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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 28, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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>> steve: missing since the witness seat soccer being dragged. the hours pass the family >> pam: grows more concerned just seen was with them today in vallejo. only >> reporter: getting harder for pearls family rose came to hear the pros favorite color is pink the cards and flowers orchil glassine are showing pearl are in people's hearts.
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the friends grieved but are hopeful 50 year-old freshman vanished on wednesday morning witnesses saw her bleeding and heard screaming gunshots coming from the overpass by her house the mad witnesses say dragging her against her will 19 year-old fernandez castro on with the sadness the family feels comes
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deep determination. there will be on a search for parole here at the overpass at 10:00 a.m..
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also >> vicki: and with amber alert describing the gold colored sedan there is behind the wheel spotted heading south 1 01 after chase crashed into a motor home witnesses say next given that the explosion that esau caught on sofa and video cellphone video. the filing >> grant: clash between police essenes a leg misplay and san diego. they convene outside in the convention center trouble spot inside police are asking people disperse when their fewest cops use batons tear-gas tackling at times police had a separate trust supporters from protesters some threw bottles
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ads and other items at least the people were arrested things have calmed down at this hour. >> reporter: the two suspects currently in custody formally charged on tuesday at that time the district attorney will decide they should be charged as juveniles or adults
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>> pam: williams ended up crashing the vehicle she was driving officers attempted to detain her they fired a single shot fatally striking her and later that day the mayor announced that the police chief was would resign. they the >> steve: and the chief for commitment to the department and on the page it reads chief leadership further than ever before with many successful community programs everlasting partnerships to make the city a safer place guidance and legacy he has left together we are prepared to face challenges ahead
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tipoff from the thunder dome is that more night at 6:00 p.m.. >> britteny: some people not in this building of course here's what to expect as we end up tonight at clear mile into tomorrow warming up even more so all of be a full week and this again was more than how we ended the work week what lots of sunshine only exception is a few chances of rain showers and
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thunderstorms possible all saturday and sunday also putting out your travel weather across the nation dealing with the pri's strong storm through parts of omaha out to st. louis even in the chicago feel isolated showers cause the delay in washington earlier and of course that the flooding rains that are finally starting to push offshore. a set of keys in with some delays. with your airport flight in regard to any travel delays you could see heading into tomorrows celebrate our shots in our area show big ridge of high pressure we see lots of sunshine a few clouds starting guards push in the northern part of the north bay and apart from that we continue to see sunshine as we start the day tomorrow feature cast shows as we go through the day lots of sunshine a little cloudiness and other thing we want to point out is the possibility of public showers isolated thunderstorms filling in the saturday same
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thing in the sunday and for the bay area we stayed dry the entire weekend we have a small advisory and moderate day right now we are in the '60s 63 degrees and 70 nevermore 74 concord and the majors and sarah's a 63 not too bad and temperatures start off in the '50s with the exception of antioch in the '50s a mild start and this is just the beginning we warm things up into tomorrow 93 antioch 99 fairfield 72 in san francisco 69 daly city and then the 3 day forecast shows temperatures stay nice and warm above average tenure 70 forecast shows a pre warm day on memorial day even warmer on tuesday that will be the warmest of the entire week and will circle things down into next week.
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ermine >> pam: for bowriders this day the track closure between the debate there stations will be in effect again this week and this is an ongoing project napa valley's fourth annual expect extra traffic through line country and memorial day weekend >> pam: happens up and not 99.
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and x newscasts begin at 7:00 a.m..
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