saw like a little a little small grass fire like 5 to may big and called the cops and by the time i was on the phone. those spreading to about 20 feet. i left like our got back home are rushed back home they're evacuating people and my dogs out his son was worried about him. and i got back home and it's all this crazy. >>and i just got off work and i went home in about 2 minutes later my boss called me in to me there was a fire and my main concern is my mom she is right here. he said the fire is behind her. and i was concerned about her and. remain in the dogs are eating out and then i got a phone call that she was ok. and so i went and grabbed her and then i was just told her house
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downtown striking down here and and it's got everything's their bodies. ok heard her say at one point somebody told her her mother's house burned down fortunately that did not happen and she was delighted to discover. >>that information was wrong tonight. the fire is out crews figure about 50 acres were burned in santa clara county firefighters are still working to contain the crews fire east of gilroy it has burned at least 5400 acres only about 20% contained at last check. evacuation orders are still in place along a one 52 north to go why hot springs southeast of prone dale avenue. you see some details there there's an evacuation center at the senior center in gilmore also coming off the road. that's the scene of some of the video we've been showing you there is concern tonight winds could kick up again crews are watching for any hot spots. we first brought you that story through our kron 4 mobile alert. you can download our mobile app to stay up to date
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on developing news. time for a look at the forecast and here's mabrisa rodriguez summer bruce are still talking about. breezy dry weather. it is a problem and it is certainly going to be a problem for the next couple of days in the bay area because we're only going to get warmer and drier from here catherine fortunately air quality improving for most of the bay area tomorrow and are that good category range, but we are going to notice. >>for the most southern part of the south bay specifically in morgan hill and gilroy where that cruise fires burning that air quality advisory has been extended through tomorrow just because of the close proximity to the smoke and ash in that area so just keep that in mind fortunately, the wind speeds noticeably. calmer today, light and breezy sustained at 25 miles per hour for downtown san francisco. and he does that we do see today will be about 30 miles per hour less 20 miles per hour or less wind speeds by tomorrow with winds out of the west-southwest pushing all that smoke and ash
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away from the bay area from those nearby fires a relative humidity out there right now bone dry and yacht bill 29% recovery during the overnight hours, thanks to those cooler temperatures but it's going to be even drier tomorrow because i am tracking a warming trend beginning tomorrow continuing through the weekend hot temperatures as you make your way inland yet again more coming up in my full forecast in a few minutes catherine back to you see >>san francisco leaders say that coronavirus activity is trending in the wrong direction. so today. mayor london breed in the city's health director announced the businesses that thought they'd be ok to reopen by monday will remain closed. kron four's phillipe chagall reports. >>we have no choice. we are living in covid indoor dining will not resume monday in san francisco. neither will endure retail shopping that's because mayor london breed says covid-19 cases are surging county wide hair and nail
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salons tattoo parlors barbershops gyms zoos museums and outdoor bars and swimming are also prohibited from opening back up this is not a decision that we are approaching lightly. >>we know that in order to protect public out. we are creating other challenges for small businesses in fact breed says during the course of the pandemic some 153,000 san franciscans have filed for unemployment we saw in march. >>that our rapid actions matter. just a few days made a huge difference. >>the power to make things better is indeed in our hands public health director doctor grant colfax joining greed tuesday during a virtual news conference announcing the city's plans to slow reopening the county down. >>he says although hospital capacity remains good hospitalizations of covid-19
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patients are up 25% the past week and the continued rise in admissions could be unmanageable for the health care system we are currently. >>diagnose seen on average 6.1 cases per 100,000 new cases per day. our goal is to keep that number. to one 0.8. so rather than 1.8 or 6.1. that is red soon as we are able to allow. >>things to reopen it will be at the top of our list. but we need to do so safely for now businesses that are already back in operation will be allowed to stay open. >>felipe should all kron 4 news. >>santa clara county restaurants may continue to offer outdoor dining there is confusion over whether the county had state permission to do that, but it has been cleared up and as kron four's rob fladeboe reports the county will soon be able to move ahead with a new order
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allowing many other businesses to welcome back customers. >>granting of a variance mean santa clara county can move forward with its latest health order. the various permits most businesses except those considered high risk. >>to reopen with social distancing in mask requirements. it allows for more flexibility says health officer doctor sara cody and we want to continue to enable outdoor dining. >>and with this variance we can continue to allow outdoor dining as well as some other sectors and we can enable them to come on line at the various was granted after state ages ordered morgan hill's live era grille and other restaurants to stop serving outdoors. they are pleased with the new order says what bears dan mccranie it doesn't make sense why. >>the state. agents in to tell us that we are in violation when there was no statute that this is make sense. they they really are figured out for
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future communications but for right now. myself for my employees and i managers that are just delighted that we're back to having outside of the aside from outdoor dining the new order means gyms nail and hair salons churches and childcare facilities among others can open. >>but officials warned we're currently losing the battle against the virus and reopening must not be focused on personal responsibility closing a restaurant doesn't stop somebody from having a large gathering at their home. >>and the virus is passed through those large gatherings hires businesses that still cannot open our indoor dining bars and nightclubs theme parks in concert venues. the order is based on a strategy of risk reduction with 3 core values says doctor cody one. >>outdoors far safer than indoors, too. more distance is better than less distance. number 3. brief or contacts, safer than longer contacts.
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>>so rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>coming up at 6 the giants stop all activities at oracle that delay tied to coronavirus testing and a one on one interview with president trump including details on another coronavirus relief bill and next. >>and east bay father shot and killed in a remote area of the sierra his teenage son then had to hide from
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>>a big story. we're following a danville doctor was shot and killed while off-roading with his 15 year-old son. the teenager was last in the sierra for 30 hours after running from the gunman it happened in the tahoe national forest near downeyville but a 100 miles northeast of sacramento. kron four's maureen kelly has that story. >>the organizer of a go fund me page for the family of the danville doctor killed says ari gershman had been off-roading with his 15 year-old son on friday. when he was fatally shot by a random gunman. the teenage son ran away from the shooter and got lost. he was able to call 911 and survived 30 hours hiding in the wilderness of the tahoe national forest before being found safe the facebook page for the sierra county sheriff's office says after the boy was rescued on independence day. the suspect was spotted on settled back road riding an atv he took off
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and led deputies on a chase but was taken into custody about a mile north of highway 49. they believe the same suspect shot and wounded 2 other people near the same area where grossman's body was discovered, i'm so angry. >>at why people do what they do kelly masuda worked with gershman several years ago and a biopharmaceutical company in foster city. she describes her former colleague is being a fun loving kind heart and soul with a large presence, i just don't understand. there's no rhyme or reason to this end. it's hard that happens to anyone but when it happens to someone that you know that is so want to fall. >>it was a good father who was a good person was a good colleague. >>it hurts a million times more for late tuesday afternoon. the gershman family go fund me page launched on monday had already racked up nearly $300,000. >>the money is said to be
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going to help support his 3 children and his wife's medical bills as she was already battling cancer when this tragedy struck. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>in the south bay, a woman has lost her job after intentionally coughing on a baby police say at a yogurtland store. this was in san jose. there is video of the incident that happened last month. police say the woman was upset that the baby's mother was not following social distancing guidelines while waiting in line and that's why she coughed on the child. the oak grove school district said in a statement they don't tolerate conduct from and the employee that compromise is a child's safety. police in san leandro have arrested someone they say shot at police who were responding to calls of looting at the bay fair center on may 31st police say the man had fired 8 times hitting the hand of a union city police officer police arrested 33 year-old gracious wilkerson up
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sacramento, july 1st and yesterday the alameda county da's office filed 8 criminal counts, including attempted murder. also in the east bay to martinez residents have been charged with crimes for covering up a black lives matter mural with black paint. they are facing several misdemeanor charges. a potential hate crime charge for that incident on july 4th. the call anderson and david nelson. how police say were caught on video by witnesses a local resident have been given permission to paint the temporary mural in downtown martinez prosecutors say that afterwards the 2 suspects arrived with paint supplies and began to cover it up. the video has been shared on social media. if convicted they face up to a year in county jail. the number of available jobs has risen sharply, although it is still below pre-pandemic levels as for where the bay area stands kron on sanaz tahernia talked to the executive director of
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the san pablo economic development corporation. >>how does it look for us here in the bay area. >>well it depends on where you sit in that spectrum. but we can tell you that when i first started the first thing we were doing was helping employers control yet connect resources. >>right now the warehouse and delivery industry health care industry online learning has been a it's not just career chase that people helping those parents are turning to telecommute and homes and keep their children retail courses there in grocery has always growing and so for right now it is so compelling we have both facebook and google >>to the full interview on our kron on app which is free right now in your app store. time for another check on the forecast, let's look live outside overlooking san francisco and it just has been a beautiful day, but it is dry, it is warm and getting warmer. here's mabrisa
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rodriguez. yeah, that's right catherine and no marine layer inside but we will notice the return of some low clouds and fog during the overnight hours. >>for your wednesday morning commute could see some visibility issues along the coast but better clearing buyer wednesday afternoon in today's daytime highs warming up to very seasonable temperatures. what exactly where we should be for this time of year for downtown san francisco, 67 degrees. but hot inland, especially conquered a few degrees above normal in the low 90's live look outside in the east bay over berkeley, and you could see clear skies even out there right now for your tuesday night temperatures 60's 70's 80's out there and even 50's along the coast of the coolest location right now 59 degrees at half moon bay. nearly 30 degrees cooler than conquered and santa rosa in the upper 80's at 88 degrees. so still tracking a very warm air mass concord in livermore in the low to upper 80's because of that double digit warming out there right now in current wind speeds noticeably. calmer right now compared to yesterday pretty gusty winds
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but the gusty a city downtown san francisco seeing sustained winds at 25 miles per hour. any wind gusts that we do see throughout tonight will be around 30 miles per hour or less overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs. a few degrees warmer tomorrow compared today's so downtown san francisco you're going to be about 2 degrees above average at 69 degrees, mid 70's for the east bay shoreline in oakland and hayward with widespread 80's as you make your way inland san jose 84 degrees 89 for those of you in santa rosa and mid-nineties for parts of the tribe valleys like conquered an antioch and it's only going to get harder from here sunday we could be about 5 to 10 degrees above average widespread mid to upper 90's as you make your way inland catherine back to you thank you >>ane new advice from the cdc on keeping new sports safe during a pandemic and has more than 30 states pas reopening because of a spike in coronavirus cases, one of the nati
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>>31 states are saying a spike a new coronavirus cases and health experts say some of those states are now past the point of no return when it comes to being able to control the outbreaks and nearly half the country is pausing or rolling back reopening plans. rosa flores has the story. >>a warning from the nation's
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top infectious disease expert reminding americans this is still just the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic we are still knee-deep in the first wave of this we went up never came down to baseline and now was surging back up so it's a serious situation that we have to address immediately doctor anthony fauci says the number of new daily infections nearly doubled over the past week and a half a series of circumstances associated with various states and cities trying to open up in the sense of getting back to some form of normality has led to a situation where we now have record breaking cases some of florida's reopening plan coming to a halt in miami dade county by wednesday businesses like gyms and dine-in restaurants will be closed once again in an effort to slow the spread we're showing a roll of carpet back. >>you know it's pretty clear we have this real problem. 2 weeks ago there were 60 covid
6:26 pm
patients on ventilators today's 160. >>ventilator use is up a 127% across miami dade county and hospitalizations are up 90%. >>43 intensive care units are already at capacity and an additional 30 to show a bed availability of 10% or less doctors reminding young people just how dangerous the coronavirus could be regardless of age we seen everybody from 34 to 45 dying and as you said the message to young people as they can also get sick. >>and they sure to take care of themselves in miami dade 26% of tests came back positive on sunday with a spike in cases involving 18 to 34 year olds. >>we need to curtail social activities, a young people because that's where our problem started my concern is we're going to reach the capacity. our medical capacity, 31 states including florida are experiencing a rise in new cases in the past week it's all over the country now. >>it's spreading widely. it
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now relies on us as individuals if we don't have a national plan. >>we have to wear a mask. watch the social distancing. avoid large groups in california, the state capitol shutting down after 5 assembly members tested positive. >>texas crossing 200,000 confirmed cases and dallas reporting another high in hospitalizations the military announcing it is sending 50 some medical and support personnel to the san antonio area to help with the search. the cases are rising so rapidly that we can even do contact tracing anymore. i don't think i'll see how it's possible to even do that. >>that was rosa flores reporting. coming up the president is urging schools to reopen this fall but not everybody agrees that's a good idea. also the disinfectant brand that's getting an official endorsement from federal health officials. the treasury department made public which companies got their ppp loans and it turns out some of them are hedge
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funds and big corporations, i'm joe khaleel here in
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>>the treasury department finally is detailing who got loans from its paycheck protection program and some lawmakers don't like what they're hearing joe khaleel reports. >>hedge funds development corporations, large restaurant groups all amg


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