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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 22, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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change where they're going to be period this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at seven starts now. >>: good morning i'm darya folsom and im mark danon. whatever to george in the traffic center with a major hot spot. >>: at 23rd the back of stretches more than a mile on 880 north bound. the drive time was last checks at 18 minutes. expect that to continue in likely to double. to the three plans are blocked here. it said the alert and special traffic advisory has been issued by the california highway patrol. typically one bay area similar means wondered to lanes will be blocked for more than 10 minutes. you can use interstate 580 and that
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tells you something about the severity of the crash because normally there is a prohibition for big rigs. they're not allowed to use this stretch of interstate 880 but now they are. because we expected nimitz to be blocked for such a long time. let's take a look at your ride to the bay bridge as if you're heading their coming out of the macarthur maze your drive time is now up to 20 minutes and traffic is now backed up beyond the 580 flyover of oakland 580 westbound. >>: we will begin with the san mateo bridge camera shows a nice shot of the cloud cover out there this morning. that's a part of this system rolling through. it gave us a few sprinkles overnight. rain is not falling right now. as we take a quick look at the satellite and radar loop we will see most of the wet weather is confined to the western slopes of the sea and at lake tahoe. so we
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have rain and snow. at least for getting that out of the system because it really did have fought here over the bay. we will get that change. let's walk you through weather. the low fifties for san jose in concord. looks like upper forties for santa rosa. when we come back at 715 will have your free day out look and talk about what to expect wednesday and thursday as we head to mid- week. more on that coming up. darya? >>darya: a developing story. trying to piece together what happened and san francisco after a truck driver was stopped at a presidio restaurant. they say he had fireworks on board today searched the driver's apartment and started removing stuff that they called suspicious. kron4's jacki sizzle is live in san francisco in that neighborhood. what's going on? >>: nothing right now but earlier this morning the center to go police apart
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along with the u.s. park police were in this north beach vallejo street going through this apartment after that traffic stop in the presidio. this all started at around 10:00 last night when a park police officer pulled over a pickup truck right near christie field and the presidio. after the stop, the driver of that truck pulled apart told a park police officer that he had fireworks in the back. this police officer investigated, looked in the back and could not determine what exactly was in the back of the truck. he got it was rather suspicious and at that point he called the san francisco bomb squad. the bomb squad came out and they actually had to evacuate some nearby businesses near the presidio. during their investigation, they cannot determine what it was but said it was some sort of combustible liquid that they were afraid of. at that point they actually blew up the device itself or the chemical inside of the back
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of the a truck. the to the driver of the truck into custody. later on in the morning the park police along with a sentence as the police department came over to this vallejo address on 800 block of vallejo street went inside the apartment during their search they brought out several bags of evidence and we were told that there were some people outside. no word on whether not those people were detained or arrested. there were some scary moments obviously. not exactly sure what they were. when he looked back there apparently he thought it may be a dynamite. there's conflicting words going on exactly what it was. alternately there will be on the stateside the bomb squad decided to blow it up. it was all clear around 230 in the morning out near the presidio but still this investigation continues. why this person had what he had and exactly what it was in the back of the truck we're waiting to find out.
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>>: nothing sense of right now? >>: they were here for about two hours last night. cleared this area around 430 and since then we haven't seen any other investigators show up. all of this is being headed by the u.s. park police so all the information is coming from them right now. as soon as we get any more information or if we do we will pass along. >>darya: thanks a lot jacki mark? >>mark: an update now to a story we first told you about yesterday morning. questions of security at san jose mineta airport are now being raised after a teen hopped a fence, and on a plane. a 15 year old boy from santa clara slipped into a wheel well on a hawaiian airlines jetliner. kron 4 did some investigating. and found in certain areas of the fence around the airport. we found holes. and places where the fence was not holding up.
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but airport officials are still not saying how exactly the 15 year old got into the plane without anything one stopping him. how the teenager survived that flight has many doctors he survived temperatures dipping as low as 48 below zero. oxygen was almost nonexistent at 35-thousand feet. one doctor believes the combination of hypothermia and low oxygen put the 16- year-old in a state of "suspended animation".something similar to a technique medical professionals use in the emergency room. the doctor went on to say that he is still amazed the boy survived. the teenager is doing well and under child protective services in hawaii. it is unclear when he'll be returning to california. we will continue to follow developments on this story. you can check for any updates on kron 4-dot-com. there is an expert talking about the teen stowaway and how he defied the odds of surviving. you can also join the conversation -- and share how you feelabout airport
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security, all that again is on our website at kron4- dot-com. a little girl is dead after a devastating crash on a south bay freeway. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the woman, believed to be the girl's mother, and a boy that was sitting in a booster seat were hospitalized. officials say they were parked on northbound 85, north of the de anza exit. that's when a man in a jeep wrangler [doorbell rings]e hey. hey. what's this?
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38 minutes a backup expect that number to continue to climb for the north bound ride out of san leandro. you're going to want to use
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interstate 580 to get through downtown oakland and you have to do it quickly because it's going to back up. the let's take a look at your ride at the bay bridge in the westbound direction. that's taken a lot of pressure off. the ride to the bridges of the 80 the approach is very light right now. 580 is backed up into the macarthur maze. from here let's go to the san mateo bridge highway 92. drive times still moderate here's a that's why the drive time is still backed up 15 minutes at well below 18 to 22 ft. and for your ride through marin county on the richness ever fell bridge. heavy enough now that it's backing up on the left tam lanes. thus did check the weather and 718. here's james. jake >>james: and probably will
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see a drop of rain across your ride this morning. we are replacing a with a windy conditions. seeing conditions that are within up nicely. gusts of up to 30 mi. per hour not too long ago. here's where temperatures are at the moment. 49 fairfield. the general trend here is over for these low 50s with claude conditions that are slowly clearing. we will warm it up we will warm up this afternoon to the mid- 60s. almost 50 degrees cooler the what we had yesterday so brace your day for a cool and windy and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy afternoon. temperatures in the east bay following a similar pattern with mid-60s low 60s along the east bay shoreline. san francisco's downtown you'll be right at the 60 degree mark. slow the mid-60s
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across the north bay as well. here is your three day outlook. talk about today. those few and showers in all likelihood came in with what you were sleeping. i don't think we will be dealing with that this morning. wednesday and thursday will warm it up gradually. a dry weather pattern for those past two days--next two days. back to the news. >>: tough talk from vice president joe biden. he says it's time for russia to stop talking and start acting as lead he tells political leaders that the united states stands with them against humiliating threats. >>:joe biden: it is not just a foreign policy
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judgment it is a personal and emotional commitment as well by millions of americans. >>james: vice president by dan also planning to address to lawmakers from all regions of ukraine. his visit comes days after the international agreement was reached in the violence in ukraine. of >>: the ahead south korea's keeping a
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close eye on its northern neighbor after reports pyongyang may be preparing for a nuclear test. the defense ministry in seoul says it has noticed increased activity at north korea's main nuclear test site. the report comes just days before president obama is due to arrive in south korea as part of a visit to several asian countries. the south says its military is on alert and monetary activity.
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look what happened to the back up reaches all the way to to 38 on 880 north bound at 47 minute drive time expected to continue to climb first interstate 580 is not only wanted traffic but also too big rigs now. the alternate route is starting to get heavy as well. here's a quick check from the bay bridge toll plaza where the westbound right has eased because of the problems of the nimitz freeway. all that traffic the health of their many less traffic getting over to the bridge but that doesn't help 580. it is still backed up front to the macarthur
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maze. a skidded check of weather next. here is james. >>james: a live look from mount tam or there's a mix of clouds and sunshine and a breeze. he conceded street slang in the background. that will be the case all throughout the afternoon. what what did the headlines today. this morning we had some spotty light showers. you're off to a good start it is heading out the door now. this afternoon will season when gradually cooling. a much win here today than there was yesterday. the highs may not even get past the '60s so does bring a jacket. you definitely need it. and of course the remainder of the week will be warmer. a slide off of temperatures and by friday that chance of rain returns and will talk more about that in detail with your 7 day around the bay forecast and now back to the news thank-you >>: the local teen who climbed into it will well of
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a jet in san jose and survived a flight tamale. kron4's terisa estacio spoke to some of these people >>: here in santa clara we believe the team stowaway linked to this, ephors ave. we just talked with residents who says the teen and his family just moved into the home about six months ago. he says that the family is very quiet and kind of keep to themselves. this president is also a dad and he says he and his family does came back from hawaii and they aren't bit of a shock. the team was able to get into the wheel well and survive the long flight to hawaii. he says is very light glad that the team is ok and others are not going to be pressing charges. i'm going taps have that interview coming up a little bit later on. -- dad's. santa clara terisa estacio kron4 news. >>darya: the golden state warriors are not moving. --
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ovingare moving. they're going to the mission the way spot. south of the embarcadero side that have been proposed. kron4's will tran is that the new proposed site with the details on why the change. >>will: plan the it is what they are going with. it's the 16th and third right next to ucsf. this is a hot spot. i made about this industrial work that's going on down here from an mayor ed lee just time dan as well. the deal basically finalizes over the past hour mayor ed the lead i want to read to you that i couldn't be more thrilled a welcoming the golden state warriors back to san francisco. it would generate new jobs of millions of dollars. the san francisco warriors is what they were called back and 62 so they're coming home. right now will be 12 a. for the to
7:34 am
the best is for the 2018 season. it doesn't have that postcard view that there were hoping for. many opponents or st. when joyce in the bay bridge. we enjoy seeing the water in the embarcadero so they've fought tuesday probably even tougher than the clippers. and they may have basically force the warriors hand. >>: we got a chance to talk to the opponents. this is a win-win for san francisco listen in. >>: we are elated that the orders have abandoned plans to build on a pier 31 and 32. we've always said we welcome the warriors back to san francisco but does not in our spot. >>: we don't know if the workers will change the name back to the san francisco warriors but we do know that they will change their plans and because if they had the
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hall on the embarcadero of their reno what they get all of that. lots of windows. to see a the water street that have to change their plans a little bit they said. but let's make sure they take in a little more. i mean hondo's what bonds happen with the sponsorship. the words right now is privately funded but we wouldn't have to wait and see. it looked like. we have to wait here from oakland mayor to the looks like now they may have to pay at oracle one more season because had the embarcadero plans worked out it would have played in san francisco in 2017 and now it will be 2018. >>: thank-you well. mark?
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>>mark: monday not a good day for the warriors. in addition to losing their market area stadium during the pretty much blow against of to clippers at the stadium. game 2 after the warriors did surprise the clippers in game 1. and as some light griffin scoring at 8 career playoff high 35 points without a foul. and the clippers' lead a route of 138-98 is the final score. klay thompson only with seven points in game 3 in game 3 thursday night at oracle are
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rain up. >>: pg&e to plead not guilty in federal court of charges stemming from the san bruno pipeline explosion. the indictment alleges the company " knowingly and willfully violated safety requirements of the pipeline question. that portion of my 132 that a ruptured and caused an explosion and massive fire in 2010. eight people were killed. more than three dozen homes destroyed. does the company is convicted pg&e could face >>: >>mark: san jose police say
7:38 am
they have arrested these two men in tulare county officers say the force to women to withdraw money after connecting on craigslist about buying iphones. we first brought to this story in march. it started with one woman who use craigslist to meet them into by cellphone 3 when the men arrived at an east san jose target's store they showed her a gun and forced her into their car and made her withdraw money from her atm. then the demand chicago her friend for more money. 18 year-old cody hollinquest was tracked down anin visalia. willie christopher was arrested in nearby tulare. >>darya: hundreds of teachers will rally for more money paid in front of stanford's as the unified
7:39 am
school district today. last week, united educators of san francisco proposed a 21 percent raise. if they say they're the lowest paid educators in the bay area. the rally will kick off at 5:00 p.m. with a 638 testimony in front of the board of education. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing
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>>george: welcome back to the kron4 morning news 3 it's the crash at 23rd is gone now on 880 and the northbound direction. the drive time though still nearly 50 minutes. the new
7:42 am
problem has just popped up in the south outside. when an accident and ha will and the >>: this was a greeting some people received just before they pass through the tunnel into the magical land of 420. hot of yet out is how
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we set out line now mozart and caribe a ad time flies
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this was the greeting some people received just before they pass through the tunnel into the magical land for 20. >>: i have cinnamon toast crunch. i have " cookie crisp. capt. crunch. >>: once you enter they seem to speak a different language. >>: the native plant goes by the name of cannabis and in the magical land for 20 it is everywhere. >>: we are out here in california do in this live. after rolling up. >>: the bar have been
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selling their goods and services to anyone. >>:herb cupcakes and more. >>: i'm choking. >>: have no idea what they're saying either. >>: they have found environmentally friendly way is to win just can i best and then there was this pineapple and carry it by being tested for the very first time. i thought i caught one person hard at work studying aluminum composites but it turned out to be a total fake out. of the magical land for 20 it is interesting because long before you enter the park you have to pass this sign. >>: you can smoke cigarettes and a park right >>: of man.
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>>: i am not responsible for is anyone passing out. >>: offers other but is just one big ball. for me, it's just like shooting fish in a barrel. >>: you always want to see people behaving badly. >>: stanley roberts kron4 news. >>george: left tracked the hot spots for the nimitz commute both northbound and southbound and the ride and to hayward and the corridor. first it was the nimitz and north into downtown oakland that got jammed up. accident cleared just about 15 minutes ago near 23rd of the two of lanes were blocked for nearly an hour. that's back the traffic up off of light into san leandro. in fact slot hayward. it look
7:48 am
at the bridges in the back up selling in now. and it's been slow going coming out of the macarthur maze even when it looked much lighter here. but the drive times are well over 25 minutes now from highway 24. that's a slow ride. is looking at the san mateo bridge highway 92 getting near capacity but we haven't yet hit stop and go for it after your trip to the rich and san rafael bridge and the westbound 580 ride back up across of alliance cash and fasttrack at the toll plaza enough so that it's starting to slow the ride on 580 westbound. let's get a check of the weather now for you looks pretty nice out there >>james: the rain came and went while we were sleeping. that was the story it was a much to it. naso as a result overnight and was gone really before the morning commute even got started to that was a benefit to an allied. kron4's will neither
7:49 am
rain. thefts will talk more about that and in moments. here is the mount tam feel is clearing up pretty beautifully. we have a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures to start with predictable ". 53 and san francisco. san jose right now. here's what temperatures will look like this afternoon. your mother is no '70s on the map. in fact a lot of locations will pop out in the mid-60s to date. 606064 livermore want to give you a quick
7:50 am
look here at your 7 day around the bay forecast three wednesday and thursday it nice and dry and warmer with temperatures friday they have another system rolling and that looks to be a veteran raymond performance and will probably stick around until demand morning on saturday i have so no affirmation him for years now bound out comes the report. just want to throw that out there. >>: late numbers coming and this morning. as we take a look. squaw valley and report and one new end of snow. the system that's currently pushing through. their report in one note and with the base of to 54. alpine meadows when knowledge of fresno. hello ran out with kirkwood. 5 in. of snow. the base already on the ground. more on the way. as we speak in more on the way for friday.
7:51 am
>>: thanks and james street new this morning if you're eating breakfast or have a weak stomach and i want to turn away for a second. a woman in ohio about eight back of dole's senate and notice something not making a very nauseating discovery. check this out. and back of dole's plan is the mother of to notice looked like nails, the talents to be more specific and found out it was a bird leg. the bag was part of an online order from a dealer is fresh news and routes where it all i have read that that was on aldon and on her counter when rose carducci made this discovery. if she did that actually have any of the spanish from the contaminated package the now the 28 year-old is worried about what other banks may contain. if the woman contacted dole and said they offered her vouchers for spinach as solid as it was like no that's ok. if it doesn't show the eating bags of letters or bags in its every began 3 it's just a response to the food and drug administration and now
7:52 am
they're reviewing those processed for bad spin is. >>: the man accused in x-men director of abusing him is now. michael begin the third filed a civil lawsuit last week the dancing bear clan and a director offered him a part in the first x-men movie when he was 15 in exchange for sexual favors while they're on a trip and hawaii. but now he's owed found other allegations against two other industry figures and they have used them on other trips to hawaii when he was 17. no criminal charges have been filed against anybody in this missing there's lawyers say the director wasn't even in hawaii in 1999 and one even said she was abused. >>: a giants fan, route taken on the rockies. prime vogelsong getting a leg up. get to our minds and the first inning. they beat the
7:53 am
giants 8-2. a game 2 of the series and, route 540 our time. >>: the athletics and the zero dhaka having a tough time against the texas rangers 3 there's a huge garbage. brandon moss. to the bottom of the second. that ties the game one apiece and the a's had it won a 3 lead at the top of the fed. there is 4-story accurate minister have the best record at the american league's 13-6. the three game series begins at stars and tonight at 7. the raiders cornerback terrell pryor was traded to the seattle seahawks. prior note was 3 to essex at the start of last year. he was electrifying at times such an amount in a fall quarterback rushing but never of off into the
7:54 am
quarterback that they hoped it could be. still prior to get his wish with all to be traded. at his off to seattle. coming up on the kron4 morning news a big fish tell you have to see to believe this massive debt to a head. [doorbell rings]
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a routine service that turns into a bomb as the investigation is a block away from the police station.
8:01 am
seven of 680 bosun to walnut creek and to set a long rally heavier than usual rights.
8:02 am
over 28¢.
8:03 am
good five to 10 degrees even 15 degrees cooler today that it was yesterday. what are you forecasting a three day outlook, and up that a 15.
8:04 am
bomb squad been called. at about 10:00 last night in the first to deal workers to steal a pickup truck was stopped by use ss park police officer . he told the police of said that he had a firework or fireworks in the back of his pickup truck. during the search of the truck the park police and determine whether exactly the device was. all he said was it could get a stick of dynamite. at that point they evacuating the nearby businesses and they call this emphasis go bonsoir the bomb squad came out and couldn't determine exactly what the device was. it was some sort of energized local and they thought would be best to get it at the location and is that we what they did. the police became
8:05 am
to the department to the evidence out of the location. about a hour ago i had a chance to run into the erickson is the driver of the pickup truck last night and he described the circumstances that led it to the rest.
8:06 am
suspect he is out as you can see. we haven't heard anything back from the park police or the place to park. will that give you a developing story as we get more information on this.
8:07 am
clear of slipped into the well will. they found there was some defects in the sense of the detroit area-- airport area. the big question is how to get teenagers survive the flight. doctors say there are days the survive temperatures of 48 below zero. they believe that the couple turned to europe and low oxygen and actually put him in a state of animation and something similar to what technique with a profession jews and emergency loans. the tense family lives in santa clara.
8:08 am
neighbors are san that the team still always lived here is a some of fourth avenue and sent a clear. the tin and his family moved in about six months ago. they say every one of the family is very quiet and keep them to the house of syria
8:09 am
is that clear to resurface the seal crime 4 news.
8:10 am
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morning news were tracking multiple hotspots this morning one of the worst care to itself on an potto excess daniel wrote the the the traffic all the way to an almost to her when and to a complete check coming right up.
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8:15 am
14 instead of getting better and it's getting worse with the bay area development hot spot.
8:16 am
soft on the earlier occurring accident is experiencing run and dumbarton bridges. at minnesota into the soft a look at the one-on-one no. all right. this finally but the interest of time san jose does a on a 38 minute drive time. instead of the usual 22. from all unveil a plan to northbound into palo alto the highway 84 the bay bridge is a 30 minute drive time one half-hour from highway 24 jammed up solidly. it doesn't look that but it really is. stop and go traffic with no incidents not time since it think fully we don't. you're right into marin county still packed up and left lanes. 580 west on is still
8:17 am
8:18 am
morning we have 4849. the sun is out there has to an insane. we will warmer temperatures into the mid '60s for her arrest. or a spread throughout the 50 degree weather. as a result of the maps of real seeing the warms up and 67. same story for the san ramon valley. communities richmond several in hayward. the umbilical based severs says " 60 oakland 68. to a run- off about 10 degrees from all sides will be in the 67 best.
8:19 am
of saturday. were watching the winter that keep attendance crime 4 will have the forecast.
8:20 am
if you are i doors were mosquitoes are biting and i would encourage you to wear long sleeves and launchers. pant images don't have any standing water around your property.
8:21 am
ukraine. he tells political leaders the u.s. stance with the mackenzie mill it inserts. it's not just any form policy judgment it is a personal and emotional commitment. unless president reagan also plans to address lawmakers from the country and meet with the ukraine prime minister. happening today and
8:22 am
pictures that were killed in 2012. three boys are convicted of lesser crime. the comics are a crippling a felony. --syber bulling .
8:23 am
that says is no surprise that the airlines rank below the irs when it comes to customer satisfaction. travelers were released today. it's pilon any industry or agency. they have 1669 out 0ff 100/the fund itself is making some passengers unhappy legacy comfort an in-flight service in particular. " leslie did well. their most that is flat with southwest airlines and jet blue. united was at the bottom.
8:24 am
rich area consensus 52 degrees and let the sunshine and much of cars.
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return accident but as a neutron to it is of bone in menlo park. backs up the traffic to her with 92. the torrid and distiller.
8:28 am
think saving lives is more important.
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8:31 am
welcome rent-a-car 4 at age 30. , passed by.
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between downtown san jose and cupertino north of town. the bridges are not much better. it's a solid backup into them macarthur made even a 80 approach is part of intensities, and to the toll plaza. it's backed up so badly that 24 is jam since before children's hospital. seven boat traffic in the westbound direction even the were not reporting any incidents here. the san rafael bridge is not much better because they're slow traffic all the way to miss them as back up and all lanes.
8:33 am
in a good mood. sunshine is the story this morning it will be a little breezy out there. this morning we have earlier some spotty light showers most of it all moved out of the area before you even left the house. it's pretty nice out there right now this afternoon was a more clearing sunshine. well this some decent heeding this afternoon but it'll still feel cooler than it was just today because our eyes roll only be in the mid-60s a lot of " air coming in the back side of the storm system. this week warmer thursday in the temperatures gradually climbing up. still not a drought buster and any stretch of imagination police will get to enjoy a little rain. and about 50 minutes will have the seven did forecast.
8:34 am
right now here's the story of an analog attention on line. the new fleet of spark trains the 9 server shepherds are the a petition to change the design. 49ers fans to not like it. look at the colors. they take offense and said that it looks like the seahawks blue and green. he started a position and said this is outrageous and a slap in the face. f-15 hundred signatures on that petition. a world series were following reynosa career new channels have recovered hundred and 21 bodies have been recovered to the ferry that sank on friday. there's some hundred and 90 still missing.
8:35 am
is the champ--ship to turn course gradually. it made a change shape term before listing and seeking last week.
8:36 am
withdraw money from their atm counts after connecting with them through credit suisse about buying i phones. a starter with one woman we use graceless, we commend to buy so phones when they arrived at the east san jose target store in 8 told her to take money from the atm the demand she called friend for more money. he was arrested nearby.
8:37 am
pours work location. on the waterfront alliance have to say about the new location.
8:38 am
small phones and my tech report on the show you an easy way to extend battery life in your smart phone.
8:39 am
8:40 am
back to crime 4 morning news this week and a quick check
8:41 am
with hot spots here first the bay area with the people with concomitant any more traffic to stop and go west palm. the toll plaza were still backed up into the macarthur maze. or effect of the toll plaza and the rich men's hammer felt bridges still slow enough. five midwest, is backed up.
8:42 am
the seattle area he's gonna surveying.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back to the crime 4 morning news a number of hot spots around the bay this morning slowing a drive to almost wherever you're heading normally travel of the commune is jammed up. to a southbound to before 92 backed up the crystal springs. the short freeway still backed up 80 westbound. you see how slow
8:46 am
it is here it this far worse still backed up at the toll plaza. we are still jumped up from 5898 e. 40 + minutes drive * in a 50 minute drive time the southbound 88 commute to the porch door. still's drum up on the south bay freeway. one of 1 to 280 of to the west valley. a quick look at the pictures. the brave bridge is completely backed up. 24 west on his back the- children's hospital. step and go to the conditions for the san mateo bridge. as i mentioned the richmond san rafael bridge because it's so slow on the purchase still backed up here at the
8:47 am
toll plaza.
8:48 am
summer and all the stars to come out. with the 54 san francisco mohrmann things up the same temperature and oakland 53 and conquer san arose the repeal of the upper '40's most of the morning. one expects temperatures to warm up this afternoon to levels that are much cooler than the were yesterday. maybe 67 and antioch. most of what alan valley locations of the peace and to the south selling up to about 65. symphysis go down town of about 60 degrees. about 51015 degrees shorter and this afternoon than we were yesterday. here's your 7 they run the update forecast wednesday and thursday the sun will make more of a presence. temperatures will climb slowly for both of those days. friday the clouds roll back in. the
8:49 am
lives of sunday and monday will get back into dry weather. as the forecast deficit into the seven a run the bay. hopefully morse'it's ho find prisoners under still open. squaw valley face up to 54 in. of some fresh snow. a new interest know and kirkwood. let's hope there friday we get more snow. now time for the crime 4 tech report.
8:50 am
the worse for battery facebook drains your battery.
8:51 am
charities have opposed the best ideas by may 20th until it free pair class a true took local for training in the $25,000 grant. global has are ready and testing less with nonprofit organizations.
8:52 am
8:53 am
and is filed a civil lawsuit last week's win u.s. 15 year-old he often remember in the x-men movie as an exchange for sex. to are the industry's figure that they have used them to other trips to hawaii when he 17. new criminal charges have been filed against any of the men singers and lawyer says that the director was uneven in hawaii in 1999 which egan says.
8:54 am
female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need.
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the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances. marathon had a special ending for one john duncan
8:57 am
crossed the finish line and proposed was for a firm. there, and camera. said that there was actually met when she is turning for her first marathon. if you can tell on the video she takes and says yes.
8:58 am
[bl ris] ur iuran,becse wt yo dot kn canurt u. [pro bur] atae at clisis wi wilife e ro mayot bcoved? and at y cou be ableor y acdenton yr prerty thmoreou kw,thbett youcaplanor . e ro mayot bcoved?
8:59 am
9:00 am
slips into the san jose m. and if climbs into the wheel well as a flight to hawaii. a big shocker this morning as a brand-new site . good morng and diarrhea. organist there with the bay area traffic several hot spots. this has been a really rough morning all of the bay area it continues to be slow and unusual places crystal
9:01 am
springs of the way into menlo park. an earlier curring accident there was for a while a signature that had to land a spot they started the morning with trouble on interstate 80. there is a 35 minute drive time here all the way into the ministry plans. 580 is no better. there's at least 4 is a 50 minute drive all the way from stefan 2880. look at this 101 ride north of. there is now over 40 minute drive in the coyote valley. all the way to 281 01 all the way up to the highway 84. there is a really really rough ride all the way and 11 north from. all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza there has
9:02 am
been a west palm commute there remains backed up to the cost of plants on 580 pash children's hospital. on the right on the san mateo bridge is the jump up solidly from the toll plaza. it looks like a pretty nice day out there.
9:03 am
on the map today a 64 is the highest that we are looking at today. mid-60's for now but. e next severing coming up in our future forecasts. nine of three were now we're parking rules and services voice fire we are live on the scene. the fires at hudson. firefighters are still on the scene. that happened at a clock in the morning. at about 8:00 in the morning a woman dropped off a family member she said she wasn't gone very long when she came back the unit was on fire. the fire department came out it was pretty intense further a short period of time to the point where they had the carter holt into the roof just to let some of the expand unfortunately the fire was contained in her unit but because the investigation is ongoing
9:04 am
there's so many firefighters here that the resident on each side of the unit had to be evacuated. those that will not be allowed to return to their home until the investigation is wrapped up for now they don't know what started the fire.
9:05 am
was 48 below zero in the wheel well. one doctor believes that the accommodatio of hypothermia and wl. the doctor saying that he still amazed at the boy is alive the teenager doing well and under child protective services and hawaii until they clear it up and can send him back to california.
9:06 am
idea of doing that sounds insane. ask the fact that we were on a flight from hawaii and he was doing the same exact thing except that the opposite.
9:07 am
helicopter partnership of the scene. that was a monster that the little girl was in with her mother and the little boy in a booster seat. the mother in the foyer and hospitals the little girl was found dead. the car was parked on northbound 85 north of the accident. a cheap wrangler came speeding down the shoulder and that the mosque the so hard that it flew across all three lanes of highway. they don't believe at this time that alcohol or drugs was involved in the accident. they're still trying to figure out why the 56 rural san jose man was driving on the shoulder. he is also have hospitalized.
9:08 am
the whole basilican blue on aluminum atol welcome back to the crime 4
9:09 am
9:10 am
morning news still tracking i spots look at the south bay freeways. traffic still have the backup, one. which between interstate into 8237 that today it drives leading west from highway 87. this solid after cupertino the drive time is 28 minutes from downtown. the 85
9:11 am
writers still slow and into saratoga the heavy camera into cupertino.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
a number of sunspots the peninsula ride into menlo park on northbound and one warrant is jammed up on the south bay and south on traffic backed up from crystal springs. the scene of earlier curring accident in the house 580 is finally trying to break up a little bit. not much improvement here for both interstate 580 or nsa 80. we're still looking at about 40 minutes i'd drive time her, the eighth
9:16 am
quarter from to 38 2/3 to 37 south bay freeway still heavier than usual. and the purchase are pretty slow this morni as well as the the 24 crime time is still at 30 minutes. the still containing have thlookingt 18 minute drive time. in the richmond san refco marriage is still with plenty of heavy traffic. select up with the till the toll plaza.
9:17 am
mostly sunny skies the cause of clearing up. more should be trying out the we have a few sprinkles at some little rain but the skies have cleared out. we're not expecting cooler and windy conditions and a warm note that through tomorrow and wednesday. san jose a 55 livermore, morning to you your also in the mid-50s. all the moisture has moved off to the sierra and tahoe area where we are seeing more snow falling in the moments. they are gonna enjoy it a little fresh powder. the high for today we're looking in 6664 in san jose also in livermore. san francisco is getting to or around 60 degrees here's higher next seven days are looking. a little warm-up for wednesday and thursday
9:18 am
will be tried. then we have tried it with mostly cloudy and a chance of rain. one to the chants of some rain for saturday and into sunday. in getting ready for a pretty big warmup coming into monday.
9:19 am
that in disney products which will if you're a parent you put your kid in front of an efflux movie or a babysitter and we will do well for an ethics. the recent market corrections a prettypunishes .
9:20 am
reintroduce a little bit of their closure placed. and all of service we have to go out and merge them one bit when a united states or europe. in less are firing the vice-president o. it's about downsizing in nicosia lot of downsizing and part of these job cuts out of this deal. the arrow which has taken the broadcasting into your smart phones and tablets they're being sued by the break broadcasters. they don't lose their free broadcast relationships with companies such as satellite tv and cable companies. you can watch them through out your home under devices.
9:21 am
clear the the soviet big battle and they're saying that errol's are saying our argument is of course.
9:22 am
people under 35 they care about their smart phones. the plus a free pair shoes on a kick in another country if you prior to their glasses that will put another pair glasses and a kid in the country. the system could heeding with the times and in laying himself under kits that are under 35.
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thing of the week and today's official your stay of earth day. earth day is credited with starting
9:26 am
empire my moment. there's a lot of celebrations today to celebrate earth day they're having a lot of earth day festivities. at last from 10 this morning till 2 this afternoon. if you bring a reusable water bottle to the museum between april 22nd and may force fielded $3 off the price of admission. including a petting zoo a carnival and lots more. by submitting your earth day mosaic they're gonna create a sophie. selfdie the rest of them to propose ideas of high to use a high- tech i wear. you'll get a free pair of glass. a
9:27 am
typical for training and a $25,000 grant. coming up with the crime 4 morning news and warriors are making a new play for an arena in san francisco remained shut in the new play that they want to build.
9:28 am
9:29 am
back , the rhine and interstate 280 is still one of them includes slaves to the park. south perot until saithe red and nsa 8580 still haven't congestion from both 5828040 minute drive time.
9:30 am
here this still improving 01 01 north anna still jammed solid from the 286 in a change up the highway 80 to 85. now only from cupertino up to 237 but continuing up to high and weigh 11.101. or so about 29 minutes from highway 24 in the san mateo bridge is slowly recovering.
9:31 am
resorts are still open this late in the season are getting some fresh powder. we're done with iran around here weren't now expecting lots of sunshine there were out over here. it is in the breezy conditions and to the upper 50s. when sanders a gradual warmup and dry in which a lot of sunshine. what have your seven a forecast coming right up.
9:32 am
authorities have a lot more questions exactly what that device was. i'm here on vallejo street were he said that late last night and early this morning police from the u.s. park police went through an apartment after the traffic stop. a throwback to the beginning according to the park police at around10 aftershock 9:00. the park police officer pulled over during that stopped the driver of the truck told officers they had some so of fireworks in his truck. the park police officer took that into possession cannot determine what it was so they called the bomb squad. they came out and couldn't figure out what it was. they did finally figured out that it was something that could be detonated so they took away from a location after evacuating several businesses. they detonated the device and the person
9:33 am
was arrested and taken into custody he was later released. they came to this 800 block of leo when inside the suspect's apartment and took out some sort of evidence back the during their arrest. i run a 7:00 this morning the suspect eric smith actually showed up here at the apartment i had a chance to ask him a few questions about what led up to all of this. harrises, about the situation.
9:34 am
one thing clear according to the park police he was actually arrested. on charges of possessing an illegal substance.
9:35 am
spark that access to that. it would be located on the market grow between 30 and 32 a member of the water from allianz had to say about the location.
9:36 am
1381098 a 40 point difference. all the foul trouble that the warriors were in eve.curry scored 20. and three this thursday night at the arco arena.
9:37 am
about the mudslide that killed over three dozen people he is, with the victims who were involved in this disaster. it killed over 41 people in care cover dozens of homes. 39 of the victim's are still digging through out the rockets in search for bodies.
9:38 am
[sister off screen] so, and i lied to you earlier
9:39 am
9:40 am
when i said that...we weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up! [brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid! [woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying] morning news are looking at the hot spot this morning the bay bridge is still back up. other terms are still
9:41 am
nearly 330 minutes 29 to 36 is still in recovery mode. the ec that stuff is starting to get back to normal. only branch that is a really solid improvements care of the richmond san rafael bridge. no longer any delays west palm.
9:42 am
their from your vacation with their sarsen everything around and still get a break.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
gripping some people receive just before they passed to the tunnel into the magical land for 20. i have cinnamon toast crunch. i have cookie crust i also have kept a crunch. also what they seem
9:46 am
to speak a different language. they plan goes by the name of campus. campuses everywhere in the match melanophore 20. ellis island and just allow people selling their goods and services. the magical land for 20. orange cream, chocolate chip cookies cupcakes brownies and more. yammer of choking. this is joy of life man. we have no idea what they're saying either. the people and 420 men have expert from them
9:47 am
expiring. that is apple pie. they have pineapple in care tight been tested. i thought i caught one person hard at work in the magical land of 420. long before you parking at the pass this time. the only way is to go into 420 land is to get on the 420 highway and turn left. i want to come? and i am not responsible for anyone passing out. for some people that just one big ball for me is just like shooting fish and apparel. pete the reporting from a spark selling large crime 4 news.
9:48 am
have hot spot this will start with a look at our right and the short freeway. interstate 80 is still behind schedule for the west from ride which in pockets are slow from highway 4. the drive time must improve to 26 minutes now from 238 up to 980. in your riding on the bayshore freeway is very heavy on december know in the south wind direction try and get down to san mateo and hillsdale. worse still backed up to 1 01 north on items of a. the bainbridge however still get the backup. for the san mateo
9:49 am
bridge and continues to improve the business still under a wind advisory so the change in momentum sign is flashing their today and especially bad at the high rise. for moment here at the richmond san rafael bridge were almost close to a shift change.
9:50 am
tahoe. the lf file this note and they're still counting that not more than they're expecting so this the range is still open. plant and michigan to wonder tomorrow at it or make you
9:51 am
crazy at times into thursday were and have a pretty nice they beckon to the low seventies and early sunny skies for a worker caught up in the rain returns. warmer by monday. 951 this morning the man accused of tax man director is not out is sewed. michael e. since i filed a civil lawsui that last weekend .
9:52 am
welcome signs or how high monday at the new warship which is cause san diego home unless somerset was killed on 93 on 911. the somerset is one of the three warships name that their event i 911. should it be the only one in san diego. and they transport dock inches way into the home you complain c 93 and let's roll plays and on the hangar doors of the massive ship. the sense approach serving on board. the ship was formally commission march 1st in philadelphia. family members of those who died that they were on hand including the mother of the
9:53 am
graduate those 20 years old. he was the youngest on the flight he was coming home to start his junior year at santa clara university. some women for the ship to arrive in san diego also went to the commissioning of philadelphia. the word fland lia sister ship that carried 911 steals the somerset was built with some of the steel from the screen like machine, the crime. but in the final whistle in the glass on the ships from the uss somerset announce that is finally home. 953/live
9:54 am
look outside our home you concede that the flag is blowing and gas some high winds picking up this morning in clear skies. is
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
visibly injured but-you're with the win trees are. the contact and the dead man's family before the release his name is is their 12th homicide of the year.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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