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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>now a 9 today, 14 public entities in california have accepted a mediator's proposal for pga to pay out a billion dollars to resolve a number of public fire claims 415 million of that will likely go to 9 cities and counties in the bay area. good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm katharine grand and vicki have the night off this agreement has to be approved by bankruptcy. >>a bankruptcy court before it's awarded it will not go to victims. it will go up towards city and county costs only money that would have been picked up by taxpayers conference chair stone following the story for us tonight joins us live in santa rosa jr what's the initial reaction to all of this.
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>>what can it really depends on who you ask in this case if us folks who lost everything homeowners probably not as gung-ho about this because they still have their own claims but if you ask officials they are more. this because their cities and counties have had to endure some of those high costs to fix things and get things back to where they were now as i talk about this i do want to go to some of the video this money is said to be use largely for infrastructure roads fences colbert's this is video showing what part of the fountain grove neighborhood looks like in santa rosa today. houses in this section are being billed. this is also an area that the city was forced to pay millions of dollars to fix a water system. the city of santa rosa that is now if approved this money would go towards projects like that. i talked earlier today with sonoma county board of
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supervisors chairman david rabbit to get his take on the million that will be split between napa sonoma and lake counties along with 6 other cities. he described a bit more about what the money will be used for. would include certainly far damage roads. >>rosa than one further degraded by debris removal which went on for months and months in this county. fences burned down you had culverts destroyed in melt. and you have a guardrail trees along miles of hundreds of miles of roadway. a lot of infrastructure like that. >>now this mediation deal is a billion dollar plan because it also includes other areas outside of the bay area, including butte county and some of the fires we saw in that region, but again at this point it's still needs to be
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approved by bankruptcy court. live in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 jr sank you the san mateo county sheriff's department is still searching for the killer or killers of this father. >>the victim 32 year-old abdul malek nasher of pacifica sheriff's office says it found his body last night when they were patrolling their remote area of skyline boulevard near the el corte madera creek preserve kron four's taylor sackey spoke with the victim's family and friends in daly city tonight, she's there now was what they are telling you taylor. >>well obviously everyone's pretty shaken up right now when i first got here to the family's neighborhood. dozens of people were gathered outside all here in support of national and his family now they tell me that he was an independent cab driver he said that he was only going to be gone for an hour last night but unfortunately, he never returned home. >>without any side you know of
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all this happened to him when we get the news in the us italy morning. the material was like shocked and something is katie that's something happened family and friends of 32 year-old abdulla leak nasher want answers. >>after learning he was murdered monday night he didn't have any. >>coral or any actually a that problems with anybody call he was doing was trying to earn a living. in a very peaceful very honorable way the driving his cap friends say he was an independent cab driver who worked hard each day to provide for his wife and 4 year-old daughter. >>many of them just spoke to him this week the very good guy i would see like almost one so we house and our prayers on fridays at the mosque. >>he was just a genuine guy who would be there for his family and his friends make eyes and. >>and very very good as you start to a week ago yesterday i attacked his sister said here into the cab somebody
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we'll try to make a nice ball on that role late monday night san mateo depues say they found gnashers body in the area of skyline boulevard near the el corte madera creek preserved investigators in a swat team were still on scene searching for evidence and suspects tuesday morning. it was really have the and then something like this actually make makes has been a sad. >>this guest able to that he said. >>now nash or is originally from the republic of the men the yemen councils as he was well known in the community and they're expecting up to 1000 people at his funeral that's planned for either friday or saturday. you have any information about his death contact. the police reporting live in daly city taylor but sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor santa rosa police are releasing video of an armed robbery at a gas station take a look at the new video officers say. >>the suspect arrived at the shell gas station on guerneville road. they got reports a police car reports of an armed robbery. the gas station clerk told police the suspect came into the store on sunday night around 11:00pm
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pulled out a silver handgun pointed it at the cashier and demanded cash. the suspect was last seen running behind a safeway on morrow road. police are still looking for him in there asking if anyone recognized him to contact santa rosa police. as a number of teenagers using e cigarettes continues to rise dramatically, san francisco officials are saying enough today the board of supervisors unanimously voted in favor of becoming the first us city to ban the sale of the cigarettes and not everybody happy with that vote, especially small business owners conference know al bello has the latest. >>for me this is about thinking about the next generation of users and thinking about protecting overall health in a unanimous vote, the board of supervisors moved the city of san francisco one step closer to banning the sale of e cigarettes they say it's a major effort to crack down on youth vaping are young people were really being targeted by cigarettes and becoming addicted to nicotine. >>and so it's happening at the middle school level the high
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school level and we just can't continue to allow the company or a product to target young people and lead him to a lifetime. >>of addiction. according to a cdc report kind the cigarette use among teens increased from 220,020 11 to more than 3 million last year. but opponents of the proposed ban say it wouldn't effectively address the problem, popular e cigarette company jewel released a statement saying the prohibition of vapor products for all adults will leave cigarettes on shelves as the only choice for adult smokers, even though they kill 40,000 californians each year i look in patients that home, small business owners are unhappy to the hispanic chamber of commerce of san francisco says it would be detrimental to small business as if you have emerge on this is still a minor >>this closings we support well we supports something that's going to happen not only put more bases out of
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business was also an effort to community supervisor, walton says he and his fellow city leaders. >>are focused on the kids mrs. binner really responsible product that is looks like a memory stick and so the focus on the young people and the targeting young people. it's real clear and evident in so we want to do anything to fight in san francisco noel bellow kron 4 news. >>google plans to invest billion in housing and the bay area over the next 10 years of plans to. >>repurpose million worth of company on land. it's now commercial space but it will be rezoned as residential google plans to build at least 15,000 homes that will include low and middle income housing. it also plans to invest in developer incentives to build another 5,000 affordable housing units. the company says it hoping to address homelessness throughout the bay area. new video tonight shows a fire in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood this happened
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just before 00:05am tonight in manage to get a handle on this within a few minutes, not clear yet how that fire began. day it was warm as we're approaching the beginning of summer. >>and it cool down if you're on the coast because you can see right there the slide pictured sfo the fog hanging out just past that tall control tower chief meteorologist lawrence karnow what are we looking at out this that time of year we start to see those huge contrast in temperatures that day about 32 degrees different read the coastline and some of the valley, sometimes the middle summer you see that the uppers a 50 degrees so yeah here we go we're get ready for summer now bit of a cool down coming our way high pressure. yeah strengthening for today, but it's going to begin the flat now we've got a couple of weather systems. they're going roll over the top of that ridge over the next couple
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days that means we're going to start to cool down. but yeah and the we've got that fog that is beginning already make its way on shore you saw that at sfo more that moving into san francisco also filling into the bay at this hour and more on the way the next couple days is that ridge of high pressure begins to weekend. you can see that the marine layer start to expand so more fog out therere little dance in spots temperatures today still hot in the valleys, you manage to get to 90's into livermore also in the concord well above the average for this time of year slightly below the average in san francisco, some patchy fog to make sure sunshine 64 degrees. 71 the official high in oakland 80 degrees right on the average in san jose and 77 to be slightly below the average in santa rosa, that fog is now pushing his way inside the bay and will fill in the bay a little bit more so tonight as a ridge will start to a weakened somewhat still we're left with some warm temperatures well inland, 71 degrees right now and livermore to 65 in san jose 68 degrees in redwood city, cool numbers out toward the beaches, you got the fog sitting there also in san francisco. only mid 50's there
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58 in berkeley where some of that fog is now bumping up against the hill 73 in concord 73 in pittsburgh and 75 on the warm spots in saint helene up, but we are going to see more the clouds on the way not only tonight but the next couple of days moving a little bit further on shore tonight tomorrow will become mostly sunny ap some patchy fog but slightly cooler temperatures in the afternoon that cooling trend really kicks into gear over the next few days taking us right into the beginning of summer. so you can see a couple of storm systems up in the gulf of alaska trying to form now those kind of flat now this ridge a little bit more so the next couple days want to roll right over the top of it and drop in northern california's that will uh definitely cool things down especially into thursday and friday tomorrow, just some slight cooling around the bay or so warm away from the immediate coastline right up toward the beaches patchy fog and 50's and some 60's. good news is air quality is looking good. we've seen enough mix in the atmosphere that things looked good as far as the pollutants not building up too much and looks like it will be that way over the next couple of days. it will be how the central valley up on some 90's in the fresno and also
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sacramento, 98 in bakersfield to 72 degrees in los angeles. low clouds and fog we're going to see more that models have been really handling it very well, but it will be a little think overnight tonight little dance out toward the coastline early on tomorrow morning by the afternoon though lots of sunshine away from the coast. thank you. lawrence shots were fired overnight in hayward police are now involved and they're investigating that shooting the crowd first leave to go reports that one person is in custody and the police. >>are looking for more suspects who are probably armed. a woman who works at the west linton business park says she was told all of this started. >>with an attempted burglary. the crime scene unit with the hayward police department focusing on a side road off west wheaton avenue near cabot boulevard police say officers responded to the area around 12 45 in the morning and at some point shots were fired. police are not releasing much information on this stating investigators still need to flush out the details the officers involved are being interviewed the police
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spokesperson says investigators also need to reviewhe record in body camera footage captured during the shooting as well. police will say after the shooting the suspects led officers on a car chase that ended in oakland, they're one suspect was arrested the police say they're still looking for at least one other person, it's unclear police and the suspect exchanged gunfire or if the shooting was one-sided though police to add that there are no reported injuries typically after an officer-involved shooting the officers involved are placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation in hayward fleet of all kron 4 news. >>also in the east concord man accused of planning a mass shooting at a synagogue is now out of jail on bond 23 year-old ross farka was released over the weekend. he was arrested for making threatening comments in an online chat room. police say the comments included violence against jewish people threats to shoot police officers and claims of owning an assault
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rifle. after a search police did find an illegal a ar 15 semiautomatic rifle and high-capacity magazines farc also had not see books military camouflage and a sword. he did not threaten any specific location. >>for the first time prosecutors had the chance to question max terrorists on the stand and the ghost ship warehouse trial. harris and co-defendant deric all men face, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the december 20 16 warehouse fire that killed 36 people prosecutors spent most of the day trying to prove that what max harris is saying is untrutul. >>kron four's michelle kingston has more from the courthouse. >>time and time again max harris told the court that he was not a manager of the warehouse, however he signed a number of e-mails as executive or creative director. prosecutors asked why he said to sound more official route. >>the most skilled prosecutors in the nation and they
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couldn't extract wind damaging fact for max harris today on the stand were very very please. >>with max's performance prosecutor autry james spent the day pacing the room asking max harris questions and sharing the e-mails with the court where max harris signed off as executive director. but harris said he had no authority in the ghost ship is not an executive or creative director him and right that only to be taken more seriously we also saw tinder messages where he called the go ship his warehouse that he managed his attorneys say they don't believe anyone else in the goshen views this title in said co-defendant derick almena told here is to use it when speaking to the king family, the landlords of the warehouse, correct. no matter told max to start using. >>phrase with the ins because derek was having problems getting the ends to respond to and because there was a personality conflict and so. derrick told him hey you give yourself a title use this title on the stand harris
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remains common conversational supporters of paris are sitting inside the courtroom. >>very proud of and i'm glad that he has an amazing support group well and so that's pretty much why i'm here. they're just going to over some victims family members though are not buying when harris is saying on the stand. >>i think he's been very well trained into lying and what to say and what not to say. >>in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news in sacramento, state lawmakers today moved forward with a measure to change the standard for one. >>police can use deadly force that bill is apparently just a step away from reaching the governor's desk at a hearing today, lawmakers met with women who have lost sons to police shootings for the 3rd time this legislative session community members from across california lined up to show their support for this bill. they included the grandmother and aunt of stefan clark, whose death inspired the
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legislation. >>so that we can end the deadly use of force that has been taking countless lives of an armed citizen. >>some supporters criticized specific police departments for other use of force including fresno bakersfield delay, whoa several local police disapprove of the bill and some argue it makes no real changes to use of force policies or guidelines. >>the top republican and democrat on the senate appropriations committee have reached a deal on an emergency border funding package. that's according to people familiar with the agreement between committee chairman richard shelby a republican and democratic senator patrick leahy. the billion package aims to address the influx of migrants crossing the u s mexico border which has been called a humanitarian crisis. the committee is set to mark up the agreement tomorrow senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to put it out on the floor late next week, however, sources say the deal does not have final signoff from house democrats they
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control the lower chamber of commerce and they blocked consideration of a similar deal in may. president trump officially launched his bid for a second term as a large field of democratic challengers prepares for the first democratic presidential debates next week in miami. reid binion has the latest. >>years ago this week i announced. my campaign for president of the united states. >>presid nt trump officially kicking off his 2020 bid for reelection surrounded by a massive crowd packed into the amway center arena in orlando florida. hundreds of people lined up outside the amway center days in advance hoping to be among the 20,000 people inside 2016 was not merely another four-year elections. >>this was a defining moment american history.
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>>just down the street protesters and earlier in the day a new 2020 poll in florida with bad news for the president, former vice president joe biden preliminarily leading trump 50% to 41%. >>if i'm your nominee winning georgia north carolina, south carolina believe it or not and i believe we can win texas in florida. quinnipiac university poll also showing several other democratic candidates with an edge over the president, including bernie sanders elizabeth warren kamala harris and beto o'rourke next week these candidates will have a chance to sway voters in the sunshine state at the first democratic debate in miami and tom and everybody i'm reading in reporting. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that he is against the idea of paying reparations for slavery. a house committee is set to hold a hearing on the issue tomorrow but. >>senator mcconnell says people alive today should not be paying compensation for something that happened. a 150 years ago. >>to deal with our original
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sine of slavery by fighting a civil war about passing. the landmark civil rights legislation. we've elected an african american president. we're always a work in progress in this country. but. no one currently alive was responsible. >>khan also says will be hard to figure out who should receive compensation as because in his words, waves of immigrants face discrimination after their arrival in this country. california governor gavin newsome is issuing a formal apology for violence mistreatment and neglect inflicted on native americans throughout california's history. newsome made the apology today, the tribal leaders from around the state also announcing the creation of a truth and healing council to examine the state government's role in campaigns of extermination and exploitation newsome says said the state cannot undo wrongs of the past but that
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california can tell the truth about its past to begin to heal deep wounds. the us census says california has the largest proportion of american indians native americans in the country. has happened again another freeway shooting in the bay area we're going to tell you where it happened when we come back. >>and still ahead facebook strong it happened to the crypto currency >>we'll have details on the tech sector's latest foray into the digital currency markets and an iconic san francisco bakery is closing its stores after more than a decade. >>and the summer solstice just a few days
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after more than a decade in business san francisco's iconic mission pie will be closing its doors in an instagram post a mission pie confirm the sad news today saying. >>it is just too expensive to a stay open. its last day of business will be sunday september 1st and it's just the latest san francisco business too closed because of high costs luca ravioli that closed in april after 94 years in the mission and la victoria bakery closed in october that was after 67 years in the mission want to spend 2 weeks a summer traveling american media a lot of barbecue than reynolds. wrap is looking to hire you as its. >>chief grilling officer starting in august. the
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company will pay you to travel across the country in search of the tasty is ribs position includes prepaid travel and lodging for you and a guest. i have to do is brag about all the tasty food you're eating on social media and share tips for barbecue lovers at home apply for the position on the reynolds wrap website that is on june 19th that's the deadline to sign up. >>and much of bitcoin facebook is jumping into the crypto currency game its much anticipated digital currency is called libra facebook created an independent nonprofit organization to run it ceo mark zuckerberg says that he wants to make spending money as easy as sending a digital photo users will be able to send libra to each other using a button on messenger or whats app but labor does face the same challenges as other crypto currencies converting it into cash. labor can only be used at places that accept it or it has to be traded for traditional money at a bank or other institution willing to do that the program expected
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to launch in 2020. >>up next some tense moments outside of dallas federal courthouse after shots rang out between a man and police. witnesses describing what he saw when we come back. >>and paul manafort was headed to rikers island then the justice department intervened details on a switch and accommodations us a disturbing story that's becoming far too common. what w
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♪ >>it happened again another freeway shooting in the bay area this one claiming the life of a 30 year-old milpitas man. >>that shooting happened on 6 80 in milpitas it is the 4th freeway shooting in just over a week. the other is happening on i 80 and back a bill to aid san francisco and inside the caldecott tunnel, this is the 40th shooting this year on bay area highways kron four's dan kerman bring sent us the latest on last night's shooting. >>another driver shot and killed in a bay area freeway. the latest happening shortly after 10 monday night along northbound 6 80 in milpitas we did. >>find a vehicle in the center median the dead man identified as matthew rios of milpitas. >>we don't any suspect information or motive at this time, but it does appear the driver was shot at from another vehicle. it's been a
9:30 pm
common story these last few days sunday night just after 8 a driver was shot in the head e traving westbound in the 4th bore of the caldecott tunnel. >>saturday night about 6 a man was shot and killed while traveling along eastbound 80 in vacaville. and 2 people were shot in their vehicle a week ago monday while traveling in san francisco on northbound to 80 near san jose avenue. the chp saying they do not believe the shootings are connected in fact they say most of these appear to be targeted. >>and gang-related still they understand the public's concern especially about getting caught in the crossfire. they say they are actively investigating all of the shootings. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>police in palo alto have arrested a man for breaking into a home and stealing some buddies car keys. they say 23 year old abraham martinez from san jose broke into a woman's home saturday morning. that's on the 600 block of borden
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avenue. the woman says she woke up to see somebody she didn't recognize, leaving her home and then saw her car keys were missing. police later found martinez walking in the area. they say they found a woman's keys nearby and say martinez might face additional charges related to an investigation by stanford university officers. the southern california woman accused of dumping 7 poppies in a dumpster was in court today. deborah caldwell pleaded not guilty to 7 counts of animal cruelty and abandonment she was caught on surveillance video that's what you're looking at. in april dumping the puppies behind an auto story when she was arrested at her home officials found 38 more dogs which were taken away or put up for adoption. one of the puppies that was dumped did died the other 6 are doing well cowell is free on bail. why coming through. >>holy craft.
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>>officials in dallas have identified the masked man who they say opened fire at the federal building in downtown dallas. the fbi says 22 year-old brian isaac clyde was killed after a gunfight with federal officers outside of that building the people who live in the nearby loft had a bird's-eye view of the activity and they also had flashbacks to another recent time when gunshots rang out in downtown dallas. jd miles reports. >>well my building i got about 4 feet of brick so i was kind of like land down like a kind of peeking over a little bit of time. >>was hiding, but recording from his 8th floor went. fired into the federal courthouse before running into the parking lot where he was shot by officers, atf, 10 >>talked to them, i showed my footage i don't know you know what he was thinking year. but he death and is planned out a vest on he had it looked like pants on the head boots on a
9:33 pm
mini has his face covered up to another law president was able to record authorities performing cpr on the gunman. >>captured an image of the police robot that was used to detonate any explosives that might have been in his car. >>it's all over really george rebecca and other loft residents were evacuated from their homes they say the rapid gunfire reminded them of the dallas police sniper attack, they witnessed 3 years ago. >>i just can't believe this is happening in america. and not in my backyard. >>again there's a bullet right in front of our building we pointed out to the police. it is unusual i've been i just got that until weekend and jordan. no trouble i get back home and then shooting in front of mind my building. >>that was jd miles are born in texas authorities are investigating the suspect's background.
9:34 pm
>>a lifeline of sorts for president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort instead of moving him to the notorious rikers island prison while he is tried in new york for charges of fraud. manafort will stay at a federal facility in manhattan. just because snyder explains the decision. >>the reaction is important. >>convicted former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is most likely not going to the notorious rikers island state prison after the justice department got involved in a letter dated june 11th newly installed deputy attorney general jeff rosen bill bars number 2 stepped in to ensure the manhattan district attorney was looking at a request for manafort's lawyers rosen wrote manafort's lawyers proposed he remain in federal custody, but be made available to new york when needed for the prosecution of the state criminal matter continuing the department would like to know if your office has a response. former federal prosecutor says the jews involvement is unusual that's really
9:35 pm
something usually completely in the realm of the bureau of prisons, the deputy would have no need to become involved in other. >>the d o j does oversee the bureau of prisons and a senior d o j official said the department wants to keep manafort in federal custody to err on the side of caution. >>manafort situation is unusual he's already been convicted and sentenced to 7 and a half years for federal financial crimes and now he's facing charges in new york stemming from the same circumstances manafort's team site is age 70 years old. >>and his declining health as reasons to keep him at the federal prison in pennsylvania while his pretrial hearings in new york play out manhattan's district attorney cy vance says his office has never taken the position that mister manafort should be housed at rikers island and instead told the pennsylvania prison warden that the options now are either to produce mister manafort to new york state. >>where to house him in a federal facility in new york city like the metropolitan correctional center we're manafort is being held for now pending arraignment on state
9:36 pm
charges. also they're notorious drug lord el chapo following his conviction at trial. >>that fog setting up around the bay area how affect your 4 zone we will talk about that coming up next. and outdoor playtime gone really wrong. how a teenager ended up with a 10 inch knife inside his head.
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>>san jose sharks came up just short of the stanley cup finals appearance in a fantastic campaign this season and they're already working on how to get one step further next time around the sharks signed erik karlsson to an 8 year contract yesterday and joe thornton announced today that he would be returning for another year there been a lot of speculation as to whether 3rd might retire before this coming season. and at today's nhl awards in las vegas. he said he plans to return for a 22th season in the league now nothing is official yet. first 3rd and has to meet with the sharks front office and head coach peter de boer to get something in it. the center man is the league's active leader in career assists and points. but has yet to raise a stanley cup. >>probably playing 10 year so. wait and see but i think any 5 to 10 or out. see. about i
9:40 pm
will talk will sit down all sit down so are good there's something out about the body feels great and. >>the raiders also making some moves today, signing first-round picks jonathan a berm and cleveland for all to rookie contracts defensive end for ul was the raiders selection with this year's 4th overall draft pick he comes to oakland after a prolific college career at clemson, where he finished with the 4th most acts in tigers history and helping lead them to 2 national titles, he was also a consensus first team all american and the winner of the ted hendricks award which honors college football's top defensive end. well free agency fun is underway in the nba and form a warrior harrison barnes has officially hit the market the small forward's agent announced today the barnes will decline his one year player option
9:41 pm
with current team, the sacramento kings that one of the north million instead barnes will test the waters and become an unrestricted free agent, he arrived in sacramento in just february after being traded by dallas, but of course bay area fans will remember him from his role in the first warriors championship run in 2015. and we'll be keeping track of all the free agency rulings and dealings here on kron 4. you can also catch the latest by watching various sports night watching various sports night every night at 7 on the kr ...6, 7, 8 watching various sports night every night at 7 on the kr ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪
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chase. make more of what's yours®.
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>>district attorney is refusing to review thousands of cases handled by the prosecutor in the infamous central park 5 trial and new york officials are calling for a second look into the cases handled by linda fairstein. >>she is a former manhattan sex-crimes prosecutor, the city's public advocate is urging the state government now to get involved. >>we ask him to step in with it in that moment investigation. all that the state. him attorney general. does that mean as well. yeah and those 2 things into all. we stop and happened. >>manhattan da cyrus vance is the case was a tragedy. but he does not want to reopen all of fairstein's other cases the
9:45 pm
push was partly sparked by recent netflix series called when they see us. the talks about the 1989 beating and assault of a woman who had been jogging in new york's central park, 5 minority teenagers were convicted and spent years in prison. they were cleared only after serial rapist and murderer. but said us raise confessed in 2002. he was behind the attack. >>president donald trump is refusing to apologize to the 5 men who were wrongly convicted when responding to reporters statements that the men were exonerated the president said today quote you have people on both sides of that. >>that question interesting got to bring it you have people both sides of that they admitted their guilt when you look at fair cnn, if you look
9:46 pm
at some of the prosecutors. they think that the city should settle that case so. >>we'll leave it at that. >>in 1989, the president took out full-page newspaper ads i'm calling for the 5 to receive the death penalty. >>look at our 4 zone forecast looking live to this beautiful shot of the park and the bay bridge them. >>changes coming to little blustery out there but to other problems across the country. yeah, you know it's amazing you know the the snow is and it essentially right we're just about ready for summer. we have so much still to almost 200% of normal and now we're seeing all that snow melting with the warmer temperatures. we've got flood advisories up across parts of the sea air and also to the central valley. you can see right there has ever seen that snow melting. walker river there on the eastern half of the sierra nevada we're seeing some of the flooding there long 3.95 something you have to watch out for there's not going rapid rise unless there's a major heat up, but nonetheless are going to see continuous flooding in those areas also into larue county and the central valley. we've
9:47 pm
got that fog that is rolling on shore right now getting thick in spots going to be some dense fog along the coastline overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning you see right there that band just forming in making his way back on shore pushing inside the bay and it's going to be a deeper marine lair overnight tonight as high pressure start to weaken somewhat so tomorrow going to be nice day these temperatures going to come down a few degrees mid 60's, becoming mostly sunny in the san francisco, although toward the zoo get along the coastline likely going to see some lingering clouds 70's and oakland, some 80's as you make your way into san jose. high pressure kind of flattening out now is we've got a couple just to the north of this ridge. they're going cause a little ripple in that ridge and that will weaken it somewhat and drop the temperatures around the bay area a little bit tomorrow much more so i think in a thursday and on friday low clouds and fog surging up along the coastline, you see more that overnight tonight into tomorrow morning and then that looks like even in the afternoon, the fog is going to stay in place up toward the beaches of you headed there. plus some cool temperatures that will continue to be a case of the thursday as well
9:48 pm
maybe being in a race that a fog is a cool system drops in but 90's in the central valley are looking to 72 degrees pretty comfortable in los angeles 66 in santa barbara high country if you head in that direction, lots of sunshine up to lake tahoe about 82 degrees that will cause that snow to melt. 70's, you head into thursday and much cooler on friday. overnight lows going to be the 50's and the 60's by day we'll see some sunshine and a few clouds along the coastline, 65 in san francisco 61 the marina 60 in daly city about 60 also and a half moon bay, 71 and sunny in millbrae our temperatures running up along the mid peninsula, 70's and some low 80's. lot of a tie-in to the south bay by tomorrow afternoon, no 90's i think it might be just about 87 degrees in livermore about 85 in dublin 87 walnut creek about 8300 and the north bay 70's and some 80's, nice and warm along the coastline, keep you cooler in the 50's and the 60's. so pleasant mid 70's in the petaluma and also santa rosa. next 2 days, we'll cool down those temperatures, especially on thursday and on friday, the temperatures are
9:49 pm
warm back up again on saturday and sunday before big time drop next week. thank you lawrence, a 15 year-old boy is alive after he was impaled with a 10 inch knife. >>in his face he like greg was playing outside with his brothers and some close family friends when they came across a knife. while the teen was trying to take the knife away from younger kids he tripped and landed on the knife doctors were able to remove the knife and as you can see in that picture in the hospital, he is recovery. >>for your help tonight is the first official day of summer all week we've been not trying to help you keep safe this season, the warmer temperatures make it a good time to fire up the grill or enjoy a family picnic maris what is helping you prevent any food borne illnesses while dining al fresco in today's health minute. >>you want your summer to be full of sun and fun, not food poisoning 6 food outside when it's exposed to high temperatures are even when
9:50 pm
it's just. >>out for long periods of time inside. the temperatures can basically trade a petri dish for the proliferation of bacteria keep for simple things in mind when preparing to eat outside first claim make sure you're washing your hands with soap and water as well as keeping the grill and all surfaces claimed. >>next separate. >>don't put romney anywhere next anything else here preparing. >>and when packing for a picnic keep foods and drinks into different coolers. >>also make sure you cook meat all the way through sara lee get that food thermometer at of the drawer and use it 165 degrees fahrenheit for poultry, one 60 for burger. and finally let go of the leftovers. >>if any foods has been under situated for more than 2 hours. throw them out. >>that time is cut down to one hour if it's hotter than 90 degrees outside for today's health minute. i'm meredith wood. >>governor newsome in a state lawmaker have reached a
9:51 pm
compromise on vaccination legislation. the bill cracks down on fraudulent medical exemptions for vaccinations that controversial measure gives public health officials more oversight of doctors and schools with high numbers of exemptions under the new bill of health officials would concentrate on doctors who write 5 or more exemptions a year and schools with a vaccination rate below 95% that bill still needs to be approved in the senate and the assembly. >>statue of marilyn monroe, it's been stolen from a very public spots in hollywood.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>superman black panther wonder woman and now ruth bader ginsburg. >>others battle it out in the world of fiction but mtv says it celebrating a real life hero. the supreme court justice won the best real life hero award at the mtv movie and tv awards that aired a last night. ginsburg got the nod thanks to the cnn documentary about her life called rbg the 86 year-old liberal legal icon was the second woman afford to be confirmed to the supreme court. she has been on the bench, 25 years graduates of marjory stoneman douglas high school are on capitol hill today, hoping their business idea. >>helps others deal with stress and trauma. the former students have experience living through a traumatic event a gunman killed 17 people inside their high school. back in 2018 the
9:55 pm
students who graduated from the high school or competing in the junior achievements national student leadership summit since 2009 the competition has brought students together from all over the country to showcase their business skills. each team designs and original product with the hopes of being named the company of the year parkland students designed and produced essential oil infused lot of bead bracelets to help deal with stress and anxiety. many students are still struggling with the aftermath of the february 2018 shooting. so this product means a lot to those who designed it. >>a statue of marilyn monroe has been taken from the top of the ladies of hollywood busy, but this is on the walk of fame. hollywood police are investigating at this point they have no idea who took this the dizzy. both celebrates women from different cultures in the movie industry. a lot of maryland fans were among those visiting the spot community leaders say the art is very meaningful and they intend to get it back. >>hopefully that they they do
9:56 pm
that goodall maryland all right that wraps up kron 4 news at night. >>but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore is here with kron 4 news at 10. >>thank you catherine and can next at 10 o'clock a san mateo county cab driver was found dead on skyline boulevard last night tonight we're hearing from his family and what police are saying about the investigation. plus the gee any agreed to pay $1 billion to cover losses from devastating wildfires. why residents will not see any of that settlement money and a string of shootings on bay area freeways and just days some of them deadly. what investigators are saying don't go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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9:59 pm
>>a homicide investigation continues after san mateo county sheriff's deputies found a pacifica father dead last night. the victim has been identified as 32 year-old abdul malek muasher thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore deputies found his body monday night when they were patrolling skyline drive. >>new t el corte madera creek preserve no suspect or suspects. our yet identified kron four's taylor for sacking has been talking with the victim's family and friends tonight, she's live in daly
10:00 pm
city was. >>what they're saying taylor. >>everyone still in disbelief most of his friends and family just found out this morning and dozens of them gathered here today to support one another during this time they tell me that national was an independent cab driver. he was on his way to go pick someone up late last night. he said he'd only be gone for an hour, but unfortunately he never came home. >>every hardworking guy every day you just go outside work in his newsday first family really cool guy we used to play soccer every sunday, you know some of like buddies especially with the community friends family and fellow cab drivers. >>came together tuesday night to remember 32 year-old of duma leak nasher after learning he was killed. late monday night without any side you know both us have been to him when we get the news in the us italy morning. >>the material was like shocked and something is katie thaso


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